Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Device Manager Image Set But Not A Valid Image File

Feb 9, 2012

I'm have upgraded our ASA5510's from 7.0.8 to 8.4.3 and now I just need to do the ASDM, but get this error?  The bin file has been uploaded: [code] Device Manager image set, but not a valid image file disk0:/asdm-647.bin.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Will Not Load New Image

Aug 4, 2011

i have an ASA 5510. it was running asa708-k8.bin and i have attempted to install asa821-k8.bin. i have done this on many ASAs before effortlessly.this time i have had an issue. the ASA will not load the new image, and for some reason will not even load the old.the ASA seems to just keep crashing. i have erased disk0 (advised in forum): and attempted to load the image from tftp. please see below. i know i need to re-formaet the flash, but cannot get into the ASA at all to complete this. [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: Need Image File Install On Pix 515

Aug 28, 2011

I have a pix 515, time to time the firewall start rebooting with invalid flash error I found erasedisk.bin in internet, after that i cant load pix532.bin ios file and others pix***.bin are not workingThe only file i am able to load is pix508.bin it,s start asking me activatin number before install I have a previous activation number ios version 5.3.2 but this number is not correct.

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Cisco Firewall :: How To Change Which Image Is Booted On ASA5510

Mar 18, 2011

I am wondering how to change which image is loaded by default on an ASA5510.  I have two image files stored in the flash memory on disk0:/ but need to change which one is loaded on boot.  I used the command "boot system disk0:/asa722-12-k8.bin" which completed successfully, but when the system starts it says two images exist and the default is 1, loading the previous file.  Is there a command to change the order that is used?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 ASDM Image File Missing?

Jun 17, 2012

I've been trying to configure this Cisco ASA 5505 for days now. I used to be able to use the ASDM gui application, but i've since transitioned into using the CLI. Trying to go back to ASDM, it won't let me get back in, and when i try show asdm image, it says Device Manager image file not set. I have no CD for this device and I need that image file for the ASDM. How can I locate the file and install it on the router so I can use it?

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Cisco WAN :: 7204 VXR - Valid Image On Boot Flash

Oct 24, 2012

I have a Cisco 7204 vxr router that does not have a valid image on the boot flash or on the pcmcia card (disk 2).  I tried everything i could to try and get the router to recognize the flash but it keeps giving me a magic card error.  I'm losing my mind slowly but surely. 

The router boots into Rommon every time and the Rommon options for this router are horrible.  No tftpdnld option.  Can I get this router to boot from tftp, from Rommon?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Stacking 3750-X With Universal Image With 3750-G Running BIN Image?

Oct 10, 2011

I'm looking at adding a Cisco 3750-X switch running c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-55.SE1 (IP base license) into a stack of 3750-G switches running c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE1.bin Given that the version and feature sets are the same I don't forsee any compatibility issues. Would there be any reason why a universal image wouldn't stack correctly with other switches running the single .bin file?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1240ag - Image File For IOS Software?

Apr 8, 2013

I have a question regarding cisco aironet 1240ag AP.
1st - Does this devices has a firmware ? So I can update a firmware ? or is an image file for IOS software ?
2nd - Which wireless controller I can use to handle multiple aironet 1240ag AP's ?
3rd - The controller has the ability to create temporally guest password ?

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Cisco WAN :: 6509 System Image File Is Sup Boot-disk

May 27, 2013

i recently bought a new Supervisor Engine 720  WS-SUP720-3B and 48-port 10/100/1000 RJ45 EtherModule WS-X6148A-GE-45AF. Once i fired it all up i got this error %C6KPWR-SP-4-UNSUPPORTED: unsupported module in slot 2, power not allowed: Unknown Card Type. the System image file is "bootdisk:s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXE6a.bin".

I have a 6509 up and running the same mods and working fine BUT the System image file is sup-bootdisk:s72033-ipservicesk9-mz.122-18.SXF7.bin. Is the boot image what is causing my isses?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54gh - The Image File Is Incorrect

Sep 19, 2012

I was using a wrt54gh which is no longer in working condition.. so i bought an E1200.the problem i face is when i try to restore my new router which is the E1200 frm the backup file frm my previous router the wrt54gh which is saved in my computer  i get the error message " THE IMAGE FILE IS INCORRECT ".

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WAG54G2 - How To Open Image File On Notebook

Apr 14, 2013

I had download the last version firmware 10.0.19 WAG54G2 but its in img format and my notebook dont have CD drive anyway to unpack it ??

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Cisco :: C3560 - SWIM1164 / Image Distribute To Device Failed

Apr 7, 2011

I am trying image distribution to a c3560 device but I always get the error message SWIM1164. In the documentation it says to copy the logs and open a TAC Case but I would like to do some troubleshooting myself before opening a case.
Some actions to be taken prior to opening a case?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 6509-E - TFTP Image File Transfer / Out Of Sequence

May 29, 2012

I am doing image upgrade on Catalyst 6509-E. During TFTP image transfer to sup-bootflash I always see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o!!!!!!!!!!  "o" out of sequence packet. Although the image size seems to be correct at the end but there is always some "o" packets.
I am assuming not, but I haven't tried loading with the image after seeing this.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 LAN Lite Image Does Not Support MLS QoS Trust Device

Jun 20, 2012

I have some 2960 switches with Lan Lite ios in my infrastructure.And I try to configure them to support "trust device cisco-phone" and "switchport priority extend cos 0" on ports with cisco phones.But LAN Lite image does not support "mls qos trust device cisco-phone".can I use any workaround to trust cos of cisco phone and to remark PC traffic with cos 0?

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Cisco WAN :: 2800 - Message In ROMmon / Device Does Not Contain Valid File System

Jun 7, 2012

I have a router Cisco 2800, but always is in Rommon, the message show is:
device does not contain a valid file system
dir: cannot open device "bootflash:"
rommon 8 > dir usbflash0:
Checksum failed on c1840-usbfslib-m
Expected checksum: 91d6, calculated checksum: 4527
open: file "c1840-usbfslib-m" not found
open(): Open Error = -1
loadprog: error - on file open
cannot load the monitor library "bootflash:%c1840-usbfslib-m"
from device: usbflash0dir: cannot open device "usbflash0:"

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 501 Upgrade To Have ASDM Image On It

Mar 29, 2011

I got a PIX 501 off ebay and im trying to upgrade it to have an ASDM image on it.Ive downloaded every copy of the ASDM image i can get my hands on, and when i transfer it to the PIX when its up and running i get out of memory, If i do it through monitor mode, i get the error "bad magic number" no matter what i transfer to itI can transfer a new image to the PIX (a non asdm one through monitor mode.

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Cisco Firewall :: Tell If PIX515e Image Is Genuine?

Aug 28, 2011

I just bought a used PIX515e. It is running version 8.0(3) and ASDM 6.1.5  Because I do not know the history of the unit, how can I tell if the image used came from cisco and not some download site?  I guess I should've thought about this before buying it but hindsight know. Worse case is that the person who had it before me dl the software that was infected with a backdoor or something else. I don't have a service contract so I'm kinda stuck.
Can I download the image from the firewall flash and compare a MD5SUM?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5500 - Upgrade Image To 8.4(3)?

Apr 3, 2012

We are now using image 8.0(4) for my ASA 5510. Later on, I would like to upgrade the image to 8.4(3).May I have to know what difference for those images, what should I take care of the script?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5520 Best Image To Use Required

May 16, 2011

 I upgraded my ASA 5520 with the latest image. Now I get an error upon launching ASDM.Your ASA image has a version number 7.2(4) which is not supported by ASDM 6.4(1), use Device Manager version 5.2(x)Continue Anyway?
What are the newest, recomended image versions of ASA and ASDM I should be using?I will also be using the SSM-20 module with this setup, so I would like to stay with a working version of ASDM.

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Cisco Firewall :: How To Upgrade Fwsm Image From 3.1(10) To 4.0(8)

Jan 11, 2010

I need to upgrade the fwsm image from 3.1(10) to 4.0(8). Can i do it directly from 3.1(10) to 4.0(8) ?Do i need to upgrade other image also along with Firewall version 4.0(8)?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 - How To Roll Back ASA Image

Mar 17, 2012

I downloaded a new image to my ASA 5510 and found out up on reboot that the ASA doesn't have enough memory so I am booting to the "ciscoasa" prompt with no config. I still have my old image in disk0:. How do I roll back to this old image?

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Cisco Firewall :: Upload New Image To Standby ASA5520?

Nov 30, 2011

I have a pair of asa5520's in active/standby configuration.  I plan on ugrading the asa/asdm images to 8.4 shortly (currently on 8.0) and would like to do this with zero downtime.  Specifically, I would like to upload the new software to the standby unit, upgrade it, swap standby/active units and then upgrade what will become the standby after the swap.The problem I'm having is getting the new images uploaded onto the standby unit.  I've read that the routing table is not shared from the primary and the USB ports are "for future use".  I have no problem uploading the new images to the active unit via tftp...but can't do the same to the standby.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5520 - How To Check Vulnerability On ASA IOS Image

Feb 28, 2012

i am using asa821-k8.bin image, in my cisco 5520, How can i check if my IOS is vulnerable ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Setting A Boot Image On ASA 5505?

May 1, 2011

I have an ASA 5505 that I was updating from frimware 8.04 to 8.41. Anyway, I went through the update procedure half-asleep and accidentally deleted the boot image right after I installed it (I used the CLI and put in the command del asa8*.bin then just hit enter a bunch of times, which of course means I deleted the old firmware too).
So now whenever I power up the ASA, I get the "Could not find boot file" error. Is there a guide somewhere that tells me how can upload another boot image to the ASA and set the ASA to boot it from teh ROMMON prompt?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 - Running IOS Image From TFTP?

Mar 22, 2011

I have a Cisco 5505 that had its disk erased (erase:disk0) and now I am trying to load a new image (822 or 813) from a tftp server.
From the ROMMON prompt I have configured the relevant parameters and run a tftp command.
The tftp transfer seems to complete successfully but then it gets stuck on "...loading".
I have tried different versions of IOS and I always experience the same problem, even though, with older versions of IOS (7.x), the device manages to reboot itself but then it crashes with the following error: 

"Error : Uncompression of the image failed. invalid compressed data--format violated"
Could it be an hardware related-issue or a licensing problem maybe? or am I missing anything obvious?
also, with regards to the license: once restored, how do I get my 50 users license back?

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Cisco Firewall :: How To Check Functions Included For ASA Image NCI-ASA5520-BUN-K9

Jan 13, 2013

May I have to know how to check functions included for asa image NCI-ASA5520-BUN-K9?

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Cisco Firewall :: Delete ASDM Image From ASA5520 For Enough Space?

Feb 16, 2013

we have an ASA5520 need upgrade new anyconnect client, but the new version is too big, so it's no enough space. I want to delete the ASDM image to free the more space. My question is when I delete the ASDM image,if I could manage the ASA from web browser?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Reverts To Old Image After Power Failure

Dec 15, 2012

Firmware asa805-k8 was installed and saved on an ASA5505. Upon power failure the ASA5505 reverts to an older firmware, asa724-k8. 1) Is it normal for ASA5505's to revert to older version upon power failure.  2) ASDM/web browser doesn't work using IE--username and password brings to empty screen. how to revert back to later image.
# sh ver
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(4)
Device Manager Version 5.2(4)


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 / SSM-20 Password Recovery With 5.0 Image Running

Jun 3, 2012

The customer forgot the password for the ASA SSM-20 ips module installed in ASA 5520 module in customer FW shows it up state. I brought it to our office teat bed. here it show

ASA1# sh module
 Mod Card Type                                    Model              Serial No.
--- -------------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
  0 ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance         ASA5520-K8         JMX1022K03A
  1 ASA 5500 Series Security Services Module-20  ASA-SSM-20         JAB101003C2
 Mod MAC Address Range                 Hw Version   Fw Version   Sw Version    


what to do with  this module in my test bed.I have to take it back to the customer site to use it in their ASA itself to troubleshoot.There it the status is up and i did use all the hw-module option but no use. The version is 5.0. This module is more than 5 years old and so far no one upgrade the image. ASA 5520 running 8.2.5.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5520 Running 8.3.1 Reboots When Try To Upload New Image

Mar 27, 2011

I'm running a couple of 5520 (with failover configuration) and fw 8.3.1. Everything worked fine until I try to upgrade firewall to new fw version: 8.4.1. [code]
When I try to upload new firrmware or asdm image, ASA,  the appliance reboots during tftp session. I've already tried to upload new images on both appliance, or use CLI either ASDM, but the result is always the same: ASA reboots.

From my point of view, the problem isn't the image but could be the firmware I'm running, becouse using fw. 8.0.1 I was able to upalod asdm 8.3.1, but using fw 8.3.1 I can't upload the same image.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 - Verifying Flash Image Fails?

Nov 1, 2011

I have an ASA 5520, currently running version 7.25-k8. I'm preparing for an upgrade to version 7.25(4), so I transferred the software code (obtained via Cisco download) to the firewall vis SCP. I then issued the "verify flash:asa725-k8.bin" and it fails. It comes back with the error that the CRC did not verify, Data Integrity has been compromised". My first thought was the image did not copy correctly, so I deleted it and transferred it again. I got the same error. Then I decided to run a verify against the actual current code that was running on the firewall, and it came back with the same error. I don't understand what the problem is. I don't tend to think it's an SSH key related problem, as the method I use to access the firewall is via SSH and I have no problems. Worth noting,this firewall is part of an active/standby pair, and I observe the same behavior on the failover unit, it fails to verify.

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Cisco Firewall :: Validate ASA 5505 Image Checksum / Integrity After Copied To Flash

Jan 6, 2013

I've had occasional issues with 5505 upgrades going south when the boot hangs on the image load due to a corrupt image. I need a way to validate the checksum of the new image after it is copied to flash. Remote upgrades become a real pain when you have to go onside just to delete an image, copy it into flash again, and boot.

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 Failed To Start Acquisition / Device Unreachable / Enter A Valid Device

Jan 3, 2013

We are using LMS 3.2.1 with SP1 and Campus Manager 5.2.2.Server runs Windows 2003 R2.Everything runs fine except for User Tracking on two Catalyst 6500 switches running CatOS. These devices are discovered, reachable, SNMP works fine, neighbors seen. But when we try to launch acquisition, the UT utility complains with this error message:"Failed to start acquisition: Device unreachable. Please enter a valid device."When we wanted to add ports via Device Trap Configuration, LMS has fired a different error message: "There are no ports to configure for the selected device(s).Check whether you have selected any router(s)." I have checked the portsData.xml file, which doesn't have any ports included for the two devices: [code] We have tried to exclude / include the switches in the data collection, but that didn't work.

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