Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 Interface Addressing - Limitations?

Aug 26, 2012

Is there any limitations of network size for an interface in a WLC 5508? Any recomendations of netmask size? Maximum /24, maximun /21?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5540 Management Interface IP Addressing?

May 9, 2011

How does one allow /31 mask for an management interface on an ASA5540 using version 8.3(1)?
I need to configure a 192.168.x.y /31 on the management 0/0 interface of a ASA5540 and it is providing me with the following error:ERROR: /31 mask is not allowed

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - Cannot Connect To Web Interface Of New AP

Mar 13, 2012

I am in the process of upgrading our wireless infrastructure from a series of APs centrally managing the infrastructure centrally with the WLC 5508 and new APs (1142). All seems to be going well, the APs see the controller and are downloading the latest information/changes and I can connect to a test network. The current issue I am having is that I cannot connect to the AP via the web interface.
The config for the management interface of the 5508 is:
interface GigabitEthernet4/0/20
description ** Connection to WLC-5508-01 **


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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 Cannot Create AP-manager Interface

Aug 9, 2012

Yesterday I was in one of our client premises configuring a WLC 5508 with software 7.2, went through the initial configuration wizard with no problem whatsoever, my issue began when trying to configure a ap-manager interface.In many WLC configuration guides cisco states that for 5508 it is not required to configure an ap-manager interface because the management will suffice, but then they put a side note recommending it's configuration for best practices and better performance. OK so I saw that in an earlier version document and now they do not make the recommendation but the still use the word required and for me that's still is not a limitation. I can't create the ap manager interface because when I put the VLAN ID it says the it is being used by another interface.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 Management Interface Connection

Aug 1, 2010

I'm setting up a new 5508.  I've used the config from a 4402, have successfully connected to the Service port to manage the device, but for some reason cannot connect to the Management interface.  In this case, port 1.
The service port is connected to a Catalyst switch and grabbed an ip address (10.2.x.x subnet) no problem.  I can access the 5508 via https using the SP.  However, port 1 is connected to the same Catalyst switch, but on a different vlan (subnet 10.20.x.x).  Both ends show that the interfaces are up, I can ping the interface from any other host on the network, but when I try to manage the device via https I cannot connect.  We are using WCS and I cannot add the device from the WCS.  About all I can do is ping that interface.

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Cisco Wireless :: Additional AP-Manager Interface On WLC 5508

Aug 25, 2011

at the moment we are using as default the manager interface as ap-manager interface.
Now I have to change the IP. I would like to change that very smooth with all our locations. My question, is it possible to add a ap-manager interface with a new vlan and IP Range, so that I can move the AP's to the second interface as as soon as it is planed with the location. Sometimes in special cases we have hard coded the WLC IP oder we just need to change the DHCP option but this needs to be planed and I see problem to do that in a hard cut.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 7.3 Management Interface Access To GUI?

Jan 16, 2013

After I've upgraded software to the v7.3 and applied AP-SSO it made imposible to access the controller's gui via Service-port. So we tried to access it by management-port, but there is some problem too. It is not working from another subnets. But default gateway on management vlan is set correctly and I even tried to turn of all acl's on switch. WLC is only accessible from the same network. But at the same time wlc is replying on ping fine.All other protocols cannot connect to the controller.

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Cisco Wireless :: Keep Getting DHCP Timeouts 169.254.x.x Addressing?

Jan 17, 2012

Keep getting DHCP timeouts 169.254.x.x addressing.  I think that the client laptop is not giving a response to the REQ from the DHCP server.  Am I correct in my interpretation of the debug?
00:21:d7:93:f9:40 from Disassociated to Idle
 *apfReceiveTask: Jan 18 13:48:24.162: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 DHCP_REQD (7) Deleted mobile LWAPP rule on AP [00:21:d7:93:f9:40]
*apfReceiveTask: Jan 18 13:48:24.162: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 Username entry deleted for mobile
*apfReceiveTask: Jan 18 13:48:24.162: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 apfMs1xStateDec
*apfReceiveTask: Jan 18 13:48:24.162: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 Deleting mobile on AP 00:21:d7:93:f9:40(0)
*DHCP Proxy DTL Recv Task: Jan 18 13:48:37.073: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 DHCP received op BOOTREQUEST (1) (len 308,vlan 0, port 29, encap 0xec03)
*DHCP Proxy DTL Recv Task: Jan 18 13:48:37.073: 58:94:6b:d0:41:08 DHCP processing DHCP DISCOVER (1)


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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 Shutting Radio Interface (WLC 5508)

May 31, 2013

I am wondering if anyone has seen this before. We have about 50 AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 access points connected to a WLC5508 running These were all being used as autonomous APs previously and were converted when the controller was installed. About 12 of these have a lovely feature where their radio interface goes down at random. The radio is still in enable mode but the opertational status is DOWN. It seems to happen particularly when there has been a power outage and the AP rejoins the controller. All of the other 1242s are fine and never sees this problem. The APs are all on power injectors.
Once the radio is down, the only way I can get the to come back online is by doing the following:
1. Set the radio admin status to "disable" and apply

2. Turn off CDP

3. Reboot the AP Wait until the AP is back online and registered on the controller
4. Enable the radio admin status and CDP.
If I do not remove the CDP setting I cannot bring the radio back to "UP". I know we had previous issues with autonomous 1242 APs that did not like CDP being enabled. Have I perhaps got a bunch that are like that? Despite these having operated as autonomous APs they are AIR-LAP1242 from the factory.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 / WLC Management Interface Not Bound To Port

May 6, 2013

I have 2 x 5508 Wireless Controllers, 1 mgmt port on each as standard. I noticied something different between these controllers running the same code.I can bound a physical port to the mgmt interface on one controller but not the other (both interfaces are untagged)see below, this config appears on one controller but not the other? Is this something to do with the initial setup? How can I add Phyiscal information to the other controller mgmt interface, I cannot delete the mgmt interface. Physical InformationPort Number Backup Port Active Port Enable Dynamic AP Management?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 / Cannot Create Interface As Same Vlan Id And Subnet

Aug 12, 2012

I have got a wireless project with WLC  main office and have 10 sites where ap's are there and ap's getting registerd .we need 4 ssid in all branches same .

ssid guest
ssid scanner
ssid user
vlan 600 main office for scanner
in branch
vlan 600 for scanner but ip is

and bgp is running . And customer is asking me not to edit the ip range or vlan or create new vlan . but in wlc am not able to create branch network range interface and vlan 600 as vlan 600 i already created for scanner main office So is there a way to do that .
Temprarly one site i did like created vlan 610 in branch no ip . And in main office interface vlan 610 given another ip range . and i created interface in wlc . from branch i can connect the ssid and getting ip . But they dont want to create any aditional vlan or another network . Customer dont have a smartnet contract . They recently baught 2 wlc 5508 and 40 ap 1142.

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Cisco Wireless :: Backup Port Of WLC 5508 MGMT Interface

Sep 8, 2012

Since WLC5508 MGMT interface is configured a AP-Mgr at the same time, can I set a Backup Port to WLC5508 MGMT interface? Refer to WLC configuration Guide:
In the Backup Port text box, enter the number of the backup port assigned to the management interface. If the primary port for the management interface fails, the interface automatically moves to the backup port.
Note Do not define a backup port for an AP-manager interface. Port redundancy is not supported for AP-manager interfaces. If the AP-manager interface fails, all of the access points connected to the controller through that interface are evenly distributed among the other configured AP-manager interfaces
if I need to configure the backup port for MGMT interface, i need to remove the AP-manager on MGMT interface and create a network dynamic interface for AP-Manager ?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 - Ignoring Primary Discovery Request Received On Interface

Jan 13, 2013

Im receving this error on my syslog server: capwap_ac_sm.c:1443 Ignoring Primary discovery request received on non-management interface (2) from APalready checked the configuration and everything seems ok. They are registered and with clients associated.What could be the cause?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 600 OEAP Limitations?

Aug 20, 2012

I have found that there are only few configuration to the Cisco Aironet 600 OEAP. The settings are just for basic configuration for a wireless network when it is in autonomous mode.
A need for a Wireless LAN Controller to perform advance settings.
Also, there are no firmware available in Cisco. No upgrade/downgrade firmware avalaible for download.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2500 As Anchor / Compatibility And Limitations?

Jan 29, 2013

with FW a 2500 controller works as anchor controller, now.I have 3 questions.
1) What are the limitations? 15 EoIP tunnel, Clients? something else?
2) Have Cisco a compatibility matrix about Anchor - Foreign Firmware? (Example works anchor with 7.0.x.x foreign?)
3) A controller works only as anchor. A controller version with lowest AP licence is needed. Right?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 And Parental Control Limitations?

Jan 2, 2012

Just installed the E3200 and use to have a WRT54G. Wanted the N Band.Noticed two major deficiencies.

1) this device does not have Internet Access Policy option and the Parental Control interface is unbelievably poor?There are very few options to work with in terms of time of day to turn on and off blocking access. (Half hour increments only, not 5 minutes increments that I was use to). The "FROM" Field has AM only and the "TO" filed has PM only. This means if you wish a device to have access pass Midnight, you can't, or if you wish to block beginning in the AM, you can't. Furthermore there are no day selections, just School Night and Weekend Night. What if you just want to block school Night. You can't "turn off" weekend. Is there a way to gett full Internet Access firmware into this device.
2) When using Parental Control the devices to restrict access are only displayed by default names. I have 8 devices on the LAN and half of them say Network Device. Any way to identify them by a device name or MAC ID?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Limitations In Bridge Mode

Jan 3, 2012

I have a Fiber to Ethernet connector from my ISP. The Ethernet cable goes to an iSP issued Zyxel router. Into this router the landline phoneservice connects to give us VoIP landline service (which is cheaper). An Ethernet cable goes from the Internet port on the E4200 to a LAN port on the Zyxel router. That works great but I had to put the E4200 into Bridge Mode to get it to connect to the Internet via the Zyxel router which I need to use the phone services my ISP provides. I bought the E4200 because I wanted to use the dualband functionally and get a 802.11N 5GHz network setup and to give me the ability to block certian websites and services which I knew Cisco/Linksys is famous for - the abillity to control your network. 
Well then imagine my surprise when I could not use the Parental Control settings when the router is in Bridge Mode... This was the reason I bought this router over an Apple Airport Exreme. Is there anyway to get it to let me use the Parental Control anyway while in Bridge Mode or a better way for me to connect the router with the rest of my network?

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Cisco :: 5508 - SSH And HTTPS On Controller Interface?

Jan 9, 2013

I have a wireless controller 5508 and all my interfaces can be accessed via https or ssh from a wireless client. Management access from a wireless client is disabled so I don't understand why this is happening.

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Cisco :: Cannot Access One WLC 5508 Via Wired Interface

Feb 8, 2013

I have 2 WLCs (Cisco 5508) in my network. The primary has 16 Aironet 1261 APs connected. Secondary WLC is just staying there and no APs are associated with it. Everything works fine. I was accessing the controller via a wireless client all this time through the management interface using https. It was working fine.But when I tried to access the primary using the wireled network, I can access the seconday but cannot access the primary. They are in the same subnet and I can ping both of them.

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Cisco :: Switch IP Addressing

Jan 2, 2013

I'm on my way of taking the CCNA Exploration, and even though I haven't got to the LAN Switching and Wireless course, one question does bug me. In your average LAN, does your average switch has an ip address, or is it a 'dumb' device like a repeater ? Is the same true for layer 2 switches and layer 3 switches or is there a difference in terms of IP addressing ? Can you even assign an IP address to a switch ? Would you want to do that and why ?

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Cisco WAN :: ASA / 2911 / PBR And IP Addressing?

Jan 28, 2011

I am looking at this doc to use an ASA + 2911 to do Policy Based Routing with multiple ISPs.From the linked doc, under the PBR scenario, what should the IP addresses be for the routers connection to the ISPs?  It isnt labeled.

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Ip Addressing Class B And C?

Oct 31, 2011

can i use both class B and class C at the same time?If so, what should i do with class B? and with the other Class C?i got 500 computer into 5 segments

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IP Addressing In Class C?

Mar 4, 2012

I need to provide logical addressing this network using class C but I have been given no address to start with, only the network diagram:


How do I even start this? How do I know which address to use?

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Cisco :: WLC 5508 / Failed To Get DHCP Response On Interface

Jul 10, 2012

i have WLC 5508 showing the below Logs , which prevent the users from connecting to the SSIDs , also its disconnecting the associted users DHCP Socket Task: Jul 11 09:54:08.992: %SIM-3-DHCP_SERVER_NO_REPLY: sim_interface.c:1039 Failed to get DHCP response on interface 'interface-02'. Marking interface dirty.*mmListen: Jul 11 09:54:08.638: %MM-3-INVALID_PKT_RECVD: mm_listen.c:7671 Received an invalid packet from Source member: source member shows 3 to 4 times durring 1 hour ,

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Cisco :: 5508 Controller Setup - Management Interface

Jan 2, 2012

I'm trying to verify some behaviors I'm seeing with my 5508 controller setup, I've zero experience with this hardware and clueless on the best practices. With that said... out of the box I ran through the AutoInstall process.

I gave my service port an IP address on my subnet, vlan 100 and gave the management interface the ip address vlan 130
From my host I can ping the management interace and the interface gateway
I cannot connect to the controller via either through the web GUI or telnet
I can connect to the controller via both through the web interface and telnet
while connected to the service port, I can ping the management port IP but I cannot ping the gateway.
We have attached two test 3502I AP's and they found the controller and pulled correct ip addresses, clients can authenticate and access network resources as well as the Internet so for the most part, things are working but it concerns me that the management interface can't ping its own gateway.

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IBM T23 Laptop / Private Ip Addressing?

May 8, 2011

I have a IBM T23 laptop that I have reformatted and am trying to log onto my wireless internet via a linksys pcmcia card which When I try to connect it tells me I have private IP address and I am not sure how I can reconfig so that I can connect via my router to the internet.

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Cisco :: 5508 - Unable To Access Controller Using Management Interface

Apr 3, 2013

I configure IP address on the management interface port 1 of 5508 controller when i connect it direct to my laptop i can't ping or access controller from my laptop even i connect through layer 2 switch still i can't not.
IP Address of management interface :
Laptop IP Address : 10.21.0,51

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: VLAN Interface Quantity Of WLC 5508?

Apr 25, 2013

How many VLAN Interface can be create on a WLC Interface, e.g. GigabitEthernet 1?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 Has No DHCP Addressing

Oct 25, 2011

I have a customer using a RVS4000, DHCP is enabled; the unit is set as gateway but there are no DHCP address assingments coming from the router.

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 IP Addressing Class B

May 27, 2013

I read in the RV082 user manual can I configure a Ip address class C in the LAN interfaces.I need to know if the router support a class B addressing.

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Creating An IP Addressing Scheme For Each Subnet?

Jan 30, 2012

I have been assigned to create a basic IP Addressing Scheme. The company has a single class B private address range of and it needs to be divided into four subnets. They are all based on a single router.

Subnet A: 500 hosts
Subnet B: 200 hosts
Subnet C: 50 hosts
Subnet D: 20 hosts

How can I subnet them correctly and how would I make an addressing scheme for each subnet? (Host range, server, peripherals, gateway address? etc.)

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4.3 Class C IP Addressing / Routing Subnet Design

Sep 25, 2012

I am carving up an internet Class C for customer. This class C is used by 3 distinct QA, Corporate and Production firewalls. I want to carve up IP space so there is a /26 for each environment. The issue I have is the firewalls may need communication with each other via the public IP space. Currently I don’t have any L3 switches in between the firewalls and the edge internet router. So with subnetting, it would seem I need to push everything through the internet router for the intra-firewall communication.I would rather not push this traffic through the edge router, so I came up with an idea to allocate all firewall outside interface IP’s in the 4th (last remaining) /26. That way, I can allow firewalls to communicate over the primary interface IP’s, which will all be in the same subnet – without going through a routing “engine”/device.
For the actual environment subnets (NAT's on respective firewalls), I create a static route on the edge router pointing to each of the firewall’s primary IP’s for the respective environment routes (the first 3 - /26’s).This is still a beta design, but I have done this before on small scale when ISP gave me 2 subnets for example, assuming I was going to put a router in between the customer firewall and ISP. I would use the “routed subnet” on the ASA interface, and then pull the NAT’s from the other subnet. The ISP would have to add a static route directing the NAT subnet to the “routed subnet” correct IP - which would be the firewall outside interface primary IP.I recently found out that with ASA OS 8.4.3 and up, ASA will not proxy arp for IP’s not in its local interface subnet. This means the ISP/router will have to assign static ARP entries on the edge router. This can get messy after the first few NAT entries. So I am debating the design now. I think this kind of stuff going forward won’t be worthwhile with newer ASA 8.4.3 code.

How to communicate between different ASA’s, while still carving up the Class C into usable smaller subnets? The primary reason for doing this in the first place is to support routing on the edge router. I am thinking it might be time to ask for another Class C to do the routing functions, and keep the firewalls all at Layer 2 in one /24 - Class C?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 Active / Standby Failover - IP Addressing?

Mar 15, 2011

I am getting ready to setup avtice/standby failover on our ASA 5520's and have run in to an issue.I currently only have one External IP address available. My Idea was to use a private/placeholder IP address for the standby external IP Address, will this cause any issues with the failover? I know I won't be able to access the secondary from the outside, but that is not an issue.

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