Dell Inspiron 1564 Laptop Not Detecting Only Wifi

Apr 26, 2013

Laptop: Dell Inspirion 1564
Router: Asus RT-56U

working fine till I reinstalled windows 7, now detects all my neighbors wifi, but not my Asus wifi even tether wifi from my smart phone detected & connected fine.SSID not hidden, Windows Firewall switched off, No antivirus installed yet, System restore didn't work, device driver up to date. [code]

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Dell Inspiron 1564 Laptop - Wireless Connection Shown Only When Near To Router

May 19, 2011

i hav a dell inspiron 1564 laptop. wireless connections show only when the lap is very close to the router. will i hav to change my wireless card?? if i hav to which would be better; a internal wireless card or a wifi dongle?? i hav a 'dell wireless 1397 WLAN Mini card"

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Dell Inspiron 1564 With Dell Webcam Central Will Not Allow Access

Apr 9, 2011

I have an Dell inspiron 1564 with dell webcam central I been useing it a while now and had no problems with it untill one day I logged on and I go on webcam chat sites and as you know theres a button you click for your cam to turn on and useally a warning sign would appear saying would you like to allow this site to acces your webcam and I would click allow but now nothing appears and i click the cam sign and nothing happens just black I set the settings to Allow and always remember but nothing will work I was told to get rid of all my toolbars as they might of caughts the problem so I did and now i don't have any toolbars but it's still in not working I think its the McAfee secuirty I have a on my computer that is not allowing it but then i think why would it one day just stop it from allowing.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 Bluetooth Drivers?

Mar 30, 2013

I am using dell inspiron 1564 ihave upgraded it to 8gb of ram and I am running windows 8 64 bit os and I want bluetooth drivers for it I can't find them in any site.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 Won't Detect A Particular Network?

Mar 21, 2012

My laptop won't detect a particular network that other PCs and Macs can. It has no problem in connecting to other networks.

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Dell :: Wi-Fi Not Working In WPA / WPA2 On Inspiron 1564

Mar 16, 2012

I have a Dell Inpiron 1564 Laptop having Windows 7. It has Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card network adapter.

When I connect to my router using WEP 64-bit, I can connect successfully to my wireless connection.

But when I try to connect using WPA/WPA2 settings, it always shows Limited Access or No Connection.

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Dell :: Windows 8 / Inspiron 1564 Cannot Detect Bluetooth

Jan 29, 2013

My Dell Inspiron 1564 cannot detect Bluetooth. I've tried with the dell drivers for Dell inspiron 1564, but i cannot install them. I also tried some advices with other drivers, but i couldn't install them either.

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Dell :: Bluetooth 365 On Inspiron 1564 Stopped Working

Oct 2, 2010

My bluetooth 365 suddenly stopped working, (Inspiron 1564, windows 7 home premium). I have the latest driver (, and now, when i try to install it again it asks me to turn the BT on, although it is on (enabled in BIOS). When I check the device manager under bluetooth radios, it's called "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" and it's status is "This device cannot start (code 10)". The bluetooth icon doesn't appear in the task bar nor in control panel anymore.

The bluetooth services @ administrative tools are "started" and "automatic".

I had this problem twice before, fixed it using system restore and by installing "windows mobile device center". These solutions are not working now..

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 - Can't Enable Wireless Adapter

Jul 27, 2010

I have a 5 month old Dell Inspiron 1564 with a Dell WLAN 1397 Wireless card. I was having some trouble connecting to my wireless router, and as a last attempt to get it working, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for my wireless card, using a fresh download of the latest version from Dell's support site.

The driver seems to install fine, and when I look at the wireless card in Device Manager, it's enabled, but in "Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections" (which can be accessed through the Network and Sharing Center), it is grayed out and says Disabled.

When I click enable in there, a small window pops us saying "Enabling", then after a few seconds, it says "Enabled" then disappears. However, the adapter stays disabled in N/W & Sharing center, and isn't picked up by Windows.

I've tried reinstalling the driver through Dell's driver installer, as well as through Windows' automated driver search, and neither works. I also tried to do a System Restore, but that is not working (can't complete on any of the restore points).

I also spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Dell support and their final advice was format and reinstall Windows.

More details:

- I am running Win 7 Pro.

- Wired networking and internet connection works fine

- I have Zone Alarm and Avast Anti virus, and I've tried disabling both to no avail

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 Loses Connection To Wireless

Jan 1, 2011

I have a new inspiron 1564 laptop that loses connection to my wireless internet within 10 minutes of booting up.  Then if I reboot it does not connect at all, can't even find the wireless router.

My works laptop and iPhone connect to the same router perfectly.I've seen the following post a few times from pudgyone and tried following it :Go to device manager(right click my computer, left click properties, left click hardware, left click device manager). Click on Network and then right click on your wireless adapter, left click properties, power management. Uncheck the box, allow computer to turn off this device to save power.

 In terms of the device manager I can't see a network option, there is network adapters and I've right clicked on Realtek PCIe FE family controller and unticked the box but this hasn't worked.

And with the settings, how do I get to the screen where I can change my router settings in windows 7?  I think the firmware is updated remotely by my service provider sky.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 - Bluetooth Driver Is Not Installing

Dec 6, 2012

Recently I have installed windows 8 professional x64 version in my dell laptop. Everything is fine here except the Bluetooth driver. It is showing 'The program has compatibility issue'. So bluetooth driver software is not installing. I am using dell inspiron 1564.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1564 Bluetooth Driver For Windows 8?

Mar 16, 2013

I want driver for  dell inspiron 1564 bluetooth driver for windows 8

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Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop - Cannot See Wifi

Jan 31, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. I have a problem accessing my home network which is not showing up under the "Connect to a Network " list. I am able to see my neighbours' networks and can access my own network with my phone, tablet etc. The driver is up to date according to Windows and is functioning correctly. I reinstalled the OS yesterday and the wireless was working fine last night. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has been altered.

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Dell Inspiron 9300 - Not Detecting Wireless Networks

Sep 19, 2011

My laptop doesn't detect any wireless networks. It used to and should, but It hasn't for quite a long time. It stopped detecting them around the time I signed up with my current ISP. I have a dell Inspiron 9300 laptop w/ Win XP sp2

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Wireless :: Dell Inspiron Laptop Can't Log On Local Wifi System

Jun 23, 2011

I tried to use the Dell on a local wifi system with no luck and now I've done something and can't log into the computer. I've tried every user name and password I can think of.

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Wireless :: Dell Inspiron 5010 Laptop Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Sep 11, 2012

What should i do to my laptop so that the wifi could not turn off frequently it is dell inspiron 5010.

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Connect Dell Inspiron 1464 Laptop To Wifi Modem?

Jan 2, 2013

I have a dell inspiron 1464 and have a wifi modem. while connecting it only shows a broadband(home network) bt doesnt connect with a red cross sign over it. i tried adding a new network bt it still wont connect

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Wifi Lost Suddenly On Dell Inspiron M5030 Laptop?

Mar 20, 2011

Ok i have a dell inspiron m5030 running windows 7. The wifi card that came with it is the atheros 9285. It was working then out of know where i logged off and logged back in when i changed classes and it doesnt work anymore. In the device manager it says it is installed but cannot start.

(Before this I was able to connect with wifi almost instantly without a problem.)

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 Not Detecting Wi-Fi Networks After Installing Windows 7

Apr 14, 2012

I have a Inspiron 1520 which came with windows Vista and I recently did a Windows 7 clean installation. There were no drivers specified for Windows 7 in Dell Driver Download so I installed Vista drivers, connected to internet via LAN Cable and upgraded most of the drivers.

WiFI networks could be detected when installed for the first time but after a shutdown it never detects again. Sometimes it randomly detects, I tried using the laptop for 2 weeks now and only 2 times the WiFI automatically came up.

There is a switch to pull after turning on WiFI radio, which will display the list of WiFi networks in a window, that Switch is not responding now.

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Dell Inspiron 1525 - How To Boost Wifi Signal Strength Of A Laptop

Jan 16, 2011

I am using Dell Inspiron 1525, 2008 model with a 1395 WiFi Mini card. The signal strength I get is very low, whereas people in the same location get good strength with other laptops like Sony etc.Is there any way of improving the signal strength without disturbing the router/modem, like some software/ hardware changes in the Laptop. Dell havent answered yet.

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Laptop Not Detecting Wifi Suddenly?

Apr 26, 2013

His laptop is windows7 installed and it's unable to connect to the home router. It worked until afternoon, then the laptop was off for a while and since then it's not connecting. Rebooted both router and laptop several times. Other devices in house connects to the router but the laptop shows no connection present.

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Laptop Is Not Detecting Any Wifi Connections

Feb 19, 2013

My laptop is not detecting any wifi connections. I have plugged my iphone in and internet will run off that. have tried troubleshooting but nothing. Its a toshiba satellite and using windows 7?

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Laptop Stops Detecting Home Wifi

Jun 11, 2011

My laptop suddenly stops detecting my home wifi network, when all other laptops n gadgets in the house is able to. I am able to see other available wifi networks but not mine when it is just 2 mtrs away.

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Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Laptop Not Detecting Wifi?

Sep 29, 2012

I have setup a new wireless router and then connected to my laptop, my netbook, my ipad and my mobile.. I had no problems initially but the problems arise when sometimes my internet connection goes off.. after that when i switch on the internet connection then, all my device are back on track except for my laptop(HP Pavillion DV6000)

This problem gets solved automatically only sometimes when i restart my laptop. otherwise it does'nt detect my own wifi SSID.. it detects my neighbour'snetwork but not mine

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Dell Vostro 3700 Not Detecting Wifi?

Feb 29, 2012

I have a dell vostro 3700 and have had it for about 3 years with no problems. Lately it has been picky on when it will let me use my home wifi it will say "restricted use". Then today it stop working all together and says that no network connections are available, but they are because everyone else's computers in my house are working.

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Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop - No Internet Access?

Aug 21, 2012

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. I can connect to the internet with excellent connectivity but it still shows "No Internet Access". I have been struggling since last 2 days to resolve this issue so have gone through various forums to find a solution but none worked. Here are the things that I have already tried:1. Restarted / Reset my modem.2. ipconfig / release and renew.3. Deselect IPv6.4. net stop and start for winhttpautoproxysvc and dhcp client.5. Turn off McAfee firewall.6. Reset network adapter settings.I can connect to internet in "safe mode with networking" but not in normal mode.In fact, I can connect to the same wi-fi using my smartphone. Somebody suggested me that it could be a dnschanger virus attack. I checked that also and it's not that virus.

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Dell Inspiron Laptop With Windows 7 Can't See Router

Sep 8, 2012

Its a Dell Inspiron comp with Windows 7 & a BT buisness Hub router/modem,When searching for available wifi several come up in box as normal but his own router name comes up but there is a red cross where the rest have the usual green signal strength bars. When you hover over router name it says "this computer settings are not compatable" His router appears to be working as both him and myself coneccted our phones through it OK.

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Dell Inspiron 800 - How To Share Laptop's Internet

Jul 30, 2012

I have a dell inspiron 8000 with windows xp installed on it. My laptop is using an adapter to connect to the internet. My question is how can i share the connection on my laptop so that my phone and other devices are able to connect to the laptop's internet.

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Using Dell Inspiron 1012 Laptop As Projector?

Feb 16, 2012

im trying to use my dell inspiron 1012 to project onto another, bigger screen laptop. im usng vga cable, which poth laptops have vga.... but i cant seem to connect them. i can do it fine with my tv, but i cant find a way of projecting onto another laptop.

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Dell :: Inspiron 15R Laptop Not Able To Connect To Wi-Fi Network

Feb 26, 2013

bought a new Dell Inspiron 15R laptop online and received it today.

It has Windows 8 preloaded, I am not able to connect to my WiFi network, while I am able to connect using my other devices.

The WiFi network in getting detected and the signal strength is full as well, when I give the password and click connect, it tries to verify and connect for a long time, finally say "Can't connect to this network".

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 - Laptop Will Not Detect Wi-Fi

Oct 27, 2012

I have a three year old Inspiron 1545. About a month ago the computer stopped detecting the wifi at home. It never had this problem before, and the other household laptop and iPhone had no problem detecting and getting onto the the wifi. The problematic laptop will connect to the net via wire. I get a red x over the connection icon, and when I put the cursor over the icon, a message reads "connection status unknown: the dependency service or group failed to start."

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Dell Inspiron Laptop Is Not Able To Detect Wireless Connections

Mar 8, 2011

I have Dell Inspiron laptop with windows Vista Home edition with SP 2, Norton Antivirus 10.2. I was been using BSNL DNA A211-I wireless modem Since 1 yr. there used to be some router issues every 3 months and i used to re configure the router setting and re establish the wifi connectivity. but recently few days back I have uninstalled Norton antivirus and installed Kaspersky Internet security 2011( Trial version) even then things were fine for few days, i was able to connect. But suddenly 2 days back i connected my laptop along with the modem for one whole day without any activity . and on the next day when i try to reboot my system and connect to my internet i was not able to find the the wireless icon ITI in the available wireless connections list. The wireless connection was not detected by my laptop. my Wifi on my laptop is also on.I tried the below possible ways but could not get the connectivity1. re setting the router configurations2. switching the firewall off and tried to connectAll the 4 LED are glowing on the router, even when trying to connect PPPoE through LAN (with wire) it is connecting occasionally ie.. once for every 15 attempts. most of the time it is giving 815 errorI tried to the below commands from cmd prompt as wellnetsh int ip reset reset.lognetsh winsock reset catalogipconfig/flushdnsipconfig/registerdnsbut nothing happened.

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Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 Laptop Will Not Connect To The Internet

Dec 29, 2012

My computer will notice my Wireless router, but will keep cycling and saying "no internet access", yet it comes up with full bars of connection.

I've tried re-installing Wireless drivers and that didn't work. My wireless internet is working on my Mac, iPhone, iPad & Mums laptop.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 . I am typing this is off my Laptop using my Personal hotspot from my iPhone

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