Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - Getting AnyConnect Authentication Timeout?

Jul 8, 2012

I have an ASA 5520 and I am having trouble getting the AnyConnect VPN authentication timeout feature to work properly. I thought I did have it working a couple of months ago, but right now it is not giving me more than the default 12 seconds. I have tried intervals of anywhere from 25 seconds up to 120. I am currently runnign version 6.4 on the ASA and AnyConnect 2.5.3055.

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Cisco VPN :: MAC Authentication On ASA 5520 For Anyconnect?

Mar 3, 2013

I have a query regarding MAC authentication for end systems on ASA 5520. Inspite of proving MAC address in endpoint authentication along with AAA, only AAA attribute policies are getting created. MAC authentication is not happening.
Is there any requirement like LDAP or AD is required for MAC authentication?

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Cisco VPN :: 5520 AnyConnect Authentication With RADIUS Secure Method

Nov 6, 2012

I have been successfully able to setup Cisco AnyConnect VPN on ASA 5520 with 8.4 code.  I have set it to authenticate against the RADIUS Server (Microsoft Windows 2008 NPS server).  I have noticed one thing, on the server under "Constraints and Authentication Method".  I picked MS-CHAP-v2, but it is considered Less secure authentication methods.  I can click on Add and choose other Authentication methods like Smart Card or other Certificate, PEAP, EAP-MSCHAP v2.  I picked PEAP but then the VPN does not work.
So first of all does it really matter if I just leave it to MS-CHAP-v2?  Because from my understanding is that AnyConnect will authenticate to ASA and then ASA in the backend talks to the RADIUS server so from a security stand point this scenario shouldn't it be sufficient as no un encrypted or less secure information is available to the outside world? Secondly is there any documentation on using PEAP with Cisco AnyConnect?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 / Premature Timeout Using AnyConnect With Phonefactor?

Oct 31, 2011

We have an ASA 5510 that handles our vpn client traffic, and occasionally, we run into a client that, while using Cisco AnyConnect in conjunction with Phonefactor, the connection attempt will timeout before the connection actually establishes.The odd thing is - The logs show the client finished connecting, and the Phonefactor server shows completed authentication.  We even added a custom timeout script to increase the default 12 second timeout to 30 seconds.This behavior has proven difficult to find a common factor for, as it has affected different versions of the client, 2.3 and 2.5, as well as Windows XP, Vista and 7 installs.  This problem does not affect our Anyconnect/RSA clients, and if the same person on the same client with the issue is migrated over to the Cisco IPSec vpn, the problem disappears.

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Cisco :: 5508 Web Authentication Timeout?

Aug 1, 2011

If any authenticated user uses protocol other than (http, https) within timeout period, that user #is deuthenticated

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 VM - Authentication Timeout

Sep 7, 2011

I have several devices on the same subnet and with similar configuration. All of them were entered manually on the ACS server and are configured to authenticate using TACACS+. Some of the devices can authenticate ok, but other will timeout. I did a tcpdump on the firewall port and can see the device sending the SYN to the ACS server but the server sends no reply to the device.

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Wireless Authentication Failed Because Of Timeout

Nov 24, 2012

I've just purchased a second hand laptop for my Hubby and trying to gain access to the internet through my SKY wifi router. It keeps saying its within range but this error of Wireless authentication failed because of timeout!

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Wireless Authentication Failed Because Of A Timeout?

May 3, 2011

picking up on old thread, but same issue: authentification failed because of a timeout

*previously*! i was able to auto connect fine on this home network via wifi.the line and box recently changed, same provider, and now i'm the only one who can't connect.the SSID changed, but i've done all the usual routines, deleting and re-adding manually, etc. but nothing so far...

i *don't* think this is a case of changing gear, but i don't know enough about internet/connection/configuration to fix this. yet!

NB: when i perform the reset on the box as instructed, using the provider's setup software - i am not the account holder - for the wifi, it shows connected very briefly in the animation, and then goes off again; this is the authentification/verification failing, i conclude.

so: with what is said above, i'm wondering if my antivir is to blame, or the windows firewall settings.or malwarebytes.i'm going to study the info i've got off my system, and looking at the router via the http routine, offline, as i now have to get off the internet(...); i'll get the infos together so i can post something useful.

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Wireless Authentication Failed Due To A Timeout

Nov 5, 2012

I realize there are a few other threads on this subject. Ive followed some of the advice and I still can not connect. I am currently connected via Ethernet cable but I cannot connect to wireless. I have removed all the stored networks. My event log states: [code]....

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ISE / Machine And User Authentication / MAR / Timeout?

Apr 12, 2013

I am using ISE first question:I want to know the relation between the attribute "WasMachineAuthenticated" and the MAR (MAchine access restriction in advanced setting for AD).Is-it the same  or not ?Once you time out, you need to do machine auth again. What is the timer ?Using the attribute "WasMachineAuthenticated", is-it the same timer that you configure in MAR ? In a distributed environnement, is the information about machine previously authenticated  replicated to all policy node ?Because, if a swicth has 2 radius-server, we are not sure that it will point everytime to the same server.

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Cisco Wireless :: Adjust Authentication Timeout WLC 2504?

Jun 12, 2013

I have 2504 WLC with a few access points. the problem is when the PC's go in sleep mode, the users have to re-authenticate when they log in again Is there any way to let the PC's automatically re-authenticate without the user having to type in the credentials again?I have web authentication configured for this SSID and authentication is using the WLC local Data base.

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Cisco :: WLC 5508 External Web Authentication Mismatch With Session Timeout?

Aug 27, 2012

For guest clients , we have configured guest vlan and applied external web authenication on WLC 5508 , the session timeout value is 2700secons . When a client open a browser to internet page , wlc will redirect to URL and get the login page . After completed the login , he can go to internet page .

We find the iPhone and ipad clients will get the login page again ahfter ~ 5 mins , it is mismatch with session timeout value 2700 sec (45 mins) .

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: 2960 - 802.1x EAP-TLS With NPS / W2008 Authentication Result Timeout

Jun 21, 2012

[Env on my lab investigation]
supplicant - W7 with cert
authenticator - Catalyst 2960 with IOS 15.0(1)SE2 /newest/
authentication server 2x - W2008/NPS like a RADIUS server
The problem is the end station that are still connected to the supplicant port /use a EAP-TLS/ after the reboot supplicant! All of them will be put into the Guest VLAN instead of static VLAN 34!
[The question]
What is wrong and how to configure/tune and what authenticator or authentication server to prevent after the reboot to observe a authentication timeouts? Of course the supplicant after 20 minutes /next EAPOL start farmet put into VLAN 34.

[Code] ........

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 RDP Session Timeout?

Jun 4, 2012

I have inherited the support of an ASA5520 running 8.0(3)12 code and I believe I have a pretty simple question here that I haven't been able to figure out on my own. I have a few users that connect to the box via IPSEC VPN client connections. They want to be able to leave up a RDP based connection, for monitoring purposes, for a most of the day, but thier RDP connection keeps getting discounnted after a few hours. The VPN connection never gets disconnected, just the RDP session running through it.  I have another box running 8.0(4) code and they can leave up the RDP sessions as long as they like without getting disconnected from the server(s). I have compared the configs of both boxes and don't see any glsring differences in regards to the configuration that would cuase the RDP sessions to either to stay up or be disconnected after an inactivity type scenario.
What to look for in regards to identifying the timer that is disconnecting the RDP session after a period of time.

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Cisco Firewall :: Connection Timeout ASA 5520?

Oct 25, 2011

I configured multiple vlan on my Cisco ASA5520. Everything work perfectly except RDP (3389) connections. The connections are established but but after a period of inactivity, the user is disconnected from server (black screen). The same problem happens with other type of connections (client/server), exemple : Oracle, file sharing. Before installing the ASA, computers and servers were in the same vlan and it worked well.
There's a notion of inter vlan timeout connection ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Telnet Timeout While VPN Connected Via ASA 5520?

Jun 2, 2010

When users are VPN connected their telnet sessions timeout after an hour of inactivity. Looking at the connections on the firewall they are showing as idle. Is there a configuration change or something else that has to be modified?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - Notification Prior To Session Timeout?

Sep 1, 2011

Per PCI & company policy all VPN users have a 12 hour session limit. They will disconnected after 12 hours regardless of use. Is there any way to send a message prior to the 12 hour limit to warn the users that they will be disconnected in x minutes? I'm running SSL VPN on a ASA 5520 ver 8.4(1)

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Cisco VPN :: MAC-Based Authentication In ASA 8.2 AnyConnect VPN

Sep 19, 2010

I have been configuring anyconnect VPN. The requirement from customer is to configure MAC address based authentication for anyconnect clients. I have gone through various cisco documents. I couldnot find this option explained. Is MAC address based authentication possible in anyconnect vpn without having AAA server in place?There is an option to select end point attribute as MAC address, while creating Dynamic access policies. But at the host scan configuration of Cisco secure desktop, there are no options for performing MAC retrieval.
My ASA is running on version 8.2(1) and ASDM version 6.3(1) and a memory of 512 MB RAM. Any way for MAC based authentication in cisco anyconnect VPN.

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Cisco VPN :: Anyconnect 3.1 Certificate Authentication

Dec 20, 2012

I am doing a proof of concept with anyconnect and certificate authentication. with 3.0 i was able to do this with a certificate from my CA and a client cert in a smartcard. I have upgraded to 3.1 and now it doesnt work anymore ( i need 3.1 and Asa 9.0 because of IPv6 Split-tunneling).Reading the forum i got some info that the ASA cert must have a EKU value of 'Server Authentication' and the client cert must have a similar EKU (client Auth)

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 8.2 Anyconnect User Authentication And Authorization

Jan 17, 2012

I would like to configure RADIUS authentication and authorization in ASA 8.2 (ADSM 6.2) by configuring Cisco anyconnect VPN client connection profile.So the end result would be user enters his username, password and a token in any connect client, then the RADIUS server validates this information and sends the user attributes to ASA upon successful authentication.I would be grateful if i can get the step by step procedure to achieve this:The below is what iam trying to do:

1) Create an AAA server group.
2) Add the AAA server to this group (here its RADIUS).
3) create an LDAP-cisco ASA group mapping (for authorization)
3) Add a group policy and create IP pool. (We can add two types of group policies, one is internal and external. Not sure which one to select here).
4) create a any connect vpn client connection profile. Here we specify the created server group name, IP pool and group policy.(While creating a connection profile, it asks us to select an interface. As of now i have only one interface which is "inside". Not sure what the interface "outside" means).

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Cisco VPN :: 5510 Anyconnect SSL VPN Authentication Failure

Dec 26, 2012

I have configured an Asa 5510 as SSL vpn gataway ver 8.2(4) Anyconnect Essential. The clients are authenticated via Radius and OTP password.All work well since yesterday. When I have did same configuration changes. My objective was has that the clients accept the self signed certificate issued by the Asa whitout give the warning about the private cert.
So I have try to generaste a new certificate with FQDN equal to and also a CN=myasa
Then I have change the profile XML file of my anyconnect in this way: [code]

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Cisco VPN :: AnyConnect 3.0 - No Valid Certificates Available For Authentication

Dec 18, 2012

Recently we updated to the Anyconnect 3.0 client. I see the new 3.1 client is out and we are currently testing it for production. My question though is since updating to 3.0 our end users receive a message at the bottom of their client stating "No valid certificates available for authentication" They can still VPN in since we dont do certificate based authentication but we have been getting tons of questions on this. I would like to stop these messages from appearing and I am not sure if its just how the new client behaves or if its something configured on our ASA's.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 8.2.2 Locking Down Anyconnect Authentication To AD Group

Nov 28, 2011

I can't seem to find any documentation to how to get this working. I'm trying to make it so that only users of a certain AD group are authenticated for my Anyconnect VPN on my ASA 8.2.2
I've found the documentation on how to prevent logins using the  msNPAllowDialin attribute, but not how to base it on group membership (memberOf) [code] I need to do any kind of restrictions inside the actual group-policy TESTGROUP ?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5545-X / Cert And AD Authentication Using AnyConnect 3.0.xxxx?

May 29, 2012

I have a need to utilize two factor authentication using a machine certificate and users AD crednetials.  What we would like to do is to have the ASA and AnyConnect verify the certificate exists, check against our in house CA for validity, if valid pass the user credentials to the AD servers and establish the tunnel. If not valid quarantine the session and pop a message to the user to contact the help desk ASAP.  My guess is the following (using ASDM 6.6, ASA 8.6.1, ASA 5545-X):
1. under the connection profile I have select BOTH for authentication and added a AAA server group.

2. under Cert Management I have added the 3 certs that are present on all company mobile assets

     - Cert America
     - Cert Europe
     - Cert Root

3. I have an identity cert installed from the company CA and it is selected as the device cert under connection profiles

4.Local Cert Authority is Disabled

5.Under Remote Access>Advanced>Certs for AnyConnect>

- I have mapped DefaultCertifiateMap pri 10 to Company_Cert connection profile

- The mapping is looking for Subject: CN: <Contains> (string) ----where string is a common component of each Cert listed in #2.
Question #1 - Is this correct for utilizing certs and AD auth or have a missed any steps?
Users are directed to a an initial installation URL - where the AnyConnect client performs the installation and passes down the intial AC profile which auths using only AD creds.  On subsequent connections users who pass the certificate mapping check are migrated to the connection profile which uses the dual authentication method. 
Question #2 - When I attempt a new installation of AnyConnect using the two factor URL . I receive an error "certificate validation error" and the installation fails - for the life of me I can not figure out why????  The machine has all three certs, using IE9 as the browser.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5540 AnyConnect Client Certificate Authentication

Jan 22, 2012

I want to connect with AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.0.2052 to ASA 5540 Version 8.4 and SSL Premium License.The clients using Maschine Certificate to authenticate to ASA. This works fine.Now I want to setup a DAP to verifiy the client against the Microsoft AD using LDAP. I configured LDAP server in ASA see:aaa-server LDAP protocol ldap aaa-server LDAP (inside) host ldap-base-dn DC=x,DC=x,DC=x,DC=com ldap-scope subtree ldap-login-password ***** ldap-login-dn ***** server-type microsoft ,I can see that it works if I test the server via the testbotton in ASDM and I see it in CLI "debug ldap 255" also. But if I configure in DAP: AAA Attribute ID:memberOf = DomainMember I can not see any request to the LDAP server during I try to connect with the Client und the DAP doesn't match.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 8.2(5) / AnyConnect Fails At First Attempt (certificate Authentication)

Jan 25, 2012

I'm trying to set up vpn with ASA 8.2(5) and Anyconnect 3.0.4235. The goal is  to force user to connect from registered machines only (winXP & win7 x32 and  x64). To do this, I used machine certificates issued by own CA. Certificate  is installed in machine store. I use double authentication (aaa & certificates). Everything works fine, AnyConnect browses cert store, ASA  validating machine certificate, then user is prompted for username/password  and finally if all is correct - connection is established.My problem is, that for new installation (new host), AnyConnect fails at first connection attempt. If I use aaa authentication only, connection is established, but if I use aaa & certificates - connection fails. The  appropriate .xml profile is predeployed at client host asa well as machine and root certificates.Important: When first try (aaa auth) succeded, others are always OK (with aaa. certificate or aaa & certificate authentication). Only the first one fails.The goal is to succesfuly establish connection with aaa & cert.
With DART i get:
Type        : Error
Source      : acvpnagent 
Description : Function: CTransportWinHttp::WinHttpCallback
File: .CTransportWinHttp.cpp
Line: 2150

Certificate is valid for sure, and as I mentioned before, if first use aaa only, the second try is OK. At ASA with debug crypto ca 255 can't see any certificate from client.

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 Certificate Only Authentication Method With AnyConnect

Jul 7, 2011

Any instructions to configure an ASA to allow authentication by certificate only on an AnyConnect vpn?I'm running an ASA 5505 with 8.4(1) and AnyConnect 2.4.7030 on an Android phone.I currently have the AnyConnect client connecting ok using username / password for authentication.
I have loaded the company root certificate (internally generated) into the ASA "CA Certificates" and generated an Identity Certificate for the ASA.

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Cisco VPN :: 5540 ANyConnect Client Certificate Authentication

Jul 13, 2011

want to connect with AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.0.2052 to ASA 5540 Version 8.4 and SSL Premium License.The clients using Maschine Certificate to authenticate to ASA. This works fine.
Now I want to setup a DAP to verifiy the client against the Microsoft AD using LDAP. I configured LDAP server in ASA see: [code]I can see that it works if I test the server via the testbotton in ASDM and I see it in CLI "debug ldap 255" also. But if I configure in DAP: AAA Attribute ID:memberOf = Domain Member I can not see any request to the LDAP server during I try to connect with the Client und the DAP doesn't match.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 - AnyConnect 3 With ASA 8.4?

Jul 5, 2011

2 x ASA5520 with SSM20 . using AnyConnect 3 , users are not getting disconnected from ASA even after the vpn client is closed . Users would not be able to login from the same ip until the session is active. Manual clearing of the session enable the user to log back in .

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 - SSL VPN With AnyConnect

Apr 8, 2013

I have an ASA 5520 soft 8.2(3) when i try to configure the any connect I don't get the SSL and the telnet options for the connection. bare in mind that i don't have the any connect software on my asa nor do i have any certificate. is it essential to get a certificate. do i have to buy it knowing that it will only be used by our company's partners. if not how do i get it          

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 AnyConnect Deployment Of Connection

Oct 15, 2012

We are currently using Cisco VPN Client.  I'm looking to migrate to Cisco Any Connect.  Our ASA 5520 has 750 IPSec and 2 SSL license.  I also have approximately 40 IPSec site to site VPN's on this. ,Will anyconnect interfere with the site to site tunnels?,If I setup anyconnect with the IPSec instead of SSL do I still need to purchase the premium or essentials license?,Lets say if I do have to get the license and I get essentials will it cause any issues with the site to site VPNs?

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Cisco VPN :: Unable To Configure Anyconnect In ASA 5520

Feb 17, 2013

We have an ASA 5520 with two VPN profiles working fine.Since some users are now working with Windows 8, VPN clients for Cisco ASA is not able to connect.I have read there are problems for such VPN Clients in that OS, and I should use now Anyconnect for them to connect. I thought we had anyconnect working also, because some users can connect to a web page they can do some kind of connections to internal servers, (web, telnet, rdp, etc) so I installed cisco anyconnect VPN client in a laptop and try to connect (same IP and port I used for that web page) but after signing I get the message AnyConnect is not enabled on the VPN Server.So I tried to follow a configuration guide for Anyconnect, but there's a step in which I am trapped, these are the steps: Click Configuration, and then click Remote Access VPN.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 / AnyConnect Failed To Get Configuration

Oct 16, 2012

My client is upgrading from anyconnect 2.5.2014 to 3.1.00495.  The ASA is running ASA 5520 version 8.2(5)33 and is in an active/standby failover pair.when trying to push out the new 3.1 from the pair to windows 7 and XP machines, he gets the error "Failed to get configuration from secure gateway. Contact your system administrator".  When he tries to push 2.5.2014 and 2.5.6005 out from the pair this works fine.When pushing the 3.1 out from a stand-alone test ASA 5520 it works fine.

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