Wireless :: Make Toshiba Satellite Stronger

Nov 1, 2012

how can i make my satellite stronger

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Wireless :: Toshiba Satellite A 665 Can't Turn Wifi On

Feb 24, 2011

I can't turn WI-FI on in my Toshiba A 665, Win 7. At the biginning worked good ,than vanished. Checking Fn > F8 below main icon (with an antena ) do not show up other four icons below, like they suppose to do. So I'm not even able to try to turn it on. Restarting doesn't do at all. Pushing Wi-fi switch, above the keybord, doesn't even show On/of icon.

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop :: Wireless Zero Configuration

Jul 29, 2011

I recently moved and my Toshiba Satellite laptop won't talk to my NetGear router. On the phone with NetGear for hours - tried everything - but tech says the problem is with the laptop and somehow the "Wireless Zero Configuration" tab in my Services is not there? I can connect through the router with my IPOD and Dell laptop.

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Toshiba Satellite M70-122 Laptop Can't Find Wireless

Dec 6, 2011

I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-122, running with Windows XP. A few weeks ago, it stopped connecting to my wireless, but it connects to others. I can connect to my wireless with my cellphone, so it might be a problem with the laptop.And I can connect to the internet with the cable. It's just the wireless that doesn't work.

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Toshiba Satellite - Wireless Internet Not Connecting

May 31, 2012

I am using a toshiba satellite and have accessed the router through another computer and was able to access the internet. I am currently using the ipad to post.At first when i choose my internet connection, it will automativally try and detect the network type, then tell me that "windows is unable to connect to the selected network". I have read other user posts and went to the wireless properties and changed the network authentication to shared and unclicked the "key index". Now, when i click on my wireless network it will automatically ask me to enter my network key. But after i do that, all it does is wait a few seconds and close that dialog box without connecting me.[code]

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How To Turn On Wireless On Toshiba Satellite Pro C650

May 21, 2012

There is no switch on the Toshiba C650 that i have.. And the FN/F8 button just says that its disabled and to turn on...

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Wireless :: Can't Turn On Toshiba Satellite A665-S6094

Jan 17, 2013

can't turn on wireless A665-S6094 Toshiba Satellite, tried the FN & F8 keys, but nothing happens Maybe I'm missing a driver or software to fix this wireless problem.

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Toshiba Satellite T110-11U Could Not Detect Wireless Network?

Nov 16, 2011

my TOSHIBASATELLITE T110-11U could not detect wireless network and only can connect to internet by cable . when I try to restore system , it said THE DISK WINDOWS (C) HAS ERRORS. Never happened before and I have no idea why it happened suddenly today.

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Toshiba Satellite A215 - Wireless Network Access

Apr 16, 2012

i have a Toshiba Satellite A215 with Windows Vista Home Premium. The laptop has been running on my wireless network for several years with no issues. For some reason I can no longer access the wireless network/Internet but can through the LAN (cable). I have other 2 other computers (Dell desktop and iPad) that are running on the wireless network so it just seems to be the Toshiba laptop that is having the problem. I have not done anything new to the network router or the Toshiba and am not sure why the Toshiba all of a sudden no longer does not have wireless access. The devise manager says the adapter is functioning properly. I have looked at other resolved issues on your site that have had this issue but have not been able to resolve my issue. As requested with other similar issues here is the ipconfig for the Toshiba.

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Wireless :: Toshiba Satellite - Unable To Connect Dialog Box

Feb 15, 2011

My Toshiba Satellite (C655-S5049) with Atheros wireless works just fine at my home and a number of public wireless locations (Panara Bread, libraries, school, etc.) There are many other public wireless locations where I try to connect and just get an "unable to connect" dialog box which gives me the options to "diagnose connection problem" (blames the access point). The places that work, work consistently. The places that don't work, I've never been able to get in even though people around me are online with their machines.I'm running thie machine pretty much as it was delivered out of the box. I've installed AVG for virus protection, and I have all the default protection settings (firewall, sharing, etc.).

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Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-154 / Wireless Disconnecting All The Time

Jul 22, 2012

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-154 and for two years our wireless internet disconnects constantly sometimes for upto an hour. I have tried to diagnose and repair, system restore. The wireless connection shows up but when you try to connect it says:

Windows cannot connect to ...
Diagnose the problem
Conect to a different network


I have checked my provider and the wireless works continously on both mobile phones, so Im sure its the computer.

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Wireless :: Connecting Toshiba Satellite Laptop To Network

Jul 21, 2011

connect Toshiba Satellite Laptop to network

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Switch To Turn On Wireless In Toshiba Satellite A665?

Apr 10, 2012

where is the switch to turn on wireless capability for myToshiba Satelite A665

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Toshiba Satellite P205 Won't Connect To Wireless Network?

Oct 8, 2012

I recently reformatted the hard drive and when I finished I tried to connect to our home network and the laptop will not. The wireless is on, the network shows up, I click connect, put in the password, but it keeps coming up that it cannot connect. When I click diagnose, it reads that I can either try reconnecting to the network or reset the wireless router/access point and try again. We have a desktop connected, 2 laptops, & TiVo with no problems. This is the only laptop that has a problem. Yesterday I reformatted another Toshiba laptop's hard drive and had no trouble reconnecting to the home network. I've read several threads regarding this matter, and have tried the following:

(1) TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows Vista - nothing looked unusual with each step, and (2) ipconfig /all - attaching the txt file with results.

I am at a loss. I don't want to hard wire it as the last time I did this, the internet was lost on all of out devices and it took me a day to get it back to the way it was.

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A 100-596 - No Wireless Switch On Front Of Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Oct 3, 2011

There is no wireless switch on the front of my Toshiba Satalite A 100-596 Model. How do I turn on Wireless?

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Toshiba Satellite C655 Turn On Wireless Capability?

Jun 18, 2012

Toshiba Satellite c655 turn on wireless capability

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Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 Wireless Not Working Properly

Nov 18, 2012

I checked what she needed, updated her drivers for Ethernet and Wireless, and the Device Manager is stating that they are both working fine. (no ! or ? on them)When I plug in an ethernet cable it works fine. It gets connection pretty well through my BT Infinity modem.However the wireless will not pick up any connections at all. I attempted troubleshooting, and all it says, "Your network adapter is experiencing problems" etc.I thought that I may need to turn on Wireless Association on the modem, but that didn't work. My dads laptop is also a Windows 7 Laptop and that works fine and will bring up all connections in the area, including mine.

So I googled around, and I found that I may need to turn on a wireless switch. After looking around the laptop, I noticed two things. 1) There is no wireless switch, and 2) There is an orange light above the WIFI symbol.So I googled around a bit more, and found it might be turned off in the FN+f8 Flash card feature. At first I couldn't actually bring this up, so I reinstalled the flash card, and it began to work. It claims the wireless connection is "On".I am not sure what to do next. I have checked the services to make sure WLAN Autoconfig is on Automatic, and Started, and it is. I also tried disabling, then enabling both ethernet, and wireless connections, which did nothing.

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How To Turn On Wireless Capability In Toshiba Satellite A665

Mar 20, 2011

How to Turn on wireless capability in my Satellite A665

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Connect Toshiba Satellite A205 To Wireless Internet?

Jul 16, 2011

I am trying to connect my Toshiba Satellite A205 to wireless internet through Comcast. It says its connected but only locally and will not let me surf the internet. Every other wireless device in my house connects to the same wireless I am trying to connect to, but my laptop won't.

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There Is No Wireless Switch On The Front Of Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Sep 26, 2011

the F8 ket isn't working, but I am sure there is no wireless switch on the front of my tosbhiba satellite laptop.

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Toshiba Satellite L450D Very High Latency Only On Wireless

Apr 17, 2012

When using this laptop (Toshiba Satellite C660D-1GD) on the forum it seemed unusually laggy when changing pages, whereas when using my Toshiba Satellite L450D it is always more positive.Decided to do some ping tests via the cmd prompt (after checking the error count via telnet) and they were in the hundreds.The L450D ping tests are spot on so I know it isn't the router (Billion Bipac 7800N)Been the usual route, totally uninstalled the wireless adaptor (Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n) including the Cisco elements, Eset and MBAM full scan and downloaded chipset drivers. Even factory reset the router and deleted the wireless profile including reg entries as a last resort.After each of those operations (other than reinstalling the wireless adaptor) the latency would be spot on and continued to be after an immediate reboot, but logging on a couple of hours later or the following morning, they would be very high again.After reinstalling the wireless adaptor for the second time, on a hunch I removed the Ethernet cable and run another test. The latency came in high but when I re-ran the test wired, they were spot on.

Phoned up KnowHow techs and read off the numbers who then put me onto 2nd level tech. He remotely connected and ran a couple of ping -n 50 tests as well as a tracert but was unable to replicate the results I was gettiing. As nothing was broken (for him), nothing to fix but to phone again if it continued.I rebooted after the phone call and got the high latency straight off. I wondered, as the latency returned to normal after certain operations I'd done, whether the remote connection had the same effect.Having been on the phone for 55mins, I'd had enough.These are two tests I've recorded from today which are together in one Wordpad doc, so you'll be able to see what I mean. Ctrl+C has been a bit erratic so they are the only ones I've been able to save. [code]

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Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D Wireless Internet Not Working

Sep 30, 2012

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D laptop. The internet works fine when it's connected with a LAN cable. With the wireless however, the laptop connects successfully but there is no internet connection. I have had this problem previously, but it was solved when I updated the Atheros driver. However, I have just moved to a new place and the same thing has happened again! [code]

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Wireless :: How To Get Toshiba Satellite L655-s5153 Laptop Network

Mar 18, 2012

i reistalled windows 7 ultimate x64 now i have no ethernet or network controller

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Toshiba Satellite L500-2H / Extremely Slow Wireless Speed

Mar 28, 2013

Having a bit of a quandry. I have one laptop, a Toshiba Satellite L500-2H, that seems to get ridiculously slow wireless speeds sometimes. Like, slow to the point of not even being able to load webpages. Or taking way too long to do so. Either it cripples along or can't load outright.sometimes the Toshiba will do exactly what it's supposed to and pull 20 megabits/s on speedtest.net, which is what the others do.

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Toshiba A350 Satellite Notebook - Wireless Adapter Won't Turn On

Feb 12, 2011

I have a Toshiba A350 satellite notebook. The wireless adapter was working fine, then I installed Windows 7. Now the adapter wont turn on. I've searched forums, and followed several threads to no avail.The wireless switch is on, but there is no LED. Fn+F8 does nothing. I have restarted and reset the BIOS to defaults.I have disabled Internet protocol 6.All of these have made no difference. I can access the internet via a fixed connection, but cannot get the wireless adapter to respond.

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Toshiba Satellite P750 Wireless LAN Can't Discovered In Device Manager?

Feb 6, 2013

i cannot seem to find my wireless network card in device manager? i have tried to download the driver from toshiba but it still dosent seeem to be sorting it. i am having to do this because i have performed a fresh install of windows 7 on my laptop.

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Won't Stay Connected To Home Wireless?

Aug 1, 2011

I'm having trouble getting my laptop to stay connected to my wireless internet. This problem only occurs with my laptop (other laptops in the house are able to connect no problem) and with this particular wireless box (my laptop has no problems connecting and staying connected to other wireless networks, wi-fi, etc.).

I am able to connect to the wireless but it lasts only for a few minutes before connection is lost, so I basically have to connect to the internet through a ether cable (?) plugged into the wireless box.

I can't work out where the problem could be as the wireless works for other computers, and my computer works with other wireless networks!

I don't know if it matters but I am using a Toshiba satellite running on Windows 7.

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Toshiba Satellite A665-S6095 - Wireless Off / Unable To Turn On

Dec 28, 2012

The switch is one, device manager shows the wireless card removed the switch and checked it and it moves to "off/ON" no problem System still says the switch is off.

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Toshiba Satellite M645 S4112 Will Not Detect A Wireless Connection?

Dec 8, 2012

My toshiba satellite m645 s4112 will not detect a wireless connetion.

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Toshiba Satellite L555D-S7005 Laptop Turns Off Whole Wireless Network?

Sep 29, 2011

So I have a Toshiba Satellite L555D-S7005. When I put it into Hibernate mode (I dont like turning it off, takes too much time) it paralyzes my whole wireless network. It makes it so that anybody else on WIRELESS gets disconnected, and cannot reconnect easily (they must restart the router). This gets very irritating when my brother is on the X-BOX/Laptop and he cannot continue playing games or whatever. If I disconnect my laptop the network goes down for them, but not for me. I can log right back on and connect with no problems. The wired computer has no problems with internet when I turn off my laptop.

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Netgear Wireless G Router WGR614v9 Connect With Toshiba Satellite 335CDT?

Mar 6, 2011

I have existing wireless system router "Netgear wireless G router WGR614v9" and connected to DELL PC and laptops (two) and both are having window XP system.I have old computer ( Toshiba Satellite 335CDT with window 98 and I want to connect this to my existing wireless system.

1. Can I do this wireless connections.

2. If yes than how to do it, step by step.

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Wireless :: Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop Has Suddenly Stopped Detecting Network

Jun 24, 2011

My Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop has suddenly stopped detecting my wireless network. IT detects every other network in the area but mine. Other computers in the house have no problem detecting and connecting.Wireless is enabled, it happens no matter how close or far from the router. The network is set to broadcast the ssid, etc. I have not changed any settings on my laptop or router, this has suddenly started happening. Have updated drivers to no effect.Occasionally, the network pops up when I re-start the laptop. Rarely works and sometimes it will detect the network, then fail to connect, then the network can't be detected at all.

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Wireless :: Toshiba Satellite L305-S5974 Is Not Detecting Network In Neighborhood

Jan 29, 2012

my Toshiba satellite L305-S5974 is not detecting wireless

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