Cisco Switches :: SGE2000 Best Switch For ISCSI / Basic VLAN?

Jan 19, 2013

I currently am using the SGE2000 switches for our datacentre and they have run great. We are looking at replacing them as part of our normal equipment refresh and have questions about what is the best switch for us. We are looking at upgrading to at least 48 port switches which isn't a huge issue.The main purposes of the switches will be for iSCSI traffic between Starwind SANs and Vsphere 5.1 hosts. We had some latency issues with one of the SGE2000s but otherwise they've been great.
We also will use these switches to handle our feeds from our ISP and our normal interserver communications. We have had DDoS attacks in the past of 40k packets per second and 600mbps and the SGE2000 never even flinched. We don't need it for any layer3 routing (which we use virtualized PFsense for). Looking at the Miercom report the SG200 series looks like it would be fine for us but I'm just worried around the part which mentions it becoame unresponsive in a DoS attack and also whther it may be slower for iSCSI. Both series seem to support flow control and jumbo frames.

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Cisco Switches :: Linksys SGE2000 VLan With VMWare Hosts

Sep 18, 2012

I have a Linksys SGE2000 Switch and I've been trying to   get Vlan's to work.How I'm trying to setup is like this
Port 1 - Vlan22 - Plugged into trusted port  in firewall
Port 3 -  Vlan25 - Plugged into DMZ in firewall
Port 15 -  is plugged into a VMWare host. The network is setup as production is Vlan 22, DMZ is Vlan 25.
Port 16 - Internal server so  is Vlan 22
Both Vlans have a different IP subnet.I think I have   port 3 configured ok as it's only one Vlan.  I'm trying to get Port 15 configured properly and it won't work.Servers on VMWare hosts are Windows Server O/S.

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Cisco Switches :: SMB Switch SGE2000 ACL Restriction

Jul 17, 2012

I am running the SGE2000 as my l3 core switch with multiple inter-vlans.
have a customer requirement that needs to restrict eg. GUEST-VLAN10 to all other VLANS in the network. Only allowing access to the internet.
It seems on the switch i am able to bind ACL to per port interface. if this is possible on the SGE2000

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Cisco Switches :: DHCP Relay On A SGE2000 Switch?

Jun 25, 2012

DHCP Relay on a SGE2000 switch.I have configured two VLANs on the switch, VLAN2 (192.168.10.x/24) and VLAN3 (192.168.9.x/24). I have the switch in Layer 3 mode. I have configured the DHCP relay server of and the DHCP Interfaces as VLAN3. All of the IP Static Routes were generated by the switch.
If I put a client computer on a port that is Untagged VLAN 3 and try to get a DHCP address from the server on an Untagged VLAN 2 port I never get a response back.I have done some packet captures and here is what I have found:

I see the DHCP broadcast on the client computerI see the DHCP Request on the DHCP server coming from the IP assiged to the switch on VLAN 3 ( see the DHCP server respond with a DHCP OfferThe DHCP offer never gets to the client computer I can't seem to get a DHCP address to any system not on the same VLAN as the DHCP server. Option 82 is disable and I did try enabling it, which made no difference.

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Networking :: Basic Vlan Stuff With FS726T Switch

Feb 13, 2011

Its just a basic question, I have a FS726T switch, and wanted to know how the clan thing should work.

Group A are ports 1-8
Group B are ports 9-16
Group C are ports 17-24

Internet is on port 26

I want each group seperate so 3 vlans... but does port 26 need to be in all 3 vlans for.them to receive internet? Is it possible to have 1 port in 3 vlans?

Would that keep them from seeing each other and still access the internet?

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Cisco Switches :: Connection To SGE2000 Managed Switch Web Interface Lost

Apr 19, 2012

We have a standalone Cisco SGE 2000.
We lost connectivity to the web user interface - it no longer responds on the configured IP address.From the manual we see that by default the switch get its IP address via DHCP - but we find no record of any ip address assigned to this switch.Is there a IP address that this unit defaults to when DHCP is not available? Also - what is the best way to connect to the console using Windows 7?

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Routers / Switches :: Uplink Ports Used For ISCSI?

Nov 15, 2012

We have a single HP 2810 switch being used for an iSCSI SAN.We want to replace it with dual higher end switches.But we've got another SAN to also setup now - Dell Equallogic PS6010E - that has 10gb iSCSI SFP+ ports.Can the 4 x SFP+ uplink ports on the Dell PowerConnect PCT5548 or the HP 3800-48G-4SFP+ switch be used for just the 10gb iSCSI, while the other 48 handle the 1gb iSCSI?We were told the uplink ports don't have buffering, making them bad ports for iSCSI traffic and only useful as uplinks to another switch.We only need 8 x 10gb ports (4 for 2 servers, and 4 for the Equallogic SAN), so if the above would work, it would probably save us $10,000 from having to buy a separate 24 port dedicated 10gb switch to handle it.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configure 3560X Switch For ISCSI Connectivity

Mar 19, 2012

I haven't worked with infrastructure much lately but planning on replacing a Dell switch used for a small iSCSI SAN with a Cisco 3560x. Switch is sstorage ONLY, network handled through different switches. I believe I want to disable spanning tree and configure trunking for the 4 GB ports connected to the storage array. The switch is providing connectivity to SAN via multiple GB connections and then also multiple GB connections to 3 Vmware hosts.Can you look over the changes I made to config below and let me know if I am on the right track.
I also plan to add a second switch later with the 10GB modules to interconnect for redundancy (but not worried about that part for now). I do not plan on using jumbo frames.
Here are my questions

1) Is the best way to globally disable spanning tree for the switch?

2) Did I trunk the ports correctly below?

3) Should I apply any specific SmartRoles to the 4 SAN NICs (GE1-4) or to host NICs (GE13-20)?

4) Anything additional I should do to handle iSCSI data? 
Here is a copy of the config so far with my changes marked in RED.

storage1#wr tBuilding configuration...
Current configuration : 1696 bytes!version 12.2no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-


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Cisco WAN :: SGE2000-G5 VLAN Routing And Switching

May 15, 2012

Im planning for a network upgrade. - is assigned to selected users and configured manually.(note: they are public IP which our ISP assigned) - is assigned to users that are not allowed to use internet services and configured manually. I have CISCO 1841 Router connected to the internet and CISCO SGE2000-G5 24ports layer 3 switch that is connected to cisco 1841 router.i want to create vlan in layer 3 switch. [code] i want all vlans would still ping to each other and file/printer sharing is available.kindly check if my network upgrade plan is correct, how am i going to configure those vlan in my layer 3 switch and to connect to the internet.

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Cisco Switches :: QoS Configuration On SRW2024 And SGE2000 SBS Switches

Jun 26, 2011

I have a Campus LAN setup which is layed out using Cisco SRW2024 and SGE2000 SB switches. On the LAN we are running various services. These are CCTV, VOIP(SIP), Public Address(multicasting) and Internet hotspots to various locations. I have attached a layout of the setup. A unique VLAN is setup for each of these services.The problem we have is that the PA audio is breaking up at intervals making the output distorted this is also happening for the SIP phones within the facility. Using the user guide we have tried to setup QoS on the system but we seem not to improve the services.

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Cisco WAN :: SGE2000 G5 VLAN Causes Internet Speed Degradation

Aug 7, 2011

I have a problem with a test network configuration i'm trying to set up. I have an SGE2000 G5 switch for LAN traffic, and i have "reserved" 3 ports with a VLAN to obtain two separate internet lines with two different public IPs from my ISP internet cable. Now what i've tried to do is connecting the ISP cable to the port1 of the VLAN, and i've connected the other 2 ports to my routers. The problem is that when doing this, port1 switches to half-duplex mode and the result is a huge performance degradation (0.28Mb DL instead of 16Mb approx.).

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Can Sge2000 Stack With Linksys Sge2000

Aug 22, 2011

I'm having trouble getting a stack of three sge2000 switches to connect together and NOT reboot.Two of the switches are older Linksys sge2000s and they stack well together, but as soon as i connect the new Cisco sge2000, it will make them both reboot sequentially, even though it detects that it needs to be #3 in the stack.SW 1 port 24 is connected to SW 2 port 12 and they function correctly (both of the linksys switches). The documentation states they should be connected in a ring topology so I first tried completing the loop with SW3 (the newer cisco sge2000). When that had the aforementioned troubles I just connected SW2 port 24 to SW3 port 12. Still forcing the switches to reboot.I SUSPECT it may be a firmware/software issue, but I wanted to check if they'ed even work together.

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Cisco Switches :: VLAN With 2 Switch ESW - 520?

Jun 13, 2011

For test I used 2 Switch that name "ESW X" and "ESW Y" I have 2 network that I named "Network A" and "Network B" I build 2 VLAN for each network that named Vlan 2 for Network A and Vlan 3 for Network B, I don't use Vlan 1 because it's the default Vlan 
Configuration ESW X:
port e1 : ACCESS PORT on UNTTAGGED Vlan 2
port e2 : ACCESS PORT on UNTTAGGED Vlan 2
port e3 : ACCESS PORT on UNTTAGGED Vlan 3
port e4 : ACCESS PORT on UNTTAGGED Vlan 3
port g3 : TRUNK PORT with UNTTAGGED Vlan 1(default) and TAGGED Vlan 2 and Vlan 3

Each Vlan can't communicate between the two switch, I think they're a problem in my vlan/port configuration?

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Cisco Switches :: VLAN Support On ESW 500 Switch?

Jul 4, 2009

How many VLANs does the ESW 500 switch support?

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Cisco Switches :: Can MGBSX1 Transceivers Use On SGE2000

Nov 14, 2012

Can MGBSX1 transceivers use on SGE2000? what type of transceivers can be use on SGE2000.

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Cisco Switches :: Difference Between SGE2000 And SG500-28?

May 10, 2012

What is the difference between a SGE2000 and a SG500-28?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SGE2000 Switch Without CLI?

Sep 11, 2012

I have recently purchased a a Cisco SGE2000 switch and when connected to it via console cable, I was introduced to "Switch main menu" which was kind of a GUI interface. I found a way of accessing what is called a lightweight CLI (lcli).After having a few searches on google it turns out that this switch doesn't have a proper CLI. Is this possible at all? I thought that all managed switches have CLI?

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Cisco Switches :: Ip Address To Vlan In SG300 Switch

Feb 3, 2013

i have a SG300-52 Switch, route mode is enabled, and it is using the latest IOS.I have created 4 Vlans in this switch, till this point its OK, but once i try to give ip addres to the created Vlan either from the GUI or CLI the switch is not responding. i have to go and manually reset the switch using a pin.

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Cisco Switches :: Set Up New SG300-52 L3 Switch For Switching And Vlan

Mar 4, 2012

i was trying to set up a new SG300-52 L3 switch for switching and Vlan. The problem is that the vlans on this switch cannot get their DNS resolved. Probably a stupid thing i can't get to see, but i think it is a simple solution given switchin is not my expertise.So my setup:

- ISP Wan router: LAN ip, DMZ: -> i have to use this router for ISP support. But it suckes, that's why we use own router for firewall, port forwarding etc.
- Nice Router: WAN:, LAN:
- SG300 L3 switch

This works. I can ping switch, nice router, ISP router and google's ip from VLAN 5.But i cannot ping google using host name. From within SG300 i can. So it has something to do with SG300 not doing DNS right.My Client on VLAN 5 has ip / 24, default gateway and dns pointing to switch: have put an entry in DNS servers in SG300: active (pointing to Nice router). On client leave default gateway pointing to switch. But put DNS server :

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2000 Searched Through Conference And Still Have No Resolution

Apr 27, 2011

Searched through conference and still have no resolution.Switch: Cisco SGE 2000..Layer3 mode enabled through console. [code]

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2000 Not Recognized By Network Assistant

Oct 18, 2012

I'm trying to get a network of SGE2000 switches mapped into Cisco network assistant.It always comes back with the device type unknown and status unsupported device.Is there a way to fix this ? I'm using Cisco network assistant ver.5.7(6)

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Cisco Switches :: Finding SGE2000 Visio Stencil?

Jun 27, 2012

Where I could find an SGE2000 visio stencil? It isnt listed in the Cisco Visio Stencil page? 

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2000 - Multiple IP Address On The Same Interface?

Aug 18, 2011

configure a secondary ip address (over the same address range) in a vlan interface on the SGE2000?For example, I want Interface Vlan 10 on mw switch has and Is that possible? If I try I get an error message with a duplicate IP address error. On Catalyst switches it can be done, but on Small Business?

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Cisco Switches :: NetFlow And Bandwidth Monitoring On SGE2000

Nov 21, 2011

Does the SGE2000 supports NetFlow? I've checked the Cisco docs and also called Cisco support to which no one has been able to answer me.

Anyhow, just in case it doesn't support NetFlow, how to be able to set up something that would be able to check the bandwidth usage on each port?

I've got a problem where I think the SGE2000 switch is failing when I pump around 190~200Mbps through x2 of the ports (Server A on port 1=130Mbps and Server B on port 2=60Mbps) of Multicast traffic (UDP). I can measure the output from the Streaming servers that provide the multicast content, thats how I know the input to the switch and I know that there are no packets lost or any errors departing from the servers, yet when I increase server B to say 80Mbps, I get break up and all sorts of problems on the client end STBs and it is happening on the multicast content provided by Server A too which is a different source, so I'm 99.9% sure its a SGE2000 switch problem which is why I'd like to monitor it somehow.

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Cisco Switches :: Connectivity With SGE2000 In Ring Topology?

Oct 10, 2012

I´ve got a strange problem with the connectivity within a ring topology.There are five switches from the SGE2000 series and one SG200-50.The SG200-50 is the root bridge and RSTP is configured.From the root bridge switch (Switch 5) I can ping Switch 0.But I cannot ping Switch 0 from PC0.

On the other hand I am able to ping all other Switches (1-5) from PC0.In addition to that I can establish a RDP connection from PC0 to Server0.This tells me that there is no general problem with the connection from PC0 to the Switch0.
Right now when I want to configure Switch0 the only way is to connect to Server0 first.But we have to move Server0 and this is why I want to manage Switch0 from PC0 like any other Switch on that network.

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Cisco Switches :: Can't Get VLAN To Work On A SF300 Series Switch

Sep 9, 2012

I have a SF 300-24 24-Port 10/100 Managed Switch and I am trying to set some VLANs. The image below shows how I want it to be setup:Since the remote site goes through the Internet, making port 20 an 802.1Q trunk over the two VLANs will give WAN connectivity to VPN/E-mail.I've tried all sort of settings [ see attachments] but can't get it work.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-26 Switch VLAN And Internet Access

May 9, 2012

I start writing this post telling you that I'm not a qualified network admin, so I beg your pardon if I do not use appropriate terms in my question. Also my english in not so good since I'm Italian and my english in almost scholastic.
This is the "story" :
I bought two switches as described above and actually I have to create 2 VLANS as described below :
VLAN id 2     name "Service_A"   ports 1-4
VLAN id 3     name "Service_B"   ports 7-9
all other ports can stay in default VLAN1.
my network infrastructure have some other very simple swtiches connected and 1 soho router (static ip with dhcp active and ip pool address released from to 200.
the SG200-26 have static ip   and


I need VLAN for privacy matter so all computer connected to ports in VLAN2 cannot see nor enumerate PCs and resources on other VLANs, but I also absolutely NEED that all computer in every ports (and every VLAN even default VLAN1) can access the internet.

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Routers / Switches :: Vlan Setup On 2848 Switch?

Jul 25, 2012

I have a dell powerconnect 2848 switch and setting up a vlan 3 an make port 1 mngt, port 48 uplink to layer 3 switch and tag vlan 1 and 3 to port 48 with cli commands for this setup. and also to untag ports 2-10 for computers

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Routers / Switches :: Setting Up A VLAN -GE-DSS-244 Layer 2 + Switch?

Mar 22, 2011

I am migrating an a group of workstations that run a fire system from one software to another. The current workstations run the following new workstations is a central switch location using a GE-DSG-244 Layer 2+ Managed switch. There are two remote location using GE-DS-82 Managed Switches.The two networks must remain isolated, yet use the same fiber communications. The central switch connects to the two location using MM Fiber. From my research I believe I need to use the 802.1q standard to allow port trunking between the two switches.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SGE2000 Switches To Dell - STP Loop

Nov 24, 2012

We have a couple of cisco SGE switches connected to a single DELL, between the cisco switches we have a trunk interface. I'm not sure which setting should be configured on the switches to get it working because a loop is occuring.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Can LLDP Be Disabled On SGE2000 Switch

May 2, 2013

I just want the switch to be quiet so that I can perform some network testing with only the connected hosts showing up in my traffic analysis program. But every 30 seconds or so the switch sends out an LLDP packet. This switch is only used in the lab for running tests so I know I don't need the LLDP feature running.
This article explains how to disable LLDP globally on a Catalyst switch, but I can't find any option to disable LLDP in the SGE2000's configuration menus.

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Cisco Switches :: Used Two SF-300 Switch And Create 4 VLans And Inter-VLan Routing

Apr 8, 2013

I used two sf-300 switch and create 4 vlans and intervlan routing is working fine.
Port 1 - 10 -------------> Vlan 1
Port 2 -20----------------> Vlan 2
Port 3 - 30------------------> Vlan 3
Port 4 - 40--------------------> Vlan 4
giga1  -----------------> connected to router (This router used for intervlan routing).
SF-300 Port 1 is connected to Internet Modem.  This modem worked as dhcp server also for vlan 1, my problem is that when vlan 1 is not communicate to vlan2,3,4 and 2,3,4 are not communicating. 
How i can communicate vlan 1 to 2,3,4 vlan. 
how i can connect the modem in switch?  Access port or Trunk port ( Presently available in vlan 1 Access port)Any route i need to make? sf-300 or modem or router?

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Cisco Switches :: Multiple VLANs And Relaying DHCP On Two Stacked SGE2000-G5

Nov 17, 2011

We have been set the task of securing a small managed office system which is currently set up with a standard switch allowing each of the offices (containing different companies) to see each other, and in some cases, access each others documents across the network.
Obviously this is a far from adequate set up and our aim is to isolate each office using VLAN's but share a common internet connection provided by the managed offices.  We have two Cisco SGE2000-G5 layer 3 switches but we are new to Cisco equipment and VLAN's so we are not quite sure on how to implement this.  DHCP would need to be provided by a Router, there is no Server.  We are open to suggestions on the Router as we have yet to purchase one.

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