Roku Can't Connect To Internet?

Jun 6, 2011

I have two Roku units and neither can connect to the internet with my Motorola sbg901 wireless modem. Up until just a few days ago I was able to connect just fine. I called my ISP (Cableone) and tried to have them change my DNS settings to open DNS to see if that fixed the problem but they said they wouldn't do that.


Cannot Connect ROKU To The Internet?

Apr 20, 2012

i put the password into Roku and it said that it couldn't connect and my computer can connect fine i don't know whats wrong with it

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Can Use A Roku And Connect Wirelessly If Tv Isn't Connected To The Internet

Feb 19, 2013

I have a router with wireless capabilities but my tv is far from the router and impossible to connect with an ethernet cable. Is there any way to install a Roku wirelessly to your HD tv?

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Routers / Switches :: Roku Player Will Not Connect To Local Internet?

Dec 11, 2011

roku player will not connect through verizon router, message

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Roku Won't Connect Wirelessly

May 6, 2011

I am trying to setup a roku and the main router is about 30 ft away. I put in a repeater and it works for the laptop in the front room but not the roku. I was wondering if i could get a wireless adapter say the WET610N and configure it on the main computer then just plug it into the roku.

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Roku Won't Connect To Netgear Router?

May 8, 2011

We recently connected the Netgear WNR2000 to our modem. All wireless devices connect just fine, except for our Roku XD. It says there is an activation error. I've reset the box, unplugged, changed the channel via wireless settings. What's next??? I'm quite frustrated and would like to get this to work. The message I get is "activation issue. There was a problem connecting to the Roku server". Argh!! It was working fine with the other wireless modem/router (versalink 327W), but it kept going off (as in the signal would drop and we would have to turn it off/on to get it to work) and connected the netgear router to it today.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Can't Connect Roku - Password Does Not Work

Feb 10, 2012

I tried to set it up on a new dir 655 but the password the roku asks for does not work. I have the latest firmware installed. I tried entering my ssid manually and then the key. I did reset everything and try again. Why is my wireless not working? The ethernet port to my desktop is working fine.

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Belkin Routers :: Cannot Get Roku 2 XS Setup On A N750DB

Dec 20, 2012

i have a n750db and cannot setup my roku 2 xs. anyone have success that they can share?

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Roku PlayerHow To Find Wireless Network Security Key

Sep 19, 2011

I am trying to gain access to Netflix using a Roku player, but I need the network security key, which someone else originally set up for me. That person doesn't remember the network security key. Is there a way I can find out what the network security key is, or is there some way that I can set up another one?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Get Connection Between WRT54GS And Roku

Dec 12, 2012

How do I get my router to connect to roku.When I enter my router password in Roku it doesn't find the router. And when I use Cisco Network Magic, it doesn't find the Roku device.

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Install Cisco / Linksys WRT120n Wireless Router Using Roku?

Dec 13, 2012

How to install the Cisco/Linksys WRT120n wireless router with respect to using Roku.I have one computer, a laptop, which I'm using as a desktop, in that it is stationery and the only wireless device is the Roku. When I open Network File Sharing, sometimes i see 2 instances of linksys, other times just 1. general setup or whatever so I don't have to reboot the computer every 2 hours to watch Roku.

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Servers :: Switch / Hub Sufficient To Connect All PC's To Modem To Connect To Internet?

Apr 12, 2011

I am in the process of opening an internet cafe. I dont know exactly what a pc server does on the network... or do I really need one? Is the switch/hub sufficent to connect all pcs to the moderm to connect to the internet?

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Chrome And IE Can't Connect To Internet - Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server

Jun 8, 2011

Few days ago I started to get the following error message while trying to connect to the internet using Chrome and IE:"Unable to connect to the proxy server..."I don't have a proxy server configured - nothing is checked in the LAN settings page.In Firefox I don't have that problem - it seems it gets the proxy configuration from elsewhere.

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D-link Dir-601 :: Unable To Connect To Internet - Devices Able To Connect To Wifi

Mar 1, 2013

In my device I am able to browse through & connect to my HOME wifi network ; But after connecting it says 'No Internet Access'.I tried connecting with my SONY Bluray , iphone , ipad , laptops -- everywhere same story.I am able to plug in the ethernet cable directly from modem & able to connect to network.I am not able to open the -- ( When I am plugged in the modem directly)

Following are my router details

IC : 4216A-IR601
H/W Ver:A1
F.W Ver:1.00 NA

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Cisco WAN :: 815 / Connect To Internet Small Office Where Docsis (internet Over Tv Cable) Is Used As WAN

Aug 12, 2011

I want to connect to the Internet small office where docsis (internet over tv cable) is used as WAN.For similar tasks but other WANs (adsl, dial-up) I used 800 series. But now I can't find anything in this series to solve my issue. There is 815 but it has no wi-fi.
I can use cable modem that my ISP gave to me: this modem acts as bridge so I can use router with FE-based WAN but it is better to have one device instead of two.

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Can't Connect To Internet - Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage

Feb 27, 2011

I suddenly can't connect to the internet using IE or Firefox every time I try I get the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". My connection on my wireless picks up great and shows signal strength as excellent. I took it to a place that was offering free check ups and they said that I caught a virus which I never seen any sign of catching a virus when it worked and that it had wiped out one of my hard drives and they could fix it for $229.00. I don't have that kind of money so I don't know what to do.

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Can't Connect Vaio (VGN-TX750P) To Internet Through Internet Cable

Oct 12, 2011

After i reinstall my PC, i can't connect my vaio (VGN-TX750P) to internet through internet cable nothing appears in Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections wifi is working fine but I can't connect using ethernet

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Unable To Connect To Internet Through Anything But Internet Explorer

Sep 30, 2012

I come here today with a problem that has been plaguing this laptop forever and a day. You see, about two or so years ago on this very laptop, it was just another day where I booted up my laptop and was going to get a good day of wasting time on the internet underway. I tried to open Firefox, and I got prompted to download an apparent update for the browser. Obviously I went along with it because it seemed pretty routine and identical to how Firefox had updated in the past.

After the update was all done and dusted, I found myself unable to connect to the internet through Firefox. I would just get a constant stream of "Unable to connect" messages. I thought it might have been a problem on my end since back then I had rather wishy washy internet. So I let it settle for a while. Later on that day I talked to a few of my buddies over Xbox Live and asked if they'd had any similar issues with the new Firefox update because at the time, we all used it and hadn't quite jumped ship to Chrome just yet. But no matter who I asked, I always got the same response "I didn't get any update." Which as you can imagine, confused me quite thoroughly.

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Internet Browser Won't Connect To Internet After Installing XP SP2

Aug 30, 2011

I have Windows xp professional 64 bit os and after installed sp 2 my internet browser don't connect to internet I can connect to skype..

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Can Connect To Router But Can't Connect To Internet

Mar 30, 2013

At first I can connect to Internet for 1 min and fails afterwards even if I reconnect to the router. Then I turn on the Access Control settings on my (NETGEAR) router and put my laptop into the trusted wireless stations list, now it can connect to Internet for 1 min and fails however it works for another 1 min if i reconnect to the router. So now I need to reconnect to the router every minute or so.I can connect to the Internet via Ethernet cables, so I am quite sure it's the wireless problem on my router but not the service provider's fault.

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PC Can't Connect To The Internet?

Jul 4, 2011

I have an HP Pavilion a1600n PC with Windows XP, and the computer cannot connect to the Internet because it failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection.

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Way To Connect Internet

Dec 16, 2012

I have a computer and I can't connect to the internet

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How To Connect The Internet

Nov 26, 2011

my netbook connects to the wireless router but cannot access the internet through wireless router. will connect with wired cable.Other computers can connect to internet through wireless router.

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Not Able To Connect To Internet

Dec 1, 2012

I live in a college apartment complex where internet is provided to us. Usually when i start my computer i automatically connect to "Network" if i connect someothign such as "Network X" where X = a number i have no internet connection. This morning i connected to Network 7 which meant i have no internet connection. i have tried disabling and enabling the adapter, i tried resettign internet protocol (tcp/ip) and i found this [code]. Double click on the flush.bat file to run it.Vista and Windows 7... right click the .bat file and choose to run as Administrator. Your computer will reboot itself.

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Can't Connect To The Internet With USB

Feb 7, 2011

I am using my HTC Desire HD with USB Teethering in an attempt to connect my Desktop computer to the internet.

HTC Sync, drivers, etc are installed onto my Windows 7 x64 Desktop.

However I am only getting an intermittent internet connection. Sometimes the phone & windows play nice (and I can browse the web) and sometimes they don't (which usually results in me browsing the ceiling and cursing!).

Here is an IPCONFIG output from an instance when I was not able to browse the web:

Code: Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 4:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : HTC Remote NDIS based Device


As can be seen above an I.P. address is being obtained, and Windows knows that a "HTC Remote NDIS based Device" is connected. It simply won't accept the presence of a valid network connection, and as a result it refuses to let me browse the web or do anything remotely useful with the "pseudo-connection".

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Can't Connect To Internet On Blu-ray

Dec 4, 2012

I'm having a horrible time trying to connect by magnavox blu ray player to the internet. It first said an error with DHCP, and so I did everything manually, and I think I'm putting in the wrong information..

C:UsersAmberDesktop>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Amber-PC


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PC Cannot Connect To The Internet?

Aug 24, 2012

Yesterday my computer would no longer connect to any internet service.

I called up my internet provider because the "internet" light on my modem was red and he managed to fix that but then my computer could no longer connect to the internet. (just as a note; up until now I have had no issues with connections from my computer to the internet or my home network)

The family computer can still connect to the internet, as can my xbox. My PC can also connect to my home network so I know there is no issue with cables.

I'm not sure where to go from here.

I've looked at similar issues through a few forums but haven't been able to find one exactly the same. The next thing I was going to try was:

start > run > cmd > ipconfig/all > ipconfig/release > ipconfig/renew

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Can't Connect PS3 And Another PC To The Internet?

Feb 8, 2011

I Peard my PC to my router,the internet works fine,the problem is i can't connect my PS3 and another PC to the internet.It connects but there isn't an Internet Access My router is the WAG160N n the instructions it says that : I need to press a special button on my router to pair new devices, but I can't understand what they wrote[CODE]

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Can't Connect To The Internet

Jan 2, 2012

i can't connect to the internet, it says down bottom right saying no connections

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Able To Connect To The Internet?

Oct 21, 2012

I just installed Win7 about a week ago, and everything was going fine. A few days ago though, when I turned on my computer, I wasn't able to connect to the internet (I'm writing this from my laptop When looking at my network settings, I tried clicking on the red "X" across the line to the internet, and I uploaded a litte picture to show you the info I got out of that below instead of my trying to explain it...I'm connecting to a shared network in my block via a cable directly to the wall socket, no router, and as you can see I am able to see some of the others logged on to it, but at the Gateway there's once again that evil red "X".

(not able to see the picture properly myself, so here's a link to it on ImageshackWhen I put the same cable into my laptop though, everything is working just fine, so the problem must be with my stationary computer, but I have no idea what it is.I had the same problem yesterday and called a more technically inclined friend who fiddled around with it for close to 2 hours and all of the sudden it worked again, but we honestly have no idea why. The change occured when we first took the IP/DNS-settings on the netcard away from "auto", which didn't change a thing, and then put it back to "auto" again. That made theconnection pop back on, but it didn't really make us any wiser as to whys you can see on the picture above my network is called "Network 2". It made that automatically when the problems started. I got an old network too which is just called "Network", but I can't seem to make that my active one. I tried merging them the first time around in hope of that working, but that didn't change anything, and as you can see I'm now forced onto "Network 2" again, even though I also this time around has my old "Network" on the list if I go look

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PC Will Not Connect To The Internet

May 10, 2012

I successfully used a wireless network with my PC running windows until I upgraded to a Belkin Play Max wireless router. Once it was installed my PC would connect but go off line almost immediately. I reinstalled the router disc but this only stopped it from connecting, completely. My ipad, iphone, laptop all go online wirelessly without any problem. I tried to connect my PC with an ethernet cable but it wouldn't connect with this either.

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LAN Won't Connect To Internet

May 17, 2012

I recently reinstalled Windows Vista on my computer and now I cant get online with the ethernet cable. I am online with a USB cable but want to use the other. The network adapter is stuck with a 169.254 IP addy that I cant get to release no matter what Ive tried.

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Cannot Connect To Internet With PC

May 12, 2012

I use my PC to connect to the internet wirelessly with a wireless adapter. The connection would drop, then reconnect and stay active for a while, then drop again. The internet, when accessing this connection, would go really slowly. A day or so ago, it began to not even find the connection, and now, when the adapter is plugged in to the machine, it does nothing.I know the adapter can access internet in its current location because a) it has worked here for months, and b) a laptop sitting on the same desk accesses the same router wirelessly. So I don't think the problem is distance from the router.I believe the adapter to be okay, because I used it in the laptop for several hours yesterday and it accessed the internet with no connectivity issues or speed problems. Just in case it was the problem, though, I purchased another adapter and tried that and it did not work in my PC either.The device manager for my PC shows my wireless adapter and internal ethernet card both, with no red X's or !s or yellow warning signs. I assume these would show errors if this was a hardware issue.I'm running Windows 7 on my pc, and just in case it was a software issue (or virus), I reformatted the machine an hour ago. The adapter has been installed, is identified in the device manager, and there is still no connection available.

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PC Won't Connect To Internet

Apr 4, 2013

I have recently moved into a new place and my I can't get the internet to work good on my pc.The router is a NETGEAR VMDG280 and I have windows 7.My laptop which is windows 7 is ok... The iphone is ok my roommates is ok everything is ok apart from my pc and I use it for work.It connects but says there is no access or it connects but it is extremley slow.[code]

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Connect DVR To Internet?

Apr 30, 2011

I have a sprint mifi device that I use to get on to the internet. Recentlt I purchased a security system with a DVR that only has an ethernet port for internet connection.

So how do I connect the DVR to the internet?

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Can't Connect To DVR Via Internet

Jan 13, 2013

I'm trying to set up some security cameras for work so we can view them remotely via the internet. I'm using a sierra wireless aircard which is connected wirelessly to EDIMAX EW-7438RPn N300 Universal Wi-fi extender, the Wi-Fi extender is then connected by ethernet cable to the DVR. I am able to access the DVR and view video via local connection ( But we're trying to run through using the host name which is updated to my external IP address if it changes at any point.

Reading through the DVR manual and settings on the DVR itself, it uses these 4 ports:

Mobile Port: 18004
Client port: 9000
Http port: 80
Intranet: 8080

I have attempted to forward these ports on the sierra wireless, but when I use [URL] It says the ports are closed. I cannot connect to my DVR though either the client or web browser via I also attempted to connect my DVR through my home internet on the weekend and noticed that the DVR connected through "" but I had a different problem, it would take me to my routers home page, even though I had already port forwarded.

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How To Connect To Internet

Oct 25, 2011

Cant connect to internet dont know how.

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How To Connect PC To The Internet

Feb 6, 2013

I built my 1st PC build about a week ago. It's mostly for gaming, so obviously a solid internet connection is a must, right?I originally planned to have it plugged into a 42' LED TV so that I can make most of my games' graphic capabilities. My primary source for an Internet connection for the PC is a 150mbps USB network adapter, which works fine.. but the network speed is abysmal. A test at revealed the ping was 286, where my ping (when tested right next to the router, up a floor and on the other side of the house) is around 15. Now, most of the router's signal is going outside the house because it's omnidirectional, but it's also right next to the modem and plugged into the main house PC (that I don't use.) What I'm wondering is, how can I connect my PC to the internet with the best possible speed, but also using the largest TV in the house? (Which is also unmoveable?) Otherwise, my only option is to use a smallish but portable 20' TV and connect both it and my PC a floor right below the router, which is fast Internet but also a small display.My budget is rather limited, so I can't afford to buy 100 foot ethernet cables or drill holes into the floor. A wireless repeater may be a good option but still can be rather expensive

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Can't Connect To Internet But Everyone Else Can

Feb 7, 2012

I don't know why can't I connect to my wireless.Even my phone(Blackberry) can connect to the internet.I have 2 brothers and there laptop is working fine but mine.Can't connect even once since someone change network to be unsecured.But I don't think that doesn't have anything to do with my case.

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Cannot Connect To Internet Through TV

Oct 5, 2011

I have a newly purchased Samsung LED TV that came with 'Smart TV', which allows you to connect to the internet. The TV also came with a wireless adapter. When I set-up the TV a few months back, I had no problems connecting to an unlocked wireless connection in my apartment building but now, I cannot do it anymore.Local connection is completed. But cannot connect to the internet. Check the DNS setting from Network Setting and contact your Internet Service Provider to use Internet service.

How can I get this internet connection to work again on my TV? Obviously I am not sure what ISP this person has or what type of broadband connection exists. I would however be able to provide this person's mac address, IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS Server addresses.

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Best Way To Connect New Pc To Internet

Jul 19, 2012

It says that it's missing an ethernet cable (or wireless adapter) in order for me to connect to the internet.I have a wireless router downstairs and I was just wondering- what's the best way for me to connect to the internet?Should I just use a wireless adapter? (Note: there is no wired connection set up in my house).

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How To Connect To Internet Through Another Pc

Jan 7, 2011

i have a 4g air card an want to connect to net flicks thur the laptop an then use cross cable to the dvd player that is configured to go to nex flicks. would (Internet Connection Sharing

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How To Connect 3 PCs To One Internet

Nov 30, 2012

Im trying to connect 3 computers to a usb connection. One computer is connected through a usb modem and I want the others to share the same connection.

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Connect To Another PC Without Internet

Aug 30, 2012

I have a laptop with an ethernet cable which is connected to desktop computer. I want to access the files on the desktop computer through the ethernet cable but i don't have internet. will this work?

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Cannot Connect To Internet XP

Feb 22, 2011

A couple of days ago my Windows 7 installation messed up (.exe file accosiation) so the only way I thought of fixing it was to install windows again, and windows XP happened to be the only disk I have here in the house. Besides the fact that the XP installation on my :C drive failed so I had to install it onto my :D hardrive, I have had problems connecting to the internet.

I installed my Micronet wireless network adapter via CD and plugged it in, and my wireless connection found my Thomson router straight away. However it just sat and kept trying to renew the IP address, occationally disconnected, and eventually went into the "No/Low connectivity" mode. So I have frantically been on my mums computer (on the family account which hasnt got admin rights) to try and find soutions.To cut a long story a bit shorter, I have tried what seems to be everything, but to no avail.I have manually set my computer an IP, the subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server, and now my wireless connection connects.However I have discovered that my computer and the router arent communicating - it says no packets recieved on details, and also I've attempted to ping my router.


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