Cisco Switches :: SG300 - Can't Able To Access Shared Folders

Jul 9, 2012

I supplied 3 numbers of SG300 series switches for the sole reason to have inter-vlan routing. I created 4 VLANs in the switches and made one switch as Layer 3 switch and other 2 as Layer 2 switch. Inter-Vlan routing is working fine. I am able to ping PCs from different VLANs. But I am not to access shared folders. Customer has installed Window 2003 server installed and it is in VLAN 1. There are some folders created in this server and it is very important for users to have access to the folders.Also, I am not able to access shared folders in other VLANs. I have created a case with Cisco small business and I got a reply saying that the switches will not support shared folder feature, which I think is not real. I am getting a very time to implement this solution in the network. I have a Sonicwall firewall after Core switch which is connected to ISP.
ISP<----->Sonicwall FW<----->Core Switch<------>Layer 2 switch<------>Layer 2 switch

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 Can't Able To Access Shared Folders From Different VLANs

Jul 9, 2012

I supplied 3 numbers of SG300 series switches for the sole reason to have inter-vlan routing. I created 4 VLANs in the switches and made one switch as Layer 3 switch and other 2 as Layer 2 switch. Inter-Vlan routing is working fine. I am able to ping PCs from different VLANs. But I am not to access shared folders. Customer has installed Window 2003 server installed and it is in VLAN 1. There are some folders created in this server and it is very important for users to have access to the folders.Also, I am not able to access shared folders in other VLANs. I have created a case with Cisco small business and I got a reply saying that the switches will not support shared folder feature, which I think is not real. I am getting a very time to implement this solution in the network. I have a Sonicwall firewall after Core switch which is connected to ISP.

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Can't Access Shared Folders

Jan 6, 2012

I've networked 2 PCs both on xp, one home one pro, through the router/modem. I get an error message saying contact your system admin when I try to read shared folders on the home from the pro version - I am the admin! The other way works fine.

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Can't Access Shared Folders But Others Can

Aug 22, 2012

Some of my colleagues went away for holidays. When they came back, all 4 of them can't access the shared folders on the server. They could before they went away but now they can't.They can access the internet through the network however and other colleagues including me can access the same shared folders.It is a QNAP server NAS version 2.3.0 Build 0825T,The problem users run Vista and one XP. I have checked that all users are still granted permission to view the shared folders and they are.I can't understand why it would not work for them but work for us...

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Cannot Access Computers Own Shared Folders

Jun 2, 2012

Let me start off by saying both computers are running Windows 7 Pro x64, both have file and printer sharing turned on, use 128-bit encryption, password protected sharing is off and Windows manages homegroup connections.

Computer A cannot access its own or others shared network folders through the network icon on the desktop, I get the message "Windows cannot access \Computer-AMy Documents" and if I try to access Computer B it gives me "Windows cannot access \Computer-B". Computer B can access Computer A through the network with no problems. The folders have had the permissions set to Everyone.

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Windows 7 Not Able To Access Shared Folders?

Nov 2, 2012

not access for win 7 share folde but system is workgroup

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Cannot Access Shared Folders On Another Workstation

Oct 1, 2012

I have got 2 workstations: test-pc and laptop-pc. Both 2008 server Sp1 x64 Both are added to Domain - 2003 server x86.My problem is:I cannot access shared folders on laptop-pc From test-pc if I am not physically logged in onto both machines. When I logged in as an administrator on both - everything is fine, but if I will turn laptop-pc on and leave it on Windows logon screen (without login) I wont be able to access anything on it.Is there anything I should enable/disable on Domain Group Policy to fix it?

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Servers :: Shared Folders Showing Access Denied?

Oct 16, 2012

shared folders showing access denied message in server 2003

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Sharing :: Laptop With Vista Can't Access Shared Folders?

Dec 3, 2012

Suddenly Can't access shared folders but others can . Laptop with Vista. Had many Mapped [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue ! important]Network [COLOR=blue ! important]Drive[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] issues about 2 months ago. Finally all resolved. Laptop was gone from our shop for about 2 weeks. Now it cannot see the Shared Folders (except for Public and Printers), and could not re-connect the Mapped Drives. Accesses Internet, can Ping the other PCs(all running Win7). Connect thru Wireless.

Why SUDDENLY, there are no shared folders visible on a Laptop?

Notes: This is the 2nd time this has happened. I changed alot of settings the first time. I re-checked all the settings this time.

Update: Magically works today 12-3-12. But what caused it? Why does Vista loose the ability to map network drives, when nothing

changes...I still want to know why for the next time this happens.

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How To Protect Shared Folders To Deny Access From Server

Sep 18, 2012

How to protect shared folders to denie access from server???i am really in need of a software where i can share files on network but i don't want the system administrator to access those files.

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Servers :: Windows Server 2008 / Access Restrictions To Shared Folders

Oct 25, 2011

we have two servers in our network, one functions as a file server (windows server 2008) and the other as a domain controller with active directory and some database applications running on it (windows SBS 2003). the file server has folders for the different units in our company, these are shared folders. these folders can be accessed by anyone with a domain login by running \servername from their computers, without any further authentication required.

i have tried to set up sharing restrictions with no success, for example the Accounts folder, i right click on it and select properties, and the sharing or security. under both tabs i added three names of those that i want to have access to the folder. these names appear in the sharing list together with:administrator(servernameadministrator) administrators (servernameadministrators) administrator systemeveryone has not been added as is the case with all other folders. what is this system on the list? how i can restrict access, perhaps there is a setting that i have missed or settings in the network that prevent these restrictions?

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Sharing :: Server Disconnects From Internet Blocking Access To Shared Folders

Aug 19, 2012

I have a small network running in my language academy which is causing me some issues. We have a server running Win XP with two folders, one for the teachers which is password protected and the other for the students which doesn't require a password. Up until two days it has been working well. However now the server keeps disconnecting from the internet quite randomly which stops us from connecting to the shared folders.

I've noticed that a caution icon appears next to the ethernet icon in the task bar when this problems occurs on the server. I have tried to right click and choose the repair option but it tell me that it cannot resolve the ip address. In some cases rebooting the server resolves the issues but in many case it doesn't.

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Clean Up Shared Folders?

Jan 16, 2012

In the past both of my Dell Laptops running Windows 7 via a router and belonging to HOMEGROUP, have been able to share files back and forth - with the ability to read/write. All of a sudden, one of the laptops (call it #1) was not able to find the shared files of the other laptop (call it #2.) However it worked the other way (#2 could find #1). I did all kinds of research, checked they both still belonged to the Homegroup, sharing was "on", discover network was "on", permissions were "full", etc.

I couldn't get anything to work - when I saw a suggestion that I sign off the Homegroup on both computers, set up a new Homegroup, and try again. I did this and still didn't have any luck - then decided to reboot both I have sharing between both computers. BUT - on Computer #1 - the shared folders are like doubled. I have 4 libraries that are shared - Documents, Music, Video, Pictures, and the listed are all the 6 folders that I made sure were set to sharing - but Documents, Pictures, Music, are duplicates of the "library". I'm afraid to change any settings for fear that I'll lose what I finally gained. So my questions is - how can I clean this up so libraries and individual folders are not both shown?

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Cannot Open Shared Folders LAN In Windows 7

Jan 21, 2011

i cannot open shared folders in LAN in win 7 its in work group and shared folders do show but on clicking on it it doesn't open says contact network admin i changed the group policy LAN management also checked the advanced sharing properties but i still have the prob not just in one comp but all of my 8 comp

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Shared Folders On Server 2003

May 16, 2012

I can see all the shared folders including mine on my workstation but can not access mine.what what is wrong or how do a reset set it so that it can ask for my password in order to access my folder?

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Setting Permissions For Shared Folders?

Feb 4, 2011

I have a two computers under the same workgroup.

ComputerA - Windows XP SP3
ComputerB - Windows Vista

I shared a folder on computerA and I am able to access it from computerB. The problem is I want to set permissions for the users of computerB on this folder. Under 'Sharing and Security' -> Permissions, I am unable to change the location. It always shows only computerA. How can I change the location to computerB so that I can set different permissions for users of computerB.

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Wireless :: Can Ping Computers But Can't See Shared Folders?

Jul 24, 2011

I have two work laptops connected wireless on my home network. I can see the computers and ping them but i can't see shared folders. These work fine at work. On wireless i am set for obtain address from router DHCP (linksys E3200). Both are on the same ip range. Both are on Win XP pro. I have Everyone in all share permissions and also in the security tab. Both machines when at work are on the same domain but one is a local user on the domain. Simple file share is not selected.

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Old PC Content Visible In Shared Devices Folders?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a HP laptop which is shared on my network using the Windows 7 Homegroup settings. I have set up the homegroup to share the media files.


HP DV7TSE/Core i7/8 GB/2x320GB HDDs Wirelessly connected to my home network

Network streaming devices:

Sony BDP-S570 Blu Ray Player
Both connected through LAN to the router

In my Laptop homegroup & sharing options I have only shared the music, video, & pictures folders. I have set the D drive (separate HDD) as not to be shared.However, when I am browsing the folders on the streaming devices it shows some folders of my D drive which don't even exist anymore. Initially when I set up the drive D drive was visible. However I later changed the settings to unshare the D Drive.

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Windows 7x64 Homegroup Shared Folders

Apr 8, 2011

I have two laptops(Win7x64 Home Premium) and a desktop(Win7x64 Professional)set up to use Homegroup. I can access each computer from the other, however, the desktop folders that are set to Specific Person under shared can not be accessed by either laptop; public folder is ok. I am using Live ID on all three computers. I tried to add the folders to the libraies that I can access and I still can not access them. However, the odd thing, to me anyway, is if I use Explorer and type the Desktop address I can access the folders.

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Sharing :: Copy Protected Shared Folders?

Aug 10, 2012

We have a LAN of 11 computers, I have shared some the folders on my PC because I had to, But I don't want anyone to be able to copy some of the contents........What should I do?

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Sharing :: Vista Can't Open XP Shared Folders

Sep 16, 2011

My Vista can not open/view XP files, though XP can open/view Vista's.My Vista can ping my XP. My XP can ping my Vista.My XP can open/view files on my Vista. But when using my Vista, and I click on the XP computer showing in my Nwtwork to open my XP wireless laptop (Averatec) files, I get the error message (many have seen before): [code] I turned off all firewalls and all anti-virus software.All computers have the identical Workgroup name. NetBIOS over Tcpip is enabled in the Vista.In "Services" I made sure these items were "Started": [code] I even tried changing the Registry key:HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINESYSTEM CurrentControlSetControlLsa "restrictanonymous REG_DWORD to 00000000, but regedit wouldn't allow the change.

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Small Delay When Browsing Shared Folders

Jun 26, 2011

I have a fairly new HP Proliant server that serves as a fileserver, among other things. I've tried serveral operative systems in order to find the one that suits my server-needs best and ended up with Windows 2003 Server.When browsing shares on my server over local network, there is a slight delay on approximately half a second every time I navigate. It's not a huge problem but it's enough to be annoying.However, there was no problem when I tried Debian 6 with Samba. So logic would suggest the problem is somewhere in a setting or something like that. But which setting? [code]

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Sharing :: Shared Folders In Dropbox Won't Appear For Some Users

Apr 11, 2013

My team are using shared folders on dropbox, but we are having issues where some of the shared files will not appear for some users.I've created a shared folder, and all users have accepted invitations to the folder, but it will not appear in one user's dropbox (neither desktop or in web browser), but it does appear in other user's dropbox.I'm having this issue with several shared folders.The dropbox folder is being shared between 1 pc and 2 macs.I've tried re-inviting & clearing the dropbox cache to no success.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Accessing Shared Folders Over WAN-Port?

Jan 11, 2013

i have a question about accessing shared folders over the WAN-Port of an DIR-615. For your information: both sides of the network (LAN and WAN) are under my control.

On the WAN-side of the network we have a fileserver with shared files. We can ping the server and reach it and the Websites on this server are also reachable from the LAN-side. But if we try to access to the shared folders the request doesn't reach the server. If we change the router there are no more problems and anything works without problems. The Router has default-settings except the network-settings so it works in our network. Does this router block outgoing traffic on ports 135-139 and/or 445? And when yes is there any way to disable this? I can't find it.

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Network Sharing - Connect To Desktop's Shared Folders

Jun 20, 2012

I am unable to connect to my desktop's shared folders, and get the message "network path not found" when attempting to go into the desktop. The desktop is connected to the router wirelessly, a pace 2wire gateway, and wirelessly on the laptop. I can see it in the list of devices connected to the gateway, as well as the network folder. I am unable to ping my desktop from the laptop, but i can do so the other way around (desktop can ping my laptop). This is despite turning off windows firewall on the desktop. This started happening right when i got the SP2 upgrade for the desktop, it's a vista system.


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Hamachi VPN - Creating Duplicate Data In Shared Folders?

Aug 17, 2012

I have set up LogMeIn Hamachi with my Linux server and a few clients. I have also created a simple shared folder on the server which shares with a Windows 7 machine.

I'm a bit confused though as to where the data is actually stored - presumably, because I have created the folder ON the server, and then shared it with the client Windows - the data is written on the server, and then accessed by the client if opened.

What I want is to create 2 copies, and automatically create a local copy of anything I put into this shared 'network' folder as well - so essentially there will be a folder when I can throw things into that will instantly duplicate (I run backup protocols separately of this).

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Huge Random Delays While Browsing Shared Folders On Wired XP LAN?

Nov 26, 2012

I administer a wired SOHO network at a business I own, which is nothing more than a XP Pro machine which doubles as a file server. Typically, there are only 3 or 4 work stations in use at any given time, with 3 printers being shared. Backups are done after hours through portable USB. I have a home quality Netgear router behind a cable modem, and unfortunately need to use two 8-port unmanaged switches due to limited cabling between the workstations and the server. Said switches/cabling could prove to be the culprit, except that it used to work nicely.

A few months ago, while browsing the shared folders where the bulk of the approximately 180 Gigs worth of largely graphics files...(browsing from ANY of the terminals)...I began to be aware of random delays of up to 30 seconds or more. It seemed to be a sudden change, but has grown worse over time.

The files in question typically reside under several subdirectories, ie My Network Places/GID/Designs/Stan/Photoshop Files/TeeShirts... and browsing to the actual goodies progresses nicely until the VERY LAST directory, then WHAMMO.....XP flashlight goes back and forth, back and forth, back and might wait half a minute before seeing the actual filenames in the window.

Its exasperating, and can randomly happen even if I'm the only person in the building, and the "server" seemingly has nothing else required of it.

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Windows Vista Cannot Open XP Shared Folders On A Wired Network

May 15, 2012

I have two computers on a wired network, for simplicity I'll call them computer "A" and computer "B".Computer "A" is running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2, and computer "B" is running Windows XP Home Edition SP3.I can no longer get folders from "B" (XP) to open on "A", I say no longer because I used to be able to get them to open.The folders from "B" appear on the wired network okay when viewed on "A" but when I try to open them I get the message as in the enclosed attachment.I have tried switching off the Firewalls on both computers but that has not worked.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Storage Configuration Shared Folders

Mar 27, 2013

My E4200 storage config (portions of it) does not persist through reboot cycles. We often have to reboot the router because we lose wireless conectivity, and each time we reboot, we lose our mapped drives because the router is no longer sharing the folders and permissions I set up. And in the storage settings, my shared folder setup looks like factory default (sharing only root /) after each reboot. Those settings do not persist. I have to restore my router config from a backup after each reboot, which is a real pain. Especially when the kids reboot the router to get their wireless back, but restore is just too complicated for them, and so they call me when they then can not access their network share folders with homework on them.

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Cisco Switches :: ESW-520 / Setting Up Two Separate Networks With Access To Shared Resources?

Jan 19, 2013

We have a two separate businesses in the same building who will both need access to shared resources and the same internet connection. They will need to remain on separate subnets and cannot communicate directly to each other. The current switch is a Cisco ESW-520-48P and we are looking at purchasing an SG-300-20P for the new business moving in. Heres how we envisage setting it up:
ESW-520 will host Company A's network. Workstations, servers etcSG-300 will have two VLANS. VLAN1 will host all Company B's network. Workstations, servers etc. VLAN2 will host the shared resources such as printers. The internet gateway is a UNIX based system with 3 NICS. 2 NICS are taken up by ADSL connections while the other NIC is the LAN, which would connect to VLAN2 on the SG-300. We would like to define which ADSL connection to route through depending on which subnet traffic is originating. The ESW-520 will need access to the shared resources and internet gateway on VLAN2 on the SG-300. 

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Cisco Switches :: How Does One Remotely Access A SG300-28P

Sep 25, 2011

How does one remotely access a SG300-28P?

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Cisco Switches :: (S)NTP Synchronization On SG300 Access?

Nov 17, 2011

In our network two Domain Controllers are configured as the central (S)NTP Servers. For a switch in Layer 3 mode it is quit easy to synchronise with these (S)NTP Servers. But what is actually the best approach for access switches in layer 2 mode, that are connected to the layer 3 switch? The only IP Address they have are part of the management VLAN ID 1 which is not routable. I am actually looking for something like a broadcast without having to put a NTP Server in management vLAN.

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Cisco Switches :: SG300 - How To Block Management Access

Mar 25, 2012

I have a SG300 switch working in layer 3 mode. I created 3 VLANS and the intervlan communication is working fine. I want to know how to block acces to switch managment from the Vlans. One of the vlan is allowed to access the switch but not the others vlans. What is the best way to implement this? with ACL or with Managment Access Method, creating an access profile?

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