Cisco :: Preventing Unwanted Access Points 1242s

Feb 26, 2013

This is just a tip that we used on our controllers that I wanted to pass along. We were having issues with unwanted access points associating to our controllers. We had a stack of older 1242s that came up missing and hit our network. On way we came up with to prevent this was to number all of our wlans above I'd # 16 on the controller. By default the default ap group allows all wlans from 1 to 16. By starting with 17 we are not allowing any SSIDs in the default group. All if our production access points are in their own ap groups. Any access point that hits our controllers that has not been configured with the correct ap group name will be in the default ap group and will not be servicing any SSIDs.I know there are other ways to set this up but this was a tricky way for us to set it up and see who calls about there wireless not working.

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 - Preventing Access To Backend / GUI

Aug 16, 2011

I've got an RVS4000 router with the latest firmware - V2.0.0.3, and just setup Dynamic DNS on it. However as I access the url of the Dynamic DNS, I get pointed to the routers web backend/GUI, which is natural as it's situated on port 80 of the router.
To prevent the whole interwebs from accessing my router's settings, I've quickly forwarded port 80 to a non-existent IP on my LAN. However this solution feels a bit fragile, so how can I ensure that only computers from inside my LAN can access the routers GUI?

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Yellow Triangle Preventing Internet Access

Nov 10, 2011

Where internet connection strength is shown in main screen there is a yellow triangle with a black exclamation Mark in it covering the signal strength icon. I have tried contacting my Internet provider who could not fix. They have sent a new modem but still same issue on pc. I have several games consoles and also have an iPad and iPhone and Internet is working on these however my neighbour tried to use her laptop in my house and has the same issue.

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Mcafee Firewall Preventing Access To Computer On Network

Dec 6, 2011

I have 3 computers on my network. The main computer is protected by mcafee. The other computers can not access the public folder on this computer. I know that the problem is the mcafee firewall because when i switch the firewall off the other computers have full access to this folder. This problem started with a mcafee upgrade. I want to keep the mcafee firewall,

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242G-E-K9 Not Seeing Other 1242s Or 1231 On Network?

Oct 31, 2011

I have a problem where clients cannot roam between Cisco 1231g-e-k9 and recently installed cisco 1242g-e-k9 access points..  On looking at the CDP option on the 1231 and 1242 access points they are all aware of each other.  However if I use the Network View option I see a different picture.  All the 1231 access points can see each other but not see the 1242's.  Network View on the1242 shows all the 1231's but none of the 1242's.  The 1231 are running ver. 12.3(8)JEB and the 1242's are running ver. 12.4(21a)JA1.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242s Bridge Mode Wired Switch?

Aug 7, 2012

Is there a way to set up these ap's to bridge. Ie two buildings 100 yards apart   Both buildings have wired clients into a Cisco poe switch. Want to plug the ap's into each switch and have them bridge the data and even better if they could trunk vlans. No wireless clients at all. Strictly a point to point bridge. Also will they need to be lwaps or standalone APs. If they are lwaps can I flash to standalone ?

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Linksys Access Point :: E4200 / E1500 - Cascading Routers Versus Access Points?

Nov 24, 2011

I am trying to find an effective way to extend the wireless signal across our home. I have tried various different solutions. Currently, I have an e4200 primary router that is cascaded with two additional e1500 routers that have been configured as access points. The Linksys support team hosted my computer and configured the devices. The e1500 routers are connected via ethernet wires running through the walls. And, this seems to be working well. Here's my question. The e1500 routers are configured with different SSID names, which Linksys advised was required to avoid conflicts in communications from the three router devices. Is there any way to configure this set up or something similar so that the entire wireless network has the same SSID and is seamless. In the current configuration, I have to specifically connect to the primary router or one of the two access points.

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Wifi Access Points With User Access Control?

Nov 27, 2012

We have a small office and already have a firewall in place that uses content filtering. I am looking for a low cost wireless access point that I can place behind my firewall that will allow me to control access by a username and password list, not just the passkey.

Does this exist without having to go to an Aruba or Ruckus type enterprise WIFI product?

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Guest Internet Access - Multiple Access Points?

Dec 13, 2012

Here is my setup:

Netgear WNDR3700 - Main router, DHCP turned on
4x Netgear WNR2000 - Setup as Access Points (DHCP turned off), connected to main router via LAN ports

I only want the guest network to have internet access. I have the guest network enabled on the router and access points with the option to "Allow Guest network to access main network" disabled. My problem is that since the access points aren't hooked directly to my modem via the WAN port, the guest network broadcasted from the access points does not have internet access.I have read up on setting up a separate subnet for the guest network using DD-WRT but was curious if there was a way to get the desired result with the stock Netgear firmware.

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1 CPU With 6 Access Points?

Mar 15, 2011

I am looking being able to control one computer at 6 stations. Each station will contain a keyboard, monitor, and mouse.They do not all need to be able to control or access the computer all at once. I would use a reverse kvm switch but I am looking at distances of 200-500ft between the stations/cpu.My last resort was to buy some cheap dells or build some low end computers and set up remote desktop but we would really like just having the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

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Access Points Going Default?

Feb 21, 2013

I have some network devices that are connected to a 110v power source that goes through a 110v/5v power converter.The Access points keep going back to factory default settings and losing their configuration. I have the same access points installed in the same situation but on a different site that work fine.have changed both the configuration and firmware to be be identical to the working Access Points and still the others default.They do not do this at a specific time of day and out of the 6, they do this at random and not at the same time. Sometimes they will go 24 hours + without defaulting, sometimes they'll go just 4 hours.

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Deleting Access Points From The Wii?

Dec 5, 2012

I would like to know how to delete a connection from my network. When I connect to the Wii it automatically chooses the right connection. What I have noticed though is that there is a third connection for a printer that is not secured and I have no idea why it is there or has an option to connect to the internet.

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Cisco ASA5505 And Wireless Access Points

May 31, 2011

We have a Cisco ASA5505 here that provides DHCP and routing to all our devices in our network. We also have a few other switches and wireless access points connected directly to the back of the ASA5505.For the past year all the wireless network signals has been working fine however starting last month, none of the wireless access points (we have three WRT54G) would allow proper connection (dropping connection, slow internet).I thought this maybe all THREE wireless access points are toast/bricked. So i went out and bought brand new Netgear WN604 and even with the new WAP i'm having same connectivity issues (really slow internet).When hardwired directly to the switches we get BLAZING fast internet & connectivity, no issues.

I called CISCO TAC and they automatically said "our ASA5505 is fine, it has to be your wireless access points" not working properly. I explained to them that i also purchased two brand new access points and they are doing the samething now, how can that be?

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Cisco :: Reboot Access Points Over WLC4404

Oct 3, 2012

We have two Cisco Wireless Controller 4404 with the IOS Version and a lot of access points (ca. 170). Now i wan't to reboot a group of Access points where i found over a filter..Or how can i reboot all the Access Points at the same time over the Controller Interface? Is it possible? I only found the option in the WebGui where i can reboot 1 Access Point at the same time with "hardware reset".

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Access Points Set Up

Apr 9, 2013

I've had some long standing issues that I've tried various things to fix.  I have two WAP4410N access points set up at a smaller sister company.  Wireless clients (laptops) are not receiving DHCP assigned IP addresses.  If I type in an IP manually, it works fine.The sister company has a point to point T-1 connection to our main building.  Our main building has the DHCP server.  The router on the sister company end is configured as the DHCP relay. 
I've upgraded the firmware three different times in the past to hopefully resolve the issue, but no luck.  Just today, on one of the WAP4410N's, I upgraded to the firmware (backing up config, reset to factory default, upgraded firmware, reset factory default again, restored config).  After the first reset to factory defaults, the Access Point itself picked up a DHCP address from the server, and I verified this in the DHCP console on the server, so I know that the DHCP relay is working.  However, my laptop would not get a DHCP address when connecting wirelessly through that access point.  It is a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop.  I also could not get a DHCP IP with my iPhone connecting to wireless, to rule out specific issues with just a laptop.I have the DHCP lease times for the subnet that these WAP4410Ns are on set to 2 hours.
To put a cherry on top, there is one laptop that stays in a lab area at all times, connecting wirelessly, and it DOES get a DHCP IP address (I can see in the DHCP console that the lease for this laptop continually renews as needed).  I do remember on initial config when I couldn't get it to work, that I did a manual set up, gained connection, then switched it to DHCP...but that doesn't work for any other laptop.Why would the access points get DHCP address, but not anything connecting to the Access Points?

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Cisco :: 5508 NCS 1.1 Not Showing Any Access Points

Jul 16, 2012

I have NCS 1.1 appliance and added a 5508 WLC running code using snmpv3. Controller is added to NCS, but it doesnt show any AP's which are there on the controller. AP count is zero. I have another controller with code 7.0.230 added and showing AP's though. AP model is 1252.

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Cisco Routers :: 800 - Replace Access Points

May 22, 2013

We have the following connection based in the services provided by our local telephone company, the connection arrives to a router Cisco 800 series. From the router, i send it connection to a switch SRW2024 v1.2 (Business series) 24-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch with webview. That switch is useful to send connection via RJ45 for a few of PCs. Then, I send connection to a switch SRW2008P (Business series) 8-port 10/100/1000 Gigabits with vieweb and power over ethernet. The last switch, send the signal via RJ45 to seven WAP2000 (business series) Wireless-G AP with PoE.
That network is running fine, but I've some problems to cover some areas within the building and sometimes the signal is really poor. The cable RJ45 between the PoE switch and each AP is no longer than 50 meters and each one with antennes about 8 or 9 Db.

So, now I've the possibility to change the access point for a power devices.

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Cisco Wireless :: CDP On Access Points 3502 Aps

Mar 15, 2012

Using WISM with 7.0.220 and 1240 and 3502 APs. Just found that some of our 3502 AP didn't enbale their clean air and CDP when installed. This only happened on a few new APs.  But the area these APs where we seem to have had a few problems with PCs. The only PCs effected where Computer On Wheels (COWs), Dell 780 Desktop with a Cisco Wireless Card.

Using an interl wireless card and others in thes areas worked.Once I enabled the CDP and Clean Air, the COWs worked.My question is with the APs not having CDP enabled, could this affect the cisco wirelss card in the COWs?

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Wireless :: Change Between Access Points?

Aug 30, 2012

At my school we have a lot of access points, but sometimes the computer use the wrong access point. How can I solve that? Is there a program for switching access point?

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Home Hub - Add Wireless Access Points?

Nov 10, 2011

BTW the halls are next to each other.The house and the 3 halls are in the vicinity however not attached together(i.e. wall to wall). The distance between the house and the first hall is approx 1 road width distance.ISP is Virgin and the internet was installed this year hence has the latest Virgin Home Hub.I am aware that i probably require 3 wireless access points (1 for each hall).The first wireless access point will need to be connected with a RJ-45 cable running from Home Hub. Can i connect the Wireless access points up together or do they all need to come from the ADSL hub?I am not sure what Wireless access points would be best and how to go about connecting this all up

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Two Wireless Access Points With Two Routers?

Jul 5, 2012

I have New Pace 4111n Wireless Router that I got from AT&T and is setup on 1st floor, but its wireless range does not get me to 2nd floor. I also have the 2Wire wireless router from AT&T. In Addition, I have ethernet connection from level 1 to level 2 as well.

I was wondering if it is possible to have the Pace Wireless N router to work as modem and wireless access point, at the time use the 2Wire router to broadcast wireless and act as access point for 2nd floor.

IF its doable, how should the two be configured and connected.

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Multiple Access Points 2 Routers

Apr 1, 2012

I've recently bought another PC, but set it up in a different area than my existing computers. It's down in my basement, along with my PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Now the problem is connecting all of these "toys" to the internet. I only have one in-wall ethernet port, which my PC is currently plugged into. Leaving my PS3, Xbox, and Wii, only with an extremely weak wireless connection. Now, my original thought was just to buy a network "switch," BUT then I remembered I have an old D-Link router. So, logically I should be able to plug an ethernet into the wall, then into the WAD port on my router, then plug my Xbox, PS3, Wii, and PC into the 4 remaining LAN ports on my router. I want another WiFi access point using the same network, and a wired connection for all of my gadgets.

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Cisco :: 5508 WLC Remote Access Points Are Not Registering

Apr 17, 2012

i have deployed WLC 5508 in head office with current 56 access points (mix of 1262N, 1141N and 1242) are regist ered and working fine, recently we extended to our remote office (connected over Layer 3 MPLS with OSPF Protocol) were none of the access points are not registering, i am able to reach to the controller from the specific VLAN and native VLAN without any issues. @remote site i have enabled option 43 and option 60 with the controller IP.
Number of APs.................................... 56
Global AP User Name.............................. ciscoGlobal AP Dot1x User Name........................ Not Configured


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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 Access Points Not Joining WLC

Jun 17, 2012

I am trying to deploy several AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 access points from a cisco 5508 wire lan contoller running ver 7 code. However iam having difficulty registering the access points with the WLC. The wlc is connect to a 3650 switch, and each access point is connected to a 2960 switch. A bad update was not allowing the access points to get their correct firmware.

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Cisco Wireless :: Push Access Points To Second 5508 Via HA

Aug 9, 2012

I am having an issue here.  I have 2x 5508 that each have 100 AP license and a little under 200 access points.  Basically all of the access points are using DNS to connect to the primary controller that has the DNS entry.  Basically half of my access points need to be on the second controller and in order to do this I have been using the high availability mode of each access point to push them to the second controller IP address.It was working perfectly until now.  I have pushed 28 access points to the second controller and the last two I need to push at this location just keep resetting on the primary controller.  Neither controller is configured as master controller.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4400N / Finding Wi-Fi Access Points?

Nov 18, 2012

I need an Wireless Access Point.Two SSID simultaneously in different IP Rangeit is with a simple browser GUI to manage? (not console and controller)a distance of about 50 (we can place multiple APs)N speedDual BandWhich series meets the above requirements?It can also Wireless-N Gigabit Router as 4400N, but it does not support Dual Band.

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Cisco :: 4400 Controllers Which Support 50 Access Points Each

Jun 25, 2011

We have two 4400 controllers which support 50 Access points each and wcs with 100 base license.Now we added 5508 controller supports 50 access points.wcs is upgraded with another 50 ap license.The 5508 controller is joined to wcs and the licence showing permanent.WCS showing all aps and showing both 100 and 50 licence as permanent.But the issue is while loging into the wcs it showing the error message as"The system is in violation of license.The number of APs registered is greater then licensed."

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 IP Scheme For Access Points

Jan 17, 2013

I have access points deployed across several buildings that each have a different IP scheme and their own T1 line. Is it possible to configure the 5508 controller to allow these access points to use the IP scheme assigned for that particular building or will dhcp always assign an IP address to the connecting client based on the IP scheme of the building that the controller resides in?

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Cisco Wireless :: Supported Access Points On WLC 5508

Jul 13, 2011

I need an official document from Cisco saying the APs models supported by the WLC 5508. Specially, I need to know if the AIR-AP1242AG-T-K9, converted from standalone, will be supported by the 5508.

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Cisco :: 6500 - Forcing Access Points To A Different Controller

Feb 25, 2013

We have two wism2 controllers. We have our access points split on the two controllers. I need to move all of the access points on controller 1 to controller 2 so we can perform maintenance on one if our 6500s. Is there and easy way to force all of the access points off the controller without changing any access point configs? I was hoping I could make a change in the controller in such a way that it would not accept any access points. If I had an ap manager interface I think I could do it but that is long gone now.

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Cisco :: Managing Lightweight Access Points In Ciscoworks LMS 4.0?

Jul 25, 2011

Is it possible to manage Lightweight Access Points in Ciscoworks LMS 4.0?

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Cisco :: AP1231G-A-K9 Access Points / Very Slow Throughput

Jul 17, 2012

I recently setup our small office network using the following setup:

Cablemodem <--> router <--> 1231AP(role root bridge with wireless clients) <-> 1231AP(role non-root bridge with wireless clients)Code on both APs: 12.3(8)JEE.Office network generally has less than 3 wireless clients connected at any one time to either AP. AP's are a mere 50' apart; clients are all less than 30' from either AP; they all show excellent signal and connected at 54mbps signaling rates.
All is/has been working very well & very stable with the exception of speed. We have business class service from RR, approx 25mbps dl, 2mbps ul. Any hardwired client to the router switch ports are able to download at speeds averaging 23mbps. Any wireless client connected to either AP is never able to exceed download speeds of 5mbps. With no other wireless clients connected except my one test client, I was not able to exceed 5mbps throughput from either AP that I connected to.
I can confirm that the ethernet connection between the router and root bridge is up at 100mbps-FD and not showing any errors: [code]
Are these very slow thoughput speeds normal of this hardware combination?I did much searching/googling and found claims that by eliminating TKIP it almost doubles the actual wireless speeds our clients can obtain.

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Cisco Wireless :: Access Points Which Are Not Registering With WLC 2500

May 1, 2013

We have a couple of Access Points which are not registering with WLC 2500. I followed-up on the two LAPs in the dorm.  They were cycling through red, amber, green, indicating they were trying to join the controller but could not.
Recently, we have changed our IP Schema for the Wireless Devices and I believe there is an IP Conflict between APs and WLC. Earlier APs were cofigured with Static IP Address assignment, thus they can't change their IP Address.
how to reset the Access Point? I know we can hard reset them by pressing the Mode button manually.
Is there another way via which this can be done witout removing the Access Points from their enclosures?

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