Cisco WAN :: Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms / 1 Minute)?

Mar 10, 2011

Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms, 1 minute) My solarwinds NPM reports very slow response times from my satellite clinic.Often times it is 300ms to 600ms when it should be 10-15ms. CPU does not seems to spike, the memmory does not seem to spike The bandwidth does not spike.It happens mostly during work hours about 10 times a day Solarwinds reports the delay and then 2 minutes later it reports normal activity
I have broadcast/multicast control on the switches? We have static route for our network meaning no routing protocols ?We have 12 other clinics with the same configs and they are fine?I have double checked the configs but I am not holding my breath on that item?I have rebooted the router without affect
I have not replaced the cable to the demarc on either side of the WAN connection?I have not reseated the service provider T1 cards?I have not reseated the T1 card on either router.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.3 Slow CLI Response After Implementing TACACS

Sep 30, 2012

After implementing TACACS, one of our routers takes about 8 seconds to response to any CLI command. We have no problems with other devices in the same location with the same AAA configuration. The router is talking to the ACS server (ACS 5.3) and the logs on the ACS server look normal for the router as well.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 - Response Is Very Slow While Applying ACL

Nov 27, 2012

I am managing a firewall over remotely in my LAN itself. I started a continous ping to the Firewall IP and the response is less than 1 ms.
While applying some access control list to the firewall via putty ...Suddenly the latency is going hing and it is hitting xxxx ms. And also the acl are getting pasted on the screen by word by word. Sometimes i used to get some RTO for the Firewall IP Address inth eping response.
find the Firewall Version:
Cisco ASA 5510
Version : 7.2
Having more than 600 ACL's.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Slow Response Commands In FIFA

Jul 13, 2012

I'm using a cable connection with my router and most of the time I'm playing FIFA12 on PS3 i feel like the commands takes a second to respond, like if was a delay. I tried most of everything in firewall settings, port foward, internet settings...

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U Slow Response Between VLAN’s

Jan 20, 2013

Inter-VLAN applications are slow and same VLAN it is working fine.(i.e.VLAN to VLAN applications and File transfer response was Slow).Switch Model number: WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.1 - Can't Contact AD Server Slow TACACS Auth Response

Sep 28, 2011

Running ACS 5.1 appliance, and am seeing slow repsonse on TACACS authentications due to the ACS trying to reach overseas AD servers and failing.  Is there any way to configure a /etc/host/ file locally on the ACS in order to force the appliance to use specific AD servers for authentication?  As I understand the process currently, the ACS appliance will query the top-level domain and get a list of all the AD servers in DNS.  In my case, this would include the AD servers overseas that we do not want to use.

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Cisco Application :: Slow HTTPs Response Time Through CSS After Applying KB2585542?

Feb 9, 2012

Having issues with HTTPS sites being very slow after applying KB2585542? Once you remove this Microsoft patch everything returns to normal.   It appears that the CSS does not handle the split-ssl requests properly.  I have opened a TAC case but am not really getting anywhere as we seem to be the only company that is having this issue.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 Ping Is Getting Slow TTL Response During Time

Nov 9, 2012

Each time I'm rebooting my E3200 device my ping to my ISP is 20ms. Few hours later the ping goes up to 300-500ms.Than I reboot again and the ping is going down to 20ms again.

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Cisco VPN :: 2821 / Slow Easy VPN Client?

Dec 13, 2012

Just setup a Cisco 2821 acting as the easy vpn server.  All good, however, the easy vpn client, say for example doing a speedtest, is REALLY slow.
For example, both the client and server have 100M / 5M connections and doing some local speed tests thru the isp, on the client side we are seeing 4M/2M?  We have very few vpn clients right now, so I can't see the Cisco 2821 being overloaded.
I have tried messing with the mtu, adjust-mss settings on the wan port on the 2821, but, no real changes?

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Cisco WAN :: Periodic CPU High On Nexus 7010

Mar 2, 2011

There are times the Nexus CPU goes high around 70% but its not a constant occurance. Is there something to worry. Quite hard to find out which process caused it as it happens very brief. [code]

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Cisco WAN :: 2960 - Power Off After Periodic Time?

May 22, 2011

One of my client useing 2960 switch but now face a problen after periodic time power off automaticaly. sometime cooling fan only run. Power of after 10 min or 3/4 hours and after power off it can get any power again. after 10/15 hours when power on then its works again but some times. whats is the problem hardware or software.

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Periodic 30 Minutes Connection Loss

Jul 27, 2012

For the past day or so I have been having problems with my internet connection to my PC. It has been working fine for a few hours, then it suddenly goes down for up to 30 minutes, with sporadic (lasting about 30 seconds) reconnection during that 30 minute period.I am pretty certain this is a computer related issue (as opposed to a problem with the modem), as none of the other computers in the household. (Ihave been affected, and neither has the wifi (I have browsed on my phone while the internet on my computer was down, in fact am currently writing this post on the wifi while my computer has no access)My computers specs (Taken from the sys info program when I regained connection for a short while) [code] Steps I have already taken in an attempt to solve this problem

1. Reset modem (turned it off and back on again)
2. Ran most of a virus scan in both macafee and avg (they both got to about 85% and by that point were just scanning steam stuff
3. Talked to a verizon tech, confirmed it is most likely not a modem problem (he didnt know what the problem was however)
4. Changed out the ethernet cable, the new one works no better than the original

Additional note: Earlier today (after these problems had begun) I was downloading the latest version of hamachi from a site when I recieved a trojan warning from macafee. I immediatly stopped the download, restarted my computer and began scanning with both AVG and Macafee, neither found anything of note (AVG found something it labeled a hidden directly, I looked it up and it seems harmless)

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Periodic Disconnections - No Internet Access

Jan 26, 2013

What is the cause of periodic disconnections? I don't know what kind of information I'm supposed to give, but I can say that the internet disconnects randomly but connects again.

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Cisco WAN :: Periodic Process Cpu Peaks In 3750 Switch Stack

Jun 7, 2012

I have a problem with a 9 3750 switch stack. If you take a look at the show proc cpu history command , the following is seen:
100 * *** * * * ** * * * * *
90 * *** * * * * ** * * * * * *

Is it maybe a normal background proccess that runs in all the switches but , for some kind of reason, is not working properly?

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Periodic Ping Timeout With Linksys WRT54G Router?

Mar 20, 2011

I am running a Linksys WRT54G wireless router but have my primary computer hard wired to it while my laptop connects wirelessly. In both cases, when I ping my IP's speed test site, I get a solid ping rate of approximately 17-20ms but i also get about 5% failed: timeout's. Now I've seen posts here that suggest wireless interference could be an issue but since my desktop is hardwired into the router, that source would seem to have been eliminated. When I connect my desktop direct to the cable modem the problem doesn't occur.

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DIR-615 3.11NA Firmware / Periodic Loss Of Internet Connection?

Jun 27, 2011

Hardware: DIR-615 @ 3.11NA firmware

PC windows 7

1 DELL windows 7
2 HP windows 7 (HPa and HPb)
3 smartphones

Description:Everything wired always works, the dell wireless always works and HPa always works along with all of the cell phones. HPb will connect to the router always, as in it see's the router and connects using AES security. For between 15-30 minutes everything will work correctly, transfer speeds are fast and everything is working. For no reason the laptop will lose "Internet connection" only, NOT the connection to the router. But all of the over devices continue to work correctly, so i know the router has internet connected.i would have to disconnect from the router and reconnect and that gives me another 15-30 minutes of connection. I have checked a load of stuff, but i cannot figure it out. Here is a netBIOS

C:UsersCat>NBTSTAT -n
Local Area Connection:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []
No names in cache
Wireless Network Connection:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []


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Losing Connection After Every Minute

Aug 29, 2011

I recently moved to a new location and my wireless internet disconnects, literally every minute. My roommate never has any issues with his wireless connection, and this is the first time I've had connection issues with this laptop.The provider is Comcast and it runs through a hard wired/wireless modem (no antennas). Our connection is encrypted. My signal strength is always excellent, but still briefly disconnects with a continuous cycle, as it automatically reconnects.

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Modem Keeps Disconnecting Every Minute Or So

Oct 21, 2012

Some times it lasts for some hours and then starts disconnecting every minute or so. Sometimes i just turn the computer on and it already starts his routine of disconnections.


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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With RSA Allow Only One Login Every Minute?

Nov 1, 2011

I have an ACS 5,2.0.26-8 running on VM intergrated with RSA. Users are able to login using their RSA passcode for network management utilizing TACACS. The problem seam to be related with RSA token caching. Once a user login sucessful on device A using current token he can not login with the same token on another device. User must wait for a new token and then he can login again.  Before moving to ACS 5.2 we were using ACS 4.2 (intergrated with the same RSA) and back then ACS 4.2 cache passcode so user where able to login on devices using the same passcode. When the token change user have to use the new one. providing the same functionality like the "Token Card Settings" Durantion option under group properties, to cache token for a specific period. The global option for caching under RSA definition on 5.2 does not solve the problem.

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 Timeout After Every 30 Minute?

Nov 14, 2012

i purchases cisco rv 082. i set MTU vale at 1500.i use public IP for WAN and just using one WAN.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 60 Minute Inactivity Timeout?

Feb 15, 2013

We had an issue the other day where doing backups through the firewall (don't ask) caused the "control" session to timeout while the backups were still going on over the "data" connection.  This broke the backup about two hours into the job.  My first thought was that the backup solution vendor should implement some kind of tcp keepalive for the control connection.  A packet capture showed they indeed were --  after 2 hours!  Ah ha!  Busted!  How could they choose such a poor choice of TCP keepalive timer for their application that would not be compatible with the 60 minute inactivity timer that so many firewall vendors use (Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint and Fortinet all use a default 60 minute inactivity timer for TCP)?
Well, a colleague of mine pointed out that there is actually an old RFC that covers this.  RFC 1122.  It says:
Keep-alive packets MUST only be sent  when no data or acknowledgement packets have been received for the  connection within an interval.  This interval MUST be configurable and  MUST default to no less than two hours.
Now I know that RFC is old (October 1989), but that's all I could find.  Is there something that supercedes that?  Maybe common sense perhaps?  I understand not wanting to fill up your connection table because of mis-behaving applications, but I'm just looking for ammunition to use against the backup solution vendor.  Surely they're going to point to this RFC.

ASA(config)# timeout conn ?
configure mode commands/options:

  0:0:0 | <0:5:0> - <1193:0:0>  Idle time after which a TCP connection state
will be closed, default is 1:00:00
  <0-0>  Specify this value to never time out

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Usb Dongle Wifi Connection Last Only A Minute?

Aug 27, 2011

i have usb dongle wifi which i used to connect via wireless router i can connect for a minuite after i plug it and then after a while it cannot browse internet while indicating that is connected as can see on command promt with pinging command "Request timed out" contineously so i going to replug the usb dongle again to connect.

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Wireless Cuts Out Every Minute For 3-5 Seconds

Jan 7, 2012

im on widows seven and it is a lenovo laptop. It cuts out every minute or so. it say not internet access in my network connections. my router is netgear swell i think. its security type is WPA2-PSK. It mainly happens when i go to play an online game called roblox but also happens when i open up any normal pagge as well. I looked for the WZC but I coudnt find it.

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Internet Connection Goes Out Every Minute Or So For About 1-2 Seconds

Dec 26, 2012

The problem I am having is my wired internet connection is going out every minute or so and stays out for about 1-2 seconds at a time sometimes it stays out for around 3-4 mins usually twice a day. This problem has been occurring everyday for the past 2 or so years some days it is worse. I have power cycled the modem and router many times, replaced the router, replaced the modem bypassed the router and it always does the same thing. I have gotten cox cable to come out many times, once was to replace the modem, and it conveniently does not have problems when they come then i look stupid. I have showed them the screen shots of the outages from pinging multiple points on the network as shown in the attached screen shot, as you can see in window labeled 1 is a continuous ping of, window 2 is the first hop on the tracert as shown at the bottom of the picture, window 3 is my modem, and window 4 is my router.

As you can see I never lose connection to my router or modem and it is the same when i run tests from other devices. Every time I call them or show them this picture the only response I get is there are no reported outages and to try to reset my modem and router or they can send a tech. When the tech comes there seems to be no problems and I show him the screen shots and he writes it off as peak hour malfunctions even though it does it at non-peak hours as well. Then when he leaves It starts to freak out again I have gone through this scenario at least 3 or 4 times and at this point am getting very frustrated. Even though it is not very noticeable with normal web browsing in gaming and streaming it is a nightmare. I would have already switched service providers if there were any other that service my area.

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Keep Getting Blocked From Any Network Activity For 1 Minute?

Dec 25, 2011

I keep getting disconnected and blocked from using even LAN on my computer. This happens whenever I visit certain websites. For instance, I registered on a website that has me "kept signed in", and whenever I click to view that website, it partially loads and then for precisely 1 minute any network activity I try (like visiting my router configuration page, or clicking refresh or home to load google) will not go through. Only after that one minute is over with, I can resume browsing that website; however, if I leave it for too long, and then return, the same thing happens.

I've also noticed that if I sign out of that website and then visit it, that disconnect issue won't happen.But that isn't the case with other websites, as they require no accounts and are just pages with news and other stuff.I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my ethernet drivers, tried flushing dns, renewing ip, releasing and some other /cmd stuff that I found online.This also doesn't happen on any of the computers connected to my router (although, they are all using wireless - I am using cable to router).I'm on windows 7 x64, using a realtek ethernet card, Nod32 security suite (think it may be the settings on this thing? I set everything to super safe settings so I don't get any dumb viruses). Windows is updated (well, at least 3-4 months ago it was updated). I have no idea what is causing this, and why the precise 60 second interval until I regain access to the internet.I'm using Firefox, but this also happens on IE8 or 9 or whatever I have installed, so I don't think it's a browser issue.Things like facebook, youtube, pennyarcade and other junk work, but as soon as I go to google looking for, say, apartment rentals and open some pages, one of the links in the search results is bound to make my connection freeze.

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No Connection For A Minute Or Two - DNS Server Not Responding?

Jan 4, 2012

I have Broadband Internet and TV through Time Warner Cable. In the past week I suddenly began to lose stations on my cable box from what seemed to be a loss in signal so I had tech support come out to take a look at the problem. Turns out the problem was the wiring in the cable box outside the house. The wiring was over a decade old and had been damaged by water and ice over many winters. Tech support guy replaced all the wiring and the cable box is back to normal!However, after sitting down to use the Internet afterwards my connection kept "dying". Every ten to fifteen minutes or so the connection would seem to die for a minute or two.

All devices connected to the router either wired or wireless experience the issue at the same exact time. Windows diagnosed the problem as "DNS Server Not Responding". Now my router setup has been working for years, and nothing has been changed, so I thought maybe it could be related with the issue with the cable wiresHowever, researching the DNS issue on Google makes me think it's just coincidence.

I rebooted and power cycled the modem and the router. The issue persists. Updated router firmware. The issue persists. I changed my DNS settings to use OpenDNS. The issue persists. Changed DNS settings back to automatic. The issue persists. So I disconnected the router and plugged the modem directly into my main PC and the issue was completely resolved! Hooked up the router again and the issue popped back up after ten minutesRepeated all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persisted through them all.

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Takes A Minute To Load A Picture?

Aug 22, 2011

I did a speed test and everything seemed good. Dl speeds at 16mb/s and upload speeds at .99 mb/s. However when I go to websites and load pictures it takes like a minute to load. Why is that?y speed seems fine when I test it, but slow to load stuff.

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Cisco VPN :: 10 Minute Time Out WebVPN On 1921 Router?

Jun 9, 2013

We have a 1921 router that has WebVPN (Any connect) enabled on it as well as IPSEC. When a user logs in using  IPSEC client they stay connected no issue.  IF you connect using Any Connect it will disconnect you after exactly 10 minutes.  Never a second more or less.  I ran some “debug webvpn”  and the disconnect looks to be a planned event and reports no error it just sends the disconnect command.  However, if you watch the buildup you get the following message from Debug.
003960: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork:
003961: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork:
003962: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork: [WV-TUNL-EVT]:[3318C168] CSTP Version recd , using 1
003963: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork: [WV-TUNL-EVT]:[3318C168] Allocating IP from address-pool IPRange1
003964: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork: [WV-TUNL-EVT]:[3318C168] Using new allocated IP
003965: Jun  7 09:09:06.833 NewYork: [WV-TUNL-EVT]:[3318C168] Full Tunnel CONNECT request processed, HTTP reply created

The highlighted entry is a session timeout set for exactly 10 minutes.  I cannot find how to change, remove, or modify this setting.  Google has failed me in my ability to find this timeout setting. 

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Cisco Routers :: SRP547W Dropping ADSL Every Minute

Feb 22, 2012

We installed one of these devices as our gateway a couple of weeks ago, flashed the firmware to 1.2.4(003) and it worked perfectly until this morning where it keeps resetting the ADSL every minute and losing the web interface to the unit.
The log endlessly reports this:
Feb 24 11:26:00 SRP547W cron[8779]: (root) CMD (/sbin/check_gn)
Feb 24 11:26:00 SRP547W cron[8781]: (root) CMD (/sbin/check_ps)


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Cisco VPN :: 1841 IPsec Tunnel Protocol Down After A Minute?

Apr 23, 2013

I have a strange issue where im able to get an ipsec tunnel from tha cisco 1841 to a linksys/cisco RV016 for about a minute and ping/encrypt packets across the lin for about a minute before it goes down. I tried various configuration and it all results in the tunnel coming up for a minute then going down. I'm not sure if im hitting a bug and on which decide of if im doing something wrong. 
RV016 firmware 2.0.18
cisco 1841: C1841-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T
my config
no crypto isakmp default policy
crypto isakmp policy 1
encr 3des
hash md5
authentication pre-share
group 2


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Wireless Internet Keeps Disconnecting And Reconnecting After About A Minute?

Jun 5, 2012

I got a new laptop (Toshiba Z830) last month and for the last few days my wireless internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting after about a minute. It'll disconnect and say there's no internet (there's a yellow exclamation mark on the icon on the taskbar) and after about a minute it'll reconnect. I don't know if there's a pattern but I've noticed it keeps happening when I try to watch a video on youtube and sometimes at other times. No other device of mine is having any problems (desktop, phone, netbook), just my laptop.

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Wrt54gs Connects But After About A Minute It Looses Connection?

Mar 20, 2012

wrt54gs connects but after about a minute it looses connection and boots continuously

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ADSL Sweex Modem Disconnects Every Ten Minute Or So

Feb 7, 2011

I've got a ADSL Sweex Modem, connected to a D-Link Wireless Router,The modem is connected to our telephone line, we have other phones connected to other "telejack" too. The router is connected to a computer with wire, and another computer wireless.Every now and then we get random disconnect. Sometimes we can go several months without a single disconnect,whilst sometimes it happens as often as every 3 minute. This is the log:


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