External Adapter Can Connect To Wifi But Laptop Can't

May 4, 2012

I've been having a problem with my wifi for a month or so. I used to connect well to my wifi, but then one day my laptop just can't connect to it anymore. It says "windows was unable to connect to" or something similar to that.But what's strange is, I have an external wifi adapter (Tenda 802.11n, it looks like an USB flash drive). I use this adapter to connect to Wifi with the very same password, and it can connect perfectly. Signal strength is around the same level.I tried using windows troubleshooter, didn't work. I borrowed my friend's laptop (which is very modern, and have windows 7 - mine has windows XP), but the same problem exists: the laptop can't connect, but the adapter can.I also tried to export the wifi settings to an USB flash drive (using windows 7's function), and installed it on the laptops. Didn't work. [code]

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Edimax 7811-nu Adapter - Cannot Connect SSH From External IP

May 26, 2013

I'm trying to set up a personal ssh server on Lubuntu 13.04, but I've been having a few problems.

So far i've accomplished this:

I can connect locally, through my internal IP address, I can ping myself through my external IP address through an external internet source(Mobile phone hotspot + Different computer)I have a free dynDNS running, so that I don't have to type my external IP address.It works (if i connect to that IP locally, it forwards to my router)I set up port forwarding in my router, temporarily disabled my personal and the router's firewall too.

The problem I have is that I cannot connect through ssh from a different computer outside my network: The usual response that I get is "Error.. [etc] No route to Host".

I tried using the 'canyouseeme.org' service, and the response is the same.

I use an Internet Service Provider called iiNet, and apparently they have some per-account port blocking features, which I have also disabled from their site.I am running short on resources. DMZ does not work either, default port (22) does not work, custom port does not work either (9222, 9512 or 12222).

So I'm guessing it's either a router fault, or a fault on the ISP's customer-level firewall.


I'm connected using a Edimax 7811-nu adapter (Default driver doesn't work, had to install a fixed one)

I'm using a BoBlite Router and the firmware version is BoBLite1500.

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Add Wifi Adapter To My Laptop If Internal Is Bad

Nov 26, 2011

The wifi card in my laptop may be bad. I can find a network but cannot connect. It says that signal lost, but source is in same room and works with other laptops. Can I just add a external USB WiFi adapter to bypass my internal one?

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Dell 15r Laptop - Physical Wifi Adapter Is Not Installed

Sep 8, 2012

I'm using dell 15r laptop and intel wifi Proset (win7 32bit), it works fine most of the time. But today i have one issue with it, i received a bubble message at the taskbar saying that "a physical wifi adapter is not installed", when i opened device manager there was no network adapter showing in there, i also tried to reinstall the driver but it's still didn't work.

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Connect Laptop To 360 - Use It As Wireless Adapter

Nov 9, 2011

i am trying to connect my laptop to my 360 and use it as a wireless adapter. i cannot for some reason do it it tried to bridge but wireless network goes away when the bridge is created.

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AR5B97 Adapter - Can't Connect To Wi-Fi Network With Laptop

Jun 26, 2012

I can connect with my phone and use the browser as usual. On my laptop it won't connect when using windows 7 while in ubuntu it will connect, but with no internet.

How can I get internet on my laptop ? It's a public wifi hotspot. I can connect with no issues at home.

My network adapter is: Atheros AR5B97. And my phone is an iPhone 3G.

The wizard's of no use since it asks me to check the router, which I can't since it's a public hostspot.

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Wifi Adapter Won't Connect To Network

Jan 17, 2013

So I just got this[URL] Etekcity 1000mW 802.11 B/G Long range High Power USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter with 6dBi Antenna RTL8187L Chipset: Computers & Accessories[/url] I installed the driver on my windows XP then restart the computer.. However, when I try connnecting to my network the first thing it does is start connecting... it dosnt ask for the password. After attempting to connect, nothing happens. So, I set up my own network, type in the SSID and type in the password and its confirmation. It still wont connect I tried re-installing and repairing and nothing will happen..So I test it on my macbook pro and everything works fine.PS my windows XP cannot get internet at all so I cant download anything nor do I have a USB?

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Tp-link Adapter - Cannot Connect To Wifi Although Connections Available

Dec 11, 2011

I have been using a TP-Link wifi adapter for last two months, It worked flawlessly till a couple of days ago. It just so happened that i turned on my computer and even though the wifi connections were available, when trying to connect this message keeps showing up " Windows was unable to connect to UoC WiFi". I have tried everything from making a new wifi connection to changing usb-ports

FYI I use the same wifi connection on my netbook and android, and they are working fine, so it's definitely not a problem with the ISP.


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Using A Msi Us60se Network Adapter To Connect To Wifi?

Feb 17, 2013

I am using an OLD dell tower running XP pro. I am using a MSI US60SE network adapter to connect to my Wifi.It connects fine, but every 30 mins or so it loses connection & I have to go to "Change order of preferred Network" to click it again and it connects.

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Connect Pc To Mobile Phone Through Wifi Adapter

Dec 22, 2012

i would like to use the internet (unlimited data) from my mobile phone to a PC wirelessly. what do i need to have.

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Wireless G Usb Adapter Cannot Connect To Wifi Router?

Jul 24, 2012

I just changed my wifi modem and now I have a problem to connect my wireless g usb adapter on my PC to wifi. This wifi modem has a password. how to setup the network connection.

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Alfa Awuso36h - Hp Tx2000 Laptop Won't Connect To Wireless Internet Through Adapter?

Oct 6, 2011

ok here it goes. I have a hp tx2000 laptop using vista with a alfa awuso36h usb adapter to connect to the internet. Ok heres the problem i was using this setup to connect to my neighbores wireless internet with no problems for about 2 weeks(yes they know and are fine with me using it). But within the past week (actually all of a sudden it wont work) my program that came with the adapter shows alot of networks with full signals but when i connect to any of them it shows connected but wont actually bring up the internet. When i click on i.e. It says i.e. Cannot display the webpage. And if it actually does take me to google it will disconnect for no reason and reconnect to a random network thats available. my neighbors connection i was using just all of a sudden quit working and if i try to connect to it , it says cannot connect to frontier87. Also the other networks that show up sometimes will say the settings saved on this computer for this network dont match the requirements of the network, but sometimes the same network will connect but wont actually bring up the internet. I guess i just want to know what has changed to make me not be able to use a network that worked fine for me last week.

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Network Adapter Missing - Can't Connect With Wifi At Home For Sharing

Jul 28, 2012

Network adapter missing - Can't connect with Wi-Fi at home for sharing

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Acer Aspire X3950 Desktop Windows 7 Unable To Connect Wifi Adapter

Mar 26, 2013

I have an Acer Aspire X3950 desktop, I am running Win7 and have tried two different wifi adapters and they install but they will not connect. It is almost as if my computer itself is blocking the adapter.I spoke to an On Networks rep for over two hours and he tried everything from reinstalling to rebooting and tried three different drivers. He was from a different country and when I told him what the troubleshooter said he would not deviate from the script they give them 2 hours and he was not even close. It saw the device but it wouldn't even blink.Acers website nor customer service will assist me because my warranty is expired. They want me to send the computer back but I have a feeling it is an easy fix I just don't know enough about computers to say oh just uncheckmark this box.I know in the past I used wifi but switched to an ethernet cable.

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Tp-link Tl-wn723 Wifi Adapter Doesn't Connect To Edimax Br62-04wg Router

Mar 9, 2013

I have a TP-Link TL-WN723 USB WiFi adapter attached to my laptop, which runs WinXP Service Pack 3. It successfully detdcts the WiFi provided by my Edimax BR62-04Wg router, but when I try to connect, it cannot obtain an IP address and cannot connect to the network.

- The very same WiFi adapter can connect to other routers without any problem
- Any other device can connect to the very same network provided by my router without any problem
- Using the WiFi adapter with other computers does not work

Thus, it seems that the problem is somewhere between this specific router and WiFi adapter. Here is an interesting detail though:If I try connecting to my WiFi while a LAN cable from the router is plugged into my computer, the wireless connection establishes too. Even if I later unplug the LAN cable, the wireless connection continues to work. But it won't establish the connection without the cable plugged in.Here's what I've already know/tried:

- Rebooting the PC
- Re-installing the WiFi adapter's drivers
- All drivers and firmwares are the newest available
- Re-starting and reconfiguring the router
- Using the Windows client for wireless networking and the client included on the WiFi adapter's CD
- Changing the router's connection type to any available option: Access Point, Station Ad-hoc, AP Bridge WDS

None of these had any effect except for one:

- When I changed the router's connection type to Station Ad-hoc, I could connect wirelessly even without the LAN cable plugged in, and I had Internet access. However, in this case, other devices, such as smartphones could not detect the WiFi connection.

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External Antennas For Wireless Adapter?

Sep 22, 2011

My desktop PC which has an Asus PCE-N13 Wireless Adapter with two stock SMA antennas receives a very poor signal due to the significant distance between my desktop and the router.In order to improve my signal strength, I thought about buying better 3rd party antennas and specifically external ones which I could place closer to the router that connect to the SMA connections on my wireless adapter via a wire. There's many of these antennas for sale I see, but I'm unsure which is best suited for my situation.

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Laptop Won't Connect To Wifi

Mar 26, 2013

My wifi was installed about two weeks ago and up until now its been fine. My ipod connects to the wifi just fine while my laptop acts as if it is non existent.

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Old Laptop Won't Connect To Wifi?

Sep 21, 2012

My old laptop(packard bell) stopped connecting to wifi. it says something like "only local connection", i had problem with that before, but it dissapeared when i restarted the laptop. now i really cant do anything, i tried to connect to other networks but it wont, and restarted it like 4 times...i have an old belkin router(5 yrs or something) and the laptop is 4-5. its a vista.

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Acer Laptop Cannot Connect To Certain Wifi?

Nov 15, 2012

I am at my friend's house and she cannot connect her Acer laptop to the her own wifi (netgear router). Her iPad and my laptop (lenovo) both can connect to the wifi. This would lead me to believe that the issue is with her computer but her computer can connect to other wifis in the area...just not her own. I am not sure what is causing this...it may be that program "Acer eNet Management" but that still doesn't explain why she can connect to other wifis and not her own. Is there maybe a compatability issue with netgear and her wifi card?

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Laptop Won't Connect To Internet With Wifi?

Apr 24, 2013

I have a new laptop that I have had about 2 weeks at first I could connect to the net through wifi but now I cant it comes up that the page like 'google' 'yahoo' can not b found but if I connect up my Ethernet cable it will connect to the net

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Way To Connect Wifi To Acer Laptop

Apr 14, 2013

I have a acer laptop and a netgear dgn1000. i can connect wifi to other divices just not my laptop. it work fine with ethernet. i have clicked the enable button so it isnt checked and a few other things from the internet but nothing works.

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Wifi On Laptop Won't Connect Properly

Nov 11, 2012

I have a Dell Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) laptop that I've had for maybe half a month. When I first got it, I had no problems connecting to my router. But starting a couple days ago, the WiFi would not connect properly. I have to use the troubleshoot feature a couple times on my computer for it to work. My other laptops and other devices have no problems connecting to my network.

Here is the ipconfig for when it does work: Quote:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Windows IP Configuration


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New Laptop (windows 8) Won't Connect To Wifi

Mar 11, 2013

I have been atte;ting to connect to m home wifii but all it says is "cannot connect" I can see the connection then once i attempy to connect it disappears and i must restart to try again. I tried turning wifii off and on again on the laptop.I checked the password on another device and I am entering it correctly. Ive reset the IP address and reset the router.


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Unable To Connect To Wifi On 2nd Laptop

Feb 23, 2011

I am attempting to connect to a residential wireless network on a router that was installed up by an engineer this morning.When the engineer was here he connected an HP laptop using XP to the wireless router. At first there was an issue with the connection (seemingly the same error message I am getting now), he did something to the wireless settings on the laptop, which stupidly I didn't see, and it successfully connected.When I attempted to connect my laptop to the same wireless router I got the same error message:'Connection Unsuccessful'.I clicked Diagnose Problem and got this: 'This computer has got limited or no connectivity'.I first selected the 'Automatically get new IP settings for the network adapter' but this didn't solve the problem. I then viewed the Wireless Network Security Settings and as far as I can see they are identical to those on the HP laptop that has successfully connected: [code] I then connected my laptop to the router using the ADSL cable and was able to connect to the internet, but I am still unable to get a wireless connection. When I view the wireless connections I am 'Connected With Limited Access'.

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Can't Connect Laptop To Wifi (at Home)?

Jan 4, 2013

I have an Acer 5741Z laptop that I recently got out of the shop (had jack replaced). Now I'm having issues connecting to the internet at my home. The computer detects my Belkin router/network, but when I click on Connect I keep getting the message "unable to connect".

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Wifi Won't Connect Properly (different Laptop)

Dec 10, 2012

Wi-Fi won't connect properly (different laptop).I posted a thread similar to this recently (url...) Unfortunately, I have another laptop that has the same problem. Here is some information:


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Asus Laptop Will Not Connect To Wifi

Mar 13, 2013

I have Asus laptop that will not connect to the internet. It finds wireless networks and will not connect. It keeps saying identifying network and then says unsucessful. It was working fine and then just stopped working and will not reconnect.

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Unable To Connect To Wifi On Laptop?

Sep 4, 2012

I have been unable to connect to my wifi on my laptop. I am currently using my moms laptop I know there are 3 wifi hotspots around my house. None of the hotspots show up in my network sharing, yet I'm connected to one of them right now using a dif laptop

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Wifi Won't Connect On Asus Laptop?

Feb 20, 2013

I have an ASUS laptop and wifi is turned on by fn+f2, on the laptop and other devices like ipod touches can connect to wifi but my laptop can't. When you click where the bars of how strong the wifi is it says No connections are available. It does work with an ethernet cable, however I've tried almost everything I know and wifi still doesn't work. It just stopped working yesterday.

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How To Connect Mobile Wifi To Laptop

Oct 15, 2012

I have a samsung star 3 duos mobile, I want it to connect to laptop.

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Laptop Connect To Wifi But Not Internet

Nov 12, 2012

Why does my laptop connect to a wifi but when i go to open internet explorer it wont let me on.. but if i plug a ethernet cable from te wifi to my laptop it will work. It will connect to any other wifi just not this certain one that am trying to connect

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Laptop Won't Connect To Wifi But Other Devices Will

Jan 3, 2013

I am supposed to be working remotely. My Asus laptop has worked w/out issues at home, work, airport, etc, but it won't work in this house. The Nook connects to the wifi here w/out any problems.

The network box shows four bars and says I'm connected when I pull up the list of possible connections, but then when I troubleshoot it says, "no Internet acces".I have Windows 7 currently.

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How To Setup Connection Via Adapter Card And External Antenna

May 22, 2012

I got a different tower to use ,and added my wireless card and external antenna to it , but need setting up the new PC tower to use the wireless card and antenna. How to set up the available connections so that I can use this in my garage too.

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