Networking :: 8 Port Switch Or HP 1810 Or Netgear GS108T Or PowerConnect 2808

Dec 14, 2010

8 Port Gigabit Switch, HP 1810-8G, Netgear GS108Tv2 and Dell PowerConnect 2808, which one is better for LACP Link Aggregation?

The Netgear GS108Tv2 has more function than the other two, but I don't know the Netgear is stable or not?

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Dell :: Setting Up Port QoS On Powerconnect 2808

Nov 16, 2010

I managed on my own to figure out how to Telnet in, activate the web control panel, and then access that via the web. Now here is what I am trying to do, it is not that complicated. We have a FIOS connection with 5 IPS: FIOS comes in as Ethernet, without DHCP.

What I want to Assign to Ports on the Switch:

1) Uplink to FIOS


3) Point of Sale System

4) Internal Network

5) Public Wifi

6-8: Not in use

Each of the above 2-5 will have a router connected to the switch port, each is a separate segregated network, with its Own public IP.

I want to configure the switch to prioritize traffic in the following manner:

Port 2: VOIP: Always gets TOP priority, then Port 3: PoS (but not that important), then port 4: internal (less important), then port 5: public wifi (least important).

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24 Port Networking Switch Configuration?

Aug 8, 2011

how to 24 port networking switch configuration

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Cisco Switches :: Can SG200-08 Switch Work With Dell PowerConnect 2716

Feb 23, 2012

I have no previous Cisco switch experience. I just received a brand new SG200-08 switch. It replaces a small blue Trendnet 5 port switch. I configured the SG200-08 with a static IP address which is on the same subnet as all our wired devices, then I installed it and connected a computer and printer and another switch to it. The other switch is a Dell PowerConnect 2716. I suddenly have no network connectivity with the router any longer. When I plug the network cable that runs from the PowerConnect 2716 into the SG200-08, the link status light will not go on for that port. I am going to be replacing the Dell PowerConnect with a Cisco switch as well, the SG300-10.

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Netgear JGS524 - 24 Port GB Switch For Home

Oct 24, 2012

I need to upgrade my switch to something that has 24 ports. This is for home, simply to sling media around the house, etc. So 3-4 computers, boxes, AVR's, HTPC's, blah blah blah - just the usual stuff.

I was looking at the Trendnet TED-S24DG and the Netgear JGS524 (both are under a couple of hundred bucks). The cheaper the better to a degree - rack mount is preferrable. Both are unmanaged. Jumbo frames?

I need to buy a new router for my network (using DIR-655 for last 4-5 yrs). Would like to move to a dual band product.As I live in Canada and would like to purchase VPN to rid the geo tagging and enjoy US media content. I plan to buy a wifi router that supports VPN to accomplish my goal.

So, from modem, to router, then to a 24GB port switch, devices include 3 wired computers, tvs, boxes, players, blah blah blah, etc.
Placement of the router is in my basement (has to be as this is where all my network/modem/server rack). I plan to also purchase an AP and place it on the 2nd floor of my home (2200sq ft) for coverage in the house.

Question is, once I add the VPN to get US content, there will be times when I want my own PC to NOT be on the US VPN.So, based on the above which dual band router under $130 and how much for the AP? And how do I setup it up so that my personal PC and be on and off the VPN?

Right now I can get a E4200v2 refurb for 60 bucks from NC$X? I was looking at Asus N66, but perhaps its too much for my needs?

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Cisco WAN :: Interface Netgear Smart Switch To 881 LAN Port

Dec 16, 2012

we have 100 Cisco 881 routers in our network and they all work fine to Linksys, 3Com, etc switches.  The problem we have encountered is interfacing to Netgear switches.  Netgear switches use autosensing on their ports and it does not seem to be compatible with MDIX autosensing on the Cisco 881 4 port LAN hub that is standard on the 881 router. Would a cross over cable resolve the problem?  Since both run autosensing MDIX they never synch - so likely a cross over would not do much.  I see this with all types of Netgear smartswitches.  If you put a small switch between the Netgear switch and the 881 Cisco router everything works fine except for getting port 9000 traffic through. 

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Cisco LAN :: Netgear CVG 824g And Linksys SLM2024 24 Port Switch

Jan 7, 2012

I have just installed a Linksys SLM2024 switch in my house and it - along with my Netgear CVG 824g router - delivers internet access to around 20 devices requiring IP's.
My problem is: The Netgear router can only assign IP adresses in the 192.168.0.XXX range. which means I cannot access the Linksys SLM2024's online configuration page which is located at Are there any way to force the Linksys switch into having an IP in the 192.168.0.XXX range? I could try and connect only my laptop, the switch and an old router I have in a network and letting the DHCP server in the old router give my switch the correct IP.

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Networking :: Legit With Netgear WNDR3700

Mar 26, 2011

URL ,A Netgear WNDR3700 for only $80? Everywhere else I have looked they've been over $100.

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Netgear MCAB1001 Home Networking Options

Aug 27, 2011

I've decided I want to hard wire all my stuff in our family room; however, the modem and router are upstairs in my office. I've got a few options available and wanted to get some opinions from those who have tried any of them. Here are my three options:

1) Install NETGEAR MCAB1001 MoCA Coax-Ethernet Adapter Kits
2) Install Monster PowerNet 300 Power Line Network Modules
3) Run the Ethernet cables through the wall, under carpet, etc.

I'm primarily looking for info about the speed differences, ease of troubleshooting, etc.

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Networking :: Netgear GA311 Not Running Install Program At All

Dec 20, 2010

My motherboard ethernet port went bad, so I purchased a Netgear GA311 ethernet card. The issue is that Win7 wouldn't natively add driver support, though reviews indicated this card might be plug & play. Not so, and the driver disk even though it has 64 bit drivers will not run the install program at all. On top of that, the ethernet card does not appear in the Device Manager so I can backdoor the drivers into place.

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Tellabas 1810 CTU-R Modem - Interconnecting LAN Using Leasedline

Jul 23, 2012

describe the working of leasedline modem (Tellabas 1810 CTU-R modem ) in my network which is used for interconnecting my LAN which has in different locations also These two locations are using same subnet ips . My service provider configured ip address in the LAN interfaces of both ends modem with same subnet ips. My doubt is that , Is there any ip address in the WAN interface of the modem ? Is the ip address is compulsory in the LAN interfaces ? Is there any routing occure in the modem ?

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1810-24G Setting Up VLANs On Procurve Switches

Oct 31, 2011

I have:

-Procurve 1810-24G
-Procurve 2520-8-PoE

Router (with Internet Connection) is plugged into port 24 of the 1810.My asterisk server is plugged into Port 1 of the 1810.The 2520 is plugged into Port 2 of the 1810, and all of the VoIP phones are plugged into the 2520.Rest of the office computers are plugged into the remaining ports on the 1810.

After setting up the subnet and assigning an ip to the 1810, everything else just worked out of the box. I would imagine that I should segment and prioritize the network so that the VOIP traffic is isolated and is higher priority from everything else.

I tried playing around a bit, but the phones lost connectivity, so I just defaulted everything back for now.

What would the suggestions be for setting up the VLANS properly to do this?I would also need one of the office PC's (say the one plugged into port 13 of the 1810) to be able to access the asterisk server.Also, would it be more optimal to have the asterisk server on the PoE switch or the main switch?

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Netgear Ma401 Pcmcia Card - Wireless Networking Unable To Connect

May 9, 2011

I have two Dell latitude xpi computers that I am trying to get to the internet. Both work well except for making the connection to the internet. The w95 computer is using version 4.0a. I am using a Netgear ma401 pcmcia card. When looking at the the signal strenght it says excellent and everything seems go until you click IE icon (5.5). I comes back stating that it could not connect. The same is true for the w98SE machine. Same wifi card and same results. The card is good and the computer is good, but I have not set something correctly.

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2 Apple Airport Extremes - Netgear ADSL Router - How To Setup Home Networking

May 21, 2011

Currently, I have 2 Apple Airport Extremes, and 1 Wireless Netgear ADSL Router. The 2 AAEs are connected separately to the router, and this allows us to get coverage in most part of the house (it's a large house with concrete and granite walls). I also have a HP Officejet 8500 'wireless printer' that is wired to the router as you can only print to the printer when it's in standby with a physical connection to the router (that's a different story). So my goal is to replace everything as the router is slowly dying and as a result of this, I want to be able to access the Internet wirelessly throughout the house, and be able to print from any where in the house without anything connected via cables. And as a bonus, I would like the Internet to be accessible 100 yards/metres down the garden (workshop is there). Basically, blanket coverage!

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: HP 1810 / SG 300-28P - Voice And Data All Reside On Same VLan

May 16, 2013

im working in a new enviroment and want to makes some design changes to the environment. I wanted to bounce my ideas some of you folks to see if my thinking is on the right path or maybe i could do things better.
Currently the setup that i manage includes and Sonic Wall (also dishes out dhcp), HP 1810 "Core Switch" and 3 SG 300-28P cisco managed switches. (all cisco switches tie back into the HP) The router is managed by the isp. There is only one vlan with all traffic going across it.
Obviously the glaring issue here is that voice and data all reside on the same vlan. Correct me if i am thinking incorrectly but the first step would be to create a separate vlan for the phones with its own IP scheme. currently phones are issued addresses from the 150-200 range and everything else is left for pc's, printers etc. To my knowledge the HP switch does layer 3 but i do not know much about it. There are vpn tunnels to remote offices that are used for sharepoint, email and to access other services. Trying to wrap my mind around the environment as a whole so i may be missing something obvious i could do design wise to improve.

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Hub Switch And Router Networking?

Feb 25, 2011

We are using D-Link DSS-16+ Ethernet Hub Switch and the broadband modem (1Mbps) is directly connected to the hub and it's currently working.Now we have a D-Link Ethernet Router DIR-100 (got it free when we bought the PCs) and an extra broadband modem (from the our home) and I was planning to add it in our shop. I will still be using our current network connection, but I was planning to add the router and that extra modem for the server. I want to use the modems separately; the first one for the 14 computers and the extra one for the server. how to config them?

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Networking :: Port Forward On 443 And SSL

Sep 25, 2011

On our LAN we have a SBS server and Level Platforms server and soon to be another Ticket Server all hosting an app runnin on 443. OWA, Service Center and Spiceworks Help Desk.

Each has it's own URL:

How can I forward Https to these servers? The one company said some Can port forward by URL another guy said you can forward to your internal dns

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Networking Router To Switch Connections?

Feb 21, 2011

I'm planning to build a home network total of 11 computers including a server the other 10 units as client..i have a wireless router with 4 ports & a 8 port switch,i have read it before that i can connect my switch to 1 of the ports of my router and it can use my internet connections. anyways i was wondering if i can still use the other ports of my router as i would like to connect my server directly to the router and not on the switch so that i will be able to connect all the 11 units on my network, and also control it through my server using a client software.

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Networking / Connect Switch To Router?

Jan 2, 2012

I want to connect switch to a router.tell me the connection of ports.

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Networking :: To Open Port In ISA 2006

Oct 2, 2011

How to open a port in ISA 2006, step by step?So for example, if you wanted to open port 22559 incoming from either anyone or a static IP, NAT'd to an internal IP, what would be the steps?The setup is SBS 2003 Premium edition, two NIC's, DSL on the external NIC with a static IP.

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Networking Limitations Of A Consumer-Grade Switch

Dec 24, 2011

So, using a standard off the shelf UNMANAGED gigabit switch (just a cheapie), I have a scenario that I need to know about before I go and buy a whole lot of equipment.Ok so let's start off and say it's a perfect world and the workstations connect at a full 100 Mb/s and the server connects at 1000 Mb/s.So I'm looking at having say, four or five workstations connected to the gigabit switch (at 100Mb/s) and also a gigabit connection from the switch to the server. In this scenario, taking into account everything I've said above, would each of the workstations get a full 100 Mb/s to the server, or would everything be limited to 100 Mb/s total? I could see potential for the server to only talk to one of the workstations at a time and only at 100 Mb/s, but hopefully all four could communicate to the server simultaneously.

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Networking :: Port Forwarding On Router WNDR4500

Apr 29, 2013

I have a netgear WNDR4500. What I want to do is stream video from my PC to my IPAD using a program I downloaded from the IOS Store. I simply cant seem to get the router to forward the port.

I will post 3 pics showing what I see on the router side and what the streaming program is asking erroring out. The program on my IPAD just errors out and does not see the PC at home at all.

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Networking :: Port Forward Through Bridge E3000

Aug 9, 2012

I recently switched from cable to DSL and had to ditch the modem for a q1000 qwest router/modem piece. I have this setup in transparent bridge mode and the network runs through a linksys e3000 running Tomato Firmware RAF1.28.9007 MIPSR2_RAF K26 USB VPN-NOCAT.

With my previous setup I had ports opened for some games just fine, but since the switch I can't see any ports to the outside world. I set the ports forward in the q1000 and the e3000 (didn't think the q1000 needed them, but did anyways), but not sure what to try from there.

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Networking :: Basic Vlan Stuff With FS726T Switch

Feb 13, 2011

Its just a basic question, I have a FS726T switch, and wanted to know how the clan thing should work.

Group A are ports 1-8
Group B are ports 9-16
Group C are ports 17-24

Internet is on port 26

I want each group seperate so 3 vlans... but does port 26 need to be in all 3 vlans for.them to receive internet? Is it possible to have 1 port in 3 vlans?

Would that keep them from seeing each other and still access the internet?

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Cisco Application Networking :: CSS 11500 Responds For Any Port

Dec 21, 2011

We have multiple CSS 11500 clusters.  We have found that on all of them, if you try to open a session on any port to an IP address on the backend of the CSS, the CSS will complete the SYN-ACK-ACK session with the client.  This happens regardless of whether there is something on that IP address or not.
Coming from any IP, if I try to telnet to ANY IP on the subnet (whether or not there is an actual server on that IP) on any port (whether or not that port is open or not), the CSS will complete the initial connection.  I have verified this using telnet to numerous ports and viewing the transaction in a packet capture.
Is there any way to shut this off?  This is causing some licensing issues for our security folks that use a vulnerability scanner licensed on number of IP addresses.

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PowerConnect 5448 Lost VLAN

Jul 14, 2011

I have a Dell PowerConnect 5448 and i had a separate VLAN setup for my iSCSI traffic. Now yesterday I was going to add a few more ports to this VLAN but when i went into the switch the VLAN was gone. I know it was configured and saved because a few weeks ago when I set it up, I went into the switch several times to adjust stuff. For some reason when it lost power it may have reverted back to default settings.

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Asus RT N16 - Would Fast Ethernet Switch Slow Down Gigabit Networking

Nov 4, 2011

I have setup an Asus RT n16 with 3 computers that support gigabit ethernet and a media server on one floor. On the other floor I have set up a fast ethernet switch (connected to my asus router) which is connected to several fast ethernet enabled computers.

Would the fast ethernet devices slow down the entire gigabit networking to 100mbps connections on my floor - similar to how a wireless n network running at 300mpbs must slow down to 54mbps when a wireless g device is connected to it?

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Home Network :: Powerconnect 2716 And Webserver

Dec 20, 2011

Im currently working on setting up a small network at home. I have a Dell 2716 and a dell 2650 server running windows server 2003. Ive already setup the dns and domain controller on my server. I have 3 desktops that will connect to the server. so far I have the following setup. ISP---> Dell 2716 --->dell 2650/ computers. I set the computers prefered dns to the servers ip. Im able to join the domain and log in but is there a better way to set it up. Also the server and computers are set to static ip.

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Dell :: Create VLANs For PowerConnect 6224?

Jan 13, 2013

I have just purchased Dell PowerConnect 6224? how can i create two VLANs (vlan 10 - 192.168.10.x/24 & vlan 20 - 192.168.20.x/24) that can communicate with each other without setting servers/workstation network gateway point to the vlan ip address?

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Dell PowerConnect 2716 - Can't Access Web Interface

May 22, 2011

I recently purchased a used 2716, and I just can't seem to access the web interface.i have a Cat5e cable running from my router to Port 1 of the switch. I have my laptop connected to Port 16 via a Cat6 cable.

I have internet access both on managed and unmanaged modes, so that's working just fine. I can't seem to access the web interface however. I've tried both IE9 and FF4.

I followed the instructions to hold down the "Managed Mode" button for 30 seconds, and then wait for the switch to reboot. I've done this a few times just to be sure. This should reset it, but when I try to access, it just tells me it cannot access this page.

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Home Network :: Multiple Router Networking Versus Adding A Switch?

Apr 22, 2011

on my home network I currently only run an Airlink101 AR675W router. We have a couple issues with this. The router for one is in my basement and there are points in my house that have low signal strength, especially upstairs in the far corners of the home. Second is I am currently running my home PC as a media center but it is set-up wirlessly so streaming is clunky and jittery. Also on this network is 3 X-box's wired, a PS3 running wirless, 2 PC's wired in, 2 wirless laptops and the afore mentioned wirless PC. A lot of weight for the network. What I want to do is move the router upstairs, hardwire it into my wireless PC (the one doing the streaming) and connect a second router (an identical make and model I am buying this weekend) downstairs which will be basically used as an "expansion" of the wirless and a switch for the hardwired devices downstairs. would this be better than simply moving the wirless router upstairs (hardwiring my PC) and putting a 5 or 8 port switch in downstairs for the X-box's and 2 wired PC's there?

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Networking :: Zywall USG200 Internet Connection If Modem And Switch Got Switched In

Nov 25, 2012

I got a retired Zyxel Zywall USG200 from work. Its working just subs ran out. Was thinking of putting it on my home network, any reason not to? I'm a sys admin, not network engineer, so while I'm capable I'm not an ace with this type of equipment.. Which is why I want to mess with it. I'm currently RTFM and it seems pretty straight forward. If it seems like a viable piece of equipment I'd like to use it full time.
How bad can I break the internets and subject myself to the wrath of my wife's downed internet connection =D if I plug it in between modem and the switch?

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Cisco WAN :: Compare WS-c2960s-24TS-s With PowerConnect 6224?

Feb 2, 2012

I need to compare a cisco ws-c2960s-24TS-s with a PowerConnect 6224, the scenario is to interconnect SAN ISCSI to 1G in RJ45.

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