Cisco WAN :: How Many Routes Support 7206VXR With NPE-G2

Jul 24, 2011

How many routes support 7206VXR with NPE-G2?

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Cisco WAN :: How Many IP Routes Does 3825 Support

Jan 23, 2011

I want to know the number of routes supported by CISCO3825-HSEC/K9(512MB DRAM).

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Cisco WAN :: ASR 1000 With 4M Routes Support

Jul 5, 2011

For ASR1000 to support 4M routes, RP2 must be used. 
1) RP2 need to have 16GB memory in order to support 4M routes?
2) Need to use ESP20/40 together with RP2?
3) If RP2 + ESP10, supporting route table size down to 1M?
4) 4M routes is shared for both IPv4 an IPv6?
5) SIP card will affect route table size?

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Cisco WAN :: WS-C3560G-48TS-E How Many BGP Routes It Can Support

Feb 7, 2012

We are planning to run BGP on our pair of 3560G switch, I would like to know how many bgp routes it can support? it currently running on advance IP service.

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Cisco WAN :: How Many OSPF Routes Does Catalyst 3750 Support

Aug 16, 2012

I just want to know how many ospf routes a catalyst 3740 support ?The cisco doc or datasheets doesn't answer this clearly. Because there is only a statement "unicast routes"!? Does this means all unicast routes (eigrp, ospf....static)If so, there is a statement for about 10k routes ?

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Cisco WAN :: EIGRP 101 - Prefer External Routes Versus Internal Routes?

Apr 8, 2011

Is there a way in EIGRP to prefer external routes versus internal routes. EIGRP always picks up internal routes as long as they are available, no matter if external routes have better metric. Our Scenario is that we have DMVPN hub and spoke topology running EIGRP 101. The Core routers also on EIGRP 101 prefer EIGRP 101 routes. We have the new MPLS network running BGP and redistributing these BGP routes into EIGRP 101. The core routers prefer EIGRP 101 routes (internal) to redistributed BGP (external) routes.

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Cisco VPN :: SA-VAM Not Supported In 7206VXR?

Feb 22, 2011

I have a Cisco 7206VXR with NPE-400. The IOS version is 12.4(24)T3. I installed a SA-VAM in the router in slot 6 but getting the following on the console.
AP-Pune-RT#Feb 23 11:16:34.484: %PA-3-NOTSUPPORTED: PA in slot6 (Unknown (type 650)) is not supported on this chassisFeb 23 11:16:34.484: %PA-3-DEACTIVATED: port adapter in bay [6] powered off.Feb 23 11:16:34.584: %PA-2-PABRIDGE: Failed to config bridge for PA 6Feb 23 11:16:35.384: %PA-4-IMPROPER_REMOVAL: Improper removal for slot 6.Feb 23 11:16:35.384: %PA-3-DEACTIVATED: port adapter in bay [6] powered off.Feb 23 11:16:35.468: %CRYPTO-4-PKT_REPLAY_ERR: decrypt: replay check failed        connection id=975, sequence number=677864
Is the SA-VAM not supported in the Router 7206VXR?

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Cisco WAN :: 7206vxr Acceptable CPU Level

Jan 18, 2012

We have a 7206VXR with an NPE-G1 processor. We're running the standard stuff on it, but here are the highlights.We just enabled netflow on it to send the data to an external source for analysis and the overall CPU level increased, but not significantly. About what should we expect for the overall CPU level? At this point, it's averaging close to 40% during peak hours.

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Cisco :: RICS0001 Error For 7206VXR

Nov 28, 2011

I am having trouble  with gathering inventory for  7206 XVR devices. I got this error:
RICS0001:Internal Error,unable to process the collected data from the device
How can I  make the inventory work for these devices ?
Here's an excerpt from IC_Server.log:
[ Tue Nov 29  16:24:53 CET 2011 ],ERROR,[Thread-31],,458,SQL Anywhere Error -193: Primary key for table 'MemoryPool' is not unique


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Cisco WAN :: High CPU Utilization On 7206VXR

Jan 7, 2013

High cpu utilization on cisco 7206 vxr router.[code]                                    

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Cisco WAN :: 7206vxr Freezes During Booting?

Sep 13, 2011

System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(12.2r)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: [URL] Copyright (c) 2006 by cisco Systems, Inc.Socket jumper: not present Failsafe jumper: present = normalFPGA revision 0x00000026C7200 platform with 2095104 Kbytes of main memory

Readonly ROMMON initialized

Self decompressing the image : #################################################################################################################################### [OK]
%ERR-1-SRAM: Bus error on SRAM interface%ERR-1-FATAL: Fatal error interrupt, No reloadingerr_stat=0x80, err_enable=0xFF, mgmt_event=0x10

System bridge dump:
PCI B:3 D:0 F:0 Reg:0x00: device and vendor id           = 0x648511ABPCI B:3 D:0 F:0 Reg:0x04: status and command             = 0x02B00000PCI B:3 D:0 F:0 Reg:0x08: class code and rev id          = 0x05800004PCI B:3 D:0 F:0 Reg:0x0C: hdr type, lat timer and cls    = 0x80804000PCI B:3 D:0 F:0 Reg:0x10: PCI CSN0 BAR (LOW)             =


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Cisco WAN :: High CPU Utilization On 7206VXR (NPE-G1)

Jun 20, 2012

I am observing very high CPU utilization on my Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G1) Router. We have done all the necessary troubleshooting but not able to identify root cause. [code]

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR (NPE-G2) Sudden Reboot

Aug 3, 2011

I have CISCO 7206 router with NPE-G2 and 2 gig of memory. There's a vpn and pppoe servers on this unit and it hold maximum of 250-300 simultaneous connections. Periodically (1-5 times/hour) router suddenly reboots with lots of messages in console:
IPFLOW: Warning: V5 overfill -Traceback= 0x14975E4z 0x1A133F4z 0x1A16CC0z 0x1A17754z 0x1A17870z 0x3337874z 0x28F80Cz 0x66A704z
*** System received a Software forced crash ***

I googled about first "V5 overfill" but no luck, i analyzed crashifo's with cisco tool and it said - it is ios problem, but if i change ios - problem lives again, no matter which ios i use.

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Cisco WAN :: QOS Marking Query Of 7206VXR

Nov 2, 2011

We have subscribed for MPLS links from Service provider we have a DC where the core connectivity is 90 MB and Remote branch location Connectivity is 64 Kbps. We are in process of enabling QOS for our links with co-ordination with Service provider ; as per our finding the branches have more RX traffic (downloading) so after discussion with provider we were advised to mark traffic from the core end and give it to the provider.The provider at its PE will honor the marking and set some B/W percentages and prioroty based on the DSCP marking values.
We need to mark this traffic so it is feasible to mark the traffic at the core DC router which has the below H/W details,Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2) processor (revision A) with 917504K/65536K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID 36161439
MPC7448 CPU at 1666Mhz, Implementation 0, Rev 2.2
6 slot VXR midplane, Version 2.11
or is it feasible to mark the traffic at the core switch.

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Cisco WAN :: Can PA-1GE Module In 7206VXR With NPE-G2 Be Configured

Mar 4, 2012

Can a PA-1GE module in a 7206VXR with an NPE-G2 be configured to negotiate/work with a 100mbps Vendor provided Ethernet Port? The router sees the interface but it is in up/down.

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Cisco WAN :: High CPU Utilization On 7206VXR Due To Traffic?

Apr 19, 2011

I have a 7206VXR router doing policy routing with CEF enabled on all interfaces, no Cache Misses, Align Errors or failed buffers. CPU peaks up to 80% every two or three minutes. I suspect it is traffic related as I have a standby box and when it becomes the active on in the HSRP pair to high CPU load and LAN interface input errors follows it. see various show command output below. The router has a NPE-G1 and I'm using a gigabit port off of this on the LAn side and a E3 Frame Relay interface on the WAN side.
UK-DHC-Policy1#show buffersBuffer elements:     1118 in free list (1000 max allowed)     3539658545 hits, 0 misses, 1119 created
Public buffer pools:Small buffers, 104 bytes (total 50, permanent 50, peak 229 @


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Cisco WAN :: Rack Unit For 7206VXR And 3945E?

May 29, 2013

I was looking for Rack Unit required for 7206 VXR & 3945E but couldn't find it.

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR - Maximum Possible ISDN Calls?

Jun 12, 2011

What is the maximum possible ISDN calls on Cisco 7206VXR router using PRI links and PRI supported cards.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 7206vxr 12.2 - No MLS QoS Commands

Feb 8, 2012

I do not have the option to run sh mls qos commands. I am trying to look at the cos-map on my 7200 router. The code I am running is c7200-p-mz.122- 25.s9.bin.I also do not see the mls qos command listed globally and it is not an available command in config t mode.

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Cisco WAN :: ATM To VLAN Local Switching On The 7206VXR?

Aug 1, 2012

We normally interconnect an ethernet VLAN via a bridge-group to an ATM PVC like :
interface ATM1/0.162055
bridge 10
pvc 16/2055
  encap aal5snap
interface port-channel1.10

This works fine on our 7206VXR's (IOS 12.4(24)) but the limit on bridge-groups is 256 which is not scalable enough.Earlier i was reading on [URL] wp1170945 for L2 switching an ATM PVC to an Ethernet VLAN which interested me because of the simplicity of it. According to the manual, the corresponding config would be :
interface ATM1/0
pvc 16/2055 l2transport
encapsulation aal5snap

connect atm-eth-vlan-con atm1/0 16/2055 GigabitEthernet0/1.100 interworking ethernet
I've got the following questions :
- Can i terminate the ATM PVC to a port-channel or is it implicit when i configure gi0/1.100?

- Are there any limitations on the amount of connects on the 7200VXR with the IOS i'm using?

- Are there any other caveats i didn't think about?

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Cisco WAN :: Maximum Performance On Router 7206VXR (NPE-G2)

Oct 31, 2011

am use router Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2) ram 1G now am enable bgp routing full route aboute 400K record , ospf routing maximum traffic throughput is 400 Mbps but the cpu utilize is 80%

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Cisco VPN :: QoS On 7206VXR DMVPN - Implement VoIP?

Sep 27, 2011

one of my customers wants to implement VoIP in his existing DMVPN Network Topology. I have read about the "Per-Tunnel QoS for DMVPN" but when it comes to configure it on my hub router (Cisco 7206VXR with c7200p-advsecurityk9-mz.124-15.T14.bin) I am lacking the option to set the "ip nhrp map group" command.
My question now is, is it generally not supported by the 7206VXR platform? Or can I get the option by upgrading the IOS to a newer version? If so, which one could I use ?

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Cisco WAN :: 7206vxr - Class Based Shaping

Jun 3, 2013

There around 70 remote sites and head end is of 200 Mbps MPLS WAN link..
Platform: 7206VXR, IOS: 12.4(15)T7
The QOS configuration at present is attached..
At the head end, we would like to shape based on remote sites bandwidth. Having said that, how many classes should I create to achieve this? Is there any other simplified way of achieving this ? 
Remote Site MPLS bandwidth
No. of remote sites
64 kbps
128 kbps

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR - GRE Tunnel Transmit Bandwidth

May 19, 2011

We have a major poblem going on with our VPN router.We have a 7206vxr router which has an mGRE tunnel forming EIGRP neighbourship with about 800 remote locations using GRE over IPsec.
We have a problem where the EIGRP neighbourship keeps flapping intermittently and this happens to 30-40 locations at one time and very frequently.What I noticed was that the GRE tunnel transmit bandwidth was showing as 8 Mbps. I guess there is an option to change it.Will this 8 Mbps limit cause any issues of EIGRP neighbourship flaps and will increasing the bandwidth useful.

We are also seeing output drops on the tunnel interface.

pcvpnstore#sh int tu0Tunnel0 is up, line protocol is up  Hardware is Tunnel  Internet address is  MTU 17912 bytes, BW 30000 Kbit/sec, DLY 50000 usec,     reliability 255/255, txload 244/255, rxload 110/255  Encapsulation TUNNEL, loopback not set  Keepalive not set  Tunnel source x.x.x.x (GigabitEthernet0/2)  Tunnel protocol/transport multi-GRE/IP    Key 0x328CDF, sequencing disabled    Checksumming of packets disabled  Tunnel TTL 255  Tunnel transport MTU 1472 bytes  Tunnel transmit bandwidth 8000 (kbps)  Tunnel receive bandwidth 8000 (kbps)  Tunnel protection via IPSec (profile "dmvpn")  Last input 00:00:00, output never, output hang never  Last clearing of "show interface" counters 00:17:06  Input queue: 0/800/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 732

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR Adding Second Power Supply Live

Dec 8, 2010

Assuming the power on/off button is OFF on a new secondary power supply - would there be a problem with adding a second power supply to a running 7206VXR while live?

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR Router Taking 17 Minutes To Boot?

Jan 12, 2011

I've inherited a 7206VXR router and it takes very long to boot.  It outputs READonly ROMMON initialized to the console and 14 minutes later it continues the boot process.  After 17+ minutes the boot is complete with the correct full image. The processing engine I have is the NPE-G1 and I'm looking for an upgradeable ROMMON image or a reason why the boot is taking this long. 

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Cisco VPN :: 7206VXR - What Router Chassis Supports SM-VAM2+

Jun 17, 2012

I work for a non-profit agency and a donor gave us a generous donation of used Cisco equipment. One of the items is a SM-VAM2+. We tried it in a 7206VXR chassis with a NPE-G2 running 12.4(24)T6 and the router keeps barking that the SM-VAM2+ is not supported in the chassis. We have done searches on the Cisco web site and Google and there is no information regarding the SM-VAM2+ at all (all of the references are for the SA-VAM2+).
The question is if the SM-VAM2+ is supported on the 7206VXR with another version of IOS or what router supports the SM-VAM2+?

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR - SMI Card Alarm LED Remains Amber

Aug 25, 2011

We are having Cisco 7206VXR with NPEG2 and the IOS c7200p-spservicesk9-mz.124-15.T10.bin.,PA-MC-STM-1SMI is connected to 3rd Slot of the Chassis. The Links terminated on the SMI are working fine and we are not getting any Error Messages on Chassis regarding the this SMI.
But here we have Amber LED Glowing on ALARM LED of the SMI Card.
As per the below Link: URL 
This means Loss of Signal/Frame.
##Table 1-5     PA-MC-STM-1 LEDs
#LED Label

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR / Applying CBWFQ On Ethernet Sub-interface

May 6, 2012

i have 7206VXR with trunk interface toward customers, now i'm trying to configure CBWFQ on one of the sub-interfaces for specific customer,while trying to apply parent policy which includes child policy i'm getting the following message:Must remove traffic-shape configuration first.
here is the configured policy:

ip access-list extended ACL_TEST_SRV
permit ip any host
permit ip host any
class-map CM_TEST_SRV
match access-group name ACL_TEST_SRV


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Cisco WAN :: 7206vxr Router - How To Check Received Power On OC3 SFP

Mar 8, 2011

we have a 7206vxr router with pa-pos-2oc3 and SFP-OC3-IR1-C. Our provider wants us to check transmitted and received power on the SFP.
I already looked around and know theres no way to check or adjust transmit power and saw its -15 to -8dbm on the datasheet.
Is there a way to check received power?
IOS version
7200 Software (C7200P-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T3

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: High Cpu Utilization On 7206VXR / NPG-1?

Mar 19, 2013

Cpu always hitting 70% to 80 % and interrrupt traffic is 70%. Want to know the root cause for this issue. 
CPU utilization for five seconds: 73%/65%; one minute: 71%; five minutes: 67%
PID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
   1           8        59        135  0.00%  0.00%  0.00%   0 Chunk Manager   
   2       58864   3290773         17  0.00%  0.00%  0.00%   0 Load Meter      
   3        1784    238001          7  0.07%  0.01%  0.00%   2 Virtual Exec    


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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR NPE-G2 Crash - System Returned To ROM By Bus Error?

Dec 27, 2012

I noticed that my router 7200 was reboot for a bus error. The error occurred while the system was operational. After the restart the router works properly for more than 6 days.
This is the sh ver:
Cisco IOS Software, 7200 Software (C7200P-IPBASEK9-M), Version 15.0(1)M4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Technical Support: [URL]
Copyright (c) 1986-2010 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 28-Oct-10 22:57 by prod_rel_team

Seems that the error "System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x2E0BF30, address 0x0" should be a special type of bus error crash is when the crash is caused by a corrupted program counter (PC). The PC value is the location of the instruction which the processor was executing when the bus error occured. In this case, the PC has jumped to the address 0x0 (probably because of a null pointer), but this is not where the instruction is located.
Can I consider this as a processor memory parity errors and wait for a second parity error before I replace anything?

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Cisco WAN :: 7206VXR / Re-route Path Verification Failed (protected)

Jun 4, 2012

I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with mpls fast reroute. The primary (protected) link is between PE-PE and the backup link is PE-P-PE. The IGP I'm using is OSPF. When there is a issue with the primary link and debug mpls tra tunnels signalling there is a message "LSP-TUNNEL-SIG: TunnelX [237]: re-route path verification failed (protected) [Can't use link x.x.x.x on node x.x.x.x]". After 30 seconds (without ospf tuning) the SPF is recalcalated, but that's not the point    From the show mpls tra tunnels tu1013 (the backup one)everything looks ok:

Status:Admin: up     Oper: up     Path: valid   Signalling: connected From show mpls tra fast-reroute database everything is ok, the status is Ready I'm using 7206VXR, Version 12.4(24)T3

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