Unable To Use Internet Connection / Wired - Wireless / Yellow Exclamations

Feb 11, 2011

I have a Compaq Presario V3016US Notebook PC. It has Windows XP Home Edition.So onto the problem. If I plug in the Ethernet cord, or try to connect to the Internet wireless,nothing gets picked up.I went into device manager, as I have seen many of you asking whether there is any "Yellow Exclamation" marks, and I found three under the Network Adapters.

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Dell :: Lost Wired FIOS Internet Connection XPS 435t/9000 Unable To Restore

Aug 17, 2012

Lost my internet connection to my Dell XPS 435t/9000 running Win7 (64) yesterday.  Unable to restore. No know configuration changes other than the regular weekly window update. My service provider is Verizon FIOS and all there stuff checks out. My iMAC and Dell Laptop connect fine through the same devices (router/modem/switch).

The xps shows no hardware faults and all the wired connections are intact. Unable to ping router. Network Sharing interface shows good connections to switch and router by a bad connection between router and internet.

Ran WIN7  network troubleshooter and it just told me to contact ISP.Rebooted machine several times but no joy.

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Internet Won't Work - Connection Bars Display Yellow Triangle With Exclamation Point

Jul 11, 2012

Just bought a new Cisco e1200 router last week. When i first hooked it up, it was giving me extremely low (significantly lower than my old router) downloading speeds. After switching the networking mode from "mixed' to "Wireless-G only", the speeds went back to normal. I tried "Wireless-N only", but it didn't work after that. Seemingly, my computer does not work with Wirless-N?

It's been running okay now, but 2 things happen occasionally: When playing a game, I experience lag for a period of 5 minutes, or sometimes 20 minutes. It goes away on its own. Never happened with my old router. When surfing the internet, pages will refuse to load. The connection bars shown at the bottom right hand corner of my computer display a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. This goes away on its own after about 4-5 minutes. These problems come randomly every 3-4 or days, maybe a bit longer.

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Unable To Connect To Internet Wired / Wireless?

Aug 29, 2011

i have 2 laptops (1. Dell 2. IBM) and both of them worked wirelessly with BT until last month when I switched to talktalk. Dell s laptop now works wirelessly but the IBM isnt working either wired/wiressly. When I connect the IBM laptop to the modem through the cable my Dell laptop stops working too, looses the wireless configuration too and in order to make it work again I have to plug it back to the modem andafterwards going wirelessly. I spoke to talktalk support and they confirmed that the line works fine therefore there is a problem with the IBM laptop which also causes problems to the DellLaptop.I domt know from where to start to get the laptops working again fine at the same time.

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Unable To Connect To The Internet (wired And Wireless)?

Nov 9, 2012

I've recently moved house and have signed up with a new internet provider. I can't connect to the internet with a wired or wireless connection. My partner has got the wireless working perfectly on her laptop and I got wifi working on my phone with no problems, so I think it must be something specific with my computer.

I used a wireless connection in my old house, and I remember it took some time to get that working properly too, so obviously my computer doesn't like change!I'm now getting the IPv4/IPv6 connectivity messages and can't even get close to finding a network.

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D-Link DIR-615 Router / Wireless Connection With Yellow Exclamation

Oct 19, 2011

My Desktop (Win 7) and laptop (Acer Aspire 4830T) were talking both ways (after I fixed a Teredo Tunnel problem!) but have now degraded to the point where I cannot setup a Homegroup.The main issue is that although my wireless internet works when I am home (D-Link DIR-615 router), as soon as I leave, I get the dreaded Yellow exclamation on both Virgin Trains and my client's Unsecured wifi (with password protection). These did use to work in July. Can't detect an event when started to go wrong, though could blame Windows Update! Did try System Restore but these keep failing. Using Kaspersky.


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Yellow Icon In Wireless Even When There Is Internet

Nov 16, 2012

I am getting a small yellow icon in my wireless settings that suggests that there is no internet connectivity even when I do have the internet. It comes when i disable and enable the wireless adapter or when its left idle. My ipconfig and DNS settings are fine.


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Desktop Unable To Connect Using Wired Connection

Aug 10, 2012

I'm a college student residing in the dorms a I did last year and over the summer. In both cases i had to move to different housing and internet connection went without a hitch. However i'm now at my new place, and i cant seem to get my desktop computer to connect to the internet. After 8 different campus tech crews came through, they've determined that the connection issue is not caused on their end. The issue as far as i can tell is not caused by the cable either because i got internet access when i bridged the connection using my laptop's wireless connection. I have also used the cable to connect to the internet on my laptop. However, when i try to connect on my desktop it says that that ethernet cable is not connected. No link light comes on, and the connection is not recognized at all.

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Wireless :: No Internet On Wired Connection

Aug 23, 2011

I'm able to access the internet through my wireless network on my laptop, but not on the computer I have wired straight to the router. Isn't that weird?

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Cabling / Cards :: No Wired Or Wireless Internet Connection?

Jul 28, 2012

My sister has just purchased a custom built desktop computer that will not connect to the household network. We have various other computers and devices that connect to the router (Thompson Gateway TG782T) without any problems. Just to be sure I've tried reseting the router to factory settings to no avail.

I've tried connecting her computer to the network through the TP-Link Wireless Adpater (TL-WN881ND) that came with her computer AND through a Netgear Wireless USB Adapter (WG111v2). In both situations the network is detected, the network password is requested (and accepted) but the result is always that she has 'limited connectivity', cannot access the internet and cannot detect any shared network drives.

I've tried connecting with an Ethernet cable as well, which her computer does not detect at all ('network cable unplugged').When I try to troubleshoot any of these problems I get a message that says 'The Diagnostics Policy Service is not running'.The guys at the shop where my sister had it built are asking her to bring the computer in with the router becuse they are convinced that the machine is fine, and that the router is at fault. Some Specs for her computer

Windows 7 Professional
Service Pack 1

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i-7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz 3.90 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB[code]....

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Internet Sharing Between Wired Connection And Wireless Router?

May 26, 2011

I have 3 computers running Windows-7. One computer is directly attached with wired connection to broadband internet modem and other 2 computers are attached through a Wireless router attached to modem. The problem is this that both wireless computers are running internet well while the directly connected computer shows internet connection but no data flow happens. When the Wireless router is turned off the directly connected computer starts working internet.

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Extending Range Of Wireless Or Wired Internet Connection?

Sep 8, 2012

want to get internet and video signals from mu log home to my pole barn -- about 150 - 175 feet.

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Laptops Wireless Signal Showing Yellow Mark No Internet?

Jan 30, 2013

in some laptops wireless signal showing yellow mark no internet, but we are getting internet

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Wireless Xbox Drops Connection When Wired Pc Connects To Internet?

Apr 21, 2011

I'm using a wireless adapter with my xbox because for some unexplainable answer the wired ethernet port quit working, but when my dad uses the internet on his wired pc I get booted off xbox

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Connection Will Drop / Windows Display Yellow Triangle On Wifi Signal

Feb 6, 2013

I have several E4200 routers deployed in our library district.  In one branch, we have been having sporadic problems with computers not being able to maintain a connection.  Typically the computer will connect and then the connection will drop and Windows will display the yellow error triangle on the wifi signal strength display.I have swapped the router with another brand new E4200 with the latest firmware but am still having this problem.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Constantly Dropping Internet Connection - 3 Macs / 2 Wireless / 1 Wired

Feb 16, 2011

I setup a D-Link DIR-825, VB1, Firmware V2.00NA about a month ago. We have 3 Macs here at home - 1 brand new iMac, a G4 Powerbook, and an old G4 / 933 Tower. The G4 tower is connected via ethernet. The other two through Wi-Fi. My problem is that I can barely use the internet for even a few minutes on the G4 tower, connected via Ethernet, without losing my connection. I can be in the middle of loading a page or an image, and suddenly it will say "Waiting for xxx.com". Then if I try to go to Google.com or something I will invariably get "Looking up xxx.com". The connection usually returns on it's own, but it can take up to 3 or 5 minutes. When I get this message on the ethernet G4 tower, I will also have lost connection on the wireless Macs. For the first couple of weeks the tower was not connected and we were just using the two wireless Macs, and they were working well. It seems that as soon as I hooked up the G4 tower via ethernet, connections became very flaky and intermittent all of a sudden.All the Macs are configured for DHCP. We have a Time Warner cable modem. The G4 tower had previously been used at my office with it's own dedicated DSL modem / router, and it worked flawlessly for months at a time without dropping a connection.  I've tried rebooting the modem, then the router, then turning all the Macs back on, several times. Same result.  I just tried loading the new firmware but it didn't work. Said the Gateway was too crowded or something.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Yellow Lights On Internet Port Are Not Flashing

Aug 23, 2012

My EA4500 is not working. The power indicator light is on but the green and yellow lights on the Internet port are not flashing and the modem the EA4500 is connected to show no activity on that port. Also, the EA4500 is not broadcasting so I can't even connect to it to use Cisco Connect to troubleshoot. I tried resetting it but it did nothing. This has happened before but is usally fixed with a reset.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E900 Yellow Triangle Icon Indicating No Internet Access

Jul 8, 2012

I just recently bought a linksys E900 wireless-N300 Router. I installed the software on the disc and followed the on screen instructions. When I attempt to use an ethernet cable as I did with my last router, it won't work. I get that yellow triangle icon indicating no internet access. I tried using a wireless hub to connect wirelessly...I connect, but no internet access. My PC knows its there, suggests that I reset the modem, doesn't work.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Makes Internet Incredibly Slow With Wired Connection

Apr 21, 2012

I saw one post recommending to changing the MTU from 1500 to 1400.  That did absolutely nothing.  My comcast internet is now slower than 14.4 dial up modem I had 16 years ago.  The strange thing is I can sometimes download at over 2 mbps with torrents.  It's mainly loading websites where the speed is so bad.

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Wired Desktop Running Vista - Unable To Connect To Internet?

May 21, 2011

I have one computer that is unable to connect to the internet. This is a wired desktop running Vista. I have several wireless devices around the house that can connect fine, so I know that it is not the internet. I have tried a system restore, I have reset the router and rebooted the computer. The network diagnostics says there might be a problem with one or more network adapters on this computer....I have tried all of those solutions as well. When I look at the device manager I see a yellow exclamation point beside "isatap.domain.invalid". Does this mean that my network card is out??? Computer is now out of warranty

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Unable To Connect To Internet With Wired Desktop / But Can With Router And Laptops

Aug 18, 2012

Desktop won't connect to internet. I have a Belkin router and my laptops connect to the internet. My Netflix Rokus connects to the internet.I have tried your suggestion with reset winsock and reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults,etc. [code]

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Westell 2110 Wired DSL Modem - Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Jan 7, 2012

I have a Westell 2110 wired DSL modem for Frontier (formerly Verizon). It's not a modem that has a web interface, so I can't log into it to change any settings. It also, to my knowledge, has no bridge mode (which is a term I know very little about). I had an old D-Link WBR2310 router, and since I knew the wireless and the phones ran on the same frequency, I bought a new Linksys e1200 router. Unfortunately, when I went through the setup of the router, while I know I have a solid internet connection from the modem (I'm hard wired in as I type), and while I can connect to the router, I am unable to connect to the internet. I took down my IP address, DNS servers, subnet mask, and default gateway, and set up the router to run under a Static IP, which it does phenomenally. Unfortunately, when the ISP (via direct line or my modem) changes the IP address after a few hours, my connection drops and I have to go reset up the connection via a hard wire, taking down the information, etc. Why is this the only way I can set up my connection? What could I be doing that I'm not to get it running DHCP correctly? It worked on my WBR 2310.  

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 Unable To Connect To Internet

Mar 2, 2011

My BEFSR81 router has never been a problem for over 10 years.All of a sudden I can not connect to the internet..I only use the router for connecting 2 PCs to the internet modem. I have not changed any configuration. tried my IPS COX recommendation to disconnect the power for about 1 minute then try again with no luck. CoX said they tried pinging my router but could not get a reading. While waiting for them to come up with a solution, I hooked one of my PCs directly to the modem. It worked. So I tried it with the other PC. But it didn't work right away. It kept trying to dial up for a connection. I finally got the WIZARD to get it configured correctly. I assume it must be a router problem because either one of my PCs can get an internet connection when hooked to the modem.  I did not pusue any further with COX, THEIR AUTOMATED TROUBLE SHOOTER WAS GETTING ON MY NERVES.Should I take the time to resolve the issue with the router or buy a new or refurbished router? If the task isn't too complicatged, I am willing to try and fix it.

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Cannot Connect SSID - Yellow Mark With Limited Connection

Jan 15, 2012

i'm using win7 and linux mint in my laptop. when i'm on linux i 'm able to connect in a specific ssid with my b43 driver. when i switch back to windows(broadcom a/b/g) i can not connect to this ssid-there is a yellow mark with limited connection. what do you think? is this a driver problem with win7. or win 7 driver has ''less power'' than linux's?

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Unable To Access Internet Through IE With LAN Or Wireless Connection

Dec 22, 2012

Have completed a Power Cycle.The affected machine is a HP Elite m9150F desktop. The symptoms include the following:

- neither the LAN connection or the wireless connction will access the internet through Internet Explorer
- microsoft email will not send and recieve
- Steam will not connect
- Norton 360 will connect to live update and download
- taskbar icon shows LAN connection is OK
- When I open Network and Sharing, the network map shows this pc is connected to internet through named network.
- Local Area Connection Status show 197,816 bytes sent and 311,088 recieved.

We have 2 laptops connected to the same wireless network working perfectly. There is also another desktop (Dell 8400) with a LAN connection to the router working perfectly. The affected pc (HP m9150f) is also connected to router with a LAN connection. The D-link Dir-615 wireless router is connected to a Shaw Motorolla modem model SB5102. The HP m9150f stopped connecting a few days ago, other than that, it worked fine.how I managed to get 4 computers running on a network in the first place..

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Unable To Connect To Wireless Internet Connection?

Oct 21, 2011

A few weeks ago I tried to install vmware to my toshiba laptop to play around with is and eventually install Windows server 2008 virtually. Well I didnt complete the installation and set up because I forgot to write down the registration key #. Ever since then I have had a terrible time getting my network reconfigured and have tried everything with Verizon network support over the phone. I am now unable to get a valid Ip address or default gateway with either my Wireless or my LAN connections. I have done all types of troubleshooting, resetting netgear router, modem, ip config /reset /renew,netsh winsock reset catalog commands and etc . . . STILL NOTHING WORKS ! I have another machine that is a mac book on my home wirless network that connects just fine, the only problem is my machine. And I have also taken this machine to my job and try connect to the wireless public network and all I get is "limited access" I ran the network test that Kadar provided and this is what I get:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : JerryDiaz-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Linksys Wired Router :: RV042 - Unable To Register Intervoip Account To Internet?

Oct 10, 2008

I am having problems with my RV042.I have a Intervoip(url...) account for VOIP.

When I try to register the intervoip account to the internet I don't get any kind of reply. My VOIP server just keeps requesting to register the SIP account, but gets no reply.
When I connect an other router to my ISP modem, the register just goes fine. However the RV042 blocks something I don't really know what the cause could be.I installed wireshark to monitor my network traffic. 
When I monitor registering with intervoip with the RV042, I see requests but no replies from intervoip, the VOIP server keeps requesting, but doesn't get any reply. 
When I monitor registering with intervoip with an other router, I see requests from the VOIP server, and replies from intervoip initiating my intervoip account and everything goes well and registers. The following I tried:
- Forwarding port 5060 to private ip

- Putting private ip in DMZ

- Disabled the firewall 
All without result. (Also tried them all at once)

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Sitecom Gigabit 300N - Yellow Exclamation Mark On Connection?

Feb 3, 2013

my router is sitecom gigabit 300N. since the past week there is this yellow exclamation mark on the connection in the task bar, near the clock. if I pass the mouse over it, it says no internet connection, eventhough I'm connected to the internet and I'm writing this right now, this is on desktop pc and connected to router by cable. the same thing on my laptop that is connected through WiFi, the signal strenght is normal, but there is the same exclamation mark. I'm pretty sure its the router not the PC because this happens on two different machines with the same router. I tried turning the router off and left it that way for about 7 minutes but that didnt work. is there something in settings I should do? or throw it away and buy Linksys/D-link router?

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Unable To Access Internet Through Active Wireless Connection

Aug 22, 2012

I am unable to access the internet even though my wireless connection shows as active and strong. I tried the connection hard wired, but still no access. I ran a malware detector and removed two items, still no internet availability. What should I do?The trouble shooting device says "Firewall may be preventing your program from running". I have McAffee security system installed.

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Yellow Signal On The Internet And Disconnects

Sep 2, 2012

My internet at completely random of times drops and can take anywhere from 2 minutes to reconnect or 20. This may happen once a day, this may happen 10+ times a day. Totally different all the time. Basically what happens is it I get the yellow triangle on my taskbar where the connection should be saying limited connectivity, sometimes I get a complete red X going through it saying there is no connection. It always reconnects at some point though.

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Yellow Triangle And No Internet Access

Jun 29, 2011

I am frequently disconnected from the internet, I would say about every 30 minutes.. In the bottom right of my screen where the internet connection thing is it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it and says "no internet access"

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Internet Icon Has Yellow Triangle

Jan 5, 2013

I think my computer is infected with malware right now. It is heating up quickly and I'm seeing ads in text in websites that don't do that (cbc, reddit, wikipedia).I had this issue a couple of months ago but Spybot seemed to fix the issue.Recently I noticed my computer was heating faster (and hotter) than usual so I ran a search and it said no threats were found. Not too longer after I start noticing the ads again so I know there is a problem. I have ran the search twice since then and still nothing. I was advised to use ccleaner,malwarebytes, and Super Anti-Spyware. It removed one other threat but the problem was still there. I then started using combofix, but I did not like the look of it so I stopped that scan. It seemed a little sketchy.

My old laptop (the one I'm on now) and my girlfriend's laptop work fine. I connected it with the Ethernet cord and that didn't change anything.I have Windows 7. It's on a 2010 Samsung (I'm not very tech savvy so I'm not sure about all the other details). I primarily used Firefox, but I just switched to Googlechrome this week (well after the problems began).

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Unable To Detect Internet Connection - WRT54GC

Jun 5, 2012

I have used the WRT54GC (v2.0) router for a few years now, everything worked as smooth as butter, but a few days ago it just stopped detecting the internet connection. Everything works fine with the modem. After resetting the router, I tried to reinstall everything using the setup wizard but at the eleventh step, a pop-up message appears saying that it is "unable to detect the Internet connection" and, like I said previously, the modem works just fine. The username and password for the connection are correct (connection type: PPPoE).

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