Cisco Application :: 1000v Connection With VCenter On Same ESX Host

Dec 21, 2012

In my lab I have only one ESX server.  On this server I am running VSM and vCenter (appliance).I am trying to get 1000v working however everytime I try to migrate my ports I get the following error:Network configuration change disconnected the host '' from vCenter server and has been rolled back.fault.NetworkDisruptedAndConfigRolledBack.summaryIt seems that it doesn't like the fact that vCenter lives on the same ESX host as I'm trying to migrate. How I could get this to work?

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Cisco Application :: Requirements For VCloud Director 1.5 And Nexus 1000v

Oct 3, 2011

According to the note at the bottom of a VMware KB Article "Cisco Nexus 1000V and VMware vCloud Director 1.5,"

"Note:  You are must use the Cisco Virtual Network  Management Center (VNMC)  virtual appliance from Cisco. This is a  separate products and needs to  be licensed from Cisco."

Is this actually the case? I know you could use portgroup based network  pools with vCD 1.0 and 1kv. Can I use the 1kv with VLAN-backed network  pools in vCD 1.5 without the Virtual Network Management Center or is it  required?

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Cisco Firewall :: 755629 / VNMC To VCenter Integration

Mar 21, 2013

After integrating vCenter with VNMC I see the ESX hosts that exist on vCenter on VNMC ResourceManagement>Resources>VirtualMachines, but I cannot see any of the VM's that exist on on each of the ESX hosts.Yet, the integration is so straightforward that I have no idea why I'm not getting VM information.Then obviously I cannot match any of the VM attributes on VSG for vZone creation for instance.What can I do to troubleshoot this? VNMC version is 2.0(3)f, vCenter is on 5.0.0 build 755629

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Cisco Application :: 11503 Ping For One Virtual Host

Apr 27, 2013

I have a single  cisco 11503 load balancer.There is a single Banner student information system which is load balanced on it with Virtual ip which is working fine without any issues .I am now trying to add an Oracle ERP application with virtual IP and physical ips and all on port 8003.When I just make the group  ERP-Apps-Grp active , the vitual ip address is pingable , but when I make the  the content Erp_IAT active  it stops pinging. [code]

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Cisco Application Networking :: Change Host Name In CSS11500 Series

Jun 6, 2011

How to change host name in CSS11500 Series. I cannot find any documentation for that matter.Is there any impact in the system to change the host name?

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Cisco Application :: GSS 4490 / Point Active Directory To GSS To Look Up Host?

Apr 27, 2009

I have a GSS 4490 but only want it to be authoratative for certain hosts.  Sysadmins don't want to lose control of their DNS records.How do I point active directory to the GSS to look up the host?I need to keep the AD domain as authorative for the DNS records, but to pass on DNS requests to the GSS for certain hosts.

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Cisco :: Connection Refused By Remote Host?

Oct 26, 2011

i have to get a 2811 acting as a terminal server?

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Virtual PC Using Different Internet Connection Then Host?

Feb 2, 2011

Running a Windows 7 laptop plugged into a LAN using ethernet cable with internet.The built-in wireless nic on the laptop connects to a totally different internet network. I set up an XP Mode Virtual PC on the laptop with the intention that it would use the wireless internet connection.I set this up by installing Microsoft Loopback Adapter, then sharing the wireless nic to it. The Virtual PC is set to use the Microsoft Loopback Adapter as its network connection.My problem is that only the hard wired internet connection works.The wireless is connected and has an ip address, however no traffic flows through it until i either disable the cabled network or physcially unplug the cable. Is it possible to have my host laptop use the cabled internet connection and my virtual pc use the 2nd wireless internet?

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Cisco VPN :: Pix 515e - Remote Host Cannot Ping Any LAN Host

Jun 27, 2011

I have a host that can successfully connect to a PIX 515E (7.x OS) via VPN Client; however, I have no IP routing to the LAN from the remote host.The VPN IP pool works finem,The LAN default gateway is the inside interface on the PIX; the network is flat L2 behind it.The default route on the PIX points out; no other routes are defined,The VPN remote host can be pinged from LAN hosts, but the VPN remote host cannot ping any LAN host, not even the PIX inside interface.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 Ping / Communication Host To Host

May 7, 2012

ASA 5510
Ver 8.2(5)
I have been looking all over the place for the answer of how to allow clients on an IPSEC VPN to ping from host to host.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 1000v VEM Not In VSM?

Feb 9, 2012

have a single host that refuses to register his VEM in VSM, I can see him in show svs neighbors and all other servers went in although a couple of them we had to do more than once but I have all indications it is working, have correct license, sees him, pings him, everything looks fine but from timeto time just get the message:
N1KVSM-B# 2012 Feb 10 15:45:32 N1KVSM-B %VMS-5-DVS_HOSTMEMBER_INFO: A host with  name=[ky-dc1-esxi13.cajones.local] and  uuid=[00000000-0000-0000-8000-0025b5010019] is added to the dvs. The host is not  found  as a module in the VSM configuration
  So I even added him to the VSM configuration statically as VEM 7 the next available and nothing. 

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Cisco :: Nexus 1000v QoS Based On IP ACL?

Mar 28, 2012

I want to apply QoS policy on a particular VM for specified port range only. I  have created following script file but that doesnt work. I mean it doesnt apply any policy on vm residing on Veth1.
config t
ip access-list acl_in
101 deny tcp any any eq 443


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Connection Refused By Remote Host

Apr 26, 2011

I am trying to telnet to my asa 5510 from the core swith,however i received the below msg,how enable it? is the inside interface of the asa
 CITYCORE#telnet ... % Connection refused by remote host

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Can Pure IPv6 Host Ping A IPv4 Host?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm just wondering if its possible to ping an IPv4 host using the IPv6 host assuming that the NAT64 has already been implemented?

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Protocols / Routing :: From Host To Virtual Environment Connection?

Apr 28, 2012

My host has an IP of from a router DHCP. I have a virtual environment which has a DC and DNS and the IP is: 192.168.1.x how can I get access from my host to the virtual environment? What do I need to setup on the host OS? (Windows)

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 - Connection Fails When Host On Inside Tries To Connect To Server On Outside

Mar 9, 2011

We are using an ASA with 8.4 in transparent mode. Connection fails when a host on inside tries to connect to a server on outside. This server uses mac-address 0100.5E00.0000 to load balance but replies with real mac-address.Firewall logs "Deny TCP".ARP inspection is disabled.

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Cisco :: Enable SNMP Traps On Nexus 1000V?

Dec 18, 2011

I want to configure snmp-traps regarding stpx (root-inconsistency, loop-inconsistency) on a Cisco Nexus 1000V. The command "show snmp traps" lists stpx as a trap that could be configured and which is not at the moment.
MKBE1NX1# sh snmp trap
Trap type                                           Enabled
entity               : entity_mib_change               Yes         
entity               : entity_module_status_change     Yes         
entity               : entity_power_status_change      Yes         

Nothing about stpx... Is there some other way to configure more traps?

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Cisco :: Access-list For SNMP On Nexus 1000V?

Dec 21, 2011

Nexus1000V and I  was wondering if there is a way to limit snmp access via access-list on  the RO/RW community, as can be done on IOS.  I can't find anything relevent on the Reference Pages

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 1000V And ASA 5500 Migration Between Firewalls

Jul 8, 2012

We currently have redundant FWSM's and are planning a migration to standalone ASA 5500 series firewalls. However, we have a complete VMWare environment and are looking at the Nexus 1000V. I understand the Nexus 1000V and VSG architecture and implementation, and I do understand that the ASA 1000V is designed for cloud environments. But I do have one question about the ASA 1000V.
Is it possible for an ASA 5500 series firewall to be replaced by an ASA 1000V? Basically, can an ASA 1000V be a sole firewall solution, or are ASA 5500's still needed? Is there a datasheet anywhere that compares the ASA 1000V and ASA 5500 series?

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: Log File Size On ACS 5.3 With Nexus 1000v

Sep 13, 2012

how do i set limit on the log file size in ACS 5.3. I had the same issue with Nexus 1000v but there is a command that enables you to set log file nane and size. it is getting bulky.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Show Local-host All Detail Connection / Timeout

Nov 28, 2012

Version: Cisco ASA 5510 8.4(4)1

I've installed cisco asa 5510.

When I "show local-host all detail connection "

Normal situation:

105 myfailover: NP Identity Ifc:,
idle 0s, uptime 1D14h, timeout 2m0s, bytes 18196822

But I got this output ( timeout - )


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 5000 Esx Host Lose Connection To Net-App SAN For 10-16 Seconds

Dec 4, 2011

I have two 5000. Uplinks are Vpc to nexus 7000 and downlink are connected to Esx host. When I reboot one 5000, some Esx host lose connection to the NetApp SAN (Iscsi and CIFS) for 10-16 seconds. This is enought to generate errors and event corruption on disk. The 10-16 blackout occur when the switch as reloaded.
My theory is that VPC interface comme up 10-16 seconds after the edge interface(ESX). This create a blackhole effect for ESX host.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 1000v / VSM - Managing Multiple VDS?

Apr 17, 2012

Anyone got a single VSM (albiet in HA) managing two vDS split over two ESX clusters connected to a single instance of vCenter?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 1000v Don't Use Private VLANs

Aug 28, 2012

We have a requirement for private VLANS for DMZ hosting within one of our datacentres. I just want to query how private VLANs would work in our environment.We have physical servers connected to fex ports (2 fex per rack for each 5k) of a 5548UP switch, virtual servers using the nexus 1000v (vmware hosts connected to fex ports) Out firewalls and load balancers are connected to an upstream pair of nexus 7ks using vPCs.My question is this, ordinarily the firewall would be in a promiscuous port but as these reside on a physically separate switch will the normal vPC trunk still be sufficient or would the "switchport mode private-vlan trunk promiscuous" be required on the vPC up to the northbound 7k.As these connections are already in production I do not want to affect the existing traffic that doesn’t use private VLANs.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 4.2 Tacacs Custom Attribute For Nexus 1000V

Jul 18, 2011

how to add tacacs custom attribute to ACS 4.2 for Nexus 1000V:shell:roles="network-admin admin-vdc"In the interface configuration I've added new service, service - shell, protocol - tacacs+.In the group settings I've enabled this attribute configuration. And it is not works. Default privilege level is assigned to any user with access allowed.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Installation Of Nexus 1000v 4.2.1.SV2.1.1 - Operation Timed Out

Nov 6, 2012

We are trying to install the latest version of Nexus 1000v to ESXi5.1 and the installer application is much better than the previos one, but we are having problems with implemetation, because deploying of OVA file times out.
First attempt: Nexus-1 was successfully deployed on ESXi-1, but Nexus-2 which should be deployed on ESXi-2 returned an error: "Deploy OVF template":"Operation timed out." Second attempt: Deploying of Nexus-1 returned the same error Third attempt: The same as the first attempt.
It looks like that there is a time limit which is used for deploying OVA file and since file needs to be uploaded to ESXi it takes too long, so the installation fails. Is it possible to extend this time?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 1000v VXLAN Can't Get Uplink MTU 4681

Sep 2, 2012

I'm trying to configure VXLAN on 1000v but it not working between two esx.
 As I followed the troubleshooting guide on Cisco's website I discovered the following error:  Can't get uplink MTU: 4681 Here is the output of the "vemcmd show vxlan-stats ltl 50"  command. Port LTL 50 is the VM's port.
vemcmd show vxlan-stats ltl 50
VXLAN Port Stats for LTL 50
Unicast Encapsulations: 0

I've set mtu to 9000 on the UPLINK profile (port-profile)  and enabled  jumbo frames support on the upstream switch.
Here is the output of show run: [URL]

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Cisco WAN :: Nexus 1000V - Why Is Private Vlan Config Options Missing

Jun 13, 2012

I just installed a N1K (with code 4.2(1)SV1(4a)) and I was trying to setup a private vlan.
vlan 300
private-vlan primary

I upgraded another n1k (that already had pvlan configured) to this version of code and it has the private vlan option. This was just installed yesterday so I don't have the license on it yet.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: How To Configure Nexus 1000v Switches With Vmware

May 29, 2012

According to Cisco, Nexus 1010 can host up to (6) Virtual Service blades.  I can't find out how many Virtual Supervisor Modules and Virtual Ethernet Modules that make up one Nexus 1000v switches can be supported by each Virtual Service Blades.  In other words, how many Nexus 1000v switches can be created with Nexus 1010 appliance?how to configure Nexus 1000v switches with vmware.  without Nexus 1010, the standalone nexus 1000v switches was configured from vCenter as an OVF.  But how to configure Nexus 1000v switches with vmware where nexus switches are hosted on Nexus 1010 appliance.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 1000v Private-Vlan Trunking

Apr 14, 2011

Having problem pinging from Host A on ESX1 to Host B on ESX2.  Each host are assigned the same port-profile.  If I put 2 host's on the same ESX machine using the same port-profile, they are able to ping each other.
n1kv-vsm# sh port-profile name xxx-prod-40port-profile xxx-prod-40  description:  type: vethernet  status: enabled  capability l3control: no  pinning control-vlan: -  pinning packet-vlan: -  system vlans: 1  port-group: xxxl-prod-40  max ports: 32  inherit:  config attributes:    switchport mode private-vlan host    switchport private-vlan host-association 40 400    no shutdown  evaluated config attributes:    switchport mode private-vlan host    switchport private-vlan host-association 40 400    no shutdown  assigned interfaces:    Vethernet3    Vethernet4
System-uplink profile is trunking all vlans.

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Cisco Application :: CSS11500 Connection Counts

Jul 19, 2011

Why do my connection not clear when my service goes to a down state.  The only way I can get the connections to clear is by bouncing my content rule.  CSS11503 version - SSL all the way to the server  --- I also have flow permanent port3 443 configured, but I don't understand why the other two servers go to zero while server01 never goes to zero.  If I remove the flow permanent port3 all the counters go to zero, but I would think if the servers goes down then the connections should go to zero regardless of the flow permanent port configuration. [code]

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Cisco Application :: ACE4710 TCP Connection Reuse

Jun 8, 2011

We have a rather strange issue, and I'm not sure it's really a problem with the ACE or not. We created an HTTP parameter map called "TCPreuse" and applied it to a virtual server. A show conn detail displays "[ conn in reuse pool : FALSE]" for all connections pertaining to this virtual server. The rserver in question is Linux(Ubuntu) + Apache.Next we applied the HTTP parameter map to another virtual server - this time IIS7 + Windows Server 2008. There are plenty of entries "[ conn in reuse pool : TRUE ]" when I do a "show conn detail".What could the web servers be doing differently that would cause the connection reuse to work on one virtual server and not the other?

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 SSL Connection Rate?

Jan 29, 2013

What exactly happens when the SSL connection rate is exceeded. Is the connection dropped, queued or what ?
Defined as the SSL TPS. In our case 1000 but upgradeable to 5000

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