Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Multi Forest AD Integration?

Aug 24, 2011

Domain A (Forest 1) <--Two Way Trust--> Domain B (Forest 2)
ACS is joined to domain A.
My question is AD integration (Not LDAP) supported between 2 domains in different forests?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5585 / Identity Firewall With Single Forest / Multi-Domain

Dec 28, 2011

I have a question with regard to setting up the ID firewall on the ASA 5585 in a single forest, multiple domain windows network.Currently I have a semi-operational IDF at the top level but can't find users on the lower other domains, here is the setup:I have 3 domains.

Both domains have a two way parent-child trust and I can look for users in AD Users/Computer on both domains.  I initially setup the ASA to look at using an LDAP aaa-server per the IDF instructions, and then proceeded to configure the ad-agent.  I installed the adagent on the domain controller configured the settings on that system and had no problem adding users to the firewall and getting functionality within domain1.  I looked to see if I could see domain 2 and domain 3 users and found none.  I went ahead and added the domain2 system to the adagent on the DC and the system says that it is up, but when I search for users is not pulling them from domain2.  Instead, it shows domain1 users as domain2user1.  I also configured another adserver in the ASA to search ldap on domain 2 to no avail.The cisco documentation states the following:•Before you configure even a single domain controller machine using the adacfg dc create command, ensure that the AD Agent machine is first joined to a domain (for example, domain J) that has a trust relationship with each and every domain (for example, domain D[i]) that it will monitor for user authentications (through the domain controller machines that you will be configuring on the AD Agent machine). Single Forest, Multiple Domains—All the domains in a single forest already have an inherent two-way trust relationship with each other. Thus, the AD Agent must first be joined to one of the domains, J, in this forest, with this domain J not necessarily being identical to any of the domains D[i] corresponding to the domain controller machines. Because of the inherent trust relationship between domain J and each of the domains D[i], there is no need to explicitly configure any trust relationships.Reading that it sounds like it should just work.  I had everything properly configured before I installed the adagent, but I'm guessing that there is a chance that you can't have the adagent on the top level DC and get to communicate with the lower level domains. 

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.1 With AD Integration

Mar 14, 2011

first i configure the ACS to Synchronize time from AD as NTP server second when i configure the integration between the ACS and AD and test the connection there is no output from this test but i see that the domain is connected and the end of the page the problem is when i try to navigate the groups by go to directory group and use select there is no output.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: WLC Integration With NAC 4.9(1) L3 OOB

Apr 15, 2013

Is it possible to integrate a WLC with a NAC 4.9(1) L3 OOB? I can't find any documentation that says that it is possible or not.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.3 Integration With RSA?

Dec 24, 2012

I have Integrated the ACS 5.3 with AD.Now my next goal is to Integrate ACS with RSA in such a way that all my Cisco devices should use the username and password from the AD.The enable privilege level should come from the RSA Token OTP.Is it possible to do such a thing with ACS 5.3?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Integration Of WLC (7.0.235) With ISE?

Nov 20, 2011

We have a customer who wants to configure his guest wireless network in such way that the guest should fill in a self registration form and generate the username and password themselves. For this purpose we are using cisco ISE but we don't know how to integrate it with cisco WLC.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Integration Of ACS 4.2 With AD

Jun 24, 2012

We have an ACS running 4.2. I am sure that this ACS is talking to our AD database because our wireless users (using ACS as RADIUS servers) are able to log in using their Windows AD account.
However, I am not sure how ACS is integrated with AD. Our ACS is installed on a windows 2003 R2 server. I am not sure where the AD database is?  ie,if AD is on the same server as ACS OR on a different server [ADs managed by different group altogether :-(  ].

How is the integration done between ACS and AD when both are on the same windows server? And How is the integration done between ACS and AD when they are on different windows servers?

ACS is software installed on windows 2003 R2 server.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 4.2 Integration With AD 2008 R1?

Jul 13, 2011

I have configured my WLC 4402 for Radius authentication using Cisco ACS server version 4.2 Patch 4. When using Local Database of ACS my Wireless Users are able to authenticate but users are not able to authenticate from External Database of Windows AD 2008 R1.
In ACS logs I am getting the this error- Authentication session timed out. Challenge not provided by client.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Prime NCS Integration With ACS 5.1?

Jan 29, 2013

We've an issue with authorization on NCS system. NCS successfully integrated witch ACS, but there is a problem with one user. All users have equivalent rights under root. There is shell profile with all possible tasks (exported from NCS server) configured on ACS. All users exept this one (unlucky one:)) authorizes successfully.  In  ACS logs, authentification and authorization status for this user is passed and all attributes (policy, profile, AV-pairs e.t.c.) is the same as for another users. This 'unlucky' user gets a following message: There is surely no browser or network issue. Tried from different PCs with same result. There is no any local info related to this username on the NCS server. When i change one charecter in the username on his ACS account, everything works well.

Our ACS v
Version : 1.1.2.X

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: Cisco ACS 1121 Integration With AD?

May 15, 2011

integrated the Cisco ACS 1121 with 5.1 and AD and been able to use multiple policies to permit or deny access to different NDG?  I am able to authenticate agains AD but I am having an issue with getting the policies to use the user memberOf attribute to set access levels. 

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With LDAP?

Jun 22, 2011

provide me  Step by Step procedure for integrating LDAP with ACS 5.2 .

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ISE 1.1.1 With Domino LDAP Integration?

Oct 23, 2012

know about Domino LDAP ? I would like to integrate this LDAP with Cisco ISE.I try to bind this LDAP but it does not show me anything in "Naming Context". So I cannot choose group to map into ISE.I test this on WLC. It is success to do but cannot make the same thing with Cisco ISE.Is this LDAP supports with Cisco ISE 1.1.1 ?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Active Directory Integration Acs 5.1?

Aug 24, 2011

I'm attempting to integrate an acs 5v into the domain through the gui. The connection will establish, and the status will read 'connected', just as it lists the domain I've submitted. However, I can't seem to find anything listed under the directory groups, and when I run a connection test, I simply get 'Global Catalogue port status error.' Eventually, I'd like to configure this as a radius server.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With RSA Allow Only One Login Every Minute?

Nov 1, 2011

I have an ACS 5,2.0.26-8 running on VM intergrated with RSA. Users are able to login using their RSA passcode for network management utilizing TACACS. The problem seam to be related with RSA token caching. Once a user login sucessful on device A using current token he can not login with the same token on another device. User must wait for a new token and then he can login again.  Before moving to ACS 5.2 we were using ACS 4.2 (intergrated with the same RSA) and back then ACS 4.2 cache passcode so user where able to login on devices using the same passcode. When the token change user have to use the new one. providing the same functionality like the "Token Card Settings" Durantion option under group properties, to cache token for a specific period. The global option for caching under RSA definition on 5.2 does not solve the problem.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.1 Integration With NGenius Server

Mar 8, 2011

I'm currently working on ACS 5.1 to use it as AAA server for Netscout NGenius.I followed a guide for ACS 4.2 and tried to replicate the configuration settings in ACS 5.1.
- created a host profile on network devices and AAA clients having the same shared key with NGenius
- added three (3) NGenius required attributes in system administration > configuration > identity > internal users
- added attribute values to Internal User database
- created an access policy:
* identity pointing to Internal Users
- edit in NGenius server to match the requirements
I would like to have NGenius authenticate via ACS 5.1, but as of the moment there is an error message that I receive:

Unicentified error, Code=16510, Details: AV pairs do not match NGenius format ::<insert tacacs username here>, Severity 1, Code: 16510.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Active Directory Integration

Apr 24, 2012

A customer uses Active Directory where some group names contain special characters (ç ~ '^). The Cisco ACS 5.2 is presenting the warnings: "Not all Active Directory user groups are retrieved successfully. One or more of thegroup's canonical name was not retrieved "(Category CSC Oacs_ Identity_ Stores_Diagnostics; code 24457).

What are the results of these warnings to the customer's network? Slow? Loss of access?

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Cisco AAA / Identity / Nac :: Nexus 7009 - Integration Of ACS With RSA

May 29, 2012

We have Nexus7009 at client network but due to limitation of Nexus switches that they can not be directly integrate Nexus with RSA so client has purchased cisco ACS for the AAA. We are able to do the authentication and authorization via ACS.However clients wants to further integrate the ACS with RSA so that authentication should happen via RSA and authorization should happen ACS. Is that possible ? if yes, how can i configure the ACS ?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Integration Of ACS 4.2 And MS Active Directory

Oct 21, 2010

configure the Cisco ACS to authenticate the users from MS Active Directory. Cisco Acs = 4.2.1(15)Currently, i have multiple users configured as local databse. but now i want to authenticate with the domain users.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Integration ACS 5.2 With Other Device (sandvine)

Sep 18, 2012

I have a ACS version 5.2 (TACACS) where I require equipment integrated with Sandvine, I currently looking information and very little to manage the integration of ACS with these teams Sandvine.
I have an information on the provider Sandvine with a guide to the case where only states:

TACACS + server
On a TACACS + server, each user entry must allow the service "Sandvine". Within this
service, the attribute-value pairs Following can exist:
• An attribute named "Sandvine-Group" of type string.


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AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With Safe Connect?

Jan 26, 2012

I am having an issue upgrading from 4.1 to 5.2 in regards to interoperability with our SafeConnect appliance.  When I bring 5.2 online, Safe Connect reacts and causes network outages. 

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With AD Windows 2000 Advanced SP4?

Dec 13, 2012

I'm having a issue when configuring Cisco ACS 5.2 appliance 1121 to integrate windows 2000 Active Directory as an External Users Database.I'm using an account with administrator privileges on AD (can create computer objects).The ACS register itself successfully to the domain but it doesn't retrieve the AD Groups, even when i change the seach base and filter.At this link says that ACS supports AD over Windows 2003, 2008 and 2008R2 but it doesnt say that not supports Windows 2000.[URL]

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: 5508 And Active Directory Integration Using EAP?

May 24, 2011

I have just recently purchased a 5505 Controller and 30 3502i AP's. On my main corporate WLAN, I would like to allow users to be able to authenticate via Active Directory username and password.I am also looking for as little client side set up as possible. From what I have researched, I will need to use some type of EAP method.
I have come across two methods that appear to be the top contenders.
EAP-FAST - The method seems to be a possibility but I see that it uses certificates. If I use this method, does it mean that I would have to import the certificates to each machine manually? Also, can I configure thsi to work with just the 5508 Controller and an AD Database server or do I need an intermediary like IAS or ACS?
PEAP/GTC - This method is also a possibility and I think that it does not require certificates. Does this also require an intermediary like ACS or IAS.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Juniper Netscreen Integration In ACS 5.1 Tacacs

Oct 21, 2011

I wants to inegrate Juniper netscreen firewall in Tacacs Cisco Acs 5.1.As I go through Juniper KB which mentioned that I need to enable Netscreen Service in Cisco ACS 5.1. how to enable Netscreen service in Cisco Acs 5.1 and how I got Further to integrate Juniper Netscreen Device in Cisco cs 5.1

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Administrators Accounts Integration Authentication In ACS 5.3

Dec 5, 2011

Can I authenticate users/administrators managing ACS5.3 via GUI and CLI against Microsoft AD. I think I heard it from someone from Cisco when a lot of improvements were introduced in ACS5.3 that I can do it. Doesn't seem to be available still

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With LDAP For User Authentication

Dec 17, 2011

While configuring LDAP , I got struck in  “Step 3 - Directory Organization”. How to make this work? My aim is to make users authenticated from their windows domain usernames and passwords while they log in to AAA clients.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: 3315 ISE Integration With Mobile Device Management

Jul 19, 2012

We are conduction a Proof Of Concept (PoC) on  Secure Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ) using Cisco ISE and gonna test all the scenarios like Wired, Wireless and VPN user access.
Our Setup has  ISE VM acting as Admin, Monitor and Profiling Device, we have NAC 3315 physical Appliance as Inline posture Device, Wireless LAN controller, Access point and the Identity source as Microsof Active Directory.Having Plans to Integrate Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) and Citrix VDI setup also.
As of now we have tested the Wired Scenario Authentication and authorization for guest users and gonna carry out the profiling and posture.
-MDM can be integrated to ISE ? 
-How the MDM can be integrated to Cisco ISE configuration or Guide to show the same?
-What is the demarcation between MDM and ISE ( i.e. What is the role of ISE and MDM on Mobile Devices ) ?
-If MDM is available so then when the control of ISE ends, does MDM do management or ISE will do management of the devices ?
-Is MDM will do client provisioning or ISE should do ?
-Is MDM send or update patches of Mobile Devices ?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: 5508 ISE Integration With PEAP (Server Side Cert)

Oct 20, 2012

We are currently evaluating ISE and I am stuck with the PEAP authentication (with Server side Cert).Our current setup consists of two 5508 controllers, 30+ access point. For authentication we are using PEAP with (server side Cert). We have an IAS server which is also acting as a CA server. We are using Cisco’s NAM as a supplicant on Windows XP & 7 workstations. I would like to use ISE for authentication. I would like to use PEAP with Server side Cert (similar setup like IAS). I want ISE to perform the same function in addition to profiling etc.....
I was able to integrate ISE with Active Directory but could not get it working with PEAP (server side Cert). I would also like to know if they used Microsoft’s CA server or Open SSL CA server or a third party CA server (Go Daddy, VeriSign etc.)Can you we ISE as a CA server just the way we used Microsoft’s IAS Server as a CA Server?

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 - Joining Multi-DC Domain

Dec 21, 2010

I've just installed two ACS 5.2 appliances and I'm trying to get them to join my domain, I've setup an account that has the relevant permissions (tested the account on a laptop and it can join the machine to the domain).
The ACS keeps coming back with an invalid credentials to join the domain error despite the fact that I know the user in question has the correct permissions.
I have a suspicion that the problem is related to how the ACS handles the Active Directory Domain, we have a large domain that spans several domain controllers. The DNS server uses round robin DNS to serve a different DC's IP each time, however a typical windows laptop is aware of what controllers it's allowed to use whereas the ACS box doesn't appear to be.
The ACS servers are located in a network in the UK that is only allowed to talk to 2/6 DC's and I have no way of controlling what IP appears when the ACS tries to join the domain due to the round robin DNS.
Is there any way to get around this? Or any way to hard code a specific DC for the server to connect to? Even being able to add the DNS manually to a hosts file would work.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 4.2 Appliance Integrate Multi Domain

Sep 1, 2011

I have a question. What is the requirement of integrate ACS 4.2 Appliance and AD about CA server? it has to be windows 2003 server enterprice o windows 2008 enterprice? or it can be windows 2003 and 2008 stand alone? another question is about multi domain, i have domain father and children. the installation of CA Server is in domain father to enable 802.1x with AD with all domain children integrate? or I can be install the CA server in the server of domain children and is it work (CA server installed in server in domain child and it working all domains child and father)?

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Adding A Second DC To The Forest Root Domain?

Feb 27, 2013

I have installed Windows Server 2008R2 on a virtual machine and have setup AD and a domain name called and is the first DC. I've created another VM and again installed Windows Server2008r2 and want to add a second DC to the forest root domain. When i run dcpromo and at the option 'Choose deployment conifiguration' wizard i select Existig forest >Add a domain controller to an existing domain > Next, the next screen appears and i type in the domain as but when i enter the credentials under 'Alternatate credentials' and enter the admin username and password, i receive an error saying that it cannot be contacted. When i press the details button i can see the description[CODE]

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2.1 And ACS 5.3 Integration?

Mar 1, 2012

Is integration of LMS 3.2.1 with ACS 5.3 now possible ? (I understood from this forum that early ACS 5.x could not integrate wih LMS 3.2, but that this feature would be restored at one point in time (5.1?)).

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Cisco :: CW LMS 3.2 DB Views Integration With HP DDM

Feb 12, 2012

Our DDM admin would like to pull device information from LMS. I've enabled DB Views (ODBC) access and tested from my desktop that I can query the data successfully. The DDM admin is telling me DDM requires access to several master tables - sysservers, sysdatabases, syslogins, etc..before he can query the RME/ANI device data. Does these master system tables are available, exposed or even exist in LMS? I can't find them.

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Cisco :: For RADIUS Integration Between WLC 5508 And MS NPS

Nov 3, 2012

We are trying to integrate Cisco WLC 5508 and Microsoft NPS 2008 to allow users to use their AD username and password to authenticate to the wireless network.I basically followed the following document but with no luck (Appendix B): URL I'v went through some threads in this forum but also with no luck,Basically, we are recieving the follwoing error in NPS event viewer:A RADIUS message was received from RADIUS client a.a.a.a with an invalid authenticator. This is typically caused by mismatched shared secrets. Verify the configuration of the shared secret for the RADIUS client in the Network Policy Server snap-in and the configuration of the network access server.

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