Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 Dynamic NAT Entries Are Not Released

May 31, 2012

we are using an ASR 1002 for dynamic NAT (with route maps). I do have a Problem with the usage of the NAT pool it self.The total NAT Translations for the pool are:

#sh ip nat stat
[Id: 1] route-map natted-host-01 pool nat-pool-01 refcount 136
pool nat-pool-01: netmask
start XX.XX.202.0 end XX.XX.203.255
type generic, total addresses 512, allocated 88 (17%), missee 0
If i now look into the NAT translation Table i do get less entries:
#sh ip nat translations filter map-id dynamic 1 total Total number of translations: 43
Only a deeper look into the QFP gives here the right values:
# sh platform hardware qfp active feature nat data The ouput count matches the values I get if i isue a sh ip nat stat
My question is how is it handled internally.
We do have a problem too, with raising usage of the pool over the time.Once allocated Pool entries are not released after a period of time. And no NAT translation occur for that used IP NAT pool Addresses.
The timer on the device are set:
ip nat translation timeout 300
ip nat translation tcp-timeout 900
ip nat translation pptp-timeout 900
ip nat translation udp-timeout 120
ip nat translation routemap-entry-timeout 900
ip nat translation max-entries 750000

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Cisco Application :: ASR1002 / ESP2 / Getting Error Log When Change Redirect ACL Entries

Aug 7, 2011

I've configured WCCP2 on my ASR1002/ESP2 and works fine. But got error log since I changed redirect ACL entries. Check on Cisco seems it a known bug?[URL] And seems any change on WCCP not take affected anymore. Even I removed all WCCP configure on my router, but my cache engine still got the redirected packet!?
Aug  8 22:41:00 CST: %FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_CPP_FAILED: F0: fman_fp_image:  Batch type 6 ID 0  download to CPP failed
Aug  8 22:41:30 CST: %FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_CPP_FAILED: F0: fman_fp_image:  Batch type 6 ID 0  download to CPP failed
Aug  8 22:42:00 CST: %FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_CPP_FAILED: F0: fman_fp_image:  Batch type 6 ID 0  download to CPP failed
Aug  8 22:42:30 CST: %FMFP-3-OBJ_DWNLD_TO_CPP_FAILED: F0: fman_fp_image:  Batch type 6 ID 0  download to CPP failed


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Cisco VPN :: ASR1002 Responder-only With Dynamic Peering Partner?

Mar 20, 2011

i have an Cisco ASR 1002 Router. I would like to connect our dezentral location to the Router.Unfortunately has this location an standard DSL connection with an dynamic offical IP Address.I have found an Config witch can handle an dynamic IP Addess (enclosed).
Is it possible to works witch the "set responder-only" command togehter with an dynamic crypto map? How I can configure it.
crypto isakmp policy 1 encr 3des hash md5 authentication pre-share group 2 lifetime 300crypto isakmp key xxx address no-xauthcrypto isakmp identity hostnamecrypto isakmp keepalive 10 periodic
crypto ipsec transform-set dezentral-location esp-3des esp-md5-hmac
crypto dynamic-map fil 1 set transform-set dezentral-location set pfs group2 match address 150 reverse-route
crypto map Filialen 1 ipsec-isakmp dynamic fil

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 IP Addresses Are Not Being Released From Table

Feb 21, 2012

we have a 3750 and use dhcp services on the switch.  every so often we run out of ip's even though we have  much less users than the size of the allocated dhcp pool.  I've noticed that the dhcp bind table is full but a ping-sweep only shows very few ip's being assinged and used.  It looks like the IP addresses are not being released from the table even though I have decreased the lease time to 8 hours.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Latest Firmware Released

Oct 17, 2012

I still don't think the IOT Cable Modem fix did the trick because the EA6500 seems more unstable then it was before.... now every few hours it loses sync with my cable modem and I have to reboot the router for it to function normally.

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Cisco WAN :: How To Configure NAT On ASR1002

Aug 25, 2012

I am going to configure the NATing on ASR1002 and expecing to have near about 1Million nat translation. Will ASR1002 support 1million nat translations ? how many NAT translations are supportable on the ASR1002 ?I am going to configure NAT on ASR1002-5G/K9 U& have FLASR1-FWNAT-RED.

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 IOS Upgrade From 2.x To 3.x?

May 29, 2013

Right now I have a ASR1002 running a very old IOS version.Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software (PPC_LINUX_IOSD-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.2(33)XNE, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) asr1000rp1-ipbasek9. – 25-NOV-2009?
I am looking to upgrade to a newer version.I was wondering if there are any tricks when upgradeing this IOS. Is it as easy as loading the IOS onto the ASR and then changing the bootpath or is there an upgrade path I must follow? Also would there any need for a licence between 2.x and 3.x.

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 Web Logon

Jan 27, 2011

The loopback of the ASR1002 is When I use a browser to access it, I got the authentication dialog box asking for username/password. I input the information and submit. But authentication box comes back again and ask for the username/password.
The username/password is test okay. But somehow, the web GUI just does not use it.

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 - How Does It Differ From SFP-GE-L Adapter

Feb 5, 2009

Is the GLC-LH-SM SFP compatible with the ASR1002 and how does it differ from the SFP-GE-L adapter?

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 How To Attach L2 Interface

Mar 11, 2012

We have an ASR1002 with asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9.03.05.01.S.152-1.S1.bin software.I couldn't find any documentation on how to attach an L2 interface, in my case a subinterface with a single dot1q vlan, to a BDI interface.I'm able to create a bridge-domain interface but it's down down.The command bridge-domain on the subinterface url...

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 - Inspection Of ACL Hits

Aug 17, 2011

I'm aware ACL's are handled in hardware on the ASR platform but wondered if there was any way to inspect how many hits we get on each line of an ACL on the ASR, I can't seem to find a command to do this.
Using LOG is not possible due to the large number of hits.

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Cisco WAN :: Load Balancing On ASR1002?

Jun 25, 2012

One of our customer just purchased ASR1002 router, they have three internet links from different ISPs and they dont have any remote site, they have three different public IP pool as their respective ISPs. So, is it possible to load balance the internet traffic using all three link on Cisco ASR router ( IOS - Advance Enterprise Services)

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Cisco WAN :: BVI Configuration On ASR1002 Router

Oct 14, 2012

We have a cisco7206 router which is going to be replaced with an ASR1002 router. The 7206 has some interfaces in a BVI-group - the config of which i am trying to translate over into IOS XE (which runs on the ASR1002). How to translate this config from IOS to IOS XE.

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Cisco WAN :: BGP Flapping Peer With ASR1002

Oct 18, 2011

We are having an issue with BGP flapping peer. We have a ASR1002 as Route Reflector and it work fine with all peers except with 2 peers.

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Cisco VPN :: Create VPN Between ASA5510 And ASR1002

Apr 6, 2013

im trying to create a VPN between a Cisco ASA5510 and an ASR1002 when my Loopback interface is The Source IP . [code]

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Cisco WAN :: Configuring IP Accounting On ASR1002?

Oct 23, 2011

what command is required to configure ip accounting on an interface?
I would have thought to what is required is on the interface, turn on Ip accounting i.e.
int gi0/0/0
ip accounting
However, there is no ip accounting command within the interface.  We are running version Version 15.1(1)S2.

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Cisco WAN :: Error During Boot IOS On ASR1002?

Dec 27, 2011

During the boot ios we found the error messages below. How can i clear this messages?
Missing or illegal ip address for variable DEFAULT_GATEWAY Using midplane macaddr
Missing or illegal ip address for variable IP_ADDRESS
Missing or illegal ip address for variable IP_SUBNET_MASK

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 With Full Bgp Table(s)

Jun 19, 2011

I've inherited a project building an internet connectivity solution for a large corporate. It has its own AS and its own PI space. They are putting in 100Mbit connections from 5 different Tier1's , taking full internet routing from each. Cisco ASR1002's have already been specified and purchased for the job. I'm not familiar with the ASR platform at all - is it up to the job with full routing tables? multiple instances of full tables ? (not likely to put all 5 into one box!)

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Cisco Firewall :: 15.2 / How To Interpret IOS Log Entries

Oct 12, 2011

how to read some of these log entries I see on the IOS 15.2 router I'm working with.  I'm fairly new to this stuff.  My understanding is that the first socket ( is the originating one, and the 2nd socket is the receiving or destination.  This makes sense when I see an entry like:
01043: *Nov 21 2012 10:28:34.323 PCTime: %FW-6-DROP_PKT: Dropping tcp session xx.xx.241.163:39557 192.168.xx.xx:80  due to  RST inside current window with ip ident 0
The internal IP is our email server inside the LAN, the first IP is some IP in a foreign country, so someobody visited our web interface for the email server, obviously trying to breach or recon the interface but whatever.  Then I see an (unrelated) entry like this elsewhere in the logs:
001095: *Nov 21 2012 25:56:03.531 PCTime: %FW-6-DROP_PKT: Dropping tcp session xx.xx.178.210:25 192.168.xx.xx:47343 on zone-pair inside-outside class INSIDE-OUTSIDE due to  Stray Segment with ip ident 0
What this latter entry tells me is that the Internet host sent data FROM port 25 to what I am guessing is the open port our internal email server must have originated some other communication from.  However we do not accept incoming port 25 mail from anywhere but a designated IP so this "send" is not supposed ot occur.  So first off, am I reading that correctly?  Is the first IP the sending system, and the second IP the receiver?   there are no other entries in the logs between these two hosts, so either the logs have truncated with oldest entries removed (log buffer is set to 51200), or that outside host is sending, hoping to get our mail server to respond?  BTW, the outside host WHOIS's to Microsoft's IP range, Block 1. 

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 / 1006 SFP Compatibility With SPA Module?

Aug 15, 2011

I am trying  to bring up a couple of ASR's. They are fitted with SPA modules (SPA-8X1GE-V2). These have SFP modules GLC-T fitted into them. For the life of me I cannot get these ports to come up. If I have a look at the inv the SFP's show as GE-T's (physically they are GLC-T's)
Is there a compatability problem with these GLC-T's on ASR 100x?

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002-X L2TP Tunnels Up But No Ping

Jun 13, 2013

we are testing an ASR1002-X which acts as LNS for L2TP tunnels.
- All tunnels are UP (sh vpdn all return list of tunnels)
- VirtualAccess interfaces are UP
- C routes are added in routing table
but ping remote IPs  don't work !!! [code]

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Cisco WAN :: Configure NetFlow Top Talkers On ASR1002?

Sep 5, 2012

I am trying to configure the NetFlow Top Talkers function on an ASR1002 with ADVENTERPRISEK9-M, Version 15.2(4)S.  With this new Hardware and Software I am surprised to see that the command:
ip flow-top-talkers
top 50
sort-by packets
cannot be found on the CLI - it's just not there.  

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 - Licensing Not Supporting Any Device

Jun 30, 2011

I have recently purchased ASR1002-RP1-ESP5 with 2 x 4K Broadband licenses to be used as LNS. Cisco have sent me PAK files for the licenses however when I try to enter the licenses into the device I get an error message saying that Licensing is not supported on this platform.
Any experience with this platform and installation of the broadband licenses?
When I spoke to Cisco TAC they told me that for this particular model the licensing is on "trust" basis where you buy license and do not install it on the actual router - similar to what 7200 used to do.

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Cisco WAN :: Management And BITS Ports On ASR1002

Aug 30, 2011

We recently purchased a Cisco ASR1002 router with four on-board Gigabit SFP-style Ethernet ports. However, when I do a "show ip interface brief", I see that there's an extra Gigabit Ethernet port. See the last interface in the following output:
ASR_1002_router#sh ip int b
Interface                         IP-Address       OK?     Method Status          Protocol
GigabitEthernet0/0/0       unassigned      YES  manual     down                down

On the router itself, in addition to the four Ethernet SFP ports, there are four additional RJ-45 ports. They're labeled "BITS", "MGMT", "CON", and "AUX". I know what the Con and Aux ports are, but what are the Bits and Mgmt ports? And is one of them the Gigabit Ethernet interface that I see listed at the bottom of the output? And if it is, is there anything special about it, or is it just another routed Ethernet port? Can I do something special with it, like out-of-line managment?

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 Running SubPackages And IOS Vulnerability?

Apr 19, 2012

We have ASR1002 routers configured to run individual SubPackages, at this point everything is operating without problems.We just received a Cisco Security Advisory informing us SSHv2 is vulnerable in our version of router code.We have to upgrade to the recommended stable release, so we downloaded, installed and expanded the IOS to expose the SubPackages on the ASR routers bootflash.

Since we are running SubPackages, do we need to upgrade all SubPackages (I.E. complete IOS upgrade) of can we just upgrade the vulnerable SubPackage? How do you determine which SubPackage contains the SSHv2 application?

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002-X - L2TP Tunnels Up But No Ping?

Jun 13, 2013

We are testing an ASR1002-X which acts as LNS for L2TP tunnels.
- All tunnels are UP (sh vpdn all return list of tunnels)

- VirtualAccess interfaces are UP

- C routes are added in routing table
but ping remote IPs  don't work !

LNS1# sh ver
Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSAL-M), Version 15.3(2)S1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Technical Support: [URL]


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Cisco Firewall :: ASR1002 - Implement ZBF On Router?

Jun 3, 2012

We are trying to implement the ZBF on our router to assist us in limiting the intial impact of DDOS attacks.We have configured the below and it appears that it's not working, as when un der attack the statistics don't increae.


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Cisco Security :: PIX 515E - How Many Entries Can NAT Table Have

Oct 29, 2012

how big the NAT tabel for a PIX515E is? how many entries can it have?

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Gathering Host File Entries?

Sep 9, 2012

I work in a service desk in +100 company and lately i got a task to gather all the host file entries that are on our network's PC's.We operate on windows XP 32&64bit, W7 64bit. Is there any tool that i could use to scan all host files within our network. I tried google of course but maybe i type my search phrases in a bad way to find something useful to my needs.

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Cisco WAN :: Configuring SSH On ASR1002 / Apply To Management Interface?

Jun 30, 2010

How to configure SSH on a ASR 1002 and apply it to the Management Interface?

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Cisco WAN :: OSPF Route Between Nexus 7010 And ASR1002?

Sep 16, 2012

I cannot receive any OSPF route from Nexus to ASR1002 even they are both OSPF neighbour. I have attached the config for both, Both Nexus and ASR part of Area0.
ASR1002#sh ip ospf neighbor
Neighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Address         Interface10.165.117.12     1   FULL/BDR        00:00:35  GigabitEthernet0/0/0


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Cisco WAN :: Management Port In ROMmon Mode - ASR1002

Jun 4, 2013

Is it possible to use the mgmt port when in rommon mode? I use the Mgmt port when IOS is loaded and it works fine. I reboot the router, issue a break to put it in rommon and have set some variables but my Mgmt port never has link and I cannot ping it from the network. In rommon mode it looks like this:
PS1=rommon ! >
RET_2_RTS=13:38:27 EDT Wed Jun 5 2013

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1002 / Loopback Interface Will Be Accessible From Internet

Apr 16, 2013

I have a router asr1002 and I need that my loopback interface will be accessible from internet ISP adderss space I have

interface TenGigabitEthernet0/2/0.301
description -=ISP=-
encapsulation dot1Q 301
ip address 46.xx.x.66

packets transmitted 9received 0packet loss 100 %time 8063 ms

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