Cisco Switches :: Restricted Inter-VLAN Routing With SG200-26 And SG300-10

Feb 26, 2013

My organization wishes to host a LAN gaming event. The setup I have in mind involves a 24-port switch for connecting all the player computers and having that switch connected to a smaller "core" switch which has the the game server and router connected to it. I'd like to know if I can set things up as follows...
SG200-26 with ports 1-24 on seperate VLANs  so they cannot talk to eachother. I'd then like ports 25 and 26 to be an  aggregated (for bandwidth and redundancy) trunk port to carry all 24  VLANs plus an additional management VLAN (ex. VLAN 100) that will be used for accessing  the switch. I'd like those aggregated trunk ports to connect to an SG300-10 "core" switch which will be connected to the game server  and to a router for internet access.
I'd like the ability to have two  network connections from the game server to the switch, one on the  management VLAN and one on a different VLAN (ex. VLAN 50) that will be accessed by the  players (ports 1-24 on the SG200-26). The core switch needs the  ability to perform restricted inter-VLAN routing, in that it doesn't  allow VLANs 1-24 to talk to eachother but they can talk to the server's  VLAN but only through specific service ports (ex. port 12345, 12346). Is this possible?
Furthermore how would I configure the SG300-10 to allow VLANs 1-24 to talk to VLAN 50, but not themselves or VLAN 100. As well, I'll probably have the router on it's own VLAN (ex. VLAN 60) and allow VLANs 1-24 to access it but only through HTTP port 80 for web access.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-10 - How To Set Up Inter VLAN Routing

Jun 6, 2012

I have a connection on IP, Subnet - this is on the default VLAN1 on the switch. I need to route this to IP, Subnet - which is set up on VLAN2 on the switch. I have set the switch to Layer 3 via console.
how I setup this route? I am use the Browser based interface.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-28P - Inter VLan Routing?

Mar 17, 2012

configure my new SG300-28P. When I have started the switch, I have specified a new password and enabled telnet in order to setup the switch in Layer 3 mode.
After a restart, the switch took its IP address from a DHCP server. When I try to set a static IP address (, I receive the following error message: Duplicated IP interface on the same subnet.
The IP address is not used by any device within the network. For information, the message doesn't appear when the switch is in Layer 2 mode.
why I can't change the IP address of default vlan in Layer 3 mode ? All I can do is set the IP address to static or dynamic.
For test purpose, I have added 2 vlans. But I wasn't able to route traffic between vlan. how to configure the switch to route traffic between vlan?
find below details informations about my VLANs.

- Default (VLAN ID 1)
IP Address :
Subnet :


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Cisco Switches :: Inter VLAN Communication SG300 With 192.168.1.x IP Ranges

May 15, 2013

we have an SG300 latest 1.3 firmware, we have it acting as our DHCP server, we have a 10.10.1.x range, 10.10.3.x range, and 192.168.24.x range, they are all on seperate VLANs and all can talk to each other which is what we want.  However we have someone who wants to use the 192.168.1.x range to add IP cameras to our network using there own switch.  I figured I'd just setup our server to do DHCP etc and it would communicate with the 10.10.1.x range of IP addresses no problem.  It turns out the SG300s can't do DHCP for that range, so if he has all static address on the 192.168.1.x range how can i setup inter VLAN communication so we can talk to that range?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG300 Inter Vlan Default Route

Sep 23, 2012

I just got my Cisco SG300 28, but I have some problems getting the routing to work. I get the vlans to get to the router, with the default route. But not getting them to talk with each other. I can ping the IPs from the cisco, but I am not getting traffic to go from vlan 1 to vlan 2. When I try to google, it say that it should do it automatically, and I found no setting for it. It looks like it not creating any route for the interfaces.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Inter-VLAN Routing Using 877 And SG300-10 Switch

Feb 5, 2012

I recently set up a small photography business and am trying to get a Cisco 877 and Cisco SG300-10 switch to talk to each other.
What I want is for the Cisco 877 to handle the internet and the SG300-10 to handle the local network,
I have set up 2 vlans in trunk mode on the switch and want vlan2 to manage local traffic and vlan3 to handle the internet.
I have got the 877 connecting to the internet what I dont have, traffic going to vlan2 on the switch from the 877
Look at the running configs for the switch and the router and tell me how to get the vlan on the router to pass traffic to the switch. In a nutshell I am inserting the internet into the switch but am not sure how to progress. I have the c870-advipservicesk9 image file on the router. 

Switch Config
interface  gi2
description connection-to-data-vlan
interface  gi3
description connection-to-internet-vlan
vlan database (code )

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Cisco Switches :: SG 300 28 Inter Vlan Routing

Sep 12, 2011

[code] I would like to config two IP ranges, one for staff, one for guest wireless access. The dlink wap supports multi vlan SSIDs.Reason I'm doing this is to prevent access on the guest wireless to access the win 2003 server.Will the switch inter vlan route the to How will vlan 2 get DHCP, will dhcp relay need to be set on vlan 2 to ? [code]

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Cisco Switches :: 300 - Inter VLAN Routing On SRW?

May 17, 2011

Can inter VLAN routing be done on SRW (Cisco 300 series) switches ?

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2010 Inter VLAN Routing

Oct 3, 2011

I've recently installed an SGE2010 switch, which I have set to 'Layer 3' mode.
I have created 2 VLANs using 192.168.10.x and 192.168.20.x (using .50 for the VLAN IP address in each case) - however, I need to be able to allow certain traffic between the VLANs.Alternatively, to get things started - I'm assuming I need to set up ACLs to allow access between VLANs - how would I configure the switch to allow all traffic from one VLAN to the other?

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Cisco Switches :: SG 300 Setting Up 2 Vlans With Inter Vlan Routing

Oct 2, 2011

I have recently purchased 2 SG 300 switches, 1 x SG 300 52 & 1 x SG 300 10, and I am hoping getting the following set-up working.To assist I have drawn the following simple network diagram (below) which hopefully makes it a little clearer what I am trying to do:I have 2 companies occupying a single office with the requirement to share printers/devices etc... so basically I am looking to set-up 2 VLANS (say VLAN 10 & VLAN 20) with inter-vlan routing. To add a little complexity the main comms area is located in the basement of the building, this houses the 2 DSL routers and 2 Servers, one for each company. I am proposing putting the SG 300 10 port switch in here and then use the 3 uplinks I have been given to connect back to the SG 300 52 which is in a patch cabinent 2 floors up. I want to use 2 uplinks (in a LAG) for Company A and 1 uplink for Company B. FYI. DHCP is being served out by each respective router.

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Cisco Switches :: 300 Inter VLAN Routing With Single Internet Gateway

Mar 31, 2012

I have six Cisco 300 Series switches in Layer 2 mode.  They are all connected using ports in Trunk mode.  These Trunks are tagged members of all VLANS.
I have one 300 series in layer 3 mode with IP address assigned to each VLAN.I would like to use one Internet gateway for multiple VLANS.  This gateway has numerous IP ports that forward to internal ip addresses on various machines.
All i9nternal clients use their respective VLAN IP as their default gateway.The Layer 3 switch is connected to one of the Layer 2's using a Trunk that is a tagged member of all of the VLANS.
I understand how traffic routes from a client to its respective VLAN gateway.  Where I am confused is how it routes from there to the Internet gateway? Internet gateway is IP's are,, etc...
Should the Internet Gateway be patched into the Layer 3 switch or one of the Layer 2's using a separate "Internet" VLAN?

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Cisco Switches :: Used Two SF-300 Switch And Create 4 VLans And Inter-VLan Routing

Apr 8, 2013

I used two sf-300 switch and create 4 vlans and intervlan routing is working fine.
Port 1 - 10 -------------> Vlan 1
Port 2 -20----------------> Vlan 2
Port 3 - 30------------------> Vlan 3
Port 4 - 40--------------------> Vlan 4
giga1  -----------------> connected to router (This router used for intervlan routing).
SF-300 Port 1 is connected to Internet Modem.  This modem worked as dhcp server also for vlan 1, my problem is that when vlan 1 is not communicate to vlan2,3,4 and 2,3,4 are not communicating. 
How i can communicate vlan 1 to 2,3,4 vlan. 
how i can connect the modem in switch?  Access port or Trunk port ( Presently available in vlan 1 Access port)Any route i need to make? sf-300 or modem or router?

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2000P Inter-VLAN Routing And Internet Gateway

Mar 25, 2013

Currently, we have a plain network and we are planning to 'upgrade' it a little. We want to implement VLANs to separate wireless clients, workstations + servers and infrastructure devices form each other.As of now, we have no VLANs, and no managed Switches. We only have an RV016 that handles two ISPs and a 3rd party connection service to the office branches ( I belive they're using Frame Relay, but as far as we know, we are not concerned since we cannot touch their devices)
The reason behind the title, pointing towards the famous SGE2000P, is that my workplace is located in Argentina... and we don't have as many choices as some of you guys have ! In fact, I was unsuccessful trying to get a Cisco partner to contact me. We would like to replace the RV016 with a cisco 1941 (and a HWIC switch card).
So, back to business..! Assuming we will be using the SGE2000P switches, I was thinking about setting VLANs using 802.1Q through seven of these switches, along with a 1941 Cisco router. I'm expecting the 1941 to handle load balancing between both ISPs and the 3rd party link. Now, as for Inter VLAN routing, I would like to have gigabit traffic between VLANs.

Is it possible to use one SGE as Layer 3 mode to hande inter VLAN traffic (gigabit speeds) while using the 1941 as a end point device to reach internet (using PAT) ?Would you suggest me to use the 1941 for Inter VLAN routing, despite the 10/100 limitation(*) and use all SGE's in L2 mode? We need two ISPs, a third link for the FR connection, and finally the LAN interface. As far as I know, I'm limited to the gigabit builtin interfaces for WAN purposes, am I right?

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 Vlan Routing

Mar 31, 2012

We have recently purchased a SG300 to break up our network which most consists of virtual machines via Bridged networking on network machines. I have created successfully Vlans and the physical machines are capable of communicating across the different subnets that I have created via the SG300 however the Virtual machines can no longer be reached.

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Cisco Switches :: DHCP Over LAG Between SG200 And SG300

Apr 17, 2013

I have an SG300-10 and an SG200-26. I also have an OpenWRT flashed router that can tag VLANs.My problem right now is that my default VLAN is 1, my router is doing DHCP in VLAN 1, and I want all my network equipment to be on VLAN 1, but my SG200, when LAGed to the SG300, will not get an IP.My SG300 is pulling an IP just fine from my router DHCP pool. When I connect the SG200 directly using either 1UP port settings or 1TP port settings, I get an IP just fine. When I LAG my connection (ports 1-3 on both) I get no DHCP information sent through the LAG to either the SG200, nor to any client devices that are set for DHCP.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200 To SG300 - Setup VLAN1 For Data And VLAN10 For Voice

Apr 8, 2013

I have a customer with several SG300's providing VLAN1 for data and VLAN10 for voice. The PC's are piggy backing off the phones and showing up in the SG300 fine:
One department has recently employed more people so we have an SG200 switch to connect the computers and phones to. I don't seem to be able to get any connectivity between the new switch and the SG300 it is connecting to. I have setup VLAN1 and 10 as per the images below:

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-26 VLAN To SPA303 Not Working?

Apr 16, 2013

We recently purchsed a SG200-26 and have several SPA303 with the 2 ports. The other component is a Sonicwall NSA3500.The SG200-26 is on an interface of the Sonicwall that interface has a primary of 172.20.3.x and the sub interface is 172.20.5.x. I labed the VLAN as 5?I went to the "Create VLAN" in the SG200-26 and also created VLAN 5 and under Voice VLAN the ID is 5.Then I went to the SmartPort and assigned GE24 as IP Phone + Desktop. That was OK. But when I go to the SPA303 and Enable VLAN and VLAN ID 5 I get Initializing Network. I am able to ping the which is the gateway for the VLAN but still pull no IP. I also have an DHCP range assinged the subinterface.I also am using Cisco Configuration Assistant. I can see the switch SG200-26 and my IP set but it shows no IP. So I know that the CDP from the phone to the switch is working.

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Cisco Switches :: Does SG200 Support VLAN Trunking

Apr 15, 2013

does SG200 support VLAN Trunking?

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Cisco Switches :: Unable To Get SG200-26 VLAN Configuration

Feb 20, 2013

Below is my configuration so far.
GE1     General     1UP, 100T, 101T
GE26   General     1UP, 100U, 101U
But I could not get port GE1 on vlan 100 to ping to anything on GE26.It only works when i change it to 100UP... BUT the rest of the vlan ID (101) will still unable to work.
Yes. i need multiple vlan on a single port as I am running Virtual machines on the GE1 and GE26 is an uplink I need all vlan to communicate from GE1 to GE26. Is this possible?

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Cisco Switches :: VLAN Management Via SNMP On SG300-10 Switches

Aug 7, 2011

Any snmpset commands to add, modify and delete vlan table entries on SG300-10 switches? I checked url... however this information is apparently only valid for catalysts. The latest firmware is installed and the provided MIB files are used.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG300-10P Power SG200-08 Switch Over POE?

Jun 1, 2012

Can a Cisco SG300-10P switch power a Cisco SG200-08 switch over POE?  Or an SG200-08P power an SG200-08 via POE?  I have an area where I'd like to put a small switch, but would like to avoid having to have electrical power run to it.  Or will the SG300 and SG200 POE switches only power endpoint devices such as cameras and IP phones?

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Cisco Switches :: Can't Open Port To VLAN Menu In SG200 -08

Jan 29, 2012

I get a empty blue window when I try to open "port to VLAN"
We have upgraded the software but it doesn't work.

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Cisco Switches :: SV220W / SG200 - Proper Vlan Setup?

May 21, 2013

i have a question about the proper method to setup up vlan(s) on a sg200 switch with a sv220w router. Should i setup the vlan on the router or the switch? I have small office setup, i need atleast 2 vlans to separate the networks. i want both to have internet access but be completely isolated from each other.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-26 Switch VLAN And Internet Access

May 9, 2012

I start writing this post telling you that I'm not a qualified network admin, so I beg your pardon if I do not use appropriate terms in my question. Also my english in not so good since I'm Italian and my english in almost scholastic.
This is the "story" :
I bought two switches as described above and actually I have to create 2 VLANS as described below :
VLAN id 2     name "Service_A"   ports 1-4
VLAN id 3     name "Service_B"   ports 7-9
all other ports can stay in default VLAN1.
my network infrastructure have some other very simple swtiches connected and 1 soho router (static ip with dhcp active and ip pool address released from to 200.
the SG200-26 have static ip   and


I need VLAN for privacy matter so all computer connected to ports in VLAN2 cannot see nor enumerate PCs and resources on other VLANs, but I also absolutely NEED that all computer in every ports (and every VLAN even default VLAN1) can access the internet.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Sg300 And SLM2024 VLAN As Layer 2 And Layer 3 Switches Connection

Mar 18, 2012

I want to setup VLAN with the switches SG300 and SLM2024. What is the suggestion to connect these 2 switches. We have the Juniper net screen.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-50 VLAN For VoIP Phones Connected To SRP541W Router

Apr 15, 2013

I am new to VLANs although I generally understand the concept.  I have a small office with 25 desktop/laptops and 15 VoIP phones connected with a SG200-50 switch and on Port 1 I have the Cisco SRP541W router for DHCP and Internet access.  My goal is simple: 1) Segregate the VoIP phones (voice) from the computers (data) and 2) Prioritize the VoIP phones traffic.
I believe this can be accomplished by setting up a second VLAN and maybe a third (if the default should not be used) and then identifying those ports as Voice VLAN ports.  I guess I just need to know how to flag each interface and each port so that they all can talk to the router on Port 1 yet the voice and data will be in different broadcast domains.  Also, do I need a management VLAN??
Is this setup correct? VLAN 1 - default (data) Port 1 (Trunk) (Tagged)Port 2 - 30 (Access) (Untagged)VLAN 2 - voice Port 1 (Trunk) (Tagged)Port 31 - 48 (Access) (Untagged) What should the interface settings be on each port (General, Access or Trunk)? What should the port VLAN membership be on each port (Tagged or Untagged)??

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 - Set Up VLan Only For Wi-Fi APs?

Mar 25, 2012

I want to set up a vlan only for the wifi APs and wifi clients on my network. They can't access to any server, only internet acces. I already implement this configuration and its working, but now I want to allowed a couple of laptops to connect to servers in other vlan. what should I do? Should I do it using Mac address of laptops or IP?

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Cisco Switches :: VLAN Config On Sg300?

Jan 26, 2012

I am using a couple cisco sg300 28P switches along with a sonciwall firewall/router. The sonicwall was already in place and working so they didnt want to replace it. I understand how to configure the vlan on the sonicwall, but could use some info on the cisco. I would basically like to create 3 vlans, 1 default for management, 2 for pc's on lan, and 3 for the cisco spa504g phones/'voip. Would i just go into the vlan managment, configure the 2 new vlans and give them two id's? These offices have one network drop, so the phones and pc's will be sharing the switch ports, however the phones have a setting to configure the vlan id so they know which one theyre on. Is there anything i need to do after that? I want to make sure that vlan 3 has the highest priority becuase its voice, is there some qos configurations i need to make on that switch as well? Also, the port that links the two cisco swtiches together, does that need to be set as "trunk" port? I understand what vlans are, but its just the first time ive run into these cisco models. .

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-10 VLAN Configuration

Apr 22, 2012

Before I launch into this can I say that I am very much a novice with regards to Managed Switches and their configuration. I have the following equipment which I have connected to the switch: [code] All of the above are on subnet of the above communicate with each other during normal operation.Our client is connecting to the switch but his requirement is for his system to "see" the PLC Comms Card as follows:IP: on Subnet .
Using the Internet Explorer interface connection I have created an additional VLAN (ID 2) on Port 10 with the intention of using this as the connection to the client ( I assume there will be further settings required to route the PLC connection to this port) but every time I try to assign the IP and Subnet values and click "APPLY" the changes are not made and the connection appears to hang leading me to reboot the switch.I have connected to the switch via console and changed the mode to Layer 3.  I also assume that it is OK for the three pieces of equipment to remain on the default VLAN. How I should setup this VLAN and ultimately achieve my goal.

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Cisco Switches :: Get Vlan Communicate On SG300-20

Mar 28, 2013

I am facing an issue to setup what I initially called simple network but still unable to put it together.On SG300-20 I want to setup 4.3 of the vlan are to separate users in to different groups and to secure data confidentiality.1 is for the NAS. All users on the 3 vlans must access the NAS vlan.All user should have access to internet via SG300 through the ISP provided router. How to configure this, I have every little knowledge of switching and routing? And the routing seems to be the issue I am encountering because I am able to create the VLANs and assign static IP address to them but not able to get them talk to each other. I use each vlan ip as gateway on each port assigned. [code]

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Cisco Switches :: SG300- Use Multicast TV VLAN?

May 10, 2013

I want to use Multicast TV VLAN with my SG300-10 to join Multicast Groups in different Data VLAN's. It's working fine, but the problem is that it isn't possible to add all the Multicast Groups to the Multicast VLAN because each TV channel use other groups. For me it's only to handle if I can use wildcards to add a specific range of multicast traffic to the Multicast TV VLAN. Is that possible with that Switch?

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Cisco Switches :: How To Configure Sg300 28 For Vlan

Feb 19, 2013

i purchased  300-28 how it config for stp and trunk

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Cisco :: STP And Inter-vlan Routing?

Apr 12, 2012

Just messing around with packet tracer for a little practice. I tried to setup a router on a stick config with 3 switches trunked and PCs on different vlans. Anybody know of any issues that may arise with STP and inter-vlan routing? I set everything up correctly with trunking, addressing, encapsulations, vlans, but did not touch STP. Unable to ping from any PC to any where.

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