Cisco :: LMS 4.1 With CUCM 8.0.2 Phones Only Detected As End Hosts

Oct 3, 2011

Looks like I still have an issue with LMS to recognize the IP Phones in UT as IP Phones. SNMP RO on Call Manager is enabled and is green in CM (e.g. topology) - so SNMP get is basically fine. The Phones are recognised as End Devices in UT.
As far as I understand, now if I start a Phone Aquisition, the CUCM is polled by LMS to gather additional information about the phones. So it seems there is a problem with the SNMP polling of the Call manager?

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Cisco Phones Not Registering With CUCM But CIPC Is

Mar 31, 2013

I have a problem with my Cisco 7961 phones not registering on my CUCM 8.6 install on ESXi 5. Weird because I have Cisco IP communicator phones that register with no problem. You guys know what I can be missing. I have restarted the CUCM and services multiple times. The phone log on my phones say it can't find dhcp and DNS unknown host but my CUCM is configured by IP address. I also attached some screenshots

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Cisco VPN :: 8961 - IP Phones With AnyConnect On ASA / Can't Call Other Remote Phones

Jan 4, 2012

I have a CUCM BE environment with a number of remote users with 8961 phones connecting to an ASA 5501 via AnyConnect.  The phones register fine and can make inbound/outbound calls as well as four digit dialing to other users at the corporate site.
The problem is when a remote user tries to four digit dial another remote phone.  The called phone will ring but there is dead air once answered and then the line goes dead.
This sounds like a routing issue to me. How to get AnyConnect clients to be able to reach each other?

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Cisco :: Upgrade CUCM 8.0 To 8.6?

May 13, 2012

I want to Upgrade CUCM 8.0 to 8.6 version. What are the necessary steps, any tools, license requirements?

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Cisco :: Upgrade From Callmanager 4.x To CUCM 8.x

Jul 8, 2011

We are upgrading from Callmanager 4.0(2a) to new hardware and the latest version. We have Callmanger 4.0(2a) and would like to upgrade to the newest version, at least to CUCM 8. We already have the new hardware that is compatible, smartnets and licenses. After looking at the matrix sheet it appears (there were several different upgrade routes but I could only find documentation for upgradring to 7.1(2) and 7.0(1) from 4.x so I am going with 7.1(2)) should we go:

from 4.0(2a) to 4.3(1)

from 4.3(1) to 7.1(2)

from 7.1(2) to 8.0(1)

this gets us to 8 which we can then upgrade to 8.5 or 8.6

So, we have 4 servers, 2 old (Pub, Sub) and 2 new (Pub, Sub). What is the best plan of attack here:

1) Backup 4.0(2a), then do an inplace upgrade on old hardware from 4.0(2a) to 4.3(1). Then backup 4.3(1) and do another inplace upgrade on the same server to 7.1(2). Then load 7.1(2) on the new hardware and restore backup from 7.1(2) on the old hardware. Then backup and inplace upgrade to 8.0 on the new server?


2) is there any way to not have to "touch" or do an inplace upgrade on the old hardware running 4.0(2a), and just run a backup on it, load 8.5 on the new server and import the data over from the backup?

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Cisco :: What Vmware Have To Use To Install Cucm 7

Apr 18, 2012

What vmware i have to use to install cucm 7. vmware workstation 7 or vmware server or exsi 4 or 5. Any correct link to download and vmware config settings.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 No Phone Registered In CUCM 6

Nov 6, 2012

the customer has CUCM in the inventory database of LMS 4.1. He has all accesses from LMS to CUCM. One phone 7961 is seen in the UT report. When the customer click on the CUCM in the inventory - there is no IP phone registered in the CUCM.                 

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 - No Phone Registered In CUCM

Nov 6, 2012

the customer has CUCM in the inventory database of LMS 4.1. He has all accesses from LMS to CUCM. One phone 7961 is seen in the UT report. When the customer click on the CUCM in the inventory - there is no IP phone registered in the CUCM. What is wrong?:-( See the attachment.           

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Cisco :: CUCM Feature Ring Like CUCME

May 28, 2012

I've looked in many places but cannot see how or if it is possible to configure a phone, in CUCM to have a feature ring instead of the normal ring.In CUCME you go into the ephone x configuration mode, and assign the DN to the phone with the button xfx command. What this gives you is a slightly different ring tone when a call comes through. If I am not mistaken it is the same ringtone they use on the show "24".Is there a way to do this "feature" with CUCM?

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Cisco :: Unified Operation Manager 2.3 With CUCM 8.5?

Sep 15, 2011

I have a CUOM 2.3 and CUCM 7.0 installed, we are planned to have a major upgrade to CUCM to 8.5 soon, do i need to upgrade my CUOM ,since CUOM is a Network management system? If CUOM to be upgraded to 8.X do we need to purchase the upgrade license? Is OM 2.3 to  8.X is a direct upgrade?

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Cisco :: Unified Operation Manager 2.3 With CUCM 8.6?

May 16, 2012

My Customer today have CUOM 2.3 and CUCM 7.1.3. He is planning to do upgrade CUOM 8.6 and CUCM 8.6. My question is: Is it possible to do upgrade CUOM directly to 8.6? If CUOM to be upgraded to 8.X do we need to purchase the upgrade license?

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Cisco :: How To View Pickup Group Members In CUCM 8.0

Jan 15, 2013

bit of a newbie to this call manager stuff but I was having a bit of a play earlier and for the life of me I can not see an easy way to list which directory numbers are in a particular pickup group. I can see the list of pickup groups and how to assign the directory number to a pickup group but surely there's an easy way to find out which numbers are in a particular pickup group???

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Cisco :: View Report On The Configured Numbers Within CUCM?

May 17, 2012

I was thinking, is there a way to view a report on the configured numbers within CUCM? E.g. not only extension numbers but hunt pilots and other things such as that? Rather than manually going to each page.

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Cisco :: How Replication In Cucm Servers In A Cluster Takes Place

Sep 10, 2012

How does Replication of cucm servers and other servers like unity presence and all in a cluster take place?

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Cisco Firewall :: Configure ASA 7.2 (4) To Inspect SCCP Traffic From A CUCM V7

Aug 11, 2010

I am trying to configure my ASA 7.2(4) to inspect SCCP traffic from a CUCM v7.I have been advised that the ASA device needs to support the version of Skinny I am running.What version of Skinny does ASA 7.2(4) support? How can I find out what version my phones are using?

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Cisco WAN :: 2951 - Integrate To CUCM / Plug Siemens ISDX?

Mar 5, 2012

I have a 2951 which i want to integrate to the CUCM and wish to plug a Siemens ISDX into it which is the best card to use
NM-HDV2-1T1/E1 or  WIC2-2MFT-T1/E1? its QSIG

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Cisco :: CUCM Calling Party Info - User Extension Number?

Mar 21, 2012

In CUCME if you do not configure any translation rules and leave the system mainly at default, when a call is routed to the PSTN the CUCME system sends the true calling party ID which would be a users extension number. Is it correct to assume that a CUCM server based system, when too left at the majority of default (without translation rules or stripping etc) that it will send the true calling ID to the gateway?

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Cisco Application :: Unable To Make Call MS Lync To CUCM If Using ACE 4710 LB

Sep 15, 2012

We have CUCM & lync server setup and its working fine if any one calling each other with DNS load balancing. But customer want ot use Cisco ACE 4710 instead of DNS LB.We have configured Cisco LB and deploy but when CUCM user calling to lync user call going to disconnect after 4 sec and also Lync users unable to make call to CUCM.And also LB deploye between share point but when users are trying to open web session that time web page going to show page cannot display.

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Cisco :: PHP Scripts (Gmailcheck) On IP Phones?

Jun 20, 2011

I' trying to access my Gmail account from my IP Phone (Cisco IP Communicator, don't have an actual device at the moment). The services work greatly (I tested berbee services and they work fine) I came across the Gmailcheck service. [URL] I downloaded all the files and added the "statusMsg.php" in my services list. Now when selecting Gmailcheck on the IP Communicator, it just shows the PHP code script : No interface, no gmail...

So I'd like to know : How to do to make this PHP script work ? Or is there a better way to access my Gmail accounts ?

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Cisco Switches :: SF300 Phones Not Getting IP

Jun 14, 2011

I have a new install with 3 SF300 switches, setup as vlan 2, the switch connected directly to the 2901 router has no problems, plug in a phone and it gets an IP, but if connected to either of the two swtiches behind the first switch, they do not get an IP. I am seeing the DHCP request hitting the router, and the router sending the IP to the phone, but it never gets the IP.
*Jun 15 10:40:20.040: DHCPD: client's VPN is .
*Jun 15 10:40:20.040: DHCPD: Sending notification of DISCOVER:
*Jun 15 10:40:20.040:   DHCPD: htype 1 chaddr 40f4.ecef.bded


All ports are setup as trunk on vlan 2 including the ports that connect the switches together.  Not sure what the problem is, but they are going live tomorrow and only have 48 out of 120 phones.

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Get Into The Ip Hosts On Vista?

Dec 9, 2011

How to get into the ip hosts on vista?

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Cisco :: ASA Unreachable Along With Hosts Connected

Jun 17, 2011

So we have a cisco asa 5505. Once a day now (random times) it will suddenly be unreachable along with the hosts connected. If I console in and ping a host from the asa, suddenly it becomes reachable from the outside world again. My job prohibits me from posting the configuration online.

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Cisco :: Allowing IP Range Of 2 Hosts Through PIX?

Jan 30, 2012

I'm new to this site, fully Microsoft certified but only just getting in cisco and looking to pass my CCNA later this year. Actual commands and general use on Cisco's im quite good at but general networking knowledge on networking (subnetting and network layers) I kinda suck at so will be studying a lot on this side of things[CODE]

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Cisco Firewall :: Max SNMP Hosts On ASA 8.2?

Nov 13, 2012

Seems like something simple, but can't find on What are the max SNMP hosts allowed on an ASA 8.2 code? That would be Polls and Traps?                  

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PBX System Is Freezing Phones?

Jun 22, 2012

why our PBX system would freeze up the phones. There is no real reason why this happens. We have the PBX on its own circuit board, so its not sharing any power, we only have about 200 phones on the system, so that is not the issues. Its properly cooled. It just seems to happen that our phones freeze, and when they start freezing it seems to happen in pairs.

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Cisco :: Change Firmware For +8000 IP Phones?

Nov 17, 2011

If you have some clusters with +8000 phones, how would you plan a strategy to upgrade the firmware of all the phones?

If the 8000 phones are reset the network BW could be come a real mess. Besides the CM could hang with so many tftp downloads.

The approach is going resetting phones in little sets, like ten phones a time.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 400 Some IP Phones Are Not Getting Registered

May 13, 2012

I am  working in Private IT company. The facility is having 4000 users and it is a high resliency site having two core switches and nearly 40 access switches. All core and access switches are 4506E switches and odd vlan is taking core-1 and even vlan is core-2. We are having cisco ip phones 6921 connected as daisy chain.( Phone is connected to access switch and the desktop is connected to ip phones). The Ip phone are getting registered cisco call maneger server. The call manager one leg is connected to one core switch and another one is core 2 same like my DHCP server.
For all vlans the the default gateway is my firwall. The voice needs to hit the call manager, hence we have implemented a source routing to call manager for the voice vlans. the problem is once we down the Core-1 some of the IP phones are not getting registered no matterit is on odd or even vlan. The same issue for Core-2. We suspect that there might be some issue in the DHCP server for voice vlan routing. But server team is saying that there is no issue with the DHCP server.Now network is vulnerable that if any core switch is down my voice ip phones will be down.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 802.1x Clients Behind IP Phones

Jun 5, 2009

I have some Catalyst 3560 PoE switches running the latest 12.2(50)SE1 image.  I have a working configuration for STP, QoS, Voice & Access VLANs, Port-Security & IGMP snooping - I stress this is working PERFECTLY.  Now I have been playing with wired 802.1x port authentication for a while which again I have sucessfully deployed on ports without IP Phones.  I did some more testing with 802.1x clients behind some Cisco IP Phones and after understanding the issues and workarounds I thought I had a working environment.  The environment is XP SP3 with the new separate wired 802.1x supplicant, workstations are all in a 2003 AD Domain and the wired 802.1x settings are configured through group policy.  I had issues with Windows Server 2003 SP2 not working behind IP Phones but this I put down to the supplicant being different from the new one in XP SP3.  MS don't have any plans for Server 2003 SP3 (or XP x64 SP3?) nor can I find any hotfixes to resolve this so it's a 'caveat'.Anyway I have tested this many times and with XP SP3 and the new supplicant it all seems to work well (only the access VLAN is using 802.1x Authentication, I am not authenticating the IP Phones via 802.1x).
Now today it stopped working and 802.1x clients behind the 7970 IP Phones no longer authenticate.  I have spent an hour or so looking at this and the IOS is the same, as is the configuration on the IAS (Radius) server, as are the XP clients.  I was scratching my head a bit and then looked at the IP Phone - the software on the phone has been upgraded to 8.5(2) - previously it was 8.4(4).  I managed tp downgrade the software via CUCM to 8.4(4) and it now works.  I have retested it several times so this is obviously an issue (either a new feature or a bug?) with the latest code for the 7970.  I have checked and it's the same codebase for all the latest IP Phones - 7906, 7911, 7931, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971 & 7975 which was released on 1st June.  I have looked through the release notes and EAP-FAST has been added but this is an update to the EAP supplicant on the phone and not a feature of the 802.1x pass-thru from the attached device.  I can find no other 802.1x or EAP references.

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Cisco Switches :: SF-200-24P - PoE On Older C-7960 IP Phones

May 29, 2011

PoE works fine with C 1131/1141 Access Points and C-7975 IP phone but PoE does not seem to work on 7960 Phones nor on the C-1121 Access points
All devices work properly with the Cisco power injectors or on a Cisco Cat-29XX switch
Is there a trick to make PoE work for older devices ?

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Cisco Switches :: 6911 Phones Are Not Working

Jul 14, 2011

I want to connect a 6911 IP Phone to a SG 300 switch. This is my scenario: vlan 3 data, vlan 9 voice, vlan 10 admin.I have a trunk on port 10 of the SG 300 (vlan 1 untagged, vlan 3,9,10 tagged) and it is connected to a switch 3560, this switch has all the L3 configuration of the vlans and the SG 300 switch has an IP on the admin vlan (10).Also i added the OUI of my IP phones an created an LLDP Policy. Right now I have a 7941 IP Phone working but 6911 is not working. Iam using the new version that supports CDP.
Also I noticed that even when my PC and IP phone receive IP address they can not ping each other nor the SG 300. They only can ping the default gateway or IP addresses in diferent vlans but connected on 3560 switch.

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Cisco :: 5508 - Configure ACS To Allow 802.11 Phones To Authenticate?

May 19, 2011

I am trying to configure my ACS to allow 802.11 phones to authenticate.  I have searched high and low for documentation on doing this with no luck.  We are using unified wireless with a mix of 5508 and wism controllers.  I am able to authenticate windows devices against active directory via the acs but can't seem to get anything working with the phones. 

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Cisco Switches :: How To Configure IP Phones (SPA502G)

Dec 18, 2011

I have a question regard  to switch SFE2010P, i have  2 vlan ( data  and  voice) and we want  to configure  Ip phones SPA502G, the question here  is how can  i make to suport  2 vlans  on the same  switch  port,  like  the catalyst  IOS  switch port acces vlan x   and switch  port  voice vlan x, if  i set up  the  switch  with the voice vlan  like tagged  doesn't work, but if i  set up  the voice vlan  like  untagged vlan  its works  but  the  PC attached to the   data port on the SPA502G doesn't work?

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Cisco Switches :: Which Switch For POE And 7940G Phones

Jun 13, 2011

I have 2 (and maybe soon 5 more) 7940G phones to add to my network, which already has a Netgear POE capable switch. I've since discovered that early Cisco POE isn't the same thing as current POE, and the switch doesn't power the phones.
I was looking at adding a Cisco SD208P 8-port switch to power the phones, but I soon discovered it only has 4 POE ports, and I'm not sure that this switch will even power the 7940G phones. And if the other 5 phones show up, I'll need two of those switches with no room for expansion on the voice network.
Will this switch power those phones?Is there another small switch available so I don't have to replace my existing switch infrastructure to get these phones to work? Or do I need to scrap the phones and get something newer that will work with the current POE standards?

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