Dell :: Can't Find Driver To TrueMobile 1300 USB Adapter For Windows 7

Mar 26, 2012

I've just installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC, and wanted to add a Wi-Fi ability to it.

I have a Dell TrueMobile 1300 USB Adapter, so I tried to connect it to the desktop.

Windows didn't recognized it. I searched really hard across the internet - but couldn't find a proper driver to this device.

The only related thing I've found is a UTILITY from dell site (over here: [URL]

- but still - this installed only the Utility, not the driver. The adapter still stays "Unreconized" on my computer.

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Dell :: Inspiron 8600 - Find Drivers For TrueMobile 1300 PC Card?

Apr 3, 2013

Where can I find the drivers for my Dell TrueMobile 1300 PC Broadcom 440x 10/100 will not start the internet...heck, it won't even recognize it half the time an I bought  it all as a set. I'm on a DELL INSPIRON 8600..

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Dell :: Truemobile 1300 WLAN Card No Longer Working Following Driver Update - Latitude D600

Aug 17, 2009

I have a recently rebuilt D600 running XP Prof XP3 full patched. The machine was a clean build on a new disk about 2 months ago and all has been working well (excepting the Fujitsu HDD which seems to be going bad as I type, but that's a different issue!).i was offer via Microsoft Update: "Dell driver update for Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN Mini-PCI Card" 2 days ago (mid August 2009). This is a Dell supplied update distributed via MS. Also offered (and installed) at the same time was "Darfon - Other Hardware - Bluetooth Devices". Since installing these (and the installs reporting as completing correctly) I keep getting:Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller encountered a problem and needed to close.and Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller has encountered a problem and needs to close.rror dialogues. These pop up every 30 seconds or so and seem to be related to the Dell TrueMobile 1300 update.Looking in the Windows directory there is no uninstall directory for this update unlike the MS updates. So I now either need to:get the updates to work properly Remove the updates and get back to a working condition if you wonder why I applied the updates...why repair something that's already working...I have had Bluetooth sporadic connection issues with this laptop with a BT GPS unit. The same BT GPS unit works perfectly on a D610 but on this D600 after initial connection there can be repeated connection loss requring the BT GPS unit to be moved around, after which BT connection is re-established only to fail a while later. As the same GPS works without problem with the D610 my presumption has been the issue is a BT stack issue on the D600 BT implementation.

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Dell :: Vostro 3360 / Unable To Find Required Driver For Wi-Fi Adapter

Oct 3, 2012

Unable to find required driver for Wi-Fi adapter. There is an unknown network controller in the Device Manager, but no drivers for it.


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Linksys WRT54GL Router - Windows Could Not Find Driver For Network Adapter

Oct 2, 2012

Well one day i went onto my gaming PC and started playing, it randomly restarted and did some random windows check while starting. Then when i finally logged on i had no internet connection, my computer didnt sense there being a cable plugged in (Wired connection. The orange light wasn't on) So i figured i should just reinstall windows anyway (Blue screens, ect) After i reinstall i have the same issues. I have moved it to a different room and still the same thing. If i can't fix it then i plan to just buy a USB wireless but i would like to see what others think what i should do before i go making hasty decisions.

The computer say "Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter" I have tried many things i have found on this forum and nothing. So maybe a link to a driver? my Router is a Linksys WRT54GL and has always worked.

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Hp 1300 Printer Driver For Windows?

Jun 28, 2012

hp 1300 printer driver for windows?

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Asus EeePC 701sd Windows 7 - Can't Find Any Driver For Wireless Network Adapter

Jul 10, 2013

I have a Asus EeePC 701sd and upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate but I couldn't find any driver for the wireless network adapter

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 - Bluetooth Truemobile 355 And Windows 7?

Sep 3, 2009

I just installed Windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my Inspiron 1520 and everything works brilliantly except the bluetooth!I downloaded the drivers from the dell website, for vista 32bit, when I try to install the driver it says "Press Fn+F2 or turn on the wireless switch". 

The wireless switch is already on, and I press Fn+F2 and nothing happened. The driver worked fine on Vista Home Premium 32bit.

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Dell :: Inspiron N4050 Windows 8 - Couldn't Find Wireless Driver

Apr 4, 2013

I just got this laptop witch is come with UBUNTU 10.10 OS

so I installed original windows 8 pro but the wireless didn't work

I search on dell drivers site with my service tag and with the model name and downloaded more that 4 drivers but none of them let the wireless work

I have to connected to the cable

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Dell :: Cannot Find Single Driver For E6400 Internal Wi-Fi Card That Works With Windows 7 64-bit

Jan 25, 2012

I just recently purchased a dell latitude E6400 laptop and I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on it, not an upgrade. I also installed service pack 1 right after the OS install. My problem is I cannot find a single driver that allows my WiFi card/connection to show up in Windows. I have been browsing the internet like a fiend and cannot find a single driver or solution anywhere for this. Every install or driver I try either shows an error saying "incompatable" or just does not fix the issue. All I want is my WiFi card to work, and dell did not have any drivers that worked off of its support site even when I put in my service tag number. compatable driver for the WiFi card for windows 7 64bit? Or steer me in the right direction to get the WiFi working on my laptop?

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Can't Find Network Adapter After Reinstalling Windows Vista

Jan 10, 2013

I am passing my computer on to a family member and wanted to give them a fresh install, so I used the Windows Vista (32-bit SP1) disc that came with the laptop and reinstalled Vista on the computer. Everything worked fine until I wanted to connect to the internet, then Windows said that there were no networks available. When I selected "Why can't windows find any networks" it said that "This computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured". I put in the Dell Driver's and Utilities CD that came with the computer and installed the drivers that seemed related to networks or communications, but the problem persists. I'm assuming it is some sort of driver issue (as the computer was using wireless internet before the reformat (just hours ago) and so the device itself seems to be working.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1300 - Windows Cannot Configure Wireless Connection

Oct 3, 2006

My lap top and pc were both accessing internet fine. Now my laptop has the message windows cannot config. wireless connection. If you have enabled another prog. to manage this connection use that software. Then it says ifI want windows to config., start WZC service. I am a novice and don't understand any of this. I don't think I have done anything to enable another prog to manage the connection. I have tried reloading isp disc and making new network connection but to no avail. the little network logo has a red x constantly.

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Dell Inspiron 1300 - Wifi Doesn't Work On Windows Xp

Nov 18, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 which crashed, service tag . I was able to start it again using the Dell Operating System Reinstallation CD for XP Professional with SP1, that came with another computer. I then installed a Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 and Internet Explorer 8. However the wifi (wireless) does not work. I went to setup and assured that it is enabled. I assume that I have lost the driver for it. Before the crash it had a working wireless connection. I need to know what driver to install to make it operate. Setup indicates that my computer has a MiniPCI card 1370 Broadcom Corp. 

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Dell :: Unable To Download Proper Driver For Inspiron 15 / 3521 Windows 7 32bit Wi-Fi Driver

Jun 7, 2013

i am unable to download proper driver for Inspiron 15 3521 win7 32-bit wifi driver.

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Dell :: 1505 Adapter - Can't Find Own Router But Can Find Neighbor's

Jul 12, 2013

this might sound straight forward, but every other pc or console can find and connect to my router.This issue seems to happen about once every few months, sometimes it comes back by itself and reconnects completely fine.

There isn't a "user limit" on our router.Wireless adapter is dell wireless 1505 draft 802.11n wlan mini-card.

Have restarted PC and uninstalled and reinstalled the card.I tried to set the i.p address to static but it says "adapter disconnected" so won't allow me to edit any settings, despite it being able to find neighbour's wireless very easily.

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Belkin Routers :: Can't Find Correct Driver For F9L1101 Version 1 USB Wireless Adapter

Dec 14, 2012

I can't find the correct driver for Belkin F9L1101 Version 1 USB Wireless adapter. When I went here [URL] and installed the software my Windows 7 Pro w/64 bit does not recognize the adapter. When I go to Device Manager it does see the Belkin under other devices. When I choose the folder the drivers are located /program files (x86) it says it can't find the driver in that location.

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Network Adapter Driver For Dell Optiplex 745 PD?

Feb 11, 2013

I was told that my network adapter was inproperlly installed.Windows could not detect any wired,or wirerless network card installed on computer

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Dell :: Inspiron 570 - Network Adapter Driver?

Feb 16, 2013

The hard drive on my Dell Inspirion 570 died so I had to install one. I had a 1T drive in an old computer I used as a slave so I installed it. I installed Windows 7 and when I tried to get on line I got a message saying I need to install a network adapter driver.

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Dell :: Truemobile 1150 Wireless Lan Card

Mar 11, 2012

I'm trying to get a Inspiron 2500 laptop connected to a network using the Dell TrueMobile 1150 mini wireless lan card. This computer was given to her and came with the Truemobile lan card. Is it possible to connect wirelessly to a NetGear Router provided by the Cable company? If so how do I configure the card?

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Network Adapter Driver's Gone After Reinstalling Windows 7

Mar 12, 2013

Network adapter driver's gone after reinstalling windows 7

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How To Reinstall Network Adapter Driver To Windows Xp?

Aug 31, 2012

during an electrical storm my computer deleted my network adapters. How can I get them back on my computer?

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Dell :: 5300 - Cannot Install Wireless Adapter Driver

Jan 15, 2012

From the Dell Drivers and Downloads page, I downloaded the WiFi Link 5300 driver (R213215.exe) assuming it would enable my WiFi to run.  I tried to install it and was met with an error message: "This installation is not supported on this operating system version.  The setup application will exit."  It will not install and my WiFi is still down.My system is an Alienware m15x with Windows 7 64-bit.  I recently re-installed Windows due to a small bug that was hampering Google Chrome.  Before I re-installed Windows, the WiFi was working just fine. Any working WiFi driver?

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Dell :: D505 - Driver For Wireless Card Adapter

Apr 11, 2012

My parents own two old Dell Latitude D505 laptops, and they want to use them with their wireless internet. They have one Belkin Wireless G Notebook Network Card (#F5D7010), but when I put it in, it says I have to download the drivers for it, and can't find the drivers. I tried downloading the Belkin Driver, but it still says another driver is missing. My question: Would it be possible to download the driver on my mac, transfer it to the dell with a flash drive and install it? If so, how do I find the right one?

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 WLan Adapter Driver

Feb 20, 2007

I reinstalled windows on my laptop and i was reinstalling all the drivers and i cant seem to find the one that gets the built in wireless adapter working. ive got the intel pro set wireless program but when i try and install this it says that the wlan adapter is not installed. where can i find the driver for internal wlan adpater for dell inspiron 6000.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 Network Adapter Driver

Aug 10, 2012

My network device tree now shows three (actually two) drivers not working, as follows:

Tuerdo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Driver

and, ISATAP Driver

It is my understanding that these are used to send IPV4 encapsulated IPV6 packets across intranet, and that I need to update the network card drivers to fix the issue.  I am not sure if the drivers shown on the Dell site will fix this issue.

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Windows Can't Find Driver To Connect To LG KM900?

Jun 17, 2012

I can't transfer files via bluetooth to my laptop, windows can't find driver to connect to my LG KM900

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Where To Find ASUS Wireless PCI Driver For Windows XP

Nov 14, 2012

Where I can find an "ASUS Wireless PCI Driver" for WinXP?I've found many but ONLY for Vista, 7 or 8. The ones that I've found say that their for XP, but when I download them and try to install them on my XP system,it says that the OS (XP) is NOT supported! They all happen to be for Vista.

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Windows Can't Find Driver To Connect To LG KM900

Jun 17, 2012

I can't transfer files via Bluetooth to my laptop, windows can't find driver to connect to my LG KM900

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Dell :: 1720 Can't Seem To Find Right Driver And Downloading Procedures

Aug 4, 2012

Upgraded to Windows Professional after a complete overhaul from a virus.When I tried to connect to a Bluetooth wireless speaker, I was told I don't have a Bluetooth driver. I have a Inspiron 1720 and can't seem to find the right driver and downloading procedures.

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Belkin Wireless Adapter F7d1101 V1 Driver Windows 7?

Dec 27, 2011

I cannot find any drivers for Belkin wireless adapter F7D1101 v1 for Windows 7

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Dell :: Aurora R4 RALINK 1T1R Wireless Adapter Driver?

Dec 6, 2012

I have just recently purchased an Aurora R4 and upgraded the hard drive to a ssd.  I have installed all of the drivers that were included on the dvd disks but the driver for the wireless adapter seems to be missing.  I have searched the Dell Online drivers but the driver for the RALINK 1T1R Wireless Adapter is missing.  I have tried to use the other wireless adapter drivers but they did not work.

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Can't Find Network Driver After Fresh Windows Install

Dec 25, 2012

This printer is connected to our schools the lab I'm in, we have different subnet and my tech computer and the lab pcs gets dhcp from router connected to same new network switch as printer. I can ping the printer and pull up menu in browser but cannot print.

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Dell :: Inspiron N5050 - Can't Find Bluetooth After Driver Installation

Mar 24, 2013

i have inspiron n5050 laptop with windows8 installed and i updated all drivers from the support and for bluetooth i installed DELL WLAN AND BLUETOOTH CLIENT ver9 after calling to customer support. but i cant find bluetooth suite in my computer and have no bluetooth option in wireless in my pc settings.

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