Share Network Connectivity From Desktop To Laptop

Apr 16, 2012

i have my desktop computer with a broadband wireless connection. i just want to know how to share internet connection with a laptop. what accessories should i brought and softwares that is needed so that my desktop and laptop will share in internet connection.

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Why Can't Share Internet Between Desktop And Laptop

Apr 10, 2012

I have two computers, a laptop and a desktop. Both are running Win7 64 bit.My laptop's wireless card went kabloom and I'm too broke to afford a wireless adapter for my laptop. So I have the next best thing, connect the desktop to the laptop and share my desktop's internet connection with.But of course, it's not that simple. The problem is that the laptop isn't able to connect to the internet. I have shared my desktop's internet to my laptop before using the same cable and everything and it used to work, but now it doesn't.Now comes the 'weird' part. I reversed the order, or I shared my laptop's wireless connection with my desktop. Although slow and choppy, it did work and I was able to access the internet from my desktop using a connection to my laptop with a cable.

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Cannot Share Files Between Windows 7 Laptop And XP Desktop

Aug 31, 2011

I have a Toshiba Win 7 laptop and a custom-built (JNCS) XP desktop. Both access the Internet thru a D-Link router. I would like to be able to access the working files on each computer from the other. I have changed the workgroup name on my Win 7 laptop to the same name as the workgroup on my XP desktop. I have gone thru the instructions Microsoft gives you, but they are FAR from clear because things don't happen or choices are not available that they reference.

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Share A Internet Connection With A Desktop And 3 Laptop?

Jan 6, 2012

how to share a internet connection with a desktop and 3 laptop...i have 1 wi fi router, 5 port ethernet switch...

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No Connectivity To Wired Desktop On Office Network?

Mar 30, 2011

I have one HP Desktop that decided one day it doesnt want to connect to the internet.

On the network we have two HP desktops (wired), one Dell desktop (wired) and 2 dell laptops (wireless) all connected to a wireless D-Link DIR 655 router . All computers are running Windows XP. All are able to connect to the internet except one HP desktop (only recently).

I have tried connecting the HP desktop in question to the wireless router via a different cable and still no connectivity. I tried disabling and renabling the internet/repairing it to no avail. I've restarted the wireless router and modem. Nothing. I've even tried restarting the computer (who knows it's solved problems before).

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WGR614v9 / Windows 7 Desktop Loses Network Connectivity Twice A Day

May 24, 2011

My primary home machine loses network connectivity for a very brief moment once or twice a day. Here's what I've observed over the past few months:

Seems to happen every 12 hours after a restart Disconnect is very, very brief. Putty sessions, online games, or other applications that require a consistent connection disconnect but it's rare that I can see a ping fail when everything else disconnects.Does not coincide with network problems on other machines (Xbox/media PC/wife's PC).

Other details about my system and home network:

Windows 7

Asus motherboard (couple generations old) with onboard ethernet

Ethernet > wired hub > wireless router > cable modem (wife's PC is connected to the same hub and does not have the problem, at least not on the same schedule)

Things I've tried (and will probably now try again just in case)

Restore network card driver (I'm in the process of finding a specific one for my motherboard)

Tinkered with power saving settings in the ethernet card drivers.

Fully up-to-date Windows install.

Static IP address reserved by the wireless router running DHCP

I'm not 100% sure, but I think this problem persisted across Windows OS upgrades (from Vista to Windows 7 a few months back)

By far the weirdest part is that it seems to happen every 12 hours. Like clockwork, I can predict that I'm going to disconnect from any persistent online connection if I know the last time I restarted my machine.

Solved:I caused my own problem long ago when trying to set static IP addresses in my home. I have a Netgear Router (WGR614v9) and I played with the Address Reservation feature. In addition, I manually set the IP address I wanted to have on my machine using the normal network card properties. Setting the IP address manually is what seems to have caused the conflict.

Finally looked in the Windows Event Viewer and the culprit was quickly identified. At time of restart and every 12 hours later, the following error appeared:

The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address XXXXXXXXXX has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).

I accidentally fixed it for all affected machines by changing the start address of the DHCP server on the router (increased it from 20 to 30). That seemed to kick all the manual entries out and set them back to automatic obtain mode.

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Home Network :: Get Windows 7 Laptop To File Share With XP Desktops?

Sep 26, 2011

I've recently bought a laptop with Windows 7 and would like to be able to connect to my existing home network which comprises 2 desktop PCs connected via a Dlink wireless N router which is acting as a WAP to my Billion non-wireless router (which the two desktop PCs are connected). ie the two desktops are connected via wire to the Billion. The DLink is just there to provide wireless for my laptop (and Ipod)

The first day I setup the new laptop it seemed to recognise the C drive and G drive on my desktop (which I had set to 'share'). i was able to do file transfers.

However, the next day, and since then, the C and G drives don't show up on when I click 'network' on my Laptop's Win Explorer... They did reappear once after I refreshed the Win Explorer several times, but that trick didn't work again

Internet is working fine on all computers. Just would like to be able to share files across the 3 machines...

I've experimented on the laptop with setting as 'public', 'home' and 'work' but didn't have any luck.

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How To Network A Laptop To A Desktop

Feb 20, 2011

I have a desktop and a laptop. Both use Windows XP. The laptop has wireless access to the internet. The desktop is wired to the Internet. How do I use the laptop to access files on the desktop.

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Home Network :: Desktop No Longer Listed Under Network Of Laptop?

Oct 30, 2012

I have a Dell Optiplex running XP wired to a Netgear router. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1501 running Windows 7. When I got the new router everything programed easily and I could retrieve files from my desktop and print remotely. Sometimes I would have to "refresh" before the laptop would detect the desktop but now it will not detect the desktop or the printer. I suspect that a Microsoft Update did this but just guessing. I went back and deleted the updates that downloaded around the time that this stopped working. I have tried every thing that I can think of to get it back working but can not get it fixed.

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Wired Desktop Necessary With All Laptop Network?

Jun 8, 2011

I currently have my ISP-supplied modem wired to both my router and an old, old desktop. Can I run this network without using a desktop ethernet connection & throw away the desktop?

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Desktop Can't Find The Laptop In Network?

Apr 1, 2011

i have a desktop running windows 7 connected to internet with wired connection from linksys e2000 router andd then i have laptop which is connected to the wifi network from same router. laptop is also running windows 7. now the problem is that i have printer attached to the laptop and i want to print from the desktop but desktop is not seeing the laptop at all in the network.

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How To Create Network Between Laptop And Desktop

Apr 17, 2012

I would like to create a network between my laptop and desktop PC so I can use the printer.

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Create An Ad-Hoc Network Between Desktop And Laptop?

Sep 17, 2012

My desktop, which runs on Vista, is connected to the internet via a cable modem. I am trying to get my laptop, which runs on Windows 7, to connect to the same network without a router via the use of an Ad-Hoc network.

I have created the Ad-Hoc network on my desktop and have successfully connected to it through my laptop. The problem is that although I am connected to the Ad-Hoc network on the laptop I cant connect to the internet. It simply says Access Type: No Internet Access. I have internet sharing on and don't know what to do to successfully connect to the internet via the laptop. When I diagnose the connection it says "The network adapter does not have a valid IP configuration" I have both pcs set to "Obtain IPv6/v4 addresses automatically" and dont know what else to do.

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Desktop Does Not Show Up On Laptop Network?

Apr 13, 2011

My desktop is my main computer and is connected to a wireless router. I have added my laptop which i can see and can get into it's files. On the laptop, I cannot get into the desktop files and I cannot share the printer that is connected to the desktop.

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Desktop Not Accessible From Laptop In Home Network

Aug 19, 2011

My desktop is not accessible from my laptop in my home network. This seemed to happen all of a sudden.Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access. PS: I can access the laptop from my desktop.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting Laptop To Desktop On A Network?

Feb 9, 2011

I have a desktop connected to our work network. It's running XP Pro. I also have a laptop running vista home. Is there a way to hardwire that laptop to the desktop, so i can share files between those two computers, while ALSO keeping my desktop connected to my office network?Since it's vista home, I can't connect the laptop to our network, since it can only connect in workgroups, not networks. But if I'm just able to just use the laptop, create files, and then either save them to a shared folder with my desktop or just save them to the desktop with a switch or something, it wouldn't be a problem that my laptop can't connect to the network.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Sees Network No Internet On Desktop Or Laptop

Apr 15, 2011

Have Win 7 on a desktop and laptop. Tried several ways through network wizard(novice on PCs) to setup network and no internet connection with either unit. The router sees the internet and the laptop picksup the network I setup but can not connect on either PC. I know I don't have a setting write and I do not know where to start again or what specifically to look for. We just want Internet on both PCs.

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Can't Access Wireless Network From Laptop And Can't Find It On 2nd Desktop Computer

Jun 21, 2011

I have a Linksys wireless G Router (WRT54G5 model) and I've recently had some problems with it. First problem, I cant find my wireless network from my desktop, but it shows up on my laptop but it wont let me access it from there. The power, wlan, port 1, and internet led lights are all on and green. How can I get my wireless network to show up on my desktop and how can I access it from my laptop? If I unplug my router for 30 seconds and plug it.

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Home Network :: Connecting To Internet From Vista Laptop Through Win XP Desktop

Feb 13, 2011

I am having internet connected to my Desktop with Win XP. Internet mode is Wireless Data Card that can be inserted into USB port. Now I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. I was able to connect both of them using ethernet cross over cable and successfully enabled file sharing through Local Area Network. But I want to access Internet from the laptop. Is it possible?

FYI, when I typed ipconfig in cmd prompt in desktop,
PPP adapter High Speed Data:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :


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Wireless Laptop Cannot Ping Wired Desktop On Home Network

May 7, 2012

I have a wired desktop PC (HP dx2480) running XP SP3 connected to a LinkSys Wireless 4-port router, and a laptop (Lenovo X61) running XP SP3 connected wireless to the same home network (192.168.0.x). The LinkSys connects by cable to a DSL router for internet access. Both PC and laptop get DHCP IPs from the Linksys (which I have hard-coded - mapped MAC to IP). They are on the same Windows Workgroup "HOME". Both Desktop and Laptop have same Windows User Logins. My desktop had a virus attack (trojan), which I removed and re-installed XP SP3 (from HP disks). Since then the PC seems to have "network sharing and discovery issues" on the network.

- The wired PC CAN ping the laptop, but laptop CANNOT ping PC.

- Both laptop and PC CAN access the internet.

- The laptop and PC COULD NOT see each other on Windows Workgroup, or see shares. This got resolved once I added IPX/SPX/NetBios Protocol on both the wired and wireless NICs on both PC/laptop respectively. NOTE: Before adding this protocol, I double-checked that File-Printer Sharing was enabled on both NICs, Windows Firewall had File-Print Sharing as exclusion. I tried everything including disabling firewall on both, disabling McAfee scanning on both, disabling Firewall on Linksys, but nothing worked.

- The laptop CAN see the NAS (Seagate GoFlexHome - connected by cable to LinkSys) using Seagate Dashboard software and direct IP. The PC CANNOT access the NAS using the Dashboard software but CAN access through direct IP. The NAS is named "goflex_home", which both can discover as \goflex_home from explorer.

- The laptop CAN see ITunes Home Share from a NAS, but the PC CANNOT see any home shares on the NAS (or from the laptop). I even added Home Sharing TCP/UDP ports as exceptions on the Firewall on the PC, but it still doesn't work.

- Some blog checking the node type on IP addresses given by DHCP. The laptop has Node Type "Hybrid", and the PC has "Unknown". I even went to PC regedit.exe and modified the and Change EnableProxy to 0 or 1 (instead of 2 that was in the PC as default).

- I have used SG TCPOptimizer on both laptop and PC to revert to Windows default?

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Can't Share Folder From Desktop Itself

Mar 10, 2011

Today, when I tried to share one folder in my desktop, I was getting a message "to share this folder, move to the shared folders". Then I moved the folder to the shared folder and shared it. But I wonder why I can't share the folder from the desktop itself.

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Sharing :: Limited Or No Connectivity When Trying To Share With Xbox 360?

May 8, 2011

Pretty much what the title says. Im trying to share my internet connection from my Pc to my Xbox 360, internet is virgin mobile broadband2Go[CODE]

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Vista Laptop Can't Find Desktop / Printer And Backup F Drive On Network

May 19, 2012

home network was working fine up until a few days ago. unsure what happened but my Vista laptop no longer can see my desktop, printer and backup F: drive on the network. HOWEVER, desktop can see my laptop.using linksys router WRT54GS with DSL laptopWin XP desktop downstairs with attached printer and linksys wireless pc card installed Kaspersky antivirus?

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Sony Vaio Laptop Causing Network Cable Unplugged On Desktop PC

Jan 2, 2012

I realise many people are having this issue and there any lots of threads about it all, which i have spent hours looking through forums for answers but I am not that computer savy to understand it all...Haven't really come accross the same scenerio as i am having, so here it is: Just brought a Sony Vaio Laptop running Win 7 home Premium. Have a desktop computer running xp which is connected to modem and router...Am running a D-link DSL-502T and Linksys wireless-G broadband Router, model :WRT54G.My issue is i can connect to the wireless network through the laptop but when i switch the wireless switch on the laptop every few minutes the desktop PC will drop the connection and display network cable unplugged, then goes back and fourth connecting and disconnecting every few soon as i flick wireless switch off on laptop all is fine again.....wireless works as have another laptop running windows 7 pro and can connect mobile phone through wireless and ipad etc...I have had the internet load web pages but connection doesnt stay on...Does the same thing when i try connecting directly using network cable.

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Connect CAT5e Cable From Laptop Connected To Wireless Network To Desktop

Feb 6, 2013

Can I connect a cat5e cable from my laptop connected to my wireless network to my desktop and receive internet on the desktop?

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Unable To Share The Files On Desktop With Netbook?

Mar 21, 2011

I have a small home network set up: desktop, wireless router, printer, netbook, two set-top boxes, visiting(!) laptops. Until recently, it worked fine, then two things happened.

1 - everything on the Internet went VERY slow and call to my ISP resulted in a new router.

2 - I also subscribed to McAfee Home Protect through my ISP rather than ther free AVG.

Since then, I have been unable to share the files on my desktop with my netbook; it can not see them on My Network Places.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 Share Internet Connectivity?

May 18, 2012

I would like to ask about following setup.

Internet --> Cisco ASA 5515X --> 2 Gbits etherchannel --> Cisco 2960T-48 --> 40 customers, each has own VLAN
Cust 1 -- VLAN 10 --port Fa0/1
Cust 2 -- VLAN 20 --port Fa0/2
Cust 3 -- VLAN 30 --port Fa0/3
Cust 4 -- VLAN 40 --port Fa0/4
Cust 5 -- VLAN 50 --port Fa0/5

I have to provide sharing internet connectivity for all customers.Speed is 100 Mbits, I have to garantee 3 Mbit to every customer and max speed will be not limited.ASA do routing, firewalling, nat etc.

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Make Desktop Share Internet Connection To Wifi?

Feb 15, 2013

My question is how can i turn this adapter that i get internet from for my desktop INTO wifi so i can use my tablet?right now the desktop is the only computer with internet since it has an adapter.what do i need to make a WIFI signal from the computer? is there a usb stick or router i can buy?

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No Wired Connection - Desktop Lost All Connectivity

Jul 3, 2011

A few days ago my desktop (which is hardlined into a router) lost all connectivity. My wireless connections work fine and i have began basic troubleshooting; changing ethernet cables, taking router out of the mix, etc. Beginning to think the ethernet port on pc is going out (NIC card?). Funny thing is, it will come back intermitantly for 10 minute increments. power cycling does nothing.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: No Connectivity On Desktop That Is Directly Linked To Router

Aug 29, 2011

I know there are a lot of threads out there regarding connection issues, both with wireless & LAN connections, after updating firmware to 1.35.  To provide a snapshot of my setup...I have 3 GB switches throughout my home, a couple Ethernet enabled Blu-Ray players, 2 XBOX 360's, multiple satellite receivers with Ethernet, 5 PC's, 3 iphones, get the picture.  I also have 5 older DLink wi-fi cameras.  So, with this said my setup has been flawless for some time.  However, a week or so ago I upgraded my firmware on my DIR-655 to the latest version...everything still seemed fine at the time.  Yesterday I noticed we had no wireless internet so I went and checked.  Sure connectivity on my desktop that's directly linked to the router, etc.

I tried rebooting & then resetting the connectivity, but as soon as I plugged my PC into the IP address.  I played around with settings, wiring configurations, etc...I'm pretty up to speed on this setup so I felt I exhausted every option.  I thought my router went bad...gave me an excuse to go get the latest so I brought home a NetGear N750...hooked it up.  As soon as I changed the LAN IP address range to condense the #of IP addresses I'm giving out again, the LAN connection to the PC was lost...I could not get it restored.  I finally got it working, bypassing the GB switch, but the wireless would lose connection literally after a few seconds.

I ended up taking the NetGear router back and bought the exact same DIR-655, but this time it was HW version B1 instead of A and it was firmware #2.00 or something like that.  I hooked it up when I got home...configured the system to exactly the way I had it before and PRESTO!!!  My system is working like it was before.  I can only think that the firmware upgrade I made on the previous router screwed something up in my system. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Wired Desktop Has No Connectivity

Apr 21, 2012

I have a Linksys E2000 router that is connected to my cable modem.  I have a desktop computer that is connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and two laptops in the house that connect wirelessly to the router to get internet access.
This morning, all devices were connected to the internet just fine.  I stepped away for a few hours and during that time the desktop 'lost' its internet connection.  I have tried re-booting the router and removing-reconnecting the ethernet cable but nothing is restoring the connection.
The fact that my wireless devices are connecting means my internet service is fine, right?  So what is preventing the desktop from gaining a connection?

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Home Network :: Windows 7 Laptop To XP Home Desktop Wireless

Mar 13, 2011

I have been having a bit of trouble with networking my two machines to share files and allow printing i have a win 7 laptop and a xp home desktop. I share a net connection via 02 wireless box both systems have wireless i have tried many things

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Share Internet From Laptop To Pc Through USB?

Aug 23, 2011

my power supply was fried in a storm a while back so i swapped it with another power supply, but the power supply i put in is 20pin while my board is 24. the computer runs fine but i cant connect to the internet. im assuming the pci slots arent being powered so network card isnt working, or the network card is shot. regardless, no matter which port i plug an ethernet into it wont recognize its there. my laptop works fine but is terribly slow and not good for gaming. is there any possible way i could use my laptop to connect my desktop to the internet without an ethernet cable?

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