Cisco WAN :: Migrating Sup720 Configuration To Sup2T?

Jul 4, 2012

migration of an existing Sup720 configuration to a new Sup2T. At present we have a Sup2T chassis in the lab running 15.0(1)SY1 and a production Sup720 chassis running 12.2(33)SXI5.I've taken a copy of the production startup-config, renamed it to 'startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712' and copied it to the bootdisk (and slave bootdisk) of the new Sup2Ts.I've then added the command 'boot config bootdisk:startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712' in an attempt to boot from that config and have the Sup2T migrate it to the new config standards (particularly from a QoS perspective as mentioned here :[URL]
boot system flash bootflash:s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin
boot config bootdisk:startup-config-BGFL_6509_MBAS-020712
Router#sh bootvar
BOOT variable = bootflash:s2t54-advipservicesk9-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin,1;


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6500 - Upgrade From SUP720 To SUP2T With New Chassis?

Apr 28, 2013

We recently purchased 2 Cisco 6500 series switches (with Sup 2T). These switches will be replacing our old 2 6500 series switches (with Sup 720).
We have 70 vlans and 90+ closet switches (2900) connecting the core switches We have 2 WLC connected to the core switch. We also have a 1 x 1 connection to a VSS switch which in turn connects to our Server Co-Location data center utilizing IPSec & GRE tunnel to connect to our Server Co-Location data center.
Our routing protocol is EIGRP. Our VTP domain at Server Co-Location is separate from our location “A” campus. I was wondering what is the best way to migrate our Core switches at location “A” campus.
The requirement is we would like to replace these switches with minimum downtime.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - Upgrade Sup720 To Sup2T In VSS Cluster

Jun 21, 2012

I support an active VSS cluster using 2 x 6509E chassis with single Supervisor 3C modules in each chassis. I want to replace these with Supervisor 2T modules. All my service modules and line cards are supported with the Sup2Ts (I will also be implementing 6908 modules). Is there a document on the Cisco site for this? I haven't found one though I can find plenty that describe how to do a software upgrade.
(Note, I have a 3rd (non VSS) 6509E chassis that is also part of this core network and that will maintain VTP/V LAN's etc).

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Cisco WAN :: Upgrade Sup720 6509 Chassis - Configure Sup2T Management Ports?

Jul 1, 2012

We've just invested in a pair of Sup2Ts to upgrade a Sup720 6509 chassis but I'm unsure exactly how the management port(s), aka the Connectivity Management Processor (CMP), should be configured (and patched) in a dual supervisor system?Is each CMP an independent entity or is the management interface configuration (IP address, gateway, etc) replicated between supervisors?If it's the latter then do both management ports need to be physically connected at the same time?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 6500 VS-SUP2T-10G QoS Configuration

Apr 22, 2013

I am migrating services from SUP720-3B to VS-SUP2T-10G= and moving to a VSS configuration  between a pair of Cat6506 distribution layer switches. I need to enable QoS on these switches, primarily to trust dscp and also to prioritise voice traffic. The autoqos feature works for some ports but does not work on port-channel interfaces and port-channel member interfaces. How can I apply the qos settings for these interfaces in line with what auto qos would normally provide. My line cards are as follows:
Civic_6506VSS#sho mod
Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.
--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
1    4  CEF720 4 port 10-Gigabit Ethernet      WS-X6704-10GE   


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Cisco Firewall :: Migrating PIX Configuration To ASA 8.4(2)

Aug 28, 2011

I am migrating my PIX configuration to ASA 8.4(2) with my old nat configuration.I don't want the traffic match ACL inside_outbound_nat_acl from inside interface with NAT [code]
when I configured "any" in "nat (inside,any)", I cannot type the "route-lookup" command but when I change like "nat (inside,outside)" then I can type the "route-lookup" what's mean of "any" in this command?

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Cisco WAN :: 3745 / Migrating Configuration To New Router With Different IOS?

Sep 28, 2011

One of my clients has an older 3745 running IOS 12.3 and we are looking at replacing it with a new 3945 that runs IOS 15.0. This router is also configured with CME. Is it possible to migrate the current 12.3 config to load on the new 15.0 IOS? This will be my first encounter with 15.0 so I don't know what I am up against at this time. I am just hoping I don't have to retype all the ephone config, dial-peers, etc

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Cisco WAN :: Migrating Router Configuration From 3725 To 3945e

May 30, 2013

I'm trying to migrate the running-config from our old 3725 router to our new 3945e router.  Almost all of the config is copied over except for a few lines that come up as unrecongnized commands.  So it looks like these commands were either removed or changed to something new.

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Cisco WAN :: WS-SUP720-3BXL And WS-X6748-GE-TX Configuration

Feb 20, 2013

I have the above config in a 6509-E chassis with X2 Cac-3000 psu's
The problem i'm having is when everything is powered up it runs fine for about 10minutes then reloads the switch,The 6748 has a 6700-CFC installed the only way i have managed to get it run without crashes is to remove the 3BXL card from the sup and replace it with a PFC-3B, whilst this has solved the problem the client wants the 3BXL card to be installed, am I right in thinking that the CFC installed on the 6748 is incompatible with the 3BXL or maybe the 3BXL is faulty

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Cisco Firewall :: Migrating PIX515E To ASA5520 - Update BIN Files In Configuration For ASA?

Jul 18, 2011

I am in the process of migrating my config from my PIX running 8.0(4) to my ASA5520 running 8.2(1).  I have converted the config so that it is ready for the ASA.  I noticed the "boot system flash:" and "asdm image flash:" command references the old PIX files.  Do I need to update these or will they be updated when the ASA reboots with the new config?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 SUP720-3B / Dual Link With Failover And Redundant Configuration?

Feb 24, 2013

I have a two fiber connection from our Central Office(6513) to Remote office (6509). I have a requirement that on the remote office if one of the fiber goes down, the second fiber should work as a failover. I am planning to use SUP720-3B SFP to connect to the CO.

Can I connet one fiber to Sup720-3b G5/1 & another fiber connection to G5/2?  or Can I connet one fiber to Sup720-3b G5/1 & another fiber connection to G6/2? I am running EIGRP between sites. Any sample config.

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Cisco WAN :: 6509 - How To Upgrade IOS On SUP2T

Jan 15, 2013

Have a new 6509-E router with 2 sup2T blades. However it came with IPbase and we need to put Ipservices on it. I have copied ipservices IOS to bootdisk and slavebootdisk.
However I cannot get get to the boot command to point to bootdisk. It only allows me to point to flash:
)#boot system flash ?
WORD  System image filename
Yet I don't seem to have an option to copy this new IOS to flash. How do I get to copy it to flash:
Here is the original show boot command:
sh boot
BOOT variable = bootflash:s2t54-ipbasek9_npe-mz.SPA.150-1.SY1.bin,1;
CONFIG_FILE variable =


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Cisco :: 6509 / 3750 - Sup2T IOS 12.2SY And QoS

Aug 21, 2012

I am thinking the Sup2T is just too new and I have queuing setup, if it is preferred or if I need to rethink how I am going at it.

I was able to get a working config between the 6509 and some 3750s.   Saturated the links and trickled some VoIP and Video traffic across it  without a single "interesting traffic" drop.  I have attached the  topology of my lab and the configs of the switches I was able to get  working (after many many head scratching moments).  I still have to lab  up the other portions of my topology, but its a start.
Is there a command equivalent to "show mls  qos interface <interface> stat" for the Sup2T?  The closest I  could find was "show queuing interface <interface> details" but  it just doesn't give was the other command does.  I want to be able to  see CoS/DSCP ingress and egress the ports.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: MLS On 6500 With Sup2T

Aug 9, 2012

Cisco 6500 with 2T supervisor engine with following software Cisco IOS Software, s2t54 Software (s2t54-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.0(1)SY1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)
The problem is that, I am not able to configure Multilayer Switching (MLS) (mls rp ip) in the global config command. Although the "mls" is visible on the config menu. but when I say "mls ?", the router prompt "unrecognize command"
Not sure if SUP 2T support MLS or it come with different name.

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Cisco WAN :: Sup2T Not Booting After Deleting Vlan DAT File

Sep 18, 2012

We have recently purchased new Sup2T to replace the Sup720. When we tried to copy the vlan.dat file across we are facing this issue. Sup2T is not booting up once delete the  original vlan.dat file  of the Sup2T & reload.  Here is the console output during the process. What to do to get this Sup2T working.

[Code] ......

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Command QoS In VS-Sup2T Of 6509

Dec 10, 2012

I have a 6509 witch a sup vs-Sup2T,  and I´m very confuse for to configure QoS. is diferent in the old supervisor..What is the command similar to map cos to DSCP..  look
This is a configuration in a sw 4507
qos map dscp 56 to tx-queue 1
qos map cos 1 to dscp 10
qos map cos 2 to dscp 18
qos map cos 3 to dscp 26
qos map cos 4 to dscp 34
qos map cos 5 to dscp 46
In 6509 with sup2T and version 15.0.SY2  Im no sure.. I see two command
platform qos map cos-mutation testmap 4 5 6 7 0 1 2 3  
table-map cos-discard-class-map 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6500 - Configuring VSS With Two Sup2T?

Aug 4, 2012

I'm configuring VSS with two Sup2T but the Sup2T of the standby not coming active

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Upgrade 6500 Sup2T From 15.0 To 15.1

Jun 4, 2013

I am trying to upgrade Sup2T from 15.0 to 15.1 (same feature sets).  I have the new  image in bootflash and have changed the boot system statement to boot from the new image and the config register is 0x2102.  However, everytime it reboots it loads the old image. [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Replacing 7206VRX With 6509-E Sup2T?

Dec 9, 2012

We are planning to implement the 6509-E with two Sup 2Ts and a few 48 ports switches. We also want to make this the router for our network and replace the 7206VRX.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6506E SUP2T QOS Channel Consistency

May 21, 2012

I have a catalyst 6506E (WS-C6506-E) with a SUP2T supervisor (VS-S2T-10G) card and a 10G interface card (WS-X6816-10G-2T) + DFC4.I have configured an etherchannel to another switch with the 2 10Giga ports of the SUP2T card and 2 10giga ports of the interface card.I only use the 10Giga ports of the SUP2T card so the cards have the same QOS transmit capabilities.But they do not have the same receive capabilities.
So when I configure QOS (with the new commands on SUP2T) on my 4 ports within the Etherchannel, 2 ports move down because of the inconsistency.
Till this point, no surprise.
The problem is that the command "no platform qos channel consistency" replacing the "no mls qos channel-consistency" does not exist.I run the last IOS 12.2(50)SY1 IPSERVICESK9.
And I cannot have QOS on my Etherchannel on the 2 cards.Or I have to use 4 ports of my interface card but in case of failure of this card, I loose the whole etherchannel.I there a way to avoid the consistency check ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750X - Connect C3KX-NM-10G To X2 10G Port On Sup2t In 6500E?

Mar 17, 2013

Is it possible to connect 3750X with C3KX-NM-10G to X2 10G port on sup2t in 6500E switch.There is Cisco OneX Converter Module, but I could not find that it is supported on sup2t.

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Cisco WAN :: Migrating From A PIX 501 To ASA5505

Jan 22, 2011

We are pulled the plug on our PIX 501 as its not letting us use all 100Mbit that our cable provider is now piping to us. I read the conversion guide but it made no mention of the 501's. Only the 515's or newer.The ASA5505 is putting up a little bit of a fight (This what I get for failing my CCNA??)After refusing to configure the LAN ip address to something other than what it was shipped with, I broke down and connected to the management console and forced an IP address on the LAN side. Now I reset my default config and everyone can get on the internet.Until the ISP cuts you off because you forgot to set your static IP. Oh, and by the way, they dont support Cisco gear.
When I attempt to assign the IP to the outside interface, it accepts without a hitch, but everything grinds to a halt. I cannot have this, as I have off-site users that operate with dedicated ports using Remote Desktop.  I've attempted to set the IP via both ASDM and management console. I've tried setting a static route, but that doesnt give me any love either. Im running ASA Version 8.2(1) and ASDM Version 6.2(1)Once I get the static IP set and working properly, I can tackle moving the port configs.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Migrating From ACS 4.2.0 To 4.2.1?

May 29, 2012

we are running acs on cisco appliance 1113.We need to uprade it to which is the latest release.and need to know the dependencies whether any license required?

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Cisco :: Migrating DFM Data From LMS 3.1 To 4.2.3

Feb 18, 2013

I need to migrate DFM alarm settings data from LMS 3.1 to LMS 4.2.3 and I want to use this method, [URL] , to extract the data from 3.1 and then inport it into 4.2.3.
I successfully performed it for IP settings, it was easy since the data format was the same.
But the format differs quite alot for Interface and Port data, here is an example:
export from LMS 3.1
IF-hostname/17 [Gi0/0.524] []; INTERFACE:;IF-hostname/17; MANAGED_STATE:;EXPLICITLY_UNMANAGED
export from LMS 4.2.3
INTERFACE:IF-hostname/17 MANAGED_STATE:MANAGED GigabitEthernet0/0.524
It looks like I have convert interface names, sort and delete stuff to make it look the same.

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Cisco :: Migrating From NCS 1.1.2 To Prime 1.2?

May 8, 2013

[URL] it mentions that migrating from NCS 1.1.2 to CPI 1.2 isn't possible.
How can I get around this?

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Cisco VPN :: Migrating From PIX 515e To ASA 5510

Jan 28, 2011

I have recently migrated from a PIX 515e to an ASA 5510. In the main this was successful. However, I have a number of L2L VPN's (all connecting to Cisco PIX 501 or 505). The majority of these VPN's are working fine. However, I have a couple of VPN's that are causing me a problem. It seems like the tunnel is established for anything between 10 minutes and 4 hours before going 'down'. I cannot initiate the tunnel again from the hub end (ASA 5510) of the VPN.However, if the remote end reboots the PIX, the tunnel is re-established.The ASA is running 8.3(1) and the remote PIX's will be running various versions of code but will all be 6.3(x). The strange thing here is that the majority of the sites are working and the config for each tunnel is identical other than the access-lists for interesting traffic and peer address.

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Cisco WAN :: Migrating ASA 5510 To ASA 5505?

May 7, 2013

for testing purposues i wanted to exchange a running ASA 5510 with a ASA 5505. I included the running configs from both the ASA 5510 and the new configured ASA 5505.
On the running ASA 5510 there is:
one interface for WEB
static IP


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Cisco Firewall :: Migrating To New ISP - ASA 5510

Jan 4, 2012

I currently have the following set up (excuse my quick drawing):
--------------Vendors VPN Router----                                                           
|    ------Cisco 3000 VPN------        |                                                                        
|    |                                   |        |
Private Network-------ASA5510---------Pub Switch------Cisco Router 2x T1

I've been tasked with migrating to the new ISP, which provides us with Cisco ME-3400E switch and /26 public subnet. I currently have 15 static NATs and 14 L-2-L VPN tunnels configured in ASA. Is there a way to configure additional Outside int on ASA and use it to migrate the existing VPN tunnels and static NATs? I'm trying to avoid downtime and hope to do it step by step. I'm thinking about adding additional Public switch, so I can also migrate vendor's router and VPN concentrator, which need to be in parallel to ASA. Assuming that this is possible I'd would like to do the following:

1.Configure and connect additional Outside Interface on ASA - public IP address and ACLs

2.Connect it to additional "Public switch", which would be configured with public IP address and connected to new ISP's Cisco ME-3400E.

3.Migrate my VPN tunnels and static NATs.

4.Migrate vendors equipment/VPN concentrator

5.Update my global NAT pool

6.Shut down old ISP

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Cisco :: Migrating From NCS 1.0 To Prime Infrastructure 1.2

Feb 12, 2013

I have NCS 1.0 with 100 devices support license installed. Now knowing it has reached end of sale, and also for the fact that Prime does cover devices like routers, i went ahead to the upgrade path via PUT (Product Upgrade Tool). Finally I received an email (OBA) advising my order is ready. This email included two items in the shipment,

NCS 1.0 to Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Minor Upg 100 Device
Prime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 - 100 Device Upgrade Lic
When i click to the link in the same email to download the license, it only shows me one file which is L-PILMS42-100-M  I tried using this file and installing on the NCS1.0 but it gives me error that this file is not a license file. The license name suggests me that it is not the license to be installed on the NCS. The file should be L-N-PI12-100-M=

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Cisco :: Migrating APs From WLC 4400 V. To WLC 5508 V.

Jun 11, 2012

I am replacing an old 4400 series WLC running version to a new 5508 WLC running version
We currently have 70 x 1131 Access points on the 4400 WLC.
With this upgrade, do i need to upgrade the old 4400 to version 6.0 so the AP's get an up to date IOS or can i directly migrate all AP's over to the new 5508 without any version incompatabilities on the AP's?
I am abit worried that the AP's are running a very old IOS on the 4400 v. to go straight to the new 5508 v.

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Cisco VPN :: Client Not Working After Migrating From PIX 6.3 To ASA 8.4?

Mar 11, 2013

I have a situation here where after migrating from PIX 6.3 to ASA 8.4, VPN connection from window server 2003 and 2008 fail to connect. Strangely, win7 or win 8 works perfectly well.
It failed due to

The diff we can see is win 7 is 32 bits and the server client version is 64bits.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 / Migrating From IOS To NX-OS

Aug 7, 2011

I am migrating from Cisco 6509 IOS (12.2) to Nexus 7000 NX-OS (5.1(1)).I am looking for a equivalente NX-OS command for permit ipinip on IOS.

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Cisco :: WCS Upgrade Stall Migrating Data

Apr 18, 2011

I have a WCS that I am trying to upgrade to In the system infrastructure we have three 4400-50 controllers with a total of about 90 access points (1231's, 1131's, 1142's, and 3500's) The server is a VM with 2GB of ram and about 4GB of free hard drive space (the WCS software is installed on the D: partition). The WCS installer goes through the initial setup and gets to the point of "Migrating Data" and basically stalls. I started the upgrade Friday at 11:30AM and finally killed it at about 9:00AM on Monday (almost 3 full days).
I then uninstalled the partial installation, and also uninstalled the installation. I then did a clean install of and imported my backup. After i verified that everything was working correctly I then tried the upgrade again. Currently its almost at 24 hours of sitting at "Migrating Data"

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