Cisco Firewall :: Difference ASA5510-BUN-K9 And ASA5510-Sec-Bun-K9

Jun 6, 2012

ASA 5510 have two model Bun-K9 and Sec-Bun-K9 from the datasheet find out difference Port related and Redundancy. My questions is : Have any major difference for Security service between two model ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Using SCP On ASA5510

Mar 14, 2011

We have to use scp on all of our network devices.  It worked quite well on our routers and switches but I can't seem to get it to work for the firewalls and IPS.  I enabled scp on my ASA5510 using the command "ssh scopy enable".  I also ensured that a rsa key was generated and that ssh ver 2 was enabled.  But I can't seem to locate the commands to actually have my firewall either copy it's configuration to a server or reach out to a server to pull down a file.  We are using IOS 8.2(1).

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Rdp With QoS

Mar 22, 2011

I have a customer who wants to prioritze rdp traffic throgh the firewall.I know that its port 3389, but outgoing traffic is a random port number.Any smart way to catch this traffic and get it in the LLQ ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 - Unable To Ping From User Desktop To Firewall Inside IP

Jun 11, 2012

I am able to ping from Switch to firewall inside ip and user desktop ip but unable to ping from user desktop to  FW Inside ip.. config is below for both switch and FW Cisco ASA5510....
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Secondary Firewall Crashes After Upgrade To 8.4.1

Jun 29, 2011

I have two ASA5510's set up in failover, and the secondary keeps crashing after doing the interface checks when bringing failover up. This only happens if I try to upgrade the image on the secondary to anything newer than 8.4.1 (I've tried with 8.4.1-11 and 8.4.2). The primary one run just fine with new images.
I don't have the exact error right now, as I need to do a screen capture from console. It's just a huge crash dump.Are there anything I might have missed during the upgrade? Should I cold-boot both the firewalls in the correct order?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 - IOS Upgrade From 8.0(3) To 8.2.5

Sep 13, 2012

we have ASA 5510 which we need to upgrade from 8.0(3) to 8.2.5. can we directly switch to 8.2.5 from 8.0(3) , if not what all versions we need to go from.
What all point needs to check before that following is show flash output.
97  14635008   
Jan 01 2003 14:12:16  asa803-k8.bin   98  4096 
May 14 2008 21:22:10  tmp    2  4096
Apr 20 2008 02:21:46  log    6  4096
Apr 20 2008 02:22:16  crypto_archive   99  6851212
[Code] .....

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Allow Traffic From DMZ To LAN

Sep 18, 2011

My device has 3 interfaces configured: inside, outside, DMZ.  Right now I can access the DMZ from the Internet and I can access the DMZ from the LAN using an exempt nat statement.  I am having a few issues setting up DMZ > LAN access however.  The servers running on the DMZ need to send information to my LAN such as syslog traffic for example.  Will DMZ traffic be NATed or should this somehow be excluded?  Bascially all LAN devices should get to the DMZ devices by their actual IP and vice versa.  Are there any special statements I need to add to the ASA such as nat or ACLs to make this work?  My LAN is and DMZ is

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Cannot Seem To Get From Inside To Outside

Oct 20, 2011

I have a ASA 5510 with asa8.4(2) and asdm6.4(5)205.  Have a new basic config, nothing special at this time.  I just cannot seem to get from the inside to the outside.  From the outside interface I can ping, so I have a good Internet connection. [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 8.4 DMZ Cannot Get To Internet

Apr 24, 2012

WE have a DMZ on ASA5510 8.4, it can access anything internal  interface but cannot get out to internet or outside interface. I try to ping from a host in the DMZ to and get this in the log 6Apr 25 201208:24:431100038.8.8.80172.10.1.1501Routing failed to locate next hop for ICMP from outside: to inside: [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: To Upgrade To 2GB RAM In ASA5510

Apr 5, 2012

I am having ASA5510 firewall which has 1GB RAM currently. I want to upgrade to 2GB. When I opened the box, I can see only 1 slot to insert the RAM. I searched in Cisco website and I got to know that I need to use 2 x 1 GB RAM. So, I need to have 2 slots to do that. But,  I am having only 1 slot in the box.

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Cisco Firewall :: Alternative To PBR On ASA5510

Mar 30, 2011

We have an ASA5510 with a backup ISP connection protecting our corporate network.  I also have a mail server and I would like to route SMTP traffic over the backup network.  I realize that the ASA5510 does not support PBR, but I also know that I can use static NAT rules as a workaround to direct specific types of traffic over a particular interface (e.g. "static (outside,inside) tcp www www netmask" and "static (backup,inside) tcp smtp smtp netmask"). is it possible to use something similar to force a particular host to use a specific interface? I have tried to make this work on my own without success.  Is it even possible?

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Cisco Firewall :: Pix 501 Licensing With Asa5510

Dec 5, 2012

I bought a Cisco ASA 5510 (P/N: ASA5510-BUN-K9) and i would like to know if i have to buy some license,What i mean is, for the basics, it still being necessary aquire some license?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 IOS Upgrade From 7.04 To 8.2?

May 31, 2011

We are about to upgrade our ASA's from 7.04 to 8.2. Obviously I will be opening a TAC case to assist with the upgrade and I will also be upgrading ASDM software at the same time. These production firewalls are paired with an active --> failover scenario and not active --> active.  I had previously engaged cisco regarding the upgrade and they have recommended an upgrade path to ensure success. Also, I have a pair of test ASA's that I've gone through the upgrade process with - documenting the changes in commands and any changes in my config (I didn't notice any).So, the reason for my post is this: What are the gotcha's that you may have run into when upgrading your ASA's?These are fairly high visibility ASA's and any downtime due to the upgrade needs to be mitaged as much as possible.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 With 2811 ISR?

May 26, 2012

I have a 2811 ISR configured to provide the following services to my network:
Internet access to LAN users Cisco Call Manager ExpressSite-to-stie VPN to 3rd party networksVPN server to provide VPN access to remote usersSecurity Zone configurationsStatic NAT configurations Now I recently just got the ASA5510 device and I am not sure how to go about with the setup, whether to put the ASA in between the internet and the ISR (Internet - ASA - ISR - LAN), or put the ISR in between the internet and the ASA (Internet - ISR - ASA - LAN)?

While i know I can move most of the config unto the ASA, i know that the CME cannot be moved, hence I would like to do the setup such that users on the network still have access to CME.

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Cisco Firewall :: No Response From ASA5510

Apr 24, 2012

We have an ASA5510 and I am getting absolutely no response from the console port.  Not even a blip when I turn it on.  If I leave the compact flash in the internal bay, I get Green Power, Amber Status, Amber Active and Green VPN when I start it up.  The Flash LED flashes Green twice then goes out.  If I move the compact flash to the external bay, all of the other lights remain the same as described above but the Flash LED goes to steady Green.  How ever, there is still no response whatsoever from the console port.  Have replaced the DIMM but that had no effect.  This is a four (4) slot ASA5510 and I have just the one DIMM in slot P13 as described on a post I found.  The power supply fan comes on as well as the two (2) fans that cool the heatsink.  The other two (2) fans on the expansion module side do not come on. 

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Cisco Firewall :: Unable To Use RDP Through ASA5510

Aug 17, 2011

We just switched to a 5510 from a PIX 515 last evening, and the only things that are not working are any services from the outside to the inside.  Example: I am unable to connect to a RDP server on the inside from the outside.  I've been looking at the config for the past five hours, but am unable to see my mistake.  Running 8.2(1)   People on the inside are able to get out. 

name mailserver
name video-conf
name PubMail
name VidCon
name Ms-Aderson

[code] .......

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Upgrade From 8.21 To 8.31

May 15, 2013

Upgrade from firmware 8.21 5o 8.31? I am installing 1GB of memory in my ASA 5510 and in the process I have upgrade the firmware.
- Will the upgrade change my configuration or will I have to change this manually myself at some point
- What is the meaning of "Real IP" I am not sure what the means (reading up on it now)
- What else should I be concerned about during the upgrade?

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 515 To Asa5510 W Occ Tool

Mar 29, 2011

i need to move from a pix 515e. V 6.3 to a asa v 8.  From what ive read i can use the pix to asa tool to get the converted configuration file to the new asa. So far so good, however, the pix has conduits which i read must be converted via the occ tool.  So i ran the pix to asa conversion then ran the occ tool on that output but i keep getting errors.  It is not liking the nameif outside, inside, and dmz lines. If i manually edited them out before i run the occ tool it runs but warns there are no interfaces. 

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Keeps Resetting Itself

Jul 17, 2011

We have an ASA5510 which keeps resetting itself for no apparent reason. It does this several times a day and I cannot see any pattern to the times etc. I don't believe it is load related as it also happens overnight when very little is going through the device. When it happens the device just drops off the network (all interfaces) and then when it comes back a few minutes later we can see from the system uptime that it has in fact rebooted itself.
I initially thought it was faulty hardware, so I swapped the device for another 5510, but that does the same thing. I then added a third 5510 and configured it in with the second one as an Active/Passive failover pair. Both devices do the same as the first, the only differences now is that the passive device kicks in and takes over, so we have a little less service disruption each time.

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Cisco Firewall :: Static Nat On ASA5510

Aug 25, 2012

We have network topology:

Inside Network ( --- ASA5510----- Outside network (
ASA5510 have: Inside interface:; outside interface:
And we config:
# object network obj_inside
# subnet
# nat (inside,outside) dynamic interface
So, we í in from outside, we can't access web at

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 NAT Configuration

Apr 25, 2012

I have 30 IP cameras with a private IP address: – I have a Cisco ASA 5510 firewall. I want to be able to use one public IP address, example,
With a specific port to go to a different internal camera,
 Example should be NATTED to camera should be NATTED to camera

How do I do this? I know how to create NAT… just not like this.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 No ARP Entry?

Jan 26, 2012

I have a requirement to NAT a spare address on the same subnet range as one of the firewall interface - however, because this is not allocated to a physical interface, there is no mac entry in the arp cache. the other end of the link from the firewall is connected to a router which has no idea how to reach this "virtual address" - again because there is no entry in the arp cache I have tried to put a static arp entry into the firewall but this doesn't appear to work either. Should I be using a mac address form a physical interface or can I create a dummy mac for this - If the router can't see the ip address, then users will not be able to target this address - so that the firewall can NAT to the real outside address.I have tried routes to null0 on the router and static arp entries on both devices but the user just times when trying to connect to (nat to

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Cisco Firewall :: Dual ISP With Nat On ASA5510 V8.4

Sep 30, 2012

At the moment we want to connect the ASA on two seperate internet connections . We create one LAN interface and two WAN interfaces. Now we want to create nat rules nat our outgoing traffic. After some research and testing (on a 8.0(4) asa) we have it working.

But now we want to implemate it on our ASA, but it works a lot differerent. I can't create a nat pool (at the 8.0(4) i can assign the second interface to the existing pool) wit two interfaces,

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Firewall Transparent Mode

Sep 10, 2012

i have a ASA5510 in the office, that already configured 3 context, namely, admin, user, the server context, the last running config was not saved, and there was a power trip last friday night. 1 of the sub interface was affected, and i need to recreate that interface.I am getting the below error, it only allow me to do changes those pre-defined to I create extra sub interface?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Firewall Interface Speed

Jul 21, 2011

I have a ASA5510 and I have a question about the speed the ports can handle, here is one port:
-interface Ethernet0/2
- speed 100
- no nameif
-no security-level
-no ip address
it's ethernet and not fastethernet so I figure it will only go to 10Mbps, but at the same time I can hard code the speed to 100.

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Cisco Firewall :: Memory Upgrade Of ASA5510 Firewall

Feb 22, 2012

i have cisco ASA 5510 Firewall using  in my network, i have  planning  to upgrade the Flash  memory  from  256 mb  to  512 mb  and   the RAM  from 256 mb to  1GB.

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Cisco Firewall :: Implementing ASA5510 To Network?

Aug 12, 2012

Existing nework New Network

I have attached some diagram here, 2911 Router configured as a zone based firewall and it works fine. I need to put ASA 5510 as an internal Firewall in to the existing network. So I need to hand-over the NATing configuration from IOS FW to ASA 5510 , are there any special configs here? I have done this but it's not working, If i bypass IOS ZB FW and ASA directly connect to internet Its works fine, If NAT configurations keep in IOS ZB FW then it works fine.
I have attached IOS ZB FW current config file below.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Multiple Outside Interfaces

Jun 16, 2011

We have an ASA 5510 firewall.  There are 4 ports on it configured as 2 outside, one inside, and one DMZ.  We have two cable modems attached to the outside ports.  Our plan is to have the "inside" port directed to one outside port/cable modem, and the DMZ port directed to the other outside port/cable modem.
We have been able to get the "inside-to-outside" setup to work but not the "DMZ-to-outside" setup (at least at the same time).First off, is this possible?  If so, what are we likely missing - some way to have a second default route for the DMZ?(My manager is the "Cisco person" here, not me, so I may not have enough info.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 HTTPS Filtering On CSC SSM-10

Mar 18, 2013

One of our customers has an ASA5510 with CSC SSM-10 security module. The software version of the module is 6.6.1125.0.Is it possible to do https filtering with this module ? The customer is complaining that this is not possible...from Cisco I've read the following:

• HTTPS Filtering
– Able to allow or block HTTPS traffic.
– Supports group-based and user-based HTTPS policies.
– Includes URL blocking/URL exception list support for HTTPS domains.

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Cisco Firewall :: Have Both IPS And Content Security On ASA5510?

Aug 14, 2012

We want to have a ASA5510 with both IPS function and Content Security feature, while I checked on Cisco website, looks like ASA5510 or 5520 only have one SSM slot, so I can only use either AIP module or CSC module, does it mean I can not get both features at the same time.
Right now I want to have IPS function and anti-spam, anti-virus, antiphishing, content filtering, URL blocking such feature, so what do I need to buy to have all of these function in one device?

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Cisco Firewall :: Configure The ASA5510 In HA Mode?

Jun 4, 2012

configure the firewall Cisco ASA5510 in HA Mode.Enclosed Network diagram.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Port E0 / 3 Not Showing

Mar 3, 2013

I was enabling all the ports for testing on an asa 5510 and once I got to port e0/3 I got this error:

ciscoasa(config-if)# int e0/0
ciscoasa(config-if)# no shut
ciscoasa(config-if)# int e0/1


On the asa theres 4 ethernet ports 0 - 3 don't understand why port e0/3 is not listed.  When a cable is connected the led's for that port goes green.  Is the port just bad or is there a work around?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Will Not Load New Image

Aug 4, 2011

i have an ASA 5510. it was running asa708-k8.bin and i have attempted to install asa821-k8.bin. i have done this on many ASAs before effortlessly.this time i have had an issue. the ASA will not load the new image, and for some reason will not even load the old.the ASA seems to just keep crashing. i have erased disk0 (advised in forum): and attempted to load the image from tftp. please see below. i know i need to re-formaet the flash, but cannot get into the ASA at all to complete this. [code]

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