Cisco WAN :: 2921 - CBAC Firewall Access List

Jul 1, 2011

I need to configure the access list on the outbound internet port to accept the following:
ip access list 10
access-list 10 permit PPTP vpn any
access-list 10 permit RDP any
access-list 10 permit FTP any
access-list 10 permit Postgresql any
access-list 10 permit MacARD any
This method does not work on the Cisco 2921 router with FW

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Cisco Firewall :: ACL To Allow NAT Traffic On 857 Router Without CBAC?

Jun 20, 2011

I have a 857 doing NAT for the internal vlan1 interface ( attached traffic.ip nat source static tcp 3389 interface dialer0 3389 ip nat inside source list aclAllowNAT interface dialer0 overload I would like to turn CBAC (packet inspection) off, but still maintain an ACL on the ingress to Dialer0 (traffic in from the Web) to protect access to some sensitive material (doctor's surgery) and only allow RDP from designated sites.  I realise there are other ways to publish the access to the terminal servers but this way has advantages we need, and is in place.
ip access-list extended aclAllowNAT
permit ip
ip access-list extended aclIngressFromInternet
permit tcp host xx.xx.xx.xx any eq 3389

But of course when i do this and apply the access list to dialer0 all NAT traffic stops as it doesn't have CBAC there telling to allow the inspected traffic.
What do i need to put in the aclIngressFromInternet ACL to allow the NAT traffic with CBAC off?

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Cisco Firewall :: 1811 CBAC And Self-generated Traffic

Oct 27, 2012

I am running CBAC on a 1811 running IOS 15.1 and can't figure out how to configure it so that I can preform TFTP upgrades with CBAC enabled. It appears that CBAC doesn't catch self-generated traffic and put in a reverse rule in the ACL. I am trying to upgrade the image on this router using a public-addressed TFTP server on the F0 interface. If I drop the ACL the traffic will work, so why isn't CBAC cacthing the TFTP outbound? [code]

The tftp rule above is for TFTP upgrades on other equipment, using a server behind this router. I tried defining an outbound ACL as well on F0 to get the traffic be "caught" by CBAC but that didn't work. I also tried adding "ip inspect name trust tftp" but that didn't work.

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Cisco WAN :: 2921 How To Access Firewall From Command Line

Jun 11, 2012

we just bought a 2921 with the following modules: 4 port clear channel T1/E1 HWICSM-ES3G-24-P: EtherSwitch.I read some CISCO documents, and not be able to find what I need. I would prefer all instructions from you are for CLI interface.This is my first time to deal directly with T1, WIC and 2921 etc. The following is what I get from ATT, IP masked IP Address Block IP Address: WAN Link Details: WAN Link IP Address: AR Serial INT IP Address: CR Serial INT IP Address: WAN Link Subnet Mask:
A: how do I configure T1, what does "AR, CR" stands for, and do I need to use both IP addresses? What is the WAN Link IP for?
B: We have two T1 lines, so I should plug them both to the WIC, say port 0 and port 1, how to configure them?
C: how do I access the firewall from the command line?
D: I followed T1/E1 HWIC installation guide, and as soon as I add channel-group to the controller t1, the serial interface went down?

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Cisco Firewall :: 1711 Router - CBAC Blocking Windows 7 Upload

Jan 13, 2012

Since upgrading some of computers in my LAN to Windows 7 they all experience upload issues. I have narrowed it down to CBAC inspection on my Cisco 1711 router, I am running IOS 12.3 I have a simple CBAC inspection set for TCP/UDP only without any application-specific inspects. Download works fine however upload does not seem to work atl all- unless I disable the ip inspection. It is all working fine for any Windows XP but not for Windows 7 machines. Is this a known issue, I am not sure how I can go about this - I don't want to build ACLs now for outside interface and disable stateful inspection mechanisms because CBAC has been working fine for me until recently.

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Cisco Firewall :: 3745 / 1811 - Slow Web Connections With IP Inspect (CBAC) Turned On

Jul 7, 2009

I have seen this a couple of times on two different routers. One is a 3745 and another a 1811 running 12.4(15)T4 and 12.4(6)T11, respectively.
When we have IOS firewall running (either IP inspect or ZFW), we will experience intermittent slow HTTP connections.
Symptoms include page timeouts, CSS not loading and just overall slow performance. Disabling the inspection cures the issues.

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Cisco Firewall :: Access-list On ASA5520

Feb 23, 2011

I have a question about access-lists on ASA: (5520 running 8.4)Often I want to permit all traffic from networks behind an interface (let's say DMZ in this example) to Internet, but NOT to internal networks. Then I  first configure a Deny from DMZ to all internal network and then a Permit to ANY. If I forget the first Deny I will allow all traffic also to my internal networks. Is it possible to configure an access-list that permit all traffic from a network to all networks that are reachable via a given interface? In this example: Permit all traffic from DMZ to all networks that are reachable via the Outside-interface? This should permit traffic to Internet and deny traffic to internal networks in one statement.If I specify the outside-interface as the destination only traffic to the interface itself will be allowed.

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 501 With 1 Static IP / NAT / PAT With Access List

Aug 24, 2011

I am having a problem getting this to work and I have always done it with 2 Static ip address.  but now this company changed to 1 and I am doing something wrong.

I have comcast with 1 static IP, I have a local LAN with 6 host and 1 server that does Mail and remote access and web traffic.

I need a config that allows me to use 1 static ip on the outside interface of the PIX and allow with an ACL 7 ports open to the server and allow all the local host out to the internet.

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Cisco :: Router Outside Firewall / Access List On Interface?

Apr 2, 2013

I have a router in front of a few firewalls on an internet link. All traffic from the inside network must go through one of the firewalls to get out through the router and similarly there is a dmz on one of the firewalls.I am trying to make sure the router is fully hardened.Should I apply an access list on the outside interface of the router along with the access list for management access?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.6 Nat And Access List For Mail Server?

Oct 30, 2012

Trying to figure this all out. I'm getting untranslated hits. I posted the config I have so far.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 Access List Dynamic Interface?

Mar 11, 2013

This is a working example using static. But it doesn't work with the dynamic interface or I'm doing something wrong. Need to get rdp access to my laptop.
ASA Version 8.4(5)6
hostname ciscoasa
enable password 8Ry2YjIyt7RRXU24 encrypted
passwd 2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encrypted


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 9.1 Access-list / Real IP Addresses?

Feb 26, 2013

So in the past from 8.2 down I had one to one NATs like so
static (inside,outside) A.A.A.A B.B.B.B netmask
but for 9.1 im running now I need to do this
object network obj-B.B.B.B
host B.B.B.B
nat (inside,outside) static A.A.A.A
So if I make an ACL to permit outside public access to the public IP (A.A.A.A) in 9.1 do I use real B.B.B.B ip address or the object itself obj-B.B.B.B?

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Cisco Firewall :: 2950 Switch Access-list On Dmz

Mar 4, 2012

On firewall we have zone created for dmz and ip is 192.x.x.x and it is connected to 2950 switch(DMZ switch)  with vlan 25..We have L3 switch on this we have created vlan 25 and connected cable from L3 with 2950 switch with vlan 25
As we have the servers on L3 and wanted to bring on dmz zone  we have connected a cable.Now the problem is when i connect a pc on 2950 switch (directly on dmz switch) with access-list below we are not geeting any hist on it.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 Access List For Remote Vpn Users

Apr 5, 2011

How to designate access-list for the remote access vpn users in order to let them access specific subnet or host,asa 5510 and acs is in the picture

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Cisco Firewall :: Configure Extended Access List On AS5350XM?

Sep 14, 2011

I'm trying to configure an extended access list on one AS5350XM but I get one way hearing on a voice calls and I can't determine why (please see the attached diagram). There is an OSPF running on both gigabit interfaces and the Loopback address is also advertised (it is actually the voip IP address). The access list is applied on both interfaces in the inbound direction. There is another gateway with IP: (no firewalls here) and the routing between gateways is working properly.
Here is part of the access list (applied on AS5350):

permit ip host host
When I review the log of the AS5350xm I see many errors like this one:

%SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list example denied udp ->, 1 packet
So how it is possible to see this error since the access list is in inbound direction and the IP address ( is open. I don't have problems when I do telnet or ssh from to

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Cisco Firewall :: 6513 - Unable To Remove Access List

Mar 22, 2012

I am unable to remove an access list. Currently this this access list contains 4 lines of remarks. I was unsure if I was entering the command correctly and now I have 4 lines of "trash" that needs to be removed.
     The "sh run" command shows that I have access-list 100 defined.
     The "sh access-list" returns nothing.
Process I have tried:      config t
     no access-list 100
     no access-list remark Test (just trying anything at this point)
    clear configure access-list 100 (This returns "Invalid input detected at '^' marker" and the '^' is under the 'e' in clear.) 
So the "clear configure" command is not working.  The "no access-list" commands does not return an error but does not remove anything.
What step am I missing? Let me know if I can provide any more information.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Vlans Routing & Access-list?

Jan 4, 2012

ASA 5505 vlans routing & access-list?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 / ASA 8.3 Migration - Expanded Access List

Apr 24, 2011

I have just upgraded a ASA5510 from 8.2 to 8.3 using migration tool.All seemed to go well, still double checking the config as this is a bench test of upgrade prior to filed upgrades.
Anyway one thing that is slightly frustrating is that the migration has expanded all of my access-lists, so we maybe had 10 lines of config relating to access-lists based on access-groups, now we have hundreds of lines.On ASDM this is bad enough but on CLI with show run its a bit of a bind.
Is there any way to un-expand the access list or do I simply delete and start again using my access groups.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5540 - Extended Access-list Error Using FQDN

Nov 7, 2011

I'm trying to add an access-list rule to allow internal servers to connect an outside host on a asa 5540. The hostname translates to multiple ip's. Normally I just lookup the ip address or one of the ip's the hostname translates too and use that in the access-list as the host. For some reason the actual ip's, which are a few, are not always available so using a specific ip sometimes does not work, thus the reason I have to use the hostname instead of the ip. I have 2 hostnames. and
This is how I normally add these rules (the ip addresses are fictive): access-list internet_access extended permit tcp host host eq www log
When I try to add this using the hostname on our asa I get an error: access-list internet_access extended permit tcp host host  ?ERROR: % Unrecognized command
I've tried it without the 'www', so but same error.

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Cisco Firewall :: 2801 - Access List Works Only If Word Log Presents?

Jun 27, 2011

I have very strange behaviour on my Cisco 2801 router when I applied access list on wan interface.
SIP Provider <----> Cisco 2801 <-----> CUCM 6
We are using Cisco 2801 as Voice gateway for CUCM 6. so only one purpose of this router is just receiving calls on sip dial-peer and transfering to internal network.
If you look on access list below, if 'log' words don't present on these 2 lines, access list didn't work. Problem with it is that when I establish call from us or to us I can't hear incomming RPT stream, but other side can hear me. But when I type word 'log' there, everything stars working immediately.
Cisco 2801 IOS version:
Cisco IOS Software, 2801 Software (C2801-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M), Version 12.4(6)T9, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 ASDM Show Log On Access-list Empty

Mar 14, 2013

I created some acess-lists, and you can assign a logging level to this access-list. Now this ACL has a lot of hits, so i want to see whats happening. Only the log I then see is completely empty. I cannot figure out how to get some info in that log.
I think there is some global logging setting i probably need to enable in order to get anything logged at all, but i cannot figure out which.

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Cisco Firewall :: Access List Object Name Substitution ISR871 And ASA5520

May 10, 2011

I am troubleshooting a s2s vpn between an ISR871 and my ASA5520 and I suspect a problem with my crypto-maps.
Is there a way I can display an access-list on the ASA and have the object names substituted with their IP addresses?

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Cisco Firewall :: FWSM Version 3.2 - No Access-list Line X Doesn't Work

Dec 10, 2011

I am trying to remove a line in a particular access-list configured in a FWSM module using this command "no access-list <acl> line 19 x x x x" but it doesn't work. See below:
FWSM/xxx03(config)# no access-list ?
 configure mode commands/options:
  alert-interval  Specify the alert interval for generating syslog message
106001 which alerts that the system has reached a deny

How can I remove a line from the access-list without clearing the entire access-list?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 - Construct An Access List For Outside Interface Using External Address?

Sep 10, 2012

I'm configuring a 5505 for a remote office.  Until they are assigned a static ip by the provider I will have to use the providers dhcp address. How do I construct an access list for the outside interface using the external address if I don't know it yet? is there a commnd that will insert the ip address in to the access list once one is assigned?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 - No Access List On Switches And No Firewall Between Sites

Jul 15, 2012

I have 3 3560 switches which are configured with trunks between them. They run vlan 10, 11 & 12. I have a 'core' switch (switch 1) of these 3 to which an MPLS router is connected on vlan12. I in addition have another switch hanging off the 'core' switch via a routed link (switch 4). I have EIGRP configured as a stub and as such the IP address on the routed link at the core switch end is of a /24 from v lan 1 on the other switch. This makes the route directly connected and therefore distributed via EIGRP stubs. Switch 1 is then exchanging routes with the MPLS router (via EIGRP).
The problem I have is that from any sub net on any switch (switch 1, 2 or 3) I can ping (switch 4). When I try and ping switch 4 from over the MPLS I am unable to. If I trace to the switch I see it reaches the outside of the MPLS router, but is then unresponsive. The same applies if I try to ping switch 1 on Any of the other IP addresses of switch 1 respond.
The MPLS network is a managed solution to which I have no access. I'm told that the MPLS provider is able to ping switch 1 & switch 4 on the 192.168.13.x addresses from a remote router ( I have tried from a switch on the same L2 sub net ( and I don't get a response.
From switch 4 I am able to ping the switch on 1 of it's interfaces (, but not the interface I mentioned above There are no access lists in place on the switches and no firewalls between the sites.

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Cisco Firewall :: Access-List Traffic Control Attempting To Block RDP 3389

Nov 7, 2012

I have an ASA pair configured to replace a router that hosts a collection of IPSec Tunnels.  Tunnels appear to work.  I am lab'ing some additional controls that I would like to implement.  On the Production Router that i plan to replace with the ASA's the current Tunnels are all wide open (all traffic allowed to pass).  I was hoping to lock things down a little without having to reconfigure all of the Tunnels.  My though was that an ACL on the Inside Interface blocking selected traffic Out (so into the LAN) should not impact the stability of the Tunnels but allow me to restrict some traffic from entering the LAN.  One port that I was attempting to block is RDP 3389.  When this ACL is applied to the inside interface it does not block Port 3389 at all.  What am I missing?  Is it that the trffic is being allowed because it is coming through one of my 'open' Tunnels? 
Shouldn't IPSec Tunnel traffic be processed by the Inside Interface ACL just like all other traffic?
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 3389
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 135
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 137
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 138
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 139
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 445
access-list 145 deny   tcp eq 389
access-list 145 permit ip any any
ip access-group 145 out interface Internal
This work great on a 2821 Router, but not so much on the ASA.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5505 Static Nat With Port Redirection 8.3 Access List Using Un-Nat Port

Aug 15, 2012

I am having difficulty following the logic of the port-translation. Here is the configuration on a 5505 with 8.3,So I would have thought the outside access-list should reference the 'mapped' port but even with 3398 open I cannot remote desktop to the host. If I open 3389 then I can connect successfully.

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Cisco Firewall :: 2921 Firewall Allow Rules Being Dropped

Jul 5, 2012

I am configuring a 2921 with enhanced security using the CCP.  I have found a behavior that seems strange to me and I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding something or missing a setting.  It seems that if I create a firewall rule to "allow" traffic through, that traffic gets dropped, but if I set the action to "Inspect", the traffic comes through fine.  I can actually reproduce this at will by setting up a rule from out-zone to self to allow traffic and I cannot telnet into it from an external ip, but if I change that rule to "inspect" i can connect fine (i dont want that rule set up permanently, was just using it to test the firewall).
If I set the allow rule to log, I see the following line in the application security log:
(target:class)-(ccp-zp-out-self:user-fw-ccp) Passing telnet pkt => with ip ident 0
(where is the external laptop and is my WAN IP address of the 2921)
So it looks to be passing the traffic, but that traffic is getting dropped somewhere because the connection is unsuccessful.
Is this the expected behavior of "Allow" action?  Is there something I can do to make sure "allow" traffic actually gets through?

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Cisco :: Can't Get CBAC To Work?

Jul 3, 2012

I'm playing around with CBAC, trying to get a feel for it so I can manage it on some of our routers. I think I have the basics down, but for some reason I'm still having these issues with a 2801 running the attached config:- I had to add the "router-traffic" option to my ICMP inspect line to be able to ping anything at all on the side from the router. We have a router doing firewall duty which is using CBAC but does not have the "router-traffic" option on its ICMP inspect line, but pings from it still work. What gives? I've read that by default (without the "router-traffic" option) traffic originating from within a router will not be inspected by CBAC, so it looks like my lab router is working as expected, I just can't figure out why pings work from the production firewall router.

- I can not copy a config via TFTP to Other network devices can access the TFTP server on .97, so it's my lab router that has the problem. I can ping .97, it can ping this router (.5). It looks to me like I have TFTP allowed through this router, but it doesn't work. When I do a copy command, my TFTP server on .97 sees PUTs coming in, but then says it's not getting responses from the router, so it looks like traffic is only flowing out from the router but not back in. I thought the TFTP inspect would fix that. There doesn't seem to be a "router-traffic" option for the TFTP inspect[CODE]

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Cisco WAN :: 1720 Router - Commands To Set Access List To Allow Access To Port 551

Nov 29, 2010

I am trying to allow telnet to port 551 but i couldn't get it to work.I am using a cisco 1720 router running on IOS 12.2.I am using the below commands to set the access list to allow access to port 551 using remote telnet to the Cisco router.hostname R1!interface ethernet0ip access-group 102 in!access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq 551.After i enter the above command the router will disconnect me and i will not be able to connect to it for awhile. Once the router is up i am still unable to telnet to port 551.

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Cisco :: CBAC Stuck In SIS _ OPENING

Jan 3, 2011

I have a 851 that I'm trying to apply CBAC on. However, it seems that new sessions are stuck in SIS_OPENING. I'm guessing maybe because packets are not returned,I can't understand why - everything works just fine up-until I add ip inspect INBOUND out' on the WAN-interface.

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Cisco WAN :: 881 / Inspect SIP Packet Using CBAC?

Apr 28, 2013

im in the progress of Configuring a Cisco 881 Router, for a branch office.Behind this Router they have an PBX, is it prossible to inspect SIP packet using CBAC, and thereby open for RSTP pinholes.i only have 1 Public ip adresser, and im not fond of configuring thousands of PAT to the PBX.i have with success, Accomplished this with Global Inspection on ASA Firewalls, but i dont know if this can be done with IOS as well.

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Cisco WAN :: Topology To Access To Internet Using 2921

Jun 7, 2013

I'm designing a new topology to access to the Internet using Cisco2921 NAT and MS ISA Firewall. I'm going to use ISA as a proxy to public some internal services and to provide internet access for my users. ISA won’t use NAT. It will route traffic. Cisco 2921 will handle NAT, ISP Failover and IPSec VPN to datacenters.

Cisco 3750 will route outbound internal traffic.My routing for internal users on Cisco 3750 will look like this: [code] My question is about route from Cisco 2921 to my local network I use this route, I'll restrict my traffic from datacenter to go through ISA server BUT all responses from the Internet will go directly to 3750 too.I doubt about security and functionality of such solution. Of course I will public my internal resources to internet that way. It is on Cisco 2921
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 (my external IP) 80.I could use PBR to divide my traffic from datacenter and other traffic, but I don't know how to use PBR with IPSec VPN traffic.

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