Implement Networking In Three Floor Office By Using Routers And Switches?

Apr 24, 2011

How can i implement networking in my THREE floor office by using routers and switches?

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Routers / Switches :: How To Implement Ipv6 On Windows 7

Feb 10, 2011

How to implement ipv6 on windows 7

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Cisco WAN :: ASA 5520 / Implement Failover For Branch Office Connectivity?

Aug 1, 2012

We have AT&T Managed MPLS service are our datacenter and our branch office locations.  AT&T has provided the routers and simply give us an ethernet connection.  We also have ethernet connectivity to the internet through our datacenter...with our network being protected by an ASA 5520.Each branch location has a 29xx series router (voice gateway) and switching gear attached to their AT&T MPLS router.  Some of our branches also have 3rd party cable internet service with an ASA 5505 to protect it from the internet. What I'd like to do is better utilize this cable modem/ASA5505 setup.  Right now, if there were an outage, I would be connecting manually to the remote location to change static routes to point to the cable link and to configure a VPN tunnel between the remote and our DC.

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Routers / Switches :: LAN Setup For 3 Different Office Locations?

Jun 28, 2011

I have 3 different office location and I need to set up a LAN so that all three are connected and can share info?

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Routers / Switches :: Sharing Across Two Networks In Same Office

Aug 6, 2011

My workplace currently has one AD Forest. Slowly we have drifted in to two slightly separate businesses and my boss wants us to create a new AD Forest and segregate the users doing each business. Although we will all be in the same office, each side will authenticate to a different DC. The problem is, that we have some resources that still need to be shared and I would like to share them as eloquently as possible without converging the networks too much. The two networks will be in the same server rack but they will logically appear as this:Forest1.local (original)

-Cable Internet -- Router A (192.168.1.x) -- 48-port switch A -- PC/Phones/Domain Controller AForest2.local (new)

-Cable Internet -- Router B (10.1.1.x) -- 48-port switch B -- PC/Phones/Domain Controller B.

The problem I have is that the users in the "new" network need access to a shared folder, shared customer DB, and shared printers on the original Domain Controller, named "DC A" above. I have complete control over both networks but cant figure it out the best way.My main concern is physical access between the networks. How will a pc on the 10.1.1.x network know where printer is? I thought about creating a forest trust in order to assign proper permission but how will they resolve the names on a different subnets? The two "routers" are just simple SOHO type routers so I cant do much there. I thought about connecting the two switches together but don't know if that would work. Wouldn't the data just get passed to the default gateway (router) anyway. The router would then just drop it. I also though about using the 2nd NIC in each DC and connecting them in each other's subnet. But again Im not sure if it matters if the DC's can reach each other or if the PC's would have to be able to reach the other subnet etc. I also thought about just creating some kind of VPN (hamagachi) or whatever to go out into the internet then back into the other router to the network.The problem is wouldnt every computer wanting to access the shared folder have to have this setup. I would like to limit setting things up on workstations and just limit config to the DC's if possible.I basically just want users in subnet two to be able to map a drive and access printers on DC in subnet one.

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Routers / Switches :: Transferring A Workgroup Laptop To A Office Domain?

Mar 26, 2011

transferring a workgroup laptop to a office domain

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Routers / Switches :: Office VOIP With Multiple Private Networks?

Jan 23, 2011

I'm going to move offices into a shared situation with 3 companies. Each company will want its own private network so there's no snooping between companies. I am planning on using VOIP for the phone system (Nextiva cloud based). Is it possible to set up the system so that each company has access to the VOIP system but yet remains sequestered in the their own network for everything else. I was hoping to do this with one data port at each workstation using Cisco SPA-303 phones. The way I understand this, is that the phone plugs in to the data port and you daisy chain the workstation off from each phone. Is this possible to do this while having the system I described? Another wrinkle is that I'd also like all the networks to be access shared printers.

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Routers / Switches :: Networking With Switch / Bridge And Routers?

Jun 13, 2011

........ |
........ |
|................ |
|................ |
Router 1.... Router 2
|..................... |
|..................... |
Computer 1.....Computer 2

......................Computer 3 Router 1 points to a VPNRouter 2 access to the internetComputer 3 needs to access router 1 (VPN). Both Computer 2 and 3 are in a different room than computer 1, and router 1. Computer 2 is networked via cat5e to router 2.Is is possible to have Computer 2 and 3 share the cat5e, yet access different routers?

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Routers / Switches :: Networking Setup With DLink DL-604

Apr 8, 2011

I had this small internet cafe with 15 units pc. and browsing the web is not that stable. i have to unplug the internet modem everytime i can't connect to the internet.I think it has something to do with the settings that was in the router since it was just configured by a tech guy which i think not 100% sure of what he did, though it can connect to net for sometime but most of the time it is down.

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Routers / Switches :: Basic Networking Setup For More Than 40 PCs

Jul 23, 2011

How to set up more than 40 pc's with out internet connection using linksys switch.

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Cisco WAN :: 1841 / Implement Site To Site VPN Among Head Office And Branches?

Jul 23, 2012

I want to implement site to site vpn among our Head Office and Barnch routers (300 Sites).Head Office Site I have a cisco 7200 Router Im going to terminate the VPN conection on that.Branches we are having cisco 1841 series routers. They all are capable of working with VPN.In the present it is act like a EazyVPN Server for selected sites(30 sites).Is there any license limitations in Cisco 7200 Router ?Can I run both Site to site VPN and Eazy VPN Server together ?

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Routers / Switches :: Home Networking / Netbook Can't Find Desktop?

Dec 7, 2011

Although we have a moderately wired house with cat6 cables runs in many of the rooms that all end in the basement, I am currently having trouble since I cat stream audio and video files from my desktop in the den to the netbook and receiver in the family room. All computers are hooked up by cable.I have tried a friends advice to plug in the exact IP address of the desktop (and vice versa on the netbook) but still the netbook cat find the desktop nor can the desktop find the netbook. I have tried home sharing in Windows 7 to no avail as I have been prompted to initiate a home network both on the netbook and the desktop when I think it is suppose to be initiated on one machine and same home network joined by the other.DSL Modem --> Linksys WRTGL router running Tomato --> switch -->various rooms (cont.)Family room (one of the various rooms) has a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation (with one USB port) --> 1) netbook and 2) Denon AVR receiver (with network capabilities)I have a switch in the den and the desktop and laptop computers can read off each other through folder/drive sharing even with Kaspersky Internet Security running in the background so I'm sure it's not Kaspersky meddling with my network sharing. If both are on the wireless network, the netbook can access the desktop and vice versa.Is it possible for the netbook to read off the desktop based on my current set up? I can't bring the desktop down as we use them in the den and will not have room for it in the family room. I am not inclined to purchase a stand-alone HTPC at the moment if there is a network sharing

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Configure Small Office Of About 5 Computers To Have LAN Networking?

Jun 4, 2012

How i can configure my small office of about 5 computers to have LAN Networking?

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2010 Switches - Best Way To Implement Redundancy

Oct 31, 2012

I currently have two SGE2010's with a 4-port LAG configured between them.  I'm looking to add another two SGE2010's and I want to add redundancy at the same time.  The switches are currently in standalone mode.  I don't have fiber connectors and was planning on just using copper for the uplinks.
My questions are:
- Is it possible to use stack mode in conjunction with 4-port LAG groups to create redundant 4-port links between all of the switches?  The documentation says that ports 24&48 are reserved for stacking - does that mean I can't specify a LAG instead?
- If 4-port LAGs aren't possible, does that mean that these switches max out at 1Gpbs uplinks if you use stack mode?

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Wifi (wrt54gs) Router Woes In Office Networking?

Sep 21, 2012

I have a small office with a Desktop PC onvereted into a File server which has licenses for couple of multi user softwares residing. Further I have about 10 Laptops and 3 Desktops.My server has two NIC's. A linksys wireless (wrt54gs) router is connected to one NIC and a Netgear WL router is connected to another NIC. I have enabled MAC Address access restriction on both the routers.5 laptops get connected to the Wifi Linksys router. And to the Negear Router 5 more laptops + a Netwrok printer with static IP and a switch (unmanaged) is conneted. 3 desktops (all with static IP) in turn get connected to this switch.Iam not able to give print from a Laptop connected to the Linksys router. However the print comes out if I give a print out from a laptop connected to the negear router.The Linksys Router assigns IP starting from to and the netgear assigns IP from to Further at times the laptops connected to the Netgear routers are not able to obtain the license for the softwares from the server (in variably Iam forced to work in Educational mode on those laptops)(I created a netwrok bridge in the server between the two NICs)But by enabling a bridge there is one more problem I notice..... When I type IPCONFIG /all on a laptop connected to the Netgear ruter (having gateway, I notice that the IP number assigned is that of the one from Linksys, and the Gateway is shown as ( - the Linksys router gateway)....

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Servers :: Small Office Networking With File Sharing For Certain Users?

Feb 4, 2012

Right now every computer is connected through a workgroup and some computers are sharing files to everyone and some need a login to share other files. I want to run a main server where all the files are on that computer and have it share all the files to everyone else on the network. I'm not too familiar with Windows workgroup networking and file sharing.I want to have certain files accessible to certain computers and certain files accessible to everyone on the network. I'm under the impression that I have to have the main server with all the business documents. Then create separate accounts on the server and hand them out to each individual computer. After, go to each document and specify who can access what with read/write. Can I share some files to everyone and have certain files limited to other computers at the same time? How would someone access the shared files when you need a login and will this login conflict with files shared to everyone and files shared to certain people. I remember on my small business network I need a login for certain computers because it is shared to only certain people then how would I access the files shared to everyone when I have to login to see the server files to begin with?

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Cisco Switches :: SF 300-48P How To Implement Route

Oct 13, 2011

We recently purchased a SF 300-48P to replace a Layer 3 3Com switch that died. I've sucessfully put the switch into Layer 3 mode and assigned ip addresses to each of the VLANs but I cannot figure out how to implement routes for those. Here's some info on our network and what the previous switch had. [code]
Not sure if this can be translated into the Cisco or not.. If i try to create an IP route like these i get errors that the Gateway can be a route.

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Implement Based On Newer Models Of Cisco Switches

Mar 13, 2013

(eth ports routing only) and a layer 2 switch into a cluster of two layer 3 switch clustered. I have looked at Cisco 3550 EMIs with HSRP but I would like to implement based on newer models of Cisco switches.

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Cisco Switches :: How To Implement Multiple VLAN On SGE2010P

Mar 7, 2012

I am new to VLANs and Cisco SMB switches. I have a new SGE 2010P switch and i am trying to configure different VLANs, one for data, one for Voice and the other for server.
Is there any tutorial on how to configure VLAN, by the way i tried to used the web interface and admin guide, it totally confused my understanding of Vlans.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: 2950 - Implement IP SLA On Layer2 Switches?

May 24, 2006

I am trying to implement IP SLA. Can I implement it on layer2 switches?

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2010 / How To Implement Multiple VLANs

Jun 21, 2011

I have SGE2010 switches and I want to implement Multiple VLANs. Im a newbie and starting to study VLANS's.
I want to implement 5 VLAN's on my test lab network and here as follows:
192.168.1.x default
The .1 is exclusively for my test-lab servers.
The .2 is general test-lab Win-XP workstations.
The .3 is general test-lab Win7 worstations
The .20 is general test-lab production worstations
The .100 is for test-lab IP PHONES.

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Cisco Switches :: SGE2010P - Implement Span / RSPAN To A Vlan

May 1, 2012

I want to implement SPAN or RSPAN of a vlan. Can this be done with the SGE2010P?  I can't find the configuration guide on the Cisco Web Site.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 - Implement ACL To Permit Or Deny Access Between Vlans And Hosts

Mar 25, 2012

I have a SG300 Switche working in layer 3 mode.I configured 3 VLANs on the switch, assigned all ports, given IP addresses to VLANs interfaces, etc.Now I want to implement ACL to permit or deny access between vlans and hosts.Can I apply an ACL to a  whole VLAN (in or out) like Catalyst models?I mean apply the ACL to the entire vlan or the only way in this model is to implement that ACL port by port?Every time I have a new port configure to work in a Vlan I have to implement the ACL?

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Cisco WAN :: 2800 Implement IPSec VPN Between Two Routers

Aug 20, 2009

We want to implement an IPSec VPN between two routers cisco 2800 IOS version of what we need.

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Cisco WAN :: C2811 - Implement CoPP On Routers?

Apr 9, 2012

Required by regulations to implement CoPP on our routers, I installed  the following configuration on a C2811 router  pair with integrated DSU/CSU cards connecting a point T1.  STAC compression(software) is configured on the serial interfaces  and the link is often congested.


This configuration severely degraded the IP traffic flow and I had to remove it. Not having any practical experince with CoPP.

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Routers / Switches :: Difference In Ethernet Cable And Ethernet Networking Cable?

Apr 28, 2013

Is there a difference in an ethernet cable and an Ethernet networking cable? I have an Ethernet cable and a 6 port splitter I am trying to connect. I have 4 ports in the router that are in use. When I connect them to the splitter nothing s working.

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Way To Connect Router On More Than One Floor?

Aug 6, 2011

I have 3 devices I need to connect to my router 2 floors under me. I was wondering if there is a way that i could run one Ethernet cable from my router downstairs to the devices and not have to constantly plug the wire into the device i am using. Mainly is there like a hub for this that i could use to connect all three to the internet all at the same time using one wire running from my router.

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Getting Internet From Basement To Second Floor

Mar 11, 2012

So my router (apple airport base) is in my basement. I need to get the internet to run all the way up to the second floor because the wireless N network really only works well in the basement and main floor. Unfortunately our builder never wired us ethernet ports along with our phone jacks. What would be the best solution without running new wire? Is there a way to convert the phone jack wires to ethernet? Do one of those power line converters work well? I would really like to avoid having to drill for new wires.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 350 Placement Under Floor?

May 13, 2002

I have a specific application where wireless service is required for one desk in a large room with a very high ceiling.  The room is 'acoustically contained.'  Additionally, the antennae needs to be out of sight.  I was considering placing an AP under the access flooring (and under the desk) with the antennae mounted above the floor directly above the AP.  trying to place an atennae at floor level rather than ceiling height?

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Cisco Routers :: RV120W - Implement Security To Keep Internet And Non-internet Vlan Computers?

Sep 4, 2011

I have a RV120W Firewall and I've created 3 Vlans.  One for Internet Access Computers, One for non-Internet access, one for printers.  How can I implement security to keep Internet and non-internet vlan computers from communicating with one anothers?  Both computer vlans will need to communicate with printer

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Wifi Signal Is Of Poor Quality On 3rd Floor

Dec 11, 2012

I have a wireless router on the ground floor of my home which is wired to my PC on the 3rd floor. The wifi signal is of poor quality on the 3rd floor. I cannot move the router to a different floor since all of my connections are wired through the home into my networking room (on the ground floor where my router is). I wish to add a media receiver to a different room on the 3rd floor that is not wired already for networking. Streaming video files wirelessly to the media receiver from my router will not work because as stated previously the signal quality is poor on the 3rd floor. My mobo on my computer has ASUS wifi GO. Can I enable the wifi go on the mobo of my PC (located on 3rd floor) to connect to the media receiver (also on the 3rd floor) for streaming? The media receiver will also have an internet browser so will I be able to connect to the internet as well if it is networked to my PC and my PC is connected to my router on the ground floor?

I basically want to keep my PC connected to my main router for high DL speeds and also have my PC networked wirelessly to my media receiver using the on board wifi go. If possible I'd also like to be able to access the internet on the media receiver via the PC.

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Cisco Wireless :: Use Both CAP 3602i And LAP 1242AG On The Same Floor?

Oct 7, 2012

On our conference floor, AP 1242AG already exist but I am going to add AP 3602i to increase wireless coverage.  .  Any issue or concern with this type of setting?

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Cisco Routers :: Setup RV042s At Client Office For VPN Support

Dec 3, 2012

I setup RV042s at a clients offices for the VPN support and am now finding that multiple sip clients behind the router does not work. I found a thread on tech and it looks like there's a case open for the issue. url... How to get this working other than assigning IPs for the phones and dealing with different ports. 

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