Cisco WAN :: 2921 Get Statistic About Traffic Patterns Per Month With Per IP

Feb 18, 2013

We have Cisco Router 2921 in our branches. We need to get statistic about traffic patterns per month with per IP

1) Does NME NAM module provide this features?

2) For what period can name store traffic statistics?3) If yes, does Web-interface support russian language?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 PPPOE Traffic Statistic Doubled Between Inside And Outside

Mar 12, 2013

I've an ASA 5505  connecting to a vdsl modem. The ASA is doing the PPPoE encapsulation. I've noticed the traffic amount on the outside interface is always twice the bandwidth it receives on its inside interface. I can't believe the PPP encapsulation is taking that much. Only two interfaces (inside and outside)

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Cisco VPN :: Traffic Between Remote Sites Over 2921 Easy VPN

Oct 23, 2012

We have a Cisco 2921 router at the head office (Easy VPN Server) and been deploying Cisco 887VA (EasyVPN remote - Network Extension) for remote offices using EasyVPN. We are allowing Voice and Data traffic over VPN.  Everything has been working great until this issue was discovered today:

When a remote user behind Cisco 887VA calls another remote user also behind Cisco 887VA, the call connects and Avaya IP phone rings but no voice in either direction.

Calls to/from head office and external mobiles/landlines are fine. Only calls between two remote sites are affected. As there is no need for DATA connection between Remote office, our only concern is Voice support.

I think "hair-pinning" of traffic over VPN interface is needed. (Examples configs etc).

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Cisco Firewall :: 2921 - ZBFW Not Blocking Traffic From DMZ

Apr 22, 2013

OK, I have a 2921 on 15.3-2T. ZBFW is working from the inside to the outside, but the DMZ is not being blocked at all to the inside. I am currently running with subinterfaces. All interfaces have zones attached. I have policies from inside to outside and DMZ to outside, those work fine. Without any policy from DMZ to inside, it can pass traffic freely from DMZ to inside. I have tried making an explicit policy to drop all to inside, still passes. I ended up just having to put an ACL on the interface
I already tried upgrading the IOS, that is how I ended up on the newest version. This is connected to a 2960S with a trunk port. Everything else works perfectly except for the DMZ security. I haven't had time to try to lab it up yet, but wanted to see if any reasons this shouldn't work, as all documentation says it should drop all traffic unless you make a policy to pass traffic.

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Cisco Switches :: SG200-08 CPU Hits 100% After Running For One Month

May 4, 2013

After running for about one month, my SG200-08 hit 100% CPU and pings increase from under 1ms to 300ms.   I purchsed the SG200-08 for home due to its support for IGMP snooping.  I have a TELUS Optik TV service at home which uses the Microsoft Mediaroom platform and multicast on the local LAN.   When the SG200-08 hits 100% CPU, my Cisco STBs start to exhibit multicast issues due to delayed or dropped IGMP messages.   I recently upgraded the SG200-08 to firmware hoping that it would fix the issue, but it hasn't worked.   [code] Smoking latency graph of the SG200-08 ICMP response time.  On May 1st the CPU spiked to 100% and the laency increased to 300ms. The problem has been occuring since I installed the SG200-08 with the CPU spiking to 100% about once a month.  Rebooting the SG200 will clear the issue.

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Cisco Wireless :: Very Low Signal Strength On 1 Month Old WAP4410N

Jan 16, 2011

Purchase the unit from Amazon and installed it in December. Device worked perfectly with excellent coverage  for approx 14 days then I got a call from the location stating that they where not seeing the SSID. Power cycled the unit and still nothing. The only way I could get a signal is if I held the wireless device within one foot of the WAP4410N and even then I would only get 1 bar of signal strength.

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Recovery Of A Deleted Mail Month Back

Aug 7, 2012

would like to know is dre a way to retrieve a message deleted from my gmail and yahoo account a month back and now i want to recover it. And if yes then how and if no then aftr seleting any mail from trash till wat time period can we reover the mail if possible?

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See Who Logged On Network At Any Time During The Day / Week / Month?

Sep 13, 2011

is there a way to see who logged on my network at any time during the day/week/month?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 Loses Static IP Configuration Once Or Twice Month

Jul 27, 2012

Purchased the RVS4000 in 11/2012 to work behind a NVG512 in (pass thru mode). I'm running firmware version V2.0.2.7. For whatever reason once or twice a month I lose access to the internet. Sometimes it's AT&T fault but other times my RVS4000 dosen't behave well. I finally took screen shots of every screen I configured in the RVS4000 to make it work in my environment. Last night we lost internet access again. Before unplugging everything I looked in the RVS4000 and found that my WAN setup had reverted back to a default Automatic Configuration - DHCP instead of the Static IP that I had previously saved.
It seems that my RVS4000 is losing just that WAN setting (port forwarding and Static IP Mapping data and VPN client data is still intact.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200v2 Bricked After 1 Month Of Use?

Aug 1, 2012

I purchased an e4200v2 to replace my old WRT160n which I have been using for years with no issues. Last night the e4200 crashed on me when I went to reset the router I noticed the CISCO light was blinking very slowly and I had no network connection. I power cycled the router and still no connection so I hit factory reset button. Nothing happened. Did a 30/30/30 reset nothing happened. At this point I have a 34 day old plastic brick on my desk and I'm back to using my old WRT160N. how to unbrick this router?

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Networking :: Linksys E3200 Could Not Take Dump In Less Than A Month N600

Dec 5, 2011

I used to use this forum all the time when i was younger and I pretty much learned most of what I knew about computers from this website (the rest I learned from breaking stuff and then having to fix it). I'm really excited to be back on this website and learning about computers again. The latest generation of consoles really pulled me away from playing my video games on computers and thus i no longer felt the need to over clock everything. Now, for my current problem:

I just recently purchased a linksys e3200 router and have been using it in place of my Belkin N600 (which i bricked ). The router is ran to my cable modem (which is located behind my TV) and the router itself is located about 6 feet away on top of my fire place mantle. The router is connected to my ps3 slim 250gb and my motorola sb6120 both with cat6 10 ft cables at 1gbps. I have a amd laptop with built in wireless g, and intel laptop with wireless g, a pc with a wireless g usb and a wii all connected to the router. Thus, the router stays in wireless g broadcast mode.

THE PROBLEM is that the router will work for about 30 seconds to 30 minutes and then it just starts crapping out. All the computers lose their wireless connection to it, and it would seem that sometimes an online game for ps3 gets bad packetloss during this dump. The only way to fix the problem is if i reset the router. A soft reset works for about two minutes, and if i do the 30-30-30 reset, it starts working again for another 30 min to an hour.

Here is what I already know:No known source of interference near the router.nly one other network in the area, and I have tried every available wireless channel.Have not only upgraded to latest version of cisco firmware, but now I am using mini- DD-WRT.Have tried increasing broadcast power on DD-WRT.Have played with the settings in DD-WRT pretty extensively after reading the guides on what settings do what.

The connection issues still happen even if my laptop is 3 feet direct line of sight from the router.It would seem that the problem happens with wired as well, just that it recovers so quickly on wired that most people wouldn't notice.

My cable modem typically averages between 20-30mbps down and 1-3 mpbs up (i moved to a small rural area that charges extortionate prices for better packages). I can't afford a wifi spectrum analyzer tool.

Here is the kicker for me: EVERYTHING worked flawlessly until one day it just quit working. Absolutely nothing was changed. Some of my computers are very far away and on a different floor in the house, so if I have to get another router it's not the end of the world because i can just put this one on repeater mode. I just don't understand how a rather well-received router model could have such bad issues.

Any ideas apart from the typical: location, firmware, interference, channel, channel width, reset ideas? Even now, the router works very well until it goes back on life support.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: 1.5 Month Old E4200 Link Speed Dropping?

Sep 28, 2011

 I've had my 4200 for about 1.5 months now and it was working great until 8 days ago.  I was playing WoW over wireless (like I always have) and noticed that I was lagging a bit.  I brushed it off as possibly my internet connection.  The next day I was surfing the net and at random times webpages wouldn't load or would take longer to load.  I checked my wireless connection properties in windows and noticed that the link speed drops out every now and then.  It'll start at 54Gb (only have G in the house, so I disabled the 5GHz and set 2.4GHz to B/G only), then it'll drop to 48, 36, 11, 1.  Meanwhile the signal doesn't drop a bit.  I'm still connected to the router just the link speed drops out and it just started.  It's very annoying having to go old school and hook up wired on my laptops just in order to chat online or anything. I'm still using v 1.0.0 firmware, so I guess I could try upgrading to .03 and see.  But I personally doubt that is the issue since this just randomly started happening.  I ordered the router through and I do not have the box for the router anymore so I don't think I can return it.  And I can't be without a router for 4-6 weeks while Linksys/Cisco repairs mine.  

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Cisco WAN :: Can Use 2921 For BGP

May 29, 2013

I want talk BGP with ISP though 200Mb/s WAN link by using Cisco Router 2921; and in the near future WAN link will be upgraded to 1Gb/s. Does Cisco Router 2921 has enough performance to do this task?

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Cisco WAN :: 2821 When Traffic Is Less Error Rate Is Low But With High Traffic It Is Increasing Drastically

Dec 11, 2010

We have cisoc 2821 at one of branch and created five sub inetrfaces for different vlans.Output of Show interface shows very frequent increase in the input error count.I have changed the physical cable and switch port on the other side.But still error rate is increasing.When the traffic is less error rate is low but with high traffic it is increasing drastically.My router process is very less(4%) only.What could be possible reason. [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5550 - Implement Traffic Shaping / Policing Primarily For P2P Traffic?

Mar 10, 2011

We are looking to implement traffic shaping/policing primarily for P2P traffic. As natively the ASA5550 is only capable of p2p inspection if the traffic is tunneled via port 80 is the AIP-SSM the way forward? We have 2 5550s in active/active failover config. As a side note we are also looking to implement an IDS/IPS system so could this module cover all?Is this module going to provide the desired outcome or is there another module/device out there better suited for this? I would prefer to use the ASA5550s as opposed to implementing another product if only that we can make use of the investment we already made on these devices.

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Cisco Firewall :: Traffic Limit For Internet Traffic Usig ASA 8.2

Nov 27, 2012

I am testing limit bandwith using my ASA 8.2, i am trying to limit internet access for certains users , i order to save Bandwith for the important things but i can´t get any limitation  
My configuration is the following, the acces list is just for my pc in order to test, and the service policy is  applied to outside interface (called internet in my case)  for incoming traffic
access-list Internet_mpc_1 extended permit ip host any class-map Internet-class-TEST match access-list Internet_mpc_1 policy-map Internet-policy-web class Internet-class-TEST police output 1024000 1500
service-policy Internet-policy-web interface Internet
With show service policy i can´t see any activity on the policy , but if i do a similar configuration for inside interface outgoing traffic i can see packets allowed and dropped

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 - Allow Traffic From DMZ To Internet And Block Traffic?

Apr 29, 2012

I have an ASA 5520 with the below config
Gi0/0: outside (Internet)
Gi0/1: inside (Internal users)
Gi0/2: DMZ (web servers, ftp, Mail etc..)
I have a SMTP relay deployed on the DMZ for mailing. I have also a mail servers installed in the internal lan,
I want to allow trafic from dmz to reach internal lan, and i want normally also allow stmp relay from dmz to reach Internet.
How can i block trafic from DMZ to reach Internal Lan (instead of smtp) if the to allow trafic from dmz to internet i must put ANY in the policy?
For allowing trafic from DMZ to reach Internet, the policy must be DMZ -----> ANY ----->Services., this policy means DMZ can implicity reach Internal Lan?

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Cisco LAN :: 2811 / Traffic-export Capturing Only Inbound Traffic?

Mar 19, 2013

We have a Cisco 2811 running ITP IOS.  On that router we run the SMPP service.  A client on the network connects to this service, and we need to capture the traffic for debug.
I've tried traffic-export, but I cannot see any outbound traffic.I'm guessing that this is due to the fact that the outbound SMPP traffic is not transit traffic as it is generated by the router itself.
Is there any way to capture the outbound traffic?

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Cisco VPN :: SSL Licensing On ISR G2 2921?

Nov 13, 2012

We have a CISCO 2921/K9 which has the securityk9 feature set (reflects Permanent under show version)
I thought that included SSL VPN, but doing a "show license all" it doesn't reflect that:
StoreIndex: 4   Feature: SSL_VPN                           Version: 1.0
License Type: EvalRightToUse
License State: Active, In Use


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Cisco WAN :: Using 2921 / 51 With RPS 2300?

Jun 30, 2011

Using a Cisco 2921 router with an RPS 2300, I came across a  table in the 2900 Hardware Installation Guide that I can hardly believe:  table 5-3 seems to tell me that in order to back up ONE 2921 with RPS  power, I will need an RPS with TWO 750 Watt or TWO 1150 Watt power  supplies. Is it really true that I need to throw at least 1500  Watts of backup power at a router that has a main power supply of approx  300 W?

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Cisco WAN :: Router 2921 Enough For BGP?

Oct 13, 2011

I need a router to connect to our ISP by BGP and in a future to a second ISP. Our ISP is going to provide us about 300.000 route entries by BGP. So router 2921 would be enough??? or should i go to a higher model?We are going to have 100Mbps with this ISP and probably in 3 months we'll have to double it. Also we'll need IPv6 support.I saw router performance [URL]f and it's has 480.000 PPS and 245 Mbps but for 64 bytes lenght packages. If the packets are bigger the throughput should be best I suppose... 1500 bytes about 5,5 Gbps. In the case you consider the model is sufficient, the flash or RAM should be increased?

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 / VTI Tunnel On Two Different ISP?

Mar 28, 2012

i have one interesting problem with local PBR on 2921 router. Here is the case,On HQ site there is 2921 router with two directly connected ISP, and there is Branch which is connected to only one ISP. The configuration should be to connect HQ router to Branch router with two VTI tunnels, so that each tunnel on HQ site should be terminated on different ISP, and EIGRP will be monitoring each VTI status.The problem is on HQ site, there is only one way to specify router with LOCAL PBR configuration, so router should send on ISP1 terminated tunnel traffic to ISP1, and on ISP2 interface terminated tunnel traffic to ISP2.
As I know this configuratino should work, but I could't make it work on c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M4.bin IOS, and on c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-2.T1.bin.
 Here is simple config:
ISP1 ip is
ISP2 ip is is Branch ip address.
ip vrf BRANCH

when I configure one default static route, it starts workig, but both tunnels go with specified ISP, and also there is no vrf problem,when there is no any vrf config it also don't work. gre tunnels also dont work.

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 Gi0 / 1 Is Not Coming Up

Mar 7, 2013

why Cisco 2921 Gigaethernet 0/1 is not coming up ? I also tried to connect the interface to another SWITCH with no joy.
ME3400 (ISP's switch)<-------------MPLS link--------------> Cisco 2921 Gi0/1 >>>>>>>>>>Port not coming up
I tried connection between ME3400 (ISP's switch) and spare switch and the INTERFACE of spare switch was in UP/UP state .Troubleshooting I did so far on Interface Gi0/1
1> Changed ths speed/duplex manually and revert it back to auto
2>diable keepalive
3> Tried differnet LAN cable with no luck
4> Please see HIGHLIGHTED part (in red colour) of "Show controller Gi0/1" command
I am pasting some of the SHOW command output R2921_MMP#sh run int gi0/1Building configuration.[code]

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 EF CAR And JITTER

May 16, 2013

I have a 2921 on Ethernet MPLS circuit.  Problem is Voice has jitter at 60ms and no dropped packets from source to destination.  How to reduce the jitter?  Is the polices correct using Cisco recommended  Nb = CAR x (1/8) x 1.5? 
The PE is honoring the DSCP marked packets.                  
CE router 2921 QOS:
policy-map IFCQOS
class EF
priority 2048

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Cisco WAN :: BGP Routing With 2921

Feb 19, 2011

I am trying to set up a new router for training.I am attempting to my First BGP multihome.
The router is a 2921.We have a bonded t1 line and a metro ethernet connection
we have 2 /24 networks 1 /23 and 1 ipv6 /48 ,Behind the cisco router we have 3 Open BSD firewall Pairs, that are used to segment the networks into the production, development and my lab.
one of the /24 and the ipv6 block are veriably subneted, these are the routes that I am having troubles with.I am attempting to aggregrate the /24 and the ipv6 block to go out to the internet.

they show up in the routing table as advertised but you can not reach any hosts through the cisco router.
here is the bgp config
address-family ipv4
  network mask
  network mask

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Cisco WAN :: 3750 ME Traffic Shaping Downstream Traffic

Aug 4, 2011

I am trying to come up with the best way to traffic shape traffic with 3750 Me switches.  the traffic will be coming from a 6504 Sup-7203b downstream and going out the wan.  Core---L3---->6504--intvlan80--trunkport to--->3750Me---g/1/1/1-trunkport to---MetroE network--->int f0/0.80--branch router.  The idea is to use the 3750 to traffic shape the traffic going towards the wan/branch to 500 to match the contracted rate and then to use qos on shaped rate.  I tried to apply it to g1/1/1 using port based policies but it did not shape the traffic.  I changed everything to IP interfaces and it worked.  I need to break up the metroe into different vlans so I can bring branch offices in on different vlans.c

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 - Voice Gateway IOS

Jun 8, 2012

i need any one exact IOS from below list .can some provide me the link.

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Cisco LAN :: Connecting 2 Subnets Using 2921?

Feb 12, 2013

I have a cisco 2921. I have 2 networks that has its own router network is connected to watchguard firewall network is connected to the cisco 2921 router.
I want to connect the 2 subnet using one of the interface of the cisco router. How I can get this work? It is not connected via vpn tunnel but we want to have LAN speed when accessing resources on both network. Each network is connected to a dell switch.

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Cisco WAN :: GRE Tunnels On 2921 Router

Feb 20, 2013

Is there a recommended number of GRE tunnels that Cisco 2921 ISR router with default configuration (512MB DDR2 ECC DRAM) can support?         

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Cisco WAN :: Monitor Session On 2921

May 8, 2011

i have a question regarding the monitor session command. I have following interfaces on my router:i want to monitor the traffic from the source interface Gi0/2 to the destination interface fa1/3,monitor session 1 source interface gigabitEthernet 0/2 brings this error message % Incomplete command.,monitor session 1 source interface gigabitEthernet 0/2?/  :  <0-2>,i don't have any ports on the Gigabit Interfaces. Any ideas how to monitor traffic?

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Cisco WAN :: Lab Testing Of WIC-T1 On 2921 Routers

Mar 6, 2012

I have a lab setup and I want to test a point-to-point connection between two 2921 routers in a lab environment, without going through an ISP. I have a HWIC-1DSU-T1= in each of the routers. I have already configured ip addresses to the router interfaces, eDo I need to set any CLOCK RATE or BANDWIDTH commands or anything like that, since my traffic will not actually be going through an ISP during this lab test?

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 - VWIC2 Not Being Recognized?

Apr 3, 2012

I have a 2921 router, with UCK9 services on it.  I've installed a VWIC2-2MFT but the system is not seeing it.  I've been told there is a command required to enable the card, is this true?  I've always done most of my UC work on the 2800 range and never had to run an enable command, it just saw the card.

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Cisco WAN :: BGP Filtering Best Method For 2921

Nov 3, 2012

I have recently upgraded my company's network significantly, and in the process removed our Cisco edge routers and firewalls (gasp!), and replaced them with another vendor who gave a better price point for the router.However, i was only able to get ONE edge router, whereas before I had two, so I want to recycle one of my old 2921's as a cold standby (in case the brown sticky stuff hits the rotating air distribution blades, and $other-vendor router dies).Trouble is, the 2921 does not, I believe, have sufficient system resources to take the full routing table we're getting from our two ISP's.What I would like to ask is people's thoughts on the best method for me to configure the BGP setup on the 2921 to do the following:

-Accept the default route from each ISP and discard *everything* else in the route table
-Modify our advertisement (ad prepend) out the "secondary" ISP to reduce the priority of traffic coming in over this link.
-Configure the OUTBOUND priorities so that the "primary" link is used by preference for outgoing traffic (which will effectively shut down the secondary link for outbound traffic

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