Asus RT-N66U Or RT-AC66U For Home Network?

Mar 4, 2013

Some background: We live in a 3-story 3,700 sq. foot home. Office is in bottom front corner of the 1st floor. We have a Linksys WRT54GS router (I know!) paired with a cable modem. We have a desktop wired to the router, a plasma TV across the room connected to the cable and a PS3. We also have an iPad, two iPhones, and a MacBook Air (2012), plus whatever devices guests bring into the house.

We have trouble streaming on devices on 2nd and 3rd floors on the opposite side of house from the office. Plan on adding a NAS in near future, primarily as a local backup and to share pictures, music, movies, etc.Not sure if one of the routers above is the way to go for whole house coverage? Seems like the AC version is probably way beyond our needs, but not sure. Is there a cheaper way to go than either that will still provide the coverage we need for a large house?

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Asus RT-AC66U Router - Cannot Get Xbox 360 To Connect To Wireless Network

Nov 28, 2012

So i got the Asus RT-AC66U router and ive setup everything as far as the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless goes. However, for some reason i cannot get my xbox 360 to connect to the wireless network. I tried both the 2.4 and 5ghz network. It sees the network just wont connect. also ive tried to manually add the ip and dns settings to no avail either

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How To Add Asus Rt-n66u To Existing Wired Network

Aug 22, 2012

Just got the rt-n66u to add to my existing wired network. Can I just disable the DHCP on the 66U and set its IP address to something that's outside the range on my current router?

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ASUS RT-N66U Router - Network Switch

Aug 8, 2012

So my setup is this.

Modem > Router (ASUS RT-N66U) > Printer, Main Rig, Server, Laptop

I switch the ports between my laptop and PS3 whenever I go to my room, but now that I'm setting up another system downstairs, I'll need more Ethernet ports. Everything is running on a Gigabit network, and I'd like to keep it that way. What I'm thinking is adding this:


Do I set it up like this? Modem > Router > Switch > Other Stuff. I'm guessing I only connect one port on my router to the switch, but can I use the other 3 ports on the router or do I have to use the ports on the switch? If what I am thinking is correct, any better recommendation for a switch? I'd prefer a square-rack mount- ish type so I can have my modem and router on top of it.

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Acer Aspire 5520 And Asus RT-N66U / Unidentified Network

May 30, 2012

I am able to connect the other laptops and gaming consoles that we have at the house. My brother's laptop is an Acer Aspire 5520. Whenever I tried connecting to the router. It would sometimes accept my wpa key at the same time it would give me a valid IP Address. But for some reason it says on the connection status "Unidentified Network" What I did was I enabled guest zone. I was able to connect thru a guest account without using any WPA key.

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Worse Signal On ASUS RT-N66U Than ASUS E1000

Oct 5, 2012

I recently moved into a larger 2 story house, and for the first few months I was using a Linksys E1000 I've had for about 2 years now. It's a fine single band router, but the people upstairs and the xbox/PS3 in the living room didnt have the strongest connection.

I shopped around and finally got a ASUS RT-N66U for a really good, strong dual band router that would supposedly give better range and performance than my old E1000.

Unfortunately, since I got it everyone is having issues they never had before, namely:Signal dropping all around the house and having to search for the network much slower performance than before the xbox/PS3 cant hold a stable connection even for a few minutes now, when before you could watch Netflix HD programs easily

I've upgraded the Firmware to since I heard earlier firmwares had issues, but other than that and opening my ports for qTorrent it is relatively stock settings.

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Asus RT-AC66U Not Seeing NAS

May 3, 2013

So my setup has been built around playing nice with my Uverse Gateway. Basically the Router is hooked into a Lan port to the gateway and I have enabled DMZ-Plus to disable the firewall on the gateway's end. Wireless on the gateway has been turned off.

My issue is if I try and plus my Thecus N4100 pro into the router, it doesn't see it at all. The only way I can get my N4100 pro to work is to plug it directly into the gateway with my desktop pc and in that case the gateway wireless has been turned off only my desktop pc see's the nas...

It's definitely not ideal, and I am not sure what to do. I wanted to be able to use this router to do the bulk of the pc related things and only have the gateway handle uverse tv (WAP)...

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ASUS RT-AC66U Setup For Use With Verizon 4G LTE

Apr 17, 2013

ASUS RT-AC66U setup for use with Verizon 4G LTE

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Asus AC66U Don't Want To Change Firmware On Router

May 10, 2013

I just got a new Asus AC66U. When I play games I have severe stuttering now using the 5Ghz band. I ran a ping to the router and every 20-30 seconds it jumps up from 1ms to 100-900 for 2-4 pings then backs down. I tried running ping test on two computers with the same result.I tried fixing the 5Ghz to a specific channel. I've tried upper channels, lower channels, I've adjusted the channel width from 20-80Mhz. I've changed the preamble from long to short, I've upped the transmit power, I've turned off PnP. I haven't been able to change a setting that made a difference.

I did notice that the lag spikes were much less frequent in the morning when I tested, before everyone was using the internet, although I saw an occasional ping spike. They must be related to router load.i don't want to change the firmware on the router in case I have to return it. I spoke with Newegg and they're going to send me a replacement router. I doubt that it's the hardware, but this will be a good way to know for certain that it's not the hardware. Once I get the new router I'll test everything again including trying the ping with a LAN cable.

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ASUS RT-AC66U / Recommendation For New Wireless Adapter For Laptop

Dec 28, 2012

I recently bought an ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router. It is working great.Now I would like to replace the wireless card in my Asus N61J laptop.

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Debating Between R6300 And ASUS RT-N66U

May 2, 2013

I suppose the bottom line is that I'm debating between the r6300 and the ASUS RT-N66U. know the Netgear recently got new firmware with beam forming that supposedly increases performance significantly. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find even any anecdotal stories of just how much of a performance gain it gave the router.

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Wireless Bridge Between Asus Dsl-N10E And RT-N66U?

Jan 4, 2013

trying to put my RT-n66U in wifi repeater mode or bridge mode as i have only one lan cable and no wifi adapter where i connect n66u dark knight and my pc . and connect the modem n10e and rt66u,setting up rt66u was pretty easy but i cant give my modem the repeaters mac as there's no WDS management interface in the modem, how would i do it, is there any other way to bridge between wireless routers?

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Asus RT-n66u - New Router Keeps Dropping Internet?

Feb 26, 2013

I have purchased, the Asus RT-n66u twice, the Linksys ea4500, and the ea3500. With all 3 of these [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]routers[/COLOR][/COLOR] I am able to set them up just fine the internet works fine, and then come the connection drops. It doesnt matter if I'm wired or wireless, the internet connection will not be stable for more than 5-10 mins a time. I called ASUS tech support and thier stumped too. Firmware is not a factor as Ive updated them for all 3 routers. I'm using a ping monitor to see how much it drops. In the last 40 mins it dropped 12 times with a wired connection and typically takes 45-90 secs to come back up.

The interesting thing is that my current router a Linksys E2000 is working just fine and is routing 12 wireless devices with no loss of connectivity. I wanted to upgrade to a router with a longer range, but out of the 3 I tried so far none work. So I'm ruling out that its an issue with my ISP or the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Arris[/COLOR][/COLOR] modem that came with comcast becuase thats been up for weeks.

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Range Extenders For Asus N66U Router?

May 10, 2012

I'm going to pick up an Asus N66U, and I need to be able to run some cables from it, through the attic to some range extending devices in the attic at opposite sides of the house.Basically I want to connect some devices to the router that will amplify/broadcast signal further.Massively cheaper than the asus antenna, specs look good, except for not supporting the 5ghz dual band, how is it otherwise?

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Asus RT-N66U / Range Extender Or Repeater?

Feb 3, 2013

going to be setting up my cable modem and Asus RT-N66U router in my basement in the work room/laundry room. My townhouse is 3 stories tall so just in case I wanted to look at my options for a range extender or repeater.

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ASUS RT-N66U / Router For Gaming On Xbox 360?

Apr 8, 2013

I need a router for gaming on my Xbox 360. When gaming I use a wired connection. All my heavy dl/streaming on my laptop will be wired as well. When I'm gaming no other traffic is on the network, meaning my laptop is turned off. The only time I use my laptop wireless is for browsing when I'm not close enough to the router and modem to go wired.

I was thinking of getting the ASUS RT-N66U. I'm fine with the price if I can't find a quality, reliable router that would meet my needs for less.

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Cisco Linksys Ea4500 Versus Asus Rt-n66u

Jun 18, 2012

Does the CPU speed make any difference?I'm reading that the Asus offers great Wifi Coverage - which is nice cause both the wife and myself use the laptops a fair bit.. However - most of my devices are currently on a wired setup..through a belkin 1gbit powerline setup.I run a NAS for storage - a separate machine for media serving, 2x ps3s for media streaming a seagate HD+ media player + a sonos bridge and my desktop on the wired setup..As for wireless normally I'd have 3 Androids along with 2 laptops & 5 sonos players...


I might have been talking rubbish there - I was sure I'd read somewhere that the Asus unit had a whopping 1gb ram installed vs. the 256mb of the Linksys/Cisco ea4500 - however looking at the specs again, both read @256mb.

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Asus N66U Router - Connect Computer To Server That Is Outside Of LAN

Sep 22, 2012

currently i have my server computer in room a, and i have 2 computers in room b. my current setup is.Server---ethernet cable-----router-----modem, for the computers in room b, the setupis.......computers-------ethernet router----ethernet wire-----router----modem.if i remove the switch in room b, then the computer in room b can communicate with the server computer, if i keep the ethernet router then i cant connect to my server. i need the computers in room b to be wired but there is only 1 wire in the room, so that is y i added the ethernet router. how can i get the server to connect to the computers in room b with the ethernet router?

My main wifi router is a Asus N66U
My ethernet router is a dlink dir 130

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Asus Rt-n66u Wireless Router Settings For Gaming?

Jul 22, 2012

I have recently purchased an asus rt-n66u dual band gigabit router. What are the best settings for wireless gaming? The wireless adaptor I'm using is an asus usb-n53 dual band. Do I need to set it for auto mode or n only? and 20 or 40 mhz or 20/40 combined? do I need aes/tkip encryption or just aes?

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ASUS RT-N66U / Best Router With On-board IPSec VPN Server?

Jan 7, 2013

I'm currently in the market for a new router that supports remote IPSec VPN access to my home network. The router must support wireless (latest "n" standard is a plus) and must have gigabit links for LAN at least. I have been considering the following two routers but neither has an IPSec VPN server built in to the router OS:

MikroTik RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN

As far as I can tell they both have PPTP server functionality and only IPSec pass-through. I would like a router that has the server ability built in to the OS so I won't have to run an additional system behind my network edge. I can also look into any small to medium size business routers, just as long as it supports a majority of the same features of the two routers I have listed for comparison.

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Asus N66U Router ITunes Server Not Working?

Nov 28, 2012

Just purchased an N66U router and loving it so far. The only problem I'm having is that iTunes is not seeing the shared library I setup on the router. I have a usb drive plugged into it and have set the options to use that drive and the itunes server is turned on. I've rebooted the router many times, removed the drive and put it back in. Turned of settings and turned back on. Nothing works. iTunes does see my PC's shared library just fine.

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Need Stable DDWRT Build For Asus RT-N66U Router

Apr 21, 2012

if there is a stable or if the current website offered version of DDWRT is stable and working good on Asus Rt-N66U router?

I really want to work with some of the features like VLAN etc... on this firmware. I am no stranger to the software but I want to be sure I am not going to burn up my router or cause it to frag due to incomplete software

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TP-Link 8817 Connected To ASUS RT-N66u Blocking Ports?

Mar 10, 2013

My TP-Link 8817 which is connected to my ASUS RT-N66u appears to be blocking my ports. I port forwarded on my router to set up a server. I do have the right IP and ports set up. Originally i thought it was the router but then "netMakeChannDial: err=-3000 rn_p=8050dc14" appeared in the modem log but nothing in the router log even though i turned on the "logged packets type" to Both. I have googled this error but nothing came up so I'm probably just doing something stupid. I have even tried turning off the modem firewall and SPI, but still no luck.

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Home Network :: Asus RT-N13U DD-WRT Web UI Not Accessible?

Dec 10, 2012

I flashed my router to DD-WRT, but I could not access the web UI which is suppose to come on typing in the web browser. . It used to come fine before but I reflashed to Asus Firmware but now I cannot access it. I have tried several times to flashing it to Asus Firmware and Back to DD-WRT, but it didn't work. When I flash to ASUS everytime my old settings are still the same. I tried assigning a static IP also.

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Home Network :: Unable To Set Router's Subnet IP To 1 With ASUS RT-N56U?

May 29, 2012

I am unable to set router's (RT-N56U) IP adress to default one (, or any other in subnet 1. It always popum message to me which says "IP adress is not a valid adress". Also when I restart device it automaticaly sets its IP to I have static IP which is translated to IP in subnet 1 so I need this working. The router is in "Wireless router mode (Default)"

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Home Wifi Is Not In Range For Asus Tf101?

Jan 17, 2013

The tablet worked perfectly till yesterday. Now I can not connect to wifi. It says "not in range". I tried forgetting the network, restarted the tablet, restarted the modem, tried putting the wifi network manually, but no success so far. It scans neighboring networks, but not mine. Android 4.0.3

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Asus RT-N12 Dd-wrt Compatible Router For Weekend Home Theater Project

Apr 24, 2011

I've got a relative that needs a wireless solution for their new HD LCD. The spouse has vetoed running cat-5 (I'd have told her to pound sand...) so we're looking for an inexpensive router that we can install dd-wrt on and throw it in bridge mode. The Linksys wrt54g seems to have dried up in the area, no one seems to have one in stock and I haven't had any luck finding an Asus RT-N12 that I can get delivered in a timely fashion, that would have been my second pick.

Any recommendation for a fairly inexpensive G/N router that either features a robust bridge mode or that I can flash for this project?

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Home Network :: Advanced Home Network Setup (3 Subnets) And Port Forwarding?

Feb 24, 2013

I have a Time Warner Cable business class service with no static IP, with a wireless modem which is plugged to a CAT5 distribution panel. On the jacks (2 other rooms on the house) I have a Linksys E3000 and a Linksys Valet router for signal boost and gadgets usage (TV, cameras, etc).The main router (TWC) has it's own external IP which TWC assigns to me and internally distributes via DHCP the range 192.168.0.x. With that said:

- The E3000 has a IP -- this is fixed setup on the TWC router (ubee brand) by MAC address
- The Valet has a IP -- this is fixed setup on the TWC router (ubee brand) by MAC address
- The main router has the as the gateway and web-interface

Whenever I connect something to the E3000, it is distributing the 192.168.1.x range and the valet 192.168.2.x range.That works perfectly for my home based business until I decided to use more stuff on the network such as a IP printer, IP cameras, etc.

- The IP cameras are connected to the E3000 due to signal strength and I have manually assigned them the and IPs and ports 9001 and 9002.

- The printer is connected to the E3000 and I have manually assigned the IP

Issue 1: Port forwarding On the main router (TWC - UBEE) I have tried to setup a port forwarding by informing the Local IP as (E3000 IP), Internal Port 0, Public Interface IP (, Ext Start Port 9001, Ext End Port 9001, Protocol - Both, Enabled Yes. On the E3000 I did the same config (screen shot attached e3000.png).This is not working properly. I can't get into the camera.

Issue 2: Printer/ The printer is only accessible if I connect to the E3000 (because it is on the 192.168.1.x network)

Issue 3: How to configure all the devices on the same subnet? If I want everyone to be on the 192.168.0.x network, how to configure properly the E3000 and the Valet? I have tried to force them into the same network but it would not work properly. It would not get an IP from the UBEE router (main).

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ASUS Z77 Motherboard / Internet Connection Being Blocked By ASUS Software?

Jul 17, 2012

I have an ASUS Z77 Motherboard and when I install the AI Suite II which comes on the installation disc it blocks my internet connection. When I uninstall the software my connection is fine. I am using an Ethernet connection by the way. I think it is being blocked by the component called Network iControl. As soon as that component is uninstalled my Internet connection comes back. I want to have the software, but I also want to have my connection.

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Home Network :: Need To Extend Reach Of Wifi Network At Home

Oct 20, 2011

Here's the layout: Cable modem in the basement. Several devices in which I'd prefer a wired connection in the basement. Upstairs on the 1st and 2nd floor of the house are many devices in which wifi is fine or preferred.Here's the problem: As you might guess, wifi is weak upstairs and certainly on the patio and 2nd floor. I have an access point upstairs that I've experimented with but it is flaky.

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Home Network :: Install A Wireless Network In Home Environment?

Nov 10, 2011

How to install a wireless network in home environment?

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Home Network :: Need Input On Network At Home Newly Wired

Jan 14, 2012

I am a new student in networking, taking the CCNA courses, and now want to rewire my home. I currently have a cable modem and E2500 setup running my network. I want to get the modem and router out of my computer room and in the basement where the cable enters the house. I want to do this to clean up the computer room wiring a bit and to run line drops to different rooms in the house where the internet will be utilized.Currently there are two PC's, a laptop, a tablet, sometimes a phone, and an XBOX using the internet. I want to get my printer back up and running on the network but thats another story. Only one PC is currently hardwired. I would like to run two cables into the room with the PC and XBOX that are currently using wireless, at least two into the computer room for the PC and network printer, and one or two into the living room for the blue ray player and possibly an internet tv.

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Home Network :: Can't Get D-Link DGL-4500 To Accept Home Network?

Sep 10, 2011

I have a D-Link DGL-4500 router and my landlord recently ungraded our internet connection. However, now I get this error message when I try to hook it up to the ethernet hub,"The addressing of the Internet side learnt thru DHCP conflicts with the addressing selected for the LAN side. Internet communications will be disabled until you have changed the LAN side addressing to resolve the problem."

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