Cisco :: Apache Tomcat Error On Common Services LMS 3.2

Aug 26, 2011

I have installed lms 3.2 on server 2008 , and when I click on device update in software center I receive an error which I inserted down here ;I have to mention that I also have installed Common services patch .

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 Common Services Error

Nov 2, 2011

I am facing a problem with my LMS 3.2 server. Suddenly I found there is no device reflecing in common services-> device management as well as RME also. I restarted LMS services, server multiple time, reseted casuser, demoted the server from ACS mode to local mode but no luck. However in "dcrcli" i can see all devices and exported all devices to CSV file.
After this I restored from a backup 3 month old when devices were reflecting under common server and RME device management. this also not resolved the problem.
I uninstalled LMS, performed system cleaning and reinstalled LMS 3.2. Then I imported the devices from CSV file i had. Now also the problem not got resolved . I can see devices in dcrcli but none of the device is reflecting under device management of any module.
In Dcmaservice.log i found the error" ERROR,[main],,getAllCommandSet,8661,Invalid MDF data file:D:/CSCOpx/lib/classpath/com/cisco/nm/cwcs/mdf/mdfdata.xml"
Hence I restored teh mdfdata.xml file from another server. However now i can see the following errors
1) in common service -> software center -> device updae -> device count are 0 for all module
2) no device is reflecting under any module
3) one progress i saw when tring to add any device if selecting device type, it is showing me the list of device type along with OID. before restoring mdfdata.xml it was also not comming.

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 - Common Services Device Management / Discovery?

Jun 20, 2011

I use the Edit Identity option to change the "Display Name" from an IP to a station name, it is overwritten when a discovery has been done. I have checked the discovery settings and tried using the update DCR Display name setting to prevent this from happening, but it makes no difference.Is there something i am missing? This is on LMS 3.2?

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Cisco :: Unable To See WS-C3750E-24TD-SD OID In Common Services Of LMS Version 4.0.1

Oct 2, 2012

i am unable to see WS-C3750E-24TD-SD OID in common services of lms version 4.0.1Is this supported in this version ? and in order to get the support of this device

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 - Tomcat Process

Dec 21, 2011

We're having problems with one LMS 3.2 installation. A couple of months after installing and configuring all the LMS features (HUM included) we started to have problems accessing the GUI because of tomcat.exe process that is consuming almost 100% of CPU all the time.
I'm posting the [URL], files as well as the output of the [URL], requested in the other discussion. Our LMS 3.2 is installed on a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise machine with 2CPUs, 4GB RAM and 8GB Swap.

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Cisco VPN :: Any Connect 2.5 Windows 7 64bit Startup Services Error

Sep 13, 2011

I recently got a new laptop with Windows 7 running 64bit OS.  Setup the laptop with no firewall and no Antivirus programs.  After installing the Any connect 2.5 VPN application I was able to successful connect to our ASA.  I noticed if my laptop went into standby mode or if I rebooted the laptop the "Cisco Anyconnect Agent" is not running under service even though it is set to Automatic.
I have uninstalled and reinstall with no success and have even tried the new version 3.x with the same result. If I go into services and start the anyconnect agent I can launch the application and connect to my company with no problems.   I was able to replicate this issue on a co-workers new laptop running Win7 64 that has no applications on it.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560x - Running IP Services And Error When Disabling EIGRP Stub

Jan 15, 2013

I have A 3560x running 12.2(58)SE2 and jus tupgraded to IP services to allow Enhanced EIGRP as found on feature navigator. I need to run full EIGRP and disable Stub.
however, when I try to disable it, I get this error:
dist2-3560x(config-router)#do sho licenseIndex 1 Feature: ipservices            Period left: Life time        License Type: Permanent        License State: Active, In Use        License Priority: Medium        License Count: Non-Counted
Index 2 Feature: ipbase                 Period left: 0  minute  0  second  Index 3 Feature: lanbase                Period left: Life time        License Type: Permanent        License State: Active, Not in Use        License Priority: Medium        License Count: Non-Counted
dist2-3560x(config-router)#no eigrp stub connected summaryEIGRP is restricted to stub configurations only on this platform.
I have installed the license and rebooted. by all indications th elicense is installed and should allow for Full EIGRP routing.

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Setup An Apache Server 2.2 For Windows?

Apr 8, 2012

I am attempting to setup an Apache Server 2.2 for Windows, everything is set up but the server will not start, I heard it may be caused by my virus protector using Port 80 but I cannot find the httpd.conf file for it in the directories they say it should be in, I even did a tree/f with CMD DOS?

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Cisco Application :: 8009 L7 Ace Configuration Replace Apache AJP

Jun 26, 2012

i am trying to use teh ACE to replace an apache based load balancer in an jboss application cluster. I am using L7 loadbalancing to load balance between multiple components. the way these jboss application servers work with apache is that.When the jboss application starts up on the on application cluster, it issues a GET opencase/webservices/config-service?wsdl to the loadbalancer IP.The apache based LB in turn talks to the same box on port 8009 via ajp retrieves the configuration file and provides it back to the application on port 80.And after 2 has completed the Jboss application comes up. Basically to start the application the Apache loadbalacer will accept requests from the its target list and load balance the request back to them itself.Not sure how i can use the ACE to accomplish this. attached are my topology (logical) and the ace configuration. from my topology file -- the net-cms-1 will issue a get request to teh VIP (on the ace), the ACE accepts the connection but soon resets it.

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1337 / Apache - How To Access NodeJS Server On LAN

Apr 10, 2013

i've created an application with NodeJS and I'd like to test the application on my LAN with my family. The application listens on port 1337 for connections and I can access the application fine through my own PC by typing localhost:1337, or even http://joel-pc:1337/ into my browser's address bar.

I will be also be running apache alongside NodeJS, and I can access this fine by typing or http://joel-pc/ into a browser's address bar as long as it's connected to the same network.Now here's the weird part; If I stop the apache service, change my node application to listen on port 80 (http) insted of 1337, it will be accessible on my pc by typing localhost, or even http://joel-pc into my browser's address bar. However, I still can't access NodeJS on any other PC on my network apart from my own.

I've tried creating an outbound rule within Windows 7 to allow access to port 1337, but I still can't get access to my NodeJS server on any other PC than my own, even if it's listening on port 80.

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 - Reboot Requires Manual Start Of TomcatMon And Apache

Feb 24, 2012

I have taken over a couple of LMS 3.2.0 standalone servers (two different networks). When I reboot them they tend to be slow coming back up (20-30 min). I"m thinking this may be due to the fact that LMS was reinstalled on both of them as I see an old CSCOpx folder (CSCOpx_old) as well as the current one. I assume that someone reinstalled and the registry may be dirty and service dependencies may be jacked up but honestly I don't know how this works for LMS and I haven't found much good info in the user guide for common services for service dependencies or registry keys in general.
Also, one of the servers never comes up fully on reboot or restart of the daemon manager. I troubleshot this and found that Tomcatmonitor and Apache are always down after reboot/restart. Tomcatmonitor says that it was shutdown by the administor in a pdshow and Apache says that it was never started.  I have to go into the server and manually start these processes with a pdexec to get the application up.

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Servers :: Can Use Apache Server To Setup A Domain Name For Intranet

Aug 7, 2012

Differences between using an Apache server on a regular laptop vs. a whole operating system like Windows Server 2008. I'd like to setup an intranet complete with an internal domain name. Is this possible with Apache or do you have to use a complete server operating system like Windows server 2008?

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WRTN310N / Linux - Allow Incoming Responses Apache / On Ubuntu 11.10 - Curl

Dec 9, 2012

I'm trying to get a Curl Response from an outside server, however I noticed I cant neither PING the server in question nor connect to it.I tried disabling the iptables firewall but I had no success.My server is running behind a Cisco Linksys WRTN310N Router with the DD-wrt firmware Installed. In which I already disabled the firewall.

Here are my network settings:

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:26:b9:76:73:6b
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::226:b9ff:fe76:736b/64 Scope:Link


This gets an empty result array. This function however works well in the previous server where the script was hosted before. No modifications where made whatsoever

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Host Website With Apache HTTP Through ZyXEL EQ-660R Modem?

Dec 21, 2010

Essentially, I have a spare desktop computer I'd like to turn into a web server, but my modem and wireless router are very difficult to work with. I installed Apache HTTP and successfully hosted a test page which can be accessed anywhere on the LAN. However, I'm having trouble setting up the server to be accessed from my external IP address.

I was supplied with a ZyXEL EQ-660R DSL modem by my ISP (CenturyLink) and bought a Netgear WGT624v3 wireless router in which to connect my laptop and spare desktop.

ZyXEL's website is not useful, and I don't think much of the problem is with the Netgear router. I've played with many settings and have tried to forward port 80 from the modem, but I've had no luck.

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Common Method For Ups Requirements And Max PoE Switches

Apr 25, 2012

We have a scheduled office move where we are consolidating 2 remote offices into one. I’ve been asked to spec out the correct size UPS to support all of the network equipment for this new office.I went to the Cisco website and I see on the datasheet for the switches and router where they talk about the wattages and BTU’s but how can I go about deciphering from that information what my total wattage and BTU will be for each switch and router?What numbers should I be looking at? For instance, we have 3 3750 48 port PoE switches. So if I look at the datasheet for that switch they have 4 different columns, one for 100% throughput power consumption, one for 5% throughput, another one for 100% throughput for max PoE load and one for 5% throughput with 50% PoE loads?Is there a common method for deremining UPS requipments? For the switches I pretty sure I need to assume max PoE load in the event every port has a phone plugged into each port.

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How To Find Common / Open UDP Port Of ISP

Jul 12, 2012

how to find open udp ports of isp i want it for internet purpose

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 Giving Mangled Http Requests In Apache Access

Oct 21, 2012

After replacing a Cisco CSS/SSL  Accelorator and PIX firewall with an ACE 4710 to do load balancing and  SSL encryption behind an ASA firewall we started seeing mangled HTTP  requests in the Apache access logs for the servers in the server farm. This is occurring for several different URLs and not just the one above and for multiple web browsers.The ACE load balances to servers running Tomcat 7 with Apache HTTP server v. 2.2.14. A recent ACE software upgrade to A5(2.1) has not fixed the problem.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 - Common Criteria EAL4 Configuration

Jan 18, 2012

I'm trying to track down the installation and configuration procedures for the common criteria EAL4 evaluated ASA5510 but not having any joy.
The ASA Release 8.3.2 certification report [URL] identifies the required configuration documentation as the "Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Platform Common Criteria Operational User Guidance and Preparative Procedures" but I can not find any reference to this on the Cisco web site.
So far I've only been able to locate the proceedures for the older 7.0 release. [URL]
How to locate the correct documentation needed to configure an ASA5510 to achieve the common criteria EAL4 evaluated configuration.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: X4516 Upload Image From Common Mode

Nov 15, 2011

I was trying to upload image to sup x4516 V10G from Rommon using the management port but did not succeed. The steps which I did as mentioned below: [code]I got the tftp request on the tftp server but from the switch was showing access violation

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Acs 5.2 Unable To Launch Common Task On Authorization Profiles?

Feb 15, 2013

I have recently installed acs5.2 evaluation on a vmware and i can't launch common task on authorization profiles when i click on it i have the bellow message javascript:cuesToggleTab('NetworkAccess',1,false,false

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Cisco Firewall :: Unable To Authenticate With Common Setting With ASA 5510 Running 8.0

Nov 11, 2008

I have allways configured and run LDAP Server Groups authenticating to Active Directory Domain Controllers using LDAP, never an issue, until I hit a Domain Controller running on a Windows Server 2008. I have been unable to authenticate with the common setting with an ASA5510 running 8.0.1.

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Cisco WAN :: 4506 / EIGRP Neighbor Not On Common Subnet / Packet Loss

May 23, 2013

I was called into look at a customers's site that was upgraded by another vendor. They were complaining about packet loss and performance issues. I discovered they had changed from static routing and turned on EIGRP (100) and the EIGRP neighbors are not on a common subnet, they used secondary IP addressing to connect two 4506 switches to the core router. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this cause the neighbors to bounce and cause the degraded network performance? Don't we need to have a single common subnet for this to work? Either that or they have bridged the VLANs somehow? There is also a cable connecting the 4506 switches besides the uplink to the core router.
May 17 21:28:55.443: EIGRP-IPv4(100): Neighbor not on common subnet for Vlan1
May 17 21:29:05.848: EIGRP-IPv4(100): Neighbor not on common subnet for Vlan20
May 17 21:29:17.327: EIGRP-IPv4(100): Neighbor not on common subnet for Vlan20
May 17 21:29:48.291: EIGRP-IPv4(100): Neighbor not on common subnet for Vlan30


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Cisco Switches :: 2948G-L3 Cannot Load Boot-flash In Loop And No Common Prompt

May 2, 2012

i have recently tried to change the catos on a Catalyst 2948G-L3 and since then i have the following message in a loop : [code] I know that the solution would be to download a new valid image from tftp via the common prompt but what i don't undertand is why i cant access the rommon prompt.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Input Error And CRC Error On Router 1841?

Mar 12, 2013

The router 1841 is connected directly to the layer switch. the network diagram is below:
Office A --> Switch (L3) --> Router 1841 --> Internet --> Office B
However, when I transfer the file from Office A to office B, the speed very slow ( only around 40 kb/second), and there are an input error and CRC error:
Cisco-R1841#sh interfaces FA0/1
FastEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up
Hardware is Gt96k FE, address is 0019.e02f.03dd (bia 0019.e02f.03dd)


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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 Services Do Not Start

Oct 26, 2011

LMS does not start, although the services seem to be started. Find attached the pdshow output and let me know what more you need me to send.

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Run Two Services At Same Time

Apr 7, 2011

I am running Wondows XP OS and have 2 NIC's in it. One is connected with DSL and other is with LAN of my Network. By using CCProxy 6.4.1 I am running the Internet on my LAN. I also want to run CCTV camera Sevice and want to share it on LAN as I share Internet on LAN but Camera Service Packets do not route on LAN but routhe when i disconnect the DSL Connection. So what i have to do to run both services (internet + camera service) smoothly.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0.1 - Telnet From Topology Services Map

Dec 19, 2011

On a LMS 4.0.1 :I want to know what is the right way to change the telnet program on the campus mgr map (topology services map), when right-clicking a device icon and selecting telnet.I would like to use a tool of mine, and not to launch a telnet command from the IE browser.I changed the default telnet of Windows in the registry, but the program is still launched as a telnet URL in the browser and this is not what I would like to do.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.3 Configuration Web Services

Feb 20, 2013

I am trying to do a query, according to chapter 4 in the ACS 5.3 Secure Access Control System 5.3
doing a PUT request have a header of Content-Type: application/xml and my payload is: [code] All I want to do is get a list of users who belong to that group?

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Cisco WAN :: Running BGP On WS-C3750X-24T-S Using IP Services IOS?

Apr 10, 2012

Im planning to install a WAN Switch on our network basically this WAN switch will be the core WAN switch in our WAN segments where all WAN connections coming in and will use EBGP peering to every CE WAN router.
is Advanced BGP supporeted in WS-C3750X-24T-S?

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Cisco :: Ports / Protocols / Services Associated With LMS 4.1?

Jun 4, 2013

Where can I find a document that list and describes all the PPS associated with CiscoPrime LMS 4.1 and later?

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Can't Get Other Services To Forward Through IP Tables

Apr 3, 2012

A fair while ago I setup a transparent proxy server running Opensuse (think it was version 10.2), it worked perfectly, cached the http traffic and still allowed https, and other services to be accessed. However the drive in it died so its being setup again.I've got squid running transparently just fine, but I can't get the other services to forward through IP tables.. I know i can't cache HTTP - and nor do I want to. I thought from memory that I had the default option for the sections in iptables to "ACCEPT", and just had rules to redirect the http traffic to squid. However that's exactly what I've got now - and I can't access anything other than port 80.I have Google it and i'm getting so many varied responses people telling saying it can't be done, others saying you have to add a rule for every other port.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0.1 Topology Services Not Running On Windows 7?

Sep 19, 2011

I installed LMS 4.0.1 and every module works from the local server. Http login from a remote system, topology services does not start, complains about java version. I followed the link to install the java version, it then complains about some Ansiserver stuff.
the client os is win7 64 bits, eplorer version is 7.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Acs 5.3 - Moving Between Access Services?

Jul 4, 2012

Currently trying to set up the above so that if an access service is not matched then it will go to the next one. Looking at the logs what happens is - our auth is set to AD so it matches that - then it isnt in the correct ext AD group and goes to default deny access.
Cant see how to get around this - the only continue command is in the advanced area of the auth - but i cant set up ext ad groups on the auth. How do i get this to move between access services if it doesnt match the ext AD.

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