Routers / Switches :: Linksys WRT54GS Doesn't Work With Password?

Mar 5, 2011

I have a linksys wrt54gs wireless router (working fine since last 3 years) which connects to the internet fine if there is no password set. However if i set WEP password to protect the wireless connection, i am not able to connect to the wireless connection. Everytime i enter the passphrase, when trying to connect to the wireless network, it refuses to accept the password. I have tried this with 2 laptops (both running windows 7) and both have same issue.

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Cisco Routers :: WRVS4400N V2 Default Password Doesn't Work

Aug 6, 2011

I upgraded the firmware for my WRVS4400N v2 to version firmware, now old and default passwords don't work. I have tried resetting it as well, and the default password does not work.

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Routers / Switches :: Linksys WRT54GS Router Is Not Recognizing PC?

Mar 7, 2011

I have a Linksys WRT54GS router that is giving my some trouble. I recently got a new PC and moved my old one into my bedroom along with my Xbox 360. So I didn't have to switch my Ethernet cable between my xbox and pc I bought another cable. Much to my dismay this new cable would not work. At first I thought maybe the cable was bad, but when I connect my pc directly into my modem it works fine. This had my come to the conclusion that it was my router. I have two pcs hooked into it that work fine and a laptop that connects to it wirelessly, but if I try to hook my xbox or pc to it using the new cable they just act as if there isn't a cable connected. When I look at my router the light for the ethernet port that the new cable is in will flash on and off. I've hard reset my router and updated the firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Blank Username And Admin In Password Doesn't Work

Feb 23, 2013

Blank user name and admin in password doesn't work.  How to reset these ?

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Routers / Switches :: WRT54GS Linksys - Why Does Err 0x80040900 Show Up Sometimes When Tx / Rx Email

Feb 6, 2012

Why does err 0x80040900 show up sometimes when tx/rx email? I use a WRT54GS linksys router. I have more than one computer which use Microsoft Outlook 2003 to check email accounts. When the error shows up I can ping the server no problem. The error sometimes goes away and comes back randomly.

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Routers / Switches :: Linksys Wrt54gs Config Page No Longer Showing Complete Info?

Oct 13, 2012

Signed onto pc as admin, logged into router with correct user name and password. No page in the browser based configuration displays the complete information for the page. Menus are missing as are option labels, etc. The last time I accessed the router (about a year ago) I didn't have this problem.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: After Reboot Password Doesn't Work?

Nov 21, 2012

i have a DIR-615 Rev C1, firmware 3.13.

After a reboot my password doesn't work anymore (wich is normal I guess) and  all default passwords dont either. Such as ''Password'' or ''Admin''.

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Cisco Wireless :: E1000 - Password Doesn't Work

Dec 26, 2011

reset my Linksys E1000 and now I can't access wifi from my phone as neither my pw or my default ps work.

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Routers / Switches :: Put Password For Linksys Router?

Apr 2, 2011

cannot get acess to router to put a password with and my default gateway showing 2002:c058:6301::c058:6301

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Routers / Switches :: LinkSys BEFW11S4 Add A Password But Don't Have The Set Up Disc?

May 31, 2011

I need to add a password but don't have the set up disc how can i set a password for it

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Linksys WRT54GS Won't Allow LG Blu-ray Player To Work

May 13, 2011

My linksys WRT54GS wont allow my LG bluray player to work. It works fine directly conected to my modem, but no my router. I have tried both wired and wireless and nothing. It keeps saying Wireless or Wired Dynamic IP is not set. The LG is Model LHB535?

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Tp-link 300mbps Wireless :: Tl-wr1043nd Password Protection Of Wifi Doesn't Work

Apr 11, 2013

Region : Netherlands
Model : TL-WR1043ND
Hardware Version : Not Clear
Firmware Version :

I installed my brand new TP-Link router and both wired and wireless internet connection work perfectly fine. But when I tried to secure the wifi with a password (I followed the instructions on last page of installation guide) I can not connect to the internet any more. After entering the correct password, both iphone and mac-book simply say "unable to join the network". I selected WPA2-PSK-personal as recommended. For now I switched off the security settings, but I live in a building with many neighbours and they are now consuming most of my bandwidth (apparentlyI am surrounded by illegal downloaders

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Routers / Switches :: Lynksis WRT54Gs - Cannot Reset Router

Aug 3, 2011

I am unable to connect to the internet thru my router, Lynksys WRT54Gs. The network worked fine before I went on vacation. I accessed the internet by connecting the ethernet directly to the modem, and have been unsuccessful at my attempts to reset the router with

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Linksys Wrt54gs V5 Password / Username?

Dec 11, 2012

i just pickup a linksys wrt54gs v5 and I cannot log into it. I reset the modem and tried to log in with the default usr/pass ( usr= leave blank , pass= admin) and it is still not working . I also tried other combination of admin, administraror, password and still nothing. Any usr/password that might work? Also I though of I might get around this problem by flashing to dd-wrt or tomato do I need to do anything in webadmin to do this?

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Changing Password On Linksys WRT54GS?

Oct 28, 2012

I've gone through all the motions to change my password and wireless network name, but the original password still appears Linsys admin page and so I can't hook up to wi-fi. Also I have no way of telling what the original password is.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GS V7 Doesn't Recognize Internet Connection

Oct 20, 2012

I have a WRT54GS V7 that I have been running for a few years now with no problems until today.My wife used the internet from her laptop through the day but this evening after she moved to the bedroom and booted up the laptop, she found there was no internet connection. I tried what I know in cases like these, unplugging the router or modem for brief periods of time to try and get things going again but to no avail. So I tried using the Easylink Advisor which basically suggested the same process.
At this point, my internet connection is coming in from the cable just fine. I have access on the desktop which is wired and works with no problems. The modem and router lights are both signaling that everything is fine but no wireless internet coming from the router.
Using the desktop I tried looking for some solutions and tried resetting the router. I ultimately called customer support but being out of warranty they wanted too much although she suggested that I needed to reconfigure the router since I had reset it. I followed the online instructions for reconfiguring but still have gotten nowhere. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GS Won't Work With New IPad?

Apr 4, 2013

My WRT54GS works fine with my wireless computer.  I just tried using the router to work my wireless IPad and it wont work.  The WiFI sees the router, and when I type in the router password, Linksys shows on the WiFi , but it won't download it and show a wireless icon, or let me go online.  I looked in the router information and it said my version is v.1.50.9
ON the router, after the model number says ver.6.    I see a 6 for downloading a firmware upgrade, but no 1.50. Any solution other than having to buy a new router?

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Linksys WRT54GS - Username And Password Forgotten

Dec 10, 2011

I needed to bring my laptop Toshiba satellite A135 - S4404 computer back to factory settings. When I did I lost my internet connection. I have a wireless G router. I tried setting up a new connection. When I couldnt remember my username and password to the linksys, I made several attempts to give them one.A fool hearty effort on my part. They locked me out. I was given a red X on that particular network. How to get back to where I can give them the necessary username and password?I believe I found it written on my Linksys user guide.

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Cisco Switches :: SG100-24 MiniGBIC Uplink Port Doesn't Work

Aug 22, 2011

I've just purchased 2 switches SG100-24 and use fiber cable to connect these switch together. I plugged cable in module MGBSX1 and then put it into miniGBIC uplink port but despite trying many times, also rebooted devices, I still not make these uplink ports up. how can I bring them up?

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W QuickVPN Doesn't Work

Mar 10, 2013

I have a problem with my RV110W router. I would like to setup Quick VPN access. Manual is quite straightforward: enable management, create users, install client and that's all, should be working. But NOT. it does not work.
Remote Management is enabled on port 8080. Should it be changed to 443 as required for QVPN? Or it does not matter. Is it ok, to have management on 8080 and QVPN on 443?
I have tried to connect via QVPN Client ver. Of course ip as well as user and pass has been changed. I tried to change management port to 443, but first:

1. i was not able to access management console at all

2. QVPN - still did not work

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54gs - Password Protected Network Works But No Internet?

Apr 9, 2013

Model wrt54gsWindows xpI got the wireless network setup and password protected and my computer and phone can sign o the wireless network, but when I try to go to a website it doesn't work. If I connect te computer directly to the modem then it works.

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Belkin Routers :: N600DB Access Control Doesn't Work

Apr 13, 2013

I'm trying to get 'Access Control' working so I can limit Wi-Fi time on my kids iPod touches, but the settings aren't clear and the help file is not clear whatsoever.I've been testing it with my iPhone, I have the MAC added, but none of the options available will even stop my iPhone accessing the internet over my Wi-Fi.

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 DNS Local Database Doesn't Work

Feb 25, 2012

I recently upgraded the firmware to (from Now I noticed the RV082's local DNS server ("DNS Local Database" feature) does not work any more. Any URL-IPaddr combo I used to put in there was resolved prior to sending a request to the WAN's primary/secondary DNS server.  It isn't a PC problem. I tested on different real and virtual machines, windows and Linux. Is there new "enable" switch somwhere?

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Belkin Routers :: AC1200 - USB Port Doesn't Work With Canon Printer?

Feb 2, 2013

I have a Belkin AC1200 Router. It seems working properly re Internet/Wireless connections. When I connect a printer (Canon Pixma MP500) through the USB port the (USB) light doesn't turn on, nor the printer is appearing on the "available devices" (Belkin USB Print and Storage Center).

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W Restore Router Settings Doesn't Work

Mar 15, 2013

I can backup the router settings on an RV110W, but not restore them.  I get an "unable to write" error. (probably not the exact verbiage).  Defective router, or firmware issue?

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Cisco Routers :: RV016 Admin Password Doesn't Reset

Dec 6, 2012

I've used many Cisco RV042/082 and have just purchased a couple previously used RV016 units.The first think I do is hold down the "reset" switch until the units reset to factory and then proceed programming them - EXCEPT this last unit doesn't seem to be resetting the administrative password.The unit has reset so that it is and is handing out IP assignments via DHCP in that range.
When I point my browser (IE9) to the web page I am prompted to log on.  I enter 'admin' for user name and attempt to enter the same for the password.  The browser returns me to the logon prompt and after a few apparently failed attempts it displays a 401 error Unauthorized page.
In desperation I have tried:

admin / admin
/ admin
admin / password
/ password
admin / rv016
and simply admin with a blank password.Isn't the admin password supposed to reset with everything else?If not - how can I - if it is, then what would be preventing the admin password from resetting - is there an internal jumper or something I could try?  I don't care about preserving any setting obviously I just want access to the admin interface.

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Routers / Switches :: Bought And Used This Linksys Router Wrt54g Router But Forgot The Entry Password

Dec 26, 2011

I need to retrieve my password for the linksys router wrt54g

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Routers / Switches :: Install 3 Routers In One Location With Same Password?

Mar 10, 2012

how to installs 3 router with same password

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Routers / Switches :: Doesn't Load Router Options

Apr 27, 2012

I type it into google and it just loads normal search options. We have a Thompson Reuter. I am trying to get an open Nat type for xbox live but nothing is working right.

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Routers / Switches :: Pc With Air Card Doesn't Receive Netgear

Sep 5, 2011

does air card pick up Net Gear

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Find WEP Code For Linksys When Doesn't Work?

Apr 7, 2012

How to find my WEP code for linksys when doesn't work.

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Linksys WRT54GS Routers Drop Wireless Constantly?

Feb 27, 2011

I have been having a lot of trouble lately with my wireless network. Basically, under certain situations it will constantly drop out, by which I mean all computers will lose connection with the wireless network for about 30 seconds and then reconnect.This is happening with two different wireless routers so I don't exactly know what is happening. I usually use a Linksys WRT54GS v7 but after this started happening I borrowed a friend's Linksys WRT54G2 v1 router to test it out with no change. I also updated both router's firmware last week, and changed both router's channels to 1 in case that was a part of the problem. To clarify,only one router is being used at a time, I have just tried different steps with each one.The other day when it was happening repeatedly, I connected one of the computers directly to the modem and had no problems so I do not think it has anything to do with my modem. On the network, depending on the time of day, there will be any combination of three macbooks running the latest version of snow leopard and one older PC running Windows XP. The network can drop out with only the PC, no PC, or any combo of macs. There can also be two iPhones and a Blackberry using the wireless depending on who is home. The most consistent problems seem to occur whenever something is being uploaded. We seem to get major issues when my wife is sending relatively large files (5MB+) using her macbook's mail program (either sending through gmail or her work address). However, yesterday it was happening every 30 seconds when someone was talking on skype on her macbook while there were two other macbooks connected to the network but doing nothing more than using a browser for basics like google.I have also noticed that this will often happen, though usually only once rather than repeatedly, when a computer that hasn't been on is turned on.

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Routers / Switches :: How Does An Extender Work

Jan 19, 2013

connect my new device and get it working as an extender?

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