Whole Network Disconnects When Computer Goes Idle And Restarts?

Feb 22, 2013

I have a problem where the complete home network disconnects whenever my computer reboots from idle state (either after leaving it for a while so it goes on sleep, or by putting it on sleep mode). It then takes a few (long) minutes for the network, and the internet access to it to reconnect. In the meantime ALL devices in the house (other laptops, ipads etc) lose connection too. It's only my computer which does this, so i'm assuming that there's something wrong with the settings on computer.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA2700 Disconnects After 30 Minutes Idle?

Dec 23, 2012

My new EA 2700 disconnects from the internet if the desktop is idle for more than 30 minutes. needs to be unplugged for a few minutes then it will reconnect. This is an unacceptable situation and this thing will be tossed if it cannot be fixed. Can this be reset so it won't disconnect? or do I need to replace it with a product from another company?

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Computer Connects To Network But Immediately Disconnects?

Aug 20, 2012

where with my computer where it will connect to my network for a second or two then immediately disconnect. Other computer and devices connect without a problem. I have also experienced this with every network I have tried to connect to; it does the same thing. I figure it is therefore a problem with my laptop itself, but trouble shooting has yielded nothing and most of the fixes I have found require connecting to the network, but obviously I cannot do that.I can connect with an Ethernet cable just fine. My guess would be that there is a setting that is incorrect within the wireless on my computer, but what that is I could not even venture to guess.

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D-Link DIR-655 Computer Randomly Connects And Disconnects From Network

Oct 10, 2011

The modem connects to a D-Link DIR-655 which connects to a computer (Vista) and a switch, the switch then connects to another computer (Win7) and an xbox. the problem is that the vista computer will randomly connect and disconnect from the internet/ network. The vista computer also generally runs very slow on the internet. The Win7 computer runs perfectly and there is never an issue, so I'm wondering if the problem has to do with the vista computer not being connected to the switch? It is not an issue with the router, I have tried two already and the same issue occurs.the vista computer is running with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R which has a Realtek 8111C LAN chipset.

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Protocols / Routing :: Computer Disconnects Only 1 Computer?

Jul 6, 2012

For the Record: I have a Linksys E4200 Router.My computer is an ASUS Notebook (can't identify model, doesn't show on system information, but got it in the last 3 months) My friend's computer is also an ASUS notebook (model designed after a stealth fighter)First: On my computer, I get a solid 500kb/s dl speed at anytime. If anyone else is downloading, even if they are the only others to do so.. they get speeds of 150kb/s tops (on other laptops connected to the router). I don't understand how this is, all the settings on the router are default.econd (more important issue for me): My friends come over often and play games (WoW, Diablo 3, Xbox LIVE etc)... Often when we're doing something together, only my friend will disconnect, but none of us wille've updated his drivers (his computer is fairly new like mine is), among other things.. But he still has the problem, which occurs only at my hou

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Wireless :: Network Connection Drops Then Restarts Frequently?

Nov 25, 2011

Have a MacBook and using Firefox. All lights on the router and modem are green. Does the same thing no matter what distance laptop is from router/modem. Seems to do it in 2-3 minute intervals.

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Windows XP Auto-Restarts When Try To Connect To Wireless Network?

Aug 23, 2011

I'm renting a basement at the moment and I am trying to get my desktop to connect to their wireless network. My laptop is fine but the desktop just keeps restarting itself when its attempting to connect. This didn't happen before I moved. When it finishes restarting there's a popup asking to send a error report to Windows. Since I have no internet that won't I clicked the details of the error message this is what I see.[CODE]

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Network Adapter Keeps Turning Off When Pc Is Idle?

Mar 15, 2011

I need to find a way to PERMANENTLY disable the network adapter from turning off to save power. Its this setting here. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Every time I restart the computer it rechecks that box. I manage an office with about 10 computers and this power saving feature is making the software they use very unstable.

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Netgear FS105 - How Many Watts Does Unit Take Idle And Under Network Load

Jul 15, 2011

Have a kill-a-watt and a Netgear FS105 switch? and if you do how many watts does the unit take idle and under network load?

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Wireless Disconnects When Computer Goes To Sleep?

Mar 1, 2012

When my computer sleeps, the wireless disconnects, and then I have to manually reconnect upon waking. Is there anyway it can remain connected?

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Computer Randomly Disconnects From Internet

Jun 7, 2012

i have a desktop that tends to disconnect at random moments, and the only way to fix this problem is to restart for every time the internet disconnects. It is a wired connection and this desktop is the only computer in the house that has this problem.

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Internet Disconnects When Another Computer Opens?

Jun 13, 2012

I have a pretty confusing setup. That consists of my main modem router on the living room, then I have that connected to a powerline that is connected to another room, the powerline from there connects to another router that is turned in to an access point, that connects to mutliple computers, a mac and a pc with ethernet. My mac and my iPhone are also connected with Wi-Fi. My main router and my access point are Wireless.So my problem is that, when I open my Mac, my internet will work just fine. But then if i open my pc while my Mac is on, the internet connection is shut down on my mac and works only on my pc, the wireless also shuts down the internet connectivity, it still broadcasts but without internet

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Adding Router Disconnects Computer From Internet?

Aug 30, 2011

I recently bought a Motorola SurfBoard SB5101U Cable Modem and a MediaLink Wireless-N Router (Model NO.: MWN-WAPR150N). Just yesterday, Charter Internet hooked up the internet for my apartment. It works just fine when I only have the modem connected, but when I add the router, the internet disconnects.I have tried changing the router's IP.Here's the ipconfig /all for only the modem:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:UsersMatthew>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Matthew-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Router Disconnects From Internet Only When Certain Computer Connects

Sep 1, 2012

We have a Belkin N300 router connected to the internet through a cable modem(Comcast). Up until yesterday it worked fine for all the devices connected. But now whenever my brother's laptop connects(wireless) to the network it makes the router lose connection to the internet so all the devices connected lose connection, too obviously. Everything shows connected to the router, but the router releases it's DHCP whenever he connects. As soon as he turns off his wifi or manually chooses to disconnect... the internet fires right back up within a minute or so. We have no idea what is causing this. We did notice that his laptop was trying to connect with IPV6 while everything else was using IPV4

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D-Link DIR-625 - Wireless Router Disconnects When My Mother Logs On Her Computer

Apr 9, 2012

I have a D-Link model DIR-625, and it always seems to disconnect when my mother logs on her computer. Is there some kind of setting on her computer that could be disconnecting us? When my dad is on his I never disconnect which is why I am wondering it must be something on her computer that's interfering with the signal or something. If I reset the router while she's still on, It will disconnect again within a few minutes. So where can I check if it could be her computer that's interfering with the signal?

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Home Network :: Random Network Drops / Disconnects Services?

Apr 15, 2011

I've been having some issues with my network connectivity for a while now, and I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is. I run a wired connection to an Ethernet port in the wall of my university dorm. I have verified that it is not a global network issue or an ISP issue; this problem only happens on my PC.My network connection drops/disconnects randomly throughout the day. When I say disconnect/drop, I mean that all attempts to ping or access the internet fail. A few minutes pass before the Network and Sharing center task tray icon shows a warning sign saying that my computer could not connect to the internet.This is temporarily fixed by doing an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, but I have to execute these two commands about 2-3 times a day on average.

There is no exact interval between the disconnects, nor does it happen when I am running particular programs. The disconnect happens regardless of what I am doing at the moment (gaming, browsing the internet, leaving the computer idle).A month back, I installed some Windows Updates and suddenly my internet connection was almost completely broken. I was experiencing the same issue, but much more frequently. My internet would die within 10 seconds of executing any download, but Windows wouldn't recognize that something was wrong. At first I thought the ZoneAlarm, Avast!, or the SafeConnect (as required by my university) services were causing trouble but uninstalling/disabling these services did not fix the problem.I also tried reverting to my default ethernet drivers, which did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple versions of my drivers to no avail.However, the internet worked just fine in Safe Mode with Networking, so I cross-referenced the processes/services running in Safe Mode w/ Networking against my normal startup, guessing something else was at play.After some poking around, I discovered that disabling the Server and Browser services permanently fixed the issue of instant connection death. But the initial problem I described still remains;random, less frequent internet connection drops.

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Computer Randomly Disconnects From Modem But Modem Is Still Running

Jul 5, 2012

my computer randomly disconnects from my modem and will not reconnect until I restart my computer (do not need to restart modem). When I check the modem, it always is still running. The lights on the modem do the exact same thing whether the internet is working or not. The disconnection is entirely random. Sometimes it will disconnect immediately, sometimes it will take up to a few hours. I do not have a router hooked up to the modem, and the only other thing the modem is hooked up to is our tv. But even when the tv box is off, we still randomly disconnect.

On the previous forum thread that I read, some of the comments asked for the person to paste their entire ipconfig and their entire ping list from command prompt I will post that below: [code] Could it possibly be a virus? I am currently performing a virus scan using Microsoft Security Essentials. I will report the results of that tomorrow, seeing that it will take several (up to 10) hours to finish and it is nearly midnight of me posting this.I should also note that whenever I unplug my Ethernet cord it gives me a symbol that looks like this other than the regular disconnect with the red "X" over the wire symbol.

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DSL Internet And LAN Lights Restarts?

May 16, 2012

DSL in my modem nearly takes 30 minutes to start operating once i start modem two lights in power and the Lan are glowing but Dsl is not for more than 30 minutes then after that it operates but once u restart the system or switch the modem off and On it again takes 30 minustes to start often it restarts itself when operating the Dsl wat would b the problem any wire or cable or modem itself or splitter

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Cisco WAN :: New ISRG2 2921 Restarts Very Often?

Apr 9, 2012

from todays morning my 2921 is restarting about one time per two hours:
uptime is 1 minute
System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x23A49808, address 0x0 at 15:45:07 CET Tue Apr 10 2012


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Cisco Routers :: RV082 Restarts Itself

Jul 28, 2010

we have an RV082 router that a few days ago started restarting itself after normal usage.The simpton is that when people come to office, starting using the Internet the RV082 resets. It stays online for 3 to 12 minutes and then it resets again.
clicking on Reset to Factory Default in the web interfaceafter the reset, I confirmed that it was reset to factory default I reset it again using the reset buttomre-configure the RV082 manually.I also tested with another identical rv082 (hw version and firmware version) and after doing a backup of the config of the original rv082 and restoring it in the new rv082, the same problem happends.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Hardware Version C1 Frequently Restarts

Apr 18, 2011

Im using a DLINK DIR 615 N series router.It was working fine since few months but recently from past 1 month, my router is keep on getting restarting.Like, it restarts (red light is on) frequently after every 10 seconds, even i can't get so much of time to reconfigure it.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - WLC Randomly Restarts Itself

Feb 13, 2012

I am currently using a 5508 Cisco WLC with software version It has been running smoothly for the past 1.5 years, but have recently discovered that the WLC will randomly restarts itself. I know this because I have seen the disruptions in our wireless network, as well as seen the Up time counter reset itself. I have tried looking at the trap logs to see if there is any significant network traffic that may be causing this, but from what I can tell there is nothing out of the ordinary. The restarts happen randomly at random times. I have never seen a Cisco device behave this way, not a switch, a router or security appliance for that fact. What may be causing the WLC to just reboot itself?

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Cisco WAN :: ASR1006 Restarts When Write Command

Jan 8, 2011

my ASR1006 router with the IOS ver:
Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software (PPC_LINUX_IOSD-ADVENTERPRISE-M), Version 12.2(33)XNE, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
is restarting again and again when I try to write the configuration.

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D-Link DIR-601 :: Router Restarts When Attempting To Play Game

Jan 22, 2011

i have a DIR-601. Basic settings, port forwarded for Xbox live and Wolfenstein enemy territory.I have a home PC with a wired connection and a laptop which is set up through wireless. I installed the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on my laptop and every time I start the game and attempt to fetch a server list, my router resets itself. The game works fine when I connect directly to my modem, but not when I connect to my router

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Cisco Wireless :: SRP527W LAN Requires Frequent Restarts?

Jun 7, 2013

Have an SRP527W that I've had a couple of years,
Model:SRP527W, ADSL2+ AnnexA, 802.11n ETSI, 2FXS/1FXOVersion ID:V03Hardware Version:4.0.0Boot Version:1.1.17 (Jan 4 2010 - 21:15:46)Firmware Version:1.01.29 (002) Mar 29 2013ADSL Firmware Version:0.78.0Recovery Firmware:1.01.20 (011)Setup Wizard Version:20110728.00 

As indicated in the subject, wireless users are finding that it is either unattachable (shows up in the list but fails to attach) or if you manage to authenticate and get in, it's painfully slow or simply drops out.  Security is WPA-PSK.   Only noticed the issue after a couple of Windows 8 laptops came into the household, but the problem still seems to be there when they are off so not sure if they are connected in some way or not.  Updated to the latest firmware - no change.   Wired connections are fine and when it's initially restarted, so is the wireless, seems to happen sometime after wireless services are restarted.  Only the one Wireless SSID, nothing fancy, max users around 5, all on laptops or the odd pad.   I changed channels done narrow wide etc, (using mixed mode - some Wireless N laptops some Wireless B/G.   Nothing seems to make any difference.  No log entries until the Wireless system is restarted, doesn't require a reboot of the router, just a SUBMIT of the existing wireless settings to force it to restart. 

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Laptop Constantly Disconnects From Network

Jun 7, 2012

So he has a Laptop which keeps disconnecting from his router but the time between the disconnects are completely random, sometimes it will be 10 seconds and other times it will be 4 hours.I have tried to sort it by the obvious ways of updating drivers, repair connection ect but nothing seems to work. Even when connected via an Ethernet cable the problem persists.I have kinda contained the problem to his laptop or the router they are using because the other laptop they have never disconnects and works perfectly fiine.

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Network Works 2-3 Minutes And Disconnects

Mar 29, 2012

I have Windows 7 PRO and since I bought it I have wierd disconnects. The network works for like 2-3 minutes and then disconnects for 5+ mintues.

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Network's Internet Periodically Disconnects

Apr 10, 2012

My internet disconnects every 15 minutes or so for about 10 minutes and it is getting really annoying. It started last night. I installed the HideMyAss add-on for Chrome and I think that may have something to do with it. Since then, I disabled and uninstalled the add-on, yet the issues continue. When I try to open a page with Chrome or Firefox I get these messages:This webpage is not available.The server at www.google.com can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.I have tried the Chrome recommendations with little success. One more thing, it is not just my computer. Everyone in my house is periodically unable to access the internet. Our service provider is Optimum and we have a Belkin Router. I changed all of the security settings on the router, yet the troubles persist. url...

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Wired PC Randomly Disconnects From Network?

Nov 9, 2011

My PC at work has started disconnecting from the network one to 3 times per day and I haven't been able to figure out why. At first I thought that it was my switch so I plugged the wire directly into the wall and it still disconnected Then I thought it must be a bad networking card so I replaced that yesterday and it disconnected again. Like I said, it only happens a couple of times per day which wouldn't be so bad except that sometimes I have a Citrix session going or my Great Plains Dynamics program open and I have to go kick myself out of those sessions.

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Network Connection Disconnects Every 30-45 Minutes

Aug 11, 2011

My net connection is disconnecting every 30-45mins and this has been going on now for the past three weeks since I built my new PC.Here's what I've done to try to rectify this:

* Uninstalled/reinstalled Windows 7 (64-bit)
* Called ISP (AOL), whose first and second-line tech support ran tests and couldn't find any problems with the line.
* Changed the router (from a D-Link DSL2640-R to a Huawei EchoLife HG521 - both provided by ISP).
* Replaced the Ethernet cable that connects the router to my PC.
* Replaced the Rj11 cable that connects my router to the DSL filter.
* Replaced both DSL filters in my house (I have two phones at seperate locations in my house).
* Removed the bell wire from my telephone sockets. Whilst this didn't fix the disconection problem, it has increased my download speed from 130kbps to over 300kbps.
* Uninstalled the ethernet network adapter and then installed the most up-to-date network adapter driver available.
* Tried a couple of programs to optimize both my network and my PC to no avail.
* Changed my Anti-virus software from AVG to Avast, but again, there's no fix. [code]

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Internet Randomly Restarts / Can't Play Any Multi-player Games

Oct 6, 2012

I'v been getting this strange problem.Each 5-10 minutes my internet restarts,it basically shut downs for 20 sec and then reapears,its really annoying because videos take 1 year to load,i cant play any multiplayer games because i get kicked every 5 mins and i cant talk on skype because call crashes each 5 mins.I am using a linksys router.

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Belkin Router Restarts All Devices Lost Connection Through Wifi

Aug 18, 2012

I'm having issue with wireless connection on Belkin router F5D7633-4.Every 1-2 days my router disconnect and reconnect for no apparent reasons. When this happens, it affects it's wifi. All the devices in my house couldn't connect via wireless to this router. The only way to get these devices connected is to manually reboot the router.Do you know how to allow the router to allow many devices connected at same time?

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Samsung Laptop Disconnects Devices On Network

Jan 2, 2013

I have a problem with a samsung laptop. Everytime it connects to the home network it disconnects all the other devices on the network. I have reset router (still same problem). Sometimes it will connect for a while and when a download for updates takes place it will automatically disconnect again.

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