No Wifi Connections On Asus Cg5270 Desktop But Available On Laptop?

Aug 10, 2011

I have an ASUS CG5270 desktop with windows 7. The desktop says that there are no connections available; however, my laptop is connected and showing all the networks in the neighborhood.

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P7H55 Asus Motherboard / Ethernet Works Fine On Laptop But Not On Desktop

Feb 10, 2013

I have a P7H55 Asus Motherboard with the ethernet port and cable working fine individually. However, when i connect them together,the ethernet light on the router remains stable as if connected but still the desktop shows not connected. This time i have installed the drivers which came from the motherboard manufacturer and are the latest. In the Network and Sharing Center, the icon is enabled. It does not show cross sign.

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Asus Laptop Will Not Connect To Wifi

Mar 13, 2013

I have Asus laptop that will not connect to the internet. It finds wireless networks and will not connect. It keeps saying identifying network and then says unsucessful. It was working fine and then just stopped working and will not reconnect.

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Wifi Won't Connect On Asus Laptop?

Feb 20, 2013

I have an ASUS laptop and wifi is turned on by fn+f2, on the laptop and other devices like ipod touches can connect to wifi but my laptop can't. When you click where the bars of how strong the wifi is it says No connections are available. It does work with an ethernet cable, however I've tried almost everything I know and wifi still doesn't work. It just stopped working yesterday.

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Wifi Disconnects On Asus G73sw Laptop

Feb 25, 2013

My lap top, about a year and half old (Asus g73sw), has decided to begin randomly dc'ing me from wifi networks.I'll be online and all of the sudden web pages stop loading and my wifi connection either is totally lost, or is usually available but with "limited access".I have already made sure my wifi capabilites are completely turned on, tried connecting to other networks (same problem), and updating wireless drivers. In addition, i bought a wireless internet adapter (thinking it could possibly be my wireless card going bad) and the problem was not solved at all.

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How To Reconnect Asus Laptop To Wifi Internet Connection

Jul 25, 2011

windows was unable to connect dlink (router) is message i receive on my laptop after setting my son's nintendo 3ds to the wifi connection. internet connection is otherwise fine on other devices in home.

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Asus X73e-bh51 / Improve The Wifi Reception On A Laptop?

Mar 30, 2012

How do I improve the Wi-Fi reception on a laptop? My visually impaired friend purchase a new Asus X73E-BH51 17.3" Laptop with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5-2430M with Turbo Boost 2.0 8GB DDR3 640GB HDD. She is happy with the purchase. However, the wireless signal strength on her machine never seems to go higher than three bars, while on my laptop (a different make) sitting next to hers is up to five bars and working very quickly. I feel terrible having recommended this laptop based on research done by another friend the previous year. Is there a way to make her laptop receive the wireless signal at a higher strength? "This laptop should go like the wind with 8GB RAM and turbo boost,but, it loads slow as molasses. She is able to Skype with folks, but,often the video breaks up or is otherwise not clear.

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Laptop Is Not Detecting Any Wifi Connections

Feb 19, 2013

My laptop is not detecting any wifi connections. I have plugged my iphone in and internet will run off that. have tried troubleshooting but nothing. Its a toshiba satellite and using windows 7?

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Laptop Wifi Access For Desktop?

Sep 18, 2011

I have a Mac G5 desktop that has no wireless capabilities. I also have a Gateway laptop for work. It runs windows 7 and obviously has WIFI. Can i connect my Desktop to my laptop to use the wifi to connect to the internet?

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Connect Windows 7 Laptop To Xp Desktop Pc Using Wifi

Aug 28, 2012

My pc desktop is connected to the wireless router by the ethernet cable and the laptop is connected through the wifi. now i want to connect laptop to the pc so that i can work on my desktop pc through the laptop, i can view the files and even edit them.

Computer specification: Windows XP with intel core 2 duo
Laptop specification: Windows 7 with intel core 2 duo

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Samsung R440 Laptop Unable To Detect Any Wifi Connections?

May 9, 2012

I currently use samsung R440 laptop with win 7. The problem is right now, I can't detect any wifi connections and bcause of that, I can't acces the internet. Before this, it works just fine but last week, my laptop can't detect any wifi connections. In the adapter setting, I found that there is no wireless connection icon . There is only local area connection. I don't how to repair this. The wireless lan on my keybord is on but still it can't detect anything.

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Laptop Connects Via Wifi But Desktop Wont Work And Its Plugged In?

Oct 22, 2012

I just got a new internet connection after going for 2 years or so without one here at home, now that i have it and got the router installed and all my main computer a desktop (HP Pavilion a6655f Desktop PC) has not been able to connect online using my laptop i've had no problems but would really like to get my desktop online as well, I have tried the windows diagnostic tool tried resting the adapter but that has not worked.

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Wifi Not Working On Asus Laptop - Lan Working Fine?

Feb 15, 2013

ASUS Notebook G60Vx Series

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN

A few days ago my internet suddenly stopped working. I plugged in the ethernet cord and everything worked fine. Checking the properties in the device manager showed the device was working properly, I also tried resetting it to make sure it was enabled but it did not work.

Upon troubleshooting, the "Windows Network Diagnostic" said the problems was that the Wireless adapter was not turned on. Using the switch on the front of the laptop as well as the function keys does nothing. Usually a graphic pops up showing if the WiFi is on or off, changinging transparent to show the WiFi is disabled. Now when I turn the switch on it always appears transparent, effectively going from off to off

So I know the computer reads both the function keys and the switch on the front but both methods never actually turns the adapter on. I just finished a system restore and nothing has changed

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Asus RT-N10 / Unable To Detect The Wired Connections

Jan 31, 2012

I connected the router to the modem with an ethernet cable and the laptop to the router with another ethernet cable. A CD came with a router (Router: Asus RT-N10), so I put that into the laptop and followed the setup. The setup offered me to install something called Wireless Router Utilities, so I followed the setup and got to the point where it asked me to connect all cables etc. I did it already, but it kept telling me that the cables aren't connected. "Unable to detect the wired connections" I decided to skip that step and opened the browser, typed in the IP and got to the other setup thing. I typed in my ISP user/pass and I guess it sorta worked. I want to configure the router etc., to pass it and all. I go to the control panel, setup new connection, type the router PIN, I name the network, I put a passkey, and I click next.It says "Setting up [network name]" and after a minute it says "The network set up was unsuccessful". And that's it. No error notes, no nothing, just a button which allows me to retry.The OS is Windows 7 Home Basic. It's a new computer so almost nothing is installed. No anti-virus etc. Router: Asus RT-N10. Modem: Billion BiPAC 5200RC ADSL2.

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Asus RT-N16 Router / How To Get Servers To Run With 2gbs Connections On The Network

Nov 24, 2012

how to get my servers to run with 2gbs connections on the network. Is it all the same thing just different ways to do it? Some server side, some switch side, some both?In terms of my equipment, I have an Asus RT-N16 router [URL] D-Link DGS-1024D [URL] And (Not hooked up, but i have). Dell 2708 managed switch. [URL]This MOBO (790FX-GD70_[URL] With these NIC's Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) As i said before, id like to trunk/bridge/ w/e you want to call it, so i can get more bandwidth too and from the server.

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Asus P6X58D-E / D-Link DWA-525 Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter?

Aug 17, 2012

I would like to know if the D-Link DWA-525 Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter [URL] is compatible with my ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard ?Its a PCI card, and even my mobo had the PCI 2.0 slot, but i happened to see the photo of the card and it seemed to have two gaps in its PCI connector,]

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ASUS P8P67 Pro / Network Slows To Crawl When Desktop Ethernet Plugged In?

Feb 25, 2012

My internet service grinds to all but a halt as soon as I plug in the ethernet cable to my desktop. Nothing is running in the background (that I can determine). Nothing is spamming data up or down (that I can determine). I get 40ms ping and 12Mbps downloads on every device I have until I plug in my big boy; then all the speeds come crashing down to 600ms ping and 0.9-1.4Mbps downloads (including the desktop, I have not been able to play SWTOR for weeks now). It's not the provider, (I thought it was) but I switched from Time Warner to AT&T with the exact same results. ASUS P8P67 Pro; I've had funky issues with USB ports and one SATA port died. Other friends suggest I may have an awful bug and I need to wipe and start over. I wouldn't mind doing that, but I don't have a windows recovery disk (my copy is legitimate).

Mobo-as listed.
CPU- i5-2500k stock, not clocked
RAM- 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600

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Freshly Build Gaming Desktop Asus P8z77-v MOBO No Internet

Jun 28, 2012

I finished building my pc, i booted it up installed windows.Then i installed my drivers of my mobo like i'm supossed to, however my internet wont turn on/detect anything.i am however conected to the internet on my iphone and my laptop, i reinstalled my os/ reinstalled all drivers..

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 / Remote Desktop Access With Mac And Asus Transformer Prime?

Jul 31, 2011

I have an E2000 router with the most current firmware. I have a Sony VAio laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit,a Macbook with 10.6.8, and a new Asus Transformer Prime with ICS.My work desktop is a Dell Optiplex 380 with Windows 7 Pro 32bit. I frequently work from home and have no issues remoting into to my work PC from by Sony laptop via VPN and RDP.However I have never been able to connect successfully to my work PC with my Macbook(using Remote Desktop Connection 2.1 for Mac OS) or Asus tablet(using WYSE Pocket Cloud RDP app for Android). I can however connect to the VPN itself on the Macbook and tablet without issue same as my Windows laptop. The other interesting part is I can connect via RDP when I am connected to a Mi-Fi 3g hotspot. So it is definitely something in the my Linksys E2000 blocking the connection for some reason. I have even set Port forwarding of 3389 with the ip's of both the Macbook and Asus tablet.I have also tried connecting via ethernet to the router with the same outcome. I cannot ping my work pc from either device as well.In addition the firewall on my work PC is completely disabled and all services related to Remote desktop access are enabled and running.

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How To Combine 2 Connections In The Desktop

Aug 15, 2012

I am using 2 internet data card and would like to merge them to have high speed. I am using XP and Window 7

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Wireless Connections Work Only When Desktop Is Off?

Sep 3, 2012

I have been having a peculiar problem lately with my wireless set-up. I have a very simple and standard setup.My main desktop pc is connected to my TP Link TL-WR841ND wireless router and that is connected to my issued Time Warner cable modem. In my room I have a desktop pc with a TP Link TL-WN722N wireless adapter and my brother has a PlayStation 3 in his room.For months I have had flawless wireless internet connection between my desktops and PlayStation 3, but for the past few days I noticed that when the main desktop is on it prevents my adapter and PlayStation from making wireless connections to the router.

The only time my desktop with the adapter and PlayStation 3 is able to connect is only when the main desktop is turned off or physically disconnected from the router. Now, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ethernet driver, resetting both the modem and router, and setting everything up from square one to no avail. I know it has to be something simple but I'm hoping I won't have to format my main desktop PC.

When I log into the routers configuration page through internet explorer and check the Wireless Statistics page showing the currently connected wireless stations and packets, I have noticed that very few packets are being sent out, like the adapter and PlayStation 3 are being blocked by the desktop. I had Norton installed on it a week or two ago just to do a quick scan, then I uninstalled it.

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Remote Desktop Setup - Local Connections Only?

Feb 2, 2011

I have a couple WinXP Pros and Win7s connected to the same router wired and wirelessly. All of them have Remote Desktop enabled (via System settings) and have Windows Firewall exceptions setup. They all have AVG Anti Virus and no other firewalls installed. They all also have static ips assigned.Windows file sharing is working fine between all of them. VNC also works with no problems.But for some reason, I could not get Windows Remote Desktop to work between any of themAnother weird thing that may or may not be related is that they can't ping other computers on the same network.This leads me to believe that this might be a networking issue.I have a DLink router (can't remember model) with a Tomato Firmware.I do not have port forwarding setup for Remote Desktop because I think (although I may be wrong) that they are only used for connecting from the internet, which I don't need. I only want local connections right now.

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Allow Remote Desktop Connections In Windows Server 2008?

May 10, 2011

Is there any way to allow multiple computers to connect to the same remote computer and work simultaneously?

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Asus X50R Laptop Can't Get Internet?

Jul 11, 2011

i own an Asus X50R laptop..i can't get internet on it..I have wireless broadband and it should be able to pick up on it but it doesn't.. in the device manager it has nothing there for it??it does have ethernet controller.

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Set Up New Asus Laptop To Already Hooked Up Router?

Feb 16, 2011

i have an asus laptop that had a rogue virus...i brought it back to zero to the manufacturers i cant use wireless i lose connection when i take the cord out of the (phone jack looking like thingy) to my router (netgear) how do i use the wireless or find a connection?

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Can't Connect To RT-nu Asus Router Via Laptop

Jan 4, 2013

I built a desktop to replace my laptop and set it aside for two weeks. So I go back to the laptop and it says the networks available but I can't connect to the router. It reminds of the first time I wired a network at work. All the wireless info seems to be right I went to my RT-nu Asus router and reset that. That seems to be OK. DCHP is OK password for the WPA seems OK. I did upgrade the firmware to the router but that worked ok. That won't have affected the laptop in anyway would it? I do have a preprogram of WIN 8 but its not telling I have to buy it yet. Whoa, how could it if I can't get on the net. Do you think that might be it? Everything on the laptop works well otherwise and it's not informing to but Win 8.

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Possible To Copy Adapter And Paste Into Desktop To Enable Wireless Connections

Nov 18, 2011

My Win 7 shows 2 network adapters in device my Acer ao 722 net book. My desktop has XP and only shows one adapter..I believe one of the adapters in the Acer net book is wireless ( being a new machine ) and the desktop is an older pc with a wired adapter. Could i copy the wireless adapter and paste it into my Desktop, to enable wireless connections? Obviously, we are not talking about actual cards, they are all integrated into the Motherboard.

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Asus X53E Laptop Saying About IP Address Conflict?

May 26, 2012

My Asus X53E laptop says I have a conflicting IP address. I should be the only computer on my network and able to access my internet. I have had my credit used up before but Telstra said this isn't possible. How can I stop any neighbour or anyone else accessing my laptop and internet

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Secure Asus Laptop And Internet So No One Can Hack?

May 26, 2012

My laptop said there is a conflicting IP address. I should be the only computer on my network. How do I secure my laptop and wireless internet so no one else can hack into it?

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Can't Connect To Internet On New Asus Laptop Through Router

Jan 10, 2013

I just bought a new Asus laptop and when I try to connect to the intenet through the router on my desktop, it doesn't let me access. The laptop picks up the router, Cisco by the way, Fast Penguin, but shows the word "limited" when I try to connect.

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Windows 7 Asus Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless

Sep 25, 2012

I'm using a Windows 7 ASUS laptop, with a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router model WPN824v2. I can connect to the internet when I am connected directly to the router, but as soon as I take the ethernet cable out, my computer can't detect anything. On device manager, under the network adapter tab, there are two items.Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter.The wireless network adapter has a small yellow exclamation mark on its icon."Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)" [code]

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Security / Firewalls :: Review Incoming Remote Desktop Connections Historically?

Apr 20, 2013

I was at my computer when the desktop appearance and taskbar changed. I immediately opened task manager to see what program might have caused this and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Then about 2 minutes later my desktop changed back to what it normally is. I then went and disabled remote desktop connections... I think that someone may have accessed my pc remotely, buy I wasn't able to catch them at it. Is there any way to review incoming remote desktop connections historically?

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Asus Rt-n65u Slow Wifi?

Jan 17, 2013

I bought the Asus N65U about 9 days ago. I had a terrible time trying to install it and using the automatic install it kept failing. I followed the directions and it kept telling me that 2 or more wired connections were detected. I only had the cable modem plugged in to the wan port and then the laptop directly to the router as the picture specified. I skipped it and did the QIS from the web interface and I got the router to work and everything is connected now. We are having a lot of issues with the connection dropping and on my desktop upstairs it is really slow (2mbs) and we currently have Time Warner 15 Mbs. My wife's laptop gets 20Mbs from speedtest .net but when watching videos and normal surfing it is slow. This is the same on my PC. Is there a setting or a way I can configure this to get this to work? I paid a decent amount of money and based off of good reviews I bought it but it is very unreliable.

I also tried to connect my work computer to it and it was good until I had to connect through a VPN to get to my work and from that point on I had to shut down the connection as it wouldn't stay online.

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