Dell :: V715W Printer - Air Print Capability

Jun 16, 2011

Print I have an IPAD and a Dell V715W printer. To print from the IPAD the printer has to be "Air Print" enabled. I cannot determine if the printer is air print enabled.

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Dell :: Getting A V715w Printer Setup As Wireless

Oct 14, 2011

My V715w printer works on USB.  How do I get it setup as wireless?  I have followed all the suggestions in the book, my network works super for both my computers, but it won't recognize the printer will not recognize my network?

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Dell :: V715W - Printer Not Communicating With Laptop

Mar 28, 2013

I recently got new internet service and now my wireless printer and laptop are not communicating.  I think I need the wire to plug into the laptop + printer, but I lost it. 

Printer: Dell V715W

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Dell :: V715W Network Printer Connection Error

Dec 16, 2012

I just got a new Inspiron. I have wireless INTERNET NO PROBLEM, and I downloaded the driver ware for the DELL V715W.The two wont talk and I cant get it to print at all or complete the printer test page spool.

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Dell :: Air Print Driver Compatibility For V305w Printer?

Nov 5, 2012

I have a 2 year old v305w printer i want to use with my new imac and ipad. Its perfectly good and dont want to throw it out. Are there drivers available to make this compatible with air print on my ipad and imac?

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New Belkin N300 F9K1002v1 Router Now Can't Print To Networked Dell Printer

Aug 16, 2011

I have a Dell desktop and a dell laptop. I got a new belkin n300 F9K1002v1 Router today and now I can't print to my dell 968 aio printer from my laptop. the printer is connected to the desktop with a usb cord and was working with the old router?this info is from my laptop:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft� Windows Vista� Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 225874 MB, Free - 126104 MB; D: Total - 9999 MB, Free - 5832 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U990C, , .DHF4PF1.CN7016686601RZ.
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

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Dell :: New V715w Loses Wireless Connection?

Dec 2, 2011

I just got my first wi-fi printer, a V715w. Even though the Wi-Fi light on the front of the printer is green, I very often can't print to the printer. I get a box saying the printer can't communicate with the computer. I would have thought that the green light was signifying that Wi-Fi communications existed. Wrong? Then what does the green light signify? When I check the settings on the printer front panel, it shows the all the correct info, SSID, etc.. Do I need to do something each time before I try to print in order to ensure a wireless connection exists? Shouldn't the printer stay connected to the Netgear dual band wireless N router all the time? The computer, Win XP, sp3 stays connected to the router all the time. I expected the printer to do the same.

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Dell :: V715w - Wireless Setup Assistant Installer?

Mar 22, 2013

im trying to install a dell v715w all in one printer onto my macbook air, wirelessly. In order to do so the installation software says I need to download Dell Wireless Setup Assistant.

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Can't Get HP L7590 Printer To Print

Aug 19, 2012

I'm about ready to lose it here as I've tried to find an answer on the net and have spent way too much time with this to no avail. I have an HP L7590 printer I'm trying to hook up to my wife's computer so she can print from it. Her desktop computer and the printer are in the same room and I know I should probably just get a long usb cable and hook it up to her Vista machine when she needs to print but I've been trying to network it so she can just print easily. I have the Ethernet cable running from the printer to the Motorola SBG6580 modem. The modem is hard wired directly to her desktop and I just use my laptop wireless. I have Win7 on my laptop. I've configured all the network connections and we are sharing. Her desktop does see the printer both wirelessly and stand alone connected. I've tried to connect both ways but no joy. I've even been able to do a test print from her machine but that's all it will print for some reason. It looks as if it will run the print and it shows the printer icon in her taskbar but it won't print.

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Wireless :: Printer Will Not Print

Feb 18, 2011

I spend hours trying to get my printer to scan and print . I constantly get error messages,different ones each time job doesn't print,0x0000007a,0x80070002. I do not understand messages. Printing jobs will stay in que until I delete them. I have tried everything.Sometimes printer will not activate. Once I get it to activate it will deactivate and then I have to go through the process again. I become frustrated and will try again the nexr day. What can I do? It is a wireless network connection.

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Can't Get The Printer To Print Wirelessly

Jun 30, 2011

I can't get the printer to print wirelessly. I need a 10 digit number.

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HP Laserjet 1020 Printer Won't Print

May 4, 2011

We have using printer in network, it cause problems daily that we give print in remote i.e., in our system it responds too many connections being used or otherwise network path not found.The printer model is HP Laserjet 1020.

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How To Print On HP JetDirect Box Matrix Printer

Feb 16, 2011

The JetDirect Box isnt't attached to a PC but directly plugged into the network. Our customer can't find the installation CD or a manual of the device. Is there a command to send text files to the printer? We have installed the Unix-Printservice and know the IP of the printer. But as we don't have a queue name, we can't use the lpr.exe command.

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MFC-5895CW Printer Says Its Offline And Not Print

Oct 19, 2011

Recently forgot my wireless password so i reset it and ever since then my printer says its offline and wont print.IVE TRIED UNINSTALLING IT AND REINSTALLING IT but whenever i got to control panel and add printer it never finds it.its definately connected to my wireless because it says connected on the printer.

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C4500 Wireless Printer Now Can't Print

Jul 5, 2011

Our cable company installed a new wireless router and gave it a different name so now our HP C4500 wireless printer won't print. I can't find any of the installation stuff (ie CD, etc) to reinstall it.

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Sharing :: PC Can't Print To Printer Until Restart

Nov 18, 2011

i have access to a network printer and everything was working fine previously until last Monday. Now when issue a print command to the printer, the printout delays until i restart the machine before it comes out. If i issue another print command, i would have to go through the same process again. This is actually slowing my work rate and its really an inconvenience.whenever the issue happens, i ping the printers IP address to see if it is actually working. I also check in a browser to see if the printer is ready and all are positive but the problem still remains. Is there a way around this problem.

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Zyxel P2812 - Printer Does Not Print

Jul 15, 2012

Although the configuration is done, when a document is sent to the printer it gives error and does not print. We're using zyxel p2812.

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Getting Printer To Print On Different Subnet With No Routers?

Jun 29, 2012

I need to print to a printer in with a static IP on a different subnet from a host on a different subnet using DHCP.

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Can't Print Web Pages On Wireless Printer

Feb 23, 2013

[code] I had a new wireless DSL router installed on the network. The router recognizes both the laptop and printer and I can print documents from the laptop fine. I cannot print an accessed webpage from any browser (Firefox, Chrome or IE).

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Connected New Router But Printer Will Not Print

Sep 19, 2011

My printer is on, but will not print. I just connected a new router. Is there another connection I have missed? It's wireless.

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How To Print On One Printer Using Multiple Computers

Feb 20, 2013

How to print in one printer using multiple computer?

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Print To Wireless Home Printer From Anywhere?

Apr 17, 2011

I'm looking for a way to print to my wireless home printer from anywhere.What hardware/software would I need? My printer is is essentially a home-network printer. I would like to access it from anywhere so when I am at work/school and need to print to it, I can.

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Laptops Unable To Print To Networked Printer

Apr 4, 2012

There would appear to be a general problem with printing from a wireless laptop, judging by the number I've come across in the search for a solution to my particular problem.My Set-up is:BT Home-Hub (up to 8 MBs Broadband DSL connection with outputs of two ethernet ports and Wifi, telephone and USB

- port 1 connected to Vista PC
- port 2 connected to 8 port Netgear switch.

Netgear switch.

- port 1 input from BT Home Hub
- port 2 connected to TV
- port 3 connected to NAS
- port 4 connected to Samsung CLP 620 ND colour laser
- port 5 connected to this desktop PC (Win 7/64bit)
- ports 5 to 8 as yet unused.

Other PCs

- desktop running XP SP3 connects through WiFi
- old Toshiba laptop running XP SP 3 connects through WiFi
- new HP laptop running Win 7 SP 1 connects through WiFi
- Acer laptop running Win 7 SP1 connects through WiFi.(WiFi computers not necessarily connected all at the same time)

The issue.This desktop can print via the network..All XP pcs/laptops see the printer on the network and can print..The Win 7 laptops see the printer on the network, but when asked to print a test page, the document gets stuck in queue until it gives the Error - printing message. If the printer is sleeping, when the test page is sent, the Samsung print dialog panel on the laptop remains showing "Printer is sleeping..." as if no commands are being sent to the printer (and therefore why nothing prints). Cancelling the document returns the printer to normal - ie the exclam mark in the yellow triangle disappears and is replaced by a tick. When the laptop is shutdown, and then restarted maybe a day later, if the printer is on, it jumps into life and prints the test page from the laptop.I should add that the laptop is also part of the HOMEGROUP and can see the printer via this PC when this PC is on - and it can print via this PC in the HOMEGROUP. Both the problem laptops have the up to date Samsung drivers although it took an age to install - it seems to get stuck on the "Detecting TCP/IP Port" page and then goes to a page headed Additional port info required. On selecting Samsung Printer, it moves on to Detecting Driver Model, gets stuck there until it moves on to the old Add Printer dialog with Manufacturers in the left pane and printers in the right.

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Print Via Windows To A Static-ip Hp Printer Over Internet

Jul 18, 2011

I want to print via Windows to a static-ip hp printer over the internet. I have static-ip addressed printers and plotters that I need to print to via my laptops from various locations when i'm not in the office. I have three locations and each location has static-ip's assigned to the local printers and i need to be able to print to them.Most laptops are either Windows XP PRO or Windows 7 Home Premium. I have heard something about using port 9100 to print to them, but I don't know how that works.

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Canon MG6120 - Can't Print To Wireless Printer

Sep 26, 2012

Have a Canon MG6120 wireless multifunction printer. I rarely print anything from my laptop, but wanted to do that today. What I get is an error message that the printer is offline -- which it isn't; it's on. I tried going thru the setup on the printer, re-entering the SSID, and it said it was connected. Still same error that it's offline.

About a month ago, I did change the name of my router, but it never cause a problem with printing from my desktop, which I can still do. It's just the laptop that gets the "offline" error.What do I need to do to make the laptop recognize that the printer is on?

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Pixma Mx 439 / Wireless Printer Will Only Print If Use The Usb Cable

Dec 3, 2012

my wireless printer will only print if I use the usb cable. It does not recognize the ssid# when signing into network.

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How To Remote Print Into Home Printer From Laptop

Jan 16, 2012

How can I get my laptop to print into my home printer.Laptop 1 is now located somewhere (not at home) and connected to the internet wirelessly through a building's free wifi.I have Laptop 2 at home. I'm using Laptop 2 to remote control Laptop 1 using Team Viewer 7. I tried to print into the home printer from Laptop 1, but an error message pop up saying Printer is offline.If Laptop 1 is at home it can print to the home printer, no problem. So, how can I get Laptop 1 to print remotely from its current location to the home printer using Laptop 2 as my way of remote controlling Laptop 1? The printer device is already installed in Laptop 1.

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Print Onto Home Network HP 6500A Plus Printer From VPN

Feb 22, 2012

My wife has a work laptop that she uses to connect to the internet and she can only do this through her work VPN.

I have a windows 7 desktop and can connect fine to a wireless HP 6500A Plus wireless printer on the same home network that my computer is connected to. So my computer prints wirelessly just fine.

She needs to print onto this same printer. We just spent 2 hours on the phone with a tech support guy from her work and we can't get it.

I'm computer savvy but not familiar with VPN's at all. How do we get her laptop, connected through VPN, to connect to the printer on my home wireless network.

she accesses the VPN through my home network.

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Wireless :: Small Network Printer Will Not Print

Jun 16, 2011

3 Computers 2 using vista - 1 using XP. Printer is a HP 2727nf. Will work for a couple of jobs then receives an error code and will not print anymore for any computer. Only a hard reset of turning the printer off and clearing out the queue will print the job that was getting stuck. Wondering if anything can be done so error code won't show up and we can get this printer to run smooth again. PS we have another HP printer that works fine on the network.

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Print From Domain PC To HomeGroup Shared Printer?

Mar 16, 2012

I have a work PC Behind a domain which can connect to my home network no problems. I have a Homegroup set up at home that has a printer connected and shared to one of my PC's. All PC's behind the HomeGroup (or sharing the same homegroup name) can print to the printer no issue.

How can I set it up to where the Domain PC can print to the HomeGroup Printer?

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Hp Printer Says 4 Documents Waiting Print But Nothing Prints?

Apr 25, 2012

i havent been able to print anything wirless or even with the usb cord in about a wk. i can try to print out anything it will say printing or nothing and nothing happens. just when i search to see whats going on, its says that certain amount of documents are waiting/pending. ive canceled them several times. i also know about the printer spooler i fixed that and i thought that was it, cuz i was able to print a color page for my kids right after, but after that i wasent unless i did the spooler thing again. and i try to print something from any sight and pop up thing comes out ive just moved it today to allow only for secure sights only. also i i went into printer setup and software did what it asked and nothing still. im on this page now told me to check ip address printed out for wirless network and it shows but and i viewed the summary for wired and there nothing shows. oh it wont print anything i need to print but it does print automatically epicurious receipe everyday. i have a windows 7 hp computer and and hp officejet pro 8600 all in one printer. i have set up to wireless.

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How To Print To Home Printer When On Road Via A Web Connection

Aug 17, 2011

Internet printing makes it possible for client computers running Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1) to use printers located anywhere in the world by sending print jobs using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).Additionally, computers running Windows XP can use Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or a Web peer server to create a Web page that provides information about printers and provides the transport for printing over the Internet. We have a small network with 2 printers. (Brother hl5370) and everything on the network works well. I even have one of the printers setup wirelessly and it's printing fine. But I go on the road and generate orders. I need to be able to print the invoices at the warehouse where one of the printers is located so the invoice gets shipped immediately instead of me waiting to get home, print the invoice and pkging slip and then ship it.

I almost always have net access via the hotel's internet or my cell phone, so that's not the problem. I just need to install a printer on my laptop that when I print to it, it sends the document thru the net to the home network and prints to one of the printers.I installed the above mentioned ISS, but have no idea how to use it. Yes, my IP is dynamic, but it never changes unless I reboot the modem so I'm probably okay. And I know there are services out there that can email me my IP so that should not be a problem.

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Laptop Setup To Print From PC Installed Printer?

Sep 20, 2011

I tried several approaches to enable my laptop to print from my PC Installed printer burt without success. The computers are connected via Wifi and both use Windows 7 operating systems.

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