Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585-X Multi Context Throughput

Apr 25, 2013

How do i measure the total throughput going via 5585-X.It has the firewall througput of 5Gbps. Looking at aggregate of all the interfaces traffic going through it seems about 4gbps is going through.
I use show traffic command and add up the trasmit and receive traffic on each live interface.Is that correct method and are there any more commands?

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Cisco Firewall :: Multi Context Configuration On ASA 5520

Jan 29, 2012

I am trying to configure multi context on the 5520 ASA , how can i configure 1 outside and 1 inside for the 2 context or how to configure both outside from the same subnet and insides also from the same subnet , i did the below configuration but didn't work . [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: 5585 - BVI Doesn't Show Up In Multi Context ASA

May 7, 2013

I have an ASA 5585 in transparent mode, multi-context. It seems that the option to configure a BVI in one of the traffic contexts isn't there. In other words, while I see the option to configure a bridge group interface in the admin context, no such option comes up in the traffic context.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5515 Transparent Mode / Multi Context And VLAN?

Jun 1, 2013

On ASA  5515  it shows it is in transparent mode  and it has multi context.As in transparent ASA  we know it has single Management IP address.This ASA is connected to  one switch  on two ports gi2 and gi3.One port carries vlan say 800  to the ASA.Other port carries vlan 500 from the ASA  to switch But when i log onto ASA  and do sh run it shows no VLan info there.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5550 ASA (8.3) - Packet Tracer / Multi-Context Classification

Nov 22, 2011

I've been using packet-tracer for some time on and off with mixed results.
I'm running a multi context firewall with over 10 of the contexts sharing the same outside interface / network. All interfaces obviously have valid, unique IPs and also unique MAC addresses as mac-address auto is enabled in the system context.
This is an ASA 5550 running 8.3(2.10) interim so includes the fix for the well known packet-tracer classication failed bug.
So in theory, with firewall contexts on a shared interface the ASA should use the firewall MAC address to classify incoming traffic to the correct firewall and as far as I am aware, only fall back on using NAT to classify if the interface MACs are the same. In reality on my platform this doesn't seem to be happening and the classifier is using NAT to determine the destination context. I'm seeing this with live traffic (i.e. not generated by packet-tracer) in logs and can prove it by disabling certain NAT rules (there is some overlap with the IP addressing behind each firewall).
My question regarding packet tracer is this - in the above scenario with a shared outside interface, does packet tracer ALWAYS use NAT to determine the destination context? Or does packet tracer look up the MAC address of the ingress interface according to what context you are running packet tracer from? It appears that packet-tracer is using NAT in my case which could be just symptomatic of the potential bug I've described above rather than by design.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5585x - Threat Detection Log Entries In Multi Context Mode

Dec 29, 2012

We have a 5585X running in multi context mode, and we are getting log entries for scanning threat detection, such as:
%ASA-4-733100: [ Scanning] drop rate-1 exceeded. Current burst rate is 2 per second, max configured rate is 10; Current average rate is 5 per second, max configured rate is 5; Cumulative total count is 3116
Threat detection is not supported in multi context mode so I cannot tune the thresholds, is there any way that I can get rid of this outside of messing about with logging levels/message IDs?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Single Mode / Move To Multi Context Mode

Sep 16, 2012

I got an ASA 5510 system currently in single context mode, with CSC SSM installed. Single ISP uplink to internet, no VPN. And now customer would like add another ISP uplink, without invest another box for HA.What come across my mind is make the current box into multi context. There's some area i need to concern and also need yours perspective on it.
Question 1: For making the firewall into multi context, am i need to do it from scratch, issue mode multiple command. Then rebuilt the current production config into one of the context, then another context meant for the new IPS uplink, and one admin context?
Question 2: For CSC -SSM licensing requirement, model ASA 5510 with security plus license is able to support 2 context. So if i split my firewall like what i mention in question, what exactly number of context do i own (admin, context A, context B)?
Question 3: For CSC-SSM module in multi context mode, so the management port of CSC SSM must attach at admin context?
Question 4: After configured all the policy and traffic to scan, how exactly i should do in order apply this policy to the interface?  Should i only enable at admin context, then firewall service-policy rules, and apply it global, OR should i also do the same action on context A and Context B?

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Cisco :: Small Business RV016 Multi WAN VPN Seen In Improved Throughput

Nov 7, 2011

i own an internet cafe and I just bought a Cisco Small Business RV016 Multi WAN VPN seen in improved throughput, but the problem is that I have 03 connexions of the same.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 7.2 Adding A Context In A Multiple Context Environment

Jul 1, 2012

On my production environment I have a firewall with already two contexts defined (15% of CPU used) and I want to add a new one.
This context is going to use the same interfaces as the others contexts. When I will enable the context, can I have some sort of repercussion on these two context ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 In Multiple Context Mode With Different Amounts Of Context

Jan 13, 2013

I have two ASA 5510 in an Active/Active failover configuration; On the first ASA I have a license for five security contexts, on the second one I have the default two. On the pair I configured seven security contexts and everything works as expected; so far so good. Let's suppose now that the first ASA (the one with the license for 5 contexts) goes up in smoke; all the contexts migrate to the surviving firewall and life is still good. But what happens if, for some reason, I need to reboot the second ASA before the first one is repaired? My guess is that it will come up with just its own license for two contexts and that I will not be able to operate all my virtual firewalls.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585-X Get One Logical Firewall With Doubled Performance

Dec 19, 2011

I am interesting how ASA 5585-X with SSP-60 operates in dual firewall mode, if I install two SSP-60 modules in chassi, do I get one logical firewall with doubled performance of (SSP-60) ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 - Sub-interfaces On PO

May 17, 2012

I have put 2 physicl interfaces (te0/8 & 9) on the ASA-5585 into a PO and am assigning ips/vlans to the sub-interfaces. I have 2 issues: - Why am I not able to ping the other sub-interface from the ASA itself? (I can ping the 1st one), Secondly, why the IPs are not visible in "sh int ip brief" ?Although I can see them in "sh ip" ..
/actNoFailover(config-if)# int po17.100
/actNoFailover(config-subif)# vlan 100
/actNoFailover(config-subif)# ip add


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 For Firewall To Support A HDD

Jan 22, 2012

I am responding to a tender where the client is asking for the firewall to support an onboard disk drive for logging purposes, which is a minimum of 500 GB in size.
The other requirements all point towards the top of the range ASA 5585-X Chas w/SSP60,IPS SSP60,12GE, 8 SFP+,2 AC,3DES/AES.
I note the 5585 when configured on DCT comes with HDD blanking plates, is there an HDD supported on this?

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Cisco Firewall :: Unable To Traceroute Through ASA5585-x 8.4.4(9)

Mar 12, 2013

I've read through netpro and found everyone points to this doc. 
However that still doesnt allow traceroute through for us.  We still see syslogs with deny's on high level random UDP ports to different Internet destinations. 

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Cisco Firewall :: Duplicate Rules On ASA5585

Oct 17, 2012

I got some issues with my CISCO ASA, the thing is that when I add a new rule on the device this rule duplicate and goes to the bottom. We already tried to delete the duplicate rule but it always show an error.
-Model 5585
-ASA Version: 8.2(5)
-ASDM version: 6.4(5)

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Cisco Firewall :: LU Allocate Connection Failed On ASA5585?

Jun 7, 2011

We saw this syslog on ASA5585 with version 8.4(1). I have two HA firewall pairs (contains 4 ASA5585, active/standby), and I saw this message on the standby ones.
Jun  7 07:36:26 last message repeated 4 times
Jun  7 07:36:26 :Jun 07 07:36:26 HKST: %ASA-ha-3-210005: LU allocate connection  failed


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Cisco Firewall :: How To Configure 6 To 4 Manual Tunnel On ASA5585

Jul 6, 2012

I have ASA5585 Firewall between my WAN Cloud and LAN Network. I plan to configure Layer 3 Vlan Interfaces inside FW and it would be Layer 3 gateway for some of Subnets. Layer 3 VLAN Interfaces are planned to be dual stack containing both IPv4 and IPv6 Address stack.
I plan to configure 6 to 4 Tunnel with my Hub Site where we have native Ipv6 awareness. One tunnel end point would be ASA and the other endpoint would be Hub site WAN Router/L3 Switch. So IPv6 traffic hitting to vlan interfaces on ASA  would be policy checked and routed over tunnel interface to Hub Site.
6to4 Tunnel manual tunnel configuration on ASA. I have configured such tunnel on L3 Switch or Router with following config.
Int tunnel xyz
  ipv6 address  <ipv6 address>
  ipv6 enable
  tunnel source <loopback address of my L3 Switch>
  tunnel destination <loopback address of my hus site L3 Switch/Router>
  tunnel mode ipv6ip
I need to implement something similar in ASA. How can I do that?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 Active And Shared Interface Design

Aug 18, 2011

use of a pair of ASA 5585's in active/active mode with a shared outside interface.Last time I did this was with FWSM, there was a restriction where all contexts that share an outside interface have to be in the same failover group.Does this apply also to the ASA? My thought is that it will, but I am unable to find that in any documentation.

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Cisco Firewall :: Cut Over ASA5585 Global PAT Address Without Connection Drops?

Oct 24, 2012

We're currently PATing everything from a particular subnet to the IP of an outside interface using our ASA5585 (dynamic PAT). We're experiencing pool exhaustion and therefore need to expand the global IP range. Any way of cutting over to the new range without dropping existing connections? For clarity, the current interface address is x.x.x.37/22 and the new PAT pool is x.x.x.114-6/22.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 State Link Supported Over MPLS?

Jun 29, 2011

Running ASA5585’s in active/standby across a local campus MPLS network. Supported design, leading practice etc. Specifically our design is that two ASA5585 are configured as active/standby through a local campus MPLS network over 10gig links through ASR9k etc. The ASA’s are providing inter-vrf routing capability only with p2p l2vpn circuits configured for each logical interface between the ASA over MPLS etc.The failover link is via a direct fibre and the state link will be through a p2p l2vpn (option for direct fibre also)Is this a supported design to begin with?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 WCCP-GRE Redirection To Websense Times Out?

Dec 9, 2012

I have a ASA5585 running 8.4 that is redirecting Internet http to a websense server via GRE.The integration is working fine, except when a user PC sends a large packet (~1500 bytes).With WCCP/GRE headers, the user packet is too large to be transmitted to websense, so the ASA fragments the packet in two and transmits both to websense.
A sniffer trace confirms that both fragments reach the websense server, but the TCP packet is never acknowledged.User-side TCP retransmits the large packet three times over 15 seconds, and eventually retransmits fine with smaller packets.  The 15 second delay is of course not acceptable.Users and Websense server are both on the Inside interface.
We are considering imposing browser proxy to websense (which works fine), but would prefer not, considering the increasing diversity of devices.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 - Debug Command Stops After Exiting

Oct 19, 2011

We are experiencing intermittent issues with the IPS on our ASA5585 vs 8.4(2). Probably something with the dataplane. So I want to keep debug cplane 255 activated and logged with log debug-trace setting to syslog server. But when session times out the debug command is cleared so the output stops. Since it is a intermittent issue I want to keep debug activated...Totally different behaviour then with routers which keeps it activated. how to keep debug activated on a ASA.

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Cisco Firewall :: Error Message When Failover From Standby To Active In ASA5585

Aug 14, 2011

I have two ASA in failover with Active/standby configuration. When I switch from standby to active from the standby ASA I get a lot (like 100) of error messages like these below: [code] The failover works fine and nothing seems to be wrong with the firewalls function.

-Hardware is ASA5585-SSP-10.
-Software version: ASA 8.2(5),

ASA is in multiple mode with 17 active context. Why these error messages appear and what they mean?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585 Interfaces Not Connecting Palo Alto Failed Or Shutdown

Jun 9, 2012

We have pair of ASA5585 (ver 8.4(4) with IPS module configured with Active/Standby failover. There are total 09 interfaces are connecting to different zones in the firewall and out of which three(3) interfaces are connecting to Palo Alto 2nd layer firewall. When we test the failover whatever interfaces not connecting Palo Alto failed or shutdown, ASA triggers the failover to other unit, however the Palo Alto is not detecting this failover and it still keeps its previous Active Palo Alto to pass traffic, thereby failing passing traffic on Active firewall through Standby Palo Alto firewall.
But when there's a interface failed or shutdonw on the interfaces where PaloAlto also connected, then once the ASA failover triggers and the same time Palo Alto also trigger its  failover then both new active firewall and Palo Alto sending traffic through firewall.However we  we cant all the interfaces of ASA also to connect Palo Alto and let the Palo Alto to inspect all the interfaces, but we need our ASA to work in a situation where any of the interfaces failed, the failover to work smooth the pass the traffic via either Palo Alto device.I just need to know is there anything tricky that we can configure on our ASA in this failover senario, or to confirm if there's no any workable solution to this situation.
I have attached the senario that I explained above. Just to emphasis the issue again, if any interface of Gig0/0, Gig0/4 or Gig0/5 failed on active firewall, ASA switching to standby firewall and act as Active, but Palo Alto still remains his Active state and the new Active ASA is not passing traffic via standby PA as its not detecting any of its interfaces as failed or unreachable..?

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 Possible To Create A Context Within Same Vlan As Admin Context

May 7, 2013

Is it possible to use 1 or 2 of the 4 gigabit ethernet ports from one ACE straight into the other ACE for redundancy? So ACE_01 gig0/4 to ACE_02 gig0/4.If so, is it a case of just having the layer 3 config instead of trunking etc..Also - is it possible to create a context within the same vlan as the Admin context?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5585 / Identity Firewall With Single Forest / Multi-Domain

Dec 28, 2011

I have a question with regard to setting up the ID firewall on the ASA 5585 in a single forest, multiple domain windows network.Currently I have a semi-operational IDF at the top level but can't find users on the lower other domains, here is the setup:I have 3 domains.

Both domains have a two way parent-child trust and I can look for users in AD Users/Computer on both domains.  I initially setup the ASA to look at using an LDAP aaa-server per the IDF instructions, and then proceeded to configure the ad-agent.  I installed the adagent on the domain controller configured the settings on that system and had no problem adding users to the firewall and getting functionality within domain1.  I looked to see if I could see domain 2 and domain 3 users and found none.  I went ahead and added the domain2 system to the adagent on the DC and the system says that it is up, but when I search for users is not pulling them from domain2.  Instead, it shows domain1 users as domain2user1.  I also configured another adserver in the ASA to search ldap on domain 2 to no avail.The cisco documentation states the following:•Before you configure even a single domain controller machine using the adacfg dc create command, ensure that the AD Agent machine is first joined to a domain (for example, domain J) that has a trust relationship with each and every domain (for example, domain D[i]) that it will monitor for user authentications (through the domain controller machines that you will be configuring on the AD Agent machine). Single Forest, Multiple Domains—All the domains in a single forest already have an inherent two-way trust relationship with each other. Thus, the AD Agent must first be joined to one of the domains, J, in this forest, with this domain J not necessarily being identical to any of the domains D[i] corresponding to the domain controller machines. Because of the inherent trust relationship between domain J and each of the domains D[i], there is no need to explicitly configure any trust relationships.Reading that it sounds like it should just work.  I had everything properly configured before I installed the adagent, but I'm guessing that there is a chance that you can't have the adagent on the top level DC and get to communicate with the lower level domains. 

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Cisco Firewall :: Upgrade From 5505 To 5520 On Network - ASA Firewall Throughput

Feb 27, 2013

I'd like to see some REAL LIFE comparisons of ASA firewall throughput (a bit like this one for ISR G2 Routers - [URL].
The reason I ask is that I recently upgraded a firewall from an ASA5505 to an ASA5520 on a small network where the only outside connectivity was a single 10meg Internet circuit with an IPSEC VPN (not landed on the firewall but on a router) to another site.
When I swapped out the firewall the users noticed a big improvement. The firewall is not doing anything out of the ordinary - no IPS or VPN, just standard state full inspection.

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Cisco Firewall :: To Deploy ASA5585 In Between User Vlans And Server Vlans

Jun 1, 2012

WE have to deploy ASA5585 in between User vlans & server vlans. we have to find all the ports that needs to be opened on firewall. any tools to do same.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA OS 8.5 And VPN On Security Context

Oct 25, 2011

What are the new features added or going to be available on the 8.5 release on the ASA. Would this release "finally" support VPN on multi security context mode.
By the sounds of things looks like every other major vendor supports this feature except Cisco.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5585-X Active / Active Failover Using Etherchannel?

Dec 27, 2011

its possible to set up active/active failover using etherchannel on 5585s? 

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Cisco Firewall :: CPU Usage Per Context On ASA 5585?

Jul 3, 2012

I am currently working with ASA 5585 with several contexts. What is the percentage of the CPU used per context. I already have the opportunity to do it for the whole ASA (context admin) using the SNMP mib CISCO-PROCES but, unfortunalty, this mib doesn't allow us to know the percentage of used CPU per context.
I was able to know the number of core used per context but not the percentage of the CPU used.

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Cisco Firewall :: Asa 5520 Context Mode

Jan 14, 2013

We have a pair of cisco Asa 5520 currently running multiple context mode. We wish to change to single context mode for following reasonWe will migrate infrastructure to hosted vendor . I was thinking of configuring site to site . Current Asa we pal to kee since wireless sits in our DMz and we have net screen that hosts tunnel for erp1. Is context change required for running site to site2. Is it a good idea for creating site to site on to make sure wireless network and oracle traffic goes through managed firewall ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5585 Multiple Context Licensing

Apr 27, 2011

I am looking to deploy a cloud/borderless network solution and cannot get my head around how the licenses (AnyConnect Mobile and essentials) will be applied in a multiple context deployment. Any correct documentation.

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