Dell :: GX270 / 8100 - Cannot Connect To Internet / XP Programs On All 4 Computers

Nov 20, 2012

I have 4 computers - 3 towers and 1 laptop that can't connect to the internet. Local Area Connection #?  A Network Cable Is Unplugged. Well,actually only 2 towers and 1 laptop can't get on.. I have that same message on this computer also. but I am able to work thru another connection to get online. When I searched the " I P " area, it says " Media Closed ".  How do I open "Media" back up to allow hooking up to the internet? I have been reading various sources of information to try and find the answer. I went in to change my IP Addresses and after I did, I closed the page and when I went to check my current IP address and status, there were no changes. I still read " Media Closed " and some weird version of IP address is in the IP Address Location. How to get the Media "opened" and allow me to go on the internet . I Did Do a Fresh Download of Windows XP Pro on my laptop, but the "wireless section and the hardwire sections are closed, not allowing connection to internet. I have Dell Laptop D620 and Dell GX270 Dell Tower and Dell Tower Dimension 8100.

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Dell 8100 Does Not Connect To Internet Via Ethernet Cable?

May 22, 2011

I recently bought an older Dell Inspiron 8100 just to lug around and it connects to wifi via a wireless card no problem. The problem I am having is that when I hardwire to the net via the ethernet cable, I get nothing. It's OS is Windows XP sp3

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Dell :: 8100 No Internet Connection Got Wi-Fi But No LAN Mystery

Oct 8, 2012

I have two Dell computers: one Dell Studio XPS 8100 and one Dell XPS L702 laptop. In my system I have internet that goes through a router. My Studio XPS is wired internet connection while my laptop is on wifi.

Recently, for no apparent reason (it started on Sunday), I have no internet connection on my Studio XPS tower. Wifi works fine on the laptop. I have also tried wiring my laptop in to the router and it recognises the LAN connection and I can get internet connection. So I know the LAN and the router and cables are working fine.

But still I have no internet connection any more on my Studio XPS.I am at a loss as to why only the hardwire internet connection to my Studio XPS is failing, yet there is clearly still an internet connection that allows me to connect my laptop  via both wired and wifi connection. [code]

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Dell :: Studio XPS 8100 - Unable To Connect To Wireless Router

Jul 2, 2012

I havea Dell Studio XPS 8100 with 64 bit operating system, running Windows 7 HomePremium w/ Service Pack 1. I purchased the computer in January 2011.

AfterI purchased the computer I purchased a NETGEAR Wireless Router to set up aWireless connection to two Lap Top computers but since my Desktop was merelytwo feet from the Router I hard wired it to the Router with an Ethernet Cable.

Irecently moved to a new location and found that I had to connect the XPSA 8100to a Wireless Router. I purchased a newer NETGEAR 27, and had no issuesconnecting the Laptop Computers to the new Router regardless of the distancefrom the router.

WhenI attempted to make a Wireless connection to the XPS 8100, It gave me a message“Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter Unable to Connect with a CODE 31”.

In reviewingmy Network Adapters I found both the “Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter”,and a “DW1525 (802.11n) WLAN PCIe Card” Status indicated they were not workingproperly.

Iwas able to visit the DELL website and reinstalled both the Microsoft VirtualWIFI Miniport Adapter and the DW1525 WLAN Card. Now they both indicted thatthey ARE working properly. I also located two Antennae’s that came with theDesk top and I installed them on the machine.

HoweverI still cannot get a Wireless connection to the Router and I currently have thecomputer sitting merely 3 feet from the Router. I continue to receive an “Unableto Connect Prompt”.

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Dell :: XPS 8100 / Internet Browser Doesn't Open On Occasion

Feb 9, 2012

I have a Studio XPS 8100 desktop.  Lately, I'd say for about the past 3 months, after I start up my computer, I open my mail (windows live) and I open an internet browser, either "IE" or "Firefox"...  Mail opens and receives no problem... my internet connection is fine... (have trouble shot all of that), but the internet will not open... It looks like it is going to start, then nothing... no message, not a thing.  So I reboot and it opens... very odd no rhyme of reason for it, simply works fine one day and not another...  I can't find any info. on the internet about this problem and no one I know has ever heard of it... Yes, I've run all the scans and checks with no viruses/spam, etc. detected... I'm using AVG free and Malawarebytes... was using Windows Security Essentials when is started...  I have also scanned the computer in safe mode and no problems detected.

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Dell :: PP39L No Internet Access And Programs Not Working?

Jun 26, 2012

Dell Studio, PP39L. The internet will connect, I have full internet access, but the internet will just stop working. Chrome won't freeze, but it won't load. I'll click on a new tab and type in any website, but it won't load. In addition to the problems I have connecting to the internet, once my computer begins to have these problems, I can't open anything. I'll try to open my documents, Microsoft Word, etc. but nothing will open/start up. The icon on the task bar will appear for a few moments before disappearing and nothing happens. I can't access my task manager, and more often than not, if I click on my task bar, it'll freeze. It doesn't have a specific pattern; it will work fine, and then out of nowhere, everything just...stops working properly. I'll restart my computer manually and everything will be fine, but eventually, it will freeze again.Whether it's relevant or not, my computer has given me the blue screen of death a few times..

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Dell :: No Ethernet Controller Driver / Win XP On Optiplex GX270

Mar 11, 2010

I installed a fresh Windows XP Pro on my Optiplex gx270 last week. Everything was fine but now I cannot get an internet connection. I followed all the steps on the dell support web site for the windows reinstall, putting all the drivers on in the correct order, all from my original resource CD. Then downloaded the new recommended driver for my service tag from the dell site, and still no ethernet controller driver is found (a yellow question mark with an exclamation mark on top in windows device manager). Tried a couple of times with the dell online chat, but was disconnected right away. Then spent another 1+ hour on the phone with dell tech support this morning. After uninstalling and reinstalling the same drivers I had previously installed, they apparently had no other suggestions and disconnected me. So I'm left with what was a pretty decent machine that is incapable of connecting to the internet.

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Dell :: OptiPlex GX270 Ethernet Driver Not Installed?

Jan 20, 2009

my Ethernet driver is not installed on my computer and i am trying to find driver for it so i can use the internet

i have loked at driver on dell website but am unsure what to download i am running XP

proffesional operrating system... i am using another computer to post this question..many of my other device drivers are not installed like display etc

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Dell :: Optiplex GX270 And Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition

Apr 19, 2004

I see a lot of postings about getting the GX270 working with a ghost boot floppy.

Dell Optiplex GX270 Onboard Intel LOM (Intel 1000 Pro) and Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition using a Ghost Console Boot Partition.I'm using identical Intel Drivers on both the floppy and the Boot Partition.It works from the floppy(only using PC-DOS however).

When started from the ghost console boot partition it pauses after displaying the MAC address of the card which after a few minutes it displays an error message "command interpreter missing (".

I've gotten the scenario to work with a Broadcom Gigabit Extreme network card, haven't tried this with an Intel Pro 1000 NIC (as opposed to the onboard NIC) to eliminate the driver as the culprit.   I suspect this might have something to do with the SATA configuration.and no, the -FNI or the -NOIDE switch will not work in this situation as the *.exe that starts on the boot partition is ngctdos.exe and not ghost.exe.Which, I'm assuming is the app that listens for instructions from the Ghost Console.

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Home Network :: Sharing Programs Between Two Computers

Jan 1, 2012

How do you set up a network of 2 computers so that one computer without the actual software on its hard drive can run programs that are on the other computers hard drive?

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Some Programs Won't Connect To The Internet?

May 26, 2011

I've changed nothing between the time these programs connected perfectly fine to the time they stopped working which was about 9 hours or so, got home from college and everything was messed... The list of prgrams that won't connect properly are: Skype, World of warcraft, Steam The ones that do work are: firefox, Curse, Teamspeak, MSN

I've run malware bytes and spybot S&D twice and 1 time for each in safe mode, they found 2 files which were not even much fo a threat, after removing them this problem still happens

My step dad can run steam and skype fine on his machine which is on the same connection as me and we both use Ethernet cables in the same router I've disabled my firewall to see if that makes a change, and nothing did

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Some Programs Cannot Connect To The Internet?

Sep 18, 2011

For the past week I have an issue with all but one program connecting to the internet. For some reason only internet explorer can connect but Firefox, Google chrome, outlook, and even my antivirus cannot connect to the internet. I have tried changing/ disabling my fire wall, changing the proxy settings

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Programs Can't Connect To Internet

May 20, 2012

None of the programs on my laptop that require an internet connection are able to connect . The only browser that works is Internet Explorer 64-bit. I have tried using my parents' and school's wireless but the problem still exists which suggests that the problem is within my laptop. I checked my firewalls, proxy settings and I tried unplugging myy router and modem. I would like to get this fixed because I am tired of dealing with IE and there are a bunch of games I've got to get to. My OS is Windows 7.

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Some Programs Unable To Connect To Internet

May 17, 2011

I recently tried to play this game called fiesta which screwed up my system. It couldn't connect to the internet so I uninstalled it, Now a lot of my previous programs are not able to connect to the internet anymore. [code] I am running AVG free as my anti virus and Ad-Aware.I have disabled both but nothing changed.I have turned off my firewall and checked all of the allow a program through windows firewall.

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Some Programs Are Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Apr 8, 2011

I am running windows xp service pack 3. Some programs, like McAfee, cannot connect to the internet; yet, my computer is connected to my modem with an ethernet cable and i know that it is somewhat connected because all my browsers, save Safari, can connect to and browse the internet.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 8100 Network Driver

Jul 5, 2012

I had a hd crash and had to re-installl Window7 on my Studio XPS 8100.  I've installed all the drivers from the dell site as well as the H57 chipset drivers from Intel.  I still have 2 devices that won't install (Ethernet Controller and PCI Simple Communication Controller).  I can't get on-line.

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Dell :: Dimension 8100 - Plug And Play Configuration / Cannot Access F2 Set Up

Nov 30, 2006

I have dimension 8100 with windows ME. turned off the integrated NIC because it stopped working and installed a d-link nic card a while ago.  d-link worked poorly, so I connected my cable modem with USB.  This worked well.  Now I just bought a Dell laptop and router.  The router needs to be connected to the desktop via the nic card for both desktop and laptop to work thru the router.  I attempted to see if I could get the integrated card working.  I entered setup and put the setting to ON for the integrated NIC card.  I save and exited and the screen went black and stated "Plug and Play Configuration Error" 3x's.  I rebooted and hit F2 to get into setup, but it won't let me and just goes right to the "plug and play configuration error" 3x's....

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Dell :: Dimension 8100 - Ethernet Controller Missing Drivers Windows 7

Jun 12, 2010

I have recently acquired a Dell Dimension 8100, and installed Windows 7 on it.

The Ethernet Controller in Device Manager is flaged (/!) not allowing me to use the internet.

I need a driver for it thats compatible with the onborad controller and Windows 7

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Programs Cannot Connect To Net

Sep 27, 2011

I can connect to the internet through the browser (firefox, ie). i can also perform updates or connect through utorrent. Still, there are many programs that cannot connect and i don't think they need any kind of port forwarding. For example, avast cannot update, BS player and media player classic cannot connect to the subtitles database etc. I tried uninstalling any security related software:comodo firewall, avast antivirus,adaware,spybot and the problem persists. obviously, there is something blocking their access.

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Can't Connect To Certain Sites Programs?

May 20, 2011

Can't connect to sites such as this GamersFirst Forums -> International APB Reloaded Forums, unless I use a proxy site.Nor does connecting to the game works, either. But it works for my friends, apparently.I checked the router settings, no go. Turn the firewall and Norton on and off, and still the same. I even tried accessing on my sister's computer which is also connected to the same router, and it connects. Only my computer doesn't connect to some certain sites.

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Certain Programs Not Connecting To Internet

Jan 5, 2011

Looking it up and doing all sorts of things to attempt to resolve it but so far I've had no luck. Programs such as World of Warcraft Downloader, iTunes, Spybot S&D Updater are unable to connect to the internet, saying there is no connection or that they are unable to initialize streaming. Other programs such as Mozilla, Z/CMUD, Malaware Bytes Updater all can connect without any sort of problem. I've got Microsoft Security Suite on my computer as well as a number of other antimalware programs, running them pretty religiously

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Three Computers Cannot Connect To Internet

Jan 7, 2012

my three computers cannot connect to the internet, they were fine last night now it says. cannot comunicate with primary sever, do you think it is my comp or sever.

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Can't Connect To Internet From One Of Computers

Aug 19, 2012

First 3 days ago i came in to my work and my 2 Desktop computers where not connecting to the internet. After trouble shooting i found that my cell phone and wireless computer would connect. then hardwiring with my cat5 cable my laptop worked as well. i couldn't connect to the router as well from the 2 Desktop computers. restarted every thing router modem computers ext. nothing.Then i tried ping tests nothing could not ping each other or the router. though the network map clealy told me the ip addresses of each computer and that it was connecting. then as though from random i tried again to log in to the router. and one of my computers found it and could then connect to the internet.

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How To Connect 5 Computers To Internet

Jan 1, 2013

How to connect my 5 computers to an internet. i already have a hub and lan connections but the other 4 computers still don't have internet connections.

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Two Internet Connections - Assigning Certain Programs To One Of Them?

May 4, 2012

For over a month I am trying to find a way that makes me able to use two internet connections at the same time, and assign certain programs to one connection. This is because me and my brother do game on the ADSL cause of the low latency of it, when one of us do surf the whole connection lags. I do have 2 internet connections at home, one is ADSL(1.5MB Connection) and one is WiMAX(10MB Connection). Both of these routers/modems are connected to the same network. I want to use the ADSL for gaming(light usage) and the WiMAX one for browsing and downloading(heavy usage).

I came up with three ways:

1) ForceBindIP - (1) (2) - Didn't work for me with Windows 7 64bit on Firefox 12.0

2) Using VMWare - Which I do not want to.

3) Using Astaro Security Gateway Home Edition - Which is a bit complicated and I have to run a dedicated PC for it with special setup in order to make it work (Live Demo)

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:


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Add / Remove Programs And Internet Connection Is Gone

Mar 11, 2012

I deleted something by accident in my control panel add/remove programs and my internet connection is gone

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How To Block All Programs From Accessing Internet Except One

Dec 28, 2012

I want to block all program from accessing internet except one. I can do it using Windows Firewall but some programs doesn't get blocked!  

And the list is too big to block them one by one (some programs doesn't get unchecked to block them).

I play online game (Counter Strike:CZ) that lags after some intervals (that lag is my actual problem) so i want to stop every app to access internet except my game.

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How To Connect Two Computers Using One Modem So They Both Use Internet

Oct 25, 2012

How to connect two computers using one modem so they both use the internet

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Connect Two Computers To Same Internet Connection?

Jan 4, 2012

My laptop is connected to USB modem for internet connection. I would like to connect another computer to same internet connection. So i used LAN cable to establish connection. it worked well for first time. But now it is not connecting. how to connect two computers to same internet connection?

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Connect Two Computers Remotely Through Internet?

Oct 12, 2012

I want to connect my laptop with another one via remote connection. But I don't know how to connect. I'm having the team viewer software installed in my two laptops. How to get my PC's connected through remote assistance.

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Programs Can't Find Internet Connection But Can Browse

Jan 9, 2012

I have a windows vista service pack 1 machine.I can browse the internet, download files, play songs, movies etc.But any program that attempts to auto update, or lets say I click a check for updates button on an antivirus program it tells me there is no internet connection.I can be online downloading a file and I might click spybots check for updates link and it tells me there is no internet connection.But it isn't just spybot, its everything. Everything that has some kind of built in check for updates fails.

adobe programs.
windows updates.
hitman pro

You name it, it doesn't see an internet connection. I can get online, download a program from the internet, install it and tell it to check for and update only to tell me there is no internet connection.I checked internet explorers connection settings to see if a virus or something had created a proxy server, nothing there.I ran ipconfig /all and checked there, nothing windows firewall is turned off, and as far as I know I don't have any other firewalls installed.There must be something in common that all these programs must use in order to get online that is somehow messed up. Could my winsock be corrupted in such a way as to allow manual downloading but not automatic?

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Computer Connects To Internet Fine But Some Programs Say It Doesn't

Feb 25, 2011

I have a printer connected to another computer (Win XP) and it wasn't showing up on the network so I followed some installation process to install a network driver or something. Now the printer is working fine. BUT... Now that computer is having internet problems. It connects to the internet fine but some programs say it doesn't. Like Microsoft Outlook. A message always shows up saying "Must work offline" or something. And I cant listen to some things on the internet because a message comes up saying you must connect to the internet.

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Verizon Jet Pack Will Not Connect To The Internet On Acer Computers

Nov 10, 2012

I have two acer computers and a verizon jet back, which won't connect except locally on both windows xp and windows vista. I have a dell, toshiba, gateway and they all connect fine.Verizon wireless knows less than I do to trouble shoot this. I need it fixed, and neither computer will work with this device.

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