Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3560 - Routing Enabled With / Without Default Gateway Or IP Route Command

Feb 25, 2013

We have two catalyst 3560 switches running  c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin  They are connected using etherchannel using gi 0/21 -  24 interfaces.
on 3560-1 switch, there isn't any ip-default gateway or ip route configured. It only have 1 interface vlan configured.
on 3560-2 switch, there is ip default gateway configured along with 1 interface vlan.
What i dont understand here is that, i can reach out to other subnets from 3560-1 switch in which the routing is not enabled?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Benefits Of Using Static Route With Default GW With Catalyst 3560

Jul 4, 2012

A check out a network segment and want to know why SwA has a static route to SwB if SwA already has a Default GW to Core?

(SwA, SwB - Catalyst3560, Core - Catalyst4948)Note, there are distribute list on SwA - it does not has any OSPF route (exclude O*IA).

Does this mean when SwA send out packet with DA, Core will use only L2 switching (instead of L3)? Is this more effectively for Core Switch?

Pleace check my reasoning:
1. When use a static route: SwA receive packet from Vlan 20 with DA it will strip out Dest. MAC and replace it with MAC of SwB. Core will switch this packet to SwB based on mac add. table (l2 switching)

2. When SwA has only Default gateway and receive packet from Vlan20 with DA it replace Dest. MAC with Core MAC. Core receive this packet, lookup route table for entry and forward packet base on this.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 Default Gateway Ip Route

Jan 24, 2013

I have a Cisco 2960 ( WS-C2960-8TC-S)  running 12.2(46)SE  C2960-LANLITEK9-M  image.I would like to set an ip route  but the current image does not allow.Will ip default-gateway work or do I need ip routing ?The ISP has provided a /30 address and we are using an additional /29 for our network devices.  I dont think this image can be upgraded.  I need to forward routes directly out to ISP. [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WS-C3560CG-8PC / IP Connectivity Without Route Or Default Gateway

Sep 19, 2012

Recently we observed that newly installed WS-C3560CG-8PC access switches are able to communicate without a default route or default gateway.The 3650 switches are used as a layer2 access switch behind a layer3 distribution/core. They have only the management VLAN configured for IP with a single address.
The ARP table looks like there is an implicit proxy-ARP request sent for any IP address.
We definitely have no configuration whatsoever which would explain this.
Is this a new feature? We don't observe that with the older 2960-series...
Here is a brief trace of what's happening (debug arp):
Type escape sequence to abort.

Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Sep 20 14:44:06.706: IP ARP: sent req src 1833.9dc9.wxyz,
dst 0000.0000.0000 Vlan1
Sep 20 14:44:06.711: IP ARP: rcvd rep src 2c54.2dd3.wxyz, dst Vlan1..

The mac address if of course the mac address of the layer 3 interfaces of the distribution switch, no surprise here (proxy ARP is turned on by default).
Why is the 3560 sending out proxy arp requests without being told to? As far as I understood proxy ARP on Cisco IOS it only means it will reply to a proxy ARP request but will not send out proxy ARP requests by default.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560G - Cannot Ping Default Gateway With Route Map Applied

Apr 11, 2012

I have a 3560G and an ASA FW, for which I am trying to use PBR to append the next hop. The gateway is the switch VLAN address and the amended net hop is the same VLAN interface on the ASA. Trouble is, I can ping the FW from a client, but not the switch. If I remove the route map, I can ping both. Even more strange is this is the case for some VLANs, but not all!


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 2950 Failed To Get Default Gateway

Apr 1, 2013

Using Network Assistant in XP, plugged ethernet cable to first front port and keep getting "Failed to get Default Gateway. Check your security settings to make sure the current Java Virtual Machine is not prevented from running commands.", I have tried reducing secruity to nothing but I still get the same problem.
I also have an official cisco console cable and tried that, but Hyperterminal just does not pick it up when plugged in. I have left the IP dynamic, turned off all netowork adapters apart from ethernet, set the baud rate etc... correctly, still no joy.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 4506 - Default Gateway Doesn't Work

Oct 26, 2011

We have a Cisco Catalyst 4506 running: "Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4000 L3 Switch Software (cat4000-I9K91S-M), Version 12.2(25)EWA14, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)" I have configured the default gateway as: ip default-gateway X.Y.116.65, However, when I do, "show ip route", it only shows the 3 connected networks and states "Gateway of last resort is not set". The Command "ip classless" is not set. I read on some blogs that this might explain the issue. However, when I go into config mode (config t), I get the following output.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3750-x Icmp Delay To Default Gateway?

Sep 10, 2012

i am facing a problem when the client vlan is commmunicating with the default gateway on the core 3750-x.
ios in 3750-x core is  3750e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE.bin.  But, client to client communication is happening without any dealy and icmp is less than 1 ms always.
When try to ping default gateway of client vlan, it is getting delayed (variable icmp delays). Is this an ios bug?

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Cisco WAN :: Catalyst 3560 Ipv6 Bgp Route Received But Not Added To Routing

Jan 15, 2011

I have a really weird issue with my cisco catalyst 3560G.
-device: cisco catalyst 3560g
-ios: 12.2-53(SE) IP SERVICES
scenario: configured IPv6 iBGP link between this switch and a router. the router is announcing 1 (test) route. the switch sees the route properly, but doesn't add it to routing table (the route never gets to be "best path", although it should be).

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Cat 3560 No Switchport Command Test Out Routing With Switch

Dec 8, 2011

The last few days I've been exploring options in getting rid of some old routers accross a wan connections.  I have a cat 3560 to play with and I thought I would try and use the no switchport command test out routing with switch.  I've got some type of route issue and I tried a few things which I thought would fix the issue but had no effect.  I'll post the config and a few commands so you can see what the basic setup is. 

Here we can see in the arp that it knows about both (PC unable to ping as well as (ASA).I tried adding in a ip route of as well as  Neither produced the results I wanted allowing (PC) to ping the ASA ( [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 Password Recovery Enabled Procedures?

Dec 21, 2011

Following procedures get to the switch: dir flash and get the following.....unable to stat flash//: no such device

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 MSFC - LAN Default Gateway Routing

Mar 6, 2012

I have two ISPs. Each is on it's own subnet connected to the 6509 MSFC/Switch. FW1 is on and FW2 is on subnet. My goal is route all traffice going to the Internet from subnet to FW1 and all other subnets across the organization to FW2. I am not sure if I need to use ACL / Static route combo, or just a static routes or ACLS?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 - Enabled With Additional Priority-queue Out Command?

Feb 20, 2012

I have a Cisco Catalyst 2960 with IOS Release12.2(53)SE (because of a contract I can not update it) ->  the release notes for this version describe the following:

When auto-QoS is enabled on the switch, priority  queuing is not enabled. Instead, the switch uses shaped round robin  (SRR) as the queuing mechanism. The auto-QoS feature is designed on each  platform based on the feature set and hardware limitations, and the  queuing mechanism supported on each platform might be different. There  is no workaround. (CSCee22591)
My config is as follows:

interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport access vlan 200 switchport mode access srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20 priority-queue out mls qos trust dscp auto qos voip trust no cdp enable network-policy 1 spanning-tree portfastMy question now is:When the priority queue is not enabled with auto-qos because of the software bug is it nevertheless enabled with the additional priority-queue out command?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2504 WLC / 3560 Catalyst Routing

Oct 21, 2012

I have a 2504 WLC connected to a Catalyst 3560 which has multiple vlans and is connected to a 2800 series router. I know the catalyst is L3 but I am needing nat functions to get outside to the internet. From my 2800 series router I am able to ping out to the internet, also I am able to ping the vlan interfaces on the catalyst switch. Problem is from the catalyst switch I can ping the inside and outside address of the 2800 but I cannot get any further then that. I cannot ping the 2800 router gateway. Not sure what I am doing wrong as far as routing.
I've attached my 2800 and 3560 configs.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Default IGMP Snooping Is Enabled On 3750 From Documents

Nov 14, 2012

We have a 3750 acting as the core. By default IGMP snooping is enabled on cisco 3750 from the documents.but, when we see the ip mroute table on the switch, it doesnt show any output.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960S - Default Queue / Buffer Settings When MLS QoS NOT Enabled

Feb 13, 2013

I have a customer that is seeing output drops on a 2960S with mls qos not enabled.  It appears that they are getting bursts traffic on the switch that is filling up the buffers, hence causing the drops.  I have a couple of questions:
1. What are the default queue/buffer settings when mls qos is NOT enabled on the switch.
2. Is there any good documentation out there regarding the buffer sizes of the different switch models
The customer is looking for an answer as to whether or not replacing the 2960S with a higher model would eliminate the output drops WITHOUT having to mess with QOS/buffer/drop threshold settings on the switch, and Cisco doesn't seem to make the buffer sizes readily available for the the smaller Catalyst switches.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 Ip Command Is Not Available On Interface

Apr 4, 2013

I am using cisco packet tracer to configure the hsrp on 3560 (c3560-advipservicesk9-mz.122-37.SE1.bin) but the standby ip Command is not available on the interface  the problem in that IOS or in config

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560g And Set Ip Default Next-hop Command?

Apr 18, 2013

I have 3560g with 15.0(2)SE2 version. I try to give different default gateways for different interfaces.I've already changed the sdm, run "ip routing" and made interest interfaces in "no switchport" with ip addresses.

my route-map is "
route-map ABC permit 10
set ip next-hop"

and it is applied on the interface with "ip policy route-map ABC" but  when I try to apply it says "%PLATFORM_PBR-3-UNSUPPORTED_RMAP: Route-map ABC not supported for Policy-Based Routing" everything is fine if I change from "set ip default next-hop" to "set ip next-hop" but it is not I need in the guide of the version it is said this statement is not in unsupported list of route-map commands.[URL]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 AP - Command To Globally Invoke RW

Dec 12, 2012

Is there a  command to globally invoke rw or  ro feature of SNMP on a 356024P switch?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: QOS On Catalyst 3560

Oct 28, 2012

We have a IP-phone system connected to port 1 on a 3560 switch, the phone system tags traffic with dscp. The switch uplink is on port 24.
Is this configuration correct:
interface 1:
auto qos trust
interface 24:
priority-queue out                 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Route-map Command Support On Switch 3550?

Sep 30, 2012

I have cisco switch 3550 IOS Version 12.1(19)EA1c.   
I can configure route-map commands on that.  but i can not apply that into any vlan interface.   while i try to apply the following command ( ip policy route-map PBR) on VLAN int i get an error msg saying that the command is not recognized.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3750 - Route To 2nd ISP

May 2, 2012

I have Catalyst 3750. and 2 ISPs
I wanted to use, let say on port5 of Catalyst 3750 only 2nd the ISP will route to this port.
The rest is pointed to the 1st ISP.
Im thinking of using VLAN..

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 7206 - PBR Not Changing Default Route

Sep 5, 2012

I have a MPLS cloud in our data center.  I want one network coming into our core router to have a different default route than the other networks coming in. I'm getting hits on the acl but the route isn't applied and goes to the default route that is configured in the router.  I have other PBR for setting local-preferences and as-paths and they are working fine. 
The router is a 7206 Version 12.4(11)T3
ip route
ip access-list extended 2nd_Default_Route


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: IP SLA On 3750 Default Route Failover

Jul 27, 2010

IP SLA configuration fails over but cannot ping the via Site B.  Here is the output on Cisco 3750...

SW2#show runBuilding configuration...
Current configuration : 2901 bytes!version 12.2no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname SW2!boot-start-markerboot-end-marker!!!!no aaa


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3550 OSPF Default Route

Aug 19, 2012

I'm working on a little OSPF setup in my lab and having a problem pinging out to the internet.I have a setup with (3) 3550's running ip routing. I'm configuring OSPF but I can't ping the internet from any L3 switch except the switch with the actual uplink to the internet.[code] From SW2 and SW3, I can ping SW1 on all IPs (,, but I can't ping which is my gateway to the internet.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: EIGRP Default Route 3750

Jun 20, 2012

I have a 3750 at a branch running EIGRP connected to two routers that both have configured:
access-list 1 deny
access-list 1 permit any
access-list 2 permit
access-list 2 deny   any
router eigrp 1distribute-list 1 out FastEthernet0/0distribute-list 2 in FastEthernet0/0
Due to this recently applied config the switch become unreachable from the outside and cannot ping anything. Everything connected to it works fine. I was able to remote into it from a switch behind it and noticed that the 3750 has no default route in the routing table. I do see a default route in the eigrp topology table. How to make the switch learn a default route maintaining the existing configuration on the routers.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3560 With GRE Support

Feb 7, 2012

Does the Catalyst 3560 support GRE ?
I know that Catalyst 3750X support GRE ,but Catalyst 3750X cannot work in hardware it.
Does the Catalyst 3560 cannot work in hardware too? 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Ingress QoS On Catalyst 3560?

Oct 28, 2012

I'm currently configuring per port policing on a 3560 and want to limit inbound traffic to 750mbit:
mls qos
 access-list 1 permit any
 class SET_IF
match access-group 1 
policy-map SET_QOS
class SET_IF

When I test the setup with iperf I always get different results when I change the nummber of parallel connections.Isn't there a way to limit the throughput regardless of the number of conns (INGRESS!) like with srr-queue bandwith limit?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3560-X IOS 15.0(2) IP Base?

Nov 29, 2012

We have observed increase of CPU utilization of 50% after upgrade from 15.0(1)SE3 to 15.0(2).The SDM template is  "desktop default" template.The increase of CPU utilization in Switches with LAN Base after upgrade is about 10%.
How to find the cause for the 50% increase ?This is command is the output of 15.0(2). The calculated sum for 5min process-utilization is 21% plus 1% interrupt is 22 %. Where is the rest ?
switch#sh proc cpu  sorted 5min | exc 0.00
CPU utilization for five seconds: 30%/1%; one minute: 29%; five minutes: 28%
PID Runtime(ms)     Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
169   135084171    33273787       4059  9.92%  8.94%  8.73%   0 Hulc LED Process
  83    80075989    13546109       5911  5.60%  5.39%  5.38%   0 RedEarth Tx Mana


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 3560 Not Booting

Aug 11, 2012

I'm having an issue with 2 of my 3560s which are not booting. The last thing I did on both switches before it hangs was:

>write erase
restarted as normal


I've tried powering-off the switch and pressing the Mode button and power on. I got to swtch: mode switch:reset
It restarted past the POST but just hang halfway at the same bootp-up process as shown on the attached. The SYST LED is Green color when it hangs.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Default Gateway And VLAN200

Oct 18, 2012

imagine I want to make VLAN200 workstations communicate like the show in the attachment. What would be the default gateway to be configured in the workstation? If I configure as the default gateway (R1 interface fa0/0) is this right?That could be possible because the switch should be configured with command "ip default-gateway"?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Getting Nexus 5000 Command (default Interface X / X)

Jun 26, 2012

when will be the command "default interface x/x" on the Nexus 5000 platform available? Even with latest software version (5.1.3.N2.1a) it is not possible. For Nexus7000 it's working fine with 5.2 train.Is there a feature request for it? If not here it is!!It's horrible to deconfigure many interfaces especially in N5k environments with many FEXes.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG300 Inter Vlan Default Route

Sep 23, 2012

I just got my Cisco SG300 28, but I have some problems getting the routing to work. I get the vlans to get to the router, with the default route. But not getting them to talk with each other. I can ping the IPs from the cisco, but I am not getting traffic to go from vlan 1 to vlan 2. When I try to google, it say that it should do it automatically, and I found no setting for it. It looks like it not creating any route for the interfaces.

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