Cisco :: AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 - WLC IOS Upgrade From To

Jun 19, 2012

I have an WLC with below details:
Model No:- AIR-WLC4402-50-K9
Current IOS:-
Upgrade to :-
I wants to upgade WLC with7.0.220.0 IOS. My question is that should i go for direct upgarde from to or is there any IOS version i have to upgarde.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4402 - AP Doesn't Join After Upgrade To

Apr 25, 2011

today i upgraded our WLC4402 from to After the upgrade (also bootloader upgrade) the Aironet 1142 AP's do not joint the controller anymore. Error in log:*spamReceiveTask: Apr 26 11:30:46.301: %CAPWAP-3-DISC_INTF_ERR2: capwap_ac_sm.c:1468 Ignoring Primary discovery request received on a wrong VLAN (21) on interface (29) from AP ec:c8:82:ab:ed:00 Nothing changed in infrastructure. AP's are in VLAN 21, AP-Manager interface is in VLAN 21. Ap-Manager, Management Interface and Dynamic Interfaces are in PortChannel (LAG) = Interface 29.

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 - Access Point Not Coming Up After Upgrade Image

Sep 18, 2011

I have AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 WLC i that current IOS is and i upgraded with IOS but after upgrading and reboot the WLC from 15 access point 3 access point are not coming up and 12 are coing up and working fine (4 1142 and 11 1131 series access point) 3 which are not coimg is 1131 series access point. when i login with console to 3 access point its rebooting 2 times and coming on ap: prompt.
In between that i reloaded the WLC one more time because from 15 acess point only 4 aceess point are came up and i also cleck the show boot on wlc its output is (default) (active) so i reload  the wlc and checked out of 15 acess point now 12 acess point are up and still 3 are not. And i also checked the output of show boot command its (default)(active)
So i things its because of when 2nd time i reload the wlc the remaining 3 access point are getting.

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Cisco :: WLC4402-50-K9 Process For Installation Of WLC?

Mar 14, 2012

I have one WLC AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 which is hitting some bug. So I done RMA for that devices and now i got the new WLC.Now i want to install that RMA WLC in network. So can any one tell me what is the process for installtion of WLC. I already have the old WLC in working now. Which file backup i need to take from old WLC.

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Cisco Wireless :: EAP-TTLS Over WLC4402

Apr 18, 2012

I try to use EAP-TTLS on one of my wireless networks and the 802.1x authentification fails at this moment:
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Apr 19 16:04:52.800: 00:16:cb:66:29:bc Processing Access-Accept for mobile 00:16:cb:06:09:bc
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Apr 19 16:04:52.801: %APF-6-RADIUS_OVERRIDE_DISABLED: apf_ms_radius_override.c:204 Radius overrides disabled, ignoring source 2
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Apr 19 16:04:52.801: 00:16:cb:66:29:bc Resetting web acl from 255 to 255
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Apr 19 16:04:52.802: 00:16:cb:66:29:bc apfMsDeleteByMscb Scheduling mobile for deletion with deleteReason 20, reasonCode 2
where I can find what are deleteReason 20 and reasonCode 2?

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-LAP521G-E-K9 Is Not Joining WLC4402-12

Oct 1, 2012

info regarding my LAP521 access points that are refusing to join the WLC4402-12.This is my first lightweight access point implementation and I have 3 LAP521's and 1 AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 access points on my network.They are meant to pick up ip address from external dhcp server and then join the WLC but only the 3502i joins successfuly while the 521's get dhcp address but do not join the WLC. From the logs, I can see that the WLC is discovered by the 521's and even get a response message from the controller but they are still unable to join as shown in the screenshot below.My WLC is running software version and the 521's are running an lwapp image version [code]

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Cisco :: AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 / Windows 7 With WLC And Guest Access?

Apr 8, 2010

AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 running and I setup guest internet-only access which worked for 2 days. I change both the "User Idle Timeout (seconds)" and "Enable Session Timeout " to 10hours (36000) as guest was complaining he had to re-authenticate again. Anyways, guest was still able to pickup ip address and logs show that life "appears" fine but he had not internet guest access. He had a Windows7 box...anyways, before I can finish troubleshooting, he had to leave....My question is if there is any issues with Windows 7 that others had a problem...or is it the timers I tweaked  - or both?
Thu Apr 8 15:19:06 2010User joe logged in. Client MAC:00:12:f0:99:71:ce, Client IP:, AP MAC:00:00:00:00:00:00, AP Name:N/A15Thu Apr 8 15:09:28 2010User joe logged in. Client MAC:00:12:f0:99:71:ce, Client IP:, AP MAC:00:00:00:00:00:00, AP Name:N/A

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4402 Drops Network Connection

Dec 6, 2012

We have 2 AIR-WLC4402-K9 devices at a remote location that will both drop their network connections some undetermined time after a reboot.  We cannot reach them via telnet, SSH or HTTP.  In fact, we cannot even ping them once they drop connection.  The only cure we've found so far is to power-cycle the controllers.  The controllers are in separate rooms and connected to separate switches.  We've confirmed the links are configured as trunks and have the correct speed/duplex settings.  I tried updating the IOS & boot loader on one of them but that had no effect on the problem. 

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Cisco :: Mobile Phones Can't Get Internet Access Through WLC4402

Feb 20, 2012

I have a WLC 4402 on my network.  Recently mobile phones can connect to the wireless network and obtain a valid IP address.  This IP is pingable from a workstation anywhere else on the network.  However, these phones will not display web pages.  They come up page cannot be displayed.  I even tried putting Google's IP address in the phone's browser and it still did not display.  I can connect through the same WLAN via a laptop or iPad.  These devices have no problem displaying web pages.  I even went ahead and created a new TESTWLAN with no encyption but to no avail.  Same results:  laptops connect and display web pages and smart phones connect, gain IP but do not display web pages.  Comes up page cannot be displayed.  This matters not whether its an iPhone or Android platform.

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Cisco Wireless :: MAC Address Table On Wi-Fi Controller WLC4402

Dec 5, 2011

has WiFi controller WLC4402 mac address table and can I show it somehow?

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Cisco Wireless :: Configure MESH On WLC4402 With LAP1242?

Mar 12, 2013

I have a Cisco 4402 WLC running version controlling 20+ AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 access points running IOS 12.4 (10b). I'm trying to setup an additional AP as MESH. When I try to change the mode from local to bridge, on what will be the rootAP, I get a message stating that bridging is not support on this unit.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4402 And 104x H-REAP Mode

Mar 2, 2013

Is there is is any posibility to run WLC4402 and 104x family in H-REAP mode.

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Cisco :: HREAP Not Allocating Correct Ip Address WLC4402

Mar 20, 2011

I have two sites.Main site (local) has two Vlans: Vlan1 and Vlan2. Each has its own IP address range.VLAN 1 is the default Vlan and is used for CORPorate traffic. IP range 10.33.4.*VLAN 2 is for guest access to the internet IP range 10.10.10.*I have a WLC4402 on the this site with 2 WLANs: CORP on Vlan1 and GUEST on Vlan2.

Branch site (remote) which has 2 Vlans: Vlan1 and Vlan2. Each has its own IP address range.VLAN 1 is the default Vlan and is used for CORPorate traffic. IP range 10.125.15.*VLAN 2 is for guest access to the internet IP range 10.10.11.*I have an 1141 on this site using HREAP.

Locally, if you connect to CORP, you get a CORP ip address and access to CORP network. If you connect to GUEST, you get a guest ip address and guest access to the guest network. Simple so far....
Remotely, if you connect to CORP, you get a CORP ip address 10.125.15.x and access to CORP network (great). If you connect to GUEST, you get a CORP ip address 10.125.15.x and access to CORP network (not great). This is with the HREAP native vlan ID for the access point set to 2 on the controller.If I set the native vlan ID to 1 on the controller, I can not get an IP address at all.If I do not set the native vlan ID on the controller, I can not get an IP address at all.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4402 - Put Strong Encryption Mode?

Feb 14, 2012

I have one WLC 4402 & arround 29 Access point (1130) in our enterprise network. Wireless users LAN segment is diffrent from wired users.Wireless users like Laptop users, Mobile users & ipad users which are connetced with this wireless & using enterprise network.
Presently we are using  WEP mode for security key. This WEP key are week & can be cracked easily. so security point of view i want to put strong encription mode.Presently i do not have any radius server.I found there are some modes are available Like WPA, WPA2 with PSK etc.
will there any problem with wireless users to access application after changing the mode? Which mode will be stronger & could not be crack. Could we achieve without radius server or not?

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Cisco Wireless :: Mesh LAP Strange Reload In WLC4402

Sep 1, 2011

Our costumers has implemented 2 AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 with Software Release, the wireless infrastructure consist in 2 Root-Mesh-LAP and 8 Mesh connect over-the-air to deploy outdoor coverage.

All the LAP are Aironet 1520 Series Mesh Access Points with equipped with 3 antennas for 2.4GHz and 1 antenna for 5GHz (backhaul).For one year all seems to be ok, yesterday after a power outage of one Mesh-Root-LAP, 5 Mesh-Lap continues reload each 10-12 minutes, on the WLC Log you can see event like a reboot from AP Console, on the LAP console i can capture this event before the reload:
Log on LAP Mesh
%DOT11-6-GEN_ERROR: Error on Dot11Radio0 - Not Beaconing for too long - Current 0 Last 0
%SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload requested by Dot11 driver. Reload Reason:
Radio Not Beaconing for too long ....
LWAPP-5-CHANGED: CAPWAP changed state to DOWN
AP1780-Mesh uptime is 11 hours, 10 minutes
System returned to ROM by power spike
%DOT11-6-GEN_ERROR: Error on Dot11Radio0 - Not Beaconing for too long - Current 0 Last 0%SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload requested by Dot11 driver. Reload Reason:Radio Not Beaconing for too long ....*Sep  1 16:05:43.399: %LWAPP-5-CHANGED: CAPWAP changed state to DOWN
What does it mean? That the beacon signal trasmitted from Root-Mesh-LAP cannot reach the Mesh-Lap and so the Mesh-LAP force a reload?Where we should search the cause? In the power instability or in a interference on the 5GHz radio interface?
On one of mesh Lap I found a strange reason for a releoad:AP1780-Mesh uptime is 11 hours, 10 minutesSystem returned to ROM by power spike
Log on WLC
Log System Time Trap
0 Thu Sep 1 17:31:11 2011 AP Disassociated. Base Radio MAC:00:22:be:41:33:00
1 Thu Sep 1 17:31:11 2011 AP's Interface:1(802.11a) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:00:22:be:41:33:00 Cause=Heartbeat Timeout Status:NA
2 Thu Sep 1 17:31:11 2011 AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:00:22:be:41:33:00 Cause=Heartbeat Timeout Status:NA

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Cisco Wireless :: Limited P2P Communication And Broadcast Forwarding On WLC4402

Jun 6, 2012

my question regards to a pair of WLC 4402 with software.Actual, our security policy does not really allow any peer-to-peer communication in a wireless LAN. Therefore we set the 'P2P Blocking Action' to drop, and the 'Broadcast Forwarding' feature to disabled (default).But now there is a special requirement for two mobile endpoints to communicate with each other, because one device controls the other.To test the communication, we first disabled P2P Blocking (without success) and further enabled Broadcast Forwarding to bring the communication up. Now it works, but the configuration disagrees with our policy.
1. Is there an alternative configuration as described possible, so that we do not violate the security policy? To allow only p2p connection between the two devices, ist should also be possible to drop any else by an ACL. But how to fix the problem with the broadcast, because of the needed ARP? My idea was to use a static ARP entry, but as far as i know, one of the both devices is not able for it.
2. Because, I did not find any detailed documentation:
2a. with enabled Broadcast Forwarding, the controller forwards all broadcast for any configured SSID, right?
2b. is the broadcast limited to the source VLAN/SSID?
2c. is the broadcast limited to an AP, to an WLC, or is it broadcasted to every AP on every WLC that has the relevant SSID?
we already have two new 5508 but not in an operational state now, because we plan to implement new 3600 APs.Do these WLCs offer more/another circumstances or possibilities?

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Cisco :: WLC4402 Can't Connect To Wireless Using Certificate With Android Device

Jan 2, 2013

I'm trying to connect to my wireless network using an android device with certificate but with no success.I'm using a WLC4402 SSID Security (WPA2 Auth802.1X + CCKM) [code]

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Cisco :: WLC4402 To Implement HREAP Over WAN Between Main And Remote Site

Dec 6, 2011

Trying to implement HREAP over WAN between main and remote site. The WLC4402 is on main site. There will be a secondary DHCP at the remote site. Does the switch at the remote site any preparation?

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Cisco Wireless :: Cannot Connect To Wlc4402 Via Console - Hardware Failure?

Jun 21, 2007

I made a lot of tests during some days with a wlc4402 and everything was ok.
One day when I tried to reset the system I had a lot of errors (see attach) and could not go on. After changing the image the following output appeared: "RAM Disk Image Integrity Check Failed (Bad Magic Number) Hanging". Now I have no response from the controller.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Unable To Associate LWAPP 1142N To WLC4402

May 30, 2012

I am having a problem associating an AIR-LAP1142-E-K9 AP to our WLC4402 Controller (running version 7.0.230).I have connected a console cable to the device and when it boots up it picks up an IP address. I have then entered the controller IP using the command: [code] The Controller is set to 'GB' (regional code -E), and has the correct time zone (though I do notice this is GMT and not BST) but when the AP connects it shows the time an hour earlier than the time on the WLC GUI.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4402 / Aironet 1240 AG - Logs Are Rejected Due To Network Policy On NPS Server

May 10, 2012

We are using WLC4402 for our Aironet 1240AG access points.  The clients are connecting to the access points and are authenticating to the RADIUS server.  I am seeing the logs in Server 2008 but they are being rejected due to Network Policy on the NPS server.
Where do I see the Authentication Type on the WLC4400 or the 1240's?  In order for the clients (authenticated via Active Directory user) I have to set the Authentication in the NPS Connection Request Policy to "Allow clients to connect without negotiating an authentication method". 
I do not have a certificate on the server and my method options are MS-CHAP-v2, MS-CHAP, CHAP, PAP, SPAP, and allow without negotiating.  This RADIUS server was moved from Server 2003 IAS to Server 2008 NPS and there were no issues in Server 2003 IAS.  I have all authentication methods allowed and it still gives me the error below.  Only when I check "Allow clients to connect without negotiating an authentication method" it allows the authentication to proceed. 
Client Machine:
    Security ID:   NULL SID    Account Name:  Fully Qualified Account Name:    OS-Version:   
    Called Station Identifier:        00-17-a2-87-54-00: SSID NAME
    Calling Station Identifier:        00-41-96-b6-e3-27
    NAS IPv4 Address:
    NAS IPv6 Address:        -

    Reason:    The user attempted to use an authentication method that is not enabled on the matching network policy.

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 - After WLC Reboot Only One Wireless AP Can Join

Mar 1, 2012

I have an issue with my primary WLC AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 running version 7.0.220. After a reboot of the WLC only one AP can join, all others are rejected. After waiting a few hours (about 3) all APs can join the WLC. What I have done is a software upgrade (from  on both primary wlc (wlc with the issue) and backup. Following procedure:

1. Reboot primary wlc so that APs failover to backup (succeeded with no issue).

2. Upgarde software on primary wlc

3. To failback all APs from backup to primary I reboot all APs, so that they join again their primary wlc.

A reboot of the first AP was fine, It joined the primary wlc, get new software downloaded, rebootet, joined wlc successful again. Then rebooting the next AP. But this one then does not join the primary wlc for several hours. But it is also not falling back to the backup wlc as the primary is up and reachable. I tried a reboot with the next AP, but same behavior. I was waiting then until both APs were joining the primary wlc again. This happened after around 3 hours. After that I have rebootet all other APs on the backup wlc also. All was fine they immediately joined the primary without any issue. There are no log messages during the time when the WLC does not allow APs to join.. I had similar behaviour last year with version 6 when I rebooted the device. So I dont think this is software related. Also I dont think it's a configuration issue as 1) I have another WLC that uses the same backup controller and this one has the same configuration but works fine also after a reboot. 2) why doesn't it work after a reboot for a few hours, but then all is fine without any config change. After a few hours all is fine for months (until the next reboot).

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242 - Cannot Upgrade AP To LWAP Using Upgrade Tool On Windows 7

Sep 29, 2011

I have two Windows 7 computers and neither one will successfully upgrade a 1242 AP to LWAP.  However, I go to a coworker's XP machine and run the tool without issues.  On Windows 7 I keep receiving the error message of ACL or Firewall is blocking.  I have added rules and then even tried disabling the firewalls completely on both computers and still no success. 

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Cisco Wireless :: 5500 AP Upgrade Lic Upgrade On Controller

Jun 19, 2012

I am facing a problem to install a ap upgrade lic file on controller 5500. Iam getting the following error:

% Error: License file transfer failed - Error from server: File not found
I have confusion here that when I configure this command from GUI

What i should use for /cmm/  ????
Let say i have lic. file is on desktop of tftp server computer and I say in this command
tftp:// file .lic

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: CSACS-1121-UP-K9 - Possible To Upgrade It Being Non Upgrade Part

Sep 10, 2012

Is it possible to upgrade the CSACS-1121-UP-K9 to be a non upgrade part? We were going to upgrade from a Windows 4.x to the above Appliance (version 5.x) but there is now a reason to keep the old Windows version running therefore we cannot give the new Appliance the old ACS's licenses?!So we should have (with hindsight) bought a fresh version of the ACS 5.x rather than an upgrade.

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Cisco WAN :: How To Upgrade IOS XR From 4.1.2 To 4.2.0

Jul 22, 2012

How to upgrade IOS XR from 4.1.2 to 4.2.0? Is their any specific requirement for same? What precaution i have to take while upgrading process?

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Cisco :: How To Upgrade LMS 3.2 And PI1.2

Oct 22, 2012

I have a project to upgrade LMS3.2 to a new PI 1.2. my current plan is

1. build a new VM to install LMS 4.2
2. backup LMS 3.2 ( not SP1)
3. import 3.2 data to the new 4.2 machine a PI 1.2 and import 4.2 data into PI 1.2
5. run the devices side by side untill parity

As 3.2 is not SP1 can the data still be migrated into 4.2 or will I need to upgrade 3.2 to 3.2.1 ( SP1)? Is there a script to backup/restore data from 3.2 to 4.2?

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Cisco :: Upgrade To LMS 3.2.1 From 3.2.0?

Aug 14, 2011

I am upgrading the LMS 3.2.0 to LMS 3.2 SP1 software and also RME 4.3.0 to RME4.3.1. Do I need to add further patches to make CiscoWorks up to date.I know that LMS 4 is released but currently we are not planning to buy it.

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Cisco VPN :: Possible To Upgrade L-ASA-SSL-10 To SSL-50?

Jan 27, 2013

Is it possible to upgrade a L-ASA-SSL-10 to a L-ASA-SSL-50?Or is the only possible way to upgrade to 50 users with the upgrade licenses?L-ASA-SSL-10-25 and then L-ASA-SSL-25-50 ?

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Cisco :: Upgrade LMS 3.1 To LMS 4.01

Jun 27, 2011

we are running LMS 3.1 on an Win 2003 Server and now we have purchased an LMS 4.01. I installed LMS 4.01 on an new Win 2008 R2 Server. Now I want to restore an backup from the LMS 3.1 Server on the new LMS 4.01 Server. But the restore does not start and I get a message.

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Cisco WAN :: QOS On 857 To Upgrade The FTP

Mar 7, 2013

I have a VPN (Easy VPN) with lots of 857/857W routers. Currently we are experiencing problems FTP'ing files from the connected PC's to our central server. The problems occur especially when our main link is a bit congested and so I thought of implementing QOS on the site routers to hopefully get the FTP's through more reliably.I played with various configurations, but I can't seem to get the FTP throughput up significantly. It does not seem to work so well. It looks like I may be getting about 1kB/s more on the FTP throughput at times, but it has not made a significant difference. I am testing it by streaming a few video streams from the site PC to our server while simultaneously doing the FTP's.

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Cisco :: WCS To - Way To Upgrade?

Jul 17, 2012

tried to upgrade from WCS to however the upgrade failed as I ran out of disk space on the appliance (a converted WLSE running Redhat 5.5)  I freed up some disk space but now when I try and run the upgrade I get the following error:
I've deleted all the WCS 6 files and logs that I can find but makes no difference.  I only want to do this upgrade so that I can then upgrade to WCS v7 and export my existing licences to use in a new NCS install and the export licences option isn't available in versions earlier than WCS 7.

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Cisco :: How To Upgrade From LMS 4.0 To 4.1

Aug 23, 2011

How can I upgrade from LMS 4.0 to LMS 4.1? Can I use the same license I have on LMS 4.0.And from where can i download LMS dashboard? Is it supported to work with LMS 4.x

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