Home Network :: Multiple Router Networking Versus Adding A Switch?

Apr 22, 2011

on my home network I currently only run an Airlink101 AR675W router. We have a couple issues with this. The router for one is in my basement and there are points in my house that have low signal strength, especially upstairs in the far corners of the home. Second is I am currently running my home PC as a media center but it is set-up wirlessly so streaming is clunky and jittery. Also on this network is 3 X-box's wired, a PS3 running wirless, 2 PC's wired in, 2 wirless laptops and the afore mentioned wirless PC. A lot of weight for the network. What I want to do is move the router upstairs, hardwire it into my wireless PC (the one doing the streaming) and connect a second router (an identical make and model I am buying this weekend) downstairs which will be basically used as an "expansion" of the wirless and a switch for the hardwired devices downstairs. would this be better than simply moving the wirless router upstairs (hardwiring my PC) and putting a 5 or 8 port switch in downstairs for the X-box's and 2 wired PC's there?

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Home Networking - Adding New Wireless Router?

Mar 23, 2012

Home Networking: I would like to add an 802.11n wireless router to an existing Verizon FiOS modem/router. I've read numerous How To articles, but frankly am still uncertain of the best approach. Also, as an aside, would you recommend a single or dual band wireless router? I will have one laptop with a special Centrino Wireless LAN card (3x3).

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Home Network :: How To Connect Multiple PCs To Modem Via Switch

Aug 21, 2011

I have Zyxel Modem configured in bridged mode with static IP from ISP. I want to connect multiple PCs to modem via switch so that each PC use the same configured Public IP address to use the internet. For this (generally) I would need to configure NAT for that IP. But I want to know that will it work under bridged mode or not?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT 110 Adding Printer To Home Network

Aug 28, 2011

I have a home network with an older desktop, two laptops, couple of PDA and now a cellphone. I'm using using a WRT 110 router I bought new a couple of years ago.  It run flawlessly even when I switch from DSL to Comcast Internet.My printer (HP All-in-one) is currently attached to the rear of my desktop and if I want to print anything I have to fire up the desktop. Can I plug the printer in the WRT 110?  Be able to print form my laptops?

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Home Network Very Slow - Using Spare ADSL Router And Homeplug Networking?

Apr 17, 2013

Today I set up a home network:Cable router plugged in to......Homeplug network, (D-Link DHP-307AV/B 200 MBPS PowerLine Homeplugs) plugged in to a LAN port of......a spare adsl router configured as per here: Connecting Additional Routers | Tech Support Forum...with two desktop machines plugged into the LAN ports of the ADSL router.Both of the desktops have got similar specs, are equi-distant from the ADSL router, and are both connected using Ethernet, not wireless.One of them gets a 9MB/sec ADSL [URL]download, the other can't even bring the webpage up and times out if you ask Google to do a search.Taking out the adsl router and plugging the desktop straight into the homeplug gets a network speed of ~13MB/sec on [URL].Plugging a computer directly into the cable modem gives network speeds of ~40MB/sec on [URL] How can I improve on this, and have it so that both machines can access the Interwebnet at a decent bandwidth?

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Home Network :: Adding A TV To Home Office?

Jan 9, 2011

My home network consists of a Linksys WRT54GL router running DD-WRT supplying wired access to my desktop, a bridge to another WRT54GL (also running DD-WRT) to provide a wired connection to a XBOX upstairs, and wireless access to about 5 or 6 different devices including several laptops, an iPad, and an iPod touch. My question is this:

I am adding a 22" TV into my office so I can watch TV while working on my desktop. I only have one cable jack in my office which is currently plugged straight into my cable modem. This means I'll have to use a splitter to give both my TV and modem cable access. How much signal degradation or speed do I stand to lose or should expect to lose?

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Home Network :: Unable To Get Home Networking

Oct 16, 2011

After trying most things and spending money like water, I still cannot get our home network to be adequate and I am out of options - Tried using two 100MBit/s Netgear routers "bouncing" signal to each other (Wireless Repeating Function). Not ideal as security is small and speed was slow (<10MBit/s) but at least it worked. However these routers had to get pensioned off when we put gigabit ethernet in the office - and the Netgear replacements (a) still have the security limitations with wireless repeating, (b) anyway see to do a worse job of repeating. Tried buying Netgear directional high-gain antennas and directing the signal point to point to a second router - didn't work at all. Tried Powerline (this was in 2008). It sort-of worked but was unreliable and dog slow. I think this is probably not worked by the fact that this building is OLD, most of the wiring is OLD, and anyway the electrical path would take the signal from the 4th floor, down some very old wiring to the ground floor, across a very old switchboard, and back up to the second floor... it's not quite the same as a modern house with modern wiring. Most recently tried using Netgear's Wireless Network Extender. Again, it sort of works, but it's NOT fast at all. In addition there are times when some of our computers using the extension segment of the network are unable to connect - they can still see 3-4 bars of signal, but they cannot get on the network. Appears to be an issue relating to gateway, or DNS, not sure. But I would say about 1 day in 3, when I come home, my wife tells me that the "internet is off".

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Adding Wireless Networking To A Router?

Jul 14, 2011

I`m trying to set up a relative`s Internet up so that it is wireless; currently the router takes signal from cable, not phone, is wired only, and has just one ethernet port. I know the number of ports can easily be expanded using a switch, but is it possible to buy a piece of hardware which could be plugged into the router to broadcast a wireless signal as well? I have looked quite thoroughly for anything that could do this but I`m pretty new to networking

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Adding WAP To Ethernet Home Network?

Jan 26, 2012

I would like to set up a WAP at home so that we can choose when different members of the family have wifi access.I am currently using ethernet and a Thomson Speedtouch 546(i) V6 router. We have 3 laptop PCs and an imac, also a PS3 and Wii

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Home Network :: Using 5 Ghz Networking With HSPA?

Jun 20, 2012

I've recently changed my DSL connection to HSPA because of low speed of DSL connection (2000).

Anyway, I need to build up 5 Ghz networking at home but there is no dual band HSPA modem router on the market. I need a router which supports DLNA/UPnP for NAS Server. So, I have couple of solutions...

1- I can purchase dual-band Asus RT-N66U and use HSPA/UMTS stick to use this router as main router. I can do this because RT-N66U supports sticks via USB.

2- I can connect my HSPA modem to a dual-band router via LAN and by changing IP adresses I can use dual-band router again as a main modem router. This can be no problem via WAN but my modem has no WAN connection. Is this possible via LAN?

Or do you have any other solution how I can get my 5 Ghz netwroking at home using HSPA connection.

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Home Network :: Cable TV And Powerline Networking

Mar 11, 2011

I would like to set up a TV in my spare room which does not have a coax plug. Because of the set of my house running coax cable to this room, although possible, is something I am hoping to avoid. This is because if I was to run the cable on the outside of the wall it would get in my way and it will cost $300 to $400 for a tech to come out and run it through the wall.My first thought was to set up an old computer in my living room and have it connect to a cable box. Then I would send the video signal over the wireless network. The problem is that I cannot change channels on the other end. I have been reading up on power-line networking and it looks like a good option for my problem. I was hoping to find a device that will allow me to plug coax cable into it in the living room send the signal through the power-line to another device in my spare room where my TV receiver would be located. Is there anything like this out there on the market? If not are there any other options I can look at?

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Networking :: Home Network Very Slow Between PCs WRT54GS

Mar 13, 2011

I've just setup a box with Windows Home Server 2011 RC. It's a AMD X2 with 3GB RAM. Everything is fine with that, but I'm noticing my internal network speeds are pretty slow. I'm seeing on average 0.8MB/s transfer speed between my PC's and the server, and between the PC's themselves. I have everything wired through a Linksys WRT54GS router.Is this as much as I can expect from this setup? It's painful trying to copy media files (music, pictures and HD video) to the server at such slow speeds! What would I need to do to get better speeds? I'm assuming a different router could do better.

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Home Network :: Adding 3G Internet Access To Small Offline LAN?

Mar 10, 2011

I'm setting up a small network (one server, two clients) to create photo sales kiosks at an upcoming outdoor event. I will need internet access for processing credit card payments but there won't be any wi-fi or ethernet internet access on the site so I'll need to utilize my iPhone's 3G connection. I recently installed "MyWi" app which can tether the 3G and even create a personal wi-fi hotspot but unfortunately it only works in ad-hoc mode, not infrastructure.So far, the wired LAN is working great on my three Macbooks, using a Linksys (DD-WRT) router. Also, the wi-fi hotspot is working great to provide internet to all the computers. The problem, of course, is that I can't have both connected at the same time or else everything breaks. I've tried doing an iPhone-USB-Macbook tether and then sharing the connection via ethernet but the internet doesn't get through the router (because I don't have a clue of how to configure the router for this). I've also tried setting my router (DD-WRT) to do a client-bridge of the iPhone ad-hoc wi-fi, but again, it's way over my head and didn't work.

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Home Network :: Best Option For Networking Two Computers With Only Hotspot?

Oct 30, 2012

I am working with a friend who has a home office that is not in a location where DSL or Cable is available. His only option for internet is using a hotspot - in this case, the Elevate Hot Spot from AT&T.

He needs to network two computers so that he can enable QuickBooks Pro in multi user mode - i.e., data file shared on Computer A, accessed by Computer B.

I thought at first that perhaps I could just setup a wireless connection for the office network - however, whenever that connection is on, then obviously neither computer can access the hotspot.

Trying to keep this at *minimal* cost.

My best idea is to old school network - i.e., connect the two computers via crossover ethernet. Am I correct that this will work? Seems to me that then both computers *should* still be able to access the hotspot via their wifi, yet also be networked for file sharing.

My questions are:

1.) Is this a correct assessment?

2.) Are there any road blocks I should be thinking about?

3.) Any reason not to do a direct connection (i.e., any reason I should entertain connecting to a switch instead?)

4.) Is there a certain order I should do things?

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Home Network :: Basic Networking Terms And Devices?

Mar 28, 2012

Modem - (MODulator/DEModulator) This converts your xDSL analog signals into a digital format for use on your home network. A modem can also be part of a Router/Modem combination device.This device typically sits at the very edge of your network at your ISP's demarcation point (the point from where their responsibility for equipment ends).

Router - A router serves to 'route' information from network to network. I.e. A router will route information between the network and Generally your home routers will come as a modem/router/wifi access point package. It will basically route packets of information that are generated on your LAN (Local Area Network) to the internet, and in turn, route packets from the Internet to your LAN devices.

Wifi access point - Obviously provides a wireless Ethernet signal so that you can connect wireless devices to your home network. Typically, the wireless access points you will see will come as a combination of router/modem/wifi point. You can buy extra wireless access points (not wifi routers) and place them strategically throughout your home to increase signal coverage.

Switch - Uses hardware addresses to 'switch' packets through the LAN. Normally a domestic router will have 3 or 4 switch ports built into it. However, switches do come as standalone devices and can be used to increase the breadth and scalability of your home network by using the extra ports they provide to patch in more devices.

Host - A host is basically your PC, iPad, smart phone, laptop that is situated on your home network.

NAS Drive - (Network Attached Storage) Contains storage space that can be used as network a share by connecting it your home network.

NIC - (networt interface card) this is the component that allows your PC/Laptop to be hard wired into your router or switch. It will have an RJ45 jack so that you may connect Category5 and onwards patch leads into it from your router or switch. This talks with your computer's main motherboard and operating system to give you network connectivity.

MBs vs Mbps - MB = Mega Bytes (this measures file size) and Mbps = Mega bits per second (this measure network throughput).

Wireless card/receiver - as above but wirelessly.

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Networking :: Home Network Setup Incorporating Cisco ASA 5505

Aug 11, 2011

I am planning to imlpement an ASA 5505 in my home network and I am wondering if this is a valid configuration. I am wondering if it is necessary to have 3 separate internal subnets or if these can be cabeled together in a more efficient fashion?

I plan to keep the 2 servers (game, e-mail) branched off the ASA directly in a DMZ configuration. The rest of the clients connect through the wireless/wired router.

Any unforseen problems with a setup like this (Modem -> Firewall -> Internal Router)? I have read sites that say I will have to accept an IP via DHCP for the ASA's external interface.

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Networking :: Does Length Of Cat6 Cable Make Difference In Home Network DIR-655

Dec 10, 2011

I have a Dlink DIR-655 router for my wired and wireless router for my home network. I have a 100ft cat6 ethernet cable. I pulled it from the router to my home server in my basement.

Does the 100ft cable make a difference or does the fact that it's a cat6 cable make a difference?

When moving similar files at work, it's faster. So I'm trying to find out what's the bottleneck at home. What speeds should I expect for a home network?

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Switch And Router For 24-port Home Network?

Jul 6, 2011

So I am contemplating the setup for the network in my new home, how to connect 24+ ethernet ports in the house to a single network. I was thinking of getting a nice dual-band wireless router, but those usually only come with 4 or so lan ports. How would I then utilize a large 24- or 48-port switch to connect everything to the router?

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Home Network :: How To Measure The Router Or Switch Capacity

Sep 25, 2011

how to measure the router or swith capacity?

Ex: Actually my problem is, i'm using Dlink 8 port switch, and 40 computers connected indirectly to that switch, few times getting issues like packet drops, internet connecting & disconnecting etc. so i want to know either the switch is capable or not.

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Home Network :: Connecting A Router To Switch To Use Internet?

Mar 19, 2012

I have 24 port switch which is already connected to internet through static IP. Now I want to use a router as a wireless device to use internet. How do I connect router to switch?

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Cisco :: Adding 2960S Switch To Network And Voip?

Apr 16, 2012

I have 6 cisco switches already on my network and I just got a 2960S PoE switch that I need to enable for VoIP. The voice vendor is coming in to setup our phone system for VoIP and I need to enable this new 2960S 48 port switch for the VoIP phones, I don't know how to do that, or other taskes needed for this project.

I was told that I need to uplink the new 2960S with the Catalysy 4507R using an ethernet cable and to "trunk the ports" and enable the 2960S as a VTP client - ok great - how?

I was told I also need to use the switch port voice VLAN command for the new VLAN - again, great - but how?

I actually was able to telnet into the switch and I gave it an IP and I created a new vlan but thats all. We are using non Cisco IP phones.

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Linksys E4200 - How To Install Router To Switch On Home Network

Jul 15, 2011

Have a home network: 2 desktops & 2 printers wired to router (linksys e4200) Want to add nettalk for VOIP telephone service. All ports on the router are taken. What to do?

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Routers / Switches :: Setup An Home Network With A Wireless Router And Use Multiple Switches?

Jan 29, 2011

I want to setup an home network with a wireless router and use multiple switches for wired connections through out my home. I currently have an Airport extreme hooked up to a cable modem and a leviton gateway hooked up to the Airport. The 2 computers connected to the Leviton are on a windows 7 homegroup and share fine, but won't share or discover any wireless device connected to Airport. My main goal is to have a wireless/wired network with all computers sharing information with each other. I want 2-3 wired switches/gateways with a min of 2 devices connected to each, connected to my wireless router whiich is connected to cable modem.

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Home Network With Multiple Routers

Dec 31, 2011

I have a 2 wire HomePortal 1000SW modem in our home office. Its connected to a dlink DI-524 wireless router (also in the office), which is connected to a dlink DIR-601 in the opposite end of the house, both are connected using LAN ports, not WAN. All 3 of these devices are capable of wireless, and all have the same SSID and wep encryption key (they use different channels, 1, 6, 11). As of right now, i have the DI-524's wireless disabled, and the wireless is still on for the DIR-601 and the HomePortal, but only the HomePortal has DHCP turned on. The problem I'm having is that i can connect and get assigned an ip address when I'm in the office, but if i initially connect to the network near the DIR-601, i get limited connectivity and a self-assigned IP-address.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WNT160N Made A Switch On Our Home Network

Feb 7, 2012

Our desktop is connected to a cable modem and I always connected wireless with my laptop. When I changed my linksys wireless adapter I tried to get on the internet and it would not connect to the linksys router, so I then do not know exactly what I did,but the result was that i finally had a connection. That was a month ago and I finally looked at the network mapping after I noticed the desktop was on a lan network and the cable connection was flagged. Apparently, I created something called a switch with the router and now I have a whole new network in my name that has the cable connection.

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Networking :: Home Router Firewall Connection With ASA 5505

Oct 25, 2012

Shopping for a new home router/firewall. Trying to decide between a Cisco ASA 5505 or a juniper equivalent. What are everyone's thoughts?

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Home Network :: Hosting Multiple Websites On Server?

Jan 8, 2012

I had setup 2 servers at home. I'm now in need of hosting 4 websites. I have 4 static public ip's. I'm currently using a router with DD-WRT firmware installed. I have setup up as static NAT. X.X.X.27 to, X.X.X.28 to This is my current setup for the existing 2 webservers which host a website each. I notice apache allows for multiple websites per server. One of the server's is a dell 2500 with 2 NIC's and will not be a problem assigning two ip's. The second server only has 1 NIC. Should I buy another NIC card for the second server or could I get by using a virtual NIC? The load on the servers isnt heavy. Only bout 20 clients connect to them daily.

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Combining Multiple Internet Connections For Home Network?

Jun 17, 2012

How to make 2 (or more) connections work together and increase your final download and upload.You will need the following items

- A PC or server connected at high speed that is greater or equal to both connections speed (from a data center, You can get some very cheap $30 a month, a VPS can be good enough)

- 2 Internet connections at your home (DSL + cable for example)

- A router that supports dual WAN

- A Magic software that I can write for example

So what is needed is a way to split your data using some technology like the concept of RAID 0 (MAGIC software will be here used) and then use both IPs through the router to send the data to the server which will handle your request (it is possible to have a good usage of VPN here to forward all your traffic to the server without worrying about doing much work here). After that on the server you can reverse your RAID 0 data (using the same MAGIC software) and forward your request to the destination site that you want to visit. Same way the downloading will happen when the server receives a reply from the destination site, it will split the data using same RAID 0 technology (using the MAGIC software) and then send the data to both of your IPs. After that on your side you combine the received data (using the software) and you are done. Of course I do prefer the data splitting to happen using some hardware like a router with MAGIC software as it will be much more effective.

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Home Network :: ZyWall USG20 Multiple Static IPs?

Jan 15, 2013

I've got a server that is connected to the network through one physical ethernet adapter. From my ISP, I got 4 static, public IP adresses, one of which is in use on the Host-Server itself, the remaining three each on a virtualized server. All 4 Servers are running on the same machine.Everything is running smoothly, however, I need to do some Bandwidth Management and Port Mapping, this is why I bought a ZyWall USG20, thinking it would be perfectly capable of doing what I need. is it possible, with a ZyWall USG20, to have all my four IP adresses being forwarded to the one physical machine, and apply some bandwith shaping and port mapping to it?

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Adding A Switch Or Router

Aug 19, 2012

I have 1 computer, desktop, and would like to hook up a wireless to use for phone and kindle,etc. Question is shoud I use a switch or router? I have a netgear fs105 and hooked it up but was told it's not wireless (that's how much I know). Have Vista. and dsl.

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Home Network :: Setting Up Wifi With Multiple Access Points?

Jan 27, 2012

Well this process is self explanatory, setting up the network is easy but im running into trouble with my wireless devices connecting to the strongest signalIm not exactly sure if there is a fix for this yet or if they have not made a protocol to fix it. I have a big house with solid wall in which i have setup 3 wifi's. 1st Modem/wifi Router, 2nd Wifi access point, 3rd wifi access point. Now the problem im having is moving between the access points my devices such as my ipad are changing from one access point to the next whilst moving throughout the house (that is until it loses the first signal I believe or you turn your ipad wifi off/on so it reconnects back to the strongest/closest access point).

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Hub Switch And Router Networking?

Feb 25, 2011

We are using D-Link DSS-16+ Ethernet Hub Switch and the broadband modem (1Mbps) is directly connected to the hub and it's currently working.Now we have a D-Link Ethernet Router DIR-100 (got it free when we bought the PCs) and an extra broadband modem (from the our home) and I was planning to add it in our shop. I will still be using our current network connection, but I was planning to add the router and that extra modem for the server. I want to use the modems separately; the first one for the 14 computers and the extra one for the server. how to config them?

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Home Network :: Multiple Access Points Connected By Wireless Bridge?

Sep 27, 2011

I have a router that is capable of wireless N at 5.0GHz but can't run simultaneous with it's 2.4GHz band a/b/g (Cisco Linksys E2000), so I have a second router acting as gateway for my b/g devices (and a few wired only that are nearer to it). They are connected LAN port to LAN port with 50ft of cat6 and the DHCP server running on only one router. I know this is pretty standard for multiple access points, and it works very well. But I'm moving, and in the new house, the internet access will be on one floor with the wireless N router, and the other router will need to be in the basement on the opposite end of the house, and running networking cable through the floor and walls is just too much trouble. My question is, can I replace the previous wired method with a wireless N bridge attached to the LAN port of the router in the basement and have it function in the same way as it did when it was wired, with only the DHCP server running on the wireless N router, and all devices attached to either router able to see each other? I would assume so, but I would like to know from anyone who has experience with it before I go buying the bridge.

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