Subnetting - How To Calculate Network Address

Jan 11, 2012

Given the IP address of and the network mask of answer the following:

What is the network address?

What is the broadcast address?

What is the valid host IP range?

What I have done so far:

Part 1 - Broadcast address - 10101100.00010000.00001010.00010110 - 11111111.11111111.11111111.11110000

Researching different ways to find the Broadcast address I took the binary IP address and replaced all numbers with 1's for the host bits identified in the subnet mask and came up with: - 10101100.00010000.00001010.00011111

Is that the correct Broadcast address?

Part 2 - Network address

I am not sure what is meant by the network address and all my research has come up with either MAC addresses (obviously wrong) or CIDR notation...How do I calculate the network address?

Part 3 - List of valid IP's

Using the same address I did the following:

28 is closest to 32 (block wise) so 32 - 28 = 4... 2 ^ 4 = 16 (block size)

IP address listing:
and so on...

The IP address in question is and falls in the - block...

Is this the correct list of valid IPs?

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Subnetting A Class C Ip Address?

Dec 13, 2011

I am looking a old exercise I did last year about subnetting and I am wondering if is possible to subnet: /22

I wrote down, last year, that:

16 bit are assigned to network
6 to subnet
10 to hosts

when actually I see a class C ip address with 10 bit assigned to hosts. So, how many bit do I have for network, subnet and hosts?

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Protocols / Routing :: How To Calculate Broadcast Address

Apr 27, 2012

How can know the Broadcast address before subnetting? I know how to calculate the broadcast address , but don't understand 'Broadcast address before subnetting'?

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Home Network :: Subnetting A Single Static Ip?

Jun 18, 2012

I am in the process of acquiring a static ip address from my isp time Warner. I only want to pay for a single static, but I have a number of machines I want to put on the internet, a web server and a e-mail-server. Using a cisco router, a Cisco Rv 120w. Can I assign the static ip address my isp gave me to the Rv 120w and then crate a vlan to assign addresses to various computers. Or is this something my ISP does. I get the impression from the tech guy at Time Warner that this is something they do.

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Networking :: Subnetting Network DGND3700 For Increasing Performance

Apr 10, 2012

I wanna subnet my Network to increased performanced but im alil confused hereWhen looking at my ROUTER STATUS this is what i have.

gateway ip XX.XX.X.X
ip address

Which one of this ip addresses do i have to subbnet?,my router is a ,NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router DGND3700 Wireless router - 4-port switch (integrated) - EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n.

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How To Calculate Network Convergence Time In OSPF

Feb 2, 2012

I want to measure the the ospf convergence time on the given network topology (assume 5 nodes - partial mesh topology).I am using quagga software as routing software on linux box. Quagga is runnign fine and network is converged, able to see all the routes.. Quagga software is logging all the osfp information includign packets,state machines,etc.I am going to disconnect a link between node a to node b. and i want to measure the convergence time of the network.What is the network convergence time?My answer is, The time taken to reflect the topology change (link down/up, network condition change) to all the routers on the topology.Some routers(close by routers to the topology change) will get converged fast, and some routers(far away from the topology change) will have the higher convergence time. we have to take the highest convergence time of the router on the topology and we can says thats the ospf network convergence time.

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Understanding Subnetting And Classes?

Dec 8, 2012

I am currently trying to understand Subnetting via CCNA. My progress is going well,I understand the class below:

Class A 0-127 Max IP 2^24 = 16777216
Class B 128-191 Max IP 2^16 = 65536
Class C 192-223 Max IP 2^8 = 256

However I have seen an example from an ip calculator website, and noticed this :

Address: 11000000.10101000 .00000001.00000000
Netmask: = 16 11111111.11111111 .00000000.00000000
Wildcard: 00000000.00000000 .11111111.11111111
Network: 11000000.10101000 .00000000.00000000 (Class C) - I would have thought this would have been Class B?
Broadcast: 11000000.10101000 .11111111.11111111
HostMin: 11000000.10101000 .00000000.00000001
HostMax: 11000000.10101000 .11111111.11111110
Hosts/Net: 65534 (Private Internet)

Is this an invalid IP/masks as the max hosts is 65534 (which should be class B?). If so shouldnt the IP address range from 128-191- eg 172.16 (I know that CIDR is the amount of 1's. ).What calculates the class is it the netmask or the range of the first octet?

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How To Calculate The Cpu Utilization

Nov 28, 2011

how do i know someone is connected to my wireless

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Cisco :: Subnetting Directly Connected Networks?

Feb 29, 2012

Why isn't it possible to make following configuration:

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Cisco :: Subnetting According To Number Of Hosts VLSM

Jun 1, 2011

you can subnet to meet the number of networks required, or you can subnet to meet the number of hosts required. In which circumstances would you use either one? or are they both the same? am kinda confused.Is subnetting according to the number of hosts VLSM? and subnetting according to the number of networks required is not VLSM subnetting? Also I'm on CCNA 1 chapter 6, if the other CCNA 2, 3 and 4 has chapters explaining subnetting better cos It's totally confusing me atm.Also, is my understanding correct, when a company wants a LAN made, a network designer see's how many hosts they require in each of their LANS and then chooses an appropriate address class and subnets it? and to connect the LAN to the internet he implements NAT on the router that connects to the internet, and that router translates the internal addressing scheme that was created into a public registered IP address from an ISP? Also does he just make the address up? for example if he decides to use class C, he just picks any random number in the class C range and subnets it?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Subnetting On ASA 5505

Apr 5, 2012

we currently use the ASA 5505 router. We would like to create another subnet inside our LAN because we are running out of IP addresses.
current subnet info:
we want to make another subnet, which we plan to use for all our network printers for now( other use in the future) PCs at 10.1.1.X will be able to print on the new subnet. the new subnet will be able to connect to the internet.
What's the best options we can do for the subneting? how can we configure the router? is possible to set another DHCP on the new subnet. we currently have one DHCP on the 10.1.1.X

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How To Calculate CIDR Notation

Aug 7, 2012

I'm having some issues calculating CIDR notation, I'm just not able to get a solid grasp on it. [URL] but I'm not seeing how to calculate it. how to calculate it?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 106001 Error Most Likely Due To Interface Subnetting

Sep 16, 2012

I have a slew of 106001 messages coming into ASA log, from the outside interface. it appears like most of them are for standard traffic, such as TCP 80/443. i suspect these messages are from clients on the inside who have initiated connections to the internet, but then the client abruptly terminates application of something similar. Server side finally issues a close connection, reset or something else. Here is an example, with the ASA address being (changed to protect the innocent ).
Another theory is that the NAT ip for clients is different than the actual interface IP, so that is behaving differently. For example, once the xlate times out, the IP used for the xlate is no longer active and any return packets to the interface would also error out - be refused. If the xlate was using the interface IP, that it would always respond in some way?
I can bump 106001 down to notification (5) or informational (6) level.

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Calculate Valid Addresses For Hosts?

Feb 23, 2011

for network what is the first usable host IP address in decimal? What is the last usable host IP address in decimal?

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Cisco :: How To Calculate Fragmented Packets

Jun 5, 2011

An IP packet of size 1500 bytes passes through two network segments before it reaches its destination. The header size of this packet is 20 bytes. The maximum size of an IP packet in the first intermediate network (its MTU) is 1024 bytes, and that in the second network is 576 bytes.Explain how the IP packet described above would be fragmented into smaller parts in a router, paying particular attention to the flag bits and to the fragment offset field in the header.

- Fragmentation and reassembly needs to break a data-gram into an almost random number of pieces that later can reassembled.
- It uses the identification field to ensure that fragments of different datagrams are not mixed.
- IP packet of 1500 bytes comprises 1480 bytes of data and a 20-byte header.
- In the first intermediate network, the packet size of 1024 bytes allows for 1000 bytes of data plus a 20-byte IP

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Calculate Aggregate Bandwidth Of MPLS Link?

Jul 22, 2011

How to calculate aggregate bandwidth of MPLS link. Is there any tool available for the same.

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Cisco :: Calculate Subnet Mask For Router?

Jul 13, 2012

I want to calculate Subnet Mask for 3 Router Each one in separate building the First building need 60 host and the second building 25 host and the last one 25 host .

Knowing that the company currently reserved public class C network address for internal address and subnet for the connection to the Internet router.

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Cisco WAN :: 7206 / 2850 - Calculate Bandwidth Between 2 Routers

Feb 7, 2011

I need to know exactly how much bandwidth my service provider is giving me throught an MPLS network. My providers tells me that I am capped at 5 mbps with 4 T1 circuits but I believe that I am receiving 6 mbps.
I have a remote site in Dallas with a 2850 and another site as a head end in Michiagan which is a 7206 router.
What exactly can I do during non-business to test to see what the bandwidth is between the 2 locations?  Is there some type of command that I can run on the router to test this?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: C2960S How To Calculate Buffer Allocation Needed

Jan 2, 2011

I need to configure these qos settings in a C2960S. [code]How I calculate the buffer allocation needed? [code]

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 WAN IP Address Cannot Be Same Subnet As Guest Network IP Address

Jul 16, 2011

I switched from Time Capsule with AirPort to E2000 and have a problem with configuration.I use the same IPs as in AirPort and E2000 gives me an error:"The WAN IP address cannot be the same subnet as the Guest Network IP address" and I can't save configuration.But in my opinion they are different.I use "Static IP" option and I have IPs from my ISP: [code] So WAN IP is different subnet as LAN and I don't know what to do now. It worked with these settings in AirPort and here I can't proceed.

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Uninstalled Network Adapters As Laptop Was Acquiring Network Address?

May 20, 2012

... and made a fundamental mistake of uninstalling adapters hastily without looking into it. Now when I try to re-install the adapters, I'm running into difficulties. Specifically, I don't have the CD-ROM I originally must have used, and the following message is popping up: "Files Needed - The file 'atl02_2k.sys' on Atlansic Fast Ethernet Adapter Installation Disk is needed. Type the path where the file is located and then click OK." Unfortunately, I don't have any idea if there is a path where this is located, so installation cannot complete.

The reason I took this option to begin with was that the wireless connection on my laptop [Asus, Windows XP] was acquiring network address without ever connecting fully to the internet. I had previously tried another of other methods, such as manually entering an IP address, to no avail.

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Wireless Network Stuck On Acquiring Network Address And Cannot Renew IP

Jul 5, 2011

A few days ago the internet on my desktop was working fine. now it has the 'limited or no connectivity' sign on it and i have done a few things to try and fix this. I started by trying a simple repair. it comes up with 'the following action can not be completed: Renewing your IP address' This lead me to try and restart my PC and router with no luck.

I then decided to look a bit further into it and went ito CMD and flushed the DNS. i then did 'ipconfig /release' which generated the response 'IP address for adapter wireless connection 9 has allready been released'. I then did 'ipconfig /renew' to which it generated an interestin response:

'An error occurred while renewing interface wireless network connection 9 : The RPC server is unavailable'

I have made sure my DNS client is on automatic, alont with my RPC (this was uneditable). Its not a router problem as i have had multiple devices connected before and my laptop is working just fine connecting wirelessly.

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Home Network :: IP Address With Unrestricted Browsing In Network

Oct 9, 2012

Well I went to command prompt and typed command ipconfig /all and saw the ip address my system was configured to. Dunno why, but I manually set that ip address in my IPv4 internet settings and got access in my hostel. Now suddenly the access is gone. What should I say, the ip address that I set my laptop to has been shut down ? It doesnt work any more? How do I get another IP address like that which gives me no restricted browsing? What does the admin do in the laptop that suddenly it gets unrestricted browsing privileges?

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Cannot See IP Address On Network

Feb 6, 2012

I have a network using static IP's on which are 1) Ricoh printer IP address on router, 2)Toshiba Laptop XP Pro 3) Desktop PC Win XP Pro, 4) HP Laptop Win 7.

With ONE exception, all devices can see each other - shared folders are visible and able to be be modified - and I can ping IP's / print to the printer. The Toshiba CANNOT see the printer, cannot ping the printer IP. It can ping the other laptop and the pc and they can see & ping the Toshiba.

I can install the printer to the Toshiba and it 'knows' the IP address to connect using a standard TCP/IP port that is installed in Printer ports. The printer installs fine and I ca nsend print jobs to the printer but they do not print. Eventually an error message comes up saying the job was not sent to the printer.

The work group is Workgroup on all 3 computers. (Cannot set a workgroup on printer).

I have done everything I can think of but I simply cannot get the Toshiba to see the IP address & port. THe subnet & gateway are the same on all devices and the IP's are all in the same 'set' (xx.y.y.12 = printer, xx.y.y.15 = Toshiba, xx.y.y.14 = Desktop, xx.y.y.9 = HP)

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Acquiring Network Address

Dec 13, 2011

my daughter accessed a website and got the XP Security 2012 virus on her laptop. Then she went on my pc and did the same thing. Fortunately, it appears that I have gotten both systems cleaned up. At this point my system seems to be fully functional, but her laptop is another story. It is working ok, except that we cannot connect to the internet/network with it. It seems to be stuck on the "acquiring network address" loop. I am not super computer savvy, but I have looked at the device manager for issues (found none).

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Wireless Network No Ip Address?

Mar 3, 2012

DSL Line wall jack---> Westell 6100 DSL Modem -- Ethernet cable ----> (Intenet plug) CISCO WRT54GS2 Wireless Router --- Ethernet Cable (Devices plug)--> to Dell Desktop PC Windows XP *SP3I am merely just trying to setup the wireless network. Then I can reconnect the devices.have rebooted the computer, then the dsl modem, then the wireless router.. go to nothing. Go to ipconfig /all No IP Addresses at all just the MAC address.When I had this hooked up before I had changed it from WPA to WEP for my son to access his 3ds, then back and forth to get the WII and my laptop, printer working.. I also had setup the wireless network on my laptop itself and left the pc out of the loop (no wireless card on the desktop)

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Cannot Ping LAN Ip Address Of Same Network

Aug 13, 2011

My lan ip address is and when I try to ping it comes "request time out".but I went and check, it's up and working. I can ping other ip addresses though.

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Get Hostname Name From MAC Address Of Any PC On Network?

May 2, 2012

how to get the Computer name of any computer on the Network by using its MAC Address. I am really in need of it

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Another User On Network Has Same IP Address?

Oct 30, 2012

I am having an issue with connecting to the internet on my laptop. I have never had this problem before and after google-ing it, it appears that a lot of other people have the same issue. I had a message pop up that said something along the lines of 'another user on your network has the same ip address as your computer.' I lsot my connection, but was then able to re-connect. However, now I am permanently disconnected from the internet. I have reset my wireless adapter and that hasn't worked. I'm currently using my mum's computer and her internet is working fine.

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Hack A Network Using Its Mac Address?

Dec 30, 2012

ive been looking for a way to hack a network weather wifi or lan using the network mac address

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Does MAC Address Go Across Network With VMware?

Aug 9, 2011

If I have linux or another machine inside of a VM and I perform tasks across the network, does any of the packets ever expose my hardware MAC address?

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Changing IP Address In Static Network?

Jul 11, 2011

I am connected to a static ip network. This network sets local ips to connected computers but general ip is the same: static ip of network. When i go to "whatismyipaddress", I can see this static ip. I want to change my ip address. I have no chance to use proxy server or router connection. Is there a way to change my ip address? (Because some sites ban ip address, ex:rapidshare etc. and I need to change my ip)

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Way To Find IP Address And Hosts In The Network

May 23, 2012

Do you have any suggest for network scanning software?Something who can find IP address and hosts in the network?

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