Networking :: Wireless Networking On MT3707

Oct 23, 2011

I recently installed a very basic version of XP on my old laptop (Gateway MT3707).After hours of searching for the correct drivers, I found them, and installed them. After installing the correct drivers for wireless internet I was able to pull up the list and find my network on it.When double clicking on our wireless network it asks for a network key (also called WEP key or WPA key).Now we have a password for our network, but after an exhausting amount of tries that won't work. I not sure if that is what its looking for. In our apartment we run mac OSX, windows vista, etc., but usually the password for the network is satisfactory. I have never ran into this problem.I hate to be a noob, but I don't know where to go from here.

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Networking :: Fixing Networking With DIR-655

Mar 2, 2011

Having some serious problems on the networking front here at home. I have 3 PC's and 2 Xbox's that run constantly. Our Internet bandwidth is Insight's 50.0 which is 50Mb download speed 5Mb upload speed. The problem we're having is this. Ever since we upgraded from dual 20Mb lines on a Cisco RV042 to a 50Mb on a DIR-655 we've been having latency issues. I have everything turned off in the router. It's basically there to give out IP numbers and thats it. All security is handled from the PC's themselves. Bandwidth tests are fine, I sustain download speeds above 7MB/s using download managers. But pings are terrible. Xbox live is terrible, PC online gaming is terrible. is terrible. Only when behind routers. I've tried it behind 3 seperate routers. The DIR-655, the Belkin f5d8236 that insight provided me, and the cisco rv042 originally used for dual wan routing. all of which are met with serious failure.

If I plug directly in to the modem pings are fine. Add a router and pings go to shit.

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How To Add Mac With Wireless Home Networking

Apr 3, 2011

I have a home networking linksys wireless router and want to add my iBook laptop to this network thru the macs airport . I pcs are xp and vista. iBook is mac os

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Wireless Networking With Wds Router?

Feb 20, 2012

I am having my internet connection in my living room as my co ax is not in any other room. (timewarner internet). So since i cant have all servers and all in living room (wired machines), i want to move the whole setup to my lab room. I want to buy a wds supported wireless router in the bedroom and join it to my wifi of the home - the router will then output to the wired machines.

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PC USB Wireless Adapters Networking

Feb 20, 2013

PC USB Wireless Adapters Networking how can i tell if my computer has wireless capabilities

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Why Can't Find WEP Key For Wireless Networking

Aug 3, 2012

Why can't I find my WEP key for wireless networking

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Belkin Wireless Networking Utility

Jun 7, 2011

My Dell Dimension 3100 (XP) connects to my BT Home Hub wireless router using a Belkin 54mbps G USB wireless adapter. My computer had a virus so I ran Avast virus scanner and repaired or removed any infected files. Now the program doesn't start automatically like it used to and when I try to open it i get an error message saying "Unable to locate files: C Program Files BelkinF5D7050v3rdcm2k.dll". I also have the disk for this but when I try to run it it says "An error occurred while defining the dialogue box." I also get this message when I try to uninstall or change it.

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Wireless Networking And Access Point

Jan 17, 2011

Wireless networking and access point. I setup a wireless network at a hotel with a net gear router n, three access points, and three repeaters. For some reason; one the access point keep losing the default gateway address. Or it could be all three access point could be losing the default address. I turn off the router and pull the power from all the access point. Then turn the router on and plug the power back into the access point. The default address is back and network working great. I try to find out why the default address keeps missing from the access point. The router is new.

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Adding Wireless Networking To A Router?

Jul 14, 2011

I`m trying to set up a relative`s Internet up so that it is wireless; currently the router takes signal from cable, not phone, is wired only, and has just one ethernet port. I know the number of ports can easily be expanded using a switch, but is it possible to buy a piece of hardware which could be plugged into the router to broadcast a wireless signal as well? I have looked quite thoroughly for anything that could do this but I`m pretty new to networking

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Access Cd Rom Of Another System In Wireless Networking?

Feb 28, 2012

How can i access a cd rom from another machine in a wireless network while both machine using ubuntu linux

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Wireless Networking?

Aug 24, 2012

I recently swapped in a ssd for this laptop.  I reinstalled windows Vista Home Pre and the drivers using the disks that originally came with the laptop.  Things basically work.  But I no longer seem to have a wireless adapter.  Now, I'm pretty sure that swapping a hd and reinstalling software doesn't make a piece of hardware disappear.  But I am at a loss.  I loaded all the drivers.  When I go to the network and share center, the window says there are not networks available.  When I click on diagnose and repair, it tells me to install the wireless hardware.

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Networking :: Best Wireless Adapter Or Antenna For DWA-547

Mar 22, 2011

I have a DWA-547 wireless adapter in my PC and only get 1 to 2 bars....I was thinking about getting another wireless adapter or getting wireless antennas to boost the signal if it works?

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Dell :: XPS 15 L502X Wireless Networking

Jun 19, 2011

I just got an XPS 15 (L502X). It comes with the McAfee internet security suite. I tries to connect my other laptop wireless to my XPS 15 through the Intel My WiFi Technology access point option so that i could share my LAN internet connection. Whilst the other laptop connects wireless with the XPS 15. The internet connection sharing only works when i disable the McAfee firewall. How to configure the firewall.

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Wireless :: Doing Research On What Is New In The Social Networking Sites

Jan 22, 2012

i am conducting my research about the social networking sites. so i want to know that how which is using for the student for gather the knowledge through this SNTs.

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D-Link DIR-601 / Multiple Connections With Wireless LAN Without Networking?

Nov 9, 2011

what I want to do is setup a Tablet for use and share my one Internet connection with it and my desktop. I do not want the desktop and the Tablet networked with each other. there is a Tablet on Newegg: Velocity Micro Cruz Reader R103. the details say it's communication is 802.11b/g Wireless LAN. so I copy and paste that on Newegg and get: D-Link DIR-601 Wireless Broadband Router. not sure if that's what i need or what the configuration would be but I kind of know how to set it question is can I connect a Desktop and a Tablet or any PC device to a router like this with out networking the individual units with each other? just to where it serves as more a splitter. is there any wireless alternatives to only "split" the Internet connection and not network the desktop and Tablet?

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802.11n USB Wireless USB Networking Adapter Keeps Dropping Connection?

Nov 4, 2012

I have an 802.11n USB Wireless Lan card on a desktop with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. Whenever im searching the web, say i go to NFL.Com to check my fantasy squad, the pages wont load, and i see my connection has been dropped, now every time i click on the signal bars on the bottom right hand corner, it says no connection, but after about 2 seconds of clicking on it, it connects again. So in order for me to get my connection back, i have to click on my signal bar to get it back, which is ridiculous. I have other computers in my home, all of which do not have this problem, so its definitely something in my desktop, i also have about 3 wireless adapters i've tested it on, all of which do the exact same thing on my desktop only. I've also went to power management under configuration for my USB adapter and turned off the ''Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'', it still drops my connection every 3-5 minutes.

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Wireless Home Networking / File Sharing

Jun 18, 2011

Both computers run xp. Desktop is had wired to router, laptop is wireless.If router is password protected, is the work group I created safe as well?

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Satellite C855D-S5351 Wireless Networking?

Feb 8, 2013

I have a Satellite C855D-S5351 and it came with windows 8. I hated it and installed windows 7 over it and now I cant get the wireless driver working. I went to there driver website and downloaded the wifi driver for the computer but it says doesn't support your operating system..... O_O I open the files that came with the driver and saw some windows 7 stuff so idk

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Wireless Networking Tab Is Missing In Connection Properties

Oct 4, 2012

In windows 7 the wireless network tab in the properties of wireless network connection is missing? But I can give the ip address, subnetmask, gateway and DNS etc.,? How can i enable the 'wireless network tab'?

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Home Networking - Adding New Wireless Router?

Mar 23, 2012

Home Networking: I would like to add an 802.11n wireless router to an existing Verizon FiOS modem/router. I've read numerous How To articles, but frankly am still uncertain of the best approach. Also, as an aside, would you recommend a single or dual band wireless router? I will have one laptop with a special Centrino Wireless LAN card (3x3).

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WNDR3700 USB Vs Mini-PCI Express Wireless Networking

Mar 13, 2011

I've got an older desktop that needs a dual band upgrade and would like to know if a PCIe adapter w/ external antennas for desktop wireless is better/faster than the USB variety? They cost about the same. The router is a dual band WNDR3700 v1.

I've heard salespeople at retailers say, for desktop, go w/ the USB as they offer better performance than PCIe adapters even w/ external antennas... Does anyone know if the extra noise within the desktop case kills whatever benefits that the extra power and external antennas that a PCIe card has over a USB adapter?

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Networking :: Wireless Network So Unstable With NSA 2400

Aug 21, 2012

Before I put in place any network security appliance POC, my wireless network worked fine.Note: ethernet works fine all the time and confirm my internet is okay too. Just wireless.

First time, I got Palo Alto vendor to setup POC. It screwed up my wireless. We removed on 1st day itself and re-configured everything all over again.Now before holiday break, Sonicwall vendor setup POC for us. It worked fine though for 1 week and now the wireless gone crazy again.

3 bars, 2 bars, 5 bars, sometimes no bar.Then when there's POC, my guest wireless network will dead too.

I can't figure out the problem and what's causing such instability?If I understand correctly, this is how my network works:-

sonicwall nsa 2400 (router
cisco linksys wireless (before sonicwall, we used this as router. Now used as wireless access point).
tp-link 48-Port 10/100Mbps + 4-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch

is there anything in particular I should take note about? or any tools to analyze my wireless network problems?

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Networking :: Wireless Slow - 802.11g Works Well With D-Link N 300

Nov 17, 2011

I recently changed internet provider and rented a D-Link N 300 Router. On most days everything works well. However on some days the internet connection on my new laptop that has Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 network adapter get really terrible (usually on Friday and Saturday). At first I thought that the problem was with provider, but now I find out that my old laptop that does not support 802.11n (only 802.11g) has excellent internet connection (at the same time when the new laptop struggles).

How can I troubleshoot what is causing this problem - the laptop network adapter or the router? Is there some setting for network adapter to force using 802.11g?

My laptop is running Windows 7, if that matters.

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Connecting Wireless Networking Tablet To Wired Network?

Jan 4, 2013

I have an application where it would be useful to use a windows tablet PC. However there is no wireless network available and so the tablet has to plug into a wall data point.

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Dell :: Linksys WPC54G - Wireless Networking On Windows 98

Apr 10, 2012

have a Dell laptop running Windows 98 on it and I'm trying to get a Linksys WPC54G ver. 4 PCMCIA adapter working on it. I finally got the adapter installed along with its device drivers and other required software such as IE6 and I have it connected to the router in my house. The only problem is, the card shows a connection between the card and the router but a broken connection between the router and the internet. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this considering all of the other wireless devices in our home (iPods, laptops, phone, tablets etc) connect to it which makes me think I have to designate (I'm no good at networking) an IP address or DNS like you would be able to on WinXP, Vista, or 7.I had a friend come over and he was looking through the admin settings on the router and said that it only supports WEP encryption, not WPA. The router is the standard router that Verizon gave us when they came in to install FIOS. The card says it supports WEP and WPA (Radius and PSK whatever that means) and I have it set to WEP and entered the password but I can't seem to get it connected to the internet. Would it work if I bought a new router or is there some kind of thing I need to punch into the Internet Protocol properties like you would on later OS'?

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Networking :: D-Link DIR-636L Wireless Drops Periodically

Jun 17, 2013

Just a few days ago, my router started acting up. We have several laptops and phones all connected fine, then I will suddenly lose internet access. The windows 7 networking icon is showing me connected but no internet access, however, I can't even connect to the router ip address over wifi. If I use a wired ethernet connection, then everything still works. If I power cycle the router, then everything will work for an hour or two before it drops the wifi connection again. When the wifi goes down, all computers can see the network, but none can connect to it. From windows 7, it just times out.

What could be causing this problem, and steps can I take to troubleshoot this kind of problem?

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Download Sony Vaio Driver For Windows 7 Wireless Networking?

Jan 17, 2012

How i can download Sony vaio driver for win7 for wireless networking for sony vaio VPCEA31FX

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HP Pavilion Dv9000 Windows Vista Wireless Networking Hardware?

Mar 24, 2011

i own a HP Pavilion dv9000 windows vista operating system and just a couple of days ago i was able to connect to wireless connections that were in range. The WLAN switch would always turn blue when i turned it on but yesterday morning when i turned on the switch the blue light was now orange and its been like that since? So i clicked to diagnose the problem and it said "Install wireless networking hardware!"

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT610N - Guest Networking Features?

Mar 3, 2009

Do any of Linksys routers have the recently popular guest network access feature where you can create a password protected or no password secondary network that provides internet-only access to guests and prevents them from accessing your main network (computers, printers, HDDs etc?). Does Linksys's highest end WRT610N have a similar feature that works slightly differently but does the same thing?

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: TL-WR702N - Networking Without Available Adsl Line?

Feb 14, 2013

Region : Argentina
Model : TL-WR740N
Hardware Version : V4.20.0
Firmware Version :

Region : UnitedKingdom
Model : TL-WR702N
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : ?
ISP : Manx net

Within a property without an available adsl line I'm simply trying to network a wireless laptop with a wireless printer. Both devices recognise the router, etc, but problem sending file for printing to the printer. (laptop does not detect printer). Is the lack of an internet connection the issue or simply a configuration issue?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 - How To Install Wireless Networking Hardware

Oct 8, 2012

I'm using a dell Inspiron 1545 with windows vista home premium x64 bit. I recently had to reinstall the operating system due to some severe problems, and ever since, when I try to connect to a network it says "windows could not find any networks", so I hit diagnose, and it said that no wireless networking hardware is installed and configured on my computer.

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Netgear Ma401 Pcmcia Card - Wireless Networking Unable To Connect

May 9, 2011

I have two Dell latitude xpi computers that I am trying to get to the internet. Both work well except for making the connection to the internet. The w95 computer is using version 4.0a. I am using a Netgear ma401 pcmcia card. When looking at the the signal strenght it says excellent and everything seems go until you click IE icon (5.5). I comes back stating that it could not connect. The same is true for the w98SE machine. Same wifi card and same results. The card is good and the computer is good, but I have not set something correctly.

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Cabling / Cards :: Lenovo B575 Can't Find Networking Wireless Card

Sep 11, 2012

I recently performed a windows 7 update and when I opened my computer the next morning, the wifi wouldn't work. All the other computers in the house work, but this one. The switch is turned on, have checked device manager and NOTHING is listed there. The green light won't even come on when the switch is activated. I am not computer literate, but have resorted to everything except cleaning the system and rebooting. I am currently using a usb wifi adapter?

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