Cisco Switches :: SG200-08 Web Interface Stops Responding

Aug 26, 2012

I bought a pair of SG200-08 switches a month ago and noticed that after a couple of weeks (give or take) the web interface stops responding (today being the 2nd time this happened). I am on v1.0.5.1 of the firmware on both switches. I can ping the switches just fine. I've run a port scan against then showing that port 80 is open. When I browse to either switch using IE9.0 or Chrome (v21) both show page loading however it remains blank - eventually the browser times out. I've tried multiple machines (just in case of port blocking) however always the same result.
To correct this I power cycle the switches and the web interface starts working.On the switching side, both seem to be working as there doesn't isn't any network impact (from what I can tell) however not being able to access the web interface is very irritating, not to mention making me wonder what else isn't working.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-28P W / PoE Stops Responding?

Mar 21, 2013

I'm facing a peculiar problem while accessing the switch (regardless of the mode - L2 / L3) once I connect a WiFi router provided by the ISP (Local make). The Switch stops responding on the web based console as well as ping. The network remains up but hosts' stop responding to ping packets to each other too. Only way I get control of the switch again is by rebooting it.
Switch is operating at its default IP: and the plugged in router has a hard coded IP of - I've taken a cable from the router (from its Ethernet port) and I've plugged it in to the router.
Just for the sake of it I've plugged the router cable in the link ports too but the switch stop's responding.

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Cisco Switches :: Unable To Get To Web Interface For SG200-18

Aug 24, 2011

I got a new switch and am trying to connect a UCS server to it.  I can ping the switch just fine but when I try to use IE8 or firefox, I can't get to the web interface to configure it.
Here's my setup:
Cisco UCS C210 M2
IP =
Subnet = 255.555.255.0


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Cisco Switches :: SG200 Apply The Smart Port Macro To Interface

May 23, 2012

I´m a IOS CLI fanatic. Its the first tiem that I have to configure a SB switch. Its very confusing, I want setup a voice vlan id as 200. but I don see that this value change when I try to apply the smartport macro to the interface.Its possible change a smartport macro?

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-08 And SG200-08P Fail To Hold Or Update Date / Time

May 24, 2011

SG200-08 and SG200-08P fail to hold or update Date/Time.(New installation for a UC320 setup.)I've got both an SG200-08 and SG200-08P that are failing to maintain date/time when set with "Use Local Settings".  Every restart/powercycle causes them to reset to Dec 31 1969.  Other settings save fine.I first tried to set time via SNTP Unicast using a variety of public time server addresses including the 3 hard coded to the SG200-08 firmware:
Sadly though it always just shows  "Active Server  Server Host Address:"  and continues having 12/31/1969 as the date.  Both after a config save and a reboot.I can ping the NTP servers just fine from the switches either by IP or by hostname.At this point I've decided that I must be missing something simple. At least I hope so... otherwise it's a firmware bug which means waiting for a fix.Other devices behind the same firewall/gateway (RVS4000) are updating NTP

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-18 To C2960S Trunked - SG200 Cut Off The Net

Apr 29, 2012

how to connect our new SG200-18 to an existing Cisco network, in particular a C2960S.Here's what I've got:
<----- Rest of network ------- C2960S ----------- SG200 ----- (PC connected directly to the SG200)
On the C2960S-side here's what I've got on the corresponding interface:
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
switchport mode trunk
On the SG200-side I've set the IP-address and default-gateway accordingly, however:From the SG200 I can't ping any other host on the same IP-subnet as the switchFrom the SG200 can't ping the default-gatewaycan't ping from any other host or the default-gateway *to* the switch But:On the SG200 I've got plenty of MAC-addresses under "Dynamic Address Table" - however only MAC-addresses that belong to the management-VLAN of the SG200 (i.e. VLAN9 in my case)The MAC-address table on the SG200 even includes the MAC-addresses of hosts on the same VLAN I tried to ping without success. For example: I tried a PING from a host having a MAC-address of 00:19:bb:31:91:30. This MAC shows up in the arp table of the SG200. To cross check I connected a dedicated PC to the SG200 and assign it an IP-address out of the management-LAN-range of the SG200 - in this case I can access the switch (i.e. PING, WEB etc.)So to summarize: Connectivity is OK when going from directly connected devices to the SG200. No connectivity from devices that are behind the C2960S towards the SG200 and vice versa. (The problem is definitely not with the C2960S-side since we've got plenty of them hooked together without problems.) I'm enclosing the screenshots of the corresponding definitions on the SG200.

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Cisco Switches :: Very Slow Transfers Between SG200-18 And SG200-8?

Apr 16, 2013

I'm baffled by the poor performance that I'm seeing when passing traffic between my two Cisco SG switches.
The configuration is as basic as I can make it, no VLANs, QoS or bonding.  Both have been updated to current firmware as part of the troubleshooting process.
When I transfer data within one of my switches I see 50/60Mb/s. When I pass the same traffic between both switches I see 0.6 Mbs/ or less.
I have tried to eliminate every possible factor including switching out the cables.  No success.

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Cisco :: MSE 7.4 Appliance Stops Responding

Apr 2, 2013

After upgrading our Cisco MSE to 7.4, the appliance does not stay connected to the network.  Once the appliance is restarted, layer 3 echoes occur for about 2 minutes and then stop.  The only way to get it to respond again, is to restart the appliance.  Again, after a few minutes, it stops responding.  I've checked the switch, and there is no port security set up on it.  I've checked ACL's, and other potential culprits to no avail.  The MSE interface is set up, and the device is configured. 

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Router Stops Responding During Games

Sep 29, 2011

Whenever I try to play an online game like Warcraft 3, the router stops responding to my computers sent packets. While still in the game, if I try to connect to a website the page isn't found. However, soon after exiting the game, I can access websites again.

The entire time while I was having the problem, I'm shown as still connected to the internet (not even showing the yellow ! sign for limited access). I ran a ping test to while experiencing the problem and it said it could not find it. I checked the status of the connection, and it appears as though my computer is still sending packets normally, but the router is just unresponsive.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2 Different WAP4410N Stops Responding?

Sep 21, 2010

I reconnected 4 laptops today on 2 different WAP4410n APs. The user will let me know if they get disconnected. Yesterday I even reflashed the firmward on them. Also in order to reconect to one of the Waps I had to cycle the power.
The laptops are different One is a Dell Latitude c840 w/ Links wireless card and the other is a IBM t41 i believe.

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Cisco WAN :: MWR 2941 Stops Responding To Telnet

Apr 15, 2012

I have two MWR 2941's in a lab environment awaiting deployment in a SAToP environment. They are both running the latest IOS, mwr2941-adviprank9-mz.151-1.MR3.bin. After being up for about 4 days they both stop responding to telnet attempts. I do not get a reject message - it just goes to a blank secreen with a flashing cursor. The only way to fix it is to reboot. I read that an older IOS had a similar bug on the MWR1941 but I cannot find anything about the 2941 having issues such as this.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Responding With

Sep 21, 2010

Just bought 2 of these (wish I had seen this thread before).  They shipped with the latest firmware already on them, so must be a very recent manufacture.  I am having the exact same problems as above.  It seems to be almost exactly 24 hours for me and the access point stops passing traffic.  At first the latency goes very high (2200ms - 3800ms) right before it stops passing traffic.  You can still ping the access point from the 802.11 side for a while, but nothing from the wired side, it just goes braindead.  Once I was able to get the management interface up over the wireless while it was in this state and rebooted from the management side.  It did not solve the issue, I had to unpower it and restart it (PoE Powered).  I have only configured one of them due to these issues.  I think they are going back.  Here is how the access point arrived (yes, I just rebooted again for the 8th time).
Hardware Version:Rev.12Software Version: MAC Address:00:13:60:FF:AF:F0System Up Time:0 hour:34 min:35 sec

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N V2 Stops Responding?

Feb 26, 2013

I recently installed six of the WAP4410N v2 models, firmware

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Responding With

Sep 21, 2010

After a day or so it just stops responding. I recently bought 3 of these to my office.
Running etc.

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Cisco WAN :: 2911 Stops Responding After A Period Of Time

Nov 2, 2011

I have a Cisco 2911 router with 4 T1 connections.  Two are set as a multilink and the other two are for two other locations.  The router will run fine, but after a month I cannot ping the gigabit ethernet 0/0 interface.  I would have to manually reboot the router to get it to respond again.  Before I noticed a lot of interface discards which would shutdown the 2911 and a manual reboot would be needed, but for this time it isn't the case.  Where would I start with this the memory and cpu usage are fine.
Here is the config:
Current configuration : 2905 bytes
version 15.0


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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Responding Between Two Buildings

Sep 21, 2010

I have 2 of these in a Bridge between 2 buildings.  Cisco support replaced them with 2 BRAND NEW units after 6 weeks of waiting, that do the same thing.  Spent so many hours on these turds it is insane. the thing goes down with the wind, tinker with it and maybe you will be up for a few hours or days then back to down again.  Thinking it has something to do with the firmware or a power saving thing.  Works great when it is up though.  I am still trying stuff to get it to work stable. To much money invested in them now to start from scratch but they wanted budget equipment in place and not Cisco Aironet.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 - Randomly Stops Responding

Jun 5, 2012

I have an asa5505 with software version 7.2(3) that randomly stops responding. The firewall sits in front of a public facing webserver that handles a significant amount of traffic.I was wondering that would happen when the asa5505 reaches or exceeds the 4000 connections per second limit... i.e. would this possibly explain why my asa5505 stops responding and requires a power cycle in order to start working again. when it "crashes" it does not respond on either the outside or inside interfaces.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0 Takes Lots Of Resources And Also Stops Responding

Sep 10, 2011

How to fix our LMS 4.0 high CPU issues?. It takes lots of resources and also some time stop responding.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Responding Between 1 Day And 1 Week

Sep 21, 2010

With over 45,000 views, something must be wrong. Like many of the others here, we can't work out what's wrong with our network and why the cisco 4410n behaves so badly.
Our experience is just like everyone elses. At some point in time, mainly between 1 day and 1 week, the router just stops responding. The problem appears to be on the LAN side, as quite often when it fails, the wireless is still active and clients are associated. Some time ago I was Cisco certified, so I have had faith in Cisco products. I also sold them for a living, which made it a natural choice, but I am struggling to come to terms with my purchase here.
I had tried:
All the latest firmwares from March until now (including the latest) Full resets of the device, including "reset to factory defaults" Pegging the autonegotiate to fixed 10/100 Changing channels on the wireless (although as mentioned, it appears LAN side issues)
This thread has given me different views. Other sites also talk about changing beacon settings, but I'm not sure that's the right way to go.I would consider syslogging the results and getting extended debug happening, but when the problem happens and the device hangs, LAN is lost so the messages are also lost.
I find it hard to believe that so many people can have this problem and no one at Cisco can reproduce the fault. So, here's a pretty simple network for Cisco to experiment with which clearly has the problem:
Flat GBit network
Dlink DGS-1016D 16-port GB switch (unmanaged)
4-5 wireless clients (mainly iPhones & iPad)
The volume of traffic is low - no huge file transfers. The expected uptime is between 3-6 days. As a matter of interest, I also tried POE to drive it using a TP-Link injector. The device worked perfectly, but the problem did not seem to be affected.
It might be heading towards time to log a call on this. I was hoping the vast number of existing callers would have given the support staff enough to solve the problem, but it appears Cisco is none-the-wise on the fault, let alone the solution.
As a matter of interest, maybe a good interrim solution would be for Cisco to use the watchdog timer to ping a known address and perform a soft-reset if the address (on the local network) did not respond after a period of time. This atleast would stop people having to crawl under desks and pull plugs to reset the device as it has no power switch.
I have a "Generation 2" device.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Responding With SRW2024

Sep 21, 2010

I have the same problem with my two WAP4410N connected to my Cisco SRW2024 Gigabit switch.It appears that there would be a time where the PHY's between the WAP and the switch are hung.The lights on the Gigabit switch are constantly flashing.
It is until I disconnect and reconnect the network cable between the WAP and the Gigabit switch that the problem is momentarily solved.  Then it seems like another high traffic usage of the WAP will cause the connection to hang.  This solutions is totally unacceptable as I am not willing to open my wiring closet every time to fix this hang.  Also I've lost precious data between my client and server because of this hang!
I don't think the problem is with the Gigabit switch as I have other Gigabit devices connected to it and I never get them to hang like the WAP.
I saw on the release notes (although the firmware has not been posted) that there is a problem with the WAP Gigabit PHY.  From the release notes, it seems the firmware will have an option to take down the speed of the WAP Gigabit PHY from 1000BT to 100TX. This would be a shame if this is the final solution as one main reason for purchasing the WAP4410N is its Gigabit capability.
Being a networking PHY designer who had also worked on other Cisco products, I'm surprise that this problem had not been resolved in their qualification and interoperability lab.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Stops Randomly Responding

Feb 26, 2013

We have a situation with 20 4410N's They are connected through a 2960 switch. They runned for about a year with no problems. We use the WiFi system with 10 cisco wireless ip phones, several workstations (5-10) and a few mobile devices.
Three weeks ago we took 10-15 iPads in commission (almost equally divided over the AP's), since then the trouble started. Several accesspoints stop randomly responding a few times a, day. We updated to the latest firmware (, but that did not solve the problems.
Were using 3 SSID's WPA2 encryption and fixed IP's for the AP's. If we can't get a hold on this we have to replace all the AP's by other ones.

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Cisco Routers :: SRP 521w - Crawls And Stops Responding?

Feb 15, 2012

Is there any plan to release an updated firmware for 521w? Or is this done? I currently have .24 firmware but still having lockup issue.

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Wireless Connection Stops Responding Randomly?

Feb 26, 2013

My internet works fine but after a random period of time, usually 20-30 minutes the internet stops responding. I have ran a diagnostics test using the Intel PROset/wireless tools program and it states on the ping test that there is no response from the default gateway and the DHCP server.

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Cisco WAN :: 1811 - Fiber IP Randomly Stops Responding To Ping / Ssh

Nov 5, 2011

We have a Cisco 1811 which is running a number of different services.  Let me try and explain how everything is working first.
On routed port 0, we have a statically configured fiber connection which routes a public /28.  No BGP, etc just default routes.  The /28 is divided into a two /29's, once of which is routed to Vlan3.
On routed port 1, we have a PPPoE DSL connection, with a single static IP.
Vlan1 is a 192.168.1.x subnet
Vlan2 is a 192.168.2.x subnet
Vlan3 is a y.y.y.x/29 subnet(the routed subnet)
Vlan1 and Vlan2 PAT the static fiber IP(not the other /29) along with the DSL. The other /29 is used for a few static NAT translations and SSLVPN
There is a zone based firewall in play, as well as a few route-maps to redirect traffic out certain interfaces on the inside.
The problem is, the fiber IP randomly stops responding to ping/ssh, however I can ping the interface IP assigned to Vlan3 from the WAN.  DSL never loses connection in this manner.
I can normally reestablish "normal" connectivity by connecting to the DSL and bringing down the fiber and routed vlan in a specific order.

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Cisco WAN :: 3560G Stops Responding To SNMP When De / Reconnecting Ports

Feb 4, 2013

I have two 3560G 24p switches, connected to each other via two links in Etherchannel. From one of the switches i retrieve SNMP info about port status and traffic for these two ports. That works great, until i pull out random cable. The switch responds with ifOperStatus = 2 and traffic drops to zero for that partikular port, as it should. But a some of seconds later it stops responding to my snmp reguests for ~ 5 seconds. That causes problems as my watchdog sets an alarm as it thinks the connection to the switch has been lost. (It checks switch uptime is increasing all the time)
If I set a delay on the watchdog on my monitoring system of 15sec, it works. But it ain't that nice to have a delay of 15 sec if the connection really is lost.

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Linksys Wired Router :: RVL200 Stops Responding

Jan 17, 2011

Bought a Cisco RVL200 (latest firmware included - I checked), and I've set it up to serve as the gateway/firewall for my home network. I also intend to use the VPN functionality when travelling as well as serving up content from a web server behind it. All of this seems to work the way it is intended (after quite a bit of fiddling).
The problem however is that if it comes under any sort of load it simply stops responding - physically it looks alright with the expected leds being lit, just as it would when functioning normally. It does not display the management interface, nor does it even respond to ping (which it does when it works). If I start up a bittorrent client on any of the machines on the internal network and add a torrent to something popular like Ubuntu Linux it'll usually start downloading and then after 5-15 minutes the RVL200 will have stopped responding. Tried adding QOS settings to limit the computer running the client or downprioritize this type of traffic, but that does not seem to have any effect.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Router Stops Responding When Wireless Encryption Is Enabled

Mar 30, 2011

My router is running the stock 1.21 firmware and it has been fine for almost a year before the wireless suddenly stopped working. I reset the router and restored my previous configuration. After the reboot, the SSID is visible and I can connect to it but there is no internet connection. Also the router becomes unresponsive, i.e. timeout trying to access the router configuration page. After trying out different settings it seems that enabling WPA2+AES is the cause.In the mean time, I am running an open wireless network and everything seems fine. Is the hardware faulty? I am reluctant to update the firmware because of a negative experience with another router (same model).

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Belkin Routers :: F9K1106 Stops Responding / Won't Pass Any Traffic

Feb 9, 2013

I run a AirPort Extreme router. I have my F9K1106 range extender set up and working. works awesome. I get home from work the next day and the range extender seems to fall asleep , it won't pass any traffic. I power cycle it and its back up and running. this happens everyday no fail for a week now.

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Networking :: 2640 Router Stops Responding Intermittently After A While With ADSL

Aug 18, 2012

I am trying to set up ADSL and WiFi in a country home. I have bought a DLink DSL-2640 modem-router for this. The device is connected to the ADSL, everything works fine. The device has a WiFi AP capability - I have set up the WiFi and I am accessing the network from 2 different iPads, 2 PCs and an Android phone. After a few hours of work I begin to notice that one of the iPads is taking to long to load pages - it even can't load the router's web interface. This goes on for 5-10 minutes or so, then it passes away. Same stuff happens to Android, but rarer. PC has this problem occasionally also, but rarest of all.

I am assuming that this is a problem of the device - ADSL and WiFi might be too much for it. I got a dedicated WiFi router (TP-Link WR740N), connected it to the DLink and turned off WiFi on the D-Link.

Same stuff happens. After a while the Internet stops responding - I can't load the router's web interface. Goes on for 2-10 minutes and passes. WiFi is functional, I can disconnect and connect a device, device obtains an address through DHCP.

I updated both devices to the latest official firmware. I tried switching WiFi channels, switched the router to g-only mode. EM interference is very unlikely since it's a country home and there are no wifi networks around.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Stops Responding To Internet But Modem / Router Lights Fine

Jul 29, 2011

As of two days ago my DIR-655 seems to have stopped loading webpages every 10-30minutes for periods of up to 5-15 minutes, as in they the reloading icon will constantly be circling and the webpage remains blank, no error or anything until it says failed to load on my web browser (tried multiple browsers such as Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox). This problem occurs on every computer on my network, laptops (both Mac and PC) and desktops. When this problem occurs all lights on modem and router seem to be normal no signs of anything going down but I originally thought that this affected wired and wireless but I seem to have narrowed it to culprit being the wireless. When connected to the PC I can browse for an indefinite amount of time without the webpages failing to respond, however when I connected to WiFi through Airport on a Macbook Air my webpages start to begin failing to load around 5-10 minutes of browsing which affects all computers connected to the network (essentially all computers failing to respond to the internet during this outage).

Interestingly when this problem occurs, if I am connected to Skype or Aim it will stay connected and I can still chat with people but I will not be able to sign onto AIM if the problem occurs before I sign on and I try to sign on during the outage. If I am streaming a video from or ustream it still continues to stream during this "outage".I have the revB of the DIR-655 and have tried resetting the modem, turning off the firewall, upgrading firmware to 2.03NA from 2.01NA and setting the MTU to 1400 (default 1500) with nothing working. I am using Time Warner Wideband ISP and have connected the modem directly to my PC and for the 30minutes or so that I tested the web browsing it seemed fine and did not have any errors.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-18 Switches With LC Single Mode Fiber SFP's

Dec 2, 2012

We have a project in which we are using 34 Cisco SG200-18's each with a MGBLX1 (LC Single Mode Fiber) SFP mini-GBIC.All the fiber's come back to one building where we must "bridge" all 34 fiber connections. What hardware should be used to accomplish this? A L2 switch? For example, a 12 port SFP Switch with Fiber SFP's accepting the first 12 fiber connections, then other switch with SFP for the next 12 and so on, until there is a overall capacity of 36 and having patch cables between the 3 switches?
what cisco or non cisco hardware would work with these SF200-18's to accomplish this?

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Cisco Switches :: Replacing Some Netgear Switches With SG200

May 16, 2012

We are replacing some netgear switches with the Cisco SG200.  The situation is relatively straightforward.  We have a series of VLAN's coming in on a trunk from a service provider for our Metro Ethernet locations.  These trunks then get cross-connect to various location for connectivity.  The problem we have is there are two VLAN's that need to go to the same switch which provides access to our public IP block.
I set up the two VLAN's on the SG200 with the trunk port VLAN tagging on the service provider port.  Then I set up a separate port for untagging the traffic with the PVID of the respective VLANS's as follows: [code] The public switch has no VLAN's configured (it is an SG200 too).  If I connect GE2 to the public switch everything works fine.  When I connect GE3 to the public switch, things die.  I thought this might be caused by STP although STP should not be detecting issues like this across separate VLAN's.  Disabled STP, no change.The same configuration with the Netgear worked without an issue.  FYI, the VLAN's cannot be changed...they are defined by the service provider in this particular case.  otherwise we'd just make them the same..

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Cisco Switches :: ASA5505 - Does IOS Like CLI Exist In SG200 Switches

Aug 28, 2011

I need to purchase a few Gigabit PoE switches for a small business and I am thinking that SG200 or SG300 switches are perfect for this purpose.
Layer 3 functionality in SG300 switches is not great - HSRP or any other next-hop redundancy protocol is not supported, dynamic routing protocols are not supported, policy-based routing is not supported, etc. I may get one SG300 switch for inter-VLAN routing so that I do not have to send traffic to a Layer 3 device for this purpose, especially because my Layer 3 device (ASA5505) has only 10/100 Mbps interfaces. All other switches in the network don't have to be Layer 3 switches, and I am thinking of perhaps getting SG200 instead of SG300 swithces. However, because I am a long-time Cisco engineer, and know ins and outs of the IOS CLI, I would much rather administer the switches with CLI rather than GUI. So, do SG200 switches provide CLI (even if it is not officially supported) or is the only Small Business switch platform that supports CLI SG300? I do realize that the OS running on these switches is not IOS, but after having reviewed the CLI manual for SG300, I would say that 90+% of commands are identical to IOS CLI commands.

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