Laptop Can't Connect Properly To Internet

Feb 19, 2011

I recently bought an asusg73jw xa1 from amazon and at first it worked just fine. But around a month later, when i started it up. It couldn't connect my home's wireless router or if it did, it would have no internet access. I'm pretty sure this problem isn't with my router because all the other laptops in my house can connect perfectly to my router at the same time. After around a week and i tried to connect again, the wireless started working again like nothing ever happened. This only lasted for around 3 days until my laptop once again could not connect to my router. Now the only way i can use the internet is if i connect my laptop to my router with a wire.

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Toshiba Laptop Won't Connect Properly To Internet

Dec 5, 2011

my toshiba satellite a200 wont connect to the internet but say is connected to wireless internet but yet i cant browse?

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Wifi On Laptop Won't Connect Properly

Nov 11, 2012

I have a Dell Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) laptop that I've had for maybe half a month. When I first got it, I had no problems connecting to my router. But starting a couple days ago, the WiFi would not connect properly. I have to use the troubleshoot feature a couple times on my computer for it to work. My other laptops and other devices have no problems connecting to my network.

Here is the ipconfig for when it does work: Quote:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Windows IP Configuration


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Wifi Won't Connect Properly (different Laptop)

Dec 10, 2012

Wi-Fi won't connect properly (different laptop).I posted a thread similar to this recently (url...) Unfortunately, I have another laptop that has the same problem. Here is some information:


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Asus N10E Laptop That Won't Properly Connect Wirelessly?

Jan 30, 2013

I have an Asus N10E laptop that won't properly connect wirelessly, Windows home ver 2002 installed, Atheros AR5007EG wireless adapter, ATT DSL modem, and Cisco Linksys E2000 wireless router. My other computers connect without difficulty. Connection says it is authenticated and excellent but browsere won't load - "Can't resolve domain name". I also tried to download the TSGSysInfo but avast! says it has a virus.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Unable To Connect To Internet Properly

Sep 21, 2012

I got D-LINK DIR 651 Wireless Router, so i upgrade this Router to this firmware 1.10NA, release on Aug-24-2012, after this this i configure thois Router with my Modem MOTOROLA SB5101N. So the internet is working fine about an hour, there after on my Modem Send/Received light totally goes OFF, now there is no internet at all in my Home.So i unplug all & i connect my Modem directly to my PC after this i am getting internet perfectly on my PC. Then i call to my ISP they said this is not their problem from theoir site all OK.


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Dell :: Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030 Internet Card Cannot Connect Properly To Modem

May 16, 2012

My laptop has Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030 internet card but the computer can not connect to the modem properly, the speed is always not the speed that I purchased

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Wireless Connection On Laptop Not Working Properly

Jan 24, 2012

When I check the strength sometimes it indicates it's good if I'm practically sitting on top of the router, this seems to eventually degrade to low until finally the connection drops.Repairing' with XP repair facility doesn't work. I can forget about getting a connection if I move further away from the router. At the moment I'm relying on using an ethernet cable snaking across the dining room, which isn't really practical with a toddler and a dog racing around. Recently a friend put a bigger HD in and before this it was working fine, so I suspect that it may be due to this. I think it's due to the wirless card in the laptop, as I have a number of other devices in the house which all work fine.

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Desktop PC Often Can't Connect Properly With Our Router

Mar 18, 2013

My desktop pc often can't connect properly with our router. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time I get a really poor connection or it will say connected but no network access. Every other device has no issues whatsoever, I can even sit with my laptop behind my pc and have a decent connection. This is what my CMD gave: [code] I even disabled all AVG functions and shut down any security measure of the router to see if would be more stable but to no avail.

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Internet Doesn't Work Properly?

May 22, 2012

The electric went off in my house about an hour ago, causing my computer to turn off as a result. Ever since, the internet on my PC has been acting up.

My internet was working perfectly before the power cut both on my laptop (my mum was using it at the time) and PC, however, while I've got no problems with the internet on the laptop, my PC keeps losing the connection to a ridiculous degree. It'll drop the connection for over a minute at a time, come back on literally long enough for me to refresh/load 1 webpage (~5 seconds), then go back off again for another minute or two.

All the lights on the router are on and I've even cross-referenced (lacking a better term...) the internet connection between my lap top and desk top and my laptop will work fine when my PC is telling me there's no connection and nothing will load on it. It seems to me that something has happened to my desktop when the power went out but I have no idea where to begin to even try to find out what's wrong.

I've tried turning off the router by both the wall and the little button on the back of it, and I've restarted my PC twice as well and still the internet doesn't work properly. My laptop picked up the connection as soon as the router came back on with no problem but my desktop struggled to find the connection and only picked it up after turning the router off twice aand restarting the computer twice as well and as I said, when it finally did find the connection it just keeps dropping it.

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Internet No Longer Working Properly

Jun 2, 2011

Last night on the xbox 360 i was suddenly experiencing alot of lag on other peoples voices. i took no notice of it and the next day i went on my laptop and alot of websites wouldn't load properly.i can go on google,obviously this and my hotmail(after having to wait a long time for the hotmail to load), but others such as ebay will not load. I cannot even access my router settings by typing in my ip address, instead i get a message saying the page cannot be found. also i was disconnected from xbox live with the internet to xbox live part not working. Obviously the first thing i done was turn the router off and back on but it hasn't made any difference.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4055 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1804 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290204 MB, Free - 141170 MB; E: Total - 14999 MB, Free - 5644 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G848F, , .5MDJWJ1.CN7016697U05OT.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled

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Routers / Switches :: How To Connect 3 Outside Connections And Route Them Properly

Jul 19, 2012

We are planning 3 Internet Connections into our building. 1 will be for actual Internet traffic, 2nd for Voip phone system, and 3rd for internal network for Active Directory...etc. Oh the AD servers are controlled by another business so technically this line is still considered and outside line and is a T1. What I need to know is how best to make this all work so that our internet phones use the VOIP system, computers can log into the domain and access that network but use the Internet network for actual internet traffic? We were considering a series of managed switches and creating 3 VLAN's but I'm thinking we instead need a new router that all 3 networks connect to and dishes out DHCP to computers and phonesn example network is below.192.168.1.x ----> Internet (all computers use for internet traffic)72.10.10.x ----> VOIP (All physical and software phones use this network)10.10.10.x -----> Connection to external company that controls our network and has domain controllers, mainframe...etc.

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Computer Randomly Cannot Connect Properly To Wireless Modem

May 23, 2012

Yesterday when I got home from college my computer randomly could not connect properly to my wireless modem. It tells me the SSID etc but when I connect to it, it becomes an unidentified network and has no internet connectivity. This problem only occurs on my laptop via wifi, wifi still works fine on other computers and my phone so I assume it is a problem on my laptops end. Also my laptop can connect to other wireless networks, ie my schools public network, and they work fine. I'm running windows 7 home premium.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT400N Won't Connect Properly?

Jul 2, 2011

I just did a reformat on my laptop, therefore I had to reconnect with my router. I put in the correct encryption key.. however as soon as i got connected, it just kept saying *Authenticating* for about 5-10 minutes then it disconnects me.. What i can do to stop this?The router itself was installed on a shared computer (I live with several roomates) and that particular computer got replaced.. does that matter to the router? the new one doesn't have the program installed.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Can't Connect Properly To Verizon / Frontier DHCP DSL

Jan 31, 2011

I have a DIR-655 (RevA) which I have been very happy with when used with a broadband wireless ISP.  We just recently obtained Frontier DSL and I want to use my already configured DIR-655 with the new service.  I have successfully bridged the Westell 7500 DSL modem provided by Frontier (DHCP server turned off, mode set to bridge-bridge.)  I tested this by attaching a laptop and verifying that it was assigned a WAN IP address and that I could ping resources on the Internet.

When I attach the DLink and start it up, it gets a WAN address and everything looks good, but I can not ping (from the router) to any resource on the Internet (by IP address), including the assigned gateway.  It goes without saying that computers attached to the DIR-655 are also unable to ping addresses on the Internet.  Oh, I have cloned the Westell modem's MAC address to the DLink router as well.

Any special settings in the DIR-655 that are required to work with Frontier/Verizon's DSL network?  Or compatibility issues?  and I've updated to the 1.35NA firmware.

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Routers / Switches :: Internet Not Working Properly

Feb 26, 2012

ive been having some issues with my internet, i had an attack on my pc recently by some american orginization, ive reinstalled new windows on my pc, reset my modem, and nothign seems to work, i have too many tunnel adapters in cmd ip config i think, bell canada hooked up my internet lines and they actually joined two or more wires together and strung them up on the neighbours fence and mine and even wrapped it around a tree branch, god knows why they would even do that, maybe they think when the tree grows it will cost me money to fix it and theyll earn from thier mistakes instead of learn from them... anyway this is my ipconfig test results as explained in previous post from someone.Windows IP Configuration[CODE]

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Wired Internet Connection Not Working Properly

Aug 8, 2011

Some Trouble With My Wired Internet Connection,basically it worked somedays other days it cut off and didnt work for a few days,i phoned virgin media who sent me a new modem.Everything is set up and activated and it worked for about a day,now it has stopped working even though the computer says im connected,everytime i try internet explorer or firefox i get a white screen and every webpage i try fails,but if i bring up utorrent i can see that my internet is connected because it begins to download the ebooks

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Can't Connect Laptop To The Internet?

Apr 1, 2011

For some reason, I can't connect my laptop to the internet. When I enable wireless connection it starts but there is an "x" over the icon and it never connects. When I go to view available wireless connections the window is empty. No wireless signals even though my desktop is connected and it shows at least 10 network signals in range. I also tried connecting through my LAN and although the icon shows it is connected,

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Laptop Will Not Connect To Internet?

May 5, 2011

my laptop will not connect to the internet. All my other housemates have no problem with this. My skpe and gtalk will work but when I attempt going to the internet via firefox and explore it will say that Im offline.

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Can't Connect Laptop To Internet

Mar 28, 2011

My Dell laptop won't connect to any internet connection. LAN line or router. It was working fine then one day just stopped connecting. I have a Dell latitude D610.

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Can't Connect To Internet From My Laptop

Apr 29, 2011

i cannot connect to the internet from my laptop...the internet is connected because i have downloaded a windows update, but everytime i open a page it says that internet explorer cannot display the webpage...when i diagnose the problem, it says that is not set up to establish a connection on port world wide web service (http) with this computer and it has a place where i can click verify the current proxy server configuration.

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Ibm T43 Laptop Can't Connect To Internet Using Xp

Dec 17, 2012

I replaced a drive and installed an older version of xp (husband request). I can't connect to internet, wireless or wired. I saw a post that solved the problem, I seem to be missing drivers (other devices all have yellow ?). But I do not know where to locate the drivers. The computer is a ibm t43 laptop about 6 years old. I can't find any disks that came with it.

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Can't Connect To The Internet On Laptop?

Mar 11, 2012

I can't connect to the Internet on my laptop, it connects to the network but says no Internet access, others can connect to it fine, I think my settings are wrong

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Cannot Connect To Internet From My Laptop

Jan 27, 2011

I cannot connect to the internet from my laptop. I have tried many things and now I'm afraid I have really screwed it up.

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Connect Internet From One Laptop To Another?

Feb 22, 2013

how to connect internet from one laptop to anotherr laptop using lan cable

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Cannot Connect Laptop To Internet

May 9, 2011

my laptop had a wireless connection until the other day. now, i cannot connect at all(directly or wirelessly) and att wants to charge me $50 to do some configuration.

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New Computer - Internet Only Works Properly In Safe Mode

Aug 4, 2012

Just finished building my new computer yesterday - i installed windows 7 and all the motherboard drivers etc - everything went smoothly. I then plugged in my ethernet cable but saw that in normal mode my computer had very slow internet. I went into safe mode with networking and tried the internet there and it was its normal speed. Obviously something is booting up in normal mode that is stopping/limiting the connection. I uninstalled norton (came with the motherboard drivers) using the uninstall norton tool, i also uninstalled any other virus protection and disabled my computers firewall but to no avail - it's still real slow.

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D-Link DIR-600 :: Pings Properly But Didn't Access Internet

May 27, 2011

I am purchasing a new DIR 600. It pings properly, but didn't access internet. I am using HP Desktop and ORTEL broadband connection.

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Cisco WAN :: 2911 - Can't Access Internet / NAT Not Working Properly

Jun 13, 2011

I have configured my CIsco 2911 router and there seems to be something wrong with my configuration regarding subinterface 0/0.102 The hosts on this subnetwork cant access the Internet and i cant spot the error.
Here is my running config on this matter.
class-map type inspect match-any LAN_TO_WAN
match access-group name LAN_TO_WAN
class-map type inspect match-any WAN_TO_LAN
match access-group name WAN_TO_LAN
class-map type inspect match-any GRE_TO_WAN
match access-group name GRE_TO_WAN
class-map type inspect match-any WAN_TO_GRE


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Wireless :: Laptop Won't Connect To Internet?

Mar 1, 2011

I was connected to the school's internet, and it randomly disconnected, and won't connect to either campus' wireless anymore. I restarted, tried to repair it, and it still says it can't renew the ip address. Is it my network adapter?

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Laptop Won't Connect To Internet With Wifi?

Apr 24, 2013

I have a new laptop that I have had about 2 weeks at first I could connect to the net through wifi but now I cant it comes up that the page like 'google' 'yahoo' can not b found but if I connect up my Ethernet cable it will connect to the net

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Dell Laptop Won't Connect To Internet

Sep 2, 2012

I have a dell inspiron 15 r and it won't connect to the internet. I've tried my university's wireless internet, and my internet at home. Both connections work for other devices, so the problem is not the source. The problem is specifically my laptop. It says that it is connected, but both Chrome and IE show error pages (i.e. Site not found, dns lookup failed, etc.)

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Laptop Won't Connect To Internet Via Wireless

Nov 28, 2011

I have a netgear router and an win xp desktop connected to each other through the ISP modem. The internet works great. Xbox live connected via through the netgear router(access point), works great. Now i just recently bought a power cord for an old laptop, charged it, working fine. Its a Compaq laptop, with a vista OS. My problem is not finding the router and/or connecting to it. I just cant seem to access the internet. It shows local connection only with an unidentified network, but it shows my routers name(LOTUS). There is alittle red X in-between the unidentified network and the internet. I pulled off the ip config/all on the vista laptop.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:UsersHOME>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : HOME
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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