Small Business SG300 28 Port Switch?

Feb 21, 2012

We recently deployed SG300-28 to replace an old 3Com switch.The setup: RVS400 router and all workstations and server are plugged into the SG300 switch.The problem: Windows 7 workstations are unable to obtain IP addresses from the server which is also plugged into the switch.If however, we plug in the worstations into the 4 port switch on the back of the RVS4000 (the router), they get IPs from the server no problem. This worked just fine with the old 3Com switch.

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Cisco SRW2008 / Decent Small Business Gigabit Switch?

Feb 19, 2011

I was looking at the Cisco SRW2008 since for one, I like Cisco and two, it has WebView which should make it easy for an idiot like me to manage. Here are some of the features I am looking for.

VLAN support
NIC Teaming
Gigabit - Up to 16 ports
Easy to Manage
PoE - Not necessary
No more than $500

There will be 2-3 physical servers connected to it, and many VMs in use.

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Cisco Switches :: What Software To Use On SF300-24 Small Business Switch

Oct 6, 2011

i have a customer that will use this switch model.I was wondering if there is any recommendation from like an AS-BU for the most appropriate software version and what would be ?

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Cisco Switches :: ESW500 Best Small Business Switch For 100-300 User UC Deployments

Sep 1, 2011

The SMART Designs state that both the ESW500 and 300-series switches should not be used for deployments of over 100 IP phones.But now that both the UC560 can go up to 138 (128 IP phones) and the BE3000 can go up to 300 users is this design restriction still valid or is the Catalyst 2960 and above the only options?
The QPT is still showing both the 300- and ESW500  switches as options for all versions of the UC560, and the 300- and 2960  switches are shown as valid options in the LAN for the BE3000.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Internet Sharing Multiple VLANS 300 Series Small Business Switch

Apr 7, 2012

My problem is that I have a Cisco 300 series small business switch with multiple VLANS each one with an IP address and two or three ports assigned to each VLAN. I have an E3200 wireless router that I want to use to use to share internet on the switch. All of the VLANs are reachable from the other VLANs and I've put a static route on the E3200 so that I can reach the VLANs from a machine connected only to the router. But I can't reach machines on the otherside of the router or get to the internet from the switch.

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Set Up Small Business Network?

Nov 16, 2012

I'm involved in setting up a new office for a business that's just starting out. I have some computer experience but not a whole lot in networking and security. We just have 3 people that will be working in the office and we need a way to store/backup/share files on the network as well as a way to access them remotely if need be. Our internet service is going to be providing us with a static IP. I was thinking that we could use an NAS with RAID 1 attached to the router, which is in turn connected to the cable modem, but I'm not sure if this is secure. Do we need some type of hardware firewall in between the cable modem and the router to protect us from the outside?

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Small Business Network LAN Is Very Slow?

Sep 30, 2011

I just took a position and never had to work with networks that much before. Our lan is very slow and trying to figure out why. We have verizon business class 3 t1 lines dedicated 4 M. When I do a speed test we get about 4.05 average and 4.23 down. We have 11 computers on the network connected to a Dell power connect 2716. We have Two network printers and that is it. We are having problems with it being very slow when connecting to a share on the server or using RDP.

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Small Business Network Is Non Responsive

Jun 3, 2011

I work for a small business of five computers. We have a wireless network for internet traffic, and a wired network for file sharing. The wireless network works great for using the internet, but we are having trouble with the wired network.The issue is being able to communicate with all of the computers on the wired network. The ability to speak with all of the computers on the network is hit or miss. Generally, computer A can speak with computer B, C, and D, but D can only speak with A.

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Setting Up A New Network For A Small Business?

Feb 13, 2012

He currently has 1 server, and 11 workstations, he also has a network switch that we will be replacing.We have picked out a Dell server, running Windows Server 2008 R2 that will be used as the main file server, as well as the domain controller. Where I seem to be confused is on setting up the networking component, particularly how the machines will get IP addresses. As mentioned, I will be purchasing a new Ethernet switch, in order to get the fastest LAN speed possible; I have selected the Dell PowerConnect 2816, which is a 10/100/1000Mbs switch. My question is, will I be letting the switch handle the IP's/DHCP or would I be better off, setting up the server for DHCP? If so, do I also setup the server as the DNS server? From what I am reading online using the server as the DHCP/DNS server gives us more management capabilities and is more "secure". As a test, I loaded Windows Server 2008 R2 on a home machine and played around with this. I got a bit lost on the DHCP and DNS setup and it appears that one needs a Static IP from your ISP in order to setup your serve as the DHCP/DNS server for the domain. Is this correct? I haven't been to his office yet to check out all the existing equipment, is it safe to assume that his ISP provides a router or whatever is needed to feed the switch?

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Cisco :: SF 300-24 / LMS 3.2 Small Business Switches

Dec 29, 2011

I'm currently using LMS 3.2 to monitor my network. We've recently purchsed a few of the Cisco Small Business Switches, the SF 300-24 model to be exact. They're considered 'managed switches' (tho thier CLI is terrible) and I would like to monitor them in CWLMS. My problem is that once I add it to CS, it doesn't resolve to anything, just sits there as a blue box with a question mark. I'm assuming this means that these devices are not (currently) supported by LMS 3.2 - do you know if that will change, or how I can go about managing this device with LMS 3.2?

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Small Business Physical Wiring Layout?

Sep 24, 2011

I am looking to start a proposal for the smallish business I work for. We have about 65 devices on the network with ~ 12 being VOIP phones. Currently our network consists of 2 cisco 2950's and a bunch of daisy chained consumer 5 port switches. I would like to get a couple of 48 port 2960S or 3XXX series catalysis' and run drops to all the devices. It's an older brick building with beamed 15 foot ceilings. It has a couple of semi-enclosed office spaces, with one large space for all the developers and designers. The plan I have involves running a cable tray down the length of the office and run drops off of the main run. I would like to be as cheap as possible with the cable tray, but it seems like all the trays I have seen are about ~50-100 dollars per 10' (not including mounting hardware). Seems extremely expensive for basically wire baskets.

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Example Of Small-business Insecure Network Configuration

Aug 29, 2012

I need an example of a insecure network configuration that is may occur in small-business.For example insecure devices that can be used or how they are connected with each other. Also router/nas/pc configurations. With wireless network it is easy, but i am not familiar with wired networks. Specially I need weak points of a router configurations and weakly designed connections between different devices.I need to design a insecure small-business network configuration for my school project. For example 2 workstations, 1 laptop, NAS, network printer, VoIP telephone etc. After that I need to analyse these weak points.

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Small Business LAN And Wireless Networks Not Cooperating?

Jun 12, 2012

I have a small business with 1 "server PC", 7 PC's & 2 Mac's (and a WiFi TV)Oh and a copier.the server reaches the internet from the wall socket through the copier through a router through a WAP finally to Server. All wired PCs can see the server and interact with it and the copier. All wireless devices (through WAP) cannot access the server computer or the copier. There is no inexpensive way to get a wire to the devices with out causing a tripping hazard or lots of unsightly strung wires. Why are the wireless connections not seeing the server and can I fix that by reconfiguring the setup of my existing devices?

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File Storage Of Small Business Referring To Server?

Feb 9, 2013

is file storage of a small business referring to a file server?

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Cisco WAN :: Small Business To Replace Our Netgear DGN-3500

Jul 12, 2011

I have recently purchased a Cisco 887w router for my small business to replace our Netgear DGN-3500.  We have made the change to allow greater access to our internal IT infrastructure from remote locations.  For the most part I have been able to work through the configuration but I have reached a point now where I can go no further.  The WLAN, LAN and WAN all seem to be working well together as a basic setup but I cannot get any port forwarding/NAT to work.
So far I have attempted to configure two NATd services, both with the same result.  I am trying to direct port 80 through to our web server, and port 444 to our VPN server.  Both seem to undergo translation ok (if i am reading ip nat trans output correctly) but then the packets disappear.  The VPN client annouces that the connection timed out, and the browser goes nowhere.  Also, if i use an online port check it tells me that 80 and 444 are closed, with no packets returned.
I have spent a few days with no progress.  The output of the log (attached txt file) might be meaningfull to somone with a stronger background with Cisco routers...  I have also included the config and some other output that might be useful.

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Cisco Routers :: Small Business SRP527W Web Access Bug?

Jun 12, 2012

I'm trying to configure the newly install Cisco Small Business router SRP527W. This router is provide by one of Malaysia ISP
Problem I found is that, when a user (me) login to the router via web access, than I request my colleague (B), to test the feature I set to the router and try to login to the router via web access at his laptop.
Suprise, suprise, user B redirect to the basic setup page with Admin privilege without enter username and password. By upgrade latest firmware still unable to solve it.

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Cisco Switches :: Small Business SF300 Cascade

Mar 5, 2012

I have 4 SF300 switches I need to cascade together but the user guides do not seem to cover the physical aspects of cascading the switches.Here is what I was planning.
SW1 (port GB2) --> SW2 (port GB1)
SW2 (port GB2) --> SW3 (port GB1)
SW3 (port GB2) --> SW4 (port GB1)
SW3 (port GB2) --> SW1 (port GB1) - loopback for cascade cable redundancy.
Does this sound about right?after initial use the setup will be changed to place switches 3 and 4 in a factory at which time we will then use the GBIC connectors and fibre to connect SW2 to SW3 and then SW4 back to SW1.

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Cisco Switches :: Accounting On Small Business SF300-08?

Jun 26, 2012

The "Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed Switches Administration Guide" and the data sheet indicate that this switch can do accounting requests with a Radius server. On the SF300 switch interface/CLI, there is only the authentication port, the accounting port can not be set (and nothing is sent by the switch to the default port). I suppose that the SF300-08 does not handle accounting. Maybe I have to change for another model.

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FortiGate50B - Finding Inexpensive Firewall For Small Business

Feb 19, 2012

I'm looking for a good yet inexpensive firewall for a small business (12 people in the office, and 12 others who are out and about all day). I also would to monitor internet traffic too. Currently using FortiGate50B, and it expires in 90 or so days,

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Adding A Computer To A Windows Small Business Server Network?

Apr 14, 2011

At my office we have a dell server running windows small business server 2003, there are around 15 computers on our network running mostly windows 7 (a few with XP). I am wondering how difficult it is to add a computer to the network so it can log into our domain and all that.I just had to reformat one of the computers and would normally wait for our network guy to do it remotely but If i could do it myself it would save time (and money). I am already an administrator and basically i just need to make it so the log in prompt when windows starts has our office network listed as the domain instead of jus the local log in. It is a dell running windows 7 64 bit.

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Cisco Routers :: Small Business Pro Srp527w Loosing Connection

Oct 29, 2012

The router keeps loosing connection to the internet. I can still log into the router locally but cant connect out or in from the internet. Which is a big problem as i use this device remotely. I have tried different firmware (.9, .19, .27) the .19 seems to be the most stable but i am still having problems. The only way to rectify it is to reboot the router. Is there a fix for this or a way to schedule a reboot on the router.

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Cisco Routers :: Small Business RV042 VPN Cannot Connect To Network

Jul 14, 2012

I am having difficulty with gateway to gateway vpn on RV042.I have site A and site B, both have static IP address,local IP at site A is local IP at site B is have configured each site as directed in the documentation, the sites connect ok within the admin consoles, I cannot browse any resources from either site. Site A is a domain.local and I am part of that domain at site B. I can ping site B local address from site A and vice versa however I can not ping any of the servers or NAS devices on either network. the only device I can ping successfully inside the network is a phone server (splicecom unit).

I have read various posts in the discussion boards but have found no resolve. Internet access is fine from either site. I think that it could possibly be a DNS issue but am unsure, should I add DNS entries in the advanced section, if so what DNS would I enter?

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USG50 Best Gigabit WAN Router For Small Business VOIP Usage?

Mar 13, 2013

I have a small business customer that is on the hunt for a new small business level router. While they are staying OK on a current consumer level gigabit WAN Netgear box, we are eager to implement something much better. After giving a Zyxel USG50 a try, we had a nightmare with their VOIP provider, Vocalocity, that doesn't like to have SIP ALG turned on (which Zyxel says is a requirement for their USG boxes to work with SIP service). I was curious if any of you had recommendations on great gigabit WAN small business routers (not UTMs of any sort).Here is their setup:

* 1 incoming WAN connection from a fiber provider called Sidera. They are achieving over 100Mbps currently and their provider Sidera REQUIRES us to have a gigabit WAN capable router in order to match the duplex and speed of their enteprise switches.

* About 8-12 office computers.

* About 8-10 VOIP desk phones through Vocalocity (Cisco SPA phones using SIP service, all cloud hosted - a Zyxel USG50 wreaked havoc on the service).

We are looking for something in the $100-250 price range. There seem to be a few options but I am not sure which one would be best to go with, that has a great compatibility out of box with cloud hosted voip phone service.

Any experience with any of the above units in such a setup as we have? The highest priorities for us are LAN-WAN throughput and VOIP quality/bandwidth/compatibility. Dual WAN is not a necessity, but nice to have. Prefer that all ports on the box are full gigabit if possible, but WAN has to be.

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 Small Business Router / Wake On Lan

Dec 18, 2012

I saw older discussions over WOL and RV082/RV042. As router blocks broadcast packets from internet to lan, to make WOL work, i should change router's ARP table using telnet, probably with V1 and V2 versions this action was possible, but trying telnet connection (http://<Router IP Address>/ sysinfo123.htm?ConsoleSimulation=1 with RV082 V3 nothing appears, and telnet connection on standard port (23) fails.
How to make pass WOL magic packets through a RV082 V3 from internet to LAN ? Using simply port forwarding don't work, as router discard broadcast packets incoming from internet.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 And Small Business WRVS4400N VPN Tunnel

Mar 21, 2012

I'm trying to establish a VPN tunnel between our main office running a Cisco ASA 5505 [8.3(2)] and a remote user using a Cisco Small Business WRVS4400N firmware version V2.0.1.3.
The Cisco ASA 5505 is already configured to allow incoming IPSec VPN connections via the Cisco VPN Client.
Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing so? The remote user has a static IP address as well as the main office.
I'm trying to establish a VPN tunnel between our main office running a Cisco ASA 5505 [8.3(2)] and a remote user using a Cisco Small Business WRVS4400N firmware version V2.0.1.3.
The Cisco ASA 5505 is already configured to allow incoming IPSec VPN connections via the Cisco VPN Client. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing so? The remote user has a static IP address as well as the main office.

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Cisco Routers :: DMZ Feature Of Small Business RV220W Not Working?

Dec 23, 2011

I have been trying to configure a local DMZ on our network with the Cisco Small Business RV220W router, running the latest firmware but it doesn't seem to be fully functional? Does the DMZ feature actually do anything at the current state of this router? Because when I tried to DMZ host a computer on our local network I still had to manually port forward different applications in order for people to reach it from WAN.
For instance when trying to host a game session, utilizing TCP port 7777 it didn't matter whether I had enabled DMZ or not, I was still required to manually port forward the port to the DMZ IP-address. 
Doesn't this defeat and eliminate the whole purpose of the DMZ feature in the first place?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 / Affordable IOS Small Business Router?

May 24, 2012

I currrently have the RVS4000 and am looking at the RV180, but I'm having an issue with the RV180 supporting the Dynamic DNS service I need (see here). In that discussion, it seems what would be ideal for me is a router running IOS so I could customize the Dyanmic DNS client on there to fit my needs. However, is there any "affordable" router running IOS that's similar to the RV180 tailored to a small business without getting an overkill router?
Here's my basic needs:Router either compatible with DNS Made Easy's Dynamic DNS service OR has the ability to customize the Dynamic DNS client on there so I can adapt it for DNS Made Easy.I DO NOT need wireless. We only need Ethernet/wired.I prefer Gigabit Ethernet.We're not currently using ProtectLink, so if it offers the ability for it, great, if not, fine.We have our own VPN service and don't need to access the network remotely (just remote into one device using Dynamic DNS), so if it has built-in VPN, great, if not, fine.I'd like IPS included. Our RVS4000 has it and I like this feature.We're switching to cable broadband and VOIP through our cable company, so QoS should probably be included. 

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Cisco :: Small Business RV016 Multi WAN VPN Seen In Improved Throughput

Nov 7, 2011

i own an internet cafe and I just bought a Cisco Small Business RV016 Multi WAN VPN seen in improved throughput, but the problem is that I have 03 connexions of the same.

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Cisco Firewall :: RV180W / Multiple Hosts In DMZ In Small Business Router?

Aug 26, 2012

I've got an RV180W for my office, and so far it has been great.  I have two users that use a certain application that crashes all the time.  For some reason, they don't crash when put into the DMZ.  Is there any way i can put both of them in the DMZ? I can only figure out how to have one host in the DMZ at a time. 

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Cisco Wireless :: E4200 - Small Business / Wi-Fi Access In Public Areas

Oct 5, 2011

We are looking into the possibility of putting in some public wireless access in the public areas of our organization. Its a fairly small building in terms of public access and it needs to span 3 rooms in total. We have a spare BT line into the building - ADSL 2+ - and so will utilize that instead of putting them on our network. We would like to run some router based content filtering on the router - but would use open dns if this isn't possible.I could do to find a good wireless router that will cover the 3 areas . Its not a large budget project as there isn't going to be very highly utilized. We are looking Cisco kit - and have drawn up a few options. Initially we were going to go with the 1140's - but these are access points and as per my understanding aren't going to work with the phone line - as it needs to be a wireless router.
The next area was the Linksys E series (E4200) - they do look really good, and they have the content filtering which we like. What the power and range of the E series is? The only issue we might have is its a fairly old building and so some of the walls are pretty thick - one of which is wooden lined.It has the 3x3 mimo antennas and so guess it would provide some pretty good range/power. If the hardware is cheap enough then we may be able to setup the routers in repeater mode - however I'm not sure if the home devices can work that way? - I think max would be £300 - but that will be decided when I have some better numbers.

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Cisco Routers :: RV016 (Small Business) Does Not Answer To Incoming Ping

Dec 4, 2011

Cisco RV016 Small Business Router (firmware version . We have several old RV series Linksys, and the interface seem identical to this new Cisco version so it isnt difficult to have it configured. However, I am facing issues. I cannot ping from untrust to WAN IP of the router.  However pinging from trust to any IP is just fine.
I tried disabling firewall, I also created a firewall rule that allows all ICMP from ANY to ANY. I also tried All traffic from Any to Any. But still the WAN1 and WAN2 IP addresses (Multiple ISP) still does not reply to ICMP.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Small Business SG-200 - How To Obtain SFPs Information

May 1, 2013

I need to extract the serial numbers of SFPs which are plugged in a SG-200-18.For information, SG-200 doesn't have a CLI ... only a Web GUI.I just find this information : [URL]

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Cisco Wireless :: Possible To Put Small Business Router RV120W Into Bridge Mode

Feb 10, 2012

I want to know if it is possible to put the cisco small business router rv120w into bridge mode so that I can connect it to a linksys e2500 access point.  Is this even possible or am I wasting my time?I have 4 devices connected to the cisco router that I want to be able to bridge to the linksys e2500 which has the internet connection.

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