D-link Dir-825 :: Connecting Wired To Get Wifi Via Wan And Lan Ports

Jan 12, 2013

1.) I don't have a wireless card in my PC, so I will be connecting wired to get WiFi via WAN and LAN ports, right? I have a Windows 7 32-bit desktop PC. We are working with a DSL modem residential line without phone line using a coaxial cable, and Ethernet cable from modem into the PC. provide step by step walk through instructions by connecting this D-link router to my modem and WiFi, and for me to use the WPA2 security?

2.) I have an iPhone 4 with Verizon. If I want to use my iPhone to get WiFi from the router, and turn off the Internet, and use WiFi only on my phone, how would this work?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Loose Ability To Use Internet On Wired / Wifi Ports

Sep 6, 2011

As soon as i modify my wireless to be unsecured, I looy ability to usse me the internet on all wired ports as well as all wireless.  From the routers point of view it still has a good solid internet connection.  Passes traceroute, but wont allow any wired or wireless connections on the internet.  I'm trying to get a Linksys WRE54G v1 to work with this so my parents can have internet once more.  If i manualy remove the security to allow the one touch Auto configuration button to work i loose my ability to surf until i run the Cisco Connection software to turn back on the passwords.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2800 - Connecting To Wired Apple TV Across WAN Link

Feb 7, 2013

I am having issues figuring out how i can make AppleTV,Airprint, Airplay, etc show up on Ipads that are connected to the wireless network.  The controller is at a main site which is seperated by 2800 series routers at the remote sites over 100Mbs links.  Ipads connect and tunnell back to the main site.  I've tried enabling FlexConnect but the devices still get the main site's addressing so i'm guessing they are still tunneling unless the AP loses connectivity to the controller.  I have two SSIDs (staff and students).  I have tested with just setting the staff to FlexConnect.  Do I need to set both SSIDs to FlexConnect to make them dump data locally?  AppleTVs are connected wired to the local networks and get addressing associated with that building.

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D-link Dir-655 :: Opening Ports - Getting Itunes Wifi Sync To Work?

Dec 27, 2011

I'm trying to get the silly iTunes Wi-Fi sync to work  , and I've been told to ensure that these ports are open:5297 TCP 5298 TCP/UDP and 5353 UDP in the hardware router.  How do I do this with the DIR-655 (HW version A3, FW version 1.35NA)?

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D-link Dir-655 :: Mac Filtering - Only Want Wifi Filtered / Not Wired Lan Nodes

Mar 19, 2011

All 3 previous wireless routers I've had were all LinkSys routers and I had to overcome a learning curve since configuring this DIR-655 is slightly different..What I want to do is allow only the WiFi MAC addresses that I choose to access the network. It seems to me that in order to accomplish this I have to include all of my wired LAN devices' MAC filters as well. I can see having MAC filtering for WiFi devices, however why do I need to add my wired LAN devices MAC addresses?  I'm not going to allow just anyone to walk into my home off the street and plug a computer into the network via CAT-5 ethernet cable, so isn't there a way to accomplish just the WiFi allow list and the heck with the wired nodes?  The LinkSys routers I used in the past allowed me to allow the MAC filter for WiFi devices only.  Is there a way around having to allow all MAC's and just allowing the wifi's? 

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D-link Router / No Devices Connecting To Home Wifi?

Oct 4, 2012

The laptops and the desktop in my home connect perfectly fine to our wifi, but all other devices like our iPhones, iPads, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and a 2006 hp laptop will either show a connection, but the connection doesn't actually work, or there will be a broken connection shown to our wifi. All these devices (except the Nintendo devices[only because we haven't tried it out]) will connect and perform on wifi elsewhere.We have a d-link router?

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Tp-link 300mbps Wireless :: Tl-wr1043nd / Very Slow Connection (wired 57mbits / Wifi 4mbps)

Mar 27, 2013

Region : Belgium
Model : TL-WR1043ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.13.12 Build 120405 Rel.33996n
ISP : Telenet

I've just bought a TP-Link TL_WR1043ND and when I was configuring the wireless settings first I had a +- 40Mbps connection,a little later the connection dropped to 4Mbps and was constantly dropping the speed.Sometimes it went to 15Mbps and then it drops back to 4Mbps.Right now its only 1Mbps.


Wireless channel: 11
Mode: 11bgn mixed
Channel width: Auto
Max tx rate: 300Mbps
Wireless router radio and SSID broadcasting enabled


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Cisco :: Changing Link Ports To Access Ports In LMS 4.1?

Feb 2, 2012

One of techs accidentally connected two access ports from different switches together.  Since then, LMS is alerting them as being Link ports down.  I tried to default the config and set them to access ports without any success.  what I should do in LMS to recognize them as access ports? 

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Routers / Switches :: Add Wired Ports Via A Second Router?

Mar 21, 2011

uplink port is already being used for a wireless dlink router.....want to add wired ports via a second router

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Connect 1 Laptop And 2 PCs To Switch Via Wired Ports

Mar 16, 2012

I want to connect 1 laptop and 2 pc,s to a switch via wired ports. Laptop has WiFi Internet. I DO NOT want internet going to the PC's. Question is will this set-up work for me. all 3 are windows 7

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Linksys Wired Router :: RV082 One-To-One Nat Different Ports?

Feb 8, 2011

I am setting up One-To-One NAT to redirect traffic from the internet. We have 5 static public IP addresses, and I set up One-To-One Nat to redirect to local Win servers. One of the servers running Web server and FTP server. For some reason redirection works fine for the Web server, but does not work for FTP server when I try to access them from the internet. FTP server works locally, but my FTP client cannot connect from the Internet. I opened the ports in the firewall, and these ports show as opened when I test them from external servers. What am I missing?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Use As Hub To Get More Wired Ports?

Jul 11, 2012

This is my first experience using a Cisco Linksys router. Up to now I've always used DLink. But when my newest Dlink router failed for the 3rd time I decided it was time to find a better make. The Linksys E2500 came highly recommended. The trouble I am having is that I've been using an old DLink DI-604 wired router as a hub to get 3 extra wired ports. But with the linksys router I can't get this to work.. Can this be done with this router and if so, how do I have to setup the routers?

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR41 - Ports (2 And 4) Not Working

Nov 4, 2007

I have a linksys BEFSR41 V.2 router with four ports.  Ports #1 and #3 are working but the other two do not.  The diag. light just blinks rapidly.

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Routers / Switches :: Add Wired Ports To DSL Modem And Get Gigabit SubLAN

Jan 24, 2012

Adding ports to my Fairpoint provided Westell 7500 Rev D DLS modem router which has only 4 RJ45 ports. Bought a Linksys SE2500 gigabit smart switch but it doesn't assign IP or pass on router assigned IPs. Can't get ASSISTANCE from Fairpoint [successor to Verizon] configuring router or any advice on other ways to get more wired devices on LAN.For speed in backups I'd like 3 devices to be able to communicate at giabit speed Want to have an NAS and 2 Win7 Ultimate computers on smart switch, 3 other wired devices [WinXP, AT&T Cell tower, & DirectTV whole house SWM interface] and wireless on the router. 1. Are Fairpoint specs for DSL published so I could get another DSL modem router instead of the Westell or is it better to configure Westell as a router only and use a new to be acquired router with or without the existing or a new gigabit switch. I have a DI-624 from the pre-DSL Hughesnet satellite days.2. Are there less smart switches which would work better and let router assign the IPs?3. If this is too complex for me, can you recommend a remote access consultant to walk me through this for a fee?4. I'm 82, have been in computing since 1960, mainly in on-line end user environment mbut don't know the bridging, PPP PPoE differences, and implementation or configuration details of current hard and software except as a user.

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Linksys Wired Router :: AG10W - Forward Ports To Xbox?

Apr 13, 2013

I have a DSL modem, model AG10W. I can't seem to figure out how to forward ports to xbox. No one seems to have this router/modem. I got it from a company here in town. I don't know much about this type of stuff.

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Connecting Old And New Routers To Ports - DNS Cannot Be Resolved

May 17, 2012

we would like to get Internet from the new router and have it go through a second (old) router on one port and another wired connection on another port. Currently, when we connect the old router to a port, no traffic goes through and dns cannot be resolved.

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Linksys Wired Router :: Befsr41v3 Cannot Open Ports Due To Internet Connection

Nov 16, 2011

i cant open my ports  because i have a internet connection that first goes to my router and then to my modem.

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 V2 Ports Become Inactive - Upgraded To Latest Firmware?

Jan 5, 2012

I have the Linksys BEFSR V2 router and at least once a day some or one of the ports become inactive and have to unplug the router and plug it back in to reset. I have ungraded to the latest firmware but this is still happening on a daily basis.

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Cisco WAN :: 2960 / 2811 - Connecting 2 Ports With Two Switches

May 18, 2012

I have a 2960 and a 2811 with a hwic card I have one port set as 100 meg and another port set at 10 meg. Both are set to access mode. i need one port for failover (10 meg) . I can't do ether channel on the hwic. How do I prevent a loop when I connect my second connection. While having both connections up. Should I use bpdu guard? the goal is to have one port fail over if the 100 meg goes down. And I'm currently running ospf so it should take the faster connection.

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 V2 Ports Become Inactive / Upgrade File Pattern Error?

Jan 2, 2012

I have the BEFSR81 V2 and every day at least one of the ports become inactive and the router has to be unplugged and plugged back in to reset the ports. I was going to upgrade the firmware from version 2.44.2 to the one on the site 2.45.10 but when it is downloading I get a message at the end upgrade file pattern error. There is a problem with the router that the ports go out or will the firmware update hopefully correct that issue and how to I get the firmware to update

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Wireless N Extreme DIR-655 Connecting Switch To Router To Expand Ports

May 18, 2011

I have a Dlink Wireless N Xtreme DIR-655 I have run out of port 4 on it to a switch with a cat 5 patch cable that is 25 ft long It is connected to the Internet port on a Dlink 4 port switch. When i run from that on any of the 4 ports back to my computer ( Win7). I get no internet access but if i connect the cable straight from the router there is no problem. I even attempted to use a older dlink router for the switches and no luck there at all. Any reason the internet would not be broadcasting through the switch.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Gigabit Ports Connecting To PC And NAS

Jan 19, 2012

Have the issue of connecting a pc an NAS to a E4200 and when transferring from pc to NAS, only getting < 10 mbps transfer rates? NAS is Dlink 321. PC has Gigabit ethernet card. cables are cat 6. Even when I force the NAS and pc network card speeds to 1.0 GBps full duplex, I only transfer files at < 10 Mbps.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Connecting Nexus 7k VPC And Orphan Ports?

Mar 20, 2013

we have two nexus 7k connected via vPC peer. We have edge switch connected to the core using HSRP via vPC.Now we have 1 orphan port connected to each Nexus (WLC).The problem is i cant seem to connect / ping the WLC (only 1 of them) that is connected to the orphan port  and i think it is probably due to the packet arriving at the secondary HSRP and traversing through peer-link and dropping the packet.
HSRP address on Core:
vlan 10 - N7k1 -
Vlan 10 - N7k2 -
Edge Sw - - Vlan 10

Now what is the best practise for HSRP with vPC for orphan ports ? The problem is i can only ping 1 wlc from a machine. on doing a traceroute i find that the packets seems reach N7k1 and reach wlc that is connected to its own port but not to the WLC that is connected to N7k2 due to the packet travesing through peer-link and dropping at the peer-link.Now what is the best practise to sort this out and reach both WLC at the same time ?  Do i move the WLC 2  to N7k1 ?

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Wired Internet Suddenly Not Connecting?

Apr 10, 2011

For whatever reason, as of Tuesday afternoon my laptop can no longer connect to wired internet. I am a college student (NYU), so I cannot access a modem or router myself. I have tried:

-Plugging my cord into another jack in my dorm room

-Using my roommate's ethernet cord

-Taking my cord and laptop to different areas on campus (library, other dorms, etc) that use different wired networks, and attempted connection there Worth noting is that I can still connect to wireless internet just fine (however, my dorm does not have wireless, making things very difficult for me).My ethernet adapter is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. It was just updated today, in hopes that maybe it was a driver issue (Prior, it was a Realtek 8168C/8111C, whatever that means). All drivers have green checks next to them and appear to be working. Here is my IPConfig info:

Description : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Physical Address : 00-1E-EC-55-91-1F
DHCP Enabled : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway : (blank)

I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3. My laptop is a custom-built CyberPower PC. I have done a Malwarebytes Scan,SuperAntiSpyware Scan, and Avast Anti-Virus scan, and have turned up no malware or viruses.

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Connecting Wired And Wireless Simultaneously?

Feb 8, 2012

situation is a little bit different than the other gyus. I have a private network of 3 laptops connected with wire to a local router (Not connected to the internet)Whenever I need internet I connect to Xfinity Wan Wirelessly. However in order to do that I have to disconnect wire first. Otherwise both connections show "Local only" The moment I disconnect the wire the Xfinity connection shows "Local and Internet" How can I access Xfinity and my wired laptops simultaneously

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Connecting A Wired Pc To A Wireless Laptop?

Apr 4, 2011

At home i have a desktop Pc connected to the internet via ethernet, to a bt homehub, on the same homehub i also have a laptop connected to it but using the wireless connection. Both pcs are using windows 7.

I`m trying to file share between these 2 computers using a homegroup, but neither recognises another homegroup on their network. Is this because i`m not using the same connection method ( wirelss and wired) ? Even though both connections are going through the same Hub? I`ve tried renaming the homegroups on both pcs to the same name to see if that works, but it seems both pcs are on different networks. clear lack of pc intelligence, networking not really my thing.

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Wired Laptop Not Connecting To Dhcp / Router?

Jun 13, 2011

Okay we have the router downstairs with a powerline ethernet on the firs and second floors so we can get the net.

Our house must be made of lead or something, because I very rarely get a decent wireless signal which stays consistant. Because of this I wanted to connect my laptop though the powerline but for some reason it doesn't work.

When I plug in the network cable it just hangs on identifying for a minute or so then comes up with "unidentified network" saying its connected, but has no access to the router, the internet etc etc.

Connecting the laptop directly works fine however. I've also attempted plugging the laptop in via a usb / ethernet connector, but that still hasn't given any results with the exact same issue. When i run ipconfig /all this is what comes up.


Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : wowfood-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :


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How To Block Certain Wired Devices From Connecting To Router

Jan 15, 2011

I have a linksys wrt54g router. i need to block all devices except one from plugging in a wired device into the back of the router. i tried the mac filtering, but i didnt work. Is that for wireless only?I can also block local ips (192.168.1.x), and was going to go that route and only allow my local computer but i was afraid if i restarted my router or computer the ip would change and i would be locked out.

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Dlink DIR-615 Not Connecting To Internet Whether Wired Or Wireless

Sep 17, 2012

I'm using the Dlink DIR-615 Router. It's fairly old, and has been giving me trouble for a while. Due to recent circumstances I have no choice but to use this router. I can connect to the router just fine but it does not connect to the internet whether it be a wired or wireless connection. I have recently reset the router and haven't changed any settings besides the password. (also I get the error "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (Microsoft Corporation: Software, Smartphones, Online, Games, Cloud Computing, IT Business Technology, Downloads) is not responding" from window when trying to repair the connection.)

Windows IP Configuration


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Connecting Wireless Router To Wired Modem?

Jul 26, 2012

I have a wired ADSL modem+router, and also a Linksys WRT54G2 V1 router. How do I connect them such that I get a working wifi available?

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Connecting Wireless Networking Tablet To Wired Network?

Jan 4, 2013

I have an application where it would be useful to use a windows tablet PC. However there is no wireless network available and so the tablet has to plug into a wall data point.

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Windows 7 Not Connecting With Wired Motorola Router / Modem?

May 18, 2012

I recently borrowed a friend's desktop and I am having issues with connecting with the router through an ethernet cable. I go to troubleshoot the problem and I get "Local Area Connection 2 doesn't have a valid IP configuration". Its nothing with the router because when I plug my laptop in with the same ethernet cable, I am able to connect perfectly.

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Connecting A Wired Network AR-M450 Printer Wirelessly?

Mar 3, 2012

My buddy just purchased a Sharp AR-M450 multifunction printer for his small business and it has the optional network card. He wants to take advantage of the network printing capabilities but we want to avoid having to run an ethernet cable from the printer to the wireless router. The entire network is wireless because running cables would be a huge pain in the building he is in. What could we use to connect the printer to the network without running cables?

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