Cisco WAN :: Config ASA5510 For Multiple IPsec Tunnels

May 13, 2013

How to configure CISCO ASA 5510 for multiple IPsec tunnels?On other side is CISCO 2801.

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Cisco VPN :: Multiple Site To Site IPSec Tunnels To One ASA5510

Dec 4, 2012

Question on ASA VPN tunnels. I have one ASA 5510 in our corporate office, I have two subnets in our corporate office that are configured in the ASA in a Object group. I have a site to site IPSEC tunnel already up and that has been working. I am trying to set up another site to site IPSEC tunnel to a different location that will need to be setup to access the same two subnets. I'm not sure if this can be setup or not, I think I had a problem with setting up two tunnels that were trying to connect to the same subnet but that was between the same two ASA's. Anyways the new tunnel to a new site is not coming up and I want to make sure it is not the subnet issue. The current working tunnel is between two ASA 5510's, the new tunnel we are trying to build is between the ASA and a Sonicwall firewall.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 - Slow Traffic On IPSec Tunnels

May 2, 2013

We have many VPN tunnels back to our corporate office.  All of these tunnels are very slow (same with our client VPN's).  Our main firewall device at the corporate office is an ASA5510.  We have a 100 Mb/sec Metro Ethernet internet connection here.  We do not allow split-tunneling.

Our remote sites vary.  We have DSL connections, cable internet connections, and other types of broadband that vary in speeds from 5 to 100 Mb/sec (up and down).  The remote sites mostly have PIX 501's, but we have an ASA 5505 in one of the locations.

To take an example.  On one of our remote sites that has a 100 Mb/sec connection, if I ping device to device, I'm getting ping times of about 50ms.  And I'm pinging back through another 100 Mb/sec connection.  If I get on a computer down there and run a speed test, I'm showing down speeds of about 1.5 Mb/sec... nowhere near 100.  Some of that could be due to the lack of split tunneling, but I also suspect this could be an MTU issue. 

Right now, all my MTU's are just set to the default 1500.  Perhaps this is too high.  I used this site to check my max: [URL]
I did a few tests from behind several of my firewalls.  I pinged from a machine on one side of the tunnel to the firewall on the other end.  I'm assuming the max MTU I come up with is the max MTU for the firewall I'm behind while pinging, right?  The max amounts I came up with for some of my devices were as follows: Corporate ASA 5510 > 1272 (if you add the 28 byte packet header that would make it 1300) Remote PIX 501 > 1416 (if you add the 28 byte packet header that would make it 1444) Remote ASA 5505 > 1418 (if you add the 28 byte packet header that would make it 1446)

So, do I just need to set my MTU values to the appropriate amounts?  I have tried changing the value, but I don't see any change in speed/performance.  But I also don't know if I need to reboot the firewalls after changing the MTU.  I know with Catalyst switches, you have to reload.  But I didn't see any messages about needing to reboot on the ASA's/PIX's.

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Cisco VPN :: Create Multiple IPsec Tunnels On 837 ADSL Router?

Nov 4, 2011

I need to create multiple ip-sec vpn tunnels on A Cisco 837 ADSL Router. I am able to create one tunnel but the second connection is asking for the outside interface which is atm and already taken by the first tunnel. How can i create more tunnels?
Secondly, after creating the first tunnel i am able to access the remote lan network but when i tried tracert "remote lan ip of a pc" from my pc i got "request timed out" after passing my 837 but succeeded to reach the target. Does tracert needs something to be opened in the router?

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Cisco VPN :: VPN Tunnels Monitoring On ASA5510 With IOS 7.0

Jul 8, 2012

VPN Tunnels Monitoring on ASA5510 with IOS 7.0 (Monitoring through Nagios Server).I want to use Nagios to monitor each of the S2S Tunnels built on ASA 5510. I can use the icmp on Nagios by adding Nagios host in IPSEC network of each tunnel but in that case the change needs to be done at other end of Tunnel as well.

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Cisco :: OSPF Within Tunnels In ASA5505 - ASA5510

Jun 27, 2011

I have 3 tunnels established (full mesh) with 3 CISCO ASA (all security+), through Internet : - Site A : ASA5510 - Site B&C : ASA5505, There is no main site or client site, each site has more than one network behind it. So I'd like to setup OSPF between all the ASA for them to exchange their route within the tunnel. I thought this was automatic when establishing the tunnel, but it isn't.

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Cisco VPN :: Need Two Vpn Tunnels From One ASA5510 To Two Customer Endpoints

Jan 15, 2013

I need two vpn tunnels from one ASA5510 to two customer endpoints but with the same host on the remote side, the two tunnels are for redundancy reasons. Can I just configure two tunnels with the same host on the remote side and assume the ASA will understand to just use one of the tunnels when both active or the one left when one is down? Or do I need extra configuration for that.

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Cisco VPN :: Configure IPSec Tunnels On 941SEC/K9?

May 26, 2013

My company paid a Cisco 1941 SEC/K9. There is no VPN SSL Licence. I would like to know if I can configure IPSec tunnels basically on my router?
In this case, how many IPSec Tunnels I can configure?
how configuring IPSec Tunnels on my router?

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Cisco VPN :: IPSec Tunnels Between ASA 5510 And 5555

Nov 13, 2012

I have an ASA 5510 running ver 8.0(2) that has (4) Ipsec tunnels going from it to various other locations.  I am having an issue with data transfer speed on only one of the Tunnels.  This tunnel is between the 5510 and the 5555, on that link I am getting a dat transfer rate of a little over 120k a second, whereas if I pull the same set of files from another location I am seeing a transfer rate of 5m per second. 
I have verified that it is not a capacity issue on the Internet bandwidth on both locations, and I can pull the same data from the same location to various other locations via Ipsec tunnels, I am only having an issue with a specific tunnel going from the 5510 to the 5555. 
Since it is not affecting other tunnels on the 5510 nor is it affecting tunnels on the 5555 going to other locations, I am leaning toward a routing issue within the ISP?  I will say the ISP is taking me a long way around to stay in the same Metropolitan area.

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Cisco :: IPSec GRE Tunnels And Traditional Site VPNs

Mar 21, 2011

I've been reading this site for a while, and finally decided to post I'm really interested to see what everyones opinion on this is.My company currently uses what i would call traditional site to site VPN's using crypto maps, main site has a pair of ASA's in HA and remote sites use ISR's like 1801's.I've recently been playing in my lab with GRE tunnels using IPSec protection (note this is config from my labs, so ip's and key's are just randomly selected)

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Cisco VPN :: 1921 Router Q - How Many IPsec Tunnels Will It Support

Nov 8, 2011

I need to know how many IPsec VPN tunnels one Cisco1921 can support reliably. Haven't had any luck sifting through documentation on the web.

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Cisco WAN :: How Many Ipsec Tunnels Are Supported In 3900 Routers

Jul 30, 2011

How many ipsec tunnels are supported in Cisco 3900 routers(with & without the hardware processors)?How much is the throughput of the 3900 routers?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5550 And 5510 / SNMP For IPsec Tunnels?

Jan 23, 2011

I tried to monitor via SNMP my ASA 5550&5510 my Active IPSEC tunnels , I want to receive Bandwidth for each tunnel interface.I’m running Version 8.2(1)?  which OID to use?

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Cisco Routers :: How Many IPSec Tunnels WRVS4400N Can Passthrough

Jan 31, 2012

I'm trying to find a reference for how many IPSEC tunnels the WRVS4400N can passthrough. 

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Cisco WAN :: RV042 VPN Multiple Tunnels To One Main

Mar 22, 2012

I am a employed at a credit union with 17 branches. We have a mpls circuit connecting the branches to our main office. I setup DSL as a backup connection. I have 17 RV042 Cisco VPN Routers. I created a secure vpn tunnel for every branch to the main office. I made a delayed route in our main router to fail over to the VPN, in case the mpls failed. Almost everything works great except our ATM's are required to connect to a router at our main office to a different subnet than the tunnel is connecting, therefore not routing through the tunnel. I've tried creating another tunnel but only works with one of the branches, cause I get a conflict at the main office when I try a second tunnel with the same ip network. Also I tried routing all the traffic through the vpn by putting in the address subnet, at the branch site. But I can only do that for one branch, The Downtown Cisco won’t let me create another tunnel with that setting.

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Cisco VPN :: Multiple Tunnels Terminating On ASA 5520

Sep 27, 2011

We have 2 Cisco ASA 5520 configured as Active/Standby with public IPs and respectively.We have 3 different vendors who are trying to access our Data Center. Do I have to have 3 different public IPs for these 3 different vendors? Or, just share the public IPs assigned to our 'Outside' interface?

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Cisco VPN :: 2800 VPN Tunnels For Multiple Sites

Feb 19, 2012

i am building new vpn tunnels for multple sites using 2 ASR 1004, and 100 remote devices cisco 2800 routers.I am thinking of using getvpn to do it, am i thinking correct ? can i use DMVPN

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Cisco VPN :: Can Set Up Multiple VPN Tunnels On Router 800 Series

Apr 17, 2011

I can set up multiple VPN tunnels on a cisco router 800 series?

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Cisco Firewall :: How Many IPSec Tunnels An ASA 5500 Series Supports

Aug 4, 2012

I tried looking in ASA documentations but unable to find out that how many IPSec Tunnels can be terminated to an ASA cluster. I have 5545 running only two IPSec Tunnels so far but need to terminate 18 sites all up and would like to confirm how many tunnels we could terminate? Is there a limitaion to it?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 - Configure Allowed Bandwidth On IPSec Tunnels?

Oct 25, 2011

ASA 5505 8.2.1
ASA 5520 8.4 
We currently have a tunnel configured between 2 ASAs
1-  Is it possible to assign 1.5 Mbits of Bandwidth(BW) to this tunnel?. Then if Tunnel number 2 is configured I could assign 2 Mbits to that one for example?
I am not referring to prioritizing certain type of traffic over the IPsec tunnel, I am referring to Tunnel 1 has 1.5 Mbits of BW guaranteed for all traffic that goes thru it. Same for tunnel 2
2- How to monitor the amount of BW in an IPsec tunnel?

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Cisco VPN :: 2801 - Unable To Route Traffic Over IPsec / GRE Tunnels

Jan 12, 2013

I have an issue where I can get traffic to pass from HDQ to two branch offices over our ipsec/gre tunnels even though the tunnels appear to be UP. The HDQ is a 2811, branch is a home office using an 871W and branch runs a 2801 router. I initially had HDQ working fine with the 871W but when I configured branch2 (2801), they both broke. The tunnels appear to be up but traffic is not routing across them. The two 2801 routers run 12.4 (c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T2.bin). These are gre over ipsec tunnels. Currently traffic flows over an exsting MPLS network that we are getting away from due to cost. As soon as I change the routes to point to the Tunnels, it breaks. Traffic doesn't appear to pass through the tunnel. I have attached my sanitized configs.

HDQ#sh crypto sessCrypto session current status
Interface: FastEthernet0/1Session status: UP-ACTIVEPeer: port 500  IKE SA: local remote Active  IPSEC FLOW: permit 47        Active SAs: 4, origin: crypto map  IPSEC FLOW:


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 881 - IPsec VPN Tunnels / Ping From Workstations

Sep 25, 2012

We have a number of sites running Cisco 881 routers. A few of the sites are connected by IPSec VPN tunnels that have been configured using Cisco CCP without any issues until now.  On one location I can ping from a workstations on  Site1 to Site2, however I cannot ping from the same workstation on Site2 back to Site1.
Here is a strange behavior.  If I have a continuous ping going from Site1 - Site2 and then start a continuous ping from Site2 - Site1 then I get a response  until I stop the ping from Site1 - Site2.  Site 1 has approximately 5 successful tunnels with absolutely no issues. 
Here is some site specific Info:

Cisco 881 running Version 15.0(1)M7
crypto isakmp policy 1encr 3desauthentication pre-sharegroup 2crypto isakmp key ThePreShareKey address XXX.YYY.ZZZ.232 crypto map SDM_CMAP_1 1 ipsec-isakmp description Tunnel toXXX.YYY.ZZZ.232set peer XXX.YYY.ZZZ.232set transform-set [code]......
Site 2
Cisco 881 running Version 15.2(3)T1  
crypto isakmp policy 2encr 3desgroup 2crypto isakmp key ThePreShareKey address TTT.UUU.VVV.224
For additional troubleshooting I established a VPN tunnel from Site2 to our office Site3 with no issues at all. Site3 happens to be one of the VPN tunnels that connects to Site1 with no issues. I have seen a number of articles on this on the net and gone through the troubleshooting steps of an article such as [URL]. The tunnel is confirmed as up when I have done all my troubleshooting.

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Cisco VPN :: Configuring Multiple VPN Tunnels On 1721 Router

Jan 10, 2012

I am in the process of configuring two vpn tunnels on one interface of cisco router series 1721. Any link or document with more information?

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Cisco Routers :: RV180 Multiple Tunnels To The Same Endpoint?

Nov 10, 2012

I purchased the RV180 to replace a dead Linksys BEFVP41 to connect a home office to HQ.  The Linksys was configured with three IPSEC tunnels to connect to three different subnets all through the main HQ gateway.  Note that each tunnel is independent with its own pre-shared key.  I can configure the same tunnels on the RV180, and each one works correctly, but I can only get one to run at a time.  I have to disable the other two.  Enabling a second tunnel results in the No phase2 handle found error.  I could not use the Basic VPN setup as it complains that the remote endpoint is already in use.  I had to use the Advanced VPN Setup to create the IKE and IPSEC policies.  In a different discussion [URL]

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Cisco Wireless :: Multiple Anchor Tunnels On One 5508 Controller

Jan 2, 2012

I'm trying to research the tunnel limits on a 5508 controller if you're terminating controllers to two different SSID's.  For example.  In my DMZ i have  a GUEST SSID for contractors and guests and then I have another SSID used by employees so that tablet and mobile phone users can access the interenet.   Because we don't trust any of these devices we have that SSID is termiated just as we do our GUEST SSID. 
To reduce the number of anchor controllers I deploy, I wanted to start with one 5508 Controller. (then move up to about 3)  This controller would have two SSID's, GUEST & MOBILE.  On the Foreign controllers when I setup anchor tunneling I will be anchoring to the same controller however to two different SSID's. 
Per the 5508 specs it supports 71 tunnels.
So my question to the group is, will the 5508 see this anchoring as one tunnel each? Or does it support 71 Tunnels per SSID?

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Cisco VPN :: WRVS4400N - ASA Cannot Create Multiple Tunnels To Same Peer Address?

Jun 23, 2012

We have several remote sites with Linksys WRVS4400N and Smoothwall firewall/vpn devices.  I need these sites to be able to connect to multiple dis-contiguous subnets at our main office.  This was easily done with smoothwall and linksys.  You create a separate tunnel for each subnet and voila, you're done.  However, when I tried this with our newly installed ASA, it will not let me create multiple tunnels to the same remote peer address.  This is a problem since these sites only have a single static public IP address.  Am i missing something or does the ASA not allow connections to/from multiple subnets form a site with a single peer address? 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 7206 VXR - Multiple GRE Tunnels Between Two Devices

Nov 18, 2012

Has come across issues with multiple GRE tunnels between two devices when using the same source and destination addresses. I've tried using tunnel keys but this makes no difference. The only way I can get this to work is between different source & destination addresses.

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Cisco VPN :: Separate L2L VPN Tunnels On Multiple External ISP Interfaces With ASA 5510

Oct 18, 2012

Due to special circumstances we have 2 ISP links on an ASA5510. I am trying to terminate some L2L VPN tunnels on one link and others on the second ISP Link, eg below:
crypto map outside-map_isp1 20 match address VPN_ACL_Acrypto map outside-map_isp1 20 set peer map outside-map_isp1 20 set transform-set TS-Generic
crypto map outside-map_isp2 30 match address VPN_ACL_Bcrypto map outside-map_isp2 30 set peer map outside-map_isp2 30 set transform-set TS-Generic
crypto map outside-map-isp1 interface ISP_1crypto map outside-map-isp2 interface ISP_2
crypto isakmp enable ISP_1crypto isakmp enable ISP_2
route ISP_1 ISP_2
Establising the VPN tunnels in either direction when using ISP_1 works fine establishing in either direction from remote access users and multiple L2L tunnels (only showing one for example).
On ISP_2
1. Peer device establishes a VPN tunnel, but the return traffic does NOT get back to devices on tunnel.
2. The local firewall does NOT establish a VPN tunnel going to
It would seem to indicate that the problems lies with this multihomed firewall not directing the traffic correctly to either return down and establised VPN tunnel (point1) or to intiate a tunnel if none exists (point 2).

Reconfiguring the VPN tunnel peer for to be on ISP_1 of the local firewall, all springs into life! There are sufficient license etc...

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Cisco Firewall :: Active / Standby Fail Over Config On ASA5510

Apr 10, 2011

I have two ASA5510 configured in an active/standby failover configuration. Everything is working well, but I would like to remove DMZ2 as it is no longer needed. On my DMZ2 interface, I have removed the security level and the IP address and shutdown the interface. However, when I do a "show failover" DMZ2 is still showing up. I would like to remove it completely so that failover isn't even "monitoring" this interface. What command am I missing or what do I need to do to completely remove this interface from this "show failover" listing? [code]

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Working In HA Config Now Constantly Rebooting

Mar 20, 2011

I have an ASA5510 that was working in a HA config that is now constantly rebooting itself. Here is a copy of the dump of traceback messages:

Booting system, please wait...
CISCO SYSTEMSEmbedded BIOS Version 1.0(11)5 08/28/08 15:11:51.82
Low Memory: 631 KBHigh Memory: 256 MBPCI Device Table.Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class Irq 00 00 00 8086 2578 Host Bridge 00 01 00 8086 2579 PCI-to-PCI Bridge 00 03 00 8086 257B PCI-to-PCI Bridge 00 1C 00 8086 25AE PCI-to-PCI Bridge
[Code] .........

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Cisco Firewall :: Cannot Access ASA5510 For First Time Config ASDM Or PING

May 30, 2013

I have a fresh out the box asa5510 with 8.4 on it.I have built these before but for some reason cannot get this one to work. I am consoled on, have applied the following config but can still not ping to or from, can not asdm, cannot http/s. Arp table shows device it tries to ping, but device trying to pping it has incomplete arp entry. [code]

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Cisco :: PI 1.3 Config Multiple Interfaces?

Apr 1, 2013

If I have a PI 1.2 system that has multiple interfaces configured I can upgrade to PI 1.3 and both interfaces remain and I can see both under the admin webpage under appliance interfaces.  But if I do a fresh install of PI 1.3 I can only configure one interface.  The commands fail from the cli to configure anything but gigabitethernet 0.  Are multiple interfaces not supported in PI?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 Site To Site Tunnels Suddenly Goes One-way

May 15, 2011

I have a setup with a pair off ASA5510 on the central site, and approx 20 sites with ASA5505.A couple off network are configured as site to site tunnels to every remote site.Its very stable, but the last year or so ocassionally one of the tunnels go one-way.Just like one of the nat exeptions suddenly stops working.I can see the remote side transmitting packets, but no answer.Central site is running 8.22, want to upgrade but have to mount more RAM.The only cure i have found is to reboot the central pair off ASA5510, not very popular as all 20 tunnels goes down.

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