Does A Spanned Drive Have Any Protection Against Disk Failures

Apr 28, 2012

does a spanned drive have any protection against disk failures?

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How To Use External Hard Drive As Network Disk

Sep 13, 2012

how to use hard drive as network boot-able disk

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Spanned Ports On 6500?

Oct 8, 2012

I had a question on spanned ports - if i was to add another additional port with the command:
monitor session 10 destination interface Fa2/22
will this take out the existing monitoring configuration below? Will I have to add the whole line in including the interface - will this cause any disruption to existing traffic being spanned to those ports?
monitor session 10 source interface Fa2/3 - 5 , Fa2/8
monitor session 10 destination interface Fa2/2 , Fa2/33
 #show mon
Session 10


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Spanned Etherchannel ASA 5585X And Avaya VSP9000?

Apr 7, 2013

We have a pair of ASA 5585X firewalls that need to connect to a pair of Avaya VSP9000 switches.  The Cisco docs refer to doing spanned etherchannel with a Cat 6500 switch using VSS or a Nexus switch using VPC.  Does spanned etherchannel work with non Cisco switches or is this proprietary?  The etherchannel on the ASA is setup using LACP.  Here's applicable configuration:
interface TenGigabitEthernet0/6
channel-group 2 mode active vss-id 1
interface TenGigabitEthernet0/7
channel-group 2 mode active vss-id 2
interface Port-channel2
port-channel span-cluster vss-load-balance

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Repeated DNS Lookup Failures?

Nov 8, 2012

My netbook keeps getting DNS Lookup Failure messages. This happens about every 20 minutes, give or take, though sometimes it can go longer before the failure. I can "solve" the problem by quickly repairing the network connection, but that's tedious. It happens only on my laptop and not on my housemate's desktop (wired connection) though he did say that it happens to him on his laptop as well. In looking around I thought the problem might be because i'm using Chrome, but it happens on Firefox and Opera as well.

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Cisco :: WLSE 1030 Hard Drive Failed / Replaced It With New Drive

Mar 17, 2011

My WLSE 1030 hard drive failed and I have replaced it with a new drive but when I boot from the 2.15 recovery CD the disc boots and runs, within the console connection I get the error "ERROR: version information not found in flash" the disc is the ejected and the system reboots.How can I reload the system software.

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Short Ping General Failures?

May 18, 2011

My internet connect works fine for hours at a time, then suddenly will get 7 or 8 General Failures while pinging (long enough to boot me off the net) then will be back to working fine immediately afterwards.Pinging works fine. I've checked the firewall (Norton) and it has the default settings

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Turning External Hard Drive Into A Cloud Drive?

Mar 19, 2012

I'm currently in college, and do most things with my laptop, and I have wifi just about everywhere. It has a generous 500 GB of storage, but I'd like to store non-essential files on, an external hard drive. However, lugging around 3 TB of storage isn't exactly feasible, and with my experience with my current 1.5 TB portable drive, me running around everywhere with it bouncing in my bag is just going to abuse it until it stops functioning (which it has...)[URL]

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Router Drops And Remote Access Failures?

Sep 23, 2011

I made a custom-built V1 Windows Home Server that I really would like to be able to remote access. I have tried the Netgear 3700, but it did not allow remote access. A D-Link DIR-825 does, but it, and many D-Link products, have a persistent problem of requiring a reset due to dropped connections. I have had 2 of the DIR-825's drop connections. I have been told that their QoS components cannot handle the load on them and fail, causing the drops, but I cannot corroborate that.Perhaps what I need is a router that allows "NAT loopback"? This way I can see the WHS Console verify that I can access the server from outside my network. I have tried to do so with the above routers via a 3G connection on my iPhone 4 and all except the D-Link failed to allow access to my WHS.

I should add that I am using a D-Link DSL-520B modem on ATT DSL. It is a 6MB connection from the ISP. Previously the modem was in "bridge mode" on the D-Link router. Also, contacting ATT I was told they do not block any ports. I have tried forwarding the proper ports (80, 443, 4125) for the WHS, but that has not given me remote access. I did get them by enabling UPnP on the D-Link. Is all this an issue of needing the modem on "bridge mode" in order to work properly? Any router for my needs that allows remote access (NAT loopback needed?) and also has a solid connection? Gigabit ethernet is a must have too. Otherwise I am open to options. I would like a combined router/modem unit to make things a little easier.

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Cisco WAN :: 2960S Post Failures If Break Into ROM?

May 8, 2011

I have over 20 units doing the same thing and it seems to be a software isssue but i dont see any bugs or posts on it.  This is only on 2960S switches and not 2960 or 2960G units.
If i use the password reset feature to break the units into rom and then type "boot" instead of power cycling the unit, they will fail MBIST post tests.  If the unit is power cycled or left to boot normally on its own, there is no issues and all post tests pass.  I know MBIST is Memory Built In Self Test and was thinking maybe breaking the unit into rom disrupts those memory tests for some reason.  I tried the following software and got the same results with all of the images:

Logs attached are from the same switch, one with password reset procedure used and while left to boot on its own. 

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How To Setup E-mail Protection

Apr 25, 2011

My taskbar is telling me I have no AVG security for my e-mails

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Router Failures / Often Times Fail To Respond To Any Web Activity?

Jan 20, 2011

In each case, the routers have functioned flawlessly for a period of 2 to 8 months, then suddenly begin to require daily to hourly reboots to keep the speed up, and often times fail to respond to any web activity whatsoever. Ping tests are intermittent, sometimes failing but other times succeeding while web sites remain unresponsiveFor three years I lived with two or more room mates at a time, each of us with our own computer (or 2) and all doing a lot of peer to peer downloading. I realize a router can overheat during heavy use like this, so buying new routers so regularly has seemed vaguely understandable. However it doesn't seem like that is the case in my most recent failure.I've lived alone for the past 3 months, and have owned the Belkin Play Max N600 HD since. I have NOT been P2P downloading or putting a heavy load on my router in any way (or so it seems). Yet as of about two weeks ago, it has suffered a major slowdown just like all of its predecessors. Yet my 30 mbps internet connection roars to life the moment I plug the modem directly into a computer.

My desktop remains on 24/7 but like I said before, I do not do constantdownloading/uploading. Both wired and wireless connections are effected equally, and I have always kept all my routers WPA encrypted.When websites become unresponsive on my Belkin today, it is usually after everything has been sitting idle for some time (overnight, or all day while I am at work). Speaking of work, today is a perfect exampleI remoted into my home desktop and was able to interact just fine, yet when I would launch a browser and try to load any website at all, I get absolutely nothing. I had to transfer a text document through DropBox (which also still worked) because I couldn't get Google Docs (or gmail) to load on the remote computer

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DNS Lookup Failures While Connected To VPN With Sierra Wireless AirCard313U

May 14, 2012

For more than 6 months I have been happily using a Sierra Wireless AirCard313U to connect my Win7 Pro (64-bit x86) laptop to the internet, and using another corporation's VPN (Citrix Access Gateway) as a contractor - so networking problems ARE my problem.

Now what happens is: DNS failures halt my internet browsing and any hope of RDP'ing into the corporate LAN whenever I connect to the VPN while using the AirCard (its a USB/cell modem device). The DNS lookups and RDP'ing works fine when I'm using the VPN with my wifi.

What changed recently:Installed Connectify software Uninstalled Connectify software (didn't work w/AirCard) Installed VirtualRouter software Uninstalled VirtualRouter software (didn't work w/AirCard) Installed Sierra Wireless' AirCard Watcher software (manager app, may have included updated drivers for the AirCard) Re-install Connectify software (now worked w/AirCard)Uninstalled Connectify software (DNS problem had appeared)

I've tried removing ISATAPs, running these commands & rebooting, to no avail:netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log netsh winsock reset catalog

Right now, connected to VPN via wifi my ipconfig /all looks like this:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : W7
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :


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Cisco :: C3745-ENTSERVICESK9-M Spurious Router Fan Failures?

May 23, 2012

C3745-ENTSERVICESK9-M version 12.4(10b). ROM version 12.2(8r)T2.This router appears to be generating spurious fan failure alarms. The fan assembly has been changed for a new one, the engineer checked and was satisfied that in a physical functional sense the replacement fan assembly was definitely working, but we now have all 4 fans showing as failed. We are being told that the replacement unit is believed to be part of a batch of faulty fan assemblies and that it was a known Cisco issue.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 To 2951 - Phase 2 Failures With 10.x Subnets

Apr 25, 2013

I have a site to site ipsec tunnel setup between an ASA5510 and a 2951 Router. The ASA 5510 is on a 10.x subnet with a few vlans behind it. There are also 7 other ASA5505 that connect to this box with ipsec.
The 2951 is on a 10.x subnet with multiple vlans behind it (10.x and 192.x subnets).
When I had ACL to allow traffic from (ASA) to (2951 - voice vlan) the connection comes online and is stable.
The minute I add any of the following, the connection drops off with Phase 2 errors: to to
I can add a second to with no problem at all. The issue only seems to occur when attempting to add traffic from 10 to 10 on the tunnel.

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Cisco VPN :: 3000 Concentrator Intermittent Login Failures

May 11, 2011

I manage a VPN 300 concentrator which has been happily working for several years without any problems. All users are part of the same group and authenticate to an RSA server. We recently moved from RSA authentication manager 6.1 to RSA authentication manager 7.1. Everthing continued working fine for several weeks, then at the beginning of this week we started getting users intermittently failing to connect to the VPN. I'm not sure if this problem relates to our new RSA server, but we have other network devices which authenticate to it with no problem so I guess the problem is with the VPN concentrator itself.
When users fail they just get a generic "Reason 427 connection terminated by peer" error message. The live event log shows "group = vpn, status = Not-in-service" when their connection fails. Other times they connect normally and no error messages are displayed. There seems to be no real pattern, sometimes your connection fails but if you keep trying you will eventually get in [however it can take many attempts over an hour or two before you succeed, or you may get in straight away with no problem].
I dont believe its a network problem, as I have run continuous pings to the concentrator and the RSA server whilst users are experiencing these problems and there are no drops.
The RSA servers authentication monitor always shows that the user has successfully authenticated, whether the users connection actually succeeds or not. I am tempted to just reboot the concentrator, but we have site-to-site VPN tunnels connected off it and I'm a little concerned that if it is faulty it may not come back up at all.

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Cisco :: 1142N - Monitor Wireless Authentication Failures?

Jun 7, 2012

I'm looking for a way to monitor client authentication failures with our 3 standalone 1142N APs. I know that I can see failures under the log viewer of each AP

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Cisco Application :: ACE30 Get Failures In A Number Of Server

May 23, 2012

After upgrade from ACE20 with A2(3.5) to ACE30 with A5(1.2) I get failures in a number of server farm's, where before upgrade the number was zero. No drops in VIP and logs from applications do not notice any new errors.

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Cisco WAN :: 2851 And 1841 / Buffer Failures On Boot?

Oct 17, 2012

I have a 2851 and a 1841 both serving as hub routers in a GRE multipoint configuration.  They are both receiving buffer misses and failures on startup.  I will post the output of show buffers below:
LAB-HUB-RTR#show buffers
Buffer elements:
607 in free list (500 max allowed)
9071 hits, 0 misses, 618 created
Public buffer pools:

Small buffers, 104 bytes (total 71, permanent 50, peak 71 @ 00:11:33):
68 in free list (20 min, 150 max allowed)
7083 hits, 74 misses, 0 trims, 21 created
55 failures (0 no memory)

I have tried increasing the small/medium buffers initial size and permanent size, however there is no change.  The buffer failures for small and medium buffers are always around this many every boot.I have also changed the IOS versions between 12.4.24(T4) to 15.1 with no luck in stopping the failures.

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Share Drive From PC To Laptop But As A Virtual Drive?

Sep 15, 2011

I'm trying to share my drive thats on my desktop PC to my Netbook. But I want it to show up on my netbook like a local disk drive. Is this possible? Would I need a software for this and if so which one?

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How To Convert Data Card Into Pen Drive (usb Drive)

Oct 10, 2011

i bought Tata photon plus data card around 5 months back. But now i moved from tata photon plus to reliance net connect coz of its poor service . My friends tell me that i can use my old data card as pen drive. what i should do to use my data card as pen drive.

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What Is The Function Of Anti Static Protection

Jul 26, 2011

what is the function of anti static protection

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-10P SYN Protection

Mar 1, 2013

Yesterday I upgraded my SG300-10P to firmware I was curious about the new SYN Protection feature, but it seems to do nothing on my installation.
The switch is running in Layer 2 mode. I have ACLs in place and DoS prevention is not enabled. I also tried clearing ACLs and enabling DoS prevention. As I understood the Admin Guide enabling DoS in the Security Suite Settings is not necessary for using the SYN Protection.
In my firewall I see about 300 pps with SYN flags only arriving. What "they" do is sending me SYN packest to port 80 from forged IPs, so that my system should send SYN-ACKs to the victim system. In this case it is the Arab Bank. They are down at the moment...I think that is called a spoofed SYN flood attack.
So I thougt the SYN Protection feature should exactly solve that problem but it does not and does not show any "Last Attack" entries.
If I put a SYN filter in place it works, even if I put SYN Rate Protection in place. But that is just a dirty workaround. My firewall blocks those SYN packets with a SNORT rule.

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Losing Internet Connection On Desktop After Power Failures But Not On Laptops?

Jan 29, 2011

I leave on one of my computers on all the time, an Acer desktop with Windows XP. I also have two laptops. I have Verizon DSL and a linksy wireless G router. When we have a power outage the Acer desk top loses it's internet connection. Trying to reconnect the connection takes hours. Even when we finally get it back we have no idea how we did it. The laptops which of course were off have no problem.

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Cisco WAN :: SR520-ADSL-K9 - Can't Even Connect To Router After Power Failures

Aug 6, 2012

I'am a bit newbie at using Cisco products and here is my problem : I have set up a VPN tunnel between 2 Sites (A and B) a few month ago using 2 cisco SR520-ADSL-K9. All was working fine until power failures occured on the sites B (secondary site).
What happened was that none of the ethernet ports were working, excepting during booting, I was then able to ping computers linked to ports Fastethernet0, FastEthernet1, FastEthernet2 and FastEthernet3 but after a few seconds all ports were disabled but my DSL seemed to be working.
So I took back the router home to check it. I managed (I think) to make a factory reset using a serial terminal and following the procedure described here [URL]
Since I did the reset, I thought I would be able to re-use Cisco Configuration Assistant (3.1) to re-configure the router (I am very bad at using the command lines) but I am unable to connect to the router using the supposed default IP : (I set my computer to use IP adress with mask But I can't connect to the router ... even if the Ethernet ports seem to work because green light is on when plugging my cable. connect to my router using CCA ?
For more information, here is what I get when I run "show startup-config" and "show running-config" in terminal console. I guess the objective is to make the startup-config beeing the running-config, but I have no idea on how to do that ..
show startup-config
show running-config
Router#show startup-config


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Cisco WAN :: Http Connection Failures After Installing C2960G Switches

Mar 7, 2012

I have seen this at two sites now: after migrating the site T1 to 10-Mbps Opt-E-MAN and replacing old 10/100 switches with 10/100/1000 switches, users frequently get http connection errors. The error goes away if the user reloads the page--sometimes they have to reload more than once. They never had this problem before.I thought it was due to the large number of 5-port desktop switches infesting the networks (I'm getting rid of them as fast as I can) but it happens even on a PC directly connected to one of the new GigE switches. It does not happen when accessing internal web pages. It looks like a DNS failure -- but nothing has changed in our DNS setup, except that users have a fatter pipe to our DNS servers.

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82579V Windows 7 - Wired Network Has Random Intermittent Failures

Jul 1, 2011

I just built a new computer running Windows 7 with an Intel 82579V Gigabit on the motherboard. Since last night while playing an online game, I have occasionally noticed sudden network failures where I either time out of my game or severely lag for 10 seconds before the game catches up.

My other network hardware and setup remains unchanged during this build.I have never had issues with my internet connectivity from my ISP.

The problem is not consistent and I'm not sure how to repeat it. I was playing my online game for several hours and then suddenly started having problems every 5 minutes with disconnecting.I can watch the network utilization in the Windows Task manager drop suddenly and then spike back when I reconnect to the game. Similar visual seen on the Tomato software on my router.

So far I've grabbed the latest drivers for the network chip from my motherboard manufacturer's website and turned off Teredo. I also made sure no power saving features were enabled on the network chip in the device manager.

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Cisco VPN :: ASUS CM6870 - AnyConnect Installation And Connection Failures

May 6, 2013

Installed Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile Client on a new Asus CM6870, downgraded to Windows 7 Pro. It worked fine for 3 days, establishing VPN connections with my workplace without a probllem. Then it repeatedly failed to connect.
I attempted an uninstall/re-install, and the install now fails as well, returning the following error:  The VPN client agent was unable to create the interprocess communication depot. When I do manage to get it re-installled, it works sometimes, then fails to establish connections other times. I am not an IT professional, so trying to diagnose the issue by reviewing the Windows/Inf/ and .dev files is a no go. I do not hold a contract with Cisco so I am not authorized to open a support ticket, or receive phone support (again, I tired).

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: SPI Firewall And DoS Protection On WAG320N?

Mar 2, 2011

I want to make use of the SPI Firewall and DoS Protection features of the WAG320N.  What are these for?  How do you configure them on WAG320N? 

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Protectlink Web Protection

Aug 23, 2011

We have implemented Cisco Protectlink Web Protection on our network.
By choosing the categories that we want to block everything worked well until we have noticed that when users try to browse social networking sites like [URL] this site is blocked but when users type in [URL] users that go directly to facebook.
and also with youtube if they add https:// users can then bypass our network block.
Is this somewhat a bug on the Protectlink Categories blocking?

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Accidentally Deleted The Network Protection Key And Now Can't Access The Internet

Jan 29, 2012

I accidentally deleted the network protection key from my laptop and now can't access the internet. I have tried re-entering it but still can't connect to the internet.

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Cisco WAN :: Internet Interface Protection On ASR 10001 Router?

Apr 30, 2013

I want to provide some outside interface protection on an ASR 10001 router. The Internet facing interface is the ingress for all remote access home users that have created a DMVPN. I want to protect the network from the Internet but, at the same time protect against breaking the tunnels created from the home users.We are running EIGRP between the home users and the HQ router. How would you build the access-list applied to the outside interface and what protocols would you allow through?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5540 Use For Protection From Internet Zone

Mar 7, 2012

-1x Cisco ASA5540
-1x Catalyst 3750x-48T (L3 Core Switch)
Id like to seek expertise on validating a simple firewall setup.
Do i trunk core switch traffic to the cisco ASA OR assign L3 link instead? It is basic understanding that the Cisco ASA is usually use for protection from our internet zone.A typical Cisco ASA setup would consist of outside, inside, dmz zone.
L3 core switch consist of 20 VLANS20 vlan needs to be blocked from each other. Eg Wireless Vlan does not have access to Server Vlan etc etc. 

what is the best practise to filter ip address within vlan from reaching each other.Should i trunk all my vlan to the Cisco firewall? (For easy vlan restrictions: but is that best practise?)Or do ACL on the core switch itself? but what if i have tons of servers ip that needs specific ports blocking or etc.How would i be able to manage all my ACL on the core switch. 

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