Cisco Wireless :: WLC 8500 / Sticky Key Caching Flexconnect Access Points?

Jun 13, 2013

The wlc config guide of Release 7.4  states that sticky key caching (usefull with apple devices) is supported at AP in local mode. [URL]I am testing the new WLC 8500 with

AP mode =  FlexConnect

The wlan i activated skc is centrally switched.I debugged the iPhone (4S) roaming.I think skc  works at centrally switched vlan on flexconnect APs.  
*apfMsConnTask_1: Jun 14 14:15:17.069: 30:39:26:2c:d3:ee Reassociation received from mobile on BSSID 00:16:9c:ba:a9:b6
*apfMsConnTask_1: Jun 14 14:15:17.069: 30:39:26:2c:d3:ee Global 200 Clients are allowed to AP radio
 *apfMsConnTask_1: Jun 14 14:15:17.069: 30:39:26:2c:d3:ee Max Client Trap Threshold: 0  cur: 23
 *apfMsConnTask_1: Jun 14 14:15:17.069: 30:39:26:2c:d3:ee Rf profile 600 Clients are allowed to AP wlan


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Cisco Wireless :: 8500 - Converged Access Mode On Controllers

Mar 26, 2013

Are there any plans to support the "converged wireless access mode" on the 8500 controllers ? Don't want to buy this $$$ controller to throw it away in a couple of months when 3850 switches will start appearing and require local termination...
BTW: will the 3850 ever support just plain pass-through for wireless ? The local termination is a PITA because i will need to replace my WiFi AP at the same time i replace my access switch since current AP are not supported on 3850.

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Dell :: XPS 8500 - No Wireless Access After Windows 7 Update

Nov 23, 2012

I have a XPS8500 with Win7 64bit and  last week entered internet via wlan without problems. After an automated update I get a "limited connectivity" despite excellent signal strength. If I restore the system to 15:16 settings, everything works fine. However after a restart I am confronted with "limited connectivity" again.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 / FlexConnect Compatibility With Access Point

Apr 22, 2013

Subject: FlexConnect compatibility with Access Point? We have today one Cisco 5508 and those access point on remote sites

We plan to use redundancy on the controller and implement Flexconnect on the remote site. What we need to know is if I can implement Flexconnect on all actual access point - I think it is possible on 1142N + 1131G but do not know on 1231AG - is it correct or I'm wrong ? We plan to install the latest SW version for 5508 controller.

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Cisco ASA5505 And Wireless Access Points

May 31, 2011

We have a Cisco ASA5505 here that provides DHCP and routing to all our devices in our network. We also have a few other switches and wireless access points connected directly to the back of the ASA5505.For the past year all the wireless network signals has been working fine however starting last month, none of the wireless access points (we have three WRT54G) would allow proper connection (dropping connection, slow internet).I thought this maybe all THREE wireless access points are toast/bricked. So i went out and bought brand new Netgear WN604 and even with the new WAP i'm having same connectivity issues (really slow internet).When hardwired directly to the switches we get BLAZING fast internet & connectivity, no issues.

I called CISCO TAC and they automatically said "our ASA5505 is fine, it has to be your wireless access points" not working properly. I explained to them that i also purchased two brand new access points and they are doing the samething now, how can that be?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Access Points Set Up

Apr 9, 2013

I've had some long standing issues that I've tried various things to fix.  I have two WAP4410N access points set up at a smaller sister company.  Wireless clients (laptops) are not receiving DHCP assigned IP addresses.  If I type in an IP manually, it works fine.The sister company has a point to point T-1 connection to our main building.  Our main building has the DHCP server.  The router on the sister company end is configured as the DHCP relay. 
I've upgraded the firmware three different times in the past to hopefully resolve the issue, but no luck.  Just today, on one of the WAP4410N's, I upgraded to the firmware (backing up config, reset to factory default, upgraded firmware, reset factory default again, restored config).  After the first reset to factory defaults, the Access Point itself picked up a DHCP address from the server, and I verified this in the DHCP console on the server, so I know that the DHCP relay is working.  However, my laptop would not get a DHCP address when connecting wirelessly through that access point.  It is a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop.  I also could not get a DHCP IP with my iPhone connecting to wireless, to rule out specific issues with just a laptop.I have the DHCP lease times for the subnet that these WAP4410Ns are on set to 2 hours.
To put a cherry on top, there is one laptop that stays in a lab area at all times, connecting wirelessly, and it DOES get a DHCP IP address (I can see in the DHCP console that the lease for this laptop continually renews as needed).  I do remember on initial config when I couldn't get it to work, that I did a manual set up, gained connection, then switched it to DHCP...but that doesn't work for any other laptop.Why would the access points get DHCP address, but not anything connecting to the Access Points?

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Cisco Wireless :: CDP On Access Points 3502 Aps

Mar 15, 2012

Using WISM with 7.0.220 and 1240 and 3502 APs. Just found that some of our 3502 AP didn't enbale their clean air and CDP when installed. This only happened on a few new APs.  But the area these APs where we seem to have had a few problems with PCs. The only PCs effected where Computer On Wheels (COWs), Dell 780 Desktop with a Cisco Wireless Card.

Using an interl wireless card and others in thes areas worked.Once I enabled the CDP and Clean Air, the COWs worked.My question is with the APs not having CDP enabled, could this affect the cisco wirelss card in the COWs?

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Wireless :: Change Between Access Points?

Aug 30, 2012

At my school we have a lot of access points, but sometimes the computer use the wrong access point. How can I solve that? Is there a program for switching access point?

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Home Hub - Add Wireless Access Points?

Nov 10, 2011

BTW the halls are next to each other.The house and the 3 halls are in the vicinity however not attached together(i.e. wall to wall). The distance between the house and the first hall is approx 1 road width distance.ISP is Virgin and the internet was installed this year hence has the latest Virgin Home Hub.I am aware that i probably require 3 wireless access points (1 for each hall).The first wireless access point will need to be connected with a RJ-45 cable running from Home Hub. Can i connect the Wireless access points up together or do they all need to come from the ADSL hub?I am not sure what Wireless access points would be best and how to go about connecting this all up

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Two Wireless Access Points With Two Routers?

Jul 5, 2012

I have New Pace 4111n Wireless Router that I got from AT&T and is setup on 1st floor, but its wireless range does not get me to 2nd floor. I also have the 2Wire wireless router from AT&T. In Addition, I have ethernet connection from level 1 to level 2 as well.

I was wondering if it is possible to have the Pace Wireless N router to work as modem and wireless access point, at the time use the 2Wire router to broadcast wireless and act as access point for 2nd floor.

IF its doable, how should the two be configured and connected.

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 Access Points Not Joining WLC

Jun 17, 2012

I am trying to deploy several AIR-CAP3502E-E-K9 access points from a cisco 5508 wire lan contoller running ver 7 code. However iam having difficulty registering the access points with the WLC. The wlc is connect to a 3650 switch, and each access point is connected to a 2960 switch. A bad update was not allowing the access points to get their correct firmware.

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Cisco Wireless :: Push Access Points To Second 5508 Via HA

Aug 9, 2012

I am having an issue here.  I have 2x 5508 that each have 100 AP license and a little under 200 access points.  Basically all of the access points are using DNS to connect to the primary controller that has the DNS entry.  Basically half of my access points need to be on the second controller and in order to do this I have been using the high availability mode of each access point to push them to the second controller IP address.It was working perfectly until now.  I have pushed 28 access points to the second controller and the last two I need to push at this location just keep resetting on the primary controller.  Neither controller is configured as master controller.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4400N / Finding Wi-Fi Access Points?

Nov 18, 2012

I need an Wireless Access Point.Two SSID simultaneously in different IP Rangeit is with a simple browser GUI to manage? (not console and controller)a distance of about 50 (we can place multiple APs)N speedDual BandWhich series meets the above requirements?It can also Wireless-N Gigabit Router as 4400N, but it does not support Dual Band.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 IP Scheme For Access Points

Jan 17, 2013

I have access points deployed across several buildings that each have a different IP scheme and their own T1 line. Is it possible to configure the 5508 controller to allow these access points to use the IP scheme assigned for that particular building or will dhcp always assign an IP address to the connecting client based on the IP scheme of the building that the controller resides in?

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Cisco Wireless :: Supported Access Points On WLC 5508

Jul 13, 2011

I need an official document from Cisco saying the APs models supported by the WLC 5508. Specially, I need to know if the AIR-AP1242AG-T-K9, converted from standalone, will be supported by the 5508.

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Cisco Wireless :: Access Points Which Are Not Registering With WLC 2500

May 1, 2013

We have a couple of Access Points which are not registering with WLC 2500. I followed-up on the two LAPs in the dorm.  They were cycling through red, amber, green, indicating they were trying to join the controller but could not.
Recently, we have changed our IP Schema for the Wireless Devices and I believe there is an IP Conflict between APs and WLC. Earlier APs were cofigured with Static IP Address assignment, thus they can't change their IP Address.
how to reset the Access Point? I know we can hard reset them by pressing the Mode button manually.
Is there another way via which this can be done witout removing the Access Points from their enclosures?

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Cisco Wireless :: Switching Between 1130AG Access Points?

Feb 10, 2013

I have multiple cisco 1130ag access point at one of my clients villa. The issue I am facing is when moving throughout the buildingthe laptop and smartphones will not switch between AP’s unless it loses its connection with its existing AP then it will see the other AP that is closer and connect to it.
For example, I start at one end of the building where it connects to AP#1 , if I then slowly go to another section of the villa, it it will not switch over to AP#2 until the signal is lost from AP1
I have following settings
AP's are Cisco 1130AG
Single SSID with WEP Security

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Cisco Wireless :: Installing AP1042N Access Points?

Jun 20, 2012

install AP1042N access points?
Situation: I have a store where there is already installed an AP1042N. In the back of the building there is no wireless signal. I want to install a second access point to extend my range;

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Cannot Connect To Public Wireless Access Points?

Apr 6, 2012

At home, I use my laptop to connect to my wireless router without any trouble.But at: public libraries, Starbucks, hotel rooms... any free public wifi? All attempts to connect meets with the same error: "unable to connect to network" (preceded by the system hanging for a lengthy amount of time). Windows advises me to unplug the router and plug it back in, which obviously isn't an option.It's annoying to troubleshoot, because I'm only having the problem at times where I have no wired access (hence: no way to get to forums like these and look for an answer, update drivers, whatever).

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Cisco Wireless :: Air-cap3602i - Wifi Connection / Access Points

May 7, 2012

I have a customer who wants wireless for his entire school campus.  In the gymnasium, he says that there will be at lease 500 people with wireless devices at one time during a game or event.  How many access points will I need to provision to accomplish this request?  We are quoting the AIR-CAP3602I. 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3550 Wireless Access Points

Feb 11, 2013

what I can do to accomplish my end goal of safe public wifi and configuration.I have 2 domain controllers (for redundancy) with a split scope for DHCP and they both serve DNS. I have VLAN 2 (management), VLAN 3 (Servers), VLAN 4 (Wired Access), VLAN 6 (Wireless Access) and VLAN 480 (Outside Wireless). I have setup INT VLANs for all of these on my main router (Cisco 3550) with the ip-helper address to the DC for all but the VLAN 480. All of this works great, and the scopes are setup just like the VLANs. (ie (management) .3 (servers) etc.)I was wondering if there is a way to have VLAN 480 get DHCP from the cisco 3550 as a random address say,
On a side note, I have seperate Wireless Access Points for the outside. (From a guy before me) I understand you can have a guest wireless setup on the newer Access Points, and trunk (cisco term) the 2 VLANs and seperate them out with Access Control Lists so they don't talk to each other, but I would rather just give the VLAN 480 it's own DHCP from the router.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 - Setup EAP-TLS Authentication For Wireless Access Points?

Jun 22, 2011

I am trying to setup EAP-TLS authentication for my wireless access points, but I can't sign my ACS certificate with my enterprise CA certificate.If I generate a self-signed certificate on the ACS server, and try to sign it on my CA, I get an ASN tag error.  It looks like that is because the ACS server is not in the certificate path of the CA server.If I generate a certificate on the CA and try to import it into ACS, I get a "unable to parse certificate" error.  Is there a way to edit the Certificate Trust List in 5.2?  It looks like that was possible with 4.2, but not with the latest version.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP500 Series Access Points Range?

Oct 7, 2011

I am recently engaged by a client to convert his network to wireless network. My client operates in an office with 8 floors and also concrete walls. On making my research i came about your product Cisco AP500 Series Wireless Access Points.I will like to know if this product can work for my client perfectly or I will need to get other enhancement to make it work at its optimum.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2112 - Access Points Are Not Running On Same SSID

Mar 11, 2012

I have 8 no. AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9 and WLC 2112 Wireless LAN Controller,i configured the device and its working at deffent SSIDs but when i am trying to enable same SSID on all LAP it shows "AP on dupplicate SSID found and Layer 2 security found".

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Cisco Wireless :: To Implement WLC 5508 With 1262n Access Points

Mar 6, 2013

I would like to start setting up a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller 5508 with some Cisco 1262n AP's. How to start setting this to take advantage of having this wireless lan controller? I have a DHCP server, a Cisco 6509, and Cisco 3750g that connects the access points. I have Vlan 50 for wireless access points.

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Cisco :: Missing Access Points On 2500 Wireless Controller?

Jul 9, 2012

We have a Cisco 2500 WLC with 136 APs. Recently, we discovered eight APs that were not listed on the Wireless > Access Points > All AP list. These APs were once working and connected, but now they are no longer in the All AP list. I located one of these APs and found the green LED blinking. I power cycled the AP and it came back online with a solid green LED and was then registered on the All AP list. The All AP list will only show the connected APs. I would like to know if there is a method to show the APs that were once connected and are no longer registered so we can better identify when an AP is not working?

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 / 1142 / Access Points Resetting?

Sep 2, 2010

Access points 1142 controller 5508 running code When you set the access point port speed with "config ap duplex full speed 1000 all" the access points leave the controlle and do not rejoin. I have had to reset the the access points manually with a power down and hold the reset button.

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Cisco Wireless :: 3600 Access Points In Bridge Mode

Apr 3, 2013

I am trying to build a bridge between two of my access points. Both the access points connected to the wireless controller. I have changed the AP mode to "Bridge" after changing the power to custom.
The access points have both rebooted - but never "joined" the controller again. I have checked on the following pdf.
One thing I can see - if I run a ping to the last IP.. every now and again I get a single response then it drops again. Via the console on the access point I can see it's getting to the controller, getting its name then reading something that caught my eye
*Apr  4 11:41:24.451: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Go join a capwap controller
*Apr  4 11:41:19.000: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSEND: DTLS connection request sent peer_ip: peer_port: 5246


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Cisco Wireless :: 2600e Access Points With Outdoor Antenna?

Mar 14, 2013

I'm looking to extend wireless coverage outside the building and was think of using 2600e APs with AIR-ANT2566P4W-R patch antenna mounted externally.Is this a valid combination?
I've had a look through various bits of documentation and this antenna seems to be supported but can't see documentation that details of what low loss cables and lightening arrestors are compatible.

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Cisco Wireless :: Setup Of Older 1242AG-E-K9 Access Points

Mar 17, 2013

I have an existing setup of older 1242AG-E-K9 access points with Air-ANT-ANT5160 antennas connected to them. Goal is to replace old AP's with new AIR-LAP1262N-E-K9 model. Question is that can I use only one antenna per radio? Does it work? I know that N-standard requirement is 3 antennas per radio (3 x 2.4G and 3 x 5G) but we need only B/G to work. Plan is to re-use existing AIR-ANT-ANT5160's and order new AIR-ANT2506 antennas. Setup per AP would be 1 x 2.4G and 1 x 5G.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Multiple Access Points / One Authentication

Dec 7, 2011

My boss just asked me if there was a way for him to move from point A to Point B with his wireless laptop and NOT have to reauthenticate at point B if I install another access point there. Right now I have us setup on a Cisco WAP4410N Access Point that works well when he's within range of the antenna. The point B location is upstairs and while it's only about 50-70 feet away from the Point A access point the signal he's getting there is very weak so he wants me to install another AP there.
IOW he wants to authenticate once at point A and when he walks up to point B he wants the laptop to pickup the newer hotter signal when I put another AP point in.

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Cisco Wireless :: Mounting 3500i Access Points (AP) To Ceiling

Jul 25, 2012

mounting 3500i access points (AP) to the ceiling ...The ceiling is an Armstrong suspended ceiling with 24" mineral fiber drop ceiling..What are recommendations and best practice - mount  AP under or above the ceiling? Initially, I considered the mounting options from Oberon Inc. (p/n :1064-00), but given the difficulty by purchasing this product in my country have to consider other options..I must say that the decision to mount the access point to the ceiling like this:

Now I looking  a version of the mount АP with flush-mount kit for tiled ceilings (AIR-AP-BRACKET-3=)..

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1040 How To Configure Access Points

May 21, 2012

I have a Cisco aironet 1040.
On my Accespoint i have 2 vlans: 1 for my wifi phones and 1 for my network.Wifi Lan has the SSID LAN with WPA enterprise authentication to a radius server(ms server 2008).Wifi Phone has SSID PHONE and vlan 50 with local radius authentication.This Works all fine, Except when i enable AP for my wifi phones. When AP is enabled the authentication for my lan doesn’t go to my server but local.How do I configure my accesspoints so that the cisco phones use the local radius server with AP and my windows computers connect using the ms radius server?

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