Dell :: XPS 9000 Are Expansion Slots PCI Or PCI Express

Jan 7, 2013

I want install a wireless card--dual band, N, -- in my Studio XPS 9000 desktop.  I have a dual band router.My questions:

1. Are the expansion slots PCI or PCI Express?

2. What card is recommended?

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Dell :: Lost Wired FIOS Internet Connection XPS 435t/9000 Unable To Restore

Aug 17, 2012

Lost my internet connection to my Dell XPS 435t/9000 running Win7 (64) yesterday.  Unable to restore. No know configuration changes other than the regular weekly window update. My service provider is Verizon FIOS and all there stuff checks out. My iMAC and Dell Laptop connect fine through the same devices (router/modem/switch).

The xps shows no hardware faults and all the wired connections are intact. Unable to ping router. Network Sharing interface shows good connections to switch and router by a bad connection between router and internet.

Ran WIN7  network troubleshooter and it just told me to contact ISP.Rebooted machine several times but no joy.

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Dell :: Wireless Express Card For Inspiron B120?

Jul 31, 2006

I bought a netgear router and usb card for my B120. If I get the wireless card for the B120 can I still use the router I already have for this? Where do I find the correct Express Card for my laptop? I have searched the dell site for the part but cant find it.

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Dell :: Drivers For Wireless 5300 PCI Express Internal Half-Height Mini-Card?

Mar 1, 2012

I have the Wireless 5300 PCI Express Internal Half-Height Mini-Card ordered and now need to find the drivers.  My system is a 1735 Studio laptop running 64bit Windows 7.  The Dell sales rep said the card came only with the card and a flat head screw.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Expansion Capabilities

Aug 28, 2011

Before I decide to purchase the ASA5510 as our firewall solution I'd like to clear up some confusion I have regarding its expansion capabilities. According to the Cisco website, the ASA5510 supports 1x SSM expansion slot. Intrusion prevention (IPS) is supported via the AIP SSM. Content Security (anti-virus/spyware, file blocking) is supported via the CSC SSM.
One would assume that only one of these expansions can be enabled at time since it is clearly stated that the ASA5510 supports 1x SSM expansion (AIP SSM or CSC SSM). However, the Cisco representatives I've spoken with on the phone claim I can concurrently run both the AIP SSM and CSC SSM in a single ASA5510.

Also, I am debating if the ASA5510 is overkill for our network infrastructure and perhaps we should be going with the ASA5505. Essentially, we have a large network of users and we'd like to firewall three machines from the users such that only certain users (15 users) are allowed to access them. Are there any other compelling arguments to use the ASA5510 instead of the ASA5505 aside from the fact that ASA5505 does not support content security?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500 Can't Recognize Seagate Expansion

Nov 8, 2012

1TB harddisk partitioned into 2, an HFS+ and an exFAT. Could the exFAT partition be the reason? But I do have an HFS+ partition and it's the 1st partition on this disk.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Expansion Module Required At Existing 6509?

Jan 7, 2013

We have a requirement to build a datacenter within a datacenter for a new project. The existing Core network is 2 x Cisco 6509 in VSS configuration. We would like to connect the new datacenter to the existing Core switch from the new low-end Core switch. This datacenter would have a SAN network and blader chassis.
Listing the Cisco Switches requirements and expansion module requirements ?
- What expansion module is required at existing 6509 ? Can we have one 10Gibit modules on each switches and crate a port-channel connection from new datacenter core switch ?

- Which model of Switch you recommend for the new Datacenter Core which is only going to have one SAN Enclosure and two blade chassis? Will it be a good option to use 3750E ? If yes do we need any additional modules there ?

- Which aggregation switch should we use for the blade enclosure ?

- Should we have a Cisco Embedded Switch module on the chassis to create trunk with aggregation switch ?

- How the SAN director switch is connecting to the LAN ? should we have any particular module at new Core switch ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Cat4506 Chassis With Cat2955 - Network Expansion

Mar 1, 2012

Currently I have a Cat4506 chassis with a Sup II+ engine and one WS-X4232-RJ-XX linecard with the WS-U4504-FX-MT daughtercard to provide uplinks to four Cat2955 switches. I chose the Cat2955 because the switches are in an industrial facility and they fit the envrionment very well. Each of them has a multimode fiber uplink.
The issue I have now is that I need to add at least 4 more Cat2955 switches to the topology and find that the x4232 is EOL. I can always find a used one somewhere, but is there another currently shipping linecard that will do the trick? I see there is WS-X4248-FE-SFP with the 100BaseX interfaces, but don't really need 48 ports, just 8.
Is there another linecard that can downswitch a 1000BASE-X port to 100Base-X, or can I use a 100Base-X SPF in a switch like the WS-X4448-GB-SFP?
What are my options, aside from buying another X4232?

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Cisco :: Sup720 - Supported Slots On A 6513?

Nov 28, 2011

Can the sup720b be used in any other slot on a 6513 besides 7 and 8?

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Fitting PCI WLAN Card To A Desktop That Has Only PCIe 2.0 Slots?

Jun 4, 2011

when I browse for internal WLAN cards for my new desktop their interface is described as "PCI 32 bit", which is weird because expension slots on new desktop mobos are all PCIexpress.I know the PCIexpress's interface is physically different then PCI's, and that it carries 64 bits.So, will that work? Do you know internal cards that with PCIexpress interface?

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Cisco WAN :: 2811 - Transport Two Time Slots Over IP Network?

Aug 20, 2011

I would like to transport two time slots (TDM traffic) over an IP network in order to connect two telecom devices located in different sites, i have cisco 2811 routers on both sites with ip advanced services 12.4.20T IOS

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Belkin Routers :: Access Control On AC1200 Does Not Allow Time Slots

Apr 21, 2013

Access Control on an ac1200 does not seem to flexible enough to include hours from say 8pm - 6am. On my old Linksys I would simply have multiple entries for the same MAC address but this does not seem possible.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 Has Four Module Slots Empty

Apr 1, 2013

I have a cisco 6509 (ws-c6509-e) IOS 12.2.(18)SXF6 with the following modules and submodules: [code] I would like to add another module, I have WS-6816-GBIC or WS-6516-GBIC which one will work with my 6509 ? The 6509 has four module slots empty: 4-7-8-9, Can I add the card in one of these slots ?

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Cisco Wireless :: 6500 - Why WiSM2 Not Recommended In SUP720 Slots

Jun 27, 2012

I have a situation where a customer doesn't have the required power units installed in their 6500 for me to provision a WiSM2.They use a VSS pair with a single Sup720 in each. They have no intention of adding a second Sup to each chassis.

I need to justify why they can't use slot 6 (which has power reserved) if I am to get them to upgrade the PSU's. The documentation I've found says it is supported but not recommended.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 Have 1 / 4 Memory Slots Without Having To Open Chassis

Aug 10, 2010

Is there a way of ascertaining whether my 5510's have 1 memory slot or 4 memory slots without having to open the chassis?

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TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless :: Expanding Port Forwarding Slots For WR-941N?

Dec 31, 2012

Region : UnitedStates
Model : TL-WR941ND
Hardware Version : Not Clear
Firmware Version : 3.12.5 Build 100929 Rel. 57776n

I have a TP Link router model number: WR941N (under hardware version it says "v2/v3", that's why I put "not clear" under "hardware version" in the form). Whether it was possible to add even more slots for Port Forwarding for this router, the current hard limit is 16, and I would like to have more than that, what would be the procedure to do so?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 Switch Hanging With SFP Module Slots

Sep 2, 2012

My Cisco 2960 Switch hanging problem (does not work or LED light), when i removed SFP  module slots its working fine.

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Cisco WAN :: Can Populate All 4 EHWIC Slots In 2911 Router With VWIC3-4MFT-T1/E1 Cards

Mar 12, 2013

Can I populate all 4 EHWIC slots in a Cisco 2911 router with VWIC3-4MFT-T1/E1 cards supporting clear channel T1 data traffic?Or do I need a higher performance router inthe 3900 series to do this?The data sheets lead me to the conclusion that I can but I just want to validate this.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: HWIC-2FE Fails To Pass Ping Packets Greater Than 449 In Slots 0 Or 1

Apr 9, 2013

When we install an HWIC-2FE card in slot 0 or slot 1 of a 3845, the interface fails to pass any ping packet greater in size than 449 bytes.  It works fine up until that limit is reached, but then fails completely on a larger size packet.  If we move to slot 3 or slot 4 on the 3845, the card works just fine!  I have looked through the cisco official bug tracker for HWIC-2FE, but could not find a similar symptom listed.  We're running advanced ip services 12.4(24)T7 code on the routers. Any software fix or if this is a platform problem with the 3800 series. 

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Is Motorola Cdm-9000 A Bluetooth Device

Jan 1, 2013

simbageo[at] I had a razr cell phone and it connected to ford sync in my 2012 escape correctly. I tried to connect my motorola cdm-9000 to ford sync and it tells me the phone is not found... I realize the Motorola is an old cell phone.. Doe's it even have a blue tooth capability? My understanding that the cell phone has to have bluetooth capability to connect to for sync.. Is that correct?

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Cisco WAN :: DHCP Relay With ASR 9000

Feb 6, 2013

I'm having a problem getting DHCP working with an ASR9k as shown in this document. I've successfully implemented very similar setups with some Cisco IOS routers, but the IOS XR on the ASR seems to be defeating me. Router A (happens to be a 3750)A DHCP/BOOTP/TFTP server, connected to router ARouter B - this is the ASR, running software version 4.0.3.Router A and B are connected by a layer-3 link.Router C (happens to be a Broadcom embedded router). It's connected to Router B by a VLAN trunk link.Device 1, this one needs to get its configuration by DHCP/BOOTP/TFTP. It's connected to Router C by a VLAN trunk link.Device 2, this one doesn't need any DHCP/BOOTP/TFTP. It's connected to Router C by a VLAN trunk link (its port is the same as Device 1's)  Device 2 works great - it can ping the DHCP/BOOTP/TFTP server (and vice versa) and everything else it needs.

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Cisco WAN :: IPv6 Support On ASR 9000

Jun 10, 2013

According to the url below, i could find that there is a separate module required for asr 9k, is it so; doesnt it sufficient to have the 4.3.0 Ios-xr version  for the cgnat supoort features of nat 44, nat64, ds-lite.. like things?URL

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Cisco WAN :: ASR 9000 Series And USB Port On RSP440?

May 23, 2013

For some time now I've used the USB port on RSP440's fitted into ASR9006's to load IOS with no problems.Recently I noticed that the ASR9001 USB port doesn't seem to work at all, which seems odd to me as I believe the 9001 uses the same card built into the chassis.All routers were running the same code version 4.3.0, and I was using the same memory stick?

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Cisco WAN :: How To Available License On ASR 1006 / 9000 Series

Jan 27, 2011

We have ASR 1006 with IOS XE and i want to see the Software License but somehow i cant!!!   ...i googled it but i could not find can i see the available license on ASR 1006 or 9000 series?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: 9000 Cannot Get To Free Ports

Jul 29, 2012

I am in a small office and we have a Buffalo NAS being used.  Configuring it was fairly easy, but recently it just stop letting us have web access.  My External and Internal Ports were 9000, but for some reason now my router will not even show that there is a 9000 port and even if I port forward it.  It does no good what good possibly be keeping this port invisible after it was being used the last couple of months.  I called my cable company and they said they are not blocking it.  But right now I cant access the server from a remote location.

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Cisco WAN :: Dropping Scavenger Packets On ASR 9000 During Congestion

Aug 6, 2012

I am trying to find a solution using modular QOS when there is congestion in circuit we drop packets with WRED which are marked with a DSCP value of say AF21. I can drop those traffic completely in case of congestion.  I was thinking to allocate 100% bandiwth to rest of the traffic.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: 9000 - Can't Ping External IP

Aug 15, 2011

I'm looking to setup a few ip security cameras in my house and would like to monitor from work.  The first thing I did was give the ip camera a static ip on my local LAN  I also forwarded port 9000 to this ip.  I then went to [URL] to look up my external ip address.  I was able to obtain one ip for my router and another for my modem (disconnected router and went direct through modem).
I've since tried to ping my router WAN ip from work numerous times via and I get timeout errors.  I've tried traceroute and it gets close, but times out the last 3 hops. I've had Comcast on the phone many times trying to resolve and needless to say they weren't able to work.

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Home Network :: How To Make Network Expansion

Mar 26, 2013

We have a network configured this way : and we reached it's limit, is there any way to extend it having the same scheme and keeping communications between the machines, I've tried but it simply doesn't work.

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Cisco :: CASR 1000 And ASR 9000 To Remove Alarms For These Equipments

Oct 12, 2011

I have many alarms with CWLMS 4.0. The alarms are OutOf Range Voltage, OutOfRange Temperature and OutOfRange Memory. I don´t know how eliminate this alarms for these equipaments. I am trying with Setting up the thresholds but nothing.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP200E No Good Signal Between Aps And Motorola 9000

Jan 7, 2013

I have 3 WAP200e APs in a client site and I am having a problem with the signal between the APs and Motorola 9000 barcode scanners.The first one went in about 6 months ago and it worked fine. The client then asked for two more to be installed in a couple of rooms adjacent to the room where the first AP was installed. They use barcode scanners with these APs and since the two new ones were installed, the first on is dropping the connection to the scanner. I have turned the new APs off and everything is back to normal. I have reduced the power output of the two new APs and the situation has improved, but they still get problems, especially on Monday morning, where it won't work at all for the first few hours, and then bursts into life and works fine for the rest of the week.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Unable To Open Port 9000

Mar 12, 2012

Have a E4200 with version 1.0.04 firmware.Been trying to open 9000 to access my buffalo media server remotely. Have set up both Single Port  and Port Range Forwarding for port 9000.On trying to access media server, get message " could not connect to"Using online Open Ports Checkers shows this port is closed.

- Tried disabling all firewalls.
- tried range of ports
- Enabled/Disabled  UPnP
- tried cisco & buffalo tech support

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Jumbo 9000 Packets Configured But Not Working?

Feb 23, 2012

I have a switch that I have configured for jumbo packets, but they don't seem to be functioning. I have set system mtu jumbo 9000. The hosts are connected via 2x EtherChannel links. The hosts are jumbo frame enabled, and can ping their own local address using jumbo packets & do-not-fragment flags on the pings. They cannot, however, ping each other or the switch that way - it always says that the packet requires fragmentation. I know the attached machines (they're all VMs) and virtual switches support jumbos because I can ping within the virtual interfaces of the VMs. It's just traffic that goes over the switch that fragments.The switch is a WS-2960G-48TC. Here are the various outputs, with a section of config at the end.
hrnacancwtdevs3#show system mtu 
System MTU size is 1500 bytes
System Jumbo MTU size is 9000 bytes
System Alternate MTU size is 1500 bytes
Routing MTU size is 1500 bytes


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 / Forward Ports 9000 And 85 In Order To Monitor DVR From Outside?

Jan 28, 2013

i've a cisco asa5505 on adam 6.4 and a dvr i would like to forward the ports 9000 and 85 in order to monitor the dvr from outside?

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