D-Link DIR-615 :: Setup Using Vista Basic Sp1 And Dial Up Modem?

Jul 31, 2012

My daughter is on an Army Base in the South Pacific. They have Dial up internet on their home telephone not DSL. They have high speed wireless at the base community center/coffee shop. I will be going there in 9 days to install the dir-615. She has a Dell Desktop with Vista Basic SP1, laptop with XP, IPAD2 and a NOOK Tablet. The dir-615 HVE1 with firmware 5.00na on the bottom sticker. She said she was able to go to web address, login, change the user name and password, started on the wireless configuration and she paniced. My question is basically this. by using a cat5 cable from the desktop to the dir-615 with dialup internet connected can the router be setup using the automatic method as opposed to manual. Our first priority is to be able transfer files to the 2 tablets without being connected to the internet like a switch and secondly If possible go on to the internet from a Tablet or the Laptop. I assume the second option would reuire internet sharing option when setting up the network and performance would be ugly.

Can get I get this router to work this way with just dialup to set it up

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W8951ND - Use Basic ADSL And TP-Link Modem Together?

Mar 28, 2013

I have a TP-LINK TD W8951ND wireless Modem+Router which contains one RJ11 (phone line) port and four RJ45 (Ethernet) ports along with wireless N support.

Now for some reason, my TP-LINK modem doesn't work with my ISP, whereas the modem provided by my ISP works. If I wish I could get the basic modem provided by my ISP which contains one RJ11 port and one Ethernet port.

So can I link both the modems? I mean will this configuration work: Connect telephone cable to basic modem provided by ISP. And then connect the Ethernet port of basic modem to the Ethernet port of TP-link modem. And then connect remaining Ethernet ports to PC and laptop and simultaneously use WIFI.

Will it work or should I have to replace my TP-Link Modem+Router?

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Getting A 64K Dial Up Modem Or A 64K Dial Up External Adapter?

Feb 15, 2013

I need to purchase an 64K dial up modem or a 64K dial up external adapter

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Wireless :: Share Dial-up Connection On Vista?

Jun 1, 2011

I have been trying to share my dial-up connection from my vista to other system in my ad-hoc network but I always get error code 1061 saying:

Cannot enable shared access. Error 1061: The service cannot accept control messages at this time

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Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 Cannot Find Any Networks

Sep 13, 2011

I am running 32 bit Vista Home Basic SP1.I cannot get online. When I hover the mouse over the network icon in the notification area, it reads, "Connection status unknown. The dependency service or group failed to start". When I try to diagnose the problem, I can't because the Diagnostics Policy Service is not running. When I try to Start the service, access is denied (Error 5). Same scenario for the service DHCP Client. When I click on Start/Connect To - I get the msg Windows Cannot Find Any Networks Meanwhile, I keep getting warnings that my firewall is not enabled. When I try to enable it, I get a message that the Security Center can't turn it on.

Windows Firewall is not listed in services.msc.I ran a full Malwarebytes scan and it found nothing wrong. I did a system restore to several days before the problem, but even though the restore completed successfully, it didn't change my (non)results.The Network and Sharing Center does not display the familiar PC monitor icon with a line to the Network and another line going from the Network to the Internet. Instead it just has the word Unknown with the caption the depencency or groiup failed to start I have heard that this might be due to a permissions issue, but when I use regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices and right click on Dhcp, select Permissions, I get an error when I try to add anything (either Local Service or Network Service).

The msg is c:Windowssystem32adsldp.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again..I have run sfc /scannow as well as chkdsk /f. Scannow reported that it found some problems but was unable to fix all of them. Chkdsk found and corrected about 10 errors, but neither of these programs worked with the issue.Additionally I have downloaded and installed Process Monitor on the PC, but the amount of information displayed is overwhelming, and I'm not sure what to check. Every time I try to start DHCP I get about 200 lines of info on the screen.

When I open a command prompt and run ipconfig /all, I get that DHCP is running, although it is not. I get the bogus ip address of 169.254.... I get a default gateway of zeroes.Is it possible that this behavior could simply be the result of a bad NIC card?Can I possibly run an in-place upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Vista Home Premium? If it's a Dell PC and I have the Dell Premium CD will it ask me for the product key? If so, will the key on the Basic PC work?

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Dial-up Modem Won't Always Connect

Sep 30, 2011

I have two pcs not connected other than keyboard and monitor. Both have identical USB dial up modems. I PC running Windows XP connects every time, the other running Windows 2000 connects only sometimes. Like this morning it connected on the third attempt and I was able to move a lot of files. When I tried again later I got five attempts and then "no answer".

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Routers / Switches :: Basic Networking Setup For More Than 40 PCs

Jul 23, 2011

How to set up more than 40 pc's with out internet connection using linksys switch.

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Cisco Firewall :: Basic Setup For 5510?

Nov 27, 2012

basic configuration for setting up cisco ASA 5510 for NAT and DMZ.

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Run Both LAN Connection And Dial-up Modem For Internet On The Same System?

Jul 19, 2011

Is it possible to run both LAN connection and dial-up modem for internet on the same system?

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Configuring Dial In Connectivity Using A Modem On Router Aux?

Nov 20, 2012

I have a cisco 1941 ISR router and I am trying to configure a router to allow a modem for "Offband or Out of band" access.Below is the configuration on Aux port on Line (n):

line aux 0
login local
modem InOut
transport input all
speed 115200
flowcontrol hardware

I have US Robotics 56k Faxmodem which is connected to aux port of router and I am using USB dialup modem with my laptop to dailin to the router which is connected to a US Robotics Faxmodem. Then I have accessed my USB dialup modem throught HyperTerminal and I can issue all "at" commands and to dialin to the modem I have used the following command atdt914011111111 (atdt followed by country code, area code and landline number)Once I issue the above command it give me message "Connected" and after this I just get a flashing cursor. I cannot do anything nor will it display a username login prompt.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 891W / Basic WAN Setup (IP And DNS)?

Feb 9, 2012

I am trying to configure the FE8 (WAN port) to connect to the Internet.  We're swtiching ISP'ssoon so this router was set up at my office and has since been deployed at the client site.  So far it is just plugged in and powered, with a console cable attached but no LAN cabling since this router will replace an existing one using the same addressing (except the WAN settings of course).  So for now I am just focused on working on the WAN side since I have the ISP's cable modem attached .  I had intiially used CP Express to config the wan port with an IP and mask and the various port forwarding options I intend to use.  Now, connected via console cable, I tried pinging the IP of the wan port, which works.  Beyond that, can't ping anyting ( - a Google IP), also can't resovle any DNS names which makes sense with no apparent connectivity.  Likely my config is just imcomplete.  Nowhere in sh run do I see a Default Gateway, yet this ISP did specify one so I assume I need to enter it.  Not sure what's the right way - I get confusing results on searches telling me either to use ip default-gateway or ip default-network.  I want to think that it's as simple as entering in the IP but so far I've learned with the IOS that you never do anythign without knowing all the possible implications, which I don't.  Also while I am at it, I don't know what I should have for DNS entries.  This router will not be a DNS server for any internal systems that function will be managed by the two Windows 2008 R2 DNS machines.  The ISP has also provided two IP's for their DNS servers.  I thought it would be a simple matter of just adding two entrires via ip name-server command, which I did.  So now I have four entries, first the two internal servers (inaccessible currently due to no LAN cabing to this router), and the two ISP servers.  Can't ping those either, but again there's no default gateway. 

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Cisco :: 6509 - Basic NetFlow Setup With SolarWinds

Oct 14, 2012

I am trying to setup netflow with on 6509 and SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v3.10.0
The problem I have is that after configuring the basic settings of NetFlow on both side I can't see all the traffic I expected to capture in NetFlow.
The details of my problem.
I want to monitor the traffic on VLAN 20.
In the general configuration of the switch I have entered the following
ip flow-export source vlan 10
ip flow-export version 9
ip flow-export destination 8080
Where vlan 10 is the management vlan. Vlan10 can ping no problem.
On VLAN20 interface I configured this
ip flow egress
ip flow ingress
ip route-cache flow
When I go to SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer I can see maybe 1 or 2 packets flows, like nothing of the data. If I do a capture of the traffic on VLAN 20 I can see there is loads of IP traffic on that VLAN but why is netflow not capturing the statistics of those flows and reporting it to NetFlow ?
command "ip flow-export source vlan 10" ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 4900M Basic Management Setup

Apr 13, 2010

I' ve three 4900M switches equipped with the WS-X4920-GB-RJ45 module and the WS-X4908-10GE module. Now I'm started to setup these switches in our lab environment for the first time. They behave a little bit strange in comparison with the C3750 series which I used before and which I will replace by these powerful machines.

I tried to setup these switches to be managed through the management port. I configured IP address, default route in the management vrf, set the source-interface for tftp,ssh,ftp and tacacs to use the management port. Ping using the manangement port was successful. After finishing theses steps I configured the TACACS and AAA settings accordingly the informations I found on CCO. I tested the settings with "test aaa group authentication" command- without success. On my Cisco ACS no request was received and the switch told me he could't reach the tacacs server. Other switches in the same IP subnet are working without failure, so firewall or server should not be the problem.

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Belkin Basic Router Is Connected To A Comcast Modem But No Internet Access?

Nov 27, 2011

My neighbor is using my Belkin Router the basic one and has comcast. We both use his internet and have had no problems until the past 3 days. He just got the home phone service from comcast and the phone line is setup through the modem. Ever since comcast came to his apartment and set this up the home phone service to his modem the router is connected but there is no internet access. What is going on and how can I fix this. He has an HP with windows Vista and I have a Toshiba Satellite L675 that has Windows 7 Home premium edition on it.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: How To Access DSL Modem Setup Pages

Apr 16, 2011

I would like to be able to access my DSL Modem's http setup screens from my networked computers via my DIR-655 (rev B) router - but I do not know how to get the router to route to the WAN port.

At first, I had my DSL Modem's LAN IP at and my DIR-655 at and the rest of my home network at 192.168.1.xxx; because I had read on a forum that having the modem on a different subnet prevented potential routing problems.  When I pointed my web browser to - it would just timeout (I kind of expected that).

Now (willing to try anything), I have my DSL Modem's LAN IP at and my DIR-655 at and the rest of my home network at 192.168.0.xxx (DHCP range is set to assign hosts from 64 to 254).  When I point my web browser to - it still just times out.

The DSL Modem is setup in transparent bridge mode.  And everything else is working well with the home network.

How can I get the DIR-655 to pass/route my http connection to the DSL modem?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Setup To Accept Qwest Modem?

May 3, 2011

I have been working on this problem for the last few day and have know idea why its not working but my d link Dir-615 will not work with my qwest q100 modem.

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Cisco WAN :: Dial Backup To ADSL Service Using 877 / External Analogue Modem

Jan 4, 2011

I'm trying to get a solution together for a dial backup to an ADSL service, using an Analogue modem.The kit list is as follows:

Cisco 877
Multitech MT5656ZDX External Analogue Modem or USR 5630D External Analogue Modem
Rolled patch cable RJ45 to DB25M adapter (pinout from a cisco guide)
So far I am unable to get the router/modem to dial out at all. I know the modems work, I have tested them from Windows.
I have attached a couple of outputs from "show line" and "show line 1" from the router and also what I think are the relevent lines of config although it will be too much config and probably jumbled by now as I've tried quite a few things to try and get this working.
I am more concerned with the config relating to the connection of the analogue modem than the routing element.

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830 / Dial Up Modem - Update Loading Too Slow Data Transfer Rate?

Dec 11, 2011

So I have a really neat computer sitting here, 2500K, P8z68-v, samsung 830 64gb ssd, corsair vengeance 16gb, deskstar hdd, firepro v5800

I have a non-descript trendnet 56K v.92 dial up modem installed to pci slot1 on my mobo.The phone company says they can't get a quicker connection than 31.2 Kbps established to dial up users in this area.The real issue is the data transfer rate.I have seen it reach as high as 6.xx Kbps but generally hovers around 2.5 Kbps.Now it is down to 1.xx Kbps and I took the last 48 hours downloading all the updates for windows and several other updates for hard ware etc.Now I need the ATI firepro update and 114 Mb will take over 16 hours at my average speed, and some 32 hours at the new slower speed

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G V8 / Unable To Navigate The Basic Setup Page

Jan 14, 2008

I have been trying to change my password and all the settings on my WRT54G V8 router today because I forgot the password, and I can't seem to navigate the Basic Setup page. I can log in (most of the time) after resetting the router, but whenever I try to click on a different tab (like "Wireless", or "Security") it comes up with the page saying "This Page Cannot Be Displayed."  I'd like to be able to put a password on it (which I have successfully done before on this router) because I live in a college dorm and would like to keep my internet from being bogged down by other people using it. 

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Cisco Infrastructure :: 2811 / 1841 / WIC-1AM-V2 - Setup POTS Dial Connection Between 2 Routers?

Jun 17, 2012

I would like to set up a POTS Dial connection between 2 Cisco routers, using the modem card WIC-1AM-V2. I'd like to use this as an out-of-band connection to a remote site, if the primary internet connection fails. So, this setup will only be used in one direction, 1 router placing calls, the other one receiving calls.Here's my config of the receiving router:
chat-script dial "" ATZ AT OK "ATX3D T" ATS0=8 TIMEOUT 120 CONNECT C
interface Async0/2/0 description out of band for network no ip address encapsulation slip async mode interactive
line 0/2/0 session-timeout 5 absolute-timeout 10 script connection dial login local modem InOut transport input all escape-character BREAK autoselect ppp stopbits 1 speed 115200 flowcontrol hardware

This config is working fine, when dialing in via a Windows Hyperterminal Dial connection. After a while of dialing I get the login prompt of the router.Now I want to have a router placing calls instead of a Windows Server. I can't figure out how to tell a router to place calls to a POTS phone number.
Receiving router: 2811, WIC-1AM-V2, IOS c2800nm-ipbasek9-mz.124-25a
Calling router: 1841, WIC-1AM-V2, IOS c1841-advsecurityk9-mz.124-25a

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Cisco WAN :: 2611 / D-Link 321 - PPPOE Dial Up Link Dead

Mar 6, 2012

I'm in an issue w/ on of our ISPs. We're using an ADSL line as a secondary light load line ( 16 MBit, /w PBR in place to separate the 80 and 443 from the business-critical applications running via a SDSL link. ).
I am on a 2611 XM with IOS 12.2, mated to a D-Link 321B modem running in transparent mode. After running smoothly for weeks, for a few days now, every night some time between 2 AM and 4 AM the link would die with the dialer showing:
Virtual-Access1 is up, line protocol is down   Hardware is Virtual Access interface [code].... 
To my knowledge, the only option to bring it up again is to reload the box . Taking into account that the router is our DHCP server and the date gets reset to 1994, interesting effects are the outcome of resetting the box.
Well, the ISP have checked their gear and keep saying that these report a "port error" ( quite unspecific ) and blame me that I have a wrong. config in place - which is here:

interface Dialer2
description ecotel Bridge
ip address negotiated
no ip proxy-arp

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Setup Two Wireless Networks On One Comcast Cable Modem?

Apr 7, 2013

We have kids in the house and I'd like to limit their internet access to certain times of the day but because of the great amount of devices they use (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) the only way I could think of doing that easily was to set up two wireless networks: one that the adults could use 24/7 and the other that the kids could access during certain set hours.

Here's the equipment I'm working with:

DLink DIR 615 wireless router
DLink DIR 515 wireless router
Motorola Surfboard cable modem S85101U

I plugged the DLink 615 in, set it up for DHCP client and plugged it into the cable modem. I lef the default IP address for the device. On that router, I also reserved the IP address and assigned it to the DLink 515.I also gave the DLink 515 device the IP so I could administer it.I set the DLink 515 to static IP and made the IP and the default gateway plugged the DLink 515 into one of the LAN ports in the DLink 615.I set a schedule on the DLink 615 to shut down internet access to the DLink 515 at a certain hour and turn it back on at another time.Everything seems to work ok, but at least once a day we have to unplug and plug the routers to reset them.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Error On First Time Dial - Cannot Connect To Internet

Mar 23, 2011

I just got a dir-655 revb, and it does not connect to the internet. I have DSL, and the old router works fine with PPPoE, when I configure my dir-655b router, it can not connect to the internet. I get the flowing error:

info   Mar 23 22:31:11    rp_pppoe =' read pppoe_conn_session error or first time dial
notice   Mar 23 22:31:10    pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
info   Mar 23 22:31:10    RP-PPPoE plugin inform wantimer to reset auth, discovery variable
info   Mar 23 22:31:10    RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.3 compiled against pppd 2.4.3
info   Mar 23 22:31:10    Plugin /lib/pppd/2.4.3/rp-pppoe.so loaded.
info   Mar 23 22:31:05    Exit.

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Router And Modem Does Not Work Together In Vista?

Feb 6, 2013

Is this a wired or wireless connection issue?How to run and post an ipconfig /all output of the computer(s) in question for review.

Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? India - BSNL

What type of Broadband connection are you using? ADSL

What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo - Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, TP-LINK, etc. TeraCom Type 1

What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software installed from the problematic computer - McAfee, Norton, Eset, Webroot, Zone Alarm, etc.Microsoft essentials.

Modem model Type 1 (TeraCom)

I also have CompUSA Wirelesss Broadband Router, which I am trying to use and make a wireless set up to connect the following devices

1. A Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

2. A Laptop with Windows XP SP2

3. An Android 2.3 Mobile phone

I can directly connect the wire from modem to laptop and browse internet - it works. But that is not a wireless network. It proves that BSNL modem alone works.make this network Wireless by using the CompUSA wireless router.

1. The connection set up is as follows:

BSNL TeraCom Modem (LAN 1) ----- wired connection ----- COMPUSA Router (WAN)...... Wireless ....... laptop

2. I can connect to the wireless router by typing in internet browser.Here are the details of wireless router settings

Use PPPoE Authentication
User Name : ************* (intentionally masking in this forum)
Password : ************* (intentionally masking in this forum)[code].....

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Belkin N300 / D-Link N300 DIR-651 - Can Setup Two Wireless Routers To One Modem

Feb 20, 2013

The main router is Belkin N300 and the new one is D-Link N300 DIR-651 for extended range.

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Vista Ultimate X86 - Error Setup Cannot Be Completed?

Oct 26, 2011

I tried to do a a system recovery to my sis laptop a " emachine e620 " but the recovery cd didn't work so I used another vista cd the pc had " vista basic x86 " so I decided to install " vista ultimate x86 " everything was going fine until the pc said error setup cannot be completed I tried like 10 times so I decided to desable some devices and change the hard drive to in the bios to mointed I thik is call like that then the windows did a perfect install super fast now my problem is with the " network controller " I went to emachines drivers and support pick the rigth ones and my network controller still missing the drivers I can see the wifi saying on the screen off and on but not internet.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 - Setup Of VPN Using QVPN To Access Vista?

Jul 12, 2009

I am trying to setup a VPN using an RV042 (fw ver: to access a VISTA computer over the internet using a laptop using QVPN's latest version. I finally got it to connect but then hang's with error " Gateway is not responding, do you want to wait?". If I say yes it go through the login again and hangs. If I say no, it hangsup. I've tried a couple different ideas using tunnelling and static IPs in the router but nothing. All I want is to be able to access one computer through the RV042 over the internet from any other computer using the QVPN.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: CE500 Setup With Windows 7 / Vista

Apr 27, 2010

For any still having trouble with the intial config of a CE500 Switch using Windows 7 / Vista...
Sure all of you have heard of the setup button and how to use it, its obvious Windows 7 / Vista do not properly recieve the DHCP, maybe an issue with the some new Microsoft legislation, the install address of the device in its setup phase, which you can read by the setup led burning steadily is
You wont be able to connect to this address in Windows 7 / Vista if you configure it statically, you will be able to view the Gratituous ARP from the Device using Wireshark, in the Windows 7 / Vista network adapter tci/ip v4 settings click on the advanced tab, there enter as the default gateway, press the Setup button on the switch, wait for it to blink, connect your utp cable to port 1 check that the Setup LED is burning stable, type into your web browser and enter a management IP address for the switch, alternatively use Cisco Network Assistant.

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Pk5001z - CenturyLink And Their Modem Won't Allow Windows Vista Laptop To Connect Wirelessly

Dec 26, 2012

We have a HP Pavilion with Vista that we cannot get connected wirelessly to centurylink's pk5001z. It will connect to the internet if it is hooked up to the ethernet cable. We can take this laptop to McDonald's and use their wi-fi, or at my parents...or seemingly anywhere else. We have successfully connected 3 other laptops to the wireless signal thru the pk5001z. We had the geeksquad advise us several times...going as far as they accessed this laptop remotely...and still can't obtain a solution. Do we need a different modem? The laptop sees that there is a network available but won't allow access to it. (it shows the network name in () and indicates local connection only)

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After Wiping Windows Vista And Installing XP DPC2203 Cable Modem Won't Connect

Jan 7, 2012

I wiped vista and installed windows Xp now my modem wont recognize and i dont have internet. i have tried burning the Drivers from Cisco onto another CD From another Machine but it says it needs internet connection to do so. i can't connect or anything i have a DPC2203 cable modem?

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Setting Up A Modem / Router Combo (D-Link DSL2730-B) As A Dedicated Modem?

Feb 28, 2013

i just bought a Netgear WNDR4000 router due to troubles with my current modem/router combo (D-Link DSL2730-B). The router doesnt have in built modem functionality obviously so I need to set up the modem/router as a dedicated modem.Also should I use the current modem/router as the dedicated modem or an older model i own (I think its a DSL 502T)? Because the current one often drops the internet connection. Don't know if its a problem with the modem functionality or something else. Will the older one serve better since i didn't have any problems with that one or will it be outdated? I only upgraded due it not having wireless capabilities. Otherwise it's fine.Or will I be even better off buying a dedicated modem? I really don't want to spend more money but if this is a far better alternative I guess i will.

EDIT: Ok so found out that I have to put the modem/router in bridge mode in order for this to be possible. However, looking up how to do this lead me to a dead end because i need to fill in some fields that i have no idea how to interpret.

VCI: These 2 already came with presets. Should I just leave them?
Select DSL Link Type (EoA is for PPPoE, IPoE, and Bridge): Choices of EoA PPPoA and IPoA
Encapsulation Mode: Choices of LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING and VC/MUX
Service Category: UBR without PCR, UBR with PCR, CBR, Non Realtime VBR, Realtime VBR


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Routers / Switches :: How To Set-up D-LINK DI-524 For Vista

Apr 2, 2011

setting up my D-Link wireless router to my computer which is Windows Vista. have a step-by-step walkthrough with regards on how to set this up.

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D-Link DIR-601 :: Cannot Connect To Internet With Vista

Apr 9, 2011

This is strange.  I have a client who owns the DIR-601 router.  It connects to a COX cable modem. 

The wireless side works fine.  I can access the internet using wireless connection with no problem. I can connect my Linux laptop both wired and wireless no problem.

However, and this is the puzzle, I cannot connect his Vista computer to the internet.  It worked for a while then just stopped.  From the Network and Sharing screen we can see a good connection to the router, but a big red X from the router to the internet.

I can ping the router with no problems, but I can't ping anything on the net either using a name (www....) or an ip address.

We changed from dhcp to static ip but that didn't work either.  Changed the DNS to the ip address of the COX DNS just in case that was the problem.  Still the same.

I have had COX over to check everything out and everything is fine on their side.

I have Googled all over the place and not found anything that's useful.  I did find one post about a 625 that said to change the WAN speed from auto to 10 or 100, but from what I see the 601 doesn't have this capability.

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