Cisco WAN :: Upgrade Sup720 6509 Chassis - Configure Sup2T Management Ports?

Jul 1, 2012

We've just invested in a pair of Sup2Ts to upgrade a Sup720 6509 chassis but I'm unsure exactly how the management port(s), aka the Connectivity Management Processor (CMP), should be configured (and patched) in a dual supervisor system?Is each CMP an independent entity or is the management interface configuration (IP address, gateway, etc) replicated between supervisors?If it's the latter then do both management ports need to be physically connected at the same time?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6500 - Upgrade From SUP720 To SUP2T With New Chassis?

Apr 28, 2013

We recently purchased 2 Cisco 6500 series switches (with Sup 2T). These switches will be replacing our old 2 6500 series switches (with Sup 720).
We have 70 vlans and 90+ closet switches (2900) connecting the core switches We have 2 WLC connected to the core switch. We also have a 1 x 1 connection to a VSS switch which in turn connects to our Server Co-Location data center utilizing IPSec & GRE tunnel to connect to our Server Co-Location data center.
Our routing protocol is EIGRP. Our VTP domain at Server Co-Location is separate from our location “A” campus. I was wondering what is the best way to migrate our Core switches at location “A” campus.
The requirement is we would like to replace these switches with minimum downtime.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - Upgrade Sup720 To Sup2T In VSS Cluster

Jun 21, 2012

I support an active VSS cluster using 2 x 6509E chassis with single Supervisor 3C modules in each chassis. I want to replace these with Supervisor 2T modules. All my service modules and line cards are supported with the Sup2Ts (I will also be implementing 6908 modules). Is there a document on the Cisco site for this? I haven't found one though I can find plenty that describe how to do a software upgrade.
(Note, I have a 3rd (non VSS) 6509E chassis that is also part of this core network and that will maintain VTP/V LAN's etc).

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Is WS-SUP720-BASE Supported In 6509-E Chassis

Nov 29, 2010

I have a heck of a time finding this kind of information on the cisco site...Is the WS-SUP720-BASE line card a fully supported module in the 6509-E chassis?

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Cisco WAN :: 6509 - How To Upgrade IOS On SUP2T

Jan 15, 2013

Have a new 6509-E router with 2 sup2T blades. However it came with IPbase and we need to put Ipservices on it. I have copied ipservices IOS to bootdisk and slavebootdisk.
However I cannot get get to the boot command to point to bootdisk. It only allows me to point to flash:
)#boot system flash ?
WORD  System image filename
Yet I don't seem to have an option to copy this new IOS to flash. How do I get to copy it to flash:
Here is the original show boot command:
sh boot
BOOT variable = bootflash:s2t54-ipbasek9_npe-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin,1;
CONFIG_FILE variable =


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 To 6509-E Chassis Upgrade?

Nov 21, 2011

I currently have a couple of 6509 chassis (router/switches) with the following hardware blades:

     x3     48 ports
     x1     NAM
     x2     Sup720
     Running 12.2(18)SXF3
I am keeping the four Sup720 modules and have purchased new versions of the others blades including two new 6509-E chassis?Can I take my stand-by Sup720 out of the production machine and insert it into the new chassis?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Upgrade Of 6509 To 6509-E Chassis

Nov 21, 2011

I currently have a couple of 6509 chassis (router/switches) with the following hardware blades:

x3     48 ports
x1     NAM
x2     Sup720

Running 12.2(18)SXF3.I am keeping the four Sup720 modules and have purchased new versions of the others blades including two new 6509-E chassis. Can I take my stand-by Sup720 out of the production machine and insert it into the new chassis?

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Cisco WAN :: Cat 6500 IOS Upgrade - Installing Secondary SUP720 In 6509-E

Nov 21, 2011

I will be installing a secondary SUP720 in a 6509-E and will be upgrading the IOS on the existing SUP which is on  122-18.SXF6. I've read that this release has passed End of Critical Maintenance earlier this you. I thinking of upgrading the IOS to 12.2.33-SXJ1(ED) or 12.2.33-SXI8(ED) (possible more stable), but i'm not sure if i need any step upgrades from the current version. The SUP meets the required hardware specs and I will also be upgrading the ROMMON to 12.2(17r)SX7 first.
I have alot of experience upgrading IOS on routers and switches, but i just need to now if there are any gotchas that i need to know for the upgrade on the SUP.
The other issue is i don't believe the current IOS has been installed, are there any issue running on an IOS not installed. Patching is not available since the system is not running from an installed image. To install please use the "install file" command.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Upgrade 6509-Chassis In VSS-Environment?

May 1, 2013

we have some pairs of 6509-VSS, which partially have old (no more officially supported) 6509-Chassis.All linecards in the VSS are the same (Sup 720-10GE-3C, 67XX).
We now bought some new 6509-E-Chassis and want to change the old chassis by the new ones in a ISSU manner, that means:
1. putting the partner, which chassis changes, in redundancy mode, switch it off, exchange chassis (old "Catalyst 6509", new "Catalyst 6509-E")

2. inserting the line-cards exactly in the same slots and connecting all cables

3. switch on the new chassis, witing to come up in VSS
I'm not sure of having to set the switch number for VSS (is that in the Sup?; configuration? or part of the chassis-memory?)
I've looked up cisco for some hints, but don't found anything.

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Cisco WAN :: Migrating Sup720 Configuration To Sup2T?

Jul 4, 2012

migration of an existing Sup720 configuration to a new Sup2T. At present we have a Sup2T chassis in the lab running 15.0(1)SY1 and a production Sup720 chassis running 12.2(33)SXI5.I've taken a copy of the production startup-config, renamed it to 'startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712' and copied it to the bootdisk (and slave bootdisk) of the new Sup2Ts.I've then added the command 'boot config bootdisk:startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712' in an attempt to boot from that config and have the Sup2T migrate it to the new config standards (particularly from a QoS perspective as mentioned here :[URL]
boot system flash bootflash:s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin
boot config bootdisk:startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712
Router#sh bootvar
BOOT variable = bootflash:s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin,1;


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Cisco :: 6509 / 3750 - Sup2T IOS 12.2SY And QoS

Aug 21, 2012

I am thinking the Sup2T is just too new and I have queuing setup, if it is preferred or if I need to rethink how I am going at it.

I was able to get a working config between the 6509 and some 3750s.   Saturated the links and trickled some VoIP and Video traffic across it  without a single "interesting traffic" drop.  I have attached the  topology of my lab and the configs of the switches I was able to get  working (after many many head scratching moments).  I still have to lab  up the other portions of my topology, but its a start.
Is there a command equivalent to "show mls  qos interface <interface> stat" for the Sup2T?  The closest I  could find was "show queuing interface <interface> details" but  it just doesn't give was the other command does.  I want to be able to  see CoS/DSCP ingress and egress the ports.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Command QoS In VS-Sup2T Of 6509

Dec 10, 2012

I have a 6509 witch a sup vs-Sup2T,  and I´m very confuse for to configure QoS. is diferent in the old supervisor..What is the command similar to map cos to DSCP..  look
This is a configuration in a sw 4507
qos map dscp 56 to tx-queue 1
qos map cos 1 to dscp 10
qos map cos 2 to dscp 18
qos map cos 3 to dscp 26
qos map cos 4 to dscp 34
qos map cos 5 to dscp 46
In 6509 with sup2T and version 15.0.SY2  Im no sure.. I see two command
platform qos map cos-mutation testmap 4 5 6 7 0 1 2 3  
table-map cos-discard-class-map 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Replacing 7206VRX With 6509-E Sup2T?

Dec 9, 2012

We are planning to implement the 6509-E with two Sup 2Ts and a few 48 ports switches. We also want to make this the router for our network and replace the 7206VRX.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Upgrade 6500 Sup2T From 15.0 To 15.1

Jun 4, 2013

I am trying to upgrade Sup2T from 15.0 to 15.1 (same feature sets).  I have the new  image in bootflash and have changed the boot system statement to boot from the new image and the config register is 0x2102.  However, everytime it reboots it loads the old image. [code]

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Cisco Application :: 6509-E SUP720 And SLB Limitations?

Mar 21, 2012

We are looking into replacing our current Windows NLB configuration with a SLB solution as NLB creates some nasty multicast traffic.
We are currently curious about the limitations for running SLB without a dedicated ACE Module, will it handle line-rate speed (1 and 10 gbit) with SLB?
Does VSS introduce any limitations for SLB? Any other pitfalls/limitations we should be aware of?
Hardware info: 2x WS-C6509-E in VSS with VS-S720-10G (VS-F6K-PFC3C) running s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI7

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Cisco WAN :: Sup720-10G 6509 - Multicasting In Same Vlan Broken

Oct 9, 2011

Currently we do not have multicat routing enabled on either of our 2x Sup720-10G 6509 Switches.  We have no intention of doing so either.  I am looking for clarification on how mutlicasting operates within a Vlan. 
IOS: s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH2a.bin
Our Vlan has IGMP snooping enabled.  Here is the output.
6509Switch#sh ip igmp inter vlan 25
Vlan25 is up, line protocol is up
  Internet address is
  IGMP is disabled on interface
we do not want to disable IGMP due to this one concern that I can't find documented. If we disable IGMP snooping on the vlan, what happens to multicast packets with a TTL > 1.  Do they get flooded to the entire switch and all Vlans?  Or does it stay within the Vlan? 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 / Migrate VSS To New Set Of Chassis?

Dec 19, 2012

Currently have a pair of 6509 chassis setup with VSS. Only have the Sup and two line cards in each chassis. Would like to replace with a new pair of 6504E chassis. Is it possible to fail one chassis at a time and migrate to the new 6504E?

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Cisco WAN :: Remove IPSec VPN SPA Module From 6509 Chassis?

Feb 29, 2012

Need to remove the IPSec VPN SPA module from the 6509 chassis. Does the module is hot swappable or does the 6509 need to be turned off prior to removal.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - Maximum ARP Entries On Sup720?

Jan 13, 2008

Just a very quick one.  Is there any physical limitation to how many ARP entries a 6509 and sup720 can have?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Sup 720 MSFC3 (HOT) Reload In 6509 Chassis

Mar 9, 2013

We have a backup sup 720 which has a 2 gigabit ethernet though port channel, to another chassis. Suddenly UDLD detected an error and got into err disable, then this err disable didn't let the interface set to DOWN, and created a switch loop, then our Supervisor reloaded. I'd like to know what could have caused this reload. In my opinion could have a been the switch loop, but also I've been checking from the output interpreter the show tech and might have been a bug, the only one that could match in IOS version 12.2(33)SXH, is this one: url...
We're going to disable err-disable next time I guess and recover the link manually, apart from that what could have made the sup for crash and reload?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 4402 LAG Connection To 2 Different Chassis Of 6509 VSS Switch

Mar 28, 2012

I have inherited a 6509 VSS switch system as the network core and have the task of ensuring proper redundancy and redesign of the directly connected data center devices.  One of the connected devices (WLC 4402) physically appears to be connected to both switches - the WLC is in the same rack as VSS-Chassis1 so I can trace the fiber from WLC port 1 to gi1/1/22, the other fiber from the WLC port 2 goes into the floor and presumably over to VSS-Chassis2 gi2/1/22 (there is fiber connected there, I have link lights on both sides, and the port channel, Po200, on the VSS switch which is configured on gi1/1/22 is also configured on gi2/1/22).  My question pertains to the CDP neighbor output I get on the VSS switch: (truncated to include just the WLC) [code]

So my question, arising at least partly from the apparently misleading CDP information, is this:  How can I confirm that the WLC is correctly dual homed to both core switches? (short of tracing the cable)  I ask because there are several other devices (not WLCs) that need to have the dual homed connections confirmed.I tried a layer 2 trace route but for all macs associated with the WLC, the trace abborts with the error "Device has Multiple CDP neighbours on destination port."

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Failed Supervisor On 6509 Chassis?

Jan 28, 2012

swapping out a failed supervisor card on a 6509 chassis?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 And 6509E Chassis Physical Characteristics

Oct 18, 2012

Are there any physical characteristic differences between the 6509 and 6509-E chassis?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 VSS Standby Chassis Reboot Trap

Dec 9, 2012

I have multiple 6509 vss switch. and i notice when the standby chassis reboot I didn't get any snmp trap, but I got when the active one reboot. my question is is there any mib out there for detecting and got a trap when standby reboot?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - VSS Active Chassis Both FWSM And VSS Failover

Sep 25, 2012

Any have experience on triggered failover on VSS deployment with 1 VS-720-10G-3C in each chassis? I tried using "redundancy force-switchover" but after that the 20G VSL is flapping up & down and cannot be up normally, we got 1 FWSM in each chassis, any configuration need to fit in this kind deployment? BTW, if I shutdown the power source of VSS active chassis, both FWSM & VSS can failover normally.

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Cisco Firewall :: 6509 -Creating FWSM Intra-Chassis Redundancy

Oct 27, 2011

Currently we have two inter-chassis FWSM redundancy. I would like to configure them for intra-chassis.
Both FWSM's are in slot 7 of 6509 switches and i want to take secondary out from one of the 6509 switch and insert in the slot 3 of primary switch.
I addedd the following commands in my primary switch.
There were commands already present for FWSM in primary switch
firewall multiple-vlan-interfaces
firewall module 7 vlan-group 1
firewall vlan-group 1  2,3,777
to create intra-chassis redundancy i addedd the following command also there.
firewall module 3 vlan-group 1
after adding that, my firewalls worked fine but there was a issue with site loading. People from outside were able to access inside but from inside, we were not able to go outside.
do we need to clear arp from both FWSM's ? is there any other precautionary step, which we need to follow while working on it.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 Redundant Sup720 - Slave Boots Into ROMmon

Oct 24, 2012

I'm fairly new to networking and need to migrate an old core to a new core. I have a 6509-e Switch that I had an RMA on one of my 720 sup cards. After receiving the sup card I swapped my slave out with the new one, expecting it to boot into ios. It booted into Roman. I tried to boot the image manually and it did the same thing. I also tried to boot from my flash and, again, booted into ROMmon.
Question: If i configure and change the boot to boot from image it tells me i need to reset or power cycle first. Will this reset the entire switch? As this is production I'd rather not.
I am at home now, but I can supply any logs/hardware model/configs tomorrow. I thought I would see if this is an easy fix.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 SUP720-3B / Dual Link With Failover And Redundant Configuration?

Feb 24, 2013

I have a two fiber connection from our Central Office(6513) to Remote office (6509). I have a requirement that on the remote office if one of the fiber goes down, the second fiber should work as a failover. I am planning to use SUP720-3B SFP to connect to the CO.

Can I connet one fiber to Sup720-3b G5/1 & another fiber connection to G5/2?  or Can I connet one fiber to Sup720-3b G5/1 & another fiber connection to G6/2? I am running EIGRP between sites. Any sample config.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Setting Up VRF-lite On Redundant 6509-E To Account For Chassis Failure?

May 15, 2013

setting up VRF-lite on redundant 6509-E chassis to account for chassis failure?   Let's say I have 2x 6509-Es configured with HSRP for 2 vlans, ServerA and ServerB.  So
interface Vlan10
description ServerA VLAN
ip address
ip flow ingress
standby 1 ip
standby 1 priority 105

I now need to create an environment where the Server VLANs can be provided for two customers and they need to be wholly separate.   On 6509-A, I make VRF CustomerA  and VRF CustomerB  and I assign Vlan10 to VRF CustomerA and Vlan20 to CustomerB.   Do I create the SAME VRFs on 6509-B with the same logic?

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Cisco Firewall :: Can Upgrade FWSM 4.0.3 To 4.0.17 With Chassis IOS

Jul 9, 2012

Can I upgrade FWSM 4.0.3 to 4.0.17  with Chassis IOS s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH4.bin ?
In chassis's slot we have ACE and FWSM slot also. if I will upgrade chassis it will reboot ACE too.I do not want to reload Chassis.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 7606 Sup720 With MSCF / Upgrade To 122-33.SRE6 Fail?

Mar 25, 2012

I faced with problem while i was attemping to upgrade CISCO7606 (R7000) from 12.2(33)SRE1 to 12.2(33)SRE6.
rommon 2 > boot c7600s72033-advipservices-mz.122-33.SRE6.bin
Loading image, please wait ...  
Invalid device specified
Booting from default device  
Initializing ATA monitor library...
string is bootdisk:c7600s72033-advipservices-mz.122-33.SRE1.bin


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Cisco :: Configure Netflow Catalyst 6500 With SUP720-10GE

Jun 5, 2012

I tried to configure netflow without success.
Setup is the following.
Cisco Catalyst 6509 with Sup720-10GE IOS 12.2(33)SHX7. There are around 30 L3 vlans configured on the switch. I'm only interested for the traffic on one L3 vlan which is the connection to wan cloud.
I wanna see only the traffic that goes to and come from the wan. On other Catalyst where I have routed interfaces i successfully configured netflow. I read a lot in the forums and documentations but i didn't find the right one.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configure Dual SUP 7 On 4507 Chassis For Redundancy?

May 24, 2012

I need to configure a 4507 chassis with two SUP 7 installed. I havenot done SUP redundancy comnfiguration and i was owndering

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