Comcast Speeds Real Slow

Feb 26, 2011

I had recently switched to Comcast Xfinity Blast internet. I ordered the service with 22 mbps. Now when I download something, it becomes a challenge for the download to get faster than 500kbps. I don't understand, It should be a lot more. If it stays at this rate, than there would be no difference between my current and previous service.


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Upload Speeds Extremely Slow Using Netgear FVS336G Dual WAN Router On Comcast

May 22, 2011

Download speeds, per and speakeasy, are about 20mbps.When the speed test gets to the upload part, it usually hangs or takes a long time before giving me a result of about 0.04mbps. Basically, it's so slow, it sometimes just gives up and times out.This translates into a real shoddy internet experience because something as simple as choosing airline tickets requires your computer to "upload" your choices. And of course, if that doesn't happen within a certain amount of time... Timeout! I have tested the connection without my Netgear FVS336G Dual WAN router in the way and it is much better so I'm certain it's the router.When I tell the router to use WAN 2, which is where my AT&T DSL connection is on, the upload works just fine (about .4 mbps - I'm provisioned at 512kbps so it's fine).Also, this is the case on ALL computers on the network - wired, wireless, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, you name it. So, it's definitely not device specific.

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Belkin F7D4301 - Router Has Slow Wireless Speeds But Fast Ethernet Speeds

May 19, 2013

My Belkin F7D4301 Router has the fastest wireless speed of maybe 2MBps but wired with a cat5e cable to my asus laptop of almost 7MBps. I have a one smart TV, one blue ray, one roku, and a nexus 7 using the 2.4 channel.

My Wireless 2.4 settings are channel 11, Extension channel 7, Wireless mode N (have tried with just g and b, g, and n modes), Bandwidth 20/40, Protected mode on, QOS off.

I've talked to Belkin tech support, they are the ones who had me set up my 2.4 channel this way but my wireless speeds stay just under 2MBps, they just want to keep sending me the same model Router because they think each of the new ones they send me is defective.

Am I doing something wrong or is 2MBps the best wireless speed I'm going to get?

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Wireless Slow After Getting Comcast?

Jul 13, 2011

I just got Comcast at my house and I'm having major problems with my wireless speeds. I was on Frontier until today and both the wired computer and the wireless would download at the same speed and have the same ping. Today, after comcast, the wired computer is downloading at about 70 megs a second, and the wireless is at about .3 megs a second. I turned off the security (I'm in the country, no security needed) and changed the channel. I went to ASUS to get the newest wireless driver...

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 Running 8.3(1) And ASDM 6.4(5) - Real Time Log Viewer Delay / Slow

Feb 15, 2012

I have a new ASA 5510 running 8.3(1) and ASDM 6.4(5)
I am trying to use the real time log viewer to troubleshoot some access issues, but I am getting delays of up to 30 seconds or more between my client connecting to the ASA and the corresponding events showing in the RT Log viewer. I am using a simple filter  for source IP as it's quite a busy device.
I've seen an article that says to turn off certain logging IDs (such as 304001 from memory) which I have done, but no different.

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Very Slow Internet With Comcast Performance

Feb 5, 2012

I just moved into a new apartment. It has Comcast performance internet (16mbps). However im not getting anywhere near that. I have it connected via ethernet.

I tried and my result was 1mbps download. ping of 225. Web windows take forever to open

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Comcast 20Mbps Slow Internet Through Router

Jan 24, 2013

I have Comcast 20Mbps internet. When I'm on the Mac partition of my computer, I get 15Mbps download and a ping of less than 10 on When I'm on my Windows partition, I get a ping of around 250 with a download speed of 1.5Mbps. I read posts where people said disabling their firewall worked, so I disabled mine and it made no difference.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Comcast Internet Speed Gets Slow?

Nov 13, 2012

Recently I have noticed my internet get slow.  I use a comcast cable internet connection that is directly connected to my dlink DR 655.  I use the megapath internet speed test [URL] when testing my internet speed.  Have a laptop that is usually on wireless and an XP workstation that is connected to the 655 directly with static IP.

I would be browsing the internet and all the sudden the internet would get really slow.  This would happen on both my desktop and the laptop and my speed test on both machines would be around .3 Mbps.  When this happens I would go and connect the laptop with the ethernet pot directly to the modem.  Of course a reboot of the modem has to occur before a connection can be made so once I do that all the sudden my internet is back up to par (12 Mbps).  I go ahead and put my network back to the way it was and it all goes back up to 12 Mbps.  I have called comcast several times and they are telling me it my router.

This picture shows a snapshot of some windows from the laptop.  The CMD ipconfig on the bottom left shows the laptop network settings when connected directly to the modem.  The CMD ipconfig on the upper left is the network settings when connected to the router.  The web page on the right shows the WAN network settings when the 655 is connected to the cable modem.

Notice the DNS servers, they are different when the 655 is connected to the modem versus when the laptop is connected to the modem.  Could this be part of my problem?  I have not seen were I can manually change 655 DNS entries ... is there a way to do this?  Or should I not even be worried about it?

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Cisco WAN :: Slow Speed Over Comcast 50 Mb Using 2951

Apr 11, 2012

We have 50 Mb Comcast cable conencted to 2951.  There is another conenction to AT&T 20 Mb circuit which goes thru' an ASA 5510.  Path to Internet is as below. [code]
As long as Comcast is up, 2951 sends Internet traffic out to Comcast and uses AT&T via ASA for backup.When traffic goes over Comcast, users complain about slow speed out to Internet.  If we force traffic to AT&T via ASA, speed issue goes away.
We don't see any issue on 2951 router in terms of CPU or memory util.WHat can cause slow speed despite the fact that router resources are not maxed out and Comcast circuit has 150% more capacity than AT&T?

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DIR-655 Slow Transfer Speeds

Jan 17, 2012

Ive been doing everything I can to try to enhance transfer speeds between my home server and desktop pc. [code]

Just drag and drop copying on my network, a 7gb file started at 20mbps and immediately dropped to ~11mbps where it stays.I took the time to run cat 6, bought a decent router, and (2) intel NICs, I feel like I should be getting much better transfer speeds than this.

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Slow Wifi Speeds On Laptop

Mar 3, 2013

All of a sudden the wifi on my laptop has been really slow lately. I remember before I could stream 720p videos without any buffer on Youtube. Now I'm lucky if I can somewhat stream a 340p without the occasional stutters/buffers. Sometimes I would be getting 39 Mbps or 52 Mbps (if I'm really lucky) , but most of the times I would get either 26-19 Mbps. On all my other devices (iPod, Family Desktop, iPhone) the internet speed seems just fine as they can stream in 720p and browse without any network problems. Also I am upstairs with the router downstairs in the family room.

My results from - 25 ms, 2.56 Mbps Download Speed, 0.38 Mbps Upload Speed.

This result is VERY UNSTABLE, sometimes I couldn't even get 1 Mbps download speed (more like 0.8). I would also have like 50 ms. I am running Windows 8 Pro with a Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop.DHCP is enabled. IPv6 is not. I made sure everything was updated using Windows Update. And I'm only using the windows defender firewall which I made wasn't blocking anything by disabling it and seeing if it cleared up any problems - which it did not, the same thing happened.

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Slow Speeds Up / Down From Virtual Server?

Aug 10, 2012

Sometime in the past month my virtual server has been serving slow speeds to a majority of places when I used to get 500KB/s + speeds down and 250KB/s speeds up regularly. My home network is Verizon Fios 15/5 and reports exactly those speeds at any test server I choose.

I've been going back and forth with my virtual server host (1and1) about my virtual server download and upload speeds. I've done a lot of testing to see if there is packet loss with WinMRT and also traceroutes from a couple locations.1and1 has done testing and verified it's NOT their network causing the slow downs as their download tests have returned fast speeds. I've tested at about 8 locations to download this file ( [URL] I can assure you that link is safe, it's just a zip of the .Net 4 redist pacakge) and 6 out of the 7 get speeds ranging from 10kb/s-50kb/s, only 1 out of the 7 gets 400kb/s+ download speeds and that is located in Chicago, 4 are from Los Angeles area and 2 from Denver area and one from Orlando area.

Is it possible to get some users (Preferably West Coast USA) here to download and report the speed it downloads, location they are at, and the internet provider and package they have? If I cannot find the cause of this, I may have to move to a different virtual server provider which takes a lot of configuration for my server because of the nature of it

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Getting Very Slow Internet Speeds Through Wifi?

Feb 8, 2012

I live in a townhouse in a college campus which means we all have the same ISP. I checked the channels and checked wifi stumbler. They both look good. For the last few days I have been getting really slow internet speeds after 7 pm till 1 am. I am paying for 25 mbps but around that time I get 0.5 mbps. I have the latest firmware for the router. I talked to customer support twice and all they did was reset my router and tell me to power cycle it. It can't be range of the router because my laptop is right next to it.

P.S: Here is my speed test: [URL]

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Transfer Speeds Very Slow To One Computer?

Mar 7, 2012

Im having a problem transferring files to a shared network folder (my server's folder), its transferring files at ~20KB/s Thing is, I can copy files from the server to my computer at 90MB/s.I can also copy from my computer to my brothers computer also at 90MB/s.And copy from my brothers computer to the server at 90MB/s.But only 20KB/s from my computer to the server.My server is running WHS2011 by the way and my computer and brothers computer is running Windows 7.My entire network is wired and tested with a 1Gbit connection. and im using a Linksys WAG320N router.

My computer specs:

CPU: i5 2500k (Quad Core)
RAM: 8GB G.Skill DDR3 (1333Mhz)
Mobo: Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
HDD: OCZ Vertex 3 (SSD) Sata III 6Gb/s - 120GB
HDD1: WD Caviar Black (HDD) Sata III 6Gb/s - 1TB
HDD2: WD Caviar Green (HDD) Sata III 6Gb/s - 2TB
HDD3: Samsung EcoGreen (HDD) - 2TB

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Awus036h Adapter Getting Slow Speeds?

Mar 21, 2012

I bought a new Alfa 1000mw adapter for the good range, and I've picked up several new signals...but the problem is the speed of my connection..It can be fine one moment at 4.5mbps and then drop down to .16 mbps in a matter of minutes. Usually once it drops it doesnt go back up until I reinstall the drivers..I have Win7 ultimate 64bit.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Download Speeds Very Slow?

Jan 12, 2010

I'm paying to get Download Speeds of 25Mbps from my cable provider.

If I plug my computer directly into my cable modem, I get 24.98 Mbps every time.

Using the same speed test, if I go through the DIR-655 I get rates from 2.92 to 10 Mbps.

I'm on Firmware 1.32NA. I'm ready to go out and buy a different brand Router.

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Uploading FTP / Slow Speeds Via Windows Command

Nov 7, 2011

First this is my setup, i have a 100x100 mb fiber pipe at a location i am working at. i am comming out of a cisco fiber router to ethernet. i am coming straight from the fiber switch to the computer at a 1gb connection. So my problem is when i try to upload to my ftp server via windows explorer i can never get about 1.5mb, but if i upload via command prompt it goes at about 60mb upload, so the pipe is good. So you say why dont you just use the command prompt, well i have specialized gear here that run xp emmbedded and it does this via the windows explorer. I have tried 4 other computers and they all do the same thing. I tried a UDP video stream and worked at over 10mb stream. but all the ftp uploads cap out at 1.5mb.

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Why Upload Speeds So Slow As Compared To Downloads

Jun 7, 2012

I just built a new computer with most of the bells and whistles. Asus P8Z77-V pro motherboard, Intel I7 3770K CPU, NVIDIA GTX 560TI, SSD for my boot drive, HDD for storage both running on SATA III, 16 GB of RAMMy problem is that when I connect to the internet via an ethernet cord, my download speeds are about 58 MBPS which is fine but upload speeds are only about .3 mbps. I have changed cables 3 times and connected directly to the modem rather than the router which would indicate an ISP issue. The kicker is that when I disable the LAN network and enable my wireless network, I get slower download speeds as expected but my upload speeds are closer to 5 MBPS, more than 10X times faster which throws my ISP theory out the window a bit.

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Internet Slow Download / Upload Speeds

Jul 29, 2011

I did a search and came across this board because I too am having the same issues with wireless connection. I went as far as buying a new router, which like the original post stated, worked well for a few and then stopped. It's frustrating because I need the wireless connection for many items I use at home.

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SB5120 Wireless Speeds Alarmingly Slow?

Jan 11, 2012

My computer is hooked to a SB5120 cable modem which is also hooked to a wireless router (BEFW11S4). I switched plans not long ago, and I noticed recently that when other known users are using the internet, their wireless download speeds are shockingly low. (I'd download it at ~1MBps, other users will download it at ...~20 KBps alone) My network is secured with a WEP, and I certainly have no giant metal ball on top of my wireless router, what could cause such slow speeds?

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Slow Speeds On PC Which Shares Wireless Network?

Aug 19, 2011

I have 3 or 4 devices connected via a wireless connection, 2 of which are in the same room. Roughly a week ago, my desktop (Vista OS) started to suffer from severely reduced download speeds (5-30kb/s), while my laptop (also Vista OS) which is on the same wireless network continues to run at normal speeds (500kb/s-1mb/s).

I have tried a system restore, scanning for viruses, updating/disabling antivirus and firewalls, connecting directly to LAN, changed wireless interface speed from g to b to mixed, changed wireless channels from 1-6-11, nothing seems to work.

I have a Thomson TG782T router with a D-Link wireless card (which is rather old).

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Slow Wireless Network Connection Speeds?

Aug 13, 2011

I recently moved to a new apartment to be closer to work and this apartment complex is only covered by what I was told is a wireless hotspot.Basically, a wireless devices connects to the SSID, logs in, and then you're set with the most pitiful internet still available.Now I was told I could pay $70 bucks to have these people ( by the way) install a device that would allow me to connect my desktop to the internet service. Wasn't thrilled about that. Its $40 a month, for a 1Mb connection so that wasn't going to happen anyway.Looked up internet connection sharing and had setup my laptop to use it with my desktop.My connection on my laptop has always had a very low signal; between one and two bars no matter where I'm at in my apartment. If I go outside it'll get about 4 bars but that is about it. The actual speeds listed on the Wireless Network Connection Status go from 1Mbps, 2Mpbs, 5.5Mpbs and 11Mbps. Never higher.Today I went and picked up a NETGEAR N300 wireless router. My hope was that the router might be able to pick up the wireless connection and I could just connect through my router instead of having to use my laptop. Apparently, this is not the case.I have to use my laptop act as a modem and have it plugged into the Internet port of the router and then my desktop connected to one of the LAN ports on the router. Is this setup better then using the internet connection sharing deal? Is there any other way of increasing my signal strength and network speeds?

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Slow Download Speeds Even After Resetting Router

Nov 9, 2011

I usually get a solid speed of 2.3MBss yet today I am getting only 500kb/s I have reset my router 3 times, and my computer twice. Why is it happening?

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Slow Download Speeds - Upload Fine?

Feb 9, 2012

I'm having really slow speeds surfing the internet, watching videos on sites like youtube, and downloading files. So i went to [URL] and found that my download speeds are only 1.3 mbps!! my upload is fine, around 5 mbps.I am wirelessly connected to the router, but the signal strength is fine.

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Slow Transfer Speeds In Local Network?

Jul 9, 2012

I have 4 systems in my network1)Amd Phenom based HTPC- wired LAN- win764bit ultimate2)Laptop-Wired LAN/Wireless -win764bit home basic3)Work Laptop-Wired LAN/Wireless win764bit ultimate4)Atom based storage server-Wireless only win7 32bit ultimateThe issue I am facing is really really slow data transfer speeds from one system to another 100-200Kbps!!whereas my download speeds are in upwards of 500 kbps with a 4Mbps connection.All the systems run various versions of windows 7 and are part of the same homegroup.the Wireless router I use is this And also have Kaspersky internet security 2012 on all the systems, with the firewall set to recognize my home network as a trusted network

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Hp Pavilion Dv6 / Slow Wifi Speeds With Laptop

Sep 18, 2012

My LAN speed is usually around 5100 via my SpeedTouch router ST585v6. When I am using my Laptop, an HP Pavilion dv6 running Windows 7 with an AMD quad Core cpu, not the fastest of computers!, I seem to get WIFi speeds as low as 1700 whilst at other times can get 5000. Laptop! Is the speed drop a "computer problem" or a router one? If I connect the Laptop to the LAN the speed will always be at about 5100. My desktop computer is connected to the LAN and has a speed of 5100.I have the usual security set on the Router.

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Slow Download Speeds When Connected To Router

Apr 14, 2012

I have been searching for about 2 days now about this problem and have tried almost everything I can think of to fix it but none seems to work Okay so I have a ISP package for 55 Mbp/s Down and 3 Mbp/s Up but when connected to the router either lan or wireless I am speedtesting at about 15 Mbp/s. I have called the cable company, they had told me that my signal was fine blah blah, I insisted the guy come out and still look at it so he did and on that day it just decided to run at the advertised speeds. I am running a WNDR 3400 Netgear V1 Router. I have tried changing MTU Size.

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Slow Download Speeds On 30mbit Connection?

May 25, 2012

When I download stuff, Skype, Minecraft mods, youtube videos. It always downloads aroung 100-400kb/s My freind thought it was just the dl server that was slow, but I've tried different downloads from different sites, and they all have the same speed.Using Netgear router, default settings, WIRED, Google Chrome.

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Motorola SBG941 Slow Internet Speeds

Aug 21, 2012

The speeds for my internet connection seems to vary significantly. For most of the day I have checked the speed of my internet from various websites such as,, speakeasy, 2wire, etc. The upload speeds are fine and are close to the advertised 4 Mbps upload speed that I am paying for.During the early afternoon, the download speeds are around 15 Mbps and start to slowly decline until it reaches 1 Mbps at around 9 PM. This has been going on for months and I pay for 30 Mbps download speed from Charter. I've checked this on three different computers throughout the day and they all read the same thing. I don't know if it's a problem with my router or a problem with the wiring in the house. the modem/router I have right now is a Motorola SBG941. url...

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Wireless Router Is Giving Off Very Slow Speeds?

Feb 18, 2011

My connection is good directly to the modem. But the wireless router is giving off very slow speeds. For instance the modem is 10Mbps but I'm only getting 1.5 - 2Mbps through wireless.

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Wrt320n - Slow Wireless Transfer Speeds?

Apr 9, 2011

I'm having problem with slow wireless trasnfer speeds. 129kb/s slow. So here is my set up. Desktop with a 100MB nic card, running windows 7 ultimate, connected to linksys wrt320n running dd-wrt. then i have my laptop running windows 7 ultimate, connected to my wireless network.

I have tried coping files in the homegroup and outside of the homegroup.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Slow Internet Speeds After Getting Router

Feb 27, 2012

Okay i just got the DIR-615 N Router and at first i was getting 40 ping on but now I'm getting 360 ping which is really frustrating since i upgraded because my old one was having troubles and also when i get to the check connection in the setup i am getting Your new router does not appear to be connected properly.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Slow Speeds With Seagate Blackarmor NAS?

May 17, 2011

I'm surprised to see speeds around 11MB on a gigabit LAN and the NAS is also gigabit.  I've been reading that when people take the DLink router out of the loop that there speeds get upwards around 48Mb or so. Or if they add in a non DLink switch put the equipment on that leg with the switch.

Are there some tweaks in the 825 that could work for the LAN speed for this NAS?  Seems odd to have to buy a new router or add in a switch to do what this should be doing already.  This is going to be an issue for streaming movies and especially HD via WiFi across the LAN.

I would also like to do my data backups to the NAS but when they hit around 60Gb it would take a long time to do a backup.

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